Your Master Requires Your Attendance

by Jack Peacock

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Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; bond; cuffs; chain; collar; blindfold; prison; chastity; slave; training; nc; X

This is the second story in the "Your Master Requires" series. You may wish to start from the first story: Your Master Requires Your Presence

Part 1

In the Elevator

I won’t tolerate it any more, Laura told herself, watching the penthouse elevator doors close. Frank could be so stubborn and infuriating at times, but this was too much. She loved him more than life itself and would do anything for him, but he had to respect her need for her own space and time. Tonight it had come to a head, first his smug declaration that she would attend the party with him, followed by his refusal to let her stay home after she had pleaded with him to let her finish talking with her friends on the Internet. The party was some kind of retirement dinner for one of Frank’s co-workers and a long-time friend of his. She knew it was going to be dull and didn’t want to go. He had simply turned off her computer and told her to get ready.

If he won’t listen to me, then he can talk to the walls instead, she thought. Laura got dressed, but didn’t stop there. Some clothes in an overnight bag and out the door she went, not even stopping to tell him she was leaving or where she was going. She needed a few days to cool down. Maybe those few days would teach him to appreciate her more as well. She punched the garage button on the elevator panel. There were friends she could stay with, or maybe she’d just spend some time at one of the resorts up in the mountains. That would be a nice change, some beautiful scenery outside and maybe flirting with those good looking ski bums at the lodge would improve her disposition.

She got in and the elevator started down. Frank did treat her right in most ways. They had a luxurious penthouse apartment for the two of them, plus there was a little sports car for her to get around town, and no need to work. She knew her friends envied her. Her life was good, a successful husband who provided for her and took care of all the problems, plenty of time during the day to pursue her own interests, and when he got home after work she got all the attention she could ever want. Except tonight the attention was too much. She did like the way he was so confident and self-assured, but his casual assumption she would drop everything to go to that stupid party somehow got to her tonight. Any other time she would have been happy to go, but she had been so engrossed in the online gossip with her own friends she didn’t want to stop. One time he could have gone alone. Laura smiled, tonight would be one of those times.

She watched the floor numbers count down. Her car was parked in the garage in the basement. She tried to remember if there was enough gas left to get to the mountains. Maybe it would be better to spend the night at Samantha’s townhouse, and then she could drive out to one of the lodges in the morning. Sammie even had some skis she could borrow. She could come back Sunday night. By then Frank would have calmed down and she could explain to him the changes she wanted to make.

The first floor went by on the counter as the elevator slowed. Laura picked up the overnight bag as the elevator car stopped, “Garage” displaying on the panel. She stood in front of the door, but it didn’t open. Puzzled, she pushed the “Open Door” button, but nothing happened. Frowning, she pushed the door button several times. Great, she thought, someone must have blocked the garage door. There was an entrance to the garage down the stairway from the building lobby. She stepped back and pushed the “Lobby” button. Nothing happened. The display remained on “Garage” and the car didn’t move.

Beginning to worry, Laura pushed several buttons on the panel. All to no effect; the car remained motionless, the door closed. She tried to open the elevator doors but couldn’t budge them. The elevator must be stuck. There was a button marked “Emergency” on the panel. Deciding this qualified, she opened the cover and pushed the red button. Again there was nothing, no sound, and no change in the display. She called out in a loud voice, thinking there might be a link to the building superintendent’s office. Then she realized that would be futile as the super’s office closed at 6pm. If there was a microphone it would make no difference since there was no one to hear her.

Laura took a deep breath. Now is not the time for blind panic, she scolded herself, think. The cell phone! She laughed at herself and reached into her purse. Frank had insisted she always carry one in case something happened. All she had to do was call 911 and tell them she was stuck in the elevator. She pulled out the phone and turned it on. She started to dial before she noticed the display warning of no connection. She cursed; the elevator shaft must be blocking the radio signal. She dropped the now useless phone back in her purse. Once again she pushed buttons randomly on the panel, and then in frustration tried without success both the door and alarm buttons one more time.

Nothing happened. And there was nothing left for her to do. In the movies passengers always crawled out of the top hatch, but looking up proved she had no way to reach it, and no idea what she would do if she did get on the roof of the car. Taking stock, she didn’t have too much to worry about. The car was at the bottom of the shaft so it wasn’t going to fall. Sooner or later someone else would try to use the same elevator, and then they would find out it was broken. The only question was how long. Given the time of night it could be hours before anyone noticed. And hours more before anyone came to fix it. Laura sat down on the carpeted floor, arms wrapped around her legs and chin on her knees. It looked like a long night ahead.

Boredom set in rapidly. She rummaged through her purse, more to have something to do than in any hopes of finding some miracle tool to fix the elevator. There was half a candy bar, which she proceeded to finish. She shifted her position to sit by the door, thinking she could call out if she heard anyone approach the door. Tomorrow this would be quite an adventure to tell her friends about, but at the moment it wasn’t so exciting. She leaned back against the side of the car and closed her eyes. Maybe she had been hasty about walking out on Frank.

Frank and the party! He would be coming down soon to go to that party. He was sure to notice the elevator was broken. She wouldn’t have to sit here all night after all. Unless he didn’t go, she thought, unless he was so upset she had left that he stayed home. No, he wouldn’t be upset. Frank never lost his temper. She couldn’t remember the last time he had been cross or angry. That was part of his attraction. He was always calm and level-headed. Like the Rock of Gibraltar, she thought, solid and reliable. He was always there for her, taking charge, solving the problems, getting things done. No matter what the situation he had a plan, and he saw to it she knew exactly what to do. She liked that too, no guessing. He would tell her what they were going to do, and then describe what he expected from her. She smiled. Once he found out the elevator was broken he would know what to do. All she needed was a little patience.

She stood up to stretch her legs. She caught herself instinctively brushing off and straightening her skirt. Frank liked her in skirts, and reminded her of it daily in the way he looked at her. At first she had varied her wardrobe, but seeing how disappointed he was when she wore anything else had its influence. Virtually everything in her closet was now some kind of blouse and skirt combination. She had figured it was a typical male thing, that he liked to look at her legs, but he surprised her when he didn’t want dresses either. Sometimes she didn’t understand him at all, but thinking about it now she had to admit she liked it too. She saw how he noticed, the sweep of his eyes every night when he came in the door. That fleeting smile of approval became important to her, though she couldn’t explain why. He had never complained those times she had something else on, but the disappointment on his face had been plain.

How long had she been in the elevator? She didn’t wear a watch, something else she had changed for Frank. One night in bed the subject of jewelry had come up, motivated by her curiosity as to what he liked. To her surprise he had been very negative about wristwatches. She did have some, sitting in a box on her dresser, for those occasions she needed it but she hadn’t thought to pick one up on her way out. Laura sat down again, resigned to a long stay. Just her luck the elevator would break down tonight of all nights. By the time someone fixed it Frank would be waiting for her. So much for my weekend at the ski resort. Even so, they were going to have a long talk. And this time he would do the listening.

Several times Laura stood up, walked around, and then sat back down. Good thing she wasn’t susceptible to claustrophobia. She couldn’t even stretch her arms out all the way without touching the sides. She went back to her sitting position, this time facing the door, when the lights suddenly went out. No matter how bad, it can always get worse, she thought ruefully. No flashlight in her purse either. She sat in the pitch black dark, no hint of light anywhere. Add fear of the dark to claustrophobia, she thought as she laughed out loud. Then the lights suddenly came back on, accompanied by a beep from the panel. Laura stood up, hoping something had changed. Looking up, she noticed the display panel now said “Ready”. With some trepidation she pressed the “Door Open” button. No luck, the door remained closed. Next she tried the first floor. The display changed and the car began moving up.

Laura was overjoyed. Fixed! And maybe she still had time to get to Sammie’s place after all, if Frank hadn’t discovered she was in the elevator. The car stopped at the lobby and the door opened. Laura cautiously looked out but no one was in sight. Quickly she grabbed her bag and stepped out before the door closed again. She definitely didn’t want to repeat that experience anytime soon. The lobby wall clock showed about three hours had elapsed. Not bad, her plans weren’t ruined after all. She walked to the garage stairway door at the end of the lobby.

She hadn’t tried the stairway in quite a while. About a year ago they had used it once while the elevator was being tested by some inspectors. She opened the door and looked in. Down a flight of stairs and the door to the garage would be at the bottom. She slung her purse over one shoulder, held her bag in one hand and onto the railing with the other as she descended. At the bottom there were some cardboard boxes stacked under the stairs and by the door, but she had enough room to get to the door.

Get the car, stop at Sammie’s for the night, and the lodge in the morning after breakfast. Maybe Sammie would come along; the two of them could have some fun. She opened the garage door and stood frozen in shock at the sight of Frank in front of her. Two police officers stood on either side, a man and a woman. “Frank! I’ve been trapped in the elevator for three hours and just got out. What’s going on…” she started to ask him as she noticed the police.

“That’s her,” Frank said, gesturing toward Laura. The police moved quickly, grabbing Laura’s arms and turning her around, forcing her against the open garage door. The man jerked her arms behind her as the female officer locked handcuffs on Laura’s wrists.

“Frank?! What are they doing? Why are they arresting me?” Laura cried out as the woman police officer started to search her.

“It isn’t an arrest Laura, you haven’t broken any laws. The elevator wasn’t broken. I stopped it, until I could make the arrangements for you. You shouldn’t have run away. I won’t tolerate that. I regret having to do this, but it’s necessary. These people are going to take you to a place where you will learn not to do things like that again. I didn’t want this, but you’ve left me no choice.” Frank’s voice had the sound of sadness and vast disappointment in it. Laura could see the sorrow on his face. What was he doing?

Finished with the search, the woman officer held the door open while the larger man grabbed her arm and forced her out into the garage, past Frank. Laura turned back to look at him as they went past. “Frank, what are you talking about? Where are they taking me? I don’t understand, why the police? What did I do?” Laura was afraid and confused. Everything was happening so quickly.

“You are going to a special center. I hope you will learn something about yourself there. These officers are going to make sure you arrive safely. Do what you are told Laura, and nothing bad will happen.” Frank turned away and went into the stairwell, picking up her purse and overnight bag before closing the door behind him.

“Frank! Frank! Don’t leave me!” She pleaded to his back, to no effect as the door closed. The man’s grip on her arm was like steel, holding her in place as she tried to turn and run after Frank. Laura struggled with the handcuffs, but she was helpless. A van pulled up, driven by the female officer. “State Department of Corrections” read the lettering on the side.

Taking a Trip

The driver got out and opened the side door. Inside was a heavy gauge wire mesh screen enclosing the rear seats. The woman unlocked the screen door and held it open while the male officer forced Laura into the rear seat. The back of the seat had a cutout portion so she could lean back with her hands behind her. He fastened a seat belt with a shoulder strap around her waist. Unable to reach the seat belt buckle Laura couldn’t free herself.

The man stepped back as the female officer leaned in. She reached behind the seat for something. Laura felt the leg irons close around her ankles, larger versions of the handcuffs. The woman officer slipped the connecting chain through a large steel loop on the floorboard. Looking down Laura could see her legs securely locked in place. She had some movement but couldn’t get out of the back seat now, even if her hands were freed and the door open.

One small kindness, the woman pulled out and straightened Laura’s skirt where it had ridden up when she sat down. Then she closed the cage door, locked it, and shut the van door. As the man got in the driver’s side the woman officer opened the passenger side in front. He started the engine and drove toward the garage entrance. The woman next to him turned around and looked at Laura through the screen separating front and back.

“Listen to me,” she said in a gruff voice. Laura turned to her. “This is how it is. The van is real, and so are we. Our day job is to transport dangerous, high risk criminals between jails or prisons. We are very good at it; not a single one has escaped. You are not going to be the first.

“As far as anyone knows we have one more prisoner being extradited to another state. There’s even paperwork here with your name on it. No one is going to stop us or ask questions. If you start yelling or screaming, give us any kind of grief, then you get one of these little toys to wear for the rest of the trip.” She held up a large leather strap with a rubber ball fastened in the middle. “They make very effective gags, in case you don’t know what it is. Not very pleasant to wear, so think about it before you decide to make trouble. I guarantee you I can get it in your mouth no matter what you do. I’ve had lots of practice. Keep that in mind too.

“We are not going to stop. We are not going to let you go. We are not going to take off the cuffs, so live with it. We will not answer questions either, nor are we interested in your sorry tale of woe, so keep it to yourself. When you arrive at your destination you will be told what you need to know, when you need to know it. Till then sit back, keep quiet, and we’ll all have a nice trip.”

Laura stared at the gag, frightened at the prospect of being forced to wear it. What had Frank done to her? She pulled at the handcuffs but couldn’t slip them off. It was obvious to her the corrections officers were professionals and she wasn’t going to go anywhere but where they decided to take her. Frank had said the elevator was stopped by him. He must have seen her leave and realized what she was doing. Somehow he was able to control the penthouse elevator. He had left her trapped there while he called these people to pick her up, but where was the destination?

She was scared, of what would happen to her and of the man who could do this. Frank was a powerful and influential man, but she had no idea he had the means to abduct her. She began to realize how much she had underestimated him. Part of his attraction was the aura of power and influence she sensed in him, but she never thought it would be turned against her. Her mind was in turmoil, but there was a strange sort of thrill to all this. She didn’t want to admit it, even to herself, but in a small corner of her mind was a fascination with the idea of being carried off, helpless, to some unknown place.

She shifted her legs, moving her feet around until they were brought up short as the shackles took hold. She looked down at the floor, seeing the gleaming rings around her bare ankles. There was a small keyhole on each one. Reaching with her fingers, she could feel the keyholes on the handcuffs around her wrists too. All she needed was the key. She looked up at the woman in the front seat, who was still watching her. No, no point in asking, Laura told herself.

She leaned back, trying to give herself more room to move her arms around. The woman was now facing forward, apparently satisfied Laura wasn’t going to be difficult. The view out the front windshield was of city streets going by, followed by a freeway ramp as they headed east out of town. There were no side or rear windows so she had to be content with the partially obscured sights through the wire screen.

Laura closed her eyes, trying to hold back the tears. The shock of being arrested, handcuffed, and now shackled in the rear of a police van still hadn’t worn off. This was something that happened on the news to other people in a different town, not to her. It’s not a real arrest, she reminded herself, I didn’t break any laws. That didn’t make the handcuffs any less real though. Once again she tested them. It was a futile gesture; her hands would stay locked behind her back until someone freed them.

She wanted to fight them, resist any way she could, but they had moved so fast and been so well prepared she had no chance at all. Now that she was in the van she had no hope of escape. Merely the threat of that gag had intimidated her into silence. They had every possibility covered; even if she could somehow signal for help no one would pay attention to a prisoner in custody. As the van drove through the nearly deserted night time streets she told herself the only choice she had was reluctant cooperation, until a better opportunity presented itself.

A Phone Call

Cathy looked up from her magazine when the phone rang. She watched while Robert answered it and began talking. She looked questioningly at him to see if he needed anything. Seeing her gesture he shook his head. She went back to reading, unconsciously touching the ring of steel around her neck. The magazine article was interesting, a commentary on the apparent rise of what the author called “traditional marriages”. Cathy smiled as she thought if this woman only knew just how traditional it could be.

She and Robert had been together for several years and were now in the second year of making it official with marriage. He was a good husband and even better as her master. She wondered what that author would think of their marriage, especially if the part about Cathy being owned came out. Or the time when he had sent her to that place, the Center. Outrage and horror would be the most likely result, followed later by curiosity.

Robert finished and hung up the phone. As he turned back to Cathy she saw the odd expression on his face. She knew that look; he was making a tough choice, one she probably wouldn’t like. She put down the magazine and looked up at him. “Who was that on the phone?” she asked. She knew it helped for him to talk through his reasoning at times like this, so she gave him an opening to start.

He sat down in the chair across from her and took her hands in his. Oh oh, Cathy thought, this isn’t going to be good news.

“It was a call from someone I’ve known for many years, Frank Ferren. We aren’t close friends but we’ve worked together in the past and often cross paths. He called because he needs my help, and a big favor, right away. Our help, to be precise.” He paused for a moment, thinking. She waited patiently, letting him sort out what he was going to tell her.

Holding her hands he looked directly into her eyes. “This isn’t easy for me Cathy, but I’m going to ask you to go back to the Center.”

Cathy’s eyes went wide in shock. She knew he could only mean the secure area, the one where he had sent her two years ago. What had she done to bring him to this? Her heart sank into despair, somehow she had failed him. “Master, I’m sorry for whatever I did. Please, tell me and it won’t ever happen again. I can do better if you help…” She stopped as Robert held up a hand.

“No Cathy, it’s nothing you did. You aren’t being sent there as a punishment or for any type of correction.” She heard the sincerity in his voice, and the strain that told her this was not easy for him. She looked at him, puzzled as to what was going on. What other reason could there be to send her back?

“It has to do with Frank’s call. His wife tried to walk out on him. He didn’t allow it. Instead he decided sending her to the Center is the best solution. He’s worried about her though, not sure how she will handle the upset of being thrown into an environment like that. He wants someone to be there to help her adjust. He asked me if you could be that someone.”

Cathy sat back, surprised at the request. She had made it through the program that last time, but it wasn’t an experience she wanted to repeat. “Master, is it important to you that I do this?” she asked him. That was the deciding question. If he thought it was necessary, she would go. Not that she was ever going to refuse him. Cathy had an uneasy feeling that he had already decided to send her and was trying to justify it to himself as much as to her.

“Yes, it is important. I owe Frank a lot, for some things he’s helped me with in the past. He’s a decent guy, someone I respect for his honesty and integrity. I know he wouldn’t have called unless he was desperate. I want you to go, to do whatever you can to help her. Her name is Laura, by the way. And Cathy, I would never ask you to do something like this unless there was no other way.”

That settled the matter for Cathy. She was heading for the Center once again. On better terms in some respects, but she also knew what it was going to be like. “Will you come to see me?” The worst had been the loneliness, being forcibly separated from him for so long.

He stood and drew her up to him, then put his arms around her. “Of course I will. And bring you home again, as soon as I can. One thing, no one must know the real reason you are there. The Director knows, and of course Frank and I, but no one else. If anyone asks, you are being sent back for a bad attitude, okay? Frank asked the Director to admit someone to help his Laura. The Director agreed, primarily in recognition for all Frank has done, but that was the condition to get you in. The Director will see to it that you have the opportunity to help Laura, but in all other respects your status will have to be the same as everyone else.”

“I understand. When do I leave?” She started to think of what she needed to do around the house first.

He grimaced, more bad news. “In about half an hour. They just picked up Laura and are on the way here now. That way you can be with her right from the start. The next few hours are going to be especially hard for her, but you know that.”

Thirty minutes? Cathy thought it would be a few days. She had to get ready, pack and…no, she thought, one thing I don’t have to do is pack. Were there any loose ends to take care of? “Master, I was supposed to have lunch with Lori tomorrow. Can you call her and explain I can’t make it? Umm, I’m not sure what reason to give; I guess you will have to come up with something. I can’t think of anything else that’s important, but you will know where to find me.” She smiled, trying to make this as easy as possible for him. He didn’t say it, but she could tell it was bothering him. His reluctance was real, and in an ironic twist that was reassuring to Cathy, for it confirmed that she hadn’t brought it on herself.

He took her face in his hands. “I wouldn’t do this if I had any other options. I love you Cathy, don’t ever forget it. I promise you this: I will come for you, just as I did the last time. I can’t tell you how long this will last, but never doubt that it will end. There will be a day you are back here in our home once again.” He kissed her and held her close, his strong arms surrounding her in a tight embrace.

She melted against him. This man was her whole world. Whatever he wanted she gave him, and gladly, with all her heart. She didn’t need to think about it. Once again they would be separated, but it was for a good cause. Still, she didn’t look forward to the unforgiving conditions. In retrospect she had come to understand the reasons for the isolation, the regimented routine and strict adherence to rules. No question it was effective, she was living proof of that.

For the next half an hour they sat together, talking quietly. She knew he was doing it in part to keep her from brooding over her departure. She welcomed the distraction, treasuring the few moments they still had. The lights of the van turning into the driveway came all too soon.

On The Way

Laura watched from the rear seat as the van pulled into the driveway in front of a house. Was this the school Frank had mentioned? The driver parked, stopped the engine and got out. She watched as he went to the front door and rang the bell. The woman in the front seat kept glancing over her shoulder at Laura, then back to the other officer. Something didn’t seem quite right. From what they had said she expected the trip to be several hours. Their travel time so far couldn’t have been more than half an hour, certainly less than an hour.

The door opened and the man went inside the house. A few minutes later the door opened again as he came out, leading a woman who had her arms behind her back. The officer in the front seat opened her door, got out, and then slid open the side door of the van as the other two came near. Laura turned to watch as the female officer unlocked the screen door to the rear of the van, standing back as the male guard helped the new arrival into the seat next to Laura. Another prisoner in handcuffs, she realized. As he had done with Laura the man fastened a seat belt and shoulder strap around her, then stepped back as the woman officer fastened another set of leg shackles on her ankles. This wasn’t the final destination, only another pickup.

Finished with the new passenger, the man went around and got into the driver’s side. The woman repeated the same procedure, closing the cage door, locking it, and finishing by shutting the van door. Satisfied both prisoners were secure the driver started the engine and pulled out onto the street once more. The woman officer gave the same lecture, with gag, to the new passenger. Seeing no resistance the guards ignored them.

Laura turned to look at her fellow traveling companion. She looked to be a little older, but what stood out was the gleaming metal ring around her neck. In the dim night light the first impression was of some sort of necklace, but as Laura studied it she realized it was nothing of the sort. It was too large, and there was a bulge in the back, what looked to be some kind of locking mechanism. It was a collar. Who was this woman, and why was she here? What kind of place were they being driven to?

Cathy noticed Laura’s stare with some amusement. It must be the collar, she thought, probably never seen one before. She looked over at Laura, wiggled her hands behind her back in a gesture of greeting, shrugged, and then smiled. It was a wordless confirmation that they were both in the same predicament. Their guards had made it clear they didn’t want any talking, so a friendly wave was all she could manage now. From what she could see Laura was a few years younger, and putting on a brave face while too frightened to even consider defying her captors. Cathy had the advantage of knowing what to expect, but to Laura it was a vast unknown. Her outward calm was a façade; behind it she had to be near panic or hysteria. The best Cathy could do for her now would be to set an example of relaxed acceptance, to try to keep Laura from losing her composure.

The trip continued in silence with not a word from anyone. This time Cathy could see out the front windshield through the wire mesh. The last time there had been no windows, only passing sounds to give her a clue. She could tell from the road signs they were out of the city and heading south east, but she still had only a vague idea of where the Center was located. She knew it was situated somewhere in the desert, so they still had a ways to go. She looked back at Laura again, who leaned forward against the shoulder strap and wiggled her hands too, an answering gesture. Good, they were off to a start, comrades in adversity. It was always easier if someone else was sharing the same hardships. Even the chains didn’t seem quite as bad as last time.

As they went through the mountains the driver pulled off the freeway onto a deserted overpass. He parked but left the engine running. Cathy saw the woman in front take something out of a bag before opening her door. Curiosity was answered a moment later as the van door slid to the side and the cage door was opened. In her hand were wide leather straps, with a cushion of some material in the front and buckles in the back. Cathy recognized what they were from experience, blindfolds. The female guard got in the back, in the seat behind her and Laura, and proceeded to cover Cathy’s eyes first. She held still as the strap went around her head. So they weren’t going to see where the Center was after all.

She felt Laura moving around, probably trying to avoid the blindfold, but the movement stopped abruptly as the guard told her to sit still. Neither one of them were in any position to offer more than token resistance. Cathy was grateful Laura seemed to come to that conclusion and didn’t make too much trouble. As much as she wanted to help, Cathy did not want that gag stuffed in her mouth for the length of the trip. She couldn’t say anything to Laura yet.

She heard the doors close, and a moment later they were back on the freeway. The blindfold was held on securely by the strap and wouldn’t slip off by itself. The rest of the trip would be in darkness as well as silence. Cathy knew it was deliberate, a psychological tool to make them feel helpless and dependent. All of this was intentional, from the restraints to the silent treatment. The blindfold was a change from her last trip, but it was even more effective than the windowless van two years ago. She knew what they were doing to her, but it still had the intended effect. She felt vulnerable, controlled, trapped, almost incapable of acting on her own. Laura would be going through the same emotions but magnified by her lack of experience and no knowledge of what was to come.

Haughty, spiteful and petty were Cathy’s problems, according to what Robert had said. There had to be a reason for her visit, so the Director had made those suggestions. The problem was a bad attitude which the staff would work to correct. She would have to be careful about that and not forget her cover story. Robert was emphatic about keeping her real purpose a secret, so she had no alternative but to comply. She had no idea what had been planned for her but she would have to endure it. No choice there either. In fact, she laughed ruefully but silently, she wasn’t going to be making decisions about much of anything for quite a while.

The van drove on through the night. Both of the women in the back seat were quiet, lost in thought. Cathy brought up old memories of her last visit, and her friendship with Paula. After being released they had kept in touch for a while but her master Big Mike had taken a new assignment at a mine site in Australia and they had lost contact. Paula had been her safe port in the storm, the one who had helped her more than anyone else when they had been incarcerated together. Her stoic determination in what seemed to be a hopeless situation had been an inspiration to Cathy. Paula had never lost faith in her master, even after it appeared she had been abandoned. Now Cathy would be the one playing the part of the older and wiser role model.

For Laura the trip was something out of a nightmare. Even being trapped in the elevator wasn’t as bad as sitting in that van. Her shoulders ached from holding her arms behind her back, and her wrists were sore from struggling with the handcuffs. They had put her in chains like a prison convict, and then forced her to wear a blindfold. It was all too much for her. She felt weak and defenseless, at the mercy of a pair of strangers. That woman next to her seemed so composed and worry free, not afraid at all, yet she was in the same predicament. She must know what’s going to happen, Laura told herself, that’s the only explanation. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all, if her companion wasn’t overly concerned. Deep breath, hold, release, the old yoga exercise came back to her. It was a way to relax and focus for meditation. She hadn’t thought much of that class when she attended but it did help now.

The van slowed as they left the freeway. Up an exit ramp, across the overpass, then they drove back down a side road. A moment later the van stopped and Laura heard the front passenger door open. The cool night desert air, scented with sagebrush, came in through the open door. She heard what sounded like a gate opening, before the van pulled forward and stopped again. Once more she heard what must be a gate, then a moment later the passenger door shut and they drove on. This must be some kind of private road, perhaps they were close to the school now.

Frank had called it a school, but what kind of center of education brought in students blindfolded and bound in chains? Laura had doubts it was really a school. More likely it was some other kind of institution, maybe a mental hospital or a jail. A stab of terror made her shiver, had Frank committed her to a psychiatric hospital? She had no doubt he could find the doctors to claim she had some rare mental disease and was a danger to herself.

No, that didn’t explain the woman sitting next to her. Other than that steel collar there was nothing odd about her. She had been aware of her surroundings, even friendly. Besides, mental patients weren’t delivered in police vans. And why the blindfold? There was no need to keep the location of a hospital secret. That meant it had to be something else.

They must have driven for another hour before the van slowed. Wherever they were, it was isolated. Laura had not heard a single car go past once they left the freeway. The van made a turn then came to a stop. She heard the rattling sound of a garage door opening, followed by the van backing into the garage before it stopped again. The louder rumbling sound inside told her the garage door was closing. The driver turned off the engine and the guards opened their doors to get out.

Both women turned toward the side door at the sound of it opening, followed by the sound of a key in the cage door as it was unlocked. Cathy felt the leg irons being removed from her ankles, then her seat belt being opened. Hands on her arm and behind her head helped her out of the van. Still blindfolded she had to move slowly, feeling for the floor with her foot. Once out she stretched to get the stiffness out of her legs. She bent at the waist and raised her arms as far as she could behind her back, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her shoulders for a moment. The guards allowed it, pausing before one took hold of her arm and forced her face forward against the side of the van. “Stay there and don’t move,” he ordered.

Laura sat quietly as the guards took the other woman out first. Moments later she felt hands on her ankles as the shackles were unlocked. She heard as much as felt the seat belt buckle open, then hands were on her arm, pulling her toward the open door. She slid along the bench seat, turning her body to get out. A hand was on top of her head to keep her from bumping it against the van roof. She dropped off the edge of the seat and felt the garage floor underneath her. An awkward and graceless exit, but the best she could do with her hands bound and eyes covered.

She stretched her legs and tried to move her arms around to give some relief to her painful shoulders. She felt a touch behind her head, and then the blindfold fell off. They were in a brightly lit garage. Laura had to blink a few times before her eyes adjusted to the light. The female guard had a hand on Laura’s upper arm, holding her in place as the male guard brought up the other woman. A door in the side of the garage opened, revealing a room with two large uniformed men standing inside. Beyond the door Laura could see some type of counter and another door behind it.

They wore what was obviously some kind of uniform but there were no markings or insignia to give some clue as to what this place was. One man held a clipboard in his hand as he peered intently at both women. He came over to Laura first, checked his clipboard once more before he spoke to her, “tell me your first name only.”

“Laura,” she answered. She noticed he hadn’t phrased it as a question, more as an order.

The man turned to the other woman, “your first name only”.

“Cathy, sir,” she answered. Laura watched how the woman, Cathy as she now knew her name, stood straight but lowered her eyes and spoke very softly. Laura didn’t miss the significance of the “sir” she had added either. No one corrected Cathy so it must be part of the protocol here. The man with the clipboard took two envelopes from it and handed one to each of the van officers. Both thanked the man and started to get back in the van. The two women were led into the adjoining room and the garage entrance was shut. Laura heard the outside door open and the van drive off.

While the two were lined up in front of the counter Cathy mentally kicked herself. Only here a few minutes and she had already slipped. She was supposed to have a bad attitude but the moment one of the Wardens had spoken to her she had lapsed into her old submissive self. Too ingrained, she thought, I can’t even suppress it anymore. No point in trying to backtrack now and be a nuisance. She would have to find some other way for her “bad attitude” to show itself.

Both stood in front of the counter for several minutes while the man behind it filled out some paperwork. “Do either of you have any possessions? Purse, jewelry, anything besides your clothes?” he asked them.

“No sir,” Cathy answered. Robert would have laughed at that question, knowing she was the possession. The Warden hadn’t asked about the collar, but it was clearly visible. Cathy was relieved when Robert had told her it would not be taken away. It was her one tie to him, a symbol of his promise to come for her when she had finished her assignment.

“No sir,” Laura answered, following Cathy’s example. The officer who had first searched her had taken off all her jewelry and put it in her purse, then given the purse to Frank. She literally had nothing but the clothes on her back.

He made a few more notations, and then gestured to the other two men in the room. “All yours, you can take them to processing.” He turned and opened the gate of steel bars covering the door behind his chair. He inserted a key in a panel to one side and turned it. The doors slid open to reveal an elevator.

Laura hesitated for a moment, recalling her ordeal in the last elevator ride, but she had no choice but to enter as the man behind her forced her inside. She and Cathy stood facing the rear of the car as the door closed and they started to descend. Underground, Laura realized, the place is all underground. It must be a series of mine shafts or caverns. She glanced over at Cathy and almost laughed as she saw the wiggling fingers again.

New Accommodations

The elevator car slowed to a stop. From the time it took to descend, Laura knew they had to be deep underground. The door opened to another barred gate, which her guard unlocked. The two of them were taken down a featureless corridor to yet one more barred gate. Cathy’s guard opened that one, and then both women were led into a nearly bare room.

The room was sparsely furnished, consisting of nothing more than a small table and chair to one side, with two cardboard boxes underneath. There was only one entrance, and that had a gate of metal bars in place of the door. Their guards took Laura and Cathy to the center of the room, turned them to face the table, and then removed their handcuffs.

The moment her hands were free Laura brought her arms forward and began exercising them while rubbing her wrists. She could see red marks where the cuffs had been. Best of all was the relief from the persistent ache in her shoulder. She glanced over at Cathy, who was also rubbing her wrists but otherwise appeared to have suffered no other effects from the prolonged use of the restraints.

One of the guards left, closing the barred gate behind him. The other one walked around the table, pulled out the chair and sat down. “Eyes front,” he ordered. Both women fixed their eyes on him as they faced the table. He placed one set of handcuffs on the table then folded his arms and leaned back in the chair.

“We have certain rules here, for security purposes,” he began. “One is that you are not permitted to wear street clothes. There is a box for each of you.” He paused to push the cardboard boxes out from under the table with his foot. “Remove your clothing, all of it, fold each item neatly before placing it in your box. Shoes and belt too. Everything will be returned when you leave. You may begin.”

Strip in front of a strange man? Laura froze, not wanting to expose herself. Next to her Cathy kicked off her shoes and reached for the zipper behind her back. The dress fell to the floor, quickly joined by Cathy’s underwear. Cathy knelt to pick up her garments and folded them, placing them carefully in her box.

As Cathy finished and stood up again, she saw Laura watching her, eyes wide. Scared, Cathy thought, I’ll have to talk her through it. She turned to the guard. “Sir, may I talk to her for a moment?” Seeing Laura’s hesitation he had started to rise from the chair, but stopped at Cathy’s request. He waved his hand in a gesture of approval and sat back down.

She turned back to Laura, who was holding her hands together to keep them from trembling. “Laura, look at me.” Laura raised her eyes, a silent plea on her face for help. “You have to do this. This man is one of the Wardens here. They must be obeyed, immediately, no matter what they tell you to do. If you don’t take your clothes off, right now, they will force you to do it. Then you will be punished. Please, do as he says. No matter what you do they are coming off anyway. You have to do this, right now. Don’t make it any harder on yourself.”

There were tears in Laura’s eyes but she began unbuttoning her blouse. “That’s it,” Cathy encouraged her. “Here, blouse first. Now your shoes, then your skirt.” Laura stepped out of her shoes and reached for the zipper on the side of her skirt. It fell in a pile around her feet. “You’re almost done,” Cathy whispered to her. Laura opened the catch on her bra and slipped it off her shoulders, exposing her breasts to the guard. Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, she finished by pulling down her pantyhose. Straightening up, she started to cover herself with her hands but Cathy grabbed them. “No Laura, don’t do that. Keep your hands at your side.” Cathy knelt down again and gathered up Laura’s clothing, folded it and placed it in the box.

“Thank you for your patience sir,” Cathy told the guard, “shall I put the boxes on the table?”

“Leave them where they are,” he answered while standing up. As he walked around the table toward Cathy he picked up the cuffs from the table and opened one side. “Hold out your left hand,” he told Cathy. “Now you, the right hand,” and he closed the other cuff around Laura’s wrist, linking the two women together. He took a moment to ensure the cuffs weren’t too tight before he used a key to double lock them.

“I gather you’ve been here before?” he asked Cathy. “How far back?”

“It was about two years ago, sir.”

“Good, for the most part the rules haven’t changed. Explain them to her,” he pointed to Laura. “Go to the far wall and stay there till I return. You may sit down after I leave. Now, back up to the wall.”

Looking over her shoulder Cathy started to step back. Laura said nothing but copied Cathy, slowly backing up but not turning away from the man in front of them. They stopped when they reached the wall, watching as the Warden tucked the boxes under one arm and went to the door. He pulled out a key chain attached to his belt, selected a key, and opened the door. On the other side he closed and locked it, then walked away in the corridor.

Both women visibly relaxed after he had gone. “C’mon, let’s sit down,” Cathy said as she lowered herself to the floor. Laura joined her, leaning her back against the wall. Cathy stretched out her legs but Laura sat with them together, raised so she could rest her chin on her knees. With her free hand Laura moved the handcuff on her other wrist, examining the metal bracelet.

“I’ve never seen handcuffs close up, much less worn them, just the pictures on TV. I don’t suppose you know how to open them without a key?” Laura looked over at Cathy.

Laughing, Cathy shook her head. “No, afraid not. I’ve had the pleasure of wearing cuffs many, many times, but my master has never seen fit to give me a key. You get used to it. After a while, you don’t even notice them. It’s like wearing tight clothes or high heels, uncomfortable but something you have to do.”

Master?” Laura asked, “what do you mean? I saw how easily you got around even with your hands behind your back. You mean someone makes you wear these things?” She shook the cuff on her wrist.

“Master as in the man who owns me. And he’s my husband too. Sometimes he likes to remind me who’s in charge, so he takes away my hands for a while. It can be fun, especially when he finds ways to point out how helpless I am.

“Listen Laura, we may not have much time, so I want to explain the rules here before anything else.” Cathy held up her hand as Laura began to say something. “I know you have a million questions, but right now I have to teach you the basics as fast as I can. Let me finish before you start.” Laura nodded in agreement.

“This place is a school, but attendance is mandatory. You’ve seen the security here. No one gets out unless they release you. Don’t even think about running away, it’s impossible. Even if you could escape we are at least fifty miles from the nearest road, across the empty desert. You wouldn’t make it, none of us would. No one has ever escaped from here.

“You are here because someone sent you. In my case it was my master, the first time and now once again. You will have to stay until the person who sent you decides you can return home. I don’t know how long it will be, none of us are told until that day arrives.

“The guards are called Wardens. In here, their authority is final. When one of them tells you to do something, don’t even hesitate or think about it, just do it. They are men who know how to handle women and won’t tolerate any disobedience. If you don’t cooperate they can make your life miserable. They are fair but strict and do not bend the rules for anyone. No matter how strong you think you are, you won’t get the best of them. I learned that the hard way, my first visit here.”

“What happened?” Laura interrupted.

“I can’t tell you. We are forbidden to discuss any kind of punishment, what they like to call discouraging improper behavior. But trust me, you don’t want to learn for yourself. You came very close a few minutes ago when you didn’t begin taking off your clothes immediately. I think he was lenient because you didn’t know the rules yet. You won’t get away with that again though, so be careful.”

“Do we wear some kind of uniform? Did he leave to go get them?” Laura looked at Cathy, obviously concerned.

Cathy knew the answer. There would be a uniform, but not the kind Laura was thinking of. She could explain, but it might take too long. Cathy decided to forego an answer and concentrate on what Laura needed to know immediately. “We’ll talk about that in a moment. I don’t know how much time they will give us, so I have to tell you about the rules here. Let me do that first, then I can get back to your questions.

“Above all we must do as we are told. I can’t stress that enough. Never, ever defy a Warden. Don’t tell him you can’t do it unless it really is impossible. Don’t make excuses, they won’t accept it. And always treat them with respect. No swearing, no sarcasm, no snide remarks, they won’t stand for it. Oh yeah, they will come across as distant and unapproachable. Don’t bother trying to start a conversation or get to know one. They won’t even tell you their names.”

Laura nodded, showing she understood. “Cathy,” she asked in a low, almost frightened tone, “will they take advantage of us?”

“No, that you don’t have to worry about. Even if you think he’s cute they would decline an invitation. Being guys I assume they like the job, they get to look all they want, but one hard and fast rule is the Wardens do not get involved.” Cathy did not add that there would be another reason the Wardens didn’t make use of them, but she knew Laura would be discovering that one soon enough.

“Ok, next we have to talk about position. Whenever we are in a room like this, and a Warden comes to the door, you must stop whatever you are doing and present yourself in a certain way. Let me show you.” Cathy rose up and gathered her legs under her, in a kneeling position with her knees together. She kept her back straight and head up, but lowered her eyes to look at the floor in front of her. Her right hand rested lightly on top of her right leg, palm down and fingers spread slightly. The left hand, handcuffed to Laura, she held to one side.

“See if you can copy this. Knees together, sit back on your heels, back straight, head up, but focus on a point on the floor directly in front of you.” Laura studied Cathy’s pose for a moment before attempting to imitate it. “No, put your free hand halfway down the top of your leg, like mine. Keep your palm down and fingers apart.” Laura made the changes as Cathy pointed them out. “Good, now if our wrists weren’t hooked together then both hands are to be in the same relative place. For now put that arm to your side and we’ll keep the handcuffs halfway between us.” Both women knelt side by side, practicing their presentation.

“You will learn when to present and when you can relax by watching the others. For now just do what I do. One thing, please try your best while we are hooked together. If either of us makes a mistake we are both held accountable.”

Laura looked confused and angry. “Why would you be punished for something I did? That isn’t fair. None of this is. They had no right to bring us here either. I don’t think any of this is legal.”

“No, it isn’t, but there isn’t anything we can do about it. I can’t take this off,” Cathy raised her wrist with the handcuff, “and I can’t open that door. I’m not going to overpower a man twice my size, somehow escape out of here, and run stark naked in bare feet for miles across the desert. It isn’t going to happen. What I do know, what I am sure will happen, is that they can force me to do whatever they want.

“I also know if I cooperate I have a chance to get out of here. Both of us are here for a reason. I have problems I need to overcome, and this place, this Center, will teach me how to do that. If you make the effort you can learn too.”

“I don’t have any problems,” Laura said defiantly. “He has the problem. I have a life too. He has to lighten up and…” Cathy held up a hand to interrupt.

“This isn’t the time or place. You are here, he isn’t. Yeah, we’ve been abducted in the middle of the night and imprisoned against our will, but right this minute neither you nor I can change that.”

Laura was unimpressed with Cathy’s argument but couldn’t deny the fact that she was in no position to make a realistic protest. “Alright, I can see your point. Anyway, I don’t want you to get in trouble because of me. What else do I need to know?”

Cathy breathed a silent prayer of thanks. Laura was adapting to the circumstances, even if it was with reluctance. No question she was submissive; she was trying to get along, making concessions instead of being confrontational. Real progress, and for Cathy some personal relief that there was now a chance she herself wouldn’t be dragged off for a lengthy session of “discouragement” in the next few minutes.

“Okay, some more obvious rules. We aren’t allowed to argue or fight with each other. No raised voices or shouting. Nothing physical either. Don’t hit anyone no matter how mad you are. No talking in classes, or while you are being escorted by a Warden. Whenever they are around you sit or stand quietly, speak only to answer questions. When in doubt, wait to be told what to do.

“We eat and sleep according to their schedule. No matter how tired you are, don’t fall asleep until you have permission. And when it’s time to get up you do it right away. No extra five minute snoozes.

“We aren’t allowed outside a room unless a Warden is with us. Get used to handcuffs, because they won’t unlock the door unless you have them on. Security rules here are rigidly enforced. You saw the corridor outside? The entire place looks the same, not a mark on a door or wall anywhere. It’s like a maze. Even if you get a door open you’d get lost in a few minutes. And there are those barred jail cell doors everywhere, always locked.”

“Has anyone ever run away, or even tried?” Laura asked.

“No, there’s no place to start. No chance of an outside rescue either. No one knows we are here. For that matter no one even knows where this place is located.” Actually quite a few people knew where this place was, people like Robert. None of them were likely to be of help.

“Another rule has to do with what you asked about, the uniforms.” Here we go, Cathy told herself, if she can handle this we will survive the night. “We are in what is known as the secured area. Later on you will see the sign. We are not allowed to wear clothing. That’s why it was taken away. We aren’t going to get a uniform or any other clothing. What we do get is a collar,” Cathy’s free hand went to the band around her throat, “like this. You will have to wear one too. They can’t be taken off.

“We get one more charming item of apparel. We are required to wear what they call a control belt at all times.” Cathy paused, to see if Laura would figure it out.

“What do you mean? I thought you said we won’t be given any clothes. Why would we need a belt?”

Cathy sighed, she hadn’t understood. “It’s a chastity belt. It’s made out of metal and locks around your waist. There’s a shield in front that fits tight against you, between your legs. It goes around and up the back, snug. You can’t take it off, and you can’t get underneath it. It has a narrow slit in front so you can pee. As long as you have it on you can’t have sex, or at least not where you can feel it.” There was no other way to explain it; she had to be blunt.

Laura said nothing at first. She sat back, staring at Cathy, absorbing what was coming. They were going to be locked up, in the most intimate way. Her first reaction was apprehension, mixed with curiosity. She would no longer have control over her own body.

Cathy heard a door and footsteps out in the corridor first. Quickly she assumed position, with Laura following awkwardly. “Someone’s coming,” Cathy whispered, “remember what I told you.” Both women knelt on the floor, side by side, linked by the chain between their wrists. Cathy risked a quick look to make sure Laura had it right. Close enough, she thought.

The sound of the key in the door was loud in the silence, but neither of them looked up. Cathy could see at least three guards enter the room, two of them carrying cardboard boxes, larger ones this time. Cathy knew what was inside. The third Warden came over and stood in front of the women, but said nothing. Inspection, Cathy told herself, and if we don’t pass I’ll be the one to blame. She dare not look at Laura now but hoped she wouldn’t do something stupid, like jump up and demand to be taken home.

Focus on that spot on the floor, Cathy said to herself. Even breathing, don’t move, sit straight. Wait for him to say something; don’t look up or to the side. Maybe Laura was new to this, but she wasn’t. She knew she had to be perfect in every respect. The Warden wouldn’t tolerate anything less. And maybe he would be distracted from any imperfections on Laura’s part.

It felt like hours as they knelt under his scrutiny, but it lasted only a moment. “Very good, a quick learner,” he spoke to Laura before turning to Cathy. “And your lessons were not wasted.” Simple words but Cathy still felt proud in being able to pry loose even the faintest praise from him.

“Both of you stand up,” he ordered. Cathy got to her feet first, with Laura behind. He reached down and took hold of the handcuffs joining them together. With a key he released Cathy’s wrist but left the cuff on Laura. “Both of you turn and face the wall.” They both complied. From the corner of her eye Cathy watched as the Warden grabbed Laura’s wrists and locked them together behind her back. A moment later Cathy’s own arms were pulled back and she felt the cool steel close on her wrists. Standing behind her the Warden put a hand on her shoulder. “Spread your legs.” She widened her stance. “Farther,” he demanded, pushing against her ankles with his shoe. Satisfied, he repeated the same procedure with Laura. “Stay right where you are and don’t move.”

Cathy heard a box being opened and footsteps as another Warden approached. She didn’t have to see what was inside to know what was about to happen. They began with Laura, using a cloth measuring tape, first around her neck, then her waist and between her legs. As one guard called out the numbers another wrote it down. Cathy feared Laura might react, but she stood facing the wall, enduring the indignity in silence.

Cathy couldn’t turn to look but she heard the clinking sound of hand tools. She knew what they were doing, making adjustments, most likely to the waistband. Sure enough, as one Warden came into sight again she saw him placing the waistband around Laura. Smart, they chose to do her first so she wouldn’t see what was coming, Cathy thought, I’ve worn one before so they don’t worry about me.

She could see the Warden take the belt off, to make another small adjustment. Then it was back on Laura. It must have fit because he reached around and pulled up the shield. That seemed to fit precisely because he placed a cover plate over the front and locked it shut with an oddly shaped round key. Cathy tried to get a look at Laura’s face to gauge her reaction, but couldn’t see well enough.

Another sound, as if someone was looking through a box, and then Cathy saw the Warden return, with a metal object in his hand. He closed it around Laura’s throat, fastening it in the back with some type of tool.

Cathy felt the measuring tape around her own waist, above the hips. As with Laura they were quick and efficient in taking her measurements. A short delay, then once again she felt the familiar wide metal loop go around her body. Apparently they decided no adjustments were needed because he immediately pulled up the shield and locked it shut.

She had to close her eyes for a moment at the feather touch of the metal resting between her legs. Unlike Laura Cathy was no stranger to the intimate grip of a chastity belt. In the years since her first visit Robert had ordered her to wear one many times. They would go to a party, or out to eat, with him often slipping his hand under her dress to touch it. Then when they got home he wouldn’t open it, to her great frustration. When she would beg him to use his key, he would laugh and tell her to “convince me.”

The Warden behind Cathy turned them both around to face him. “If either of you have any problems with the belt, chafing, bruising, sores, you have permission to speak up. There will be regular checks on the fit.” He turned back to the other two men by the table and gave them a nod. They gathered up the now empty boxes and left.

Turning back to the women he spoke again. “As a matter of policy you will be kept in a separate area for a period of time. This is to ensure you have no contagious diseases, colds, flu, before you mix with the rest of the visitors here. It is for health reasons only and is not meant to reflect on your status in any way. Your processing is finished for the moment so I will take you to your room in the quarantine area.”


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