You Don't Want to Clean the Garage

by Wendy

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© Copyright 2009 - Wendy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; chast; mast; toys; electro; anal; cons/reluct; X


There is nothing easier to control than a horny guy.   My husband is locked in a chastity device and the only way out is our weekly clean-and-jerk sessions.  Our house is an old one and there is a room in the basement which used to be the place coal was stored for the furnace.  Now it is our dungeon.  Hanging from the ceiling is a neck-and-wrist brace, holding the arms in a "surrender" position,  To the sides are two ankle cuffs with chains running out to the wall.  This is where Matt is "stored" while I take off the device, clean him up, and jerk him off.

This week he had been promising to clean the garage.  But, of course, not delivering.  So I secured him, took off the device, and started jerking him, off.  I got most of the way and stopped.  He pleaded with me to continue.

"No, dear, you get no relief until the garage is clean."

"I'll do it tomorrow."

"That's your choice, if you want to wait that long.  I have a surprise for you"

I opened a bag and removed something new for him, a belt with added strap sewn onto the middle.  And a ring in that strap, which I put around his balls and cock and pulled it to the body.  Then I heard a protest as he saw me thread a dildo onto the strap.  I buckled the belt around his waist and then pushed the dildo into his butt, pulling the strap tightly so it went all the way in.  And then the strap buckled onto the belt, secured with a small padlock through the hasp.  After that, I put his chastity device on again and locked it.

"Now, dear, listen carefully.  There is a timer in this dildo.  I have set the remote control so that in three hours, it will start to give a small dose of electricity.  In another hour, the dose goes up, and each hour after it increases.  So you decide when you want to start cleaning the garage."

I released him from his bonds - - after I had hidden the keys to the device and the buttplug outside of the dungeon.  And as you can imagine, he headed right to the garage and got to work.  The job was done in 3 1/2 hours, so he did get a dose of the electrical charge on low, and he can imagine what it escalates to.

I released him from his device and the buttplug, but warned him that the dildo was ready to be applied any time it was needed.  I then finished the jerking off.

As I said, a perfect way to get things done around the house!