Yes, Please

by Igor Stravinsky

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© Copyright 2020 - Igor Stravinsky - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; rom; bond; spreadeagle; clamps; rope; femdom; cons; X

“Well, what did you think?” he asked as the credits started to roll.

“Inconceivable!” she said, and they both laughed.

“It’s ‘inconceivable’ that you’ve never seen The Princess Bride,” he said.

“Well, thanks for making me watch it. It was awesome,” she said, grasping his arm.

“Thanks for making dinner,” he said, smiling at her.

Dominic had been dating Beth for several weeks, mostly dinner out, parties with mutual friends and going to the movies. This was their first night alone, in her house, and he was both nervous and excited for what could come next.

Beth looked at him, hand still on his arm, and asked, “Well, what now?”

She was assertive – one of the things Dominic liked best about her. He felt it complemented his natural passivity. If he were pushed, he would even describe himself as submissive.

“Well, one thing we definitely shouldn’t do,” said Dominic.

“What’s that?” asked Beth.

“Get involved in a land war in Asia!” he said, laughing.

Beth laughed as well. Dominic said, “You have a cute laugh.”

“Thanks,” Beth said, looking him in the eye.

Dominic lowered his eyes, and said, more sheepishly, “In fact, you’re really cute overall.”

“Oh!” Beth said. She lifted his chin up with her hand. “You know, I think I know what we can do.”

“What’s that?” asked Dominic.

Beth replied by grabbing his shirt and pulling him close to her. She then leaned in and kissed Dominic deeply. He was surprised at first, but it felt amazing, and he quickly responded in kind.

It was like a dam broke. The pent-up sexual tension that had been brimming between them for the last few weeks burst out. Both were frantically moving their hands over each other’s bodies, kissing, caressing, pressing against one another. Beth swung her leg up and straddled Dominic, pinning him to the couch. She began to grind her hips into his, moaning. Dominic was getting aroused, and he could tell Beth was too. He lay back and lifted his hips. Beth unbuttoned his shirt and spread it open. She started running her hands across his bare torso. Her fingertips brushed over one of his nipples.

“Oooh!” he gasped.

“What? You like that?” Beth said, focusing her attention now on both his nipples, rubbing them with her fingers. She pinched them lightly and rolled them between her fingers, eliciting moans and squirming from Dominic.

“Look at that!” said Beth. “That looks like it makes you crazy!”

“Yeah, it does,” breathed Dominic.

“Maybe we should clamp those nipples?” said Beth wickedly. “What do you think, should put clamps on those little nipples?” She increased the pressure of her pinching, driving Dominic near the edge and making it hard for him to concentrate.

“Wh- wh- what?” he asked, hardly believing his ears. He had always been interested in having his nipples clamped, and in other bondage games, in fact, but had never been able to bring it up in his relationships. And now Beth had just charged right through and was talking about one of his biggest fantasies.

“I want to clamp those nipples,” said Beth. “They’re so sensitive. I bet clamps would drive you insane! Maybe we should tie you up and clamp your nipples?”

Dominic was dumbfounded. It seemed impossible he could be this lucky. Was Beth serious? Did she want to tie him up? Because he wanted her to. Excited as he was, he wanted to tell her that she could do anything to him she wanted.

All he managed to say was, “Yes, please.”

“Well, well, well,” said Beth. “I had a feeling about you. Would you like to come into the bedroom and play with some of my toys?”

Still dazed, Dominic only managed “Uh, uh, uh-huh.”

Beth stood up and pulled on his arms, bringing him up as well. She was much shorter than him, 5’4” to his 6’2”. She had a slim body with toned legs and firm breasts that Dominic lusted after. He was in good shape as well, with broad shoulders and a muscular upper body from frequent exercise. Their different sizes made the contrast between Beth’s confidence and his docility more marked. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom. She guided him to the foot of her sturdy four-poster bed. He had his back to the bed, and she stood in front of him.

“Take your shirt off,” she said, in a stern tone. He stripped off the already-unbuttoned shirt and began to take off his pants.

“Did I tell you to do that?” Beth demanded.

“No,” Dominic said and lowered his eyes.

“Look at me,” said Beth. Dominic did so.

“Take off your pants,” said Beth. Dominic undid his jeans and slid them down his legs, kicking them aside. He stopped and waited.

“Now your socks,” said Beth. Dominic reached down and peeled them off.

“Underwear,” Beth said. Dominic hesitated. He was excited and confused and amazed, but unsure if he was ready. Beth noticed his reluctance.

“It will be okay,” she said. “If you want to stop now, we can stop. I know this is fast. You just seemed so excited and it’s all so perfect and you just need to tell me if you want to continue.”

He looked at her, smiled, and said “Yes, please,” as he slid his underwear down and off his legs. He stood naked before her, his cock already stiff and throbbing. Beth put her hands on his chest.

“Very nice,” she said. She reached around and slid her hands up and down his ass. Dominic stood still, enjoying the sensation of her touch. She brought her hands around to the front and began to caress his member, slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft. Dominic breathed heavily and closed his eyes. Beth stopped and he looked at her. She reached up and gently pinched his nipples again, bringing a gasp from him. He had never had a woman give this kind of attention to his body before, and he was becoming overwhelmed.

Beth put a hand in the middle of his chest and pressed. “Down on the bed,” she commanded. Dominic lay back and scooted up until he was in the middle of the mattress.

“Hands and legs out to the side,” said Beth. Dominic stretched out his arms and legs into a spread-eagle position. Beth said, “Wait just a minute. Don’t move,” and went into the next room. Dominic wondered what would come next, although at this point, he had a pretty good idea. Beth came back with several coils of white rope. she went to his left foot and made a loop around it. She pulled the end to the bedpost and tied it off. She did the same with Dominic’s right foot. His feet were now held far apart, exposing his crotch. He began to feel even more vulnerable.

Beth then went to his left hand and made a loop around it. She pulled it to the post and tied it off again. She made a final loop around his right hand and tied off the last rope to the post. Dominic was tied spread-eagle to Beth’s bed. He pulled at the ropes, but they felt strong and had no give to them. He tried twisting to reach the knots, but Beth was obviously well-practiced, and he could not reach them at all.

“How do you feel?” Beth asked, sitting next to him on the bed. She caressed his legs.

Dominic pulled against the ropes. “Amazing! I’ve never done this before! It feels incredible!”

“Well, you sure took to it easily enough,” said Beth. She reached up and tweaked his nipple, harder this time, causing him to gasp, “Ow!” and squirm in the ropes.

“You wait here,” said Beth, patting his stomach. “I’ll be back in a little bit.” She left the room.

“Wait... but... Beth... how?” Dominic sputtered. Beth ignored him and left. He could hear her picking up dishes and putting them in the sink. He heard the water turn on and splash over plates and glasses. She was doing the dishes! What is going on? She started to whistle absentmindedly. Dominic struggled against the ropes again. He tried to untie them, but he could not reach the knots no matter how much he twisted and stretched. The bed was as sturdy as it appeared, and even when he violently jerked his arms and legs the rope and the posts held fast. He lay back, defeated but aroused. He was confused and a little scared, but those emotions were miniscule compared to the excitement and anticipation he felt. He lay back and began to fantasize about what would come next. His cock still stood fully erect, and he wished he could reach it, but that was impossible for the time being. Even more, he wished Beth would reach it. He occasionally struggled against the ropes, but half-heartedly, more to enjoy the sensation rather than attempt to escape. He waited for Beth to return, but still heard her moving things around in the kitchen.

“Hello?” he called. “Beth? Hello?” He was starting to wonder how long he would be left alone, restrained like this. Beth came back into the room.

“What?” she said, appearing irritated.

“Are you going to leave me like this?” he asked plaintively. “I just thought that we would... you know...” he tapered off in confusion.

“I’m busy,” said Beth. “Have to do the dishes and clean up. You clearly can’t help!” She went to her dresser and opened a drawer. “And I don’t need you interrupting me while I work!”

She got on the bed and held out a large, bright red ball attached to two straps with a buckle. “Open up,” she said, holding the ball to Dominic’s mouth.

“But... wha- aaahhh, mmmph!” His speech was rendered unintelligible by the ball gag as Beth shoved it into his mouth. She buckled the strap tightly behind his head.

“That should keep you from bothering me,” she said. “Now, what is a suitable punishment for interrupting me in the first place?” She tapped her chin. Dominic continued his muffled attempts at speech.

“I know!” she said brightly. She went back to the dresser and came back with two pairs of tweezers attached by a chain. She got up on the bed and leaned over Dominic, dangling the tweezer clamps just over his nose. He stared at them, transfixed.

“Now I think it’s time to clamp those nipples!” she said. Dominic moaned and “mmphed” and shook his head. “Well, I don’t think you have much say in the matter.” She twirled his left nipple in her fingers, causing him to moan. She pulled his nipple up and slid the rubber-coated jaws of the tweezers over it, and pushed a small slider down the tweezer, pressing them closed over his nipple. She stopped two-thirds of the way down. Dominic closed his eyes and moaned deeply.

When she repeated the process on his other nipple, Dominic’s eyes shot open and he started struggling in earnest. Beth lifted the chain connecting the clamps and slowly pulled them out. Dominic squealed.

“You did say ‘please,’” she said, grinning. She tugged the chain again, causing Dominic to whimper. “You just wait here, and I’ll be back when I’m done, and not before. Try not to interrupt.” She dropped the chain and left the room.

Dominic’s head was swimming. It had started out as a movie night, a simple date. He thought if he got lucky that he might get to make out with Beth a little before he had to go. And now he was deep into his most private, hidden fantasies with a beautiful woman who appeared to want to dominate him as much as he wanted her to. He pulled against the ropes again, enjoying their embrace. He mumbled into the gag, reveling in the sensation of having his speech taken from him. And he shook his chest, making the tweezer clamps dance and pull his nipples. They were just tight enough to give him a little pain, and he loved the fact that he was unable to reach them. The only one who could get them off now was Beth, and she had left him to contemplate his predicament. He cocked his head. Was that the vacuum? He moaned piteously into the gag. The vacuum stopped, and Beth came back into the bedroom. She looked at him seriously.

“How are you?” she asked. “Is everything okay?”

Dominic was still for a moment, then nodded his head slowly, smiling behind the gag. He pulled against the ropes, more for show than anything else.

“Yeah, you’re not getting out of those,” said Beth. “Not until I’m ready. Now, I think we have some unfinished business,” she said as she climbed onto the bed. She very slowly began to rub her hands around Dominic’s hips, very close to his erect cock, occasionally brushing against it and making him frantic with desire.

“Now, now,” she said mockingly, “wait your turn.” With that she got off the bed. Dominic watched her. She pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor, revealing a lacy bra. Next, she undid her pants and dropped them to the floor as Dominic had earlier, showing that her underwear all matched. She then pulled off her socks, following with reaching around her back and unclasping her bra. She let it drop to the ground as well, exposing her round breasts and erect nipples. Dominic was entranced, silent. Beth then slowly slid her panties down her legs, standing naked in front of him. She got up on the bed.

“You have some work to do,” she said, reaching back and unbuckling the gag from Dominic’s mouth. He worked his jaw and appeared to start to speak.

“Quiet,” Beth said, straddling his chest. She moved up his body until her pussy was inches from Dominic’s mouth. “I think you know what to do,” she said. “Do a good job and we’ll see about taking care of you too.” She pushed her crotch directly into Dominic’s mouth, and he pushed out his tongue into Beth’s waiting pussy. She groaned and started moving her hips. Dominic kept licking and grinding into Beth as best he could. She reached behind her and pulled on the chain connecting the clamps. Dominic moaned; this time gagged by Beth’s body.

“Oh, that feels so good when you make that sound right into me,” she said breathlessly. “Let’s see if we can... inspire you.” She took one clamp and pushed the slider down, until it was almost at Dominic’s nipple, tightening the clamp. She did the same with the other. Dominic squealed into her. She pulled on the chain again.

“Oh, that’s it,” she gasped, grinding faster. “Yes, right there!” Dominic redoubled his efforts, the clamps driving him to a frenzy. The pain, the bonds, Beth’s scent, were driving him mad. Beth pulled harder on the chain, eliciting a louder groan from Dominic.

“Yes! Yes! Right there! Keep going!” she breathed insistently. She ground her hips faster and harder. Dominic continued to lick and rub. “Oh! Oh! I’m so close! Yes!” she pulled the chain harder again, threw her head back and screamed “Ohhhh!” shaking with pleasure. She slid back and her head slumped.

“Hoo! My god, you’re amazing!” she said. Dominic was so frazzled by everything that he couldn’t speak. He simply writhed, hoping Beth would return the favor.

“Again!” she said, crawling back up to his mouth. Dominic was baffled. “Beth, I can’t! I... mmmm!” He was again rendered speechless by Beth’s pussy over his mouth.

She pulled on the chain again. “You’re so good!” she said. “One more time! Yes, there it is! Keep going!”

Dominic repeated his efforts. This time, he worked as diligently as he could, to give Beth another orgasm as soon as he could, hoping that she would let go of the chain and release his now-throbbing nipples. He ground and licked as hard as he could, until Beth again screamed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and slumped over to his side. She lay still for a moment, and Dominic wondered if she would fall asleep right there, leaving him helpless, bound and aroused.

After a moment, however, she stirred. She straddled him again, this time lower on his torso. She reached behind her and grabbed his cock, giving it a squeeze, causing Dominic to say “Oh, god, yes, please!”

Beth looked at him and smiled. “Well, you did say ‘please’,” she said. She slowly lifted her hips and moved down until her pussy was directly over Dominic’s rigid cock. She slid down over it until Dominic was buried deep inside her. She put her hands down on either side of him and leaned down to take the chain to the clamps in her teeth. She looked him in the eye and began to lift her hips up and down, languorously fucking Dominic. He reciprocated, lifting his hips to meet her as best he could in his bound state. At the same time, Beth started pulling on the chain with her teeth, creating a rhythm between Dominic’s cock and his nipples.

Dominic had never felt anything like this before. The combination of sensations – restriction, pain, pleasure – were driving him mad. He started pumping faster, nearly at the point of coming. Almost at his climax, Beth stopped and lifted off him.

“No! No! I’m so close! Please! Please! Beth!” he begged. She put her finger to his lips, shushing him. She then leaned down until her head was at his crotch and took his erect member into her mouth. She grabbed the chain with one hand and began to both pull and suck in earnest.

“Yes! Yes!” Dominic said. “Oh god, yes! Please, keep going!” He was now grinding his hips in rhythm with Beth’s bobbing head. She stopped and raised her head to look at him.

“You did say ‘please’,” she said and put her mouth back over his dick. She sucked and twirled her tongue around his sensitive shaft, and in a few moments, he started bucking hard.

“Yes! Oh god! Yes, PLEASE!” He stiffened and came into Beth’s mouth while she continued to suck. He twitched and sagged in his bonds. Beth wiped her mouth on the sheets and crawled up next to him.

“Well, what did you think?” she asked mischievously.

“Oh my god, Beth, that was incredible!” he said breathlessly. “But, can you please take these clamps off? Please?”

“As long as you said ‘please’,” Beth said. She reached for one of the clamps. “This will probably be worse than when they went on. Here we go.” She pulled the slider up on one of the clamps and Dominic howled. She quickly loosened the other, and Dominic squirmed, in earnest this time.

“Ow! Ow! Oh shit! Ah!” Beth started gently rubbing his nipples. His cries of pain gradually subsided. Beth stopped and looked at him.

“I’m going to get us cleaned up. Are you okay?” Her tone was serious.

“Uh, uh, yeah, I think so,” Dominic said hesitantly.

“Okay, baby, I’ll be right back. I’m just going in the bathroom,” she said, and quickly left.

She came back moments later with a moist towel and gently wiped Dominic’s crotch. “Thank you,” he said, relaxing in his bondage. Beth crawled up and lay down next to him.

“I think we both need some rest,” she said. “Do you want me to untie you?”

Dominic thought for a moment. “Not just yet,” he said. “This feels nice. Thank you so much. You’re amazing, Beth.”

“You’re pretty amazing yourself,” she said. “You know, it’s kind of funny.” She cocked her head at him.

“What?” he asked, puzzled.

“Your nickname is ‘Dom’, which is about as far off as it can be!” She nestled next to him and draped an arm over his chest. “Now, do you think you want to get some rest?”

“Yes, please,” he said as she snuggled against him, and he contemplated his good fortune.

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