Ye Olde Water Faire

by The Technician

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Slave pumpkin butt swims in the race and risks facing the sharks.

You don’t have to win the swim race, but you really don’t want to lose because the losers are thrown to the sharks.

The Water Faire is a BDSM sales Faire run by a mysterious Hans Dunkler. There are four major events at the Faire, the Dolphin Ride, The Carousel, The Race, and the Ferris Wheel. The four segments stand more or less on their own but make much more sense if you read them in order.

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Event 3: The Race

I was already entered in the swimming race, so all I had to do was show up and get a number. Since there were too many of us to assign one to each lane, they just painted a big number on our backs and told us to not drown each other.

There were about fifty or so of us in the race. At least, the highest number I saw was fifty-three. With that many in the pool turning around for the second half of the lap gets really interesting. Basically you have to take a really deep breath and then swim under water until you are clear of everyone coming toward you and you can come to the surface. Then you swim like hell until you reach the other end and do the same thing all over again.

This year, Herr Dunkler made an improvement on the swimming tank. It didn’t make any difference for the Dolphin Ride, but on the back side of the tank, there is a below-ground area with big windows in it. He already has several cameras mounted in the walls and in the floor of the tank so he captures video of everyone swimming past or over or whatever, but some people like to see with their own eyes. You don’t have to crowd down into the dugout area to watch the swimmers close up. All of the cameras are displayed on big screens hanging high in the tent all around the outside of the pool area.

Last year Master bought a video of all the camera stuff. He showed me where I swam over one of the cameras while I was underwater and doing a frog kick. He had me watching it while he fucked me doggie style. It really turned me on to watch my cunt opening and closing as I swam. I think Master knew it would have that effect. He was ramming really hard into me when I lost it and had a screaming, shaking orgasm. When I came back to my senses, I was flat on the blanket on the floor with Master still inside me.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked.

After I said, “Yes,” he said, “Next year, try not to think about all the people who will be watching your cunt as you swim past the cameras.”

I really wish he hadn’t said that because it stuck in my brain. Now, in addition to not getting run over by the leaders, I have to worry about having an orgasm from the thought of thousands of people looking at my cunt as I swim over the cameras.

As the time to start approached, we all stood along the edge of the pool. With that many people we were at least three deep. Everyone was trying to push forward, but the biggest, strongest slaves were at the front and that wasn’t going to happen.

Finally Herr Dunkler got up onto his platform and yelled out, “Masters and Mistresses, Doms and Messieurs, all bets are now made and the race is ready to begin. Slaves, this is a no safeword event. If you lose you will be thrown to the sharks and there is nothing you or your Master can do to stop it. If you understand that, please raise your right hand so we have video evidence of your agreement to a no safeword event.”

He waited a moment for all of us to raise our right hand. A couple raised their left hand, but someone standing near them corrected them. Then Herr Dunkler addressed the Masters and Mistresses. “If any of the owners of these slaves did not understand that this was a no safeword event, you may withdraw your slave now and the entry fee will be returned.”

He paused a moment and then raised a starter pistol into the air. “The race,” he said loudly, “is five complete laps up and down the pool. You will start when I fire my pistol.” He waited a few seconds and fired the starter pistol.

Everyone in front immediately dove into the pool. The next row back dove in as soon as there was clear water. I was with the third wave of people diving in. As I started swimming I could hear splashes as a couple people dove in behind me. I wasn’t worried. Five full laps up and down this pool was a lot of swimming and I wasn’t trying to win. I was just trying to come in before the shark bell sounded.

I swam pretty well and had gotten up just behind the lead swimmers by the time we finished the first full lap. But then, just as I was getting to where I could turn around I felt a hand on my back pushing me under the water. A big hyper-ripped male slave swam right over me. He turned and pushed off from the wall and pushed me all the way down to the bottom of the tank.

Luckily for me, I had just taken a deep breath in preparation for the turnaround and underwater swim. And unlucky for the jerk male slave, I am a very good– and fast– underwater swimmer. I can swim almost as fast under water as on top... not that I swim all that fast on top of the water.

In any case, I did a turnaround under water and pushed off as hard as I could. Then I swam faster, I think, than I had ever swam underwater before. My lungs were ready to burst, but I kept going and caught up with him under water while he was just starting to swim on the surface. I reached up and grabbed him right at the base of his prick and ball sac.

He stopped swimming immediately and started floundering in the water. I used my hand hold to pull myself forward and came up in front of him and started swimming like mad. He was right behind me screaming and yelling, but I had gotten enough of a lead that I made it to the opposite side and turned around before he got there. I decided that it would probably be best to change lanes, so I kicked off the wall and swam at an angle underwater for a little bit to move me over two or three lanes. He yelled at me a couple more times, but he wasn’t going to waste the time needed to cross the lanes to get to me.

I was hoping that I wasn’t right over one of the cameras when I grabbed his junk. I didn’t know if I could get disqualified or something like that. But then I thought that what I did would look really neat on the video so Herr Dunkler wouldn’t care. He was all about the money and if I did something that helped sell his videos, no problem.

I was swimming pretty well and staying in about the middle of the pack until the last lap. I had just come back up from my turn to start the lap when I felt something hit me really hard on the front of my shoulder. I looked up and there was pepper. She had absolute hatred in her eyes. She didn’t say anything but just swam off. It took me a minute to regain my stroke and then I almost lost my pace again when I realized that she hadn’t intended to hit me on the shoulder. She was trying to hit me in the throat.

There was nothing I could do about it right then, but I decided that I would have to talk to Master about what happened. Her hitting me had cost me some time and now I was starting to worry whether or not I would be out of the pool by the time the shark bell rang.

The winner of the race is pretty clear. It is the person who gets out of the pool on the last lap first. You have to get out of the pool and run across and press a button that is mounted on a tall post. Whoever pushes that button first is the winner. A loud buzzer goes off and a bright rotating red light starts swirling around the tent.

There is only one winner, but there can be a lot of losers. Twenty seconds after the buzzer sounds, a loud bell rings. That bell is the shark bell and no one is allowed out of the pool once it rings. All of the swimmers who were out of the pool move away from the water and several big security guys keep anyone else from getting out of the water.

I heard the buzzer ring and started counting down in my head. I had at least five seconds to spare when I got up out of the water. I tried to move away from the pool, but pepper was blocking my path.

“You’re the reason Master sold me!” she screamed in my face. “Before he got you, he used to share his time between me and precious.” She poked me in the chest with her finger. “Then you came along and he still gave precious her time, but I had to share my time with you. And I know it was you who convinced him to rescue that street slut, puta. When I tried to get back my share of his time, he threw me out.”

I started to explain that she brought everything on herself, but she wasn’t listening. Instead she was pushing me back closer and closer to the pool. Then suddenly the muscle bound slave was standing next to her. She turned to him and said, “She’s all yours.”

Before I could do anything, he picked me up and threw me back into the pool. I had just come back up to the surface coughing and sputtering water out of my mouth when the shark bell rang. Slave pepper and the stud slave quickly ran back away from the pool and the security people ran in to keep everyone who was still in the pool in the water. There were about a dozen of us.

Then the sharks came running out and jumped into the water. Supposedly they are all male slaves, but with the big shark head mask totally covering their heads, it was impossible to tell. There could be a couple of Masters joining in the fun. The only thing that was certain was that there were no Mistresses because except for the shark head, all of the sharks were naked... and most were sporting erections.

I was literally screwed. I knew it was going to be rough, but it was going to be rough sex and I am normally up for sex of any kind, so I figured I could handle it.

But this was going to be sex in the water. Despite the daydreams and fantasies of many, sex in the water is mostly terrible. If you are in the ocean near the beach, you end up with sand in everything. And I mean everything.

Being in a pool like this isn’t much better because your natural lubricants are washed away. Some guys like that because it causes more friction, but friction like that will rub a girl sore in just a short time. And this wasn’t going to be a short time. The shark cage buzzer... the buzzer that ordered the sharks out of the water... wouldn’t be for an hour. 

I figured my best bet was to get to the finish line end of the pool. There are steps there so the racers can easily get out of the pool. If I could get up on those steps and lay up over the side things would be a lot better. I could hopefully take a couple of the guys while I was out of the water and fill myself up with cum. The cum would act as lubricant and unlike my natural juices, it wouldn’t get washed away as easily in the water.

I almost made it to the top of the steps when a burly shark grabbed me around the waist and said, “Where are you going, little lady?”

I twisted around so I could face him and said, “Just let me lay over the side and I will let you do anything to me. I’ll work to make it really good for you.”

He bent down to look at me. I could just barely see his eyes through the eye holes of the shark head mask. Then he said, “Cunt, ass, then mouth.”

Normally I don’t want to do ass to mouth, but this wasn’t normal sex. And besides, with any luck, the water would wash off his prick before I had to suck it. I said, “OK” and flopped over the side.

I really wasn’t ready for him. I was water wet on the outside and dry inside, but he just held me down and started pushing inside me. I don’t know if he was trying to be gentle for me or it was just so dry and tight that it hurt him, but he stopped once he was an inch or so in and then pulled back out just a little. He kept that up for a while, pushing in about an inch and then pulling back out about a half inch. By the time he got most of the way into me, I was starting to respond. My vagina was relaxing to accept him and I was starting to lubricate.

Once he started to slide a little easier, he started thrusting harder. And rather than pulling back just a little, he was pulling back until he was almost out and then ramming himself back in balls deep. I should probably be ashamed to admit this, but I was starting to enjoy it.

I was hoping that maybe he hadn’t had sex in a while and would fire off really fast, but that wasn’t to be. In fact, he was a little Energizer Bunny... he kept going and going and going and going. Master has taught me to control my orgasms pretty well, but there is only so much a girl can do. Pretty soon I was grunting and groaning and rubbing my tits against the hard floor panels which surrounded the pool.

Evidently that is what he was waiting for. He started really slamming into me. My legs were still in the water and he was splashing water up onto my ass and even out of the pool with each thrust. I decided to just let it all go and started yelling and screaming. I don’t know if I was making any sense or even saying any words, but I know I was loud.

Then I felt him erupt inside of me. I don’t always feel a guy spurt. Usually I just feel his prick pulse as he shoots his jism up inside me, but with this guy I could actually feel his cum filling me. That caused a second peak and I really groaned out as he lay down heavy on top of me.

We lay there for a couple moments and then he pulled out and curtly said, “Ass.”

I reached down real fast and scooped a little of his cum out of my pussy and began smearing it between my cheeks and into my rosebud. It’s a good thing I was fast because in almost no time he was back to ready and pushing at my back door.

He didn’t loosen me up with his fingers, but he did do the same thing he had done in my cunt with pushing in slowly just a little bit and then pulling back. I have a lot of control over my anal sphincter, so I was able to relax things pretty fast. I could hear a couple of the girls screaming really loud. Evidently they were getting it in the ass while they were still in the water and the pain was preventing them from relaxing... which leads to more pain... which makes things even tighter back there.

Again, some men like that– both the tightness and the screams of pain. I guess that would be even more likely among guys who get off wearing a shark’s head and attacking naked women in a swimming pool.

Luckily my shark was more of a dolphin. He actually took his time until I was loosened up a little. Then he went balls deep and started thrusting. I don’t mind anal sex. In fact, sometimes I even enjoy it. This was not going to be one of those times. I sort of lay there and endured it while he hammered away at my poop port.

He was taking a really long time again and I realized that part of his thing was making the girl cum before he did. So I did what any intelligent girl in those circumstances would do... I faked it. He had already seen what one of my orgasms looked like, so I started yelling incoherently and bouncing my ass up and down and shaking my whole body a little bit. That was all it took and my shark was now spurting up inside my ass.

This time he didn’t lay over me. He pulled out and turned me around and said, “Mouth.”

I think he must have swallowed a whole bottle of those little magic pills, because he was still hard and ready. “Take a step or two back,” I said with as sexy a smile as I could come up with in those circumstances, “and I’ll give you something to tell your friends about.”

I pushed him back so the water was just a little over waist deep, then I started fondling him. “You are really going to enjoy this,” I said, trying to make my voice sound deep and sexy. “All of your friends will be envious of you,” I added. “They won’t even believe it can be done until you show them the video.” I smiled and said, “I’m sure this will be on Herr Dunkler’s deluxe video set.”

All the while I was talking to him, I was effectively jacking him off. I was also taking deep breaths to saturate my body with oxygen. Then I dropped down below the water and took his prick into my mouth.

I knew that I had to make this happen pretty quickly so I grabbed his hips and started pulling him towards me and then pushing him away. I don’t know if I was moving him or me, but I was effectively face fucking myself.

Between swallowing water and pushing it out of my mouth around his prick, I pretty soon was able to clamp down and suck and tongue just as if I was in my own bed. I was starting to see little black dots and bright yellow stars when I could feel his prick starting to twitch. There was no question about not swallowing. If I opened my mouth I would probably drown, so I gulped everything down and sucked hard to make sure he was empty. Then I popped back above water. He was standing there panting with his mouth open.

“You got a fourth round in you?” I asked and he quickly replied “Of course, little lady, but there are other fish in the sea and this shark is going to spread himself around.”

I laughed and said, “See you later, sharkigator.”

He sort of walked and swam over toward a pack of sharks who had five or six girls trapped among them. I stood in the water and started saying, “Here sharkie, sharkie. Here sharkie, sharkie,” in sort of a sing-song voice.

There was a really big splash behind me and water crested up over my back and almost into my mouth. I turned quickly around to see that two of the biggest sharks ever had just entered the pool. They were huge... and sort of fat... and very familiar.

When I am presented with undeniable evidence, I will admit that I am wrong. I was wrong about the Dark Lord’s two big, fat helpers. Tweedledee and Tweedledum weren’t eunuchs. In fact, they both were sporting big, fat erections. Their pricks were more than average in length and more than average in girth.

“Hi, boys,” I said, trying to sound glib, “do you often swim these waters?”

They may have somehow sprouted pricks, but they hadn’t gotten any more talkative. One of them– I’ll call him Tweedledee– picked me up by grabbing me around the waist from behind and lifted me almost all of the way out of the water. Tweedledum then stepped up in front of me. I could see the very tip of his prick sticking just out of the water like the head of a turtle. Tweedledee shoved me back down into the water and jammed me onto that gigantic prick.

Luckily the first shark had opened me up a little and had filled my cunt with cum. It still hurt– a lot– as that giant sausage filled up my love tunnel. I gasped loudly and then suddenly started screaming, “No! No! No! No!” as I realized what would come next.

Tweedledee, who had been holding me, now moved forward and pushed his prick up against my ass. I was impaled on Tweedledum’s giant prick. I was almost being crushed between Tweedledee and Tweedledum’s huge bellies. And as soon as Tweedledee could get his prick lined up with my asshole, I was about to be stretched and torn when he entered me.

I waited for the pain, but it didn’t come. With his big belly holding me away from his prick, Tweedledum was pulling me down and toward him so he could ram his prick fully in. That pulled me down and toward him so his fat twin couldn’t get lined up. Tweedledee tried several times and almost made it once, but I grabbed Tweedledum’s arms and pushed myself further down onto his prick... and away from Tweedledee’s sausage trying for my ass.

Finally Tweedledee gave up and started just rubbing his prick up and down my ass crack. Maybe that should be down and up because he was pointed down toward the floor of the pool. He kept doing that until Tweedledum finally spoke... well, he made a noise. Tweedledum gave a really loud yelling grunt and erupted into me.

Erupt is the right word because everything about this guy was huge, including the amount of cum that he shot into me. It felt like a fire hose went off inside me and I could feel cum spurting out of me into the water.

He groaned a couple more times and suddenly I was being lifted up out of the water again. Tweedledee who hadn’t been able to get into my ass spun me around and impaled my cunt on his aching prick. It only took a couple of really hard thrusts and I had another fire hose filling me with cum to overflowing.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I went over the top... at least once. I was still coming down from my orgasm when Tweedledee again lifted me high into the air... and dropped me into the water. Then the twins splashed noisily off in search of new prey.

I stood in the water panting and feeling very empty when four sharks surrounded me. I looked at them and said, “I’m sorry, boys, but Tweedledee and Tweedledum have me so stretched out I’m useless to you.”

“That’s not the hole we were planning on using,” one of them said firmly. I recognized that voice... or think I did. I am sure it was one of Master’s friends. Even if I’m right, I wouldn’t name him. Master would not be pleased. From the way the four sharks worked together, all four of them were probably Masters slumming with the slaves as masked sharks.

One of the other sharks turned me so he could see me clearly through his mask and said, “And Gary said you are good at holding your breath.”

“Oh,” I said, “in that case would you kind Master sharks please let me prepare myself before I go under water and please let me up if I am running out of breath?”

“Prey does not negotiate with the predator,” one of the sharks said angrily. Then his voice softened and he said, “But if you promise to willingly give us the most pleasure you can, we agree.”

“You are kind, Masterful sharks,” I said as I bent over offering my ass to one of them while leaning forward toward another. There was enough cum all over everything down there that I was pretty well lubed and shark number one slid in fairly easily. He waited until I had taken several deep breaths and gone down on shark number two before beginning. I didn’t have to bob my head around to move it on shark two because shark one was pounding me so hard that he was driving my mouth all the way down on shark two’s prick. When he pulled back, shark number two would use his hands on my shoulders to push me out onto the end of his prick. Then shark one would slam into my ass once again and push the other shark’s prick practically down my throat. After a little while, the shark in my mouth spurted down my throat. I could feel the shark prick in my ass quiver, but I was well past being able to feel anything actually spurt anywhere in me.

I don’t think that any more sharks joined the spit-fuck party, but I know I sucked off at least seven pricks. So, three of them were able to get up and ready for three or maybe four rounds. I think I could have gotten rich off the little blue pill concession at this Faire.

I don’t know if they had more in them or not because after the seventh underwater blow job, I heard the loud buzzer that marked the end of shark time. 

I stood in the water sort of dazed and then I heard puta calling out, “pumpkin! pumpkin! are you all right?”

I heard a splash and suddenly she was in the water next to me. “Come with me,” she said and she guided me back to the finish line and the steps that led up out of the pool.

Once we were up on the hard pads, Master came up to me and said, “What happened? I thought I saw you get out of the water with plenty of time to spare.”

“Slave pepper happened,” I said angrily, “and some muscle-bound slave hunk who was with her. She pushed me back to the edge and he threw me into the pool just before the shark bell rang.”

“Slave pepper did this to you?!” he said angrily.

“She blames me for losing your love,” I said flatly. “Please don’t have her punished for this. She is punished enough by her own empty bitterness.” I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Besides, I’ve been through worse. And I even got off on some of it.”

“I will still speak to her current Master,” he said evenly... a little too evenly. He was really mad. He turned to me, smiled and said, “I will convey your wishes. But pepper and her stud muffin must be punished in some fashion. A slave cannot harm another slave or defy the rules of the Faire and escape unpunished.”

“Thank you, Master,” I said. I really hoped her Master wouldn’t punish her too severely. Pepper loved Master and he didn’t love her. That was punishment enough.

Master then stepped back slightly from me and said to puta, “Take her over to the shower tent and get her thoroughly cleaned up... inside and out. Then meet precious and me over at the Ferris Wheel. That event will be starting soon and you need to get put into place.”

The warm shower felt really good. There were also low pressure hoses for flushing you out. There was a stiff tube about two feet tall and open at the top connected to the faucet to make sure you didn’t accidentally over-pressurize yourself. Slave puta helped me flush out and was really surprised at how much cum came out of my cunt... and my ass. 

“How many men fucked you?” she asked.

“It was seven or eight from the back,” I answered, “But most of the front was Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Her eyes got really wide and she said, “Oh” in a really strange voice. She didn’t say anything else, but her face and her deep sighs told me she was imagining herself impaled on one of the twin’s massive pricks.

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