Ye Olde Water Faire

by The Technician

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Slave pumpkin butt posts on her blog about her time at Ye Olde Water Faire.

This is the introduction and first segment of Ye Olde Water Faire. The Water Faire is a BDSM sales Faire run by a mysterious Hans Dunkler. There are four major events at the Faire, the Dolphin Rides, the Carousel, the Race, and the Ferris Wheel.

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Event 1: The Dolphin Rides

Welcome to my blog. I asked Master if I could have a blog. He told me that I was just an exhibitionist slut who wanted the whole world to see my ass. I told him that was true, but what I wanted for a blog was more like a diary for all the world to see. So, he said I could create a blog.

Master wants me to post everything interesting that goes on in my life but with the following rules: One, he is the moderator for my blog and has to approve everything I post; two, I can’t post pictures... ever; three, I can’t say his name, I can only call him Master; and four, I have to be totally honest about what I see and think and feel.

Today I am at the Water Faire. Slave precious is carrying my tablet for me in her big shoulder bag. I’m not allowed something like that and since I’m naked, it’s kind of hard to carry even a small tablet around with me.

The Water Faire comes around only every other year or so, but when it does, Master always takes me... and his other slaves. The Faire isn’t always in the same place, but it is always somewhere really remote with space for the huge circus-like tent and access to water... a LOT of water. 

I don’t know much about the guy who runs the Water Faire, but I think he’s German. That’s not just because his name is Dunkler– I was told that was short for Dunklermeister. But the name isn’t the only thing. Last time we were at the Faire, there was a really strong wind and it blew some of the canvas signs which hang over the tent up onto the top. You could still sort of see them up there. On the back side of the signs it said, “Wassermesse” in a really strange, old looking font. I looked up Wassermesse on the web. It means “Water Faire” in German. I also looked up Dunklermeister. It means “Dark Master” or “Dark Lord.” I was always just a little afraid of Herr Dunkler, now I’m even more so.

The front side of all the signs say “Ye Olde Water Faire” in old English font. I guess he wants to make people think he’s been around for a really long time or that maybe they are stepping back into the Middle Ages when they come here. Someone should tell him that linguistic scholars have found out that all that “Ye Olde” stuff is just a big mistake. Evidently there used to be a single letter that meant Th, but it looked a lot like our modern Y, so we ended up with “Ye Olde” rather than “The Old.” But who looks for historical accuracy at a BDSM sales Faire? Yes, the main purpose of Ye Olde Water Faire is to demonstrate and sell Herr Dunkler’s BDSM water-themed equipment.

Once you step onto the grounds of the Faire, however, you know you aren’t in the Middle Ages and you aren’t at some hokey, nerdy renaissance Faire. You are at a BDSM trade show. There are several open-air vendor booths and a bunch of smaller tents with just about every type of restraint, collar, dildo, fetish wear, and electro device you could imagine. They make a lot of sales, and Master always buys some stuff when we first get there and has me run it back to the car– and when he says “Run this back to the car,” he means RUN it back to the car. After I got back, he told me I could wander around but to not get into any trouble and to make sure I was on time for the Dolphin Ride.

I– and everyone else– like to look at all the neat stuff in the vendor tents, but what everyone comes for are the Dark Lord’s water toys. Inside the main tent, everything is new and shiny with a huge steel tank dug into the ground that is bigger than the biggest Olympic-sized swimming pools. Herr Dunkler also has several big circular tanks sitting around outside with his stuff that is too big to fit in the tent, but I will get to that later.

The indoor tank is used for the Dolphin Ride, which is new this year, and also for the race. I have swum in the race twice before. I didn’t win, which would have been nice for Master, but I didn’t lose, which would have been really bad for me. Master told me the first time I swam in the race, “You don’t have to win, but you really don’t want to lose.” This year, he has entered me in both the race and the Dolphin Ride. He hasn’t said anything about winning or losing with the dolphins, so I guess I will just have to find out when the time comes.

The outdoor tanks are used for the Ferris Wheel and the Carousel which are old favorites with the crowd. Master entered slave puta in those two. He says it’s so he won’t wear us out and we have a better chance of winning him some prizes, but it is really because he knows that I am a regular old vanilla BDSM slut– if such a thing exists– while puta is a very kinky BDSM painslut. He didn’t enter precious in any of the contests or demonstrations . She just walks around with him and looks pretty... and gives him a blowjob whenever he needs it.

I think Master has a thing for slave names that begin with a “p”. He named me pumpkin butt shortly after he got me, but he always just calls me “pumpkin.” He says he named me that because my butt gets a sort of reddish-orange shade to it when he spanks me.

Then there is puta, which is Spanish for slut or whore. He got her down in southern Texas a year or two after he got me. He didn’t buy her, but he won’t say how he got her. She won’t talk about it either, but one day precious, who was with Master on that trip, said that I never wanted to see Master as mad as he was the day he rescued puta from El Malvador. I think that means “Evil One” or something like that. Whatever happened, puta has been his devoted slave ever since.

Her name was originally longer, puta de dolor or something like that. I think it means “painslut” in Spanish. He shortened it to just puta. She’s kind of shy, but way more of a slut that I am. And she gets off on pain... she really... really, really... gets off on pain. 

And finally there is precious. Precious gets to wear a small pair of thong panties and an apron around the house. Master says it's because she does all the cooking. I think it is to show her position above us other slaves.

She also keeps Master’s books and shares his bed most nights. She seems to be very special to Master. He had another slave, pepper when I first arrived, but she hated precious for some reason... probably jealousy. One day there was a big argument and pepper told Master, “Either she goes or I do.”

Master didn’t get mad or anything. He just said very calmly, “If that’s what you want.” 

The next day he sold pepper to a man from back East, and she was gone that night. Like I said, precious is very precious to Master. I think one of these days he is going to make her his slave wife, but for now she is just his very precious slave.

Oh, they are calling for the Dolphin Riders, I have to get going.


I didn’t win. But I didn’t lose. If puta had been entered, she probably would have lost intentionally. That’s another reason why Master won’t enter her in something like this. When I got over to the big indoor tank, there were a dozen weird-looking mechanical fish sitting on stands at one end of the tank. There was a strange, bumpily track sort of thing in front of each fish that led into the tank, across the bottom, and then up and out on the other side.

Dolphins aren’t fish, so I guess I should stop calling them that. There were twelve dolphins mounted on some kind of stand with gears for wheels. It wasn’t until I was standing next to my dolphin that I figured that out. I guess regular wheels would slip under water, so the wheels were just big gears that fit into the bumps on the track.

Actually, when I stood next to my dolphin there was something more ominous to look at. In place of the dorsal fin on the top of the dolphin, there were two gray plastic prongs sticking straight up into the air. I was pretty sure I knew what they were and was just as sure where they were supposed to go.

Except for the fact that they were dolphin gray rather than pink, the two prongs looked just like the dildos on the saddle of a Sybian. I became even more sure of that when a dozen naked slaves came running out and started smearing lube all over both prongs. Then two really tall, really big, really fat guys in REALLY tight Speedos started down the line lifting up each rider and setting her down on the prongs. The fat guys were almost identical and Herr Dunkler called them “Tweedledee and Tweedledum” so maybe they were twin brothers. Their arms and legs were very muscular, but they had huge bellies and their asses were rounded out almost like a woman’s.

After the first slave was in place, Tweedledee and Tweedledum moved her feet back to stirrup-like things that lifted her feet almost back up to her ass. Once her feet were in the stirrups, they strapped them in place. Her arms were then crossed behind her back with her left hand at her right elbow and her right hand at the left elbow. A wide band was wrapped around her forearms to hold them in place. The last thing they did was to put what looked like a small chain around her that attached to the dolphin somewhere behind her butt, came around and sort of clipped to both breasts, and then went back down and connected back to the dolphin. There was a white sign that hung on the portion of the chain between her breasts with a big, black number one on it. Obviously, the main thing holding her on the dolphin were the prongs in her cunt and ass, so the extra chain didn’t seem to do much. I wondered why they didn’t just use a short chain to hang the sign between her tits.

My dolphin was number seven, so I got to watch six other slaves get impaled before me. The twins were almost gentle about it, so I wasn’t too worried. A thought formed in my mind that if they hurt me, I was going to kick them in the nuts. I wouldn’t have done it, but I get thoughts like that. Then, while they were lifting me up onto my dolphin, I noticed that there was no bulge in their speedos. There was nothing between their legs. They were eunuchs! I wondered for a moment, if they were slave eunuchs, why would Herr Dunkler cover them up? But then I decided that he didn’t want to detract from the main show, which was me and eleven other girls riding these weird dolphin-sybian hybrids.

My one surprise was that the clips or clamps or whatever they were that held the sign chain on my nipples didn’t really hurt when they put them on. I was bracing myself for pain, but the clamp thing sort of just fit over my nipple and held itself in place like a big plastic pastie. With it fitting so softly, maybe the extra chain that looped around me was just to keep it from falling in the water if it fell off.

Once we were all in place, the Dark Lord himself stood on a platform at one end of the line of dolphins and called out loudly, “Masters and Mistresses, Doms and Messieurs, you are about to see a demonstration of the ultimate pleasure– or pain– experience... the Dunkler Dolphin!”

He stepped down from the platform and walked over to dolphin number 12. “The operation of the dolphin is simple. The slave squeezes her legs together slightly to activate the drive motors.”

All twelve dolphins moved forward very slightly.

“Of course,” he said with a slight chuckle, “we can also take over control if needed.”

He walked down the line of dolphins, occasionally stroking the breast or back or butt of one of the slave riders. When he got to me, he twisted the clamp so it tweaked my left nipple and said, “I can smell you. You like this don’t you, slave pumpkin?”

I don’t know if he could actually smell me, but he was right. I was already flowing all over the top of my dolphin. I looked down and answered, “Yes, Master.”

He laughed. It was a cold, cruel-sounding laugh. Then he said, “Don’t like it too much or you might lose.” 

He turned and called out loudly, “What makes this dolphin race interesting is that when the sluts squeeze their dolphin, it doesn’t just activate the drive motors. It also activates...” He paused as a loud humming filled the tent and all twelve of us sluts gasped and squirmed on our dolphins. Then he continued, “... the vibrators in the cunt and ass dildos.”

He pointed out at the water. “But if you orgasm, the pleasure turns to pain until you finish that portion of the lap. When the dolphin turns around at the end of the pool, it resets and you are once again in pleasure mode.”

He spread his arms wide to indicate all of us and said, “The winner of the race wins her Master or Mistress a ten percent discount on any of my merchandise, including a dolphin system. The loser gets to demonstrate the dolphin for one hour following the race.”

I knew immediately that I might not be able to win, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose.

“Your dolphins are now active,” he shouted. “The race begins in three... two... one...”

On one, I– and probably every one of the dolphin riders clamped my legs together as hard as I could. That was a big mistake!

My dolphin started moving forward at about a fast walk speed, but the vibrators in the dildo and in the ass plug went off like jackhammers. It would only take a few minutes of that to drive me over the top. And in addition to vibrating, the dildo was thrusting up and down like a prick fucking me. My body really wanted me to keep my legs clamped tightly around the dolphins' sides, but my mind finally got control and I relaxed my muscles slightly.

The dolphin slowed down significantly and the jackhammer vibrations quieted down to just a heavy thrum. I could handle this, but I wasn’t moving very fast at all. Dolphin number three was still moving fast, but the rest of them had all cut back. I was mid-way back in the pack... or field... or pod... or whatever it is that you call a bunch of racing dolphins. 

I squeezed a little tighter and sped up a little, but the vibrations got worse... or better, which was actually worse. I kept squeezing just a little tighter and then letting up if it was pushing me too close to orgasm. It looked like the rest of the riders were also figuring out how to keep moving without popping off.

Dolphin number three, meanwhile, was way out in front and moving fast enough through the water to be creating a small wake that rippled across the steel pool. When she was about half-way across, however, she lost control and began groaning and crying out in orgasm. She evidently kept her legs clamped tightly as her orgasm began, but then her groans turned to screams. Maybe she hadn’t heard the Dark Lord say that the pleasure would turn to pain if you orgasmed. It seemed to take her by surprise.

She sat there not moving for a moment or two until the rest of the dolphins started catching up with her. Then she started yelping and trying to lift herself up off her dolphin’s prongs as she moved forward very slowly in the water. Almost everyone passed her shortly after that.

I was still in the middle, but I knew that if I kept up this pace it wasn’t a matter of if I would orgasm. It was only a question of when. If I held off until the dolphin turned around at the end of the pool then I would have to hold on all the way back to the other end of the pool.

A plan began to form in the back of my mind. If I waited until just before I got to the end of the lap and let myself go, then the pain would bring me back down and I would maybe be able to make it back to the other end.

It was a good plan. But like all good plans, it didn’t quite work. I was still too far away from the turnaround point when I could no longer keep the orgasm bottled up. It exploded out of me and I groaned and shook. And to my amazement, I sped up. Evidently in the throes of my wonderful orgasm, I clamped my legs very tight on my dolphin.

Then the pain hit. It felt like lightning striking me in the cunt and in the ass. Smaller lightning strikes were striking all along my legs where they touched the sides of the dolphins. I had two choices. I could let up and endure less pain for a longer period, or I could just hold on and endure the pain for the short distance to the turnaround.

Somehow I hung on. I screamed and yelled and my body tried very hard to get off of the dolphin, but then there was a small bell dinging and my dolphin turned around and started back. As soon as the pain turned to pleasure, I let up with my legs slightly so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

I looked around and to my surprise, I was in fourth place. I was tempted to squeeze tighter and try to move faster, but I knew that if I did that, I would end up orgasming out in the middle. I had to stick to my plan. I kept squeezing and letting up, keeping myself as close to the edge as I dared while at the same time keeping my dolphin moving at a moderate, but steady pace.

When I got close to the next turnaround around point, I clamped down and let the dolphin speed up. That also meant that the jackhammer vibrations returned. It didn’t take me long to have a very loud, very intense orgasm.

The pain hit immediately. It seemed worse this time, but at the same time I was more confident that I could handle it. I wasn’t that far from the turn around, so I squeezed as hard as I could. My dolphin sped forward and by the time I reached the turnaround– screaming my head off– I was in second place. I was really hoping I could at least stay there, but I was hoping even more that I could actually win. But first I had to make it through two more times up and down the pool.

I did pretty well on the next lap, but I must have been pushing it too hard and was way, way too close to orgasm well before my intended push point. I had to cut back and dolphin six got ahead of me. Evidently she had seen what I was doing or figured it out on her own, because at about the point where I would have let go and orgasmed, she did and suddenly sped up. She was grunting and yelping all the way up to the turnaround. I was still a little bit behind her when she did that, but I still let myself go over the top and did my screaming-in-pain dash to the turnaround.

On the way back dolphin six and I were neck and neck... or whatever you call it on a dolphin. But dolphin two was still pretty far ahead of us. As near as I could tell, she hadn’t orgasmed yet even though she was going slightly faster than any of the rest of us. If she could hold off her orgasm until the end of the race, she would win.

Dolphin six and I let ourselves go over the top at almost exactly the same place and then we both sped up. She was doing her grunting and screaming, but I was screaming at the top of my lungs. It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle the pain– though it was pretty close to my threshold– but the screaming helped me handle the pain and not loosen my grip on the dolphin.

About half-way down to the turnaround, I noticed that the rider on dolphin two was starting to rock forward and back on her dolphin. I knew what that meant. It meant that she was having trouble holding back her orgasm. She was going to have to cut back or something or she was going to have a long, painful ride to the final turnaround. 

Dolphin six and I again orgasmed together and again she grunted and yelped and I screamed the rest of the way to the turnaround. Somehow, dolphin two held off and continued to hold the lead. She had turned around well before six and I reached the turnaround.

As soon as our dolphins turned around, I gasped and rider six gave more of a scream. Those damn nipple clamps were suckling on my breasts. At least that’s what it felt like when they started. I now knew the purpose of the long chain. It wasn’t just a chain, there had to be a control cable of some sort in there that was activating whatever it was in those little pasties that was sucking on my nipples.

My body was telling me to cut back, but my mind was saying, “You can win this race!” so, if anything, I squeezed my dolphin slightly harder. We had only made it about a third of the way back when I heard someone yell out, “No, no, no, no, no.” I glanced over and rider number two was almost frantically swinging her body forward and back. The nipple suckers were more than she could handle. She groaned very loudly as she went into a very intense orgasm. Then she started screaming and her dolphin stopped dead in the water. Evidently she couldn’t handle pain and her fear of pain was what was helping her hold back her orgasm. Dolphin six and I were past her before she again started forward. Now she was moving very slowly and yelping and screaming constantly.

I looked over at rider number six and she looked back at me. I knew what I was going to do and from the look on her face, she had the same idea. I squeezed my legs together as tightly as I could and my dolphin sped up considerably. The jackhammer vibrations were overwhelming and the dildo was thrusting itself in and out of my cunt at a frantic pace. On top of all that, those damn breast things were about to drive me crazy.

The orgasm hit very shortly. It was very intense, but I kept my legs squeezing tightly on the dolphin. I was somewhat surprised that the pain didn’t cut the orgasm short, but as soon as I started back down, it hit... hard. It was like lightning between my legs. The dildo and the ass plug were both shocking the hell out of me. Then lightning hit my left breast.

I hadn’t expected that and almost opened my legs to stop it, but I somehow held on. I couldn’t give up this close to the finish. Then lightning hit my right breast... then both at the same time. I’m sure they could hear me screaming all over the Fairegrounds, but I didn’t care. The screaming helped me handle the pain and maybe... just maybe... would help me win.

Dolphin six and I reached the end of the pool at the same time, but evidently that was not the finish line because our dolphins began to climb up their tracks out of the pool. As it pulled itself out of the water, it was practically pointing straight up. That meant that my entire weight was thrown back against the ass plug. I tried leaning forward to relieve the pressure on my asshole, and that was a BIG mistake. When I changed position, it somehow brought the dildo and the ass plug closer together. Both were shocking me and the dildo was still ramming in and out. The tip of the dildo thrust in and rubbed against the tip of the ass plug just as one of the lightning bolts discharged. There was nothing between those two tips but the very thin membrane that separates my shit chute from my love canal.

The pain was extreme. It was more than I had ever experienced before in my life, and for just a second, I released the pressure on the sides of the dolphin. It didn’t slow much because I immediately clamped my legs back together, but that was enough. Dolphin six reached the end of the track first. There was a big display like they have at horse races and number six was at the top as the winner. Number seven– me– was next, in second place.

My dolphin turned around and faced the pool, so I didn’t see the next couple numbers light up. I was able to see that number two, who had led most of the race, was in next to last place. And dolphin number three, who had jumped out in the lead at the beginning placed last.

The eunuchs started unmounting us in the order that we finished. Master and puta were standing there as they put me back on the ground. “Are you OK?” he asked.

When I didn’t answer, he said more forcefully, “Slave pumpkin butt, are you injured?”

I finally was able to answer, “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t think so?” he asked. 

I looked over at puta. She looked really worried. I explained about the dildo and ass plug rubbing together as I came up out of the pool and that it had hurt really, really... really bad.

“Hmmm,” he said, “I will have the doctor check you.” He paused and then added, “...and then I will have a conversation with Herr Dunkler.”

That worried me a little. The last time he said he would “have a conversation” with someone, it had ended up in a fistfight.

The doctor checked me over thoroughly. I’ve had lots of gynecological exams before, but this was the first time I’d ever had one in public. The doctor’s table was set up just outside the main tent and there were several display screens over the table. He had me get up on the table and scooch down so my legs were spread properly. He very carefully used his fingers to examine everything– inside and out. Then he used the speculum to hold me open while he pushed a thin camera tube of some sort up there.

Evidently he saw something, because he got out another camera and shoved it up my ass. Now there was a big crowd standing around watching. I could see one of the screens and watched as my insides were displayed for all the world to see. I was really glad that I had flushed myself out in preparation for coming to the Faire. It would have been really embarrassing for people to see inside me if I was still dirty.

The doctor harrumphed a couple of times, pulled the cameras back out, and turned to speak with Master. “She has a very small burn on both sides of the rectovaginal septum,” he said, “but there is no penetration and there should be no permanent damage.” He paused and then said, “I would, however, advise against any anal intercourse for the next week as it might be more uncomfortable than usual for her.” He paused and then said, “Unless of course, she gets off on the discomfort.”

Master said “Thank you,” and handed the doctor a couple of folded bills of some sort. Then he turned to me and asked, “Can you walk?”

In response I hopped off the table and stood next to him. “Let’s go see Herr Dunkler,” he said in a very flat, very calm voice that I had learned meant he was really angry.

When we went back into the tent, Dolphin three was swimming alone in the tank. Rider three was calling out, “No, no, no, no, I can’t stand it.” Then she groaned loudly in what was obviously an intense orgasm. I tensed waiting for her screams, but none came. Instead she went back to calling out, “No, no, no.”

Master looked over at me and smiled. “Hans said there would be no pain cycle during the demonstration hour.” His smile became slightly crooked as he continued, “But by the end of the hour, I think she will be begging for pain rather than pleasure.”

“I would,” puta said cheerfully.

“We know you would,” precious said, “but you always beg for pain.”

“Stay here,” Master said firmly and walked over to where Herr Dunkler was speaking with several Masters and Mistresses. I was worried what might happen, but just a few moments later Master returned and he was smiling.

“He was very apologetic and was concerned that you might have been injured,” Master said. “He has already modified the programming so the dildos stop thrusting before you come out of the pool.” He paused and gave me a big grin, “And he gave me a ten percent discount on anything at the Faire because you might have won.”

“Master,” I said softly, “I really don’t want a dolphin at home.”

He laughed. “Neither do I, pumpkin, but perhaps there is something else that might strike my fancy. Meanwhile, it’s time to go watch puta on the Carousel.”

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