X-Mas Wishes

by ZTVFemdomtales

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Storycodes: F/m; costumes; tease; bond; gag; torment; bdsm; spank; kiss; femdom; denial; cons; X

“I bet you’d look pretty cute tied up.”

“Oh yeah? Would you be the one doing the tying?”

“Who else?”

“Would it just be bondage?”

“Cheeky boy, I like that. Bondage is all you get tonight but maybe if you’re a good boy we can do more later on this week.”

“A bit presumptuous of you, isn’t it?”

“How so?”

“I never even said I’d do it but you’re already planning the week out.”

“What can I say I’m a girl who gets what she wants.”

“With a body like that I have no doubt.”

“I could report you to your manager for sexual harassment.”

“If you do that, I definitely won’t come home with you.”

“So, you are going to do it?”

“See you here at five.”

“It’s a date.”



As she sauntered away she made sure to give me a good view of her beautiful ass. This was the first girl I had ever met who could make a Christmas elf costume look sexy. I first noticed her just a week earlier when I started my new job at Santa’s village. With rent coming due and my funds low I was happy to get any job I could, even if it was shelling hot cocoa to tourists. We were set up right across from Santa. That’s where I saw Celeste.

As I said before she was an elf. It was her job to help the kids up onto Santa’s lap, keep the line in order, that sort of thing. She wasn’t very big, she was an elf after all, maybe 5’7” at the most. Her skin was smooth and kissed by the California sun. her face was sharp, angular but elegant. Her eyes were intense. This girl was a freak and proud of it. She wore a traditional slick green elf’s costume that, this being LA and all, had a window to give a peek at her C-Cups and was short enough to showcase her luscious legs. We locked eyes as I walked to the stand. She licked her lips.

We made flirty glances at each other for the rest of the week. This was the first time we had spoken to each other out right. Now here we were walking into her living room hours later.

“Strip, Cutie, nothing but undies.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. She tied my feet together and my hands as well, behind my back. She sat in a chair near the tree.

“Kneel in front of me and let’s begin.”

“Dude, tell me everything.”

“A gentlemen never tells about his dealings with a lady.”

“A: you’re not a gentleman and B: she’s no fucking lady.”

No, she most certainly was not. Arriving to work the next morning I found my co-workers had seen me leave with Celeste. Tyrone in particular found it fascinating it seemed.

“How was she?”

I ignored his juvenile question. Instead I focused on handing a nun her change. I was grateful for the cooler weather. The long sleeves hid the impressions the ropes left in my skin. My socks did the same for those on my feet. My legs were still sore from crawling around and being kept bent over for so long. I was going back tonight for more.

That time soon arrived, and I found Celeste waiting for me outside the stall door.

“Ready?” she asked, smiling knowingly.

“Dying,” I teased.

I could feel Tyrone’s eyes burning a hole into the back of my head. I guess she saw him too. The next thing I knew she grabbed my head and pulled me in for the longest, most powerful kiss of my life.

“Wow,” was all I could manage to say after.

“Think that’s good?” she whispered throatily, “Wait till I get you in bed in a few days.”

That left me with mixed feelings. I wanted her now, I needed her. I was also disappointed I had to wait. Though the look on Tyrone’s face almost made up for it, almost.

It was almost as if last night had never ended. Here I was on my knees, feet and hands bound, in front of Celeste in her chair by the tree. There was one thing new this night, however. She held up a bright red ballgag with thick black straps on either side.

“You don’t talk that much,” I teased, “that might be a bit much.”

“But I look so cute in it.”

She bit down on the front of the ball, the part that would normally poke out of the wearer’s mouth. If you could call any of this normal. She shook her head like a puppy with a bone.

“Greedy girl, why don’t you share?”

She bent forward as if kissing pressed her gagged mouth into my open one. I bit down on the other side. She hooked the bands around my head, locking it into place. She then let go and pulled back.

“It’s playtime.”


“You’re late, again.”

“Sorry, Mr. Hobb. I got a late start this morning.”

“You’ve had five ‘late mornings’ since you started working here.”

“I’m working on it, I swear.”

“You have twenty-four hours.”


“If you are late one more day you’re fired.”

“Yes sir.”

I couldn’t tell him the truth. I left at my normal time this morning, but I forgot to take one thing into account. I wasn’t leaving from my apartment, I was leaving from Celeste’s. She lived a good thirty minutes away from my apartment, which was ten minutes from the Village. I had not intended to spend the night. I was just so tired that a moment of rest in-between sessions turned into a night’s sleep. Celeste had said I was so cute she couldn’t bring herself to wake me. She also couldn’t bring herself to untie me either as it turned out.

She came collect me at the end of the day once more.

“Ready for more?” she teased.

“Celeste, I need you to promise me something.”


“Promise to make sure I get home before it gets too late. I can’t be late again like I was this morning. I’ll lose this job if I am.”

“I promise.”

She took my hand and lead me to her car.

“You know,” she said on the way there, “if you had a sugar momma this sort of thing wouldn’t happen.”

“Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice?”

To a more emotionally healthy person the thought they would become used to being tied up in the underwear in the home of the woman they’d met only a week earlier would be considered insane. We were barely through the door and I was already stripped and kneeling, waiting for the ropes and gag. Guess I’m insane.

“I’ve wanted to say something to you since we left the Village,” she told me as she sat down, having finished her binds.

I gave her an inquisitive look.

“You got some cocoa on your chin. No, don’t worry. I’ll get it.”

What she did next surprised me. She bent forward and licked my chin. I had no idea how to respond. No one had ever done that to me before. She hadn’t done that before. Sure there had been plenty of flirting but so far this had not been all that sexual.

Sure he was barely dressed and she was basically wearing a fan service costume. This was more about power. Celeste clearly enjoyed having power over someone else. For my part I found it freeing to hand complete control to someone else. We had just been enjoying each other’s company and this strange new dynamic. This was something new. This was something more. I had an idea where this was going and I got hard at the thought.

“You taste sweet,” Celeste told me.

I would have responded but the ball gag was still firmly in place. All I could do was look her in the eyes. Eyes that unnerved me a little to be honest. No one had ever looked at me with such … lust before. I held my breath waiting to see what would happen next. As it turned out nothing happened. She just leaned back in her seat acting as if though the last few seconds hadn’t passed.

Her foot over took my field of view. Almost on instinct now I pressed my nose between her toes. This was how we spent the first night. Her feet had run over inch of my unclothed body by this point. She loved to pinch my nose with her toes and torment me a little. I loved it when she did it. That first night I spent hours taking her toes into my mouth and sucking on them. I licked between her toes and cleaned her heels with my tongue. It made her happy and that made me happy.

The second night she added two new features to our game. The first was the gag. The second was the spanking. Just like the night before I now found myself laying face down on her lap. My hips were rubbing against hers when the hand came down. Whack! Whack! Whack! She never did it hard enough to hurt, just to make me jump. I should have probably talked to someone about why this turned me on so much before this but … too late now, I guess.

As I took my place in front of her again she placed her foot on my chest. She then did something she’d never done before. She began to gently rub it in a circle over my exposed skin. The sensations sent a shiver of desire down my spine. Then her toes found my nipple. They gave it a playful squeeze. I almost came right then and there. Her other foot found its way to my underwear covered dick. Slowly, painfully slow in fact, she stroked it.

I moaned into my gag. My boner was now at a painful, throbbing size. I was only moments away from messing the front of my boxers. She stopped.

“Getting late, better get home so you don’t get into trouble. Though I think tomorrow we need to stop being so coy and just fuck. I think we’re both more than ready. Don’t you think?

Sleep had never eluded me like it did that night. I could still feel her tongue on my chin, her foot on my dick, her toes on my nipples.

A thirty-minute drive to work seemed to take all morning.

It was a slow day. Oh god was it a long, slow day. Too few customers came to take my mind off the evil little elf across from us. Every chance she got she flashed me legs, ass, boobs, whatever she could. Each time she would laugh and blow me a little kiss. God, I hated her and wanted to be fucked by her right there on Santa’s chair.

By the time lunch finally rolled around I ran into the bathroom to … relieve my tension. I had just managed to get my underwear down when someone else came in. Damnit! I took a deep breath and waited. Hold on, were those heels? Celeste ducked under the stall door joining me in the small space. Without a word she pulled my pants back up and zipped them again.

“Save it for tonight big boy. From this moment on I’m the only one who gets to touch the little man, got it?”

In retrospect I should have questioned any of this. At the time though, all I could do was nod dumbly.

“I will leave you with a parting gift.”

What followed was a kiss that sapped what little strength was left in my knees.

“Not bad, but I prefer it with the gag in.”

She then turned and left, once again like nothing had happened.

The next four hours were what the good men who wrote the Geneva Conventions classified as ‘torture’. When they came to an end we didn’t say a word to one another. We almost ran to her car. It took all Celeste’s will power, I believe, not to get a speeding ticket. Soon enough, however, we were back at her place. I was soon back into my undies and my bindings. I opened wide and took in my gag. Funny, it had only been a few days, but these things were now mine in my mind.

She took her seat. I gave her a quizzical look. She placed her legs around my neck.

“I changed my mind last night. We’re having sex tomorrow night.”

I growled at her.

“It needs a little more build up. I think 24 hours straight of bondage and teasing should do the trick.”

24 hours?! I grunted and shouted at her through her gag.

“Oh I know if you’re late again, or don’t come in, you’ll be fired. That’s the idea. No job means I never have to let you leave here.”



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