Wrath 5

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2013 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; captives; bond; gag; rope; hum; bdsm; oral; climax; reluct/nc; X

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Chapter 5

Cindy was out of tears but the echoes of the searing pain still branded her memory. The bound blonde knew that pain would come again and her imagination played out every possible thing he could do to her. There was no escaping it. Her hands and elbows were still tied tightly behind her back and her ankles were bound together with leather cuffs. Her jaws ached from the ballgag she was forced the wear. Her world was still black from her blindfold; she could only imagine what she and Rachel looked like bound before this stranger.

She felt a tug on the collar encircling her throat.

“Come Miss Cottrell, your lunch is ready,” the stranger said.

Cindy shuffled on her knees the best she could.

“Now, dear Cindy, I am going to take your gag off. One word from you and it will go back in and you will be punished. You know how painful that will be, isn’t that right?”

The blonde nodded. She did know how painful it could be and she wanted to avoid it if at all possible.

“Good girl,” the man said, patting her on her head.

Cindy felt him unbuckle her gag and pull it from her mouth. A long string of saliva followed it, dripping down onto her chest. It was just one more humiliation she had to suffer through.

“Eat,” the man said.

Cindy could smell the warm salad before her. She leaned forward until she felt the edge of the bowl. Slowly, she began to nibble at her lunch out of the bowl before her.

“I want you to clean that bowl, Miss Cottrell, or there will be hell to pay.”

He enjoyed watching her as she squatted down over her bowl, her ass raised up and crisscrossed with red stripes from her flogging. Her swollen puss was still glistening from her arousal and he could picture himself taking her right then and there. He still could. His cock ached for relief. However, he wasn’t sure what his client or clients would do. They knew a lot about him and hinted that it would be unwise to cross them. If the women talked, then it might be very bad for him. Still, he had the girls here and he could just do them. God knows he wanted to and had planned to regardless. Maybe after lunch. . .

The dinging of the bowl across the tile floor brought him out of his revelries. The blonde was trying her best to lick the bowl clean as she nudged it unintentionally across the floor.

The man picked up a different gag off the table, a ring-gag, and walked up beside her.

“That is good enough, Miss Cottrell,” He said, “Now sit up.”

Cindy straightened herself into a sitting position. She felt something pressed against her lips.

“Open wide.”

Without a word, the blonde captive opened her mouth as wide as she could. She felt a hard, metal ring being pushed behind her lower teeth than forced behind her upper ones. Cindy nearly gagged as she felt him tighten the straps behind her head.

“You are being a very good girl,” Cindy felt the man pat her on the head, “Do you deserve an orgasm?”

Cindy paused before nodding her head slowly. Her sex was a bit sore but she still had a warming desire simmering within her. A pool of saliva was forming under her tongue and she tried to swallow and found that she couldn’t. The ring kept her mouth open and drool began to drip from her lips. She wished he would have gagged her with the other gag. The ring-gag was stretching her jaws to their limit.

“After your dessert, I will be sure to give you one.”

The stranger grinned as he quietly unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out and pointed it straight at the blonde’s blindfolded face. Gently, he rubbed the head of his penis underneath Cindy’s nose. Her reaction was almost immediate once she realized what it was, turning her head away and mewling with disgust.

He clasped her head with both his hands and turned her to face him as he eased himself through the center of the ring-gag. It was tight but he knew from past experience he would fit. She continued to fight him, screaming her garbled protests until she gagged on his fleshy head.

The stranger began rocking her head down over his cock. Cindy hated the musky taste of his flesh. He pushed himself to the back of her throat, causing her to choke.

“Suck on it, Miss Cottrell,” he said in a stern voice, “Suck on it or I will keep it in until you suffocate.”

Cindy closed her lips around his shaft the best she could and began to suck. She almost cried in relief as he pulled himself from the back of her throat.

“Make me cum, bitch!”

The blonde continued sucking him, matching his rhythm as he thrust himself towards her, his shaft wet with her slaver. He looked down at her and saw only a tangle of blonde curls obscuring her face. He leaned back against the table and let her do the work. Now her tongue was caressing him as well and he felt his cum begin to boil up inside him until he could no longer hold it back. He grunted loudly with pleasure as his seed sprayed down his captives’ throat.

Cindy felt the salty jism coat the back of her mouth, causing her to cough. She pulled back and the stranger let her. The blonde girl doubled over and began to retch as semen and drool dripped out of her mouth and onto the tile floor.

“You know, Miss Cottrell, you’re going to have to clean that up.”

She continued to cough but not as much.

“Lick it up.”

Cindy froze.

“Didn’t you hear me? Lick it up!”

She leaned forward and put the tip of her tongue to the floor. It was an impossible task since she really couldn’t lap up the wet pool before her. She could hear him laugh as he watched her try and cry in her frustration. Cindy didn’t want to get punished again but there was no way she could do as he ordered.

“Let me help,” the stranger said as she felt him unbuckle the ring-gag she was wearing.

He pulled it from behind her teeth and her jaws welcomed the relief.

“Now clean up the floor from your mess. I better not hear a single noise come out of you.”

She hesitated for only a moment before leaning back over and licking her floor. The horror and revulsion of what she was doing tore through her psyche, rending what little hope she harbored about getting free. She sobbed but there were no tears as she lapped up the splatter.

Cindy felt a pat on her head.

“That’s a good girl. You’re doing really well.” She felt him tug on her leash. “Now sit up and open your mouth.”

The blonde did as she was told, dreading anything that came next.

“Since you were such a good little slave, Miss Cindy Cottrell, I am going to give you a choice of gags to wear. You can wear the gag I just took out of your mouth. You can have your ballgag back or you can have the mystery gag. I give you permission to tell me which one you want and that is all. Now Miss Cottrell, which one do you choose?”

There was no way she was going to put the ringed-gag in her mouth again, so she really had to choose between the ball-gag or the new one she hadn’t experienced yet. Better the devil you know.

“Ballgag,” she said quietly.

“Ballgag please, Miss Cottrell. Say it.”

“Ballgag, please,” Cindy repeated.

“Well done, Miss Cottrell, now open your mouth wide.”

Again, she did as she was told. Cindy felt the rubber ball press between her teeth and the straps tighten behind her head. She could feel the heated flush of her embarrassment through her cheeks and down to her upper chest. Despair was all she could feel at that moment.

Another tug on her leash brought the blonde out of her dreary haze.

“Stand up.”

The nude blonde struggled to stand. Besides watching a bound woman writhing to try to escape, watching one try to obey was one of the strangers’ enjoyments. He could feel stirrings in his groin again as she teetered in her bindings. Unsteadily, she finally stood, head bowed down.

“Look at me!” he snapped.

Cindy raised her head. God she was beautiful. Even though a leather blindfold covered her blue eyes and the red ballgag distorted her face, she was still gorgeous. Her helplessness made her even more so. But now he needed to put them somewhere safe so he could make a call to his client.

“Follow me.”

The stranger led her with her lead, shuffling as best she could with her cuffed ankles. Cindy dreaded where he was taking her, wherever that was. It didn’t matter. It would be filled with humiliation, pain and animalistic sex. There was nothing she could do but endure it and hope that the man would let both her and Rachel go after he had his fill of them.

Cindy felt the cool of the foyer tile under her bare feet as he brought her to the foot of the stairs. She squealed in surprise as he grabbed her roughly and put her over his shoulder, carrying her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

The stranger set her down beside her canopy bed and tied her leash up to the top crossbar.


With that, Cindy heard him leave the room and feared that he was going after Rachel.