Wrath 2

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; gag; rope; nipple; captives; tease; torment; bdsm; toys; insert; mast; climax; denial; nc/reluct; X

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Chapter 2

The vibrator hummed within Rachel as she leaned forward, her hands taped behind her back. She could smell her friend Cindy's arousal; Rachel's nose was mere inches from her friends' pussy. Rachel could feel Cindy grind her hips against the chain that held Rachel down. Even blindfolded, Rachel knew that the chain that ran from her collared neck was somehow lasciviously connected to her blonde friend's slit.

"Now, Mrs. Newark," her captor whispered into her ear, "don't let that little toy fall out while you are enjoying yourself. If you do, there will be alot of pain for both you and Cindy here. Understand?"

Rachel nodded her head.

"Now as for you, dear Cindy. . ." the masked man continued as he walked behind the couch and rustled in his bag, ". . .I can't keep this mask on all day, so you are just going to have to be blindfolded again, my lovely."

Cindy shook her head but she knew that the blindfold would go on anyway. She was helpless to stop him, with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied wide apart to the couch's front legs. With little effort, the intruder strapped a leather blindfold over Cindy's blue eyes and buckled it tightly into place.

"There now. . .much better. Now I will get on with this weekend's activities, ladies. Don't go away."

The man took off the ski mask. He was glad to be rid of it. The mask tended to be itchy and hot. Besides, people would wonder why the plumber was wearing a ski mask when he went out to the van for things.

Outside, the morning chill still lingered in the shadows. The day was young and the stranger had so many things he wanted to do. A weekend was not enough time for those two in there. They deserved more quality time together to learn about their sexuality . . .even if it was forced.

From inside the van, the stranger took out a large chest. It was nearly empty save for a few items that he could not fit into his black nylon bag or his toolbox. It would be filled, however, and soon, as well as the other large chest he had still in the van. In the meantime, he had more than enough 'tools' to keep the girls tied up and entertained for a while in a wide variety of ways.

The stranger whistled as he came back and shut the door. The chest wasn't heavy, per se, but it was bulky and he had a bit of trouble carting it upstairs. Once at the top of the stairs, he went directly into the blonde's bedroom.

Cindy's bedroom was perfect for what he wanted. In the center was a huge old Victorian brass bed complete with canopy. The sheets were still in disarray from last night's struggles and he had yet to use all of the bed's assets. He dropped the chest down and decided he had better check on his girls to make sure they were behaving before getting stuff ready for their next adventure.

He paused half way down the stairs to enjoy the view. He could see the brunette kneeling, her head in the blonde's lap. Both were struggling but their struggles were not as violent as before. The intruder could imagine that Cindy was exhausted from her efforts and he knew Rachel was trying her damnedest to not have that vibrator slip from her grip.

All of Rachel's concentration was upon her pussy and keeping the vibrator within her. She could feel it slowly slipping out because of its incessant humming and the juices of her shameful arousal. If she gripped it too hard, she would squeeze it out of herself. If she let lose too much, the vibrator would just slip right out of her. She never had to keep control over her intimate muscles like this before and it was one of the most difficult things she had ever been asked to do. What was worse was she felt an orgasm slowly building within her, lurking like a demon amongst the little licks of pleasure the vibrator was sending deep into her soul. If she were to give into it and let it engulf her, she would indeed lose the vibrator and gain whatever punishments and pains the rapist had in mind.

The intruder came down the rest of the stairs.

"How are you doing, Mrs. Newark?" he smiled, "I can see your little friend is slipping out of you a bit, huh?"

Rachel's tears were all the answer the intruder got.

"I will ask you one more time, Mrs. Newark and I expect an answer. If I do no get one, I will make you feel such pain that you will wish that you were dead. Do you understand, Mrs. Newark?"

"Uuuhhh-hhhuhhh," Rachel nodded her head.

"Okay, is your vibrator slipping out of you?" he asked.

Rachel moaned into her gag and nodded her head, her long, auburn curls covering her reddened, tear-streaked face.

Rachel felt the intruder gently ease the vibrator back up inside her all the way, it's vibrating nub solidly against her now-swollen clit. She fought down the pyretic bliss that was raging and threatening to engulf her, letting out a low, deep moan like that of a wounded animal.

"Are you about to cum, Mrs. Newark?" the intruder asked

Rachel paused for a second. To answer yes would humiliate the very center of her being. However, to lie would mean that she would suffer physical pain.

A searing pain ripped through Rachel as the intruder reached beneath her and twisted both nipple rings hard. She screamed through her gag and nearly lost the vibrator she so desperately keeping within her.

"Answer me!" he yelled at her.

The brunette wailed into gag and nodded her head violently.

"Now, my dear Rachel, darling, that wasn't so bad, now was it?" he whispered, pulling back her tresses and kissing her on the cheek, "And since you told me the truth, I am going to give you a treat."

Rachel felt the vibrator being thrust in and out of her and she felt her body respond in kind, rocking her hips back onto the buzzing dildo. The pain caused by his twisting her nipples became a dull, almost erotic throb.

"You want to come, Rachel, both of us know it," he whispered.

No. She did not want to come in front of this man even though her body desired it's passionate release.

"Come," the intruder said softly, wiping off a tear below her eye.

Rachel could not hold off her demon any longer and his white-hot flames of ecstasy engulfed her entire soul in a whirlwind of pure pleasure. She thrashed in her bonds, impaling herself upon the vibrator over and over and over again until it felt as if every last fiber of her being was spent and she collapsed forward onto the couch between Cindy's splayed legs.

"I knew you were a slut, Rachel," he said, still holding the buzzing vibrator within her, "and in a few moments, you can prove it again to me. However, I must get a few things done upstairs."

Rachel felt him let go of the humming dildo.

"I must warn you, dear Rachel, that the game is still on. If you let the vibrator drop, you lose."

Rachel then heard him laugh as he went back outside. She felt her face turn red with shame and her sobs were dry and tearless. She was only vaguely aware of Cindy and her writhing movements.

The chain that ran through Cindy's sex was as bad as the vibrator, if not worse. The fine, smooth links rubbed up and down her already moist slit and worked it's magic upon her clit. It was already sensitive from her earlier orgasm and the links that rubbed and pressed against it with every move that Rachel made enflamed it even more, sending little sparks like lightening directly into her womb.

However, the tugs from Rachel's chain were sporadic and had no rhythm; nothing constant for her to relieve her building sexual escape. The blonde could rock her hips a bit and the canine choker chain would tighten a bit, but that would change as Rachel shifted and bucked with her own orgasm. In a way, Cindy was glad the intruder was focusing on Rachel. She did not want her own pending orgasm to be the focus of his attention.

Rachel's head was now resting between Cindy's legs and the brunette's hair was tickling the inside of Cindy's thighs. Cindy shifted a bit and her fingers brushed against the chain running around her waist and down between her buttocks. She hooked it with a couple of her fingers and managed to grab a hold of it. The chain crupper tightened, sending more lightning bolts of pleasure flashing through her.

God, she needed to come, Cindy thought to herself as she moaned through her gag.

When Cindy pulled on the chain, it pulled Rachel closer between her friend's legs. It took the brunette by surprise and she almost lost her humming vibrator. Her head now rested on her friend's belly and she could feel Cindy's hips moving rhythmically and hear her whines of need. Rachel tried to pull back, but this only caused Cindy to arch her back and moan deeply.

Rachel fought to keep the vibrator inside her. She did not want to think of what the man would do to her if she lost it. It was harder now after her orgasm. With Cindy fighting with her chain and the sweetish incense of Cindy's arousal completely filling Rachel's nose, it was getting harder to concentrate on the task at hand.

Rachel pulled back again and again Cindy moaned with pleasure. Then Cindy pulled the brunette forward a bit. It had become a lascivious tug-of-war between the two women.

Somehow, Rachel had sensed her need, Cindy thought. The tugging upon the chain fell into a rhythm that caused waves of pleasure to rush through Cindy, churning higher and higher. She could feel another orgasm looming just ahead, threatening to drown her in pure ecstasy.

A searing pain ripped through Cindy's tits as the stranger twisted them hard.

"WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO CUM!" he spat in her face, holding the twisted nipple rings hard.

Cindy wailed into her gag as the pain tore through her, tears gushing down her cheeks.

The stranger let go of the rings.

"I did not give you permission to cum, did I, bitch?"

Cindy continued to cry into her gag, bending over the kneeling Rachel.

The intruder grabbed a handful of the blonde's hair and pulled back so he was looking into her blindfolded eyes.


The stranger then let go of her hair.

"Did I give you permission to cum, bitch?" he asked again.

Cindy shook her head no, her sobs racking her entire body. Then she felt the stranger pet her long, blonde curls.

"There, there, my sweet Cindy. You see, answering a question doesn't NEED to be full of pain, does it?"

Cindy almost missed the question. She nodded her head quickly in agreement, not wanting to feel the twist of the rings again. However, she was still sobbing from the cruel torment that the stranger had just inflicted upon her and the pain still throbbed in her nipples.

"Now I want you both to know that you cannot do anything without my permission. I own you now and for the rest of the weekend and maybe even longer. That depends on if you please me or not. Do you girls understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"Good. Now I am going to change your bindings a bit. If you struggle against me, you will be punished. If you scream when I take out your gag, I will force it back in and you will be punished. I do not mind your whines and moans, however. They please me greatly. Do you understand?"

Again, both of the bound girls nodded.

"Good. That is the way I like my women," he said, patting Cindy on her head.

The first thing that the stranger did was to unlock the chain from Rachel's collar. However, her relief was brief. The intruder pulled her from kneeling in front of the couch to laying face first at the sofa's foot. The plumber then pulled Rachel's spreader bar up and lashed it to her wrist, forcing Rachel into a hogtie. The brunette tried to roll over on her side to relieve the cutting pressure the rings had on her breasts as she lay on them, but she found it was harder than she thought because of the bar spreading her ankles apart.

The intruder gave Rachel's ass a playful slap, "Remember, Mrs. Newark, keep your humming little friend in or there may be trouble with a big capital T."

Rachel moaned in response as she continued to try to get some sort of comfort for her breasts from the rings. No matter how she tried to position herself, the rings glued to her nipples continued to dig into her.

The intruder then turned to his blonde captive, "Now, Miss Cotrell, it is time for us to change you around a bit. You understand, of course, it will be very painful for you and Mrs. Newark here if you resist."

Cindy almost missed the question. She nodded.

"Okay then, let's get you ready for a little ride upstairs to that wonderful bed of yours."

The blonde felt her left ankle being unbound from the sofa leg. There was a slight spasm in her inner thigh as she moved her leg a bit. Even though it was free of its bond, her leg felt very weak and she doubted if she were to kick her captor that it would cause him any hurt at all.

Cindy's right ankle became free and she moved her legs together, more for comfort than as an action of denial. The insides of her thighs were sore from the hours of being stretched wide upon the couch. She felt something wrap around her one ankle and buckled tight. Her other ankle received the same treatment. She imagined that they were leather cuffs like those worn by her friend Rachel. She moved her feet a bit and heard the jingle of chain as she shifted around a bit to find out how far apart she could bring her feet. The blonde figured the chain was about a foot in length.

"Okay, Soon-to-be-Miss Cotrell," the stranger spoke, "Let's get you down beside your friend here."

The blonde was too tired to protest as the stranger hooked something around her collar and gave her a tug. Blindfolded and bound, it was very hard for Cindy to maintain her balance as he led her a short way around her bound and struggling friend. With a not-to-gentle shove, the intruder pushed Cindy to the floor and then unto her stomach.

The cups of the nipple rings bit into Cindy's already sore breast and she cried out in pain. The stranger smiled. He enjoyed the sound of Cindy's whimpers. She had a light, airy voice, and her moans through her gag made his cock very stiff. It took all of his will power not to fuck her last night as she lay squirming next to him. But he had a plan and he needed to stick with it. He would have plenty of time to fuck them both.

The last thing the stranger did was to lock the short chain between Cindy's ankles to her roped wrists, putting her into an uncomfortable hogtie, just as her brunette friend was.

The stranger stood back and watched the two ladies struggle in their restraints. They were both delicious to listen to and watch as they moaned and tried to get some relief to their bondage. The vibrator in Rachel was also doing its job as he could see her fighting to keep the buzzing intruder within her.

Rachel never really came down from her orgasm. After it crested, it broiled down to a slow simmer feed by the vibrator she had to keep within her. The discomfort to her breasts and fear kept her feelings below in check, but she didn't know how long she could keep it that way.

Then she felt him doing something to her right ankle. The bar holding her legs apart came loose. The man also took the bar off of her other ankle. It was a brief respite, however, for he looped a length of chain around her wrists and fastened each end to her ankle cuffs, putting her into a hogtie again. At least it was a bit more comfortable for Rachel and she could move a bit more freely.

There was one last thing to do with Cindy before the games could begin. The stranger pulled another vibrator from his bag. It was similar to the one humming inside of the brunette, but this one pulsed irregularly. It would buzz on high for a while, then shut off, and then buzz again on low for a few seconds. He smiled at what he thought it would do to Cindy.

"Okay, Cindy, I want you to listen carefully," he said, "You do not want to be a bad girl now, do you?"

"Uuhhhh-uhhhhhhhh," Cindy moaned, shaking her head.

"That is good. I want you to spread your legs as wide as you can so I can see that lovely little pussy of yours."

The blonde hesitated for a moment, but remembered the pain that the stranger promised and had actually inflicted upon her. She slowly open up her legs as wide as her bindings would allow her to.

"Good girl," he grinned, "Now lift your ass up. Show me how cute it is."

Cindy began to sob a bit into her gag as she raised herself to him. Her ass was a wonderful sight. Nicely rounded and he could see her puffed lips of her pussy peeking out underneath. She jerked a bit to his touch as he lightly caressed her butt and let a finger or two play a bit with her slit.

He eased the vibrator into her. Currently it was buzzing on a low pulse. It slid into her easily, though he could tell she was fighting it a bit. When it was finally as deep as it could go, he let go of it.

"Cindy," he said softly, "You do not want to lose your buzzing friend here. If you do, you will be punished severely as well as having the vibrator glued inside of you. Do you understand, my little captive?"

Cindy nodded her head.

"Good Girl," he said a he patted the blonde on her head.

The stranger stood up and looked at both women. Both were struggling, however, it was more to get comfortable than anything else. They were getting used to their bonds and that was a good thing.

"I am getting hungry, ladies, how about you?"

Cindy nodded; she hadn't had anything to eat since her salad last night for dinner. Rachel shook her head no. The stranger suspected that she had eaten just before coming over here.

"Well, Rachel, since both Cindy and I ARE hungry and it would be impolite to not invite you, you will be joining us for lunch. I hope Cindy was thoughtful enough to stock the refrigerator."

The Stranger walked around the two captives as best he could, enjoying the small mewls they were making through their gags.

"So, my dear ladies, since I am in no shape to carry you into the kitchen, you are going to have to crawl there yourselves bound just the way you are. Our little game with the vibrators still applies and as an added incentive, the first one into the kitchen will NOT be whipped."

"And if you think that you will just stay here and not do a thing, I have in my magical bag of tricks a wonderful cattle prod whose sting will be very painful. I will use it if I sense you are not making any progress. Do you understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"Then, my dears, let the games begin!"



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