Worst Nightmare

by Nikki Saindon

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© Copyright 2003 - Nikki Saindon - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; bondage; fem; waxing; nc/reluct; X

Worst Nightmare
by Nikki Saindon
Worst Nightmare By Nikki Saindon

It was a stormy night and due to his wives fear of driving in the rain John was home alone tonight.  His wife Amanda was scared to drive in the rain after having that terrible accident many months ago.  She decided to stay with her girlfriend Linda at her house.  John received the call around 8:35 P.M. from Amanda stating she would stay over Linda’s as long as the rain continued.  He knew this was his chance.  It was supposed to rain all night. 

He went into the closet and pulled the rope cord turning on the light.  Stretching for all his worth, he reached up and grabbed a dingy old box down off the shelf.  The box looked like it was twenty years old and had been wet one to many times.  Carefully holding the bottom of the box he walked over to the bed and placed it on top of the bed.  Careful not to rip the box he opened the top of the box.  Inside was his secret identity he called Joan.  Folded neatly on top was a dress from back in the eighties it had a puffy bottom section that was had many layers that were separated from the top with a wide belt.  The dress was adorned by many different colored flowers over the white dress.  Its shoulders had big ruffled shoulders and thick pads big enough any women wearing it would look like a linebacker.  John at 5’8” was very petite so the dress being a size 8 fit him well.  He pulled it out and started to shake it getting the life back into it.  Under the dress in the box was pair of white heels that had a 3 inch stiletto heel and a thin ankle strap.  The bra was a 34c and had foam pads sewn into it giving whoever wore it the look of real breasts.  At the bottom of the box was pair of purple see through lace panties that looked liked they were 2 sizes to big on John.

Going to the bathroom John quickly disrobed throwing his clothes off faster than he ever did before.  He was very excited he knew he had time before she came home if she came home at all tonight.  One naked John quickly slid the panties up his hairy legs.  He took the bra clasping it in front then spun it around to the back and sliding his arms into the straps.  Holding out the dress by its shoulders he stepped into the dress pulling it up.  Once the dress was on he wrested with the zipper in the back trying to get it to zip up.  John then walked over to the mirror and admired himself in the mirror, “Man I look good.”  He started to run his hands over his fake tits caressing them.  Liking what he sees John sat on the bed and slid his feet into the shoes buckling the strap around his ankles.  Prancing like a runway model across the bedroom stepping like he was on a balance beam one foot in front of the other swinging his imaginary hips in the breeze.


On the other side of town while John was playing the part of Joan his wife Amanda and her girlfriend Linda sat at the coffee table chatting.
“Linda the other day when I was cleaning out the closet I found A dirty old box stuffed back in the corner on the top shelf.”
“What was in it?” questioned Linda.
“Inside was the ugliest dress I have ever seen.  Inside was a pair of see through underwear in their, that was so big you and I could fit into together.  A pair of high heel shoes and an old ugly bra with fake boobs sewn into it.” Amanda said as she started to laugh along with Linda.
Amanda was 5’2 and around 110 pounds while Linda was close to 5’6 and 130 pounds so the thought of the underwear being big enough for them to share really made the women laugh.  “So Amanda, where did it come from?”
“I think John has a little secret he is not sharing and you know how I feel when people keep secrets from me.”  Stated Amanda, with an evil grin on her face.
Linda questioned, “So is your evil twin going to make an appearance tonight?”
“You bet she will.   I told John I was staying here tonight because you know how I hate to drive in the rain.  What I was thinking was you come with me and we see if we can catch him playing Barbie dress up and if he is show him what it is like to be a women.”
“But I could never do anything to hurt John, Amanda.”
“Linda just think about the time he glued your Gucci jeans to the chair at school making you look like a fool.  It’s payback back time.”
Linda thought for a second, “Okay what you got in mind?”
“Well you see it’s like this……….”


As Johns wife and girlfriend were sitting drinking their coffee concocting this plan to teach John a lesson he was lying on the bed rubbing his genitals through the dress while watching a porno movie.  He didn’t care that he looked like an Amazon with his hairy legs and arms, and the fact he had no makeup on he felt like a fairy princess. While watching the movie he pictured himself being the girl on the bed having her pussy eaten by another girl.  He was working himself up the, the dress had an unusual lump growing in the lower part.  John was in his own world but he knew if he heard a car pull in or the front door open he could change faster than the speed of light and his wife would never know.   


Amanda walked to her car and opened up the rear trunk pulling out four big shopping bags.  She hurried inside as she was getting pelted by the rain to avoid the contents inside damage from the water. 
“So what you got Amanda in the bags?”  Questioned Linda.
Linda quickly started to pull out the objects setting them on the table in plain view.  Their was an assortment of leather clothing and bondage gear.  “Linda time to get dressed.”
The two ladies went into the bedroom carrying the clothes and through them on the bed.   They both undressed into their birthday suits.   Amanda looked at Linda, “Are you ready?”
Linda answered back firmly, “Hell yeah.”

Amanda started by helping Linda into a leather bodice and a pair of leather pants.  The bodice was tight on Linda making her feel like at any second her tits would pop out and give the world a show they won’t soon forget.  The pant showed off the nice firm ass Linda had from doing all those buns exercises.  “You know Amanda I feel ridiculous.”
“You look marvelous darling now put on the boots.”  Handing Linda a pair of knee high leather boots with a three in stiletto and pointy front end.  “Now this will complete the outfit.” Linda slid the boots on over her leather pants zipping the long zipper all the way up.  As she stood from getting off the bed Linda stumbled a little only to be caught be the arm of Amanda.   

Amanda then put on a black leather teddy that was a little hard to clasp in the back so Linda got behind her helping her clasp it shut.  Amanda then sat on the bed rolling up her silk stocking she planned to hook to the garter straps at the bottom of the teddy.  Being that she was not as blessed as Linda in Chest department the chest area of the teddy sagged.  John always told her that she has two pimples for tits, which she would hate when he brought that up. The shoes Amanda grabbed were thigh high leather boots that have a zipper concealed on the side zipping all the way up.  The heel was 5 inches but luckily she has experience in heels.  

Both ladies went to the vanity and did each others makeup making sure it was done ever so sexy.  After the makeup and hair was done they stood their admiring themselves laughing at what was about to happen to John or shall we say Joan. Before the ladies left Amanda threw the to bags of toys into Linda’s car and hobbled over to her car on the wet driveway, where she had a special bag in the front seat for John.


It was about a fifteen minute ride in the rain to get to their destination.  Linda made sure she parked around the corner so John wouldn’t hear the car pull up.  The rain started to let up some so the ladies knew it was the time to pounce.  Linda grabbed one bag while Amanda grabbed the other.  Opening the door to the car the quickly darted as fast as they could in high heels to the back of the house.  Once there Amanda opened the cellar door knowing that he would forget to lock it and John would never hear it open.  It took both of them to open it and sneak inside.  Quietly they prepared the basement for what was about to come.  Linda screwed eye hooks into the wood frames on the ceiling while Amanda prepared the toys on the floor.  She had leather cuffs for his wrists and ankles, nipple clamps, weights, wax, blindfold, a strap on dildo, a butt plug in two sizes small and medium, a soft foam ball gag and a larger ring gag.  She was so excited she started to get wet thinking about what was going to happen. 
Linda looked at the toys and started to laugh, “John is going to have a big surprise coming.” 
Laughing along Amanda stood up, “It’s time to teach John.”

As quiet as they could be in heels on a hard wood floor.  Taking baby steps and walking on their tipsy toes the ladies made their way to the bedroom.  Holding up her fingers counting down.  First Amanda help up three fingers, then two fingers and on the time she help up one finger they barged in to the room. 
John jumped up from the bed in sheer panic.  His heart was pounding so loud you could hear it across the street.  “On the floor BITCH!” Screamed Linda.
Amanda walked up to him and started to shove him back towards the wall, “What the fuck is this?  You like to dress like a women!  Where the fuck did you get this awful outfit, the Salvation Army!  You look like a reject from the eighties!”
Linda reached over and slapped him on the face, “Remember the time you glued me to my chair?  Well its payback time bitch!”
Amanda lifted up his dress, “You want to be a women and you don’t even shave your legs what kind of whore are you?”  

John still in shock and scared out of his mind had a million thoughts race through his head.  What is she going to do?  Will she leave me?  His heart started to slow down so he calmly took a deep breath, “Let me explain my dear.”
Before he could finish John was quickly silenced by Amanda’s hand over his mouth, “No you let me explain.  You want to be a whore so you will be a whore.  John you’ll follow us right now or we are going to take pictures of you and pass them out to everyone at your job.”
Being that John was a well known business man that would ruin his career.  He nodded his head yes.
“Good now follow us.”  Linda said as she took the lead and Amanda followed behind John with one hand on his arm.  “So John do you like to be called Joan?”

“Well I never really,” before he could finish was cut off again by Amanda.
“You will be called slut bitch Joan from now on and you will address me and Linda as Princess Mistress.  Do you under stand?”
“Yes.” John quickly jumped forward as Amanda slapped him on the ass.
“What did you just say?”
“Yes Mistress.”
Slap another slap across his ass, “Linda we are going to have some trouble with him.”

The ladies escorted him to the basement where they had everything setup for tonight’s change.  Quickly the two ladies grabbed Joan’s clothing ripping it off him as if he was on fire and needed them off now.  Joan stood their naked as a blue jay with his hands over his genitals standing embarrassed in front of his wife’s friend.  Linda grabbed a tube of lipstick and walked over to Joan and wrote WHORE in big letters across his forehead. Amanda grabbed his arms and buckled the leather cuffs on his wrists and Linda placed them on his ankles.  Click; click as the locks got placed on making sure they weren’t coming off.  Linda being the taller and tougher of the two grabbed Joan as Amanda pulled out the roll away bed and began to set it up in the middle of the room.  Walking like he was about to face the electric chair John laid down on the bed faced down and was quickly trapped as the ladies locked the cuffs to the beds frame.
“Shall we gag him?” asked Linda.
“Yeah, we don’t want the neighbors coming over from his screams.”

John started to tear up from the fear.  What are they talking about screaming? Gags what gag?  Pulling on his hair Amanda slid the ball gag up to his lips, “Now be a good girl and open up.” John opened his mouth in regret about what was about to happen.  The ball was a little tough going in so Amanda used her finger to help it pop in.  “Now John or shall I say Whore Joan.  You are about to be sentenced to life as a women.  This shall make you very happy because it seems that you like to dress up as a women.  You are going to feel all the pain it is to be a women and you will like it because you know deep down this is what your heart truly desires.  Next time you should know not to keep secrets from me.  I would have been mad if you told me but we could have worked it out, but since you want to go behind my back and hide it you shall be punished.  Bailiff go fetch the wax.”

Linda grabs the container of wax and runs upstairs to warm it up in the microwave.  As this is going on Amanda circles Joan slapping her palm with a flogger, “tst, tst, tst”
Linda walks down the stairs playing hot potato with the container of wax, “got any strips Amanda?”
“Right here darling,” with a flick of her wrist Amanda scoops out some wax and starts to rub it on Joan’s ass.
Joan starts to squirm as much as he can to avoid the feeling of hot wax on his ass.  Rip goes the first strip on his ass then many more as the ladies run the wax over his entire backside from toes to his neck. “Amanda here’s the soothing lotion.”
Amanda takes the lotion and starts to rub it all over the back of his body.  “Linda get the water bucket please.”
Linda walks over to Amanda with a 5 gallon bucket of ice water.  “Now John, I mean Whore Joan this water will close your pores and make you feel better so we can do the front,” with that said Linda pours the ice water all over the back of Joan.  More muffled screams and tears come from Joan.

The ladies quickly start to unlock Joan and flip him over.  They can see the tears on his cheeks and the sheer terror in his eyes.  Joan tries to lift himself from the bed as much as possible to relieve the pain on his ass and back.  “Now Whore Joan we are going to do the rest of you now so don’t move.”  Amanda snickered as both of the ladies started to laugh.  They waxed every inch of his front side except for his balls and bikini area.  “Joan would you like a bikini wax?”
Joan thought for a second would they do it anyway?  He shook his head yes knowing full well that they would do it anyway.
“Wow we weren’t going to but since you want it.”  Stated Linda with and evil smirk across her face.
Linda smeared the wax over Joan’s entire penis and bikini area, “You know Amanda you never said he was that small.”
“You know I think a number two pencil has more girth.”

John started to get really embarrassed and tightened his body up knowing what was about to come.  RIP strip after strip was ripped off making his body as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  Joan was crying like a fountain.  Tears flowing down his cheek like a river had just broken through a dam.  “You know women cry but you have to try to hold it back because one we do your makeup you don’t want it to run.  Amanda what about his face?”
“I think a regular shave will be good but we do have to wax his eyebrows and give him that nice arch.”
“But Amanda what about work he can’t go into work with thin eyebrows.”
“Linda, men lie all the time he can make up a story like they always do.”

Grabbing the shaving cream Amanda starts to lather his face so she can shave him smooth.  After a few strokes of the razor Joan’s face was nice and smooth.  Linda being a stylist started to shape his eyebrows with the wax and trimmed them to a nice thin arch most ladies would love.
“Okay we are done for now.  Time for you to take a shower.” Stated Amanda with authority as the ladies started to release him from the bed.  They escorted him upstairs into the bathroom locking his arm to the shower rod so he could not escape.
“You’ll thank us for this later sweetie,” laughed Linda as she turned on the shower on pure cold water.
The ladies left him their to squirm and freeze as they high fived each other walking out the door.  Going downstairs they cleaned up their mess and heading back upstairs.  Sitting on the table was the bag especially for John to become Joan.  “Linda its time to dress our Whore.”
“Okay lets get him.”

Walking into the bathroom Joan stood behind the shower curtain shivering.  If the gag wasn’t in his mouth his teeth would chatter like he was outside on a cold winter day.  Unhooking him from the rod the ladies started to dry him with a nice soft towel.  Both pointed and laughed as Joan got smaller from the cold water. Walking him to the kitchen wrapped in the towel the ladies quickly decided to get him dressed.  First they slid him into nice silk panties.  Amanda reached in under the band and tucked his small cock between his legs, “women don’t have these Whore Joan.”
Linda grabbed a piece of duct tape and placed it around his crotch area, “we don’t want that to pop out now do we.”

Next came a corset that was made from some nice material.  Joan was a 30 to 32 inch waist and was now about to be smaller, the ladies took turns placing their boots on his butts tugging the laces to get his down to a nice 24 inch waist.  Joan could not breath it cut into him like a knife to his ribs.  “Now Whore Joan take small breaths and you’ll be fine.” Stated Amanda.
Linda took one leg at a time and rolled on nice black silk stockings that had a line up the back.  To make sure they stay up she hooked them to the clips off the bottom of the corset.  Stepping back for a second look they couldn’t believe what a nice figure he was turning out to have. Next came the dress it was a sleeveless pull over peasant dress that knee length.  The red color in it went with Joan’s skin tone.  Peaking through the tight material was the outline of the corset but the ladies didn’t care.  Grabbing Joan’s feet the girls slipped on a pair of classic black 5 inch heels.  He stood their wobbly but not to bad as if he had worn heels all his life.

“Well look at that he can walk better in heels than you Linda.”
“Hardy har har that’s funny Linda.”
Each grabbing and arm they walked him around the kitchen just in case he would fall from the heels.  Joan stumbled only for a minute till his ankle got used to the heels.  Linda and Amanda sat him down in the chair as it was time for hair and makeup. After an hour of fussing and teasing and trying different color Joan was not that bad looking except for the mismatched outfit.  Linda grabbed her camera click, click, click.  Picture after picture was taken of him, “Insurance.”

Grabbing and umbrella and placing the camera on the table Linda left to go get the car.  Amanda locked his wrists behind his back and his ankles together while he sat in the chair, “I’ll be right back need to change.  Don’t want to look bad when we go out.”  Laughing and smirking the whole way to the bedroom.
Linda came back in laughing at how bad the outfit looked on him and headed to the bedroom to meet Amanda.

As the ladies cackled in the bedroom laughing Joan sat in the chair squirming in pain and discomfort trying to get free.  He felt stupid and wanted to get the camera and destroy the pictures and run for his life.  But he could not get free with the padlocks holding him to the back of the chair.
A half hour later his wife and her friend emerged from the bedroom in jeans and t-shirts wearing sneakers.  “We don’t want to draw attention now do we?”
Unhooking Joan from the chair the ladies stand him up and remove the gag as it was causing him to drool on his dress.  Stretching his jaw out and as Linda wiped the drool Amanda unhooked the restraints.  “Now come with us.”  Linda ordered.
Joan was too scared to fight but where are we going he wondered.  Terror filled up his head.

Twenty minutes later they pulled up into Wal-mart.  Opened 24 hours and being that it was only after midnight not many people would be there except a few stock people.  Linda handed him a list of things to get it read:
1 Jean skirt for you and try it on
1 blouse for you try it on
1 pair of shoes for you to go with blouse and skirt
Single tampon from ladies room
Pay for these with a check

With the note she handed him a small purse with only his license and checkbook.  Linda handed him 75 cents in quarters for the tampon.  “Now we will follow to make sure you do what we say or you’ll be sorry.”
“Do you understand Whore?” questioned Amanda.
“Yes Princess Mistress.”
Linda butted in, “you better change that voice if you don’t want people to know you’re a guy.”  And started to laugh as she looked at the way he was dressed.
Getting out of the car Joan walked 50 paces in front of the two ladies holding his note in hand and eyeing the ground in embarrassment.

Once inside he grabbed a cart and headed for the feminine isle.  A couple of stock people stopped what they were doing and started to point and laugh.  Linda and Amanda followed many steps to the rear arm and arm laughing as they strode down the isles.  They would ask the people around what’s up with that?  Only get to get shrugs and laughs from the people. In the feminine isle without looking more than a second Joan grabs a box of douche and sweeps it off the shelf into the basket and heads for the tampons.  Once there he notices there is more than one type, so he looks around to see who is staring and blindly grabs a box of overnights.

As fast as he can walk in the heels he makes his way over to the clothing section to get the next item on the list.  Luckily for him the carriage gives him support while he strolls through the isles.  He carefully paws through the skirts to find a size he thinks he is and grabs a size 10 skirt and throws it into the basket.  Looking up he sees some t-shirts that are printed with sayings and grabs one not looking at the size.  Tossing it into the cart he quickly races to the register. 
With head pointed towards the ground he throws the items on the register.  The cashier rings up the items and tells him his total. 
Grabbing his checkbook he quickly make out the check and hands it to the cashier.  “May I see your license please Ma’m.”
Joan grabs the license and quickly looks away from the cashier as she tries to hide the laughter when she sees the license.  “Here is your receipt and have a good day sir.  I mean Ma’am.”

Joan quickly leaves forgetting the tampon he was supposed to get in the bathroom and races as fast as his feet will take him to the car.  With the doors locked he stands next to the car waiting.  Every second feels like a minute. 
A big red neck truck rolls by stopping to look at him and the guys start cat calling him and whistling while laughing.  Joan wanted to curl up in a ball and hide under the car.  Once the men left his wife shows up with her girlfriend in tears from the laughter.  Unlocking the doors they get in not fast enough for Joan.  “I see you didn’t do what we said.”  Amanda questioned.
“But I ….”
“No but I you will be punished and if you do what we say they’ll never know at work... By the way you will be calling in sick the next two days.”
Scared for his life what did they have in store for him?

To be continued………