Woodland Weekend

by subcentcalmale

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© Copyright 2004 - subcentcalmale - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bondage; cons; XX

A Woodland Weekend 
by subcentcalmale
A Woodland Weekend by subcentcalmale

Friday morning could not get here soon enough. All week I had been both dreading and anticipating our weekend up in the hills at a “discreet” cabin far from civilization. The cabin belonged to a friend of Yours, and i had no doubt due to her financial and lifestyle status that it was posh as well as extremely well-equipped for those who’s proclivities included all forms of BDSM play. W/we left the house around 7 a.m., eager to get there early. The trip itself wasn’t overly exerting, only a three and a half hour drive up into the mountains, and the last thirty minutes of that was up the private road to the cabin itself. 

W/we made our way easily through the freeway traffic, having begun our journey before the rush hour crunch began with a vengeance. It was easy to tell late that spring had set in, as W/we rolled the windows down shortly after catching the turn off to begin the climb up into the hills. The smell of fresh mountain air soon replaced the stale industrial stench of the city; relaxing U/us as W/we near the gate that guarded the private road that would lead U/us to O/our weekend retreat. 

“Unlock the gate, pet” You tell me, and i hop quickly out of the car with key in hand and undo the chain and throw open the gate as You drive through. i jump back in quickly after locking the gate, masking any sign someone has traveled this way recently,  and You begin the meandering drive up the road to our destination. my insides feel full of butterflies, and i steal a glance Your direction. Calm and collected as usual, not a trace of anxiety or excitement permeates Your cool exterior as You navigate the narrow road. 

We roll to a stop under the carport in front of the cabin. The place looks to be the size of a modest mansion, not a cabin well back in the mountains. Double oak front doors stand guard deep in the entranceway, and You order me to grab O/our bags from the trunk as You walk ahead to open the doors. i grab the four bags from the trunk and hurry into the cabin, carefully avoiding banging against anything for fear of damaging something worth a years salary.  You call out from an unseen room off to the right “Take the bags upstairs to the master bedroom, undress and put your cuffs and collar on then meet Me in the sun room once you have unpacked O/our belongings and put them away pet.”

“Yes, Mistress” i reply, and make my way up the curved staircase, mindful of the clear oak railing running the length of the stairway and across the landing. i find the master suite and set the bags down, quickly disrobe then find the toy bag with my cuffs and collar. The cuffs and collar are quickly secured, the luggage locks on O/our bags conveniently doubling as the mechanisms for my imprisonment until You release me at the end of O/our weekend. Satisfied i’ve completed everything to Your demands, i make my way downstairs to the sun room and kneel beside You. The view is spectacular, a huge wall of glass panels looking out across the mountain range and down into the valley below. You almost get the feeling you could see forever looking out at the vista before you. 

“I think this will be a most marvelous weekend, don’t you pet?”

“Yes Mistress. i think this will be a weekend to remember.” 

“Why don’t you go to the kitchen and pour Me a glass of wine pet” You command. 

“Right away Mistress.” i tell You as i rise quickly and head off to the kitchen. As i expected, no expense was spared in the kitchen either. Italian marble floors and counter tops greet me as i enter, and a large island dominates the center of the room. i take note of the lack of a sink or stove in the island, and chuckle when i see the anchor points circling along the bottom of it. i can just imagine what kind of meal was prepared on that countertop. I pull a moderately expensive chardonnay out of the cooler and pop it open. Even the glasses have their own chiller when white wines are served. i pour Your glass and make my way back to the sun room, kneel once again beside You and offer You the glass. 

“Excellent choice My pet. When you return to pour My next glass you may have one as well.” 

“Thank You Mistress” is my answer as You drop Your hand down in front of me for worship. i kiss Your hand in tribute and You quickly take it away, O/our weekend barely starting. There will be time enough yet for ceremony and proper respect.

i make three more trips to the kitchen. Besides the wine i also bring You some crackers and cheese to satisfy You until dinnertime. Pleased with my attentiveness, You allow me to also partake in the wine and crackers, and W/we relax and enjoy the view from the sun room as the afternoon wears on.

Eventually You decide it’s time for some distraction. “Come around in front of Me pet, it’s time you start earning your keep for the weekend.” I crawl around the front of the chair to face You and am greeted by Your outstretched leg. Your shoes are already off and You begin teasing my mouth with Your toes, knowing i won’t dare take them in my mouth until given permission to do so. “Ooooo such a good little pet. You know well enough what happens when you start before I give you permission.” 

i remember all too well how badly my muscles ached from hours of a standing spread-eagle mixed with croppings and floggings at regular intervals. i wondered almost aloud if i  had rope burns around my cock and balls from the hemp rope i was forced to endure while standing there. “Stick out your tongue pet.” i instantly obey You. Leisurely You roll Your toes around on my tongue, making sure to cover every inch of my exposed tongue with Your toes before switching feet and repeating the process again. You enjoy this very much because You know how badly I want to lavish attention on Your feet, and also how humiliating it is to be kneeling before You drooling all over myself from keeping my tongue stuck out of my mouth as far as possible. You catch a long trail of slobber on Your toe and rub it all over my face, delighting in how red i turn in embarrassment as my humiliation continues. 

Satisfied for now, You finally allow me what i’ve longed for these past few minutes. “Go ahead little pet. You’ve slobbered yourself enough for now. You have My permission to do your worship now.” 

“Thank You Mistress, i promise i won’t disappoint You.” i barely am able to say before launching myself into my work. i carefully place a hand under Your heel and the other supporting Your calve. My tongue begins to once more trace circles around Your toes, caressing, bathing and massaging them all around. I gently kiss and nibble the undersides of Your feet, paying special attention to the arch of Your foot. You moan gently as I continue unabashedly lavishing attention up and down, top and bottom. You signal that You’ve had enough when You pull Your feet away, stand and say “Let’s go.” 

“Yes Mistress.” I say, raising myself back up onto my knees so that You may snap my leash to my collar. i follow behind You on all fours, careful not to let the leash go taut as You have trained me, lest it turn from leash to whip to correct my transgression. 

You walk me through the entryway and up the stairs to the master suite. The carpeting in the house is divine, so soft it almost feels like a sheepskin rug lying over a pillow. W/we pass through the master suite and head down the small hallway between the walk-in closets to the master bath. The bathroom is utterly huge, as big at least as a living room in an average sized house. The dominant feature is the bathtub on the raised dais in one corner of the room, surrounded by floor to ceiling windows on two sides. The tub is huge as well, comfortably fitting two somewhat large people and god knows how many petite people. I count at least 24 whirlpool jets along the sides, most settled within the conforming bench seats for the occupants to lay back on while relaxing. 

“Draw My bath while I prepare My pet. I will return shortly.” 

“As You wish, Mistress.” i reply as i set to work running the water and adjusting the knobs to get the right temperature. Satisfied i have the temperature set perfectly, i dig around inside the cosmetics bag and find the bottle of lavender oil and pour some into the water. i make sure i mix it up thoroughly with the bath water, then i crawl over to the mini fridge under the vanity and grab a bottled water for You. Returning to the tub i find it filled to where You like it and shut off the water. I light the 2 dozen or so candles spaced around the tub and turn down the lights. Just as i finish You return, having brushed and put Your hair up in preparation for Your bath. “Very nice little pet, I’m going to enjoy this bath very much.” 

“i hope so Mistress.” i help You step down into the tub, and as You lay back and let a contented “ahhhh” escape Your lips, i grab one of the egyptian cotton towels off the towel bar, fold it neatly and return to kneel next to the tub holding the towel out in front of me for Your use when You’re ready.

You extend Your bath as long as possible, using the jets to massage away any cares You might have. Fully relaxed and deeply satisfied, You stand and raise Your arms as i stand and wrap the towel around You. I pat You down taking care to soak up all the water before removing the towel and hanging it neatly on the towel bar once again. You step off the dais and head for the master suite to dress for the evening. “Follow me pet, when I’m done dressing O/our night will truly begin.” 

I comply immediately with “Yes Mistress.” And follow just behind You to the bedroom. You point to where You want me, and I kneel obediently as You dress. You slide into a leather teddy first, perfectly form-fitting of course, followed by black thigh-high stockings that You attach to the garters built into the teddy. Thigh-high kidskin boots and a long sheer robe complete Your ensemble. I can tell from Your outfit this will be a long night of sexual servitude interlaced with Your diabolical “corrections” when You feel they’re needed. You get up from the chair and snap my leash back on my collar and almost second-handedly say to me “Off to the playroom now little pet.” 

“As You wish Mistress.” I make sure to reply as I crawl behind you down the hallway towards the door at the end.

The room behind the imposing metal clad door is absolutely amazing. Deep red walls with mahogany shelving seemingly suspended every type of flogger, cane, crop or whip imaginable underneath. Lining the shelves were a plethora of torture and pleasure devices, electro-stimulators with every known type of attachment, various clamps, dildos vibrators, plugs, weights. Miles of rope and all different types of restraints, gags and hoods circled the entire room. The lush carpeting is everywhere except those places designed for the submissives to be bound. Those strategically placed areas were simply small spots of hardwood. There were several bondage furniture pieces scattered around the room as well. 

In the far corner sat a small cage, a curtain drawn back around it, presumably to be  pulled closed for punishing a wayward submissive. A rack sat a few feet away, black leather padding gleaming in the light. Opposite of the cage was a St. Andrews cross, equipped with a hinge pin so the person strapped onto it could be turned upside down with relative ease. An oversized spanking bench was to the right of the cross, obviously custom made, as it was a design that looked to be made to order. Towards the middle of the bench was a deep U-shaped pad that looked built into the bench. The pad had grooves along the insides of it, and it took a second for me to realize what they were for. 

Sitting near the bench was a similar looking pad with eyebolts protruding from the bottom. Once the submissive was strapped in place on that side of the bench, his head would rest inside the U, and once the top piece was locked in place, he wouldn’t be able to move his head at all nor see what was happening behind or to his sides. Just in front of the U was a dildo strapped to the bench, presumably for female submissives or Mistresses to sit down on. Against the wall nearest the bench sat a machine which had a long rod protruding from a box set on a stand just a few inches taller than the bench. Sticking out from the end of the rod was a dildo. An electrical cord ran from the box and rested on the floor next to an outlet. Finally in the middle of the room was a large suspension rack, with winches on both sides so as to pull the bound person into a severely stretched, suspended spread-eagle depending on how the pulley system was rigged. Also in the room are a set of stocks, and a high back chair with a cross arm that has 5 leather straps attached on each side for immobilizing arms. The seat is nothing more than 2 struts for the submissive’s legs to rest on, leaving the genital area with wide open access for torture or play.

Wordlessly, You walk me around the room, stopping at each device contemplating where to begin first. W/we make several circuits around the room before You stop at the suspension rack. A short tug upwards on my leash and I’m on my feet instantly. You grasp my right arm and attach my cuff to the lock on the end of the rope, then do the same to the left. You leave me standing there while You retrieve a riding crop for the nearest shelf, walking back over to me, You give me a firm rap on the inside of my thigh while commanding me to spread my legs. You fix my ankle cuffs to the rope running from the lower pulleys, then begin cranking the winch slowly, each click of the ratchet a reminder of the loss of freedom of movement, which also begins to be reinforced with the slow inexorable stretching apart of my limbs. 

Finally satisfied I’m stretched taut enough for You, You move off searching for more toys to use, after planting the crop between my teeth with a sharp order to hold it until You return. You return quickly, kneeling in front of me and begin attaching a C&B harness on me. You quickly capture my balls with the strap, and i feel them being separated by a strap that runs between them that You cinch tightly. You begin binding my cock with the rest of the straps, cinching them tightly as well so it feels as if no blood will get in or out until You release them. I yank on my bonds and moan at the pressure being exerted on my genitals. You smile knowingly and take the crop from my mouth. “Not to worry pet. It won’t last so long you’ll have to worry about them dropping off.” 

You walk slowly behind me, and i feel the crop moving against my bare skin. My legs and arms begin to tremble, partly from the strain, and partly in anticipation of that first sweet stinging blow from the crop. i can already feel the warmth from the blow spreading through me, even though You haven’t touched me yet. Seconds later I feel it for real, the sharp “smack” sound followed quickly by a low growl from my lips as I jerk in response. “Oooo only 29 more to go pet.” You chide me. The blows are terribly hard, merely set to get things started, not the brutal punishment blows for correctional purposes. You continue Your work, alternating the blows on each cheek, making sure no area goes untouched as You play the crop over my cheeks like a painter on a canvas, bringing out a bright shade of red with every slap. You reach thirty, and replace the crop in my mouth before wrapping one arm around me, holding me tightly as Your other hand moves delicately across my ass, stoking the fire You’ve so expertly built there. 

“Don’t go anywhere pet. I need a glass of water before we continue.” 

You walk out of the room quickly, leaving me to struggle helplessly in my bonds, my feet barely touching the floor as I twist this way and that in a vain attempt to cool my burning behind. You return quickly, and step behind me and seat Yourself on a chair while You watch me writhe around as You drink Your water. Occasionally, You dip Your fingers in the glass and flick the water on my still reddened ass, delighting in how it makes me jump, and noting the goosebumps that form each time You do. 

Finally finished with Your water, You stand and release the tension from the winch. i groan loudly as my muscles spasm to hold themselves up. You reattach my leash and once again I follow obediently behind You. W/we journey yet again around the room, this time stopping at the chair. “Up you go little pet” You say. I climb gingerly onto the chair, and You begin strapping my arms to the crossbar, the four straps on each appendage insuring there would be no escape. You remove my collar, and immediately replace it with the neck strap attached to the chair back. The chest and waist straps quickly follow suite, and finally my thighs and ankles are locked into their respective straps rendering me virtually immobile. I feel utterly exposed, even more so than on the suspension rack because of my severely limited movement now. 

You move around the chair to where i cannot see You. i hear what sounds like objects being picked off the shelf then put back down, and i realize You are slowly working Your way down a mental list of what’s in store for me next. i’m unprepared for the blindfold to lower across my eyes so quickly. With my head immobile, and my sight taken away, i cannot see nor escape the kiss You give me, nor the gag that goes into my mouth the moment You pull Your lips away. i feel You kneel in front of the chair,  You let out a slight “ummm”  as You admire Your handiwork. You move in close and remove the C&B strap, my cock and balls springing free immediately as i pull hard on my bonds as the blood rushes back into sensitive areas. Your hand reaches in and begins massaging my genitals, and I moan as loudly as the ball gag permits me. You pull Your hand away before i can begin to really enjoy Your touch, and i feel Your fingers begin probing around my rectum, working a generous portion of lubricant as far inside me as You can reach. 

The cold metal pushing against my rectum shocks me. i wasn’t expecting a metal plug. I also feel a metal ring being snapped around my balls and then another around my cock shortly thereafter. I have no idea what’s happening, and this coupled with my immobility drives me deep into my inner mind. Time seems to slow to a crawl as my skin becomes alive with nerve endings, every touch magnified a hundredfold or more as I struggle to maintain myself under this onslaught or confusion. Finished attaching the devices, You move back and silently watch the struggle taking place within my mind, going over in your head the infinite possibilities i must be contemplating at this very moment. 

You continue to let my uncertainty build, until Your certain the time has come for You to intervene, and introduce new stimuli into the mix. The buzzing around my balls gives me the first indication of what’s happening to me next, slowly building up, it feels like ants crawling all over my cock and balls, the zapping not severe, just a constant surge that keeps me on edge. I brace myself as best I can for what I know is coming next. The surge hits my cock and forces a hard contraction, and i’m almost afraid i’m coming without Your permission when it happens. You play with the settings for a while longer, an adjustment here, another there until You’re satisfied the settings are achieving the desired effect. I hear You move off once again as I fight futilely to escape the buzzing. 

My first indication You’re back is when You lay the short flogger across my thigh. i jump slightly at it’s touch, then settle back immediately. My relaxation ends quickly as the plug buried in my ass now springs to life, my sphincter muscles contract around it pulling it deeper inside me. You chuckle aloud, knowing that in trying to sort through all the sensations i’m being assaulted with, i forgot about the plug in my ass, and You are all too happy to give me a reminder it was there. You play with the pulse rate and amplitude, and get the plug settled into a rhythm that forces me to butt-fuck myself as i continually contract and relax. You pick the flogger up and begin working over my thighs with smooth effortless strokes. i’m practically in a state of altered consciousness now from the multitude of senses my brain is trying to sort through. You move the flogger to begin working my chest, alternating between there and my now highly sensitive thighs. i have zero concept of time, or even reality at this point and i have no idea how long it has been since 

You put down the flogger and turn off the stims. i’m vaguely aware of my surroundings as i return from the netherworld i was taken to, and i slowly begin to realize i’m no longer blindfolded or gagged and the electrodes have been removed.   “Ahhh, there’s my pet” You say to me, recognizing my return to the present. “That was a most enjoyable and productive three hours” You chuckle as You see the shock register on my face. “Only three hours?” i say to myself. It could have been three days for all i know. I shift about, still strapped to the chair, more an exercise of checking to make sure i’m all in one piece than anything else. You leave me there a while longer, not satisfied to set me free until You’re certain I’ve regained all my faculties. You casually stroll over to the chair, and slowly begin the process of releasing me. “I think that was enough fun for the day, don’t you pet?” 

“Oh, Yes Mistress. Most definitely” i reply almost breathlessly. 

“Good. Go clean yourself up and by the time you’re finished I should be ready for you to tuck me into bed for the night little pet. Don’t keep Me waiting too long.” As W/we walk down the hallway, the only thought i can conjure in my head is “i wonder if i can survive another session like this tomorrow.”

W/we sleep in decadently late, not wanting to rouse from the relaxing night of mountain peacefulness. There’re two constants about staying in the mountains, Y/you sleep much better and Y/you have a huge appetite. i prepare the coffee and get breakfast started once i’ve served You Your first cup of the morning. You relax out on the back porch watching the sun slowly move up higher in the sky. The smell of food catches Your nose, and shortly after, i deliver Your breakfast. W/we eat peacefully, enjoying the sunshine and the sounds of mountain animals. i clear the table and clean the dishes as You enjoy the peaceful setting. i return to the patio to find You grinning, and i shudder inside thinking what might lie behind that smile. “Time for you to pay up for the attention last night little pet” You say to me as You open Your robe. 

“Yes Mistress” I reply as I move to kneel in front of You, knowing what’s expected of me. I begin at Your feet, slowly caressing each toe with my tongue, paying close attention to Your movements and sounds. I move slowly up You leg, alternating between them so neither is neglected. A lick here, a nibble there, soft kisses all slowly move up Your legs until i reach their apex.

You moan softly as Your hands run through my hair while i continue on my journey, and i pause at Your inner thighs for quite some time before moving those last few marvelous inches to begin the final push to the erotic summit. Your legs slip up over my shoulders, and You pull my head hard against You urging me on complete my task. Still elevated from the passion of the previous night, You quickly succumb to a shattering orgasm, much faster than either of U/us had anticipated. You shudder for quite sometime, riding out the waves of pleasure for as long as possible until they eventually subside leaving You energized and relaxed. 

With the sun now high overhead, You walk me between two of the porch support posts and tie my arms and legs outstretched between them. i hear You pull up a lounge chair, and feel the first teasing passes of the buggy whip brushing lightly across my ass. You play the whip back and forth across my ass with slow lazy strokes. It almost seems like You’re doing it out of habit and without a thought rather than with a deliberate goal in mind. i feel the whip move up across my back, down to the backs of my thighs and back upwards again. You stop occasionally to let things settle, or play the whip back and forth between my legs to keep me on edge. The harder strikes signal that You’re getting up to grab a cool drink, and I’m left alone to watch the birds and other animals go about their daily business amongst the trees while You’re gone. You eventually return and pick up where You left off, occasionally stopping to allow me a drink or to stand up and stretch and walk around the porch, as i stand there bound and naked between the posts. The time comes soon when it’s time to prepare dinner, so You release my bonds and send me inside to relax for a few minutes before i prepare O/our dinner. 

With dinner complete i’m taken upstairs to the chamber and put inside the cage until You return. You’ve seen fit to lock my chastity belt on, complete with the medium butt plug held firmly in place with the leather strap running between my cheeks. You lock my cuffs over my head through the top bars, and disappear down the hallway to get dressed for O/our evening. You’re return signals the start of a full night torment for me. You’re dressed in a leather corset, laced up tightly, Your hair pulled back tightly in a bun. A leather belt with d rings around it for hanging whips and floggers adorns Your cinched in waist. Over Your black stockings are rigid thigh high boots, that lace from the top of Your foot all the way up Your thigh.  You glide across the chamber and graze Your hand across the floggers, trying to decide which You ones You will choose for tonight’s entertainment. You stop at the red and purple suede set, and grab the 24 and 12 inch ones off their hangers and attach them to Your belt.  You also grab the keys to my cuffs, and then head over to the cage where I’m imprisoned. 

You release me from the cell, and march me quickly over to the rack. You grin evilly as You pat the leather covered surface, gesturing me to hop onto it. I obey at once, and You grab my wrists and swing me quickly around while pulling me onto my back. You remove my cuffs and attach the rack’s cuffs tightly to my wrists. You do the same for my ankles, and slowly move up the rack, a spandex glove encased hand trailing enticingly up my body as You do. “Ready to begin My pet?” You say with a grin. It’s not like i really have a choice in the matter here. “Yes Mistress.” i reply, as i set myself for the long night ahead. “Then I won’t keep you waiting any longer pet” You chime merrily as You begin slowly cranking the wheel at the head of the rack. 

I feel the slack begin to draw in on my arms, and slowly everything begins to tighten. i begin to understand why this was such an effective torture device during the middle ages. i cannot gain any purchase to relieve the strain on my joints. I can only continue to endure the stress as You tighten the wheel a few more notches then set the lock. i also cannot pull myself up to relieve the strain as i could when suspended, even if it was a very short distance. You move back down me, checking to see how taut I am and insuring proper circulation in my hands and feet.  Satisfied everything will be ok for a while, You pull out a Whartenberg pinwheel, and slowly run it over my chest, concentrating on my nipples.  You seem to leave no area untouched, my arms, neck, chest, belly, all are tormented repeatedly with the sharp little spikes rolling across the skin. You stop briefly to allow me to catch my breath. I soon understand why You did this. Suddenly, I feel the sharp points rolling across my chastity imprisoned cock. You smile gleefully as You play the wheel in between the leather straps that encircle my cock and hold it tightly against the strap that runs through my legs. My balls are the next victim of Your devious torture. Already constricted by the hole in the strap they are forced through, You take great care in maneuvering the wheel to and fro across this most sensitive area. You vary the speed, turning me into a horizontal marionette as I writhe and dance in response to Your torments. 

You put down the pinwheel and pull a flogger off Your belt. Barely recovered from the pinwheel sensations, the flogger re-ignites every nerve ending in my body as You skillfully wield the flogger across my stretched body. my skin turns a deep red as You continue the flogging. As suddenly as You started, You bring it to an end, only to pick up the wheel and torture my already hyper-sensitive skin.  The surge of sensations coursing through my bound body threaten to overwhelm me, but You back off when You sense it may be too much, and then start back with a vengeance once You know i’m ok. You continue alternating between these two for untold minutes, possibly hours, until the entire rack is soaked with O/our sweat from the exertion. You slowly release the tension on the wheel, my groans filling the chamber as blood rushes back into over-taxed joints and muscles. You smile down at me, and begin massaging my arms and legs to speed up the process. After thoroughly rubbing my aching limbs, You release me from the rack and slowly help off it to my feet. “Very well done My pet.” You praise me, giving me a deep kiss on the lips. “I’m very impressed how well you handled that.” I can barely manage a “Thank You Mistress.” In my worn state, and You help me over to the spanking bench for O/our next round of fun. “This will be much more enjoyable for U/us both My pet.” You promise. 

I climb onto the bench, and hold myself up as You attach the ankle cuffs to me, locking my legs on the arm that runs the length of the bottom of the bench. With a soft touch on the back of my head, You command me to lower my head into the U shaped pillow, and You insert the upper part into the grooves and slide it down tight onto my neck and lock it in place. You retrieve a rather large ace bandage from the shelf, and a set of pliable foam earplugs.  You insert the plug into my ears and begin wrapping the bandage around my face, rendering me deaf as well as blind as You cover my eyes throwing me into complete darkness. i’m left with only the sense of my own heartbeat and breathing, hearing and feeling the rise and fall of my chest as my heart begins to beat faster, not knowing what will happen to me next. The kiss of the crop soon lets me know, that familiar fire quickly spreading across my cheeks as You work it over my soon reddened ass. 

As quickly as it started it finishes, and i’m left to catch my breath while You move off to gather up god knows what else to torment me with. I feel the strap of my chastity belt removed, and the plug inside me pops out. Your lubricated fingers plunge deep into my ass  and clue me in to what comes next. You work Your fingers in and out of me slowly, insuring i’m well lubed for You to use the strap on. More and more lube enters me on Your fingers, and it almost feels like You’re giving me an enema. You pull Your fingers out one last time, and i feel the head of the dildo begin to penetrate me. You work it deep inside me, and at that point something seems to not feel quite right about this. i feel You mount the bench in front of me, Your fingers poking at my mouth telling me to open it. The dildo strapped in front of me quickly fills my mouth, and You work it back and forth to lubricate it with my saliva. 

Satisfied both You and the dildo are wet enough, You pull it out and i feel You lower Yourself down on it. You move Yourself closer to me, and thrust Your pelvis in my face, and without a word I begin to understand the true purpose for this pillow. my mouth is perfectly positioned to lick You. My tongue instantly goes to work as You move up and down on the dildo. At the same time, the dildo in my ass begins moving in and out of me, and i realize this is the machine i saw yesterday in the corner. You move the controls for the machine to match the rhythm You’ve set for Yourself. My tongue stretches to its limits to keep contact with You as You bounce up and down before me. i feel the speed increase on the machine, my ass being pummeled mercilessly in time with You. i cannot keep my tongue on You totally now, so i focus on giving Your clit quick flicks as You come down on the dildo to bury it deep inside You. i feel a sudden pressure on the top part of the pillow, and think to myself that You must be getting very close to coming. The machine continues it’s relentless pounding behind me, and through the earplugs i hear a barely audible wail as You surge over the edge into a deep earth-shattering orgasm. Your pelvis pulls away from my mouth, and i feel weight once again on the top of the pillow. i can only guess You’ve leaned forward on it to catch You breath and regain Your senses after Your orgasm. 

The machine abruptly stops, and i feel it begin to slowly back out of me until just the head remains inside me. i feel You rise off the dildo finally, and you stuff it in my mouth and begin moving my head slowly up and down it to clean Your juices off it. i moan loudly at Your taste, savoring every bit i can swallow up as i greedily lick the phallus in search of more. You remove the machine from my ass, and return to run Your hands and fingers over my back and ass, occasionally diving between my legs to stroke my cock or scrape lightly across my balls, keeping me right at the edge of orgasm but not allowing me complete bliss. 

You release me from the bench, and walk me to the St Andrews Cross. “This wont take too long I think pet” You tell me as You strap me onto the cross, You return with another C&B harness which You quickly don on me, another trip to the wall brings You back holding a vibrator. “Here’s how this works My pet.” i listen intently for Your instructions. “I’m going to put this directly under the head of your cock, and you are going to use your muscles to hold yourself up off it for as long as you can. Understand?” 

“Yes Mistress.” i reply as the vibrator springs to life. You settle back in the chair after adjusting the stand holding the vibrator under my cock a couple times until You’re satisfied it will have the most effective placement. I contract my muscles and elevate my cock off the vibrator. For the first few minutes it seems like a simple task, but soon those muscles begin to tire, and i have a harder and harder time keeping myself elevated off the vibrator. Finally my muscles give out completely, and my cock lands squarely on the vibrator and stays despite all my efforts to move it off. You smile, knowing what will happen next. As my orgasm builds my muscles grow so weak the cannot contract properly to expel the semen. The rush of semen and fullness it feels serves to heighten my orgasm even more, along with the burning of my muscles as they try to contract to shoot the fluid out of me. It’s the most intense orgasm i’ve ever experienced. I collapse in my bonds and hang limply on the cross as You replace the vibrator on the shelf. Small shudders continually wrack my body as little by little my semen runs out from me to drop on the hardwood flooring below. 

You allow me time to recover, then release the hinge pin on the cross and spin me over onto my head and lock me in place. “Time to clean up your mess pet. This time I’m going to help you.”  You sit back down and run Your toes through the puddle of semen I’ve left on the floor, and move them to my mouth for me to clean off. “Make sure you clean them off well pet.” It’s utterly humiliating to swallow your own semen, even more so to have it fed to you while hanging upside down. I continue doing as You’ve ordered, until You’re satisfied my mess has been properly dealt with. You stand and spin me back upright, and release me from the cross. i kneel and kiss Your feet again as soon as I’m on the floor, and You stand there for a few minutes allowing this homage to You before pulling Your foot away and motioning me to follow You down the hallway to bed. 

W/we rise early the next day, and quickly pack for O/our journey home. Well rested despite the prior evening’s activities, W/we eat breakfast, straighten up the cabin and load the car all before 9 a.m. W/we hesitate at the doorway, before closing it behind U/us and start walking to the car. “W/we didn’t even use half the stuff She has in there you know.” You say half absentmindedly. “She has a rather large selection of candles, a vacuum bed and a set up that hangs ice cubes over that rack to drip on the person stretched out on it.” You look back towards the cabin again as W/we reach the car, and before w/we climb in i say “You know Mistress, W/we really don’t need to leave for another three or four hours yet.” i see a faint twinkle in Your eye, and You motion towards the cabin with Your head before you race off ahead of me to unlock the door.