Women's Circle

by Mike Silklover

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© Copyright 2005 - Mike Silklover - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; bond; scarves; reluct/nc; X

Women's Circle by Mike Silklover

Chapter 1

The following story is based upon one I read in an early edition of Bondage Life. I have never seen the story on the web (mores the pity) as it made a lasting impression on me. I have tried to recreate it here as accurately as possible although inevitably I have allowed some of my own fantasies to creep in. If anyone has a copy of the original (in 2 parts over successive editions) I would really appreciate it if they could post a copy.   

As the sun started to set over the idyllic rural scene, the stall holders of the local village fete started to pack away their stalls and head for home. The ladies of the Women's Circle were no different, as they prepared to move the two tables and their contents inside the main house. The fete was held every summer in the grounds of Harkness Hall, the large country house belonging to Lady Helen Roberts, the rich and eccentric founder of the Women's Circle, a charity ostensibly committed to the welfare of distressed ladies and gentlewomen. Each year, stalls were laid out on the large ornamental gardens below the big house and families came from far and wide to enjoy the entertainment. 

The Women's Circle stall was set back from the rest of the stalls and was located behind the beer tent on a grassy patio. The patio, which could be reached through the living room of the great house was surrounded by thick cypress trees and was secluded and largely invisible to the families enjoying the fete down below. Despite this remoteness from the main activity, the ladies were not short of customers at their stall, receiving a steady string of male visitors who had left their families to ostensibly enjoy "a slow pint", whilst wives took the children around the stalls. 

The rear entrance to the beer tent was hidden from casual view but was known to many of the members of the village, and partly accounted for the gratifying increase in numbers of people attending the fete. The gap in the canvas of the marquee led to some steps which took the visitor to a grassy terrace and through a gap in the cypress trees to the Women's Circle stall. 

On reaching the stall, the male visitor was met with two large tables, each attended by several members of the Women's Circle, whose members ranged from 18 to 65. The ladies attending the tables were all dressed alike in black skirts and white silk blouses with a gaily coloured designer silk square tied as a cravat at their throats. Some wore large white headscarves of the finest silk to protect them from the intense heat of the summer sun. Black stiletto heels adorned their feet and sheer black stockings completed the ensemble. The older ladies wore their skirts long and were clearly the dominant members of the group, presiding over the tables and giving instructions to the younger supplicants where necessary. 

Each of the tables contained a naked woman, tightly bound and spreadeagled on her back to the four corners of the table with brightly coloured silk scarves, similar to those which the ladies wore at their necks. The two captives, for that is what they surely were, were completely nude and had been bound in this position since well before the fete opened earlier that morning. Fluffy goosedown pillows, encased in the finest, freshly laundered white cotton pillowcases, were wedged under their backs to raise their breasts and sex into the air. Each girl was severely gagged with a number of expensive designer silk scarves and it was clear that beneath the muffling scarves tied tightly around their heads that the girl's mouths were also fully stuffed with gag packing.   
On the table nearest the house, still struggling despite her obvious exhaustion was Sarah, a blonde girl of about 20. She had a beautiful well sculpted body and her skin was bronzed and well toned. A sheen of sweat covered her body as she struggled against the tight silk bonds and in protest at the indignities that had been forced on her by the ladies that day. Her long blonde hair, which had been braided in a pig tail and knotted at the end, had been pulled back and was tightly tied to a ring at the end of the table, effectively preventing her from raising or moving her head. The silk scarves binding her at wrists and ankles had been rebound and tightened several times during the morning to remove the slack caused by her continual struggling. It also ensured her continued discomfort. In addition to the tightly applied gag, the blonde was tightly blindfolded with a shimmering white silk scarf. This had been folded into a bandage some 4 inches wide before being tied several times around her head and over the folded crimson silk handkerchieves that acted as padding over each eye. The white blindfold was tied off very tightly over the bridge of her nose. 
Rosa had invited Sarah to the event with the specific intention of seducing her best friend and introducing her to the world of lesbian bondage that was principal activity of the Women's Circle. Sarah was a complete innocent in such matters and had never been so much as tied to a tree in a game of Cowboys and Indians before last night. To find herself bound tightly to a table, spreadeagled to each corner and bound there with soft but unyielding silk scarves must have come as a frightening shock. The fruit punch Sarah had been offered on entering the meeting room was drugged and the next thing she knew she was waking up bound tightly to the table and unable to move. 

As she started to come round from the effects of the drug and realised that she could not move her arms or legs, she noticed that Lady Helen and four of the more senior members of the Circle were standing by the side of the table near her head. They were dressed in crisp white silk blouses with crimson red cravats of the finest silk at their throats. In their black leather gloved hands they each held a selection of white and multicoloured designer scarves.   
"Hello Sarah. I hope you are feeling better after your rest," said Lady Helen with a kindly smile on her face. Lady Helen Roberts was a stunning looking lady of about 50. Her long blonde hair was always immaculately styled and she was a pillar of local society.   
"I bet you are wondering why we have tied you down to this table. Well, I don't feel like explaining just now, but I will do so on Sunday evening, that is if you still need me to. In the meantime - Ladies!" 

Sarah was more than a little bemused and had been about to complain bitterly about her treatment when things very quickly took a turn for the worse. Lady Helen's brief command to her fellow members galvanised them into action and the four ladies descended on Sarah with frightening purpose. One lady gripped Sarah's head firmly between her hands whilst a second pinched off her nostrils with a leather clad finger and thumb. Sarah opened her mouth wide to suck in some air and the third lady, who had taken a large soft damp ball of silk from a plastic bag, crammed the wadded silk scarf deep into her mouth, prodding it firmly into every corner. The scarf was huge and damp and slimy and tasted of musk and woman. 

A second rolled white scarf was quickly bound across her mouth and between her lips, forcing the slimy silken wad even further into her mouth. Her head was lifted up so that the cleave scarf could be secured tightly behind her neck with a double knot before the ends were brought back to the front and tied off firmly in another double knot over her mouth. Finally, one of the ladies, with a large beaming grin on her face, took a large crimson silk scarf, folded it into a bandage about 5 inches wide and carefully placed it over Sarah's nose and mouth so that it extended above her nose and below her chin. She then cinched it tightly behind Sarah's head. This last scarf not only clamped her jaw shut on the slimy silk packing but meant that she was also forced to breathe through several layers of the finest designer silk.   
"There, that's better don't you think. I know you have been very good and quiet so far, but I think that once you find out what we have in store for you today you may become a little more agitated. As you have probably worked out by now, we are all lesbians and you have been selected to join our little band of bondage lovers. You note I say selected rather than invited, because from now on there is no turning back. You will remain bound and gagged here at the Hall until such time as you accept your new calling. That may take until tomorrow evening or it make take us up to a week to convince you. However, as a means of introduction to the Inner Council of our little group we have all masturbated over the large silk scarf that now packs your mouth. I dare say you may take some time to get used to the taste but you will have plenty of time to savour the aroma today."   

Sarah shook violently in her bonds as she realised what was now in her mouth and she tried desperately to dislodge the foul intruder. But it was to no avail, the cleave scarf over the wadded packing was tied exceptionally tight and the limited amount of movement afforded by the tightly wrapped scarves around her ankles and wrists was not sufficient to dislodge it. 

"Now. As we have about 4 hours before you need to be on display, I think we should warm you up a little for the role you have this afternoon". 

Lady Helen took a large silk shawl from one of her companions and , holding it in front of Sarah's eyes, unfolded it to reveal two balls the size of ping pong balls, attached by a string and with a cable running away from one of them. 

"These are mains powered Ben Wa balls and you are going to have the honour of trialling them for us". 

As Lady Helen spoke, Sarah could feel fingers prising her labial lips apart as one of the women opened a channel for the balls to be inserted. 

"Normally we would just use these on their own but in your case we are going to wrap them in this silk scarf and pack the scarf deep into your vagina to keep them in place. Once you have orgasmed for the second or third time, the scarf will become moist with your cum. Just before you go on show outside we will swap your gag so that you can taste your own cum for the remainder of the afternoon. Isn 't that thoughtful of us Sarah?" 

Horrified at the prospect of what was about to happen, Sarah started to struggle like a wildcat in her her silken bonds and bang her firmly gagged head against the table.   
"Grace, would you be so kind as to restrain our guest's head. We can't have her injuring herself." 

Grace nodded and took a new scarf and rolled it into a thin silken rope whilst another lady restrained Sarah's head between her gloved hands. Grace took hold of Sarah's pig tail and bound one end of the scarf into the plaits of her hair. She then took the other end through a ring at the end of the table and hauled in tightly. Sarah let out a yelp of pain through the thick silk muffling as her head was forced back and tied in place. The hair tie was exceptionally effective and Sarah's struggles ceased at once, to the obvious satisfaction of the assembled company.   
That was four hours ago and Sarah now adorned the table on the patio, her jaws clamped tightly around the sodden scarf that had been packed into her own vagina as the Ben Wa balls had brought her to orgasm after orgasm. Rosa was bound tightly to the second table, similarly bound and gagged with crisp designer silk scarves. She had expected to be able to enjoy Sarah's body along with the rest of the ladies, but Lady Helen had other ideas. She felt it would help the two women to bond more closely if Rosa shared the experiences that Sarah was destined for. Rosa violently objected and had been very disrespectful to Lady Helen. 

Helen was a traditional lady with clear views on behaviour and was not one to be shouted at. At her command the other ladies had grabbed Rosa and bound her tightly to the second table with fresh silk scarves. The scarves were tightened especially tight in recognition of her impertinence and she underwent an exceptionally severe silk gagging that the ladies had taken great pleasure in applying to the young woman's mouth. They had started by shaking out the folds of a crisply laundered pink Hermes silk square and wrapping it around a balled up pale blue Givenchy silk square. The two scarves were then wadded together before one lady pulled open Rosa's jaws whilst another stuffed the thick silk wad deep into the protesting mouth of the disrespectful young captive. Willing fingers poked and prodded the springy crisp silk into the furthest recesses of her mouth so that, by the time they were finished, only an edge of pink Hermes was left sticking out of Rosa's mouth. 

While two of the women were undertaking this enjoyable task, another had folded a blue and gold Ferragamo silk shawl into a thick bandage so me 2 inches wide. The shawl was twice the size of a conventional silk square and the resulting bandage was forced between Sarah's lips on top of the gag wadding and bound tightly between her lips and around her head several times before being knotted firmly on top of the packing, forcing it yet deeper into her mouth. The crimson muffling scarf was the last part of the gag to be applied. A four inch wide fold of the brand new, and still crisp, Chanel silk scarf was bound tightly across the lower part of Sarah's face. 

The women took care to ensure that the scarf extended beneath her chin and over her nose so that her jaw was bound firmly shut against the silk packing. It also guaranteed that Rosa would have to breathe through four layers of folded silk, a decision to prevent her from expending too much energy in trying to escape. She would not be blindfolded during the afternoon so that she could see the true indignities imposed on her by the menfolk of the village, but a double thickness black silk hood with drawstring was placed at the head of the table in case one of the men knew her. She could then be hooded in an instant.   
To one side of the patio on which Sarah and Rosa were so securely bound was a discreet sign which informed guests of the price tariff for the stall. A fifteen minute massage of the captives' breasts was £10 and should they wish to go any lower down the body, the price rose to £20. A penalty of £100, to be paid in advance as a deposit, would be imposed if the captives orgasmed during the 15 minutes. Not surprisingly, the tin of money was filling rapidly and not many of the £100 deposits were returned, such was the enthusiasm with which the customers used their 15 minutes. 

A bucket of iced water stood by each table and the senior ladies attending the tables used flannels soaked in the iced water to rub down their captives after each customer. The shock of the freezing water on their inflamed bodies caused Sarah and Rosa to struggle wildly in their bonds and scream through the expensive designer silk that crammed their mouths, an effect that the ladies found most gratifying. The sweaty bodies were naturally rubbed down most thoroughly by the willing attendants, with special attention being paid to the knooks and crannies and pert young breasts.   
As the sun started to set over the idyllic country scene, and the stallholders on the field below the house started to take down their stalls, so too did the ladies of the Women's Circle. The two tables bearing the tightly scarf bound captives were wheeled inside the Living Room of the great house and the doors were shut and curtained against the cool summer evening. It was time for the ladies to indulge in some tea and muffins, but first there was their captives to attend to. 

Several of the menfolk of the village, who had made especially large donations to the charity, were to be allowed to visit the house later that evening to take their pleasure with the two captives in rather more privacy. In the meantime, Lady Helen had decided that a period of enforced togetherness would be good for Sarah's induction and would allow Rosa to get intimate with her friend. The ladies of the Women's Circle set to with a vengeance to make their guests as uncomfortable as they possibly could.  

end of Chapter 1  


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