Witness Protection

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/mf; capture; kidnap; bond; gag; cuffs; rope; tease; toys; insert; mast; rim; climax; cons/nc; X

They were an attractive young couple, married only nine months. Jack, 24, had been an IT specialist for a company that engaged in illegal commodity training. Barbara, 23, was in search of employment as a teacher.

Unfortunately for Jack criminal tax fraud charges had been filed against his company, and he was a key witness for the prosecution. Once the charges were filed, Jack was fired, and was currently subsisting on unemployment.

The kingpin of the operation was a high profile career criminal named Red. If convicted of the charges he stood to receive at least ten years in a federal prison.

Red had learned over the years that if witnesses can either be bribed or blackmailed, their testimony might well prove favorable to the defense. An attempt to bribe Jack had already failed. However Red perpetrated only non- violent crimes and the thought of permanently disposing of a witness was never considered.

Despite his non- violent propensities, abduction of a witness for the duration of a trial, was always an option. During their forced detention, it would be strongly suggested that if the matter were later reported to the police, violence was a distinct possibility. To sweeten the deal, a bribe would be paid, wanted or not.

Abducting Jack meant abducting Barbara as well, and for that purpose Red enlisted the aid of three associates. One was Jake, a thirty year old muscular bar bouncer, who moonlighted for Red on various occasions. Rico, a younger up and coming criminal, was the second.

The third was a sixty year old, six foot, two hundred pound dominatrix, Mistress Tressa. Together the trio would impersonate federal agents to gain entry to Jack’s home, once inside the two would be abducted and taken to a safe house for the duration of the trial, which would probably last two or three days.

Without Jack’s testimony a conviction was highly unlikely. Red’s instructions were that neither Jack nor Barbara be abused during their involuntary confinement, but some things are easier said than done.

For Mistress this was a new type of assignment. She was accustomed to being a high end dominatrix, who catered to the submissive needs of both males and females. Her fees were high end as well, assuring an affluent clientele.

It was 10:00PM on a Monday in June when the van pulled into the driveway of the suburban home. Jack was just returning from a neighborhood jog, sweating and clad in a jogging suit. His captors had observed him jogging and timed their arrival in the driveway accordingly.

Both Jake and Mistress stepped out of the vehicle, blocking Jack’s entry into his house. Jake displayed some type of badge and identified himself as a federal agent on official business. He was dressed in slacks and a sport coat, while Mistress was attired in a two piece blue pant suit with white blouse.

These were designed to make them somewhat like federal agents. She wore her trademark blond beehive wig, although accustomed to mini skirts, she wasn’t about to give up her outlandish wig.

The commotion prompted Barbara, a petite brunette, attired in slacks and a tight fitting pull over sweater, to step outside. It was the ideal situation for an abduction.

“I’m from the witness protection program and you two are being taken into protective custody until the trial is over” commanded Jake.

“This is ridiculous, no one ever said anything about this and besides I’m not even a witness”, Barbara testily replied. She insisted upon calling the prosecutor who was handling the case.

“If you don’t accompany us willingly we will have no choice but to use force”, Jake stated in a menacing tone. Barbara was still insisting upon making her call, so it was decided to allow them into the house, where they would be restrained rather than risk a struggle in the driveway.

Once inside both Jake and Mistress produced a set of handcuffs, and Jake ordered the two to put their hands behind their backs. The sight of a semi-automatic pistol in a waist holster may have induced Jack to comply, but Barbara put up a brief struggle only to be easily subdued by the robust and much larger Mistress.

“As you’ve probably figured out we’re not federal agents. Our purpose is to hold you until after the trial is over at which time you will be released unharmed. It will be necessary to hold you incommunicado at a secret location until then”, announced Jake.

“You have no right to kidnap us”, Barbara protested. Ignoring her protests the two were led to the windowless van in the driveway and placed in the cargo hold. They were allowed to sit next to each other on a decrepit three person couch that had been provided just for that purpose.

Mistress sat on the end of the couch, while Jake climbed behind the wheel and drove off. Due to the darkness and lack of windows, the captives had no idea as to their whereabouts.

Rico, who had remained in the van, was delegated the task of driving Jim’s car to the safe house, where it would be kept in a garage. The authorities would no doubt visit Jim’s house upon discovering him absence from the trial, and the missing vehicle would lend credibility to the belief that he had left town.

Jake also confiscated the couple’s cell phones and removed the batteries, so as to thwart any GPS tracking. Before doing so he dialed the number of a gambling casino about two hundred miles away, to mislead the authorities.

Barbara’s incessant complaining was very annoying to Mistress. From her pocket she produced a set of women’s panties. “I brought these along to use as a gag and it if you say one more word they will be stuffed into your mouth” she announced. The threat was sufficient to cause Barbara to cease her complaining.

“It will be necessary to blindfold both of you until we arrive at the safe house”, stated Mistress, who always enjoyed blindfolding her submissives during bondage sessions. Neither Jack nor Barbara resisted as a cloth blindfold was put on both of them.

Mistress admired the prisoners, handcuffed and blindfolded, it was her style. She preferred nude prisoners, but that would be taken care of soon enough. The thought of taking a few sexual liberties with both of the prisoners, strongly appealed to the prurient and sadistic tastes of Mistress.

The drive to the safe house was uneventful and the two captives were led blindfolded to their separate rooms. Jake and Mistress were joined by Peter, another muscular goon, who was an associate of Red. Mistress was delegated the task of securing Barbara in her room, while Jake and Peter would do likewise with Jack.

Rico followed behind the van at a discrete distance driving Jim’s car. Once the van reached the safe house, Rico parked the car inside a nearby garage and departed. This would be the limit of his participation in the abduction for the time being.

After removing her handcuffs and blindfold, Mistress ordered Barbara to strip naked which immediately evoked a protest. “You will do as I say and I just may decide to use you sexually”, intoned Mistress in a most intimidating tone, adding “If you know what’s good for you and don’t want you or your husband hurt you will shut up and do as I say”.

Jack, who could not hear what was transpiring in Barbara’s room, was compliant. He too was ordered to strip naked and to lie on his back, on a metal cot equipped with a mattress. One pair of handcuffs was used to secure his wrists to the head of the cot, another pair of leg irons secured his ankles to the foot of the cot.

The safe house was about a ten mile drive and was a farmhouse in remote rural area. It contained two separate bedrooms, each with barred windows, and externally locked doors. The two would be confined in separate rooms, at least for the time being.

Barbara’s accommodations would be somewhat more comfortable, consisting of a two person bed with a box spring mattress and pillow. Her mode of restraint would be somewhat different than Jack’s. Mistress was quite proficient at rope tying and had prepared an assortment of ropes to use upon Barbara.

Barbara was bound in a spread eagled manner, with each wrist tied to one of the two head bed posts, and each ankle to one of the lower side posts. Mistress stood back and admired her craftwork, no one had ever escaped from her ties, nor had anyone ever been injured from being bound too tightly.

Even if Barbara or Jack could free themselves from their restraints, the barred windows and locked doors prevented any escape. One way windows had been installed on each of the bedroom doors, enabling the captors to see in, but the captives unable to see out.

Unfortunately for Barbara, she could not refrain from continuing to protest her confinement, particularly the nudity and the ropes. An exasperated Mistress put a stop to that by wedging the set of panties into her mouth and sealing them with duct tape.

Barbara immediately realized the price she would pay for her indiscretions. The panties reeked of a peculiar odor and she was forced to breathe through her nose. Mistress hovered above her, smiling and opined that a “few hours” of being so gagged would make Barbara more compliant.

Actually Mistress had no intent of leaving her gagged for hours. From experience she knew that a half hour would be sufficiently uncomfortable, after which a less restrictive gag could be used or it could be taken off altogether.

Red had previously made it clear that there was to be no sexual abuse of either captive. Mistress had little fear of Red and was determined to have her way with both Jack and Barbara. If Red attempted to retaliate, she had organized crime connections of her own, who would settle the score on her behalf.

With Barbara securely bound and gagged, Mistress began gently kissing her breasts while simultaneously cunt fucking her using two fingers. “There is no reason we both can’t enjoy this experience”, chortled Mistress.

Never one to shy away from vulgar comments, she added, “not much in the way of boobs you should consider implants”. This only added insult to injury, as Barbara had always been self-conscious over her underdeveloped breasts, despite her otherwise attractive figure.

Barbara, who had no past lesbian experiences, was appalled by what was happening. The worst part was she had no control over the situation, Mistress could do with her as she pleased. Barbara’s thoughts briefly focused on Jack, fearing that one of the male thugs might be using him sexually.

Mistress then produced a mammoth dildo, much larger than Barbara had ever used. The thought of the dildo being inserted fully into her wreaked additional mental havoc upon her. Mistress easily read her mind, commenting in a soothing tone, “don’t worry it will go in and it won’t hurt unless you struggle”.

Following a liberal application of KY the intruder made its entry into her front sexual port. Barbara tried to relax the best she could under the circumstances, and to her surprise the entire object was inserted with minimal discomfort. An attached wire assured that her the object would not be swallowed up within her, and would be used to control the vibrator.

Mistress had set the vibrator on time delay, knowing it was the most effective means of application in this situation. It started at high speed with a loud whining sound, this lasted for about fifteen seconds, before it reverted to the slowest speed. The initial surge had an electrifying effect upon Barbara.

Barbara was resigned to this indignity, but what made it truly unbearable was that Mistress sat in a chair next to the bed, and observed every facial expression or sound made by her captive. Orgasm was unavoidable in this situation and Barbara could not bear the thought of Mistress being able to observe it.

For the next ten minutes Barbara struggled between ecstasy and agony, as the vibrator continued to operate at unpredictable speeds. Barbara attempted to muster every ounce of stamina to ward off the impending orgasm, but at last succumbed.

“There now that wasn’t so bad, for being such a good slut I’ll take your gag off but if you say one word it goes back on, do you understand?”, stated Mistress who had observed every second of Barbara’s dilemma.

Barbara nodded her head in approval and the stifling tape and panties were removed. Then without saying a word Mistress departed the room. The dildo would remain inside her for the time being, but it was switched off and she was warned not to expel the intruder. Now it was time to have some fun with Jack.

Jack was alone, nude and handcuffed to the cot. The two male goons were playing cards in the living room, knowing it was impossible for either of their captives to escape. Neither objected as Mistress unlocked the door and entered Jack’s room.

She began by taunting Jack over his lack of sexual prowess. It was merely a ruse as she had no such knowledge. “Your wife tells me you have a hard time getting it up in bed, maybe I can help”, she chuckled.

Before Jack could answer Mistress began stroking his flaccid cock with her hand; not surprisingly it became instantly erect. Mistress knew from experience that this is a typical reaction for younger males, when performed by an older woman of kinky appearance.

Jack was hurt and offended by the comment about his sexual performance, as far as he was concerned it was normal. “I think one of my two assistants could educate you in gay sex, that might be a good idea”, she announced.

Actually neither of the two goon assistants had any interest in gay sex and even if they did the fear of retaliation by Red would prevent it. However Mistress however has a penchant for psychologically terrifying her submissives, or in this case captives.

Typically she threatens to sell them into slavery or take a non-lesbian to a lesbian night club, and perform on stage. Few of the threats are ever carried out. Such would be the case for the threat of gay sex.

Jack begged to be spared, which only prompted Mistress to scornfully assail his masculinity. She continued to masturbate him by hand, bringing him to the verge of climax before stopping. For Jack it was abject fear, he wanted no part of any gay sex, yet wasn’t overly upset about being fondled by a dominatrix type.

Mistress finally allowed him to climax, adding “I think instead of raping you I’ll have one of my associates do your wife, that should be fun”, she said with an evil looking smile on her face. Jack pleaded for his wife to be spared. Mistress’s response was “in that case you’ll have to lick my asshole while I sit on your face”.

It was hardly to Jack’s liking, but he had no choice than to perform the degrading act, and hope that Mistress would keep her word. After undressing she brought out a hotel style luggage rack with cloth straps. Positioned correctly, it enabled Mistress to sit on his face, looking at his feet, without risk of suffocation, and allowing his mouth access to her asshole.

For nearly fifteen minutes Jack was ordered to please Mistress using his tongue. Each time he slackened his place Mistress threatened to have one of the male goons do either Jack or Barbara. Mistress derived immense gratification from forcing men to serve her in this manner and Jack was no exception.

Barbara and Jack were then left to sleep for the night, Jack handcuffed to the metal cot, and Barbara spread-eagled with rope to the bed. It was tolerable, although hardly comfortable. Tomorrow the trial would begin and it would be necessary to guard the two captives for another two to three days.

Peter was scheduled to guard the two overnight. Mistress and Jake would leave and return sometime later in the morning. Before the two could depart Red arrived, having spent most of the day at the trial, and feeling optimistic about an acquittal. The judge had refused to delay the case because of the absence of Jack, who was to be one of the first to testify.

Red was less than pleased when he learned of Mistress’s sexual activities and rudely berated her in the presence of the two associate goons. Mistress essentially told him to fuck off and left after slamming the door in his face.

Realistically he needed Mistress and could not fire her at this point. Mistress headed home, where she spent about a half engaging in a paid phone sex operation, before retiring for the night. She would return to the safe house in the morning and Red would not be present, due to his court appearance.

With Jake and Mistress gone for the night, the task of guarding the captured couple was delegated to Peter. It was an easy job, which permitted sleeping without risk. While Peter slept soundly, neither Jack nor Barbara could do so. The toilet was in a separate room and not readily accessible to the captives.

Barbara realized the impossibility of escaping from the ropes, and made the best of trying to sleep in a spread eagled position. Fortunately it was a warm night, as she was nude and no blanket was provided. She tried to avoid dwelling on what depravities, Mistress or the other goons, might inflict upon her or Jack.

Jack was somewhat more comfortable, lying on the cot, without his arms or legs being spread. His wrist cuffs were loose enough that he could slip them, but knew that if he would be subject to even tighter restraint if he did.

Ever the protective husband, Jack worried less about what his captors might do to him, than what that might do to his wife. He blamed himself for the predicament, as he had known for more than a year that his company engaged in illegal activities.

Jack wanted to beg with his captors to spare his wife, and even attempted to call out to his guard. His calls were heard over an intercom, and ignored, by Peter, who was more interested in trying to obtain some sleep.

Mistress and Jake arrived at 7:00AM as scheduled and moments later received an electrifying call from Red. The trial had been adjourned for up to two weeks, to permit the authorities to locate Jack, as it was suspected Red was responsible for his absence.

Red was now faced with the problem of keeping the husband and wife indefinitely in captivity. It would not be a pleasant day.


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