With A Cherry on Top

by T S Fesslen

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesslen - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

Outside the rented cabin, Kim could see that large, light snowflakes were slowly drifting down. She smiled as she lay there, bound, the flames from the fireplace making her cinnamon-colored skin glow a molten bronze. Nothing could be more perfect than this, Kim thought to herself, to be alone with a man who adored you and would use you the way both of you wanted.

Kim struggled a bit in her bindings to see if her boyfriend had indeed done his job well. He had and she found that there was very little slack in the ropes that encircled her small frame. Her arms were bound behind her back and to the harness of rope that ran behind her neck and over her shoulders and embraced her large breasts. Each of her ankles was bound to her thigh, making for a wonderfully tight frogtie, a position that she had grown to love. He had said he had something special for her tonight and he had been thinking about this for sometime now.

"Comfortable," David asked with a big grin on his face as he walked into the room dressed in his dark red robe.

"As comfortable as a girl can be tied up like this," Kim replied, squirming a bit; more to peak David's interest in her than anything else.

Kim always liked his roguish looks; long dark hair bound in a ponytail, goatee and mustache with hints of gray, a loop-sided smile and hazel eyes that sparkled of mischief and playfulness. Long waisted, he carried his 5'7" frame well. Kim knew what other assets he had underneath the robe, and most likely they were at attention right now.

"Are you ready for the games to begin, my bound little geisha girl?" David asked as he knelt down beside her.

"Ready when you are, Master," she smiled.

"Okay, here's the thing," David said as he gently ran his finger over the smooth, golden curves, "The punishment for failing tonight is to be hogtied the rest of the evening at the foot of our bed. You will be gagged and a toy will keep you company on and off all night. You will also be blindfolded so you will not be able to see when I will flog you at various times during the night at random. You will also have a pair of nipple clamps clipped onto you and attached to the foot of the bed, making sure you stay put. If you cum at anytime during the night, you will stay bound that way until I think you have been punished enough. The more you cum, the longer you stay that way. Then, if you a good slave, I will make love to you in the morning."

To Kim, the punishment did not sound bad at all.

"If you pass this test tonight," David continued, "Let us just say, let your imagination run wild."

Either way, Kim thought, it was going to be fun and she was sure she was up to anything that David may come up with. With eager eyes, she watched him produce a Tupperware bowl, it's outside still covered with frost. She couldn't make out what was inside, but she was sure it was ice cold. David also produced a thin gel vibrator, which gleamed in the firelight. It was one that they had both picked out and filled her nicely. The third thing her boyfriend pulled out was a black leather flogger.

After laying these on the coffee table beside Kim, he undid his robe and tossed it to the side. She was glad to see that she had his attention and that he was now fully erect. David knelt between her legs and looked into her dark, almond-shaped eyes and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Their lips met and soon their tongues began dancing around one another. She enjoyed the feel of him above her and his manhood against her stomach. Soon, his lips parted hers and he began to slowly kiss at her neck and down over her shoulders. David took his time to taste every bit of her as she lay bound beneath him, unable to do anything but enjoy. Soon, David's ears were greeted by Kim's little moans as he felt her move beneath him.

Kim felt his lips kiss her left nipple, already stiff from when he was binding her. He suckled at it, taking it between his teeth and gently nibbling on it before going switching to the other one; Back and forth; sending bolts of pleasure shooting through her.

David's kisses then trailed downward, over the flat of her stomach and then to her clean-shaven mons. And there he stopped.

Without a word, David reached over and picked-up the vibrator. With a wicked smile on his face, he slowly eased it into Kim. She had spread her legs as wide as she could in her bindings and as aroused as she was, David had little trouble easing the toy all the way inside her. He then picked up the controls and turned it on low. The hum of the thing soon sent ripples of bliss through her and caused her to moan much more loudly.

Kim wondered what was next. Usually when she was bound David would also gag her. He loved the sounds she made when she was gagged and it seemed to spur him on more. But she was not to be gagged this time.

"Now, my darling slave," David smiled, "You can't lose your friend here. If he comes out, you lose the game."

"If you insist," Kim grinned back, enjoying the feelings the vibrator was causing within her.

"And, my slave, you cannot cum until I tell you or you lose the game as well."

Kim pouted the best she could, but she knew it would have little effect on David.

"Now, let's warm up that little pussy of yours," David said as he picked up the black leather flogger.


The first flog splayed over her mons with a sharp almost pain. It caused her to spasm a bit and she almost lost her buzzing friend. The second flog followed the first on her naked puss and she began to feel that warm, erotic glow that came with the flogging. With the vibrator within her and the flog whipping on her, Kim soon felt an orgasm start to churn within her.


This time David had flicked his wrist a little harder, stinging Kim's most private parts.

"I haven't given you permission to cum, slave," David said sternly.

"I wasn't cumming, Master," Kim protested.

"You were about to."

"Sorry Master," she bowed her head as he began to whip her pussy again more gently. Still the white-hot erotic bliss would not go away and his whippings made it even more pleasurable.

Then David stopped. He could tell by Kim's squirming that she was indeed close to orgasm and he didn't want her to cum just yet. He reached over into the bowl and pulled out a half frozen cherry.

"The last part of this game, slave, is that I am going to place these one at a time over your body and you cannot lose a single one off of you. If you do, you lose the game."

Kim screamed as he put the first cherry on. It was biting cold. Fortunately, David had cut them in half so it did not roll off of her. David kissed a spot on her stomach and placed another cherry there; it felt colder than the first one. Each warm kiss followed a cold cherry until he came to her nipples. Slowly he licked and nibbled at them, sending more waves of joy through her. Then, taking out a nearly full cherry, he placed it on her one nipple, than the other. It felt as if they were so cold that they would give her freezer burn.

Then he began to kiss around her shaven puss.

"No, Master, please," Kim whimpered, already squirming from the heat inside of her and the cold he was placing on her.

David grinned and continued by placing a few cut cherries on her mons.

It was pure torture. The nips of cold on her naked flesh did little to relieve the swirling orgasm building inside of her like a molten whirlpool. In fact, it was like having David whip her with the flogger. She looked up at him watching her writhe below him in her bonds.

"May I please cum, Master?" Kim asked.

"Nope," he replied.

"Awwwwwww!" Kim whined as she continued to struggle to keep her orgasm from surfacing.

Then David knelt down and picked up one of the cherries in his lips, kissing her at the spot. His kiss felt red hot where the cold fruit was. Then he kissed her on the lips, passing the cherry to her.

"You have to eat each one," David whispered as Joy began to eat.

Slowly, David removed each cherry, saving the ones one her nipples and mons until last. Occasionally, he would turn up the volume on the vibrator; send more pleasure rushing through Kim as she lay there, bound. Twice, she could feel her orgasm starting to crest, but she mentally fought it down.

After the last cherry was given to Kim, David knelt between Kim's legs, gently easing them apart.

"Do you want to cum?" he asked her.

"Yes Master," she replied, thrusting herself towards him.

David smiled, "I don't think so. Not just yet, anyways. I really don't think you want to cum."

"Fuck me, Master, fuck me now!" Kim nearly yelled, bucking in her bonds.

"A demanding slave, aren't we?"

"Pllleeeaassssse, Master," she moaned.

"I think I am going to have to gag you. A good slave should be seen and not heard," Kim's boyfriend said as he got up.

"No, Master, No," Kim said, "Please forgive me. I just want to cum so badly."

"You, see, dear slave, you should want to please me more than you should want me to please you. I will let you cum only after you please me. I do not want to hear a single word out of you now."

David reached into the pocket of his discarded robe and pulled out the gag. It wasn't a ball gag or a penis gag or the like. This one looked like a bright red leather 'O' with leather straps on either side.

"Open wide," David said.

Kim did as she was told, even though she knew that in making love to her, they would both be satisfied. This way, David could torture her a bit more. She struggled a bit to raise herself up to make it easier for him to tie the gag onto her and that is when she felt it. A cold cherry on her side was resting on her rib cage. It must have slid off of her and David didn't notice. Quickly, she squirmed over a bit to lie on top of it so he wouldn't notice.

Apparently, David didn't even notice. He was carefully placing the gag into Kim's mouth. The 'O' ring was fitted behind her teeth, forcing her mouth open. It was a bit uncomfortable but bearable. The bitter taste of the leather filled her mouth. David then placed the vibrator controls on the flat of her stomach.

David looked into her dark brown eyes.

"Okay?" he asked.

Kim nodded her head. Whenever they tried something new, he would ask her. When she was gagged, all she had to do if there was any trouble was to hum a tune and they would stop play and make right anything that needed to be.

"Alright, slave, let us get you ready to please me."

David knelt down and put his arms under her small frame. She squirmed around, of course, but not to get her boyfriends attention. Frantically, she tried to grab at the loose cherry with her bound hands, but it was useless. David had scooped her up too quickly and now was carrying her towards the bedroom.

'Maybe he didn't notice,' the bound woman thought to herself as she looked over to see if she could see the errant cherry. But she didn't see it and she hoped he wouldn't find it. With the vibrator still humming its song within her, keeping her embers burning but not enough to burst into flame, she still had a desperate need to orgasm.

David carried his Asian girlfriend into the bedroom and not-to-gently tossed her onto the large brass bed that dominated the room. He had already lit the two hurricane lamps that flanked the head of the bed and their amber glow filled the room. The dark red and black quilt had not been turned down yet and made Kim looked like a packaged caramel treat.

Kim almost lost her vibrator when David dumped her on the bed. She enjoyed it a little rough and this was part of the game, to be treated like an object. She moaned and writhed on the bed to keep David's attention on her. Kim thrusted her naked pussy to him, hoping he would finally cave in and take her.

However, David didn't. He just grinned and rolled Kim over onto her stomach and wrestled her into place so her head hung over the side of the bed. David also found the controls to the vibrator and placed them in her hand.

"Remember, slave, you cannot cum until I command you to," David said in a stern voice, brushing her black hair our of her face, "Do you understand?"

Kim nodded, her hand touching the dial setting of the vibrator and just barely easing it up a notch. The vibrator buzzed a little bit higher, sending a new wave of pure bliss through her. She was so close and now the ability to give herself an orgasm was in the palm of her hand and she didn't dare use it.

"I mean it, slave. Orgasm and you will be hogtied the rest of the night at the foot of the bed."

The Asian girl nodded again.

David got off the bed and stood in front of her. Now she could understand why she was placed in that position. She was face-to-face, so to speak, with David's erection. He gently cupped her head and eased himself through the hole in the ring gag.

The salty taste of David's skin tasted good as she took him into her mouth. She could close her lips around him and lick his burled shaft. Slowly, he started to thrust into her mouth through her gag as deeply as he could and her head matched his movements as well as her breathing so she wouldn't gag.

Kim liked the sounds he made during sex as well. David made a low guttural growl that seemed both wild and dangerous like a growl of a wolf. They picked up in speed the closer he came to orgasm.

David's thrusts became more and more violent as he cupped her head. Not enough to hurt Kim but she would have preferred a slower tempo. Her poor pussy was twitching with need and she decided to risk it and turn the vibrator up some more. It sang in her pussy and caused her fires to burn even hotter, filling her with an erotic pleasure that would soon climb and engulf her.


David had also carried in the flogger with him and its bite stung her rear. It was a slight pain that added to her fires, not diminishing them.

Kim felt David's shaft enlarge a bit and she knew he was about to spurt his seed into her mouth. She had learned to enjoy the salty taste of semen and it looked like David was not going to give her a choice tonight.

'Fuck it!' Kim thought to herself and turned the vibrator on high. Immediately her whole world disappeared into a swirling pyre of white-hot ecstasy as wave after spasming wave of pleasure enwrapped her as she writhed in her bondage. David soon let out a loud moan and Kim felt his seed shoot into her mouth. She had almost gagged but David's moan roused her out of her blissful fog just enough to prepare for it. She hungrily sucked at his cock, making sure that she licked his shaft clean as much as possible.

David eased himself out her mouth after a bit and crawled into bed beside his bound partner. Kim was still twitching a bit from her orgasm and it's afterglow warmed her very soul like nothing else. She had to shut the vibrator off before she had another one. Hopefully David didn't notice.

"You came, didn't you?" He asked.

Kim nodded slowly, not looking up at her boyfriend.

"I told you not to."

Again, Kim nodded.

"You will have to be punished."

For a third time, Kim nodded her head. But she knew the orgasm was worth it. The only thing she felt bad about was disappointing David.





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