Wishful Thinking

by Talon

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© Copyright 2009 - Talon - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/m; bond; susp; cbt; bdsm; kidnap; toys; cons/reluct; X

This is a true story up to the present day (Jan 2009), after that is fantasy, wouldn’t it be great if it came true! Or would it?


My name is Talon, or talon372, as you would find me on some ALTernative sites. I’m thirty eight years old, around six feet tall with a big build. For as long as I can remember I have been a big bondage fan. At the age of fifteen I was experimenting with self bondage, though this never really got me the satisfaction I craved. I was always too scared to make the bondage strict without immediate release available. I was desperate to find someone to share my fantasies with. Someone who could put me into inescapable strict bondage.

At twenty three, I married. My new wife was younger than me and had no idea about the bondage lifestyle. I tried to introduce her to bondage, but she wasn’t into it and soon it became a forgotten subject. After three years we had divorced.

Single again I tried to find solace in self bondage, but still I couldn’t find what I needed. Some five years later, I met Holly, a friend of a friend who was looking for a relationship. We started seeing each other on vanilla terms. Six months down the line she moved in with me, and to my surprise she asked me about bondage. As you can imagine I was a happy bunny, and it wasn’t long before we began to play with the lifestyle I craved. We both enjoyed being tied, however she was absolutely useless at tying knots. I expressed my feelings to her and offered on many occasions to teach her how to tie a decent knot. But to no avail, and so I still hadn’t reached my goal of being tied perfectly. After two years together we split up, mainly down to her fascination with getting drunk.

Now at the age of thirty, I discovered the internet, wow, so many fetish sites. It wasn’t long before I was registering on various sites and offering myself as a slave. I also found some professional Mistresses and booked a session with one. I expressed my wishes to her via e-mail, she said it would be no problem. I was looking for some strict bondage, what she did with me was up to her.

The appointment drew close and I was so excited I was masturbating every chance I had. Finally I found myself at her door and anxiously rang the bell. I was greeted by this beautiful blonde fully dressed in Mistress attire, she made me feel at ease and led me to her dungeon. After stripping I was strapped to a whipping bench with my arse on display. The bondage was the best I had experienced by far, but I new I could of escaped if I tried, and that was a major blow for me. The only positive thing that came from the session, was when she assaulted my arse with her strap-on. This was my first ever experience of anything of that nature, and I liked it.

Not long after that I started to explore my new bi-sexual feelings, and changed my information on the websites I had registered to. It wasn’t long before I was getting interest from Masters. A few months down the line I met with a gay guy who was into bondage and became his slave for the evening. Naked with hands cuffed behind me and on my knees, I gave my first blow job. The Master was happy and said I did alright for my first time. Although I enjoyed the scene, I was still missing my ultimate bondage experience.

For the next seven years I met with lots of interesting and nice people. However it seemed that every Master was only there for themselves. Sure they would tie you up, poorly, and shove their cock down your throat or up your arse until they had cum. But I might as well of hung around gay bars and met regular guys for that. Their bondage skills were a pair of hand cuffs and a dog collar.

I also met with various Mistresses, mostly looking for much the same as the men.

It’s now January 2009, at thirty eight I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever find what I need. As I casually scan my e-mail account, I notice a message from that ALTernative site.

Dear Talon372,

My name is Master Steve, and I live with my partner Mistress Sian. We noticed your profile in our search and thought you might be able to help us.

I see that you’re a big bondage fan, I’m currently training my partner the ropes so to speak and need a model for her to train on. Would you like to come round, and maybe find your ultimate bondage session.

Best wishes
Master Steve

I’d had these kind messages before, which ultimately led to disappointments. But it didn’t stop me fantasizing about the possibilities, and immediately began to get an erection that needed attention.

After a quick wank, I typed up a reply. After a few e-mails we had arranged for a meeting at a neutral location.

We met up at a motorway services and had a coffee whilst we talked about what we wanted from the session. They knew I was into kidnapping scenarios and offered to treat this as one. I was aroused by the idea and agreed.

Back in the car park we went to their van. Once in the back they told me to strip, whilst they prepared a good amount of rope.

`First things first’ said Steve as he produced a large ball gag head harness.

He fitted the harness on me, the gag was the biggest I’d ever had, once on, he re-checked all the straps tightening them as hard as he could. This was great and I was starting to sport an erection.

`Say something’ said Steve.

`Mmmmmpppfgghh’ I replied.

Next he guided my hands behind my back and tied my wrists, then cinched the rope creating the most secure tie I’d ever had. Then both Steve and Sian went to work with what seemed to be hundreds of metres of rope, creating a wonderful body harness that gave me a sense off being totally helpless. This was great, precum was oozing from my cock and I felt as though I might just cum on my own.

After some half an hour of work, I was trussed up good and proper. My arms had been secured to my body harness, and the harness itself had been tied off to a hard point in the roof of the van. Without warning my feet were pulled backwards and I was suspended mid air. My ankles were then tied of to my thighs, creating a suspended frog tie. Two final pieces of rope were tied to my knees and secured to the sides of the van, leaving my arse, cock and balls exposed.

Steve and Sian moved round to stand in front of me. `How’s that feel? Good?’ said a smiling Steve.

`Mmmmmpppfgghh’ I replied again, nodding my head with approval.

`Good, just a few finishing touches and we’ll be off.’

Sian was rummaging around in a box in front of me, finally she stood with a large butt plug and some serious looking weights in her arms. She smiled and gave off a small chuckle as she saw my eyes widen. Some smaller rope was tied tightly round my balls and secured with a knot, followed by the weights being attached to the other end. Two half pound weights now hung down from my balls, Sian demonstrated the way they would swing around during the journey. It was a pain I was not used to and wanted it to stop. For the first time in my life I felt the power, or lack of, at being inescapably bound as I wriggled to try and get free.

Of course it was hopeless and I was brought out of my stupor by a powerful orgasm as Sian massaged my engorged cock.

Hanging mid air, my spent balls began to ache even more, and now I felt Sian begin to lube my arse, ready for the anal intruding butt plug. The plug was also the biggest I’d had, and bought a tear to my eye as it eased into place. There was no way this was coming out without help, none the less a rope was tied to my harness and ran through my legs to keep it in place.

A final piece to the whole setup was a serious looking discipline helmet, which was laced as tight as possible. I couldn’t see a thing, my gag was pushed even further into my mouth and my hearing was impaired.

I didn’t hear the van start but felt the vibrations of the engine, and then the tug on my balls as the weights shifted when we started to move. It wasn’t until we were moving that I realised Sian, the so called apprentice, was as adept to tying knots as Steve was. So why she needed practice was beyond me, however I put it to the back of my mind, which was concentrating on more delicate matters!

I don’t know how long we drove for, I had lost all track of time. The only thing I knew for certain, was the pain in my poor balls. The motorway drive was fairly smooth with the occasional bump, but once of the motorway the road was all twists, turns and bumps.

Eventually we came to a stop and the doors to the van were opened. A relief washed over me as the weights were removed. I was lowered to the floor of the van, and then carried for a short distance. I sensed we were going down some stairs, then I was placed on a flat surface. After some activity of numerous hands on my back, I felt myself being winched upwards once again. The ropes from my knees were this time secured to my harness, I was completely secured again.

There was a few minutes of silence, and I thought I had been left alone. Then the first whack hit my arse, I screamed into my gag but only muffles were heard. The assault on my arse continued for around ten minutes, I think. Then there was another short pause before I felt the laces of my hood being loosened.

The first light for hours hit my eyes, it took me a few seconds to adjust. Sian was standing in front of me smiling.

`Well slave, how do like your new home’ she said as she gave me a gentle spin. As I spun, I took in my surroundings, a fully equipped dungeon with numerous whips, hoods, gags and many more items including some devices I didn’t recognise. Completing the full circle, I came back to face Sian.

`You should have lots of fun here, I have plenty of ideas to keep you occupied for a good few years.’

At that last statement my eyes nearly popped out of my head, which gave Sian a chuckle.

`But for now I’ll leave you to contemplate you future’.

She turned to leave, then turned back with an evil looking grin. From behind, I once again felt her attach a rope to my balls, this time the rope was secured to the wall. As she tightened the rope, I felt myself moving backwards in my suspension. The effect was almost all of my weight was now pulling on my sore balls. Another chuckle from Sian as she left the room was all I heard before the lights went out, and I was left hanging in the dark with a constant pull on my balls……………