Wishful Fantasy

by HG316

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© Copyright 2020 - HG316 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; chastity; latex; blackmail; reluct; X

Disclaimer: Not my first piece of fiction but my first attempt to put something into the public eye., Hope you like it, would love feedback or constructive criticism and if it's enjoyed I have a plan for a part 2 or maybe even 3 depending on interest.

Part 1

Glancing up from his computer screen Mark watched her walk across the office between the banks of desks, hidden behind the flat screen monitor save for two eyes. He stared, trying to see what she was wearing today but her path kept her mostly hidden save for her top and head as he began fantasizing about her and knowing in a few minutes she’d finish what she was doing and he’d get another chance to watch her. 

Sarah might not be a glamour model, but she was pretty, curvy and he enjoyed working with her even if they only shared an occasional conversation. He didn’t know if it was the wicked smile she had when she spoke, her happy and cheerful personality or just the whole package, there was just something about her that kept him captivated.

He'd been watching her ever since he first laid eyes on her, always at the ready to overt his eyes should she glance his way so as not to be caught. He didn’t mean to be a dirty pervert, but being single virtually his entire life and surrounded by very attractive co-workers was too much to bear and he couldn’t help but fantasize a make believe world about them.

Today’s fantasy was her calling him into an office for some random unimportant issue that only he could deal with, closing the door and turning down the blinds, pulling up her skirt to reveal a lovely pair of pvc panties, which she then started to stroke, ordering him to kneel and holding out a chastity cage and telling him he was going to wear it or claim he inappropriately touched her. 

Of course, it was just harmless fantasy, he’d never do anything about it as he knew she was happily married with kids he didn’t have a chance even if she wasn’t. He was now an expert on knowing who didn’t even look at him twice.

He kept glancing up each time he saw movement or a shadow, hoping to catch her. He smiled inwardly as he saw her, walking in full view from his desk. Today was wetlook day, his favourite day of all and he hated never knowing when it was going to be. Instead of the usual skirt and blouse she normally wore she was wearing her skin-tight wetlook trousers and being one of his favourite types of material he’d do anything he could to find a chance to see her wearing it. 

He felt his cock already getting hard as he watched unseen, seeing the material ripple as it hugged her body as she walked, her heels highlighting her long legs until she was far enough away for him to see her tightly clad ass wriggle and bounce and he was very glad he hadn’t chosen to wear his chastity cage today. He was moments away from heading off to the bathroom for some much needed fantasizing and relief as well as being grateful that the smart dress code was not rigorously enforced and let her get away with wearing it, he certainly wasn’t going to complain. 

She wasn’t the only one he had a crush on, in fact there were many women he liked in the office and often he’d find himself listening in to their chatter as he ate his lunch alone, learning who was single, who was married as well as some interesting things about their day to day lives. He wished he had the confidence to just talk to them, he didn’t even have the confidence to talk to the new girl who was just as quiet as him. He just hoped that one day he’d meet that special person he could settle down with and hopefully share his interest of latex, bondage and chastity as well as not judging him for his geeky hobbies. 

His reverie of the late afternoon was broken as he saw Laura approaching him, she was from the same department as Sarah, equally pretty and equally happily married. He assumed she was wanting to speak to Jerry to get an issue fixed as normal and was very surprised when she came to a stop at his desk and looked down at. 

"Mark," she said, in more of a questioning tone. "You do computers, right?" 

"Do computers? You mean fix them?" 

"Yeah, I've got an issue and someone said you knew how to fix computers, so I was wondering if you could take a look? Each time it boots up the screen goes blue and won’t work." She tilted her head and struck a delightful pose. 

"Um, yeah... sure!" he replied, shuffling items along his desk as he went to get up from the chair. 

"Ohh, no. Not here. I mean my home computer," she said quickly, holding her hand out to stop him from getting up. 

"Ohh," Mark replied in realization, before replying cheerfully, "yeah, I'd be happy to, I used to do it years ago but it didn’t work out as a business plan. When do you want me to come over?" 

She smiled, "Tonight would be great if you can, let me give you my address." Laura smiled again and pulled a scrap piece of paper off his desk to write down her address, turning on the spot and walking away. "See you tonight!" 

He smiled and pocketed the address, happy that she valued him enough to ask for his help. He mused that she had made no mention of payment which was fine, he hadn't planned on charging her anything anyway. Everyone here was always happy to help each other out so he had no problem returning a favour when he could. 

Memories from his past attempts at computer support put a smile on his face as he pondered the possible solution to her problem. Remembering one time he had to help a family friend clear 2000 viruses, trojans and malware off the company laptop, and found a stash of some very interesting porn in a folder that surprisingly belonged to the daughter, reminding him that girls like porn too!

4:30pm couldn't come fast enough, though he was grateful to have gotten one last look at Sarah in those wetlooks; knowing that it would be weeks before she'd maybe wear them again. He vigorously had to adjust himself as his cock swelled as she squatted down in front of the printer to refill the paper tray, the material stretching even tighter over her ass. 

On the dot Mark shut down his laptop, packed his bag and said farewell to everyone around him before heading to his car. He'd already used google maps to find where she lived, planning his route. Switching on the radio he tapped his fingers to the beat as he thought about what checks he'd perform on the PC, what questions to ask, hoping he would be able to fix it for her. 

After an uneventful trip - save for the usual suspects cutting in lane, or not stopping for the red light that you normally get at rush hour - he arrived at Laura’s house. He parked on the curb and waited for her to arrive. Two songs in on the radio and a silver car passed him, swinging into the driveway. 

They greeted each other as he followed her into the house, making idle chit-chat about their days as she led him into the lounge and told him to take a seat as she walked off to put the kettle on and he heard the clinking of cups. “Tea or coffee?” came a shout from the kitchen. 

“Oh, a tea please, strong, one sugar,” he shouted back, taking the opportunity to look round the room from his chair. He could tell it was a lived-in house with a few kids toys dotted around but mostly tidy. But it was when his gaze looked across the table that his stomach suddenly got butterflies. Among the bundles of magazines, remote controls and assorted items was a lone white box, the picture on the top very clear to anyone, of a steel chastity cage. 

A bulge instantly grew rock hard in his pants as he looked at it, forcing him to adjust himself as he stared. He knew exactly what it was as he had the plastic CB2000 at home. He glanced at the door, wondering if he should quickly hide it somewhere to save embarrassment when she came in, or should he place it somewhere she would see it but he could pretend he hadn’t as he didn’t want to risk her kids finding it by accident. 

His mind continued to race as he stared at the box. He knew she was married with kids but never imagined she might be into this kink. Perhaps that’s why he was here, that she wanted him as a slave to serve her, because for whatever reason she was no longer with her husband. Or maybe more likely he was being a complete moron and it was left there by accident, and later tonight the husband would be wearing it. Either way, he couldn't stop the thoughts in his mind of being locked in it, force to pleasure her as a slave and serve her every need.

"Just popping upstairs to change," came a voice behind him, as she placed two drinks down. She winked at him before she left and went upstairs, leaving him alone again with the box. He waited until she had gone all the way up the stairs before he reached out for the box, taking it in his trembling hands, ready at a second’s notice to put it straight back if he heard so much as a squeak from the stairs. 

He held it tightly, staring and wondering. Why had she winked at him, was she just being playful? Or did she somehow know of his kinks? Maybe she realised her mistake and winked to show she wasn’t embarrassed about him seeing the package. Slowly he opened the lid of the box and peered inside, a shining pink metal chastity cage lay inside with a very severe looking padlock. He wanted it to be true, that this was meant for him and that any moment now she was going to come down the stairs, heeling clicking in pvc thigh high boots, a sexy corset and gloves and turn him into her personal toy. He’d never been so hard or horny in his life and all he could think about was locking the cage on his cock and waiting for her to return. He didn’t dare even touch his cock for fear of instantly cumming inside his pants. 

With trembling hands he replaced the lid, telling himself how stupid he was being. This wasn't some fantasy story about to come true. She wasn't some sex-craving Mistress who somehow knew his kinks for bondage latex and chastity. This is utterly ridiculous, he said to himself, as he forced himself to think of different things, desperately trying to kill his rock hard boner. 

The sounds of creaking from the stairs did the job for him as Laura came down and joined him, while he pretended to be doing nothing but drinking his tea. Laura grabbed her own cup and sat on the opposite chair. Now dressed in a simple pair of casual blue jeans and white t-shirt, there was not one shred of latex to be seen. 

There was a momentary silence until Laura spoke. "I'm afraid I lied to you, Mark. There isn't a computer to fix. I just needed to talk to you about something very important and the office wasn't private enough. But suffice to say... you owe me. You owe me. big time." 

Mark looked back in confusion, "What do you mean?" 

"You think we don't see you, with that big monitor between you and us as we walk past? You forget that from where we sit, we can see you! And quite frankly we're all fed up of watching you leer at us when we walk past, and even more disgusting is when you have to 'adjust' yourself. I mean for fucks sake, you were practically rubbing your cock when you watched Sarah changing the printer paper today, it’s disgusting." 

Mark stuttered, not knowing what to say, as Laura's face turned from her normal smiling face to one of annoyance. He didn't know what to say, he couldn't defend himself, couldn't come up with some sort of lie that would bail him out, he was well and truly caught. 

"And last week... last week I was told that when I sat on Peter’s desk to talk to him you spent five whole minutes staring at my ass, and when I got up you almost immediately went to the bathroom and were gone for fifteen minutes. I know exactly what you were doing in there and it’s sick!" 

"Look, I'm sorry," Mark spluttered, "I didn't mean too... I... But... I don't know what to say, I'm sorry, I really am."

Laura's face softened "I believe you," she said in a quiet tone, "whenever you help us or talk to us we can tell you’re being genuinely helpful and nice and not because of some sleazy reason. I know you’re single and likely it’s just hormones because you aren’t getting any. But you've got to understand, Sarah was going to go to HR about this and file a complaint for sexual harassment, she asked everyone to vouch for her or complain as well which pretty much means you could have waved your career goodbye. The only reason she hasn’t is because I asked her not to and said if she'd trust me, I'd deal with it for good and it would be worth it. So... as I said, you owe me, because she agreed." 

Mark was sweating, labored breathing and he felt like his head was swimming as he listened, not daring to interrupt until she had finished. "Thank you, thank you so much, I promise it won't happen again... I'll move desks so I'm facing away... I'll apologise when I see her, I truly didn't mean to upset anyone, I'm sorry." 

She smiled again and motioned to the box on the table, "I know you are, and I know you won't be doing it again, ever!” 

Mark got a lump in his throat. He could already see exactly where this was going as he slowly turned his head to look at the box, and it wasn't going to be some fairy-tale romance where his fantasy of being a slave would come true. Slowly he nodded and swallowed, "yeah... I do." 

"Good,” she said and started to smile, “seems you looked in the box already and I’ve got a feeling you know what to do. Go into the bathroom and put it on, then lock it, you’ll obviously know how so I don't need to tell you. Come back here when it’s on. Of course, you can choose not to and I’m not going to force you, but if you don't, then I'll tell Sarah to go ahead." She calmly turned her head to show she wasn’t finished and uninterested in talking further as she drank more of her tea. 

Slowly he picked up the box and slipped silently out of the room holding the box tightly in his hand he walked towards the stairs like he was a sleep-walker, fight or flee responses racing through his mind as he wondered if he should drop the box and run away, trying to think of any way he could prevent putting it on. 

The only possible solution that came to mind would be to quit immediately without notice, screwing his chances of getting another job easily in the current job climate but at least he’d avoid a sexual harassment claim on his record. He was still sweating as he justified it, he’d put it on then look for another job, as soon as he found one he’d quit and get this cage off, and if they refused he’d just cut the damn thing off. 

Entering the bathroom on the first floor landing he turned and closed the door with a click, turning the latch. It seemed silly to lock the door knowing she wasn’t interested in watching but it was habit and he dared not risk being seen due to some freak occurrence. 

He unzipped his trousers and pulled them down with his pants, his cock having shrunk from the proverbial cold shower. Yet, despite all this, the mere sight of his exposed cock and the cage he was about to wear overrode common sense and his raging erection returned. 

The pink metal cock ring was easy to attach, the tube itself was another matter so he took the opportunity to search the bathroom and found some baby oil, rubbing it all over his cock while it was hard and then closed his eyes, trying to clear his mind and not think about what he was about to do as he held the ring in one hand around his cock and the cage in the other. 

After several long minutes he felt his cock starting to shrink and waited, thinking about what he planned to cook for dinner, plans for the weekend, even disgusting stuff, anything but the cage. 

Feeling it go soft enough, he knew that in an instant it would go hard again so quickly took a deep breath and brought the cage to his shaft and slid it down firmly, already feeling it swelling as he just managed to sink it low enough that the two pieces could connect. He picked up the padlock, feeling a pain in his cock as it tried to expand. Slipping the lock through he twisted the hasp round and stared down, looking at his bright pink metal cock and took a couple of breaths as he pushed the hasp closed. 


Mark stayed still for several minutes, just looking at the pink cage now locked on his cock. No more erections, no more orgasms, his cock was firmly locked inside and now the property of Laura, not even Mistress Laura, just... Laura. Instinctively he pulled on the cage but it wouldn’t budge and he grunted as the pain got worse and worse, figuring it was because of how real this was compared to fantasy and must never have been this hard before. But as the pain kept increasing he realised in horror that it was something sharp inside that was causing his pain, pressing against the length of tube, hurting his entire cock. It was a spiked chastity cage and he was trapped inside it as he renewed his efforts to pull the cage off, even rummaging through the box to find a key he knew wouldn’t be there. 

Ashamedly he pulled up his pants and trousers and made his way downstairs, standing in the doorway waiting to be told what to do next. 

She looked up at him and pointed towards the sofa he had previously been sat at. "Go over there, take off all of your clothes," she said calmly, watching as he wordlessly obeyed, feeling his cheeks burning in embarrassment and yet unable to argue out of fear. He stood naked save for the bright girly pink cage around his cock.

"Good, now hands on head and stay there" She said, waiting for him to do so before lifting up her phone and taking pictures, giggling as his cock twitched and he kept wincing. 

"Now then," she cooed, "here's what's going to happen. You're going to get your clothes on and leave. Tomorrow at work you'll sit and act like nothing is out of the ordinary in the same spot you always sit. I'm then going to tell Sarah you’re now our chastity bitch, so remember that if you leer at any of us we're going to know about it and seeing as Sarah is already really pissed off at you she could do anything from going to HR to throwing away your key, so you'd best not piss her off. We are NOT your wank-fodder for you to leer at and masturbate to, understand?"

"Yes," Mark replied, head hanging low, wondering if he should or shouldn’t add ‘Mistress’ at the end. 

"Good, get dressed and get out, my husband will be home soon with the kids and I don't want you here, obviously!" She said matter of fact, not saying another word as he slowly got dressed and walked out, closing the front door behind him as quietly as possible, getting into his car and driving away only to pull over just down the street as his head went giddy and he rubbed his hands over his crotch, feeling the pressure of hard metal between his legs under his clothing. 

Mark's entire evening was spent alone in front of his toy collection pulling out every key for every padlock he owned and trying to find one that might magically fit and unlock the padlock. As midnight rolled by and him barely eating he admitted defeat and showered before bed, wondering if he should just call in sick and have a day to work out what he should do. But then he remembered the meeting that was booked for tomorrow and a no-show simply wasn’t allowed, he 'had' to go in tomorrow.

He spent the night whimpering, rubbing his metal cock as he desperately yearned to cum, feeling those spikes digging in which only caused him to get harder. After several hours of frustration his tiredness took over and he drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning Mark woke with a morning glory, groaning from the spikes and seeing the bright pink cage only made it worse, forcing him to distract himself by making breakfast and getting ready for work. The drive to work was uneventful save for the thoughts of chastity going constantly through his mind. He arrived early, earlier than normal thanks to his new painful alarm clock. Weaving down the corridors he said hello to everyone already there, convinced they all knew his secret. As he entered the main open office he purposely averted his eyes from the Accounting department, not daring to even look in their general direction as he imagined them all staring daggers into his skull or giggling at their new chastity bitch. 

He hunched over and powered up his laptop, logged in and started to check his emails determined to be invisible until 4:30pm rolled round once again. A shadow appeared in his peripheral vision as he read an email and he slowly turned his head to find himself staring straight at the crotch of Sarah in a pair of tight wetlook leggings. His eyes darted up quickly but he could already feel the reaction in his pants as he mentally screamed at himself at how he could fuck up already, trying desperately to hide his expression as his cock seared with pain. 

Sarah looked down at him, stack of papers in hand and an expression of her usual cute smile on her face with no hint of anger. She leaned over the table next to him, placing the papers in front of him as a small chain fell from her cleavage, a small key dangling from it as she spoke. "Hi Mark, these invoices don't have the product codes attached, could you look them up and right them on here for me please?" she asked, still smiling at him. 

"Erm... sure! Yeah, no problem. I'll have it done a.s.a.p." he replied shakily, head moving around quickly trying to find somewhere to look as she hovered uncomfortably close to him, making it difficult not to stare at her crotch or cleavage. 

"Thanks," she said happily, leaning in more closely, speaking in a very hushed mocking voice so no one else could hear. "You know, thinking about you being locked away in that sissy little pink ‘cock’ cage has been making me soooo wet, and I'm not even wearing any panties today. I've got sooo much printing to do, I’ll be over there for ages, I hope no one is going to stare at my tight ass while I do it.” 

Then her voice changed, stilled hushed but now more sinister, “Actually, I want you to stare, I want you to suffer, I worked out you like me in these trousers so I’m going to wear them everyday and you’re going to watch," Eventually she pulled her head away to show an expression of how much of a scumbag she thought he was. 

He looked away, not daring to look at her, unable to hide the pain on his face and hating himself for getting aroused by this as his cock continued to swell and press against the spikes. This wasn't how it was meant to be. It wasn't how he wanted it to be.


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