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by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2010 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/ff; kidnap; bond; tape; bag; box; transport; tease; toys; sex; reluct; X

The snow felt like tiny ice-picks as Wes trudged through the drifts on the sidewalk. He left the Highlander’s engine on so the defroster would be able to keep up with the windshield wipers. Wes had checked the note twice and the address written on it belonged to a small two-story townhouse with a Christmas wreath on the door and a glowing plastic Santa on the doorstep. There were no other lights on inside or out, though the neighbors had gone to great lengths to try and illuminate the entire block with their holiday lighting.

Night had already crept in hours ago and judging by the piles of snow on the parked cars, everybody was tucked in for a long winter’s nap. Wes was sure no one was peering out. He paused at the front door, pulling off his gloves to fetch the key he had been sent. He slid it into the deadbolt and then slowly opened the door.

Inside, the only lights were that of a small Christmas village that was arranged on the mantle, their windows and doorways spilling light out onto their white cotton lawns. A small Christmas tree was stuck in the corner and a few packages glinted their welcome as Wes turned on his small pen light to look around. He noticed that there was a small suitcase tucked by the stairway.

’She won’t be needing that for what I have planned,’ Wes thought to himself as he took off his coat and pulled down his black stocking cap to turn it into a mask. Smiling, he slung his pack over one shoulder and began to explore.

Wes felt somewhat like the Grinch as he silently stalked about the ground floor. There was a stairway leading up and beside it a hallway leading to an open kitchen and dining area. He tested the back door and he found it locked. There was another door beneath the stairs which he figured led to the basement.

No one was stirring down here.

He turned his pen-light off and slowly crept up the stairs. There was a creak or two that caused Wes to freeze for a moment and listen, but no one came peeking down the stairs to investigate. At the top landing, there was a hallway leading to the front and back of the house. All the doors were shut except one. Wes gambled that the master bedroom was looking out onto the street.

Christmas was coming earlier to him this year. He had received an e-mail about a couple weeks ago. A woman wanted to be kidnapped on Christmas Eve as part of her wish list for the holiday; a present for herself. Julie Andersen was her name. Along with the e-mail there were a couple of pictures of her as well. She was an attractive lady with long brown hair and dark eyes. One of the pictures had her in a bikini out by a lake and it left little to imagine. Julie had a nice but smallish pair of breasts, a narrow waist and wide hips. She was a perfect match for his own personal wish list.

Wes paused as he reached the door, setting down his pack and unzipping it. Everything he needed was there. He pulled out the tape and ripped off a piece big enough to cover her mouth. He also made sure that his handcuffs were ready and easy to get at.

Carefully, he opened the door.

He had guessed right. The door opened up to her bedroom and she was curled up beneath her covers quietly snoring away. He stood at the foot of the bed, watching her. Julie wasn’t as slight of woman he thought she would be. Wes guessed her to be only about 5 foot 6 or so. Her e-mails said that she would be ready today for a weekend of play since her roommate had gone home for the holidays.


Somewhere in the house a clock chimed 1 o’clock. Wes was sure that Julie would be surprised at him coming this early, but it was the technically Christmas eve, the day she put down to be kidnapped and he wanted to get in as much play as possible during the weekend.

Wes set down his open pack beside the bed so it would be easy to get into. Silently, he got positioned with the tape over the sleeping woman’s mouth. He counted to three before he pounced.

The woman’s blue eyes flew open as Wes sealed her lips with the tape, cutting off her scream. Quickly, Wes threw the blankets off and wrestled the flailing girl onto her front, grabbing her arms and trying to handcuff her.

“Damn, woman,” Wes said as the woman continued to buck and fight. This Julie was putting on quite a show.

Finally, he managed to get her wrists cuffed in back of her while he straddling her, pinning her to the bed. Still she continued screaming and thrashing. It was all he could do to get a piece of rope out and run it over the back of her neck, over her shoulder and under her arms to make a harness. Taking the loose ends, he lopped them around her wrist cuffs and cinched them up until her wrists were crossed just under her shoulder blades. He then turned himself around, got the roll of tape and wound it around her ankles, all the while the woman bucked and kicked something fierce.

Most women that wanted to be kidnapped would put up a little fight just for show. It was part of the fantasy. This one was doing all she could to try not to get abducted and it was giving Wes a hard-on like you wouldn’t believe. He couldn’t wait to get his wrapped package home to put it under his tree just so he could open it bright and early the next morning.

Wes grabbed another length of rope and began to cinch it between his victim’s ankles. After a few wraps, he drew her feet up towards her wrists, pulling her into a tight hogtie. Now she was caught. There was no way she was going to get out of this tie. He ripped off a few more pieces of tape and gently pulling her hair back, he made sure that her screams would remain muffled. Finally, he pulled a black spandex hood out and stretched it over her head.

The woman continued to squirm in her bindings, but she was wearing herself out. She was dressed in a white satin chemise and a pair of matching panties; nothing too sexy but revealing enough to make Wes want to take her right then and there. But that wasn’t what Julie wanted. She wanted to try to escape first before taken advantage of. Wes aimed to please.

But that didn’t mean that Wes couldn’t have a little fun with her to get her into the mood.

Wes hadn’t met a woman yet that didn’t keep her vibrator in the nightstand and the bound woman on the bed wasn’t the exception. In fact, there were several and he picked out a slender cordless one that he thought would fit the bill. He turned it on to make sure that the batteries were good and was greeted by a buzzing hum.

The brunette had calmed down a bit, wriggling to test the limits of her captivity. However, as soon as he touched her again, she went into a frenzy and it took quite a bit out of Wes to roll her onto her back; sitting on her to keep her from falling off the bed and hurting herself.

Wes managed to face her legs and be more-or-less sitting on her stomach. He tried not to put his full weight on her so he wouldn’t hurt her. Using both hands, he grabbed her knees and pulled them apart and spread her legs. Wes then scooted up and used his legs to hold hers open.

The woman continued to wail into her gag. Fortunately, the gag was doing its job. Not that anyone else could hear, but he didn’t want her to make too much noise when he took her to his SUV. Taking the waistband of her panties, he slowly pulled them halfway down her thighs and exposed her neatly-trimmed nest.

Gently, he parted her lips and pressed the humming vibrator against her clit. Her struggles renewed but gradually slowed until Wes could feel her respond to the vibrator’s touch. Her screams became low moans as Wes eased the vibrator inside her. When he was sure that it was fully within her, her pulled her panties back up tightly to hold it in place and got off of her.

The bound woman continued to squirm, but to Wes, it was more to entice him than to get away. However, he was going to stick with the plan; to take her home with him.

Filling the bottom of Wes’s pack was a huge black athletic bag large enough to hold a hogtied gal. He had re-enforced the straps for carrying and added several inside to strap his captive in. He unfolded it and placed it beside her, opening it up as wide as he could.

As soon as the woman felt his hands on her, she began to thrash around. This time wasn’t as violent. He imagined that she was tiring out. Holding onto her firmly, he rolled her into the bag until she laid face-down inside it. Taking the inner straps, he began buckling her in. The strap around her waist was first, then the one that went over her bent legs and lastly the one around her shoulders. Wes made sure they were nice and snug before zippering the top shut.

Now for the fun part.

Wes was glad he kept fit and lifted weights because it came in handy at times like these. Dragging the bag to the edge of the bed, he put the carrying strap over the opposite shoulder and lifted with his legs. The woman inside struggled but the straps kept her in place. Slowly he made his way out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

Carrying Julie wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it would be. Because of this, Wes opted to keep his momentum up and get to his truck. He could come back later to get his coat and other stuff.

The closer to the door Wes got, the more the bag jerked and writhed. After rolling up his knit ski mask, he opened the door and carefully trudged out to his idling truck. The snow wasn’t terribly deep, but with a squirming woman in the bag made the walk much more treacherous. Finally, he opened the rear hatch of his Highlander and wrestled her inside.

Wes paused just a second or two to catch his breath before going back in to get the rest of his stuff, including his coat. The snow hadn’t let up and he was glad to get this done tonight rather than tomorrow. Wes hated driving in this kind of weather. Soon, however, he would be in front of a warm fire and enjoying an early Christmas package courtesy of Julie Andersen.

’That fucking moron,’ the woman in the bag thought to herself as she continued to try to wriggle her way free. Once she got her gag off, she would let that asshole Wes know just what a fuck-up he was. She wasn’t supposed to be here, her roommate Julie was. The woman stopped struggling. There was no way she was getting out of this until Wes decided to let her go. If she wasn’t so pissed right now, she might enjoy this a bit more. She had her fantasies too, you know.

Luanne had set up this surprise for Julie for her Christmas gift. It was one of those things that just popped into her head after too much wine and candor. Julie had confessed to her that she had always had fantasies about being kidnapped by a stranger and used as a sex toy. This desire of Julie’s stuck in Luanne mind like a splinter you couldn’t get out. Finally, Luanne did some research and found out that there were clubs and people around that did just that: kidnapping for mutual pleasure.

Of course Luanne got in contact with several of them, pretending to be Julie and looking for a good time around Christmas. She let them know just what she wanted. After going over several options, Luanne had picked Wes to be Julie’s kidnapper.

Too bad he was such a fucking moron.

Luanne was going to leave the townhouse that morning to spend a day pampering herself at a spa then spend a night at one of the luxury hotels in town, knowing that Julie was going to be kidnapped sometime that day. She had her bags packed and she was preparing to be out of the house by seven this morning. But that fucking Wes came early and took her by mistake.

The bound woman moaned.

The vibrator was starting to work its magic despite her mood. Luanne could feel its buzzing caress spreading a lascivious warmth through her as she slowly rocked her hips. Strapped and bound as she was, she really couldn’t get much relief other than the hum of her vibe and all it was doing was torturing her.

After shutting his tailgate, Wes trudged back into the house to get the rest of his stuff. The house was still quiet save for the furnace kicking in. He first gathered his stuff from upstairs, making the bed up after he had put all his stuff away. Wes liked neatness and he was sure Julie would be glad to come home to at least a neat looking room.

It was then he heard the toilet flushing. There was another person in the house.

Wes waited, listening intently. He heard the squeaking of bedsprings as the person settled themselves back into their bed. He waited about ten minutes before creeping back down to get his coat. He waited in the foyer, listening again.

There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else there. That is what Julie’s email had said. She said that her roommate would be out of town and that she would be asleep, waiting to be kidnapped. Finally, curiosity got the better of Wes and he climbed up the stairs again to peep in at who it was.

The bedroom door was cracked open and Wes gently edged it open some more so he could see. Curled up in the bed was another young woman with long brown hair curled under the blankets. She was facing away from the door and judging by her light snoring, she had gone right back to sleep. He scanned the room and noticed a couple pieces of mail on her dresser. He picked one up and read the addressee: Julie Anderson.

Wes’s blood turned to ice. He had kidnapped the wrong woman.

He ducked back out of the door and began to think. He very much wanted to complete Julie’s Christmas kidnapping yet everything that he had prepared for it was being used by some other girl; probably Julie’s roommate. He still had duct tape, a foam ball and he had some lengths of rope. He had everything to make her helpless but nothing to carry her into his car. . .

“Luanne, is that you?” Julie asked.

For Wes, it was gut-check time. He quickly crept to the open door to the bathroom and waited to see what Julie did next.

“Luanne?” she called out again.

Julie had thought she had heard a noise out in the hallway. Glancing at the clock, she thought maybe Luanne was going to get an early start out to the airport. The weather was frightful and she was sure it was going to be slow getting there. Julie was sad to hear that her friend was going since that meant she would be spending Christmas pretty much alone with her Facebook friends. She really couldn’t afford to go anywhere this year. She was surprised that Luanne could since they both lived on tight budgets.

Julie slipped out of bed and tippy-toed out into the hallway. Everything was quiet and she could see that Luanne’s bedroom was as dark as hers. She walked a few steps more, listening, but not hearing anything.

‘Paranoid’, she thought to herself, ‘I am just being paranoid.’

Julie had made it just past the bathroom door when she saw a shadow rush out at her, grabbing her around the arms and forcing her to the floor. She was about to scream when she felt something being shoved into her mouth. She kicked and struggled, but the long nightgown she was in wasn’t doing her any favors. Julie tried to spit the gag out of her mouth as the stranger wrenched her arms in back and pinned them there. Soon she felt some rope winding around them, binding them in back of her. Next, she heard the tear of tape and felt it being plastered over her lips, sealing them shut.

The man was still on top of her when Julie heard some more tape being torn. This time she felt her elbows being taped together, making her even more helpless. The stranger then wrapped tape around her fluttering hands until they were thoroughly enwrapped. Julie continued to kick with her feet, but the stranger grabbed them and wound more tape around her ankles. Last, over her long nightgown, he wound tape around her calves.

Wes paused. He needed to blindfold her and he didn’t want to injure her by using the tape. She wasn’t going anywhere. He had already pulled his ski mask down but he wanted her to feel even more helpless. Stepping over Julie, he went to her bedroom and pulled the pillow cover off of her pillow. Julie looked up at him with her frightened doe-like eyes as he pulled the cover over her head.

Now to get her out to the car.

Wes weighed the odds of getting seen by the neighbors. It was very early on Christmas Eve with a snow storm pouring down. The front of their house was dark but a few other houses decided to leave their holiday lights on all night. No, he didn’t want to risk being seen carrying out a bound woman. There had to be something to carry her out in.

He went downstairs and started looking around. There were some quilts on the couch, but he didn’t think they would work. If only he had a large box. . .

Wes noticed that their tree was an artificial one; one that needed a large box to store it.

He had noticed a door earlier and he figured that it went to the basement. He turned on the lights and quickly went down the narrow stairs. Setting off to the side was the box for the tree, somewhat scuffed up and taped on the corners. It would be perfect for his needs. The pulled the box upstairs and put it in the living room.

Meanwhile, Julie continued to squirm in her bonds, crying. The man had left her and her mind raced as to his intentions. At best, he was a burglar that was ransacking houses for their gifts. Julie didn’t want to think about the worst. She heard him coming up the stairs and felt him kneel beside her. He then grabbed her and lifted her over his shoulders and carried her down the stairs.

Julie was still squirming as he carried her.

“Stop it or you’re going to make me drop you,” the man said.

The bound woman stopped.

He carried her over to the sofa and carefully set her down. It didn’t take a genius to know that she wouldn’t fit in there the way she was now. Taking her ankles, he bent her legs back and tied them to her thighs in a sort of a hogtie. He looped another rope around her waist and over her bound arms, tying it tightly so she couldn’t move her arms much.

“Now I am sorry I had to do it this way, Julie,” Wes said, “But the kidnapping you had wanted didn’t go the way as I had planned. You didn’t tell me that your roommate had decided to stay.”

Julie froze. What the heck was he talking about and how did he know her name?

“The long and short of it Julie is that I accidentally kidnapped your roommate too. When we get to my house I am going to have to have you explain that you asked me to abduct you for the Christmas weekend to fulfill your fantasy and that taking her was a mistake. I am sorry your kidnapping got spoiled like this. . .”

The words whirled in Julie’s head. In a flash it came to her. She remembered that Luanne and her were trading sex fantasies over glasses of wine. One of her darkest and greatest fantasies was to be abducted and used by a stranger. Her roommate must have taken it to heart and found someone to do it. No wonder Luanne arranged to be gone. Julie could even remember Luanne’s sly smile as she told Julie that her best present was yet to come.

“. . .anyway, we need to get on the road before it gets too bad.”

With that, Julie felt herself being picked up and placed in some sort of box. It was a snug fit and she could feel him close the top of the box with her toes. There was a few more rips of tape as she imagined him taping the box shut. Then she felt herself being picked up and wrestled awkwardly outside.

Julie could feel the cold night air as it seeped into the carton. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before he set her down inside his truck and the warmth crept back in. As she felt the car begin to move, she also felt something bump against the side of her box.


Julie smiled at the thought of her hapless roommate, bound and struggling, awaiting the same fate as her. Julie was sure that Luanne had made sure whomever this was was someone that she could trust. Julie had read online about kidnapping clubs and had even thought about getting involved in one. The only problem was she was too shy to do anything about it. Apparently Luanne had, however, done something about it for her and now they were in the same boat, like it or not.

Knowing what was happening also sparked a little fire inside of her. Julie began to imagine what he was going to do to her after he got her unpacked; thinking about his hands touching her and his lips kissing her. She began to rock her hips, trying to get some sort of pleasure, but he had tied her pretty thoroughly and all she could do is stew in her own erotic juices until he released her.

Julie had lost track of time in her fantasies. It came as a surprise when she felt her box being pulled out and juggled into his house. She felt him set her down on the floor. She heard the ripping open of the tape and then she felt him tilting the box over. The stranger helped roll her out onto the carpet and then took her box away.

She could hear another woman moaning, trying to say something into her gag. Julie wriggled a bit to get onto her stomach. Then the stranger pulled her pillow case off of her head.

The first thing she noticed was Luanne. She was bound in a strict hogtie facing her. She could tell by the look in her blue eyes that she was not happy. Not furious, no, just unhappy.

Wes knelt down between the two of them.

“I need you, Julie, to explain to your roommate here what happened,” he said as he gently pulled off the tape off of Julie’s lips and took the foam ball out of her mouth.

Julie took a quick look at her roommate before turning to look at Wes, her abductor, “No, I don’t think I have to.”

Even though the man was still wearing his ski mask, she could see a puzzled look cross over his face.

“You see, I know Luanne here was wanting this to happen too. She has had her fantasies about being kidnapped and all, just like me. I know that we could both use a little of your tender loving care, if you know what I mean.”

Wes nodded a bit, look back at the other girl, Luanne. She was trying to say something into her gag as she squirmed in her hogtie.

“Now, if you would be so kind as to gag me again, we can get on with our little Christmas fantasy.”

Julie opened her mouth wide and Wes pushed the foam ball back into her mouth and sealed her lips again.

He looked over at the Luanne again and smiled. She was still writhing in her bondage and uummphing into her gag. In her white chemise, she looked quite sexy and he wanted to see a whole lot more of her later but other things had to be done. He rubbed Luanne’s head like he would a playful dog and turned his attention back to Julie.

“Let’s see what’s under all that wrapping,” Wes said as he rolled Julie onto her side.

Julie’s red flannel nightgown did not flatter her form much. Still, Wes could tell that there was a shapely young woman underneath. She was struggling again, but he could tell it was more for show than trying to actually escape. Still, getting her out of the nightgown wasn’t going to be easy.

Rolling her back onto her stomach, Wes first untied the ropes holding her arms to her back and her ankles to her thighs. Next, he carefully unwound the tape around her calves. Lifting her up, he pulled her nightgown up around her waist before retying her legs just above her knees. He noticed that she was wearing a modest pair of cotton panties. Still holding her legs, he peeled the panties off up to her knees before rolling her over onto her back.

Wes continued to pull on the hem of her nightgown until it was up over her head and bunched around her arms and shoulders. Holding her firmly, her then cut the duct tape holding her elbows together, making sure he didn’t harm Julie or her gown. He forced the gown further down her arms past her elbows before tying them together with another length of rope. Finally, he undid the tape that enveloped her hands and wrist until they were free and he could pull the nightgown off. It took some wrestling, but finally he pulled the gown away from her, leaving her nearly naked. He rewrapped her wrists and hands with tape and sat back to admire his handiwork.

Julie was slender and light skinned; her breasts not nearly as large as her roommates. Her stiffened nipples were a dark pink and the nest between her legs was narrow and lush with dark curls. She squirmed on the floor and mewled into her gag, all the time looking up at Wes with those dark, onyx-like eyes.

It was time to get the toys out, Wes thought, and he headed towards the bedroom.

Luanne was still in shock about what had just happened. Julie had just giving Wes permission to do as he pleased with the both of them. Yes, she had had some fantasies about being kidnapped. Every woman did. It was the stuff of romance novels. But she really wasn’t thrilled about it as apparently Julie was. She guessed that Julie was getting her back at her for planning this without her knowledge.

Luanne caught Julie looking at her. She could almost see the evil smile through the tape. It was definitely in Julie’s smiling eyes.

Both of their attentions were drawn back to Wes. The pictures on his blog didn’t do him justice. Though he wasn’t really tall, he was well built. Luanne could see it in how his black t-shirt stretched over him and how he filled his black jeans. This was a man serious about his physique. Luanne actually went to the trouble of e-mailing some of his past ‘victims’ and they all pretty much said the same thing: he was good.

Luanne was also curious what was in the red plastic tub that he brought out and set on the floor between them. He popped the top and began pulling various leather items out. She recognized some as types of handcuffs, but others she didn’t have a clue about.

Her mood began to soften as the vibrator continued to hum within her. Her curiosity was trumping her outrage. Sitting in the truck she could feel the first licks of an orgasm building and she probably would have cum if she hadn’t been so pissed. After spreading out the items, Wes turned to her.

“Time to get you unwrapped too,” He smiled through his ski mask.

First, he untied the rope harness holding her wrists up in back of her. Luanne gave a sigh of relief, being able to move her arms somewhat. She was still in a hogtie, but it was now much looser and much more comfortable.

Gently, he rolled Luanne onto her side. Her struggles had made her chemise hike up her thighs and Wes could see a flash of her panties. She was struggling less and he could smell her arousal as he pulled up her hem just as he had Julie’s gown. It was easier getting it over her head since there was only two little spaghetti straps holding her chemise on her shoulders. Like Julie, Luanne was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were larger and crowned with large, pale pink nips. Luanne let out a growling moan as he started to knead each one, pinching and pulling on them gently until he could see Luanne’s hips starting to rock.

Luanne moaned her displeasure as he rolled her back onto her front. She watched Wes pick up one of the many straps and felt him encircle it around her elbows and pull it tight. Then Wes uncuffed one of her wrists, undid the rope to her hogtie and pulled the chemise off, throwing it underneath the Christmas tree. He refastened the cuff and rolled her back over.

“Are you okay with this?” Wes asked.

Luanne looked at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, paused, then nodded slightly. He smiled back and began to untape her ankles. He had a gentleness about him as he did it, making sure that he wasn’t taking off too much skin. Grabbing the thin waist straps of her panties, he pulled them down and off, joining Luanne’s chemise under the blinking lights. Wes took another leather belt from the floor and belted her one ankle to her thigh and repeated it to her other one. It was when he pulled the last strap tight she realized that she wasn’t putting up any fight. She could have kicked him when her ankles were free but she was so entranced with what he was doing, the thought hadn’t even crossed her mind.

Wes could hear his other prisoner moaning loudly and he glanced up over Luanne. He could see her squirming and wanting attention; her dark eyes pleading with him. He watched Luanne crane her neck back to look at Julie as well and he could have sworn he saw her wink.

Wes chuckled as he turned his attention back to Luanne. The vibrator was still buzzing as he took hold of its end and began to slowly pull it out of her. Luanne moaned and arched her back when he thrust it back into her. Wes picked up the pace, pumping her with the vibe as she screamed and writhed on the floor.

Luanne could feel the pressure building inside her, threatening to explode. The white hot flames of passion roared inside of her with every thrust until she felt her climax was about to engulf her.

Then he pulled the vibe away.

Luanne screamed her displeasure into her gag as he knelt on her legs, forcing them to stay open and unable to do anything to get herself off. He held the vibe over her, holding it out like a doggy treat.

“Want it girl?” he asked Luanne.

Luanne nodded her head, blushing furiously because she had to.

“Beg for it,” he said, “show me that you want it.”

Luanne thrust herself out to him the best she could, moaning and grinding. She had been so close.. .


The bound girl moaned into her gag but she stopped her writhing.

“Good girl,” he said, “Do you want this?”

Luanne moaned as she nodded her head.

“If you are a good girl and stay, I you might get your treat,” he said, getting off of her legs and went over to Julie.

Julie was fascinated watching her headstrong roommate humiliating herself like that. It served her right, however, arranging this kidnapping without her knowing. She had been truly terrified. She deserved the torture she was getting.

Julie could hear her roommate protesting moans but Luanne didn’t move, keeping her legs open for Wes.

“Julie,” Wes asked holding Luanne vibe, “wanna treat?”

Julie nodded.

Wes grabbed several of the black leather straps and cuffs and squatted down beside her.

“If you’re a good girl and don’t try to escape, you’ll get to play with Luanne’s toy. However, if you try to get away, I have several things in that tub that can inflict a lot of pain, including a nasty riding crop and a flogging whip. Understand, my pet?”

Julie nodded again, a bit of fear creeping back into her mind.

Julie was still on her stomach as she turned her head toward her feet, watching her captor loosen her ankles and then her knees. He then slipped her panties all the way off, dropping them beside her.

Wes gathered up two more leather belts and strapped each of Julie’s ankles back onto her thighs, putting her in a tight frogtie. Julie struggled, testing her bonds. Deep down inside of her she felt a warm erotic itch that she knew needed being scratched. She rocked her hips, pressing herself into the carpet but she couldn’t slake her desire.

Opening her eyes, Julie saw her kidnapper pick up one last belt. Lifting her a bit, he ran the belt just under her breasts and buckled it over her arms, welding them to her back. He then patted her on her head.

“Good girl,” he said.

Kneeling behind her, he produced a foil-packaged condom and after opening it, stretched the ribbed rubber over the Luanne’s vibe. Julie closed her eyes as she felt him nudge the buzzing phallus between her lust-swollen lips until he could ease it into her all the way. She moaned through her taped lips as he turned it on and began to slowly fuck her with it.

Bolts of pure pleasure flared inside Julie as she tried to thrust herself back. The man was going too slow and she struggled to pick up the pace. As if reading her mind, he slowed his strokes even more and caused her to growl in frustration. Finally, after nearly exhausting herself, Wes began to thrust the vibe into her more rapidly.

Julie could feel an explosion building inside of her. The lightening hot sparks of ecstasy continued to riddle her with pure pleasure. She bucked and squirmed and screamed in her bonds as she felt as if she was going to be engulfed in her climax. . .

Then he pulled the vibrator out of her and held her legs apart.

The brunette wailed into her gag. She was so close to the biggest orgasm she had ever felt and he denied it to her. She now knew how her roommate Luanne had felt.

Wes waited until Julie had settled down before he got up, grabbing one of his riding crops from his bin.

“Both of you have been good girls,” Wes said, “and you both deserve to have a treat. But I have only one treat to give out. . .”

Wes held up the vibrator.

“...I have a dilemma. Which of you gets it?”

Both girls moaned into their gags, struggling in their bonds.

Wes turned off the vibe and set it down several feet away. He then maneuvered both of them so that they were beside each other facing the toy. The two brunettes looked stunning. Both had long, dark hair though Luanne’s was a shade lighter. Both had killer bodies and both were frog tied beneath his Christmas tree. He was going to have a doubly good Christmas this year, with twice as many packages to play with. He couldn’t have asked for a better gift. Still, they were missing something.

Reaching down, Wes picked out two collars that were in the tub. Both were made of black leather and glittered with chrome buckles and rings only one was wider than the other. Julie looked like she had the longer neck of the two, so he fastened the wider collar around hers. Luanne received the narrower one. Now they both looked like his pets to play with.

“The only fair way to do this is a race. The first of you that touches this toy will get to play with it and I will not use the crop on her. . . ”

Wes smacked the crop into the palm of his hand.

“The other girl, well, I will let you guess what’ll happen.”

Both girls winced as he slapped the crop into his hand again.

“When you hear the crop again, you can go.”

Wes paused, looking at the two sets of eyes on him; one blue and one black. He slowly raised his crop above his hand and paused before cracking it back down.

Luanne inch-wormed her way towards the vibe, the threat of pain driving her more than the promise of pleasure. It took her a bit, but she finally developed a rhythm that pushed her forward a little at a time.

The embers of her near-orgasm still burned inside of Luanne and the feel of the carpet grazing her stiffened nipples was setting those embers back into flames. It was all she could do to focus on getting to the vibrator first.

Squirming and bucking, Julie tried to catch up, mimicking her roommate movements. She had fallen dreadfully behind but she continued to push on. Her erotic efforts earlier had exhausted her and her gains could be measured in fractions of an inch. She kept glancing up and seeing her roommate doing better than she until she saw Luanne touch the vibe with her nose.

“Good girl,” Wes said as he rubbed Luanne’s head, “Good girl.”

Luanne grinned around her gag as she looked back at Julie. Her roommate had a defeated look about her as she just lay there in her bindings. She looked back at Wes as he put another condom on the vibrator and turned it on.

Closing her eyes, Luanne felt him kneel behind her and spread her swollen lips open with his fingers. He gently eased the vibe inside her. The toy’s humming caused another burst of pleasure to crash through her as he began to unhurriedly fuck her with it. She bucked her ass up, trying to match his rhythm, all the time moaning loudly into her gag. She felt as if she was going to burst out of her bonds as she attacked the vibe hungrily. Faster and faster he pumped her until her whole body shook as it was engulfed in an explosion of pure bliss. She writhed and squirmed in her frogtie until she was thoroughly drained, the vibrator still droning on inside her.

Julie waited in silence, dreading what was coming as she watched him leave her roommate still writhing in ecstasy. The warmth of her orgasm was radiating against Julie’s skin. She felt him kneeling behind and she squinted her eyes shut, waiting as he pulled her legs open.

Then Wes leaned over Julie, pulling her hair back and whispering in her ear.

“I found another treat in my pocket.”

Gently he rolled her over. Julie noticed that he had pulled out his erect cock and had sheathed it in another condom. Pushing her knees open, he positioned himself above her and pushed himself into her fully. He quickly fell into a brisk pace and Julie struggled to match him, thirsting for him as much as he thirsted for her. The pyre that had been lit earlier now seemed to crescendo even higher as thrust after thrust shot bolt of bliss ravaged her until she finally exploded in an eruption of molten pleasure.

Julie felt him shudder too as he thrust himself into her and held himself there. Then, he pulled himself out and slid his still-erect cock back behind the folds of his black pajamas.

Both women did not fight him as he pulled them both underneath his tree. Checking their bindings, he knew both of them would be there in the morning along with his other few gifts he needed to open. Quietly, he gathered up his collection of bondage gear as well as Luanne’s vibe. Lastly, he pulled a couple of pillows off of his sofa and put one under each of their heads.

“Merry Christmas,” Wes said as he turned off all the lights save for the Christmas tree, leaving his two best presents to let visions of sugar plums and ball gags dance through their heads until morning.


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