by Absolutist

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Storycodes: M/f; bond; wire; collar; gag; clamps; inflatable; blindfold; cons; X

“I’m back!”

Robert replied with a noncommittal grunt. He sat in the study, focused on the screen of his laptop where multicolored lines of code refused to reveal their secret to him. A minute later, he flinched when ice-cold fingers found their way under his sweater.

“Hey!” He tried to shrug off the attack, but the slim fingers slid even further up his back.

“It’s freezing outside. Don’t be a wuss! Let me warm my hands a little.”

Nina’s head appeared next to his, her long, curled hair tickling his neck. Her diminutive height meant she did not even have to bend down to look over his shoulder.

“What are you working on?”

“Bug report. App crashed under load. I don’t get how this function here could fail.” Robert vented an irritated huff.

Her finger started kneading his tense back muscles. For someone so delicate, she was surprisingly strong. Must be all the hours she spent working out. He was just starting to relax when she suddenly withdrew her hands. Her finger pointed at the screen.

“What’s that conditional doing?”

“Limits the number of concurrent threads allowed to access this block, so they don’t exceed the cache’s capacity.”

“What if the variable becomes negative?”

“How? It’s a counter.”


“Overflow?” Oh, overflow! He wanted to smack his forehead, but Nina beat him to it. She patted his cheek.

“Elementary, dear Watson. Join me when you’re done.”

He hated it when she did that. In less than five minutes, she solved problems he had wasted hours on. It made him feel stupid. But then, the only people who did not feel that way in her presence were those too dim to recognize they were outclassed. His insufferably brilliant girlfriend. Not to mention beautiful, adventurous, and affectionate. And definitely kinky. Must not forget kinky.

He closed the lid of his laptop, stood up, and stretched. Picking up his coffee mug, he crossed the hall and entered the kitchen. When he put the cup in the dishwasher, he noticed the filled grocery bags on the floor. Apparently, Nina had forgotten to put the ingredients he had asked her to get in the refrigerator. Robert was an excellent cook and strongly preferred the dinner he had planned for tomorrow to be remembered for something other than spoiled fish. He sighed. Nina could be a little self-absorbed at times. So what! While he put the groceries away, he contemplated how lucky he was.

When they had ‘that talk’ and she confessed her interest in exploring BDSM with him, he had been delighted. For him, it ran deeper than just an ‘interest’, and by now, there could be no doubt that it was far more than just an ‘interest’ for her as well. To his amazement, she had quickly seized the lead, and since then, he could only keep up with difficulty.

He smiled to himself. He still found it hard to credit, but he even felt obligated to curb her impetuosity at times.

Of course, as with everything, she excelled in the dominant role, but did not fancy it. She much preferred to play the bratty submissive and leave the dirty work to him. Robert did not mind. In fact, the arrangement suited him just fine.

Also, he had a pretty good idea of what need compelled her to submit to him. It must be exhausting to be that driven. Hell, at times just being around her left him exhausted. For her, submission was the antidote. It made her experience limits that only strict bondage could impose and allowed her to relax. He had soon discovered that she could stay tied up for hours, the more extreme, the better. She did nothing by half measures. Besides thriving on adversity, she obviously got off on pain, preferably combined with a healthy dose of humiliation.

Leaving the kitchen, he noticed a large empty bag with the logo of the Hi-Fi shop around the corner. His eyebrows lifted. Weren’t they going out of business? Maybe she had snagged a good deal on the surround system he had his eye on?

“I see you’ve been shopping. What did you buy?”

“Why don’t you come in and take a look.”

Her seductive voice from the bedroom made him follow her suggestion without delay. The vision that greeted him caused a sudden drop in blood pressure in his cerebrum, temporarily incapacitating his speech center. Nina posed naked on the bed, her head propped on one arm. A satisfied smile curved her lips when she noticed his stare. Subtly shifting her hips, she directed his attention from her full breasts, flat stomach, and small waist to the perfectly smooth, hairless delta between her svelte thighs. His breath caught.

“Like what you see?” she asked innocently.

“What do you think?” His voice sounded strained. He fidgeted to conceal the sudden tightness in his pants.

She grinned mischievously. “Then don’t just stand there. Make yourself useful.”

Nina gestured at the large chest she had pulled out of the closet. The one with their naughty toys. On its top, an unfamiliar cable drum caught his eye. 

“What’s that?”

“One hundred meters of the finest speaker cable. Enough to tie me up and still have plenty left over to connect all of those surround sound speakers you’re dreaming of.”

“I want a wireless set,” Robert interjected plaintively.

“Whatever. More wire for me then.”

With fluid grace, she sat up and extended her crossed wrists toward him. “Please master, your slave needs to be punished.”

“You got that right.”

But first, he wanted to know what he had to work with. Robert knelt next to their toy chest and picked up the cable drum. The speaker cable consisted of two wires of woven copper, individually insulated by clear plastic, yet joined together to form a figure-eight-shaped cross-section. That would not do. Fortunately, the wires could easily be pulled apart. Once separated, the individual wires were thinner and consequently less comfortable than the rope he normally used, but that was not his problem, was it?

Putting aside the drum and cable cutter that Nina had helpfully already fetched, he opened the chest’s lid and rummaged through its contents. The items he wanted to use soon wound up in a pile next to the chest. Some of his choices elicited suppressed whimpers behind his back. He acknowledged them with a malicious grin. While Robert freely admitted to a modest sadistic streak, by no means was it a mile wide as Nina claimed. Finally, he gathered the lot and dumped it next to her.

Biting her lip, she looked up at him.

“You plan to use all that? The pump gag? The nipple clamps?”

“All of it,” he confirmed. “But especially the nipple clamps.”

She acquiesced with a tiny nod of her head, a shiver of masochistic bliss running through her body.

“You’re ready? All limbered up?” he asked.

“Is the pope a catholic?”

Her bold demeanor was spoiled by a slight tremor in her voice. He smirked.

“Will a sassy sub be put in her place? You bet!”

Robert picked up the heavy metal collar. It was a beautiful piece of engineering, made to measure and fitting her throat perfectly. On her tiny frame, it looked massive. The large ring at its front ensured that it served more than just decorative purposes.

The collar held a special significance in their play. Once he had put it around her throat, the negotiation phase was over. He was in charge, and she had to comply. Of course, she could still use her safe word to abort the session. It was a point of pride for them both that it had never come to that.

Nina raised her chin and allowed him to place the thick, wide metal band around her neck. She had tied her long hair into a ponytail, so he did not have to deal with unruly curls getting in the way. The collar closed with a loud click accompanied by a sensual gasp. He hooked his finger into the front ring and forced her to her feet. Leaning down, he drew her close until their lips met. They kissed passionately, their tongues performing a complex dance. When they finally disengaged, they were both out of breath. Nina had closed her eyes and was biting her lower lip again. Robert stared down at her flushed face. How he wanted to put that collar around her throat permanently.

“Turn around!”

She positioned herself with her back to him, then brought her forearms together until her elbows almost met. It was not easy to assume that pose unaided, and Robert was suitably impressed, but it was also a bit presumptuous of her. He took her arms by the wrists and slowly twisted them up her back to between her shoulder blades. She gave him a worried look over her shoulder and rose up on her toes to ease the strain.

“No, keep your feet flat on the floor!”

Nina obeyed, bracing herself for what was to come. Against his superior size and strength, she did not stand a chance. He could easily manhandle her into any position he wanted. The realization that she was at his mercy excited her.

He clasped her elbows and gradually increased the pressure, squeezing them together until her body suddenly stiffened. She groaned, and her fingers twitched at the nape of her neck. About eight centimeters still separated her elbows.

“Getting there,” Robert noted with satisfaction.

Over the previous months, he had trained her relentlessly so that her arms were capable of assuming a full reverse-prayer position. A few more weeks and they would be ready for long-term bondage in that double-jointed configuration. But not today. He let go of her elbows and told her to relax her arms. With a relieved sigh, she let them dangle at her side.

Robert picked the latex opera gloves from the stack and helped her slide them up her arms. When he had smoothed out all the wrinkles, it looked like Nina had dipped her arms up to the biceps in glossy black paint. The latex was probably too thin to offer much protection against the wire’s harsh bite, but it certainly looked spectacular.

He began to unwind the speaker cable from the drum and cut it into pieces of varying lengths before separating the two wires. Nina watched him with wide eyes. Clearly, he had some pretty elaborate bondage planned for her, and the realization both frightened and excited her in equal measure. "Man can do what he wills, but he cannot will what he wills" was an apt statement of her dilemma. Nina could never have explained why she craved an ordeal that she simultaneously feared.

Robert finished his preparations and approached her with a piece of speaker wire that seemed excessively long even though he had folded it in half to form a sliding loop at one end, known as a Lark’s head to bondage aficionados. Without being asked, she again put her arms behind her back for him, eager to get on with the main event. He guided her hands through the loop and slid it up past her elbows, where he wound the wire in neatly stacked coils around her upper arms, then cinched them, forcing her elbows to meet. The excess length went up under her arm, over the shoulder, behind her neck just beneath the collar and back under the other arm before he wrapped it around the elbow cinch again. There was still some wire remaining when he had completed another loop around her shoulders. Lashing it to the strands behind her neck, he anchored the elbow tie to the shoulder harness. Robert pulled the last knot tight at the nape of her neck where she would never be able to reach it.


Nina arched her back in an abortive attempt to relieve the harness’ tension on her shoulders. Unlike ordinary rope, the speaker wire had no give at all. There was zero chance she would wriggle out of that tie. Exactly how she had imagined it. Perfect.

“I’ll manage,” she asserted blithely.


Next, he bound her hands palm to palm, wrapping the wire in tight loops around her wrists. When he was done, the wraps reached halfway to her elbows, and he struggled to slip the wire between her forearms for the cinch.

“Should have brought a crochet hook,” he grumbled.

Again, he placed the final knot out of reach, on top of the cinch. Her arms had now become welded together from the wrists to above her elbows. However, thanks to her limberness, it was not even that uncomfortable. Nina thanked her good fortune for her body’s extraordinary resilience. Otherwise, she knew that, sooner or later, her crazy stunts would invariably land her in the hospital. She squirmed in her bonds, enjoying their tight embrace that left her utterly helpless. All she could do was wiggle her fingers. Robert could easily put a stop to even that if he fetched the armbinder and laced it tight over her already lashed limbs. She subtly changed her stance enabling her to grind her thighs together. This was the kind of bondage overkill they both thrived on.

“Bet you’re thinking about the armbinder,” Robert teased.

Damn! He knew her too well. Of course, she had made no secret out of her love for his expensive birthday gift. To insist on wearing it for the entire day while Robert, of necessity, waited on her hand and foot had probably been a dead giveaway.

“Maybe,” she conceded.

“Well, not today. The wire looks good on you.“

He was quite pleased by his rigging. Everything was neat and tight, with not a single strand out of place, but his masterpiece was not yet complete. He selected another length of wire and wrapped it several times around her waist and forearms, pinning them to her body. At the small of her back, he formed a loose loop around the strands that encircled both her body and arms, then gripped the end of the wire firmly and braced his other arm against her shoulder.

"Exhale and hold your breath!"

She did, and he tugged hard.

“Oof!” Nina grunted.

Unfazed, he pulled the cinch even tighter. When he, after a few more turns, tied the wire off, the loops around her body cut deeply into her waist. Nina squirmed, probably hoping that her movements would shift the newly fashioned waist cincher into a more comfortable alignment, yet her arms did not stray an inch from her back. Mission accomplished!

"This isn't very comfortable," Nina whined in a breathless voice.

“Frankly, my dear...”

His flippant dismissal of her distress earned him a cute, little groan. If she had wanted him to take her complaints seriously, she should not have confessed to him how wet she became when he showed no consideration for her and just did with her what he wanted. Like putting an end to the bothersome wiggling of her fingers. He had to smirk when he devised his solution to this problem.

"Don't worry, I'll help you take your mind off it."

Judging from her startled look, his announcement somehow failed to reassure her. Was it because she had some experience with the kind of help he usually provided? Whatever. She would come around soon enough.

Her diminutive height required that he crouched beside her to carry out his plan. He folded a shorter piece of wire in half and used it to lash her thumbs together, letting its free ends dangle for the moment.

“Spread your legs!”

Nina obeyed with an eagerness that indicated she saw through his intentions and realized how she would benefit. Robert squatted in front of her. Reaching between her legs, he grasped the wire with one hand and spread her labia with the other. Her pussy shone wetly with her juices.

“You really are a shameless bondage slut!”

“Mm-hmm,” she purred, affirming his accusation.

He carefully ran the strands through the folds of her parted labia, trapping her clit between them. This elicited another throaty moan that turned into a yelp when he yanked the wire upward and tied it to the loops around her waist.

Robert took a step back and admired his work. Maybe Nina had been correct about the nature of his ‘help’ after all. Considering how the wire cut into her pussy, twiddling her thumbs could not be much fun now. At least, that was what he thought until he spotted the crotch wire’s rhythmic tightening.

“You’re incorrigible!” He shook his head in mock exasperation.

“Yesss! You always say the sweetest things to a girl.”

“Flattery won’t make me lenient.”

“Who wants lenience? Girls just wanna have fun.”

Clearly, she had let go of what was left of her good sense. This was her need doing the talking, compelling her to goad him.

“I’ll show you fun. Hop on the bed!”

When he saw her naked, wire-wrapped body sitting on the bed in front of him, he was tempted to remove the crotch wires and have fun with her the conventional way. But the prospect of teasing her until she squirmed with insatiable lust at the intersection of ecstasy and agony was far more enticing. He deftly lashed her legs together at the ankles and above the knees, then, for good measure, also tied her big toes. Nina watched his progress with a serene expression, quite the suffering saint who endures torture in the certainty that heaven is waiting for her.

Robert watched fascinated when, as usual, she tested her bonds after he had finished tying up her legs. She could still wiggle her toes, but that summed up the extent of her freedom. Judging by the frantic contractions of her crotch rope and the accompanying moans, however, she seemed to be enjoying it. Time to put a damper on that.

Nina froze when she noticed that he had picked up the dreaded muzzle gag. The flaccid balloon attached to the wide panel that would cover her lower face from nose to chin did not appear particularly daunting, but she knew better. She looked up at him with puppy eyes, but when she saw his determined expression, she opened her mouth with a resigned sigh. He patted her on the head.

“Good girl!”

Her eyes narrowed, but Robert just chuckled and fed the rubber bladder into her waiting mouth. Sorting through the mass of straps attached to the leather panel, he located the head harness’ main strap and tightened it around her cheeks until the mouth shield pressed firmly against her lips. He buckled the strap at the back of her neck, right below her ponytail, then surprised her when, instead of immediately fastening the rest of the harness around her head, he attached an inflation bulb’s hose to the valve stem protruding from the panel. A few squeezes inflated the bladder enough to immobilize her tongue, making intelligible speech impossible.

Nina was now reduced to endearing grunts and squeals. Just like the one she emitted when he dangled the pair of nipple clamps from their connecting chain in front of her eyes. Robert sat next to her. She shrank back, but he would have none of her antics. His hand shot forward and grabbed her breast, his thumb and fingers pinching the rock-hard nipple between them. More squirming and squealing ensued. She was blessed with rather sensitive nipples.

“The more you struggle, the more I’ll tighten the clamps.”

His calm statement gave her pause. She was painfully aware that their mechanism was strong enough to drive the tips of their serrated jaws right into her flesh. After all, this was explicitly stated in the product description on the dubious darknet site where she had ordered the nipple clamps …. an impulse buy she had rued a dozen times over.

Robert captured the nipple between the clamp’s jaws and began to turn the small, knurled set-screw that closed them. The action was accompanied by subdued clicks from the integrated ratchet that prevented the set-screw from loosening on its own. He kept going until her nipple was flattened between the jaws. When he let go, Nina shook her upper body in an instinctive bid to dislodge the clamp. The movement set its counterpart at the other end of the connecting chain swinging. Although her nipple stretched with the increased pull, the clamp held tight. She hung her head. Until Robert relented, she was stuck with the clamp. Another fact that she had learned the hard way, but still had to reassure herself of every time.

“Tsk, tsk! What did I tell you? No struggling!”

She acknowledged her mistake with a muted whimper. Robert quickly and mercilessly attached the remaining clamp to her other breast. His eyes bored into hers while he tightened the clamps further, switching back and forth between both breasts to keep their bite at the same level of ferocity. Another full turn of the screws made her stare at him wild-eyed. He continued more slowly, spreading out the time between the ratchet clicks. Every new click made her shudder. Her nostrils flared as she braced herself for every new increment of her anguish. Watching her closely, Robert took a clamp in each of his hands.

Click! Click!

The two clicks sounded almost simultaneously. Her eyes widened dramatically, then clenched shut. A flood of tears streamed down her cheeks. She threw her head back and arched her quivering body like a bow. A low, keening wail escaped her gagged mouth. Inadvertently, she thrust her breasts toward him as if begging him to tighten the clamps even more, but he recognized the telltale signs. She had reached her limit. The acute pain from her crushed nipples strained even her rampant masochism. It would take a moment for her endorphins to catch up.

Briefly, he considered loosening the clamps again, but knew better. She might thank him now, but afterward, she would feel cheated out of the chance to prove her mettle. Besides, the wild tugging at her crotch rope suggested she had found a way to cope with the pain. Either that, or she was trying to saw herself in half. Indeed, it did not take long for her posture to relax and her moans to take on a subtly different quality. Smirking, he plucked at her nipple chain to get her attention. Her eyes snapped open.

“You should get your nipples pierced. Might not need the clamps, then.”

She snorted. But her automatic rejection lacked conviction. Her thoughtful look told him that the idea had taken root in her mind. She was probably enthralled by how some shiny jewelry would enhance her appearance, maybe thrilled by the possibilities nipple rings would open up for their play. In her aroused state, she might even be willing to consider the septum piercing he fancied. For the time being, he would have to make do with what he had.

He pulled up on her nipple chain until he was able to clip it to the front ring of her collar with a snap hook. Nina moaned in pain when her breasts were lifted by her stretched, tightly clamped nipples. Really, she would be better off with the nipple rings.

“Lie on your side! Back toward me!”

With her arms and upper body fused into one rigid unit, she had no choice but to slowly topple over. The jolt when her shoulder hit the mattress made her breasts bounce and the cruel clamps yank at her trapped nipples, eliciting a strangled scream. Nevertheless, she soldiered on and wormed around until her back and latex-gloved arms were presented to him. Her bonds had neither slipped nor loosened at all. He quickly went over them once more, making sure they did not pinch any neuralgic points. Nina had never reported any adverse side effects from his ropes, though.

Robert took the next length of wire and anchored it to her shoulder harness. From there, he threaded the wire between her legs and looped it around her ankle tie before returning it to her shoulders. He wrapped its free end around his hand for a better grip and started to pull.

“Arch yourself!”

Steadily at first, then interrupted by pauses to give her time to accustom herself to the mounting strain, he drew her legs up behind her. Nina greeted each further tightening of her hogtie with a groan, but he did not relent until her ankles were level with her wrists, forcing her body into a nice, tight arch.

Robert could not help but admire how the strenuous posture showed off her flat stomach and sleek legs. Incidentally, it also increased the tension on the chain connecting her nipples to her collar, which probably accounted for the tears pooling in her eyes. Although her hogtie was extreme by ordinary standards, he knew it did not really challenge her miraculous flexibility. He began to tie off the wire at her shoulder harness when she shook her head and mumbled into her gag.


“No? Too tight?“

“Ooh.” She shook her head no again. “Iheh!”

“Tighter?” he inquired incredulously.

“Mm-hmm!” Nina nodded her head enthusiastically, sending the loose straps of her gag harness flying.


Her impetuous masochism surprised him again and again. He bent over to look into her face and see if she was serious. Her eyes sparkled with intense arousal and a hint of fear, but she met his gaze with a challenging stare. Okay, she was hell-bent on being pushed to her limits. He was happy to oblige, although she once again was topping from the bottom. Robert let her get away with it because her desire matched his own sadistic impulses. This time. He would have to break her of this habit eventually.

"Alright, it's your funeral. Don't think I'm going to untie you a second early for this."

Of course, there would be a time limit for her bondage. But it was his prerogative to set it. He undid the half-formed knot that anchored the wire connecting her ankles to the shoulder harness. Kneeling behind her, he braced her knees against his leg, then began to pull.


Her drawn-out moan suddenly changed pitch as her feet approached her elbows. The hogtie forced her body into a dramatic bow, stretching her muscles and tendons to quivering tension. If he rolled Nina onto her stomach now, only her hips would touch the mattress. Robert cleared his suddenly dry throat when the eroticism of her plight caught up with him. He had been so focused on his rigging that he had almost lost sight of his willing subject. Now, her helplessness struck a chord deep within him. All the more so since, ultimately, she had brought it on herself.

His excitement added urgency to his movements when he quickly tied off the wire to complete the hogtie. Done! As a treat, he let his hands roam over her body. His fingertips slid over her thighs, then probed the taut muscles of her stomach, trying to sneak under the strands that constricted her waist. When they encountered the wire that bisected her mons pubis, he let it guide them to her hot, wet core. Her juices had seeped from between her pussy lips and soaked the entire region, giving him an idea of how turned-on she must be right now. With a needy moan, Nina fought her bondage to push her crotch toward his questing fingers. Robert chuckled and withdrew his hands.

“You know better,” he admonished.

The familiar script for their bondage games included additional steps, but she could not care less. She sighed exasperatedly and stepped up her own efforts, as evidenced by the increasingly frantic tensing of her crotch wire. If she had not provided her own lubrication, she would have rubbed her pussy raw for sure. Her thumbs were getting quite the workout. He made a mental note to check her latex gloves for wear afterward.

For the moment, Robert was content to just watch. Her struggles made for a fascinating spectacle. A smile played around his lips. He had a pretty shrewd notion why release eluded her, despite her dogged attempts to get off. Although the crotch wire was far from ideal, lack of stimulation was not the real issue: for Nina, the problem was a mental one.

He had played a dirty trick on her. From the start, he realized that her bondage fetish showed obsessive-compulsive traits. There were certain preconditions she simply could not do without. For one, bondage did nothing for her unless she was absolutely sure that escape was impossible. That had made self-bondage a difficult and dangerous proposition. Similarly, her bondage had to exude perfection. Anything she perceived as a flaw irritated her to the point where she could concentrate on nothing else.


Her growl interrupted his musings. Nina shook her head, attempting to direct his attention to the loose straps of the gag harness that flapped around her head. Bingo! He met her beseeching gaze with a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to that.”

To be honest, they were not so different after all. The untidiness of her incomplete bondage bothered him as well. But his own obsessions compelled him to complete their established protocol first. Nina just had to simmer a little longer.

He retrieved the remote from the nightstand, turned on the TV, and flipped through the extensive catalog of movies stored on their home server. He needed to choose something that kept him entertained while she languished in her bonds. It was a given that she would not be released until the credits rolled over the screen.

At the beginning of their D/s relationship, in the heat of some silly disagreement over how much he got to ‘play’ with her while she was helpless, he had remarked that watching over her in bondage was as exciting as watching paint dry. Of course, that was complete nonsense then and now. He could never get enough of watching her body writhe in tight restraints, of listening to her soft groans, smelling the scent of her arousal. Nina had never believed him for one second either. Nevertheless, his brazen lie had started the practice they now adhered to religiously.

Nina had laboriously inched her body around, so she could watch what he was doing with nervous eyes. Of course, the opportunity to play a little game was too good to miss. He deliberately made a show of considering movies notorious for their lengthy running times. Although there were a few of the overlong, modern blockbusters at his disposal, he quickly moved on to classic masterpieces. They both enjoyed films that were considered unusual for their age group.

“What do you think of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, hmm?”

“Ooh!” Her panicked look was priceless.

“No? Thought you liked David Lean,” he teased.

‘Once Upon A Time in America’ and ‘Gone With the Wind’ each elicited a very satisfying whimper as well. Unfortunately, the rigor of her hogtie ruled out any of these choices. In the end, he settled on a film both he and Nina loved. With a runtime of 94 minutes, ‘Dr. Strangelove’ seemed manageable. But then, that was for her to find out, wasn’t it?

He started the movie and focused on Nina again. Only a few more steps to complete her bondage. She rolled her eyes when he presented her with the leather blindfold. By now, she was resigned to the fact that he never allowed her to watch while bound, to let her ‘concentrate on the experience without distractions.’ Still, she did not seem happy with his reasoning, presumably since, at some point, she became desperate for any distraction from her predicament. Too bad! At least, she would be able to hear the sound. Given that she was something of a movie buff and knew the screenplay of her favorite movies by heart, that allowed her to time her ordeal.

He placed the heavily padded blindfold over her eyes and buckled it at the back of her head. The previously skipped straps of her gag’s head harness quickly followed on top. He went over each of the many buckles several times and methodically tightened them until there was no slack whatsoever. Extending from the crown of her head to under her chin, the web of interlocking straps doomed even her most dogged attempts to expel the gag or dislodge the blindfold. She reflexively worked her jaw against its constriction as if to reaffirm this fact.

Once, he had left Nina like this for half a day, blindfolded and gagged, but free to roam the apartment with only her arms locked away in her armbinder. The experiment had been a smashing success. It had been highly entertaining to observe her desperate attempts to free herself of the hated restraints. None of them came even close to succeeding. In the end, a demoralized Nina gave up stumbling around blindly and assuaged her frustration by humping the furniture. He had ended the experiment then and made up with her through some conventional, but vigorous lovemaking. He also began to look into chastity belts, but so far, she adamantly refused to wear one.

At the time, he had not inflated the gag to its maximum capacity. With less than 90 minutes remaining, she would not be so lucky today. He reached for the dangling inflation bulb still attached to the gag and gently squeezed, carefully observing the effects. The inflating bladder tried to push her jaws apart, which the gag’s harness forced closed. Nina stiffened in anticipation of the inevitable. Well versed in his ways, she knew he would not relent until the constricting straps of the head harness prevented any further expansion of the bladder in her mouth – with her chin and cheeks crushed between them!

He monitored her closely while he repeatedly squeezed the bulb. Her cheeks started to bulge around the panel covering her mouth and the straps that held it in place. By his best guesstimate, the gag was about the size of an orange now. Despite her diminutive size, Nina had a generous mouth … and a sharp tongue! Hence, an effective gag was about the only way to get the last word in an argument with her. Fortunately, her tongue was not sharp enough to pierce the bladder that now pressed it to the floor of her mouth. Robert sighed wistfully. There were times when he wished he could keep her permanently gagged.

With her eyes now concealed by the blindfold and hence unavailable as gauges for her level of distress, he had to find other ways to assess the effectiveness of her gag.

“Hum, when it gets too tight!”

Immediately, her soft whimpers turned into vigorous humming.

“Oh, come on! That just proved you’re still making too much noise.”

He squeezed the pump again, which quieted her down nicely. Her distended cheeks gave her the aspect of a chipmunk after a particularly successful foraging session. Perfect! He detached the flexible tube connecting the inflation bulb to her gag and patted her head.

“Nearly there…”

Only one more degree of freedom left to remove. The last piece of wire connected the ring at the top of her head harness to her big toes. He tightened it until her arched feet pulled her head back sharply and her breaths became labored, then loosened it again until her breathing returned to normal before he tied it off. Now, he could relax and enjoy the movie.

The plot was well underway already. The mad General Ripper had set events in motion, and the inescapable logic of the MAD doctrine did the rest. However, this time the end of the world was not as engrossing as the sight of Nina lying helplessly bound next to him.

From the looks of it, she was deep in subspace territory, oblivious to everything except her burgeoning lust. She was frantically working her crotch wire again, her efforts accompanied by muffled grunts. Her breath came in quick, shallow gasps, almost on the verge of hyperventilating. Sweat glistened on her skin and dampened the strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail. Veins throbbed visibly on her forehead, making Robert wonder if apoplexy posed a serious risk at 23. Given her excellent health, he did not think so, but he preferred to play it safe. Resolutely, he squeezed his fingers between her thighs and gently stroked her clitoris.

That was all it took. She suddenly stiffened, and her taut muscles stood out like whipcords under her skin. Her body trembled convulsively when she climaxed, then with a drawn-out moan, the tension slowly drained from her body. She went limp until her strict posture was enforced by her bondage only.

One. Robert always kept count of her orgasms during their play. Considering how long it took her to recover, this one had been pretty spectacular. He made a careful mental note of that, too. Actually, he maintained detailed statistics about her reactions to anything they tried, hoping that, one day, the data might help him figure out the enigma that was Nina. She laughed at the notion, of course, and regarded it as the product of ‘an occupational psychological deformity.’ On the other hand, if his approach to understanding women was so ludicrous, why did she threaten to distort the data by faking orgasms? In any case, she had to realize this strategy would not be to her advantage.

A movement in the corner of his eye interrupted his musings. Apparently, she had rested enough and was ready for the next round. Here we go again…

Four. Nina sagged in her bonds. Her latest climax was the hard-earned reward for an extended struggle. Each further orgasm had been increasingly difficult to attain. He doubted she had the stamina for another one. His fingers stroked her head, then followed the line of her throat down to her breasts. She whimpered pitifully when he began to idly play with her nipple chain. Her attempts to spoil his game by rolling over onto her stomach were amusing to watch. Nevertheless, Robert recognized the familiar telltales, her incessant fidgeting and clenched fists. She had enough.

Nina had been evicted from subspace, but she still had to pay the rent. No more riding an endorphin high that insulated her from her suffering. Her strenuous bondage was finally getting to her. A stray thought made him smile. Bet she now wishes she’d listened when I said I wanted a wireless setup...

On the screen, the fate of the world hinged on Mandrake finding the change to call the president on a pay phone. So she still had a while to go.

This was the phase during their bondage play when he had to monitor her most closely. At any sign of serious trouble he would not hesitate to abort their game. He did not mind watching over her since this was also the phase he treasured the most. Now, her bondage became more than just foreplay, more than some bizarre masturbation aid. Now, it became true torment. Now, she was suffering beautifully. For him. Her devotion turned her torment into an offering, her suffering into a sacrifice.

He could only guess what caused her the most distress: The huge gag, the vicious nipple clamps or her back-breaking hogtie? Whatever it was, she would have to endure it. Purportedly, the realization helped her experience her pain as something else entirely. She professed that it was in these moments that she felt most alive. Afterward, she always reveled in the knowledge that she had risen to the challenge, transcended her pain and fear, made him proud.

His gaze wandered over her contorted body, committing the sight to his memory. He listened to her strained breaths, the anguished whimpers muffled by her gag. Her tired muscles quivered under his probing touch. A well-timed nudge allowed her to roll onto her stomach. Immediately, her breathing became labored as the pull on her head harness exerted by its connection to her toes increased and forced her head further back. Robert quickly knelt on the bed in front of her and hauled her upper body onto his thighs to lessen the pull. She sighed gratefully. Nina smelled of sweat and sex, a heady scent that fueled his lust. Her new position put her gagged mouth right in front of his crotch. If only he had used a ring gag! He felt ready to explode.

‘Yahoo! Yahoo!’

He looked up in time to watch the iconic scene of Major Kong riding the atomic bomb as it fell on its target. The white flash of a nuclear blast blanketed the screen. Not much longer now.

It was these intense moments he relived during conventional sex. Nina had confessed to him once that it was the same for her. They were a well-matched pair. His fingers slid over her head and softly caressed her ears. In return, Nina rubbed her head against his palms, at least to the extent her bonds permitted. In time, he would convince her to become his slave girl and all that entailed for real.

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when...”

Nina began to urgently hum as soon as the song started playing over the eerily beautiful footage of nuclear explosions. Her sudden agitation reminded him that it was time to free her. Robert did not bother trying to release the knots, which he deemed hopeless anyway. Instead, he reached for the cable cutter and made quick work of the wires that held her captive.

Her head slumped on his thighs when he cut the wire connecting it to her toes. The one that held her in the hogtie followed, and she sighed blissfully when she was finally able to relax her back and stretch her legs again. He rolled her onto her side and unfastened her nipple chain from the collar ring. Then he hit the clamps’ quick-release.


He was glad he had kept her gagged for that part. The bladder in her mouth muffled a little what would otherwise have been an ear-splitting shriek. She bucked wildly like a demented stallion. If her sinews and muscles had been up to the task, she would probably have snapped her bonds. He had to pause until she got herself back under control before continuing before he could attach the inflation bulb’s hose to her gag again, but this time to let the air escape through its valve. Immediately, the volume of her moans multiplied.

He freed her from the head harness and the blindfold. She worked her stiff jaw but kept silent. Her beautiful green eyes shot him a reproachful look. Seeing his innocent expression, she rolled her eyes at him and then closed them. She remained passive while he released her from the rest of her bonds, letting him handle her limp body as he saw fit. With silent regret, he unlocked the metal collar and removed it from her throat. Now, Nina was no longer his slave, but his girlfriend again.

Once she was free, he turned her onto her stomach and began massaging her. His strong fingers worked the knotted muscles in her back and shoulders to loosen them. He continued until the soft groans accompanying his manipulations had turned into blissful sighs.


“More,” Nina demanded without stirring.

Robert shook his head but bent over her again. The next time he stopped, she did not protest, too relaxed to complain. He shook out his cramped fingers, then lay down beside her and pulled her naked body against his. Fortunately, their height difference did not matter much in the horizontal. With her back pressed against his chest, he held her in his arms and lazily nuzzled her neck. Neither of them felt the need to talk yet. He was happy to let her process the extraordinary experience in silence. They stayed like that for a long time. It was late in the afternoon when she finally roused. She extricated herself from his embrace and padded to the bathroom. Apparently, nature was calling. After she had relieved herself, he heard the shower. She let the water run for a long time. He hoped she would remember to open the window after she had turned the bathroom into a high-powered steam bath.

When Nina emerged still naked, her skin was glowing. The marks the wire had left on her body were already fading. A little rest and the hot shower had revived her spirits. ‘Yai!’ for her astonishing resilience.

She rolled her shoulders and grimaced.

“I think I’ve pulled a muscle.”

He just raised an eyebrow. She sauntered over to the bed and crawled up to him.

“You’re a brute.”

She followed her accusation with a long kiss. So being a brute could not be all that bad in her books. When they came up for air again, she propped her head on her arm and regarded him pensively.

“Think we could repeat this sometime?” she asked idly, twirling with her curls.

Robert played it cool. It was hard, but he managed to limit his response to a noncommittal grunt. She faltered for a second, then rushed on.

“You always liked the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, right? When I bought the wire, they also had the extended edition on offer, all 12 hours of it. So, I got that as well...”


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