Wingco learns her 3 R’s

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2010 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; bfold; outdoors; caught; M+/mf; torment; arrest; hum; cons/nc; XX

Red dress + Red Army = RED ALERT!

Another boring trucking day was drawing to a close. Mike, my husband was deciding where to park for the night and I knew he was getting close to the time limit. I was checking the fridge in the vehicle wondering what to cook for our tea. Lasagne or Cannelloni it appeared was the choice as the other two pasta dishes we’d eaten last night while queuing at the Bulgarian border. Drinks were already brewing because Mike likes a cuppa while writing up the day’s log for Garry, his boss in the UK.

The wagon lurched off to the right and I looked up, as I hadn’t heard the clicking of his indicator as normal when he left a motorway. We went down the sliproad then right, pulling into what appeared to be a disused garage and this had a large parking lot to one side. No ‘keep offski’ signs and that’s good enough for us tonight.

A check of his watch, “Yeah ten minutes to spare not bad I guess. Shame we couldn’t have made the services further on but I didn’t want to go over the hours. I’m so sorry love” I smiled and said nothing, knowing he’d tried his best and at least we’d both grabbed a hot shower at the last delivery place while waiting for the paperwork.

I know he hates parking off road as he was mainly thinking about me, on the times I come to keep him company. Normally I do one in three trips as the rest of the time I’m running my own staffing agency from our home. The fact Maureen and Deborah can get in contact day or night and we’re all internet savvy, means the operation does not need me to be there all the time.

It’s easy for a bloke to go pee in the bush, for Shelley it’s a bloody pain! More than once I’ve squatted in the dark on stinging nettles and Mike bless him has learned not to laugh if he hears me squealing in frustrated anger!

“Tut tut, indicators dear boy. Didn’t Roy teach you about those?” I chuckled as he swung the vehicle round and we drew to a halt and he switched off. His tongue stuck out in a ‘yah-boo’ kind of way and we high-fived the other, thankful that we’d got somewhere legal, hopefully safe and a bit quieter after last nights little rumpus.

Though I guess I’d caused that. A few drivers seeing a blonde lassie in a tight white T-shirt and denim-cut-off’s, having a go at a German guy who’d carved my Mike up earlier in the afternoon. It hadn’t got him far, just four trucks further in the Customs queue but I was fuming. The poor bloke didn’t know there are some British people who speak their languages so I’d stomped up to his door and had a right rant. With Norwegian and Swiss grannies, hence the blonde hair and vocal skills, plus a brace of Scottish grandfathers for my attitude I guess I looked a sight!

Mike eventually had come and dragged me away before the Customs staff got involved. “Gonna have to tie you up again Mrs,” he’d said while trying not to grin, frogmarching me back to our vehicle, his hands clamped over my wrists. Didn’t tell him I found it bloody erotic as he bundled me up into the cab with a slap on the bum. Sadly he didn’t tie me, as I’d needed my hands to make dinner, just like tonight.

Of course I loved it when he talked and acted like that. Tie-up games are something we do now and again to spice things up and this trip had been no different. Most of the journey through Germany I’d been in the cab just by his seat but out of sight from outside. My wrists and ankles bound together. Gagged and blindfolded with earplugs and all, imagining I was to be ‘used’ by him when he’d parked up. If the B.A.G. (Transport Ministry) or the German Autobahn Police had stopped us he’d sure have some explaining to do!

We’d read a kidnap story on a bondage site before the trip and planned to act out some of that. Not the initial bit, that would have been too risky, but having jumped into the truck he’d pounced, hogtied me and the rest of the afternoon was a blissful series of…yeah baby!  It didn’t help my brain because I was only wearing a skimpy yellow sundress, which naturally had ridden up from the bottom. Spaghetti shoulder straps pushed to one side and halfway down my arms. No bra, in fact no underwear at all. Every now and again a finger…or two had come down and given me what for. Mike did use quick release knots but had we been stopped it’d still take me a minute to shuck them off, make myself decent then try not to look like a bloody hooker. Felt that good I’d planned to write about this and send it in to the site sometime.

Back to today and Mike clicked ‘send’ on the Sat-Nav/Computer thingy, allowing Garry to see we’d be on time for the first of our collections tomorrow night. It bleeped and he read what had been sent earlier and he checked the map. “Hope so, these guys are all ex-Communists, Reds and other things like that. Looking at this we’ve got six to do, all by tomorrow but at least three are in the same road. Then we’ve a nice long weekend in Varna because they’re off on Monday for ‘Revolution Day’ and the roads are shut down, how’s that for planning?”

Sounded fine to me, place is on the coast, the main truck parking area is right next to the city centre with great facilities. I’d spoken to Maureen in Boston barely an hour ago. No problems for me at home. The weather looked good for both days so a good chance for the swimsuit to make an appearance. “Yeah, we can get a decent meal for our anniversary on Sunday night” I said pointedly and he froze, thinking that’s next month…surely? We stared at the other for a moment then I laughed and he realised I was in a wind-up mood so he sighed in mock relief. “You are a cow Shell, I’ll get you back!” I knew he would too, no wonder I love him so much.

The drinks were put down and I was about to start tea when he sidled over for a ‘well-done’ kiss and cuddle. I was half expecting a jab in the ribs but not yet, just another apology. His fingers going everywhere but gently and I hoped… down there but the smart trousers I’d worn with the fitted jacket today to do our delivery to the Ministry in Sofia had no zip. Short of yanking them off he’d have to wait till bedtime but I did get another complement on my appearance. With these important drops to do it does look better if the driver and his mate don’t look scruffy in flip-flops and shorts. The men at the Ministry had looked most pleasingly at me as we’d worked and the stuff offloaded in rapid time.

“Fancy doing the woods things tonight love?” he said, eyes watching mine as they widened. He’d always wanted to tie me to a tree, role-playing a damsel being taken by a fiend, into the woods and all that. We could never have done it in Italy or anywhere else in Western Europe, it’s too bloody busy. But here, in deep and rural Bulgaria it was the perfect opportunity. We’d not seen a car for ten minutes, the nearest town was thirty miles back towards Sofia and the chances of any other truck coming off at this junction and parking nearby was remote. It was already past 7pm and most guys out this way are off the road by 5 o’clock. That’s why we’d gone further than planned, as all the other places had been full.

“Yeah, OK, I’ll do dinner first then we’ll go that way,” I gestured, pointing behind the garage into the forest. He agreed and said he’d go and check the terrain first. As I was planning to wear high-heels he wanted to make sure I wouldn’t cripple myself when going along. Mike left, doing his walk round of the truck then waved as he set off.

Returning half an hour later as the microwave went ‘ding’ I jumped a mile as the door opened as I hadn’t seen him sneak up. “Achtung, BOO Frauline!” he said, making me squeal for a moment, then hubby blocked his ears as I swore at him, though the grin of relief from me somewhat diffused that tension as he clambered in. We had a good kiss and rub then the microwave dinged again. “Good timing, grub’s up. Where’s the booze and corkscrew hon?”

Both meals went down well, with a glass of wine each then he washed up the plates while I applied my make-up. This took some while as I wanted it to be good for the camera, I normally don’t bother when we’re away apart from moisturiser and a bit of lippy.

Finally done I said ‘Ready’ and he checked me over, snapping a couple of shots. “Real trucker tart! Do you want any business driver?” I said, as he laughed. This second phrase heard most around the UK truckstops. The local ‘ladies of the night’ getting a shock when a lass sticks her head out of the window and asks ‘If she’s into doing threesomes!’ It normally works and they quit in disgust. Though we did get an ‘Oh, all right then, £25…each’ from one eager girl in Doncaster I think it was. She slunk off hearing Mike and myself crying with laughter at the tone of disappointment in her voice.

He said the path into the forest looked a bit dodgy, mud, a fallen tree and nettles so I planned to change into the dress once we’d got to the scene. Packing the red frock plus the heels and underwear into my rucksack while food, water and the camera went in his. It was getting towards dusk now and my heart was pounding as we walked away from the truck. As expected nobody else here, no cars for ages and the only rumbling seemed to be from the main road.

Mike’s hand slipped into mine as we went deeper into the forest, trying not to jump when something, probably with claws scuttled from seemingly under my feet. As an ex Army-cadet I was used to woodlands on our night exercises, mainly because it gave me a chance to grapple with the boys as we all played at being soldiers. Though Charlotte, my best buddy in the unit and I, seemed to get more gropes than they did, cannot think why!

After ten minutes Mike slowed up and pointed to the silver birch tree he planned to tie me to. It was secluded in a copse, at least fifty yards off the track and near the start of a small gorge. Nothing Grand about this location, but ideal for our adventure tonight. He opened his bag then produced a blanket, laying it down so I could get changed in ‘reasonable’ comfort. “Thanks love!” I whispered as the ropes came out and I got cracking, stripping naked then applying the lingerie.

“Leave the dress, I’ll do you like that,” he replied as I stood there just in stockings and suchlike. “Bullshit. I’ve been waiting five days to do this!” I murmured as the slip and two petticoats went on before he helped me into the dress. Giving me a good old rub once it’d been zipped and my shoes strapped on. I tried my normal swish round the blanket but almost toppled over a root. He caught me and held on till I was steady.

Looking me up and down, liking what he saw. This lovely dress bringing back great memories as I’d worn it to the rugby club Christmas ‘do’ the night he’d proposed, six years ago. My mum and dad had unexpectedly arrived as well, ten minutes before he’d done the deed. The fact they turned up but hadn’t looked surprised meant the old romantic fool must have asked my father first bless him. We’d danced our feet off that night and have never looked back since then.

So it was time and he eased me towards the tree till my back was firmly against it. He bound my ankles together first, with the long ends going around the four-inch trunk. Then my knees got the treatment, waist followed and I was gently trembling, getting a calming stroke but no kiss as he said it would spoil me. Drawing my wrists behind the tree, tying them cross-wrist style in an x-shape. We’d debated about one for the neck but he said no. Too risky, I needed to be able to flex this as I’d be gagged and blinded, so he had to see if I was getting distressed.

It felt amazing and he stared at me as I grinned. “OK,” and I nodded eagerly, knowing the gag and blindfold were next. The heart went into overdrive as what limited vision I had vanished as he wrapped the cloth round my head and tied it off. Then I was told to open up, Mike placing the wad of cloth into my mouth, the rest going around me and the job was done. His hands roamed all over my torso and I squeaked, feeling the moistness growing below. He’d planned to screw me first then take a few photos.

I shuddered as he went all over me, then lifting the dress up and running his bucket-like hands over my stockings then had the panties down. I tensed as he worked me up to a real frenzy. Waiting till I was ready then eased into my body and began.

This was doing my heart no good as his rhythm increased, thankfully I was tied so tightly against the tree I didn’t rock back against it. I could feel myself getting SO close now…then…BANG, it tore through me and my head went forward a bit as he continued to pound in and out, then he exploded with a grunt and I felt that lovely warm gushing.

It took me a moment to release him and I heard a groan as he stepped away. “Oh bloody hell, that was…amazi…”

The most almighty roar suddenly came from nowhere and passed straight over us. It made me jump, Mike jump, and probably woke every beast in Bulgaria! It must have been a jet fighter or something. We see enough of them whizzing around Boston in Lincolnshire, near where we live. But this had been at very low level for us not to hear it coming up. Once the roar had faded he cleaned us with a towel, pulling my knickers up again, though a crafty rub made me tremble.

Then he set the tripod up and took some flash-photos and I bet they looked great. A change of film and he shot those off as well. Hearing him going round and each knot and curve was done. He packed the camera into the bag then I heard him mutter. Not paying attention because I couldn’t speak back. All I knew was my feet were starting to ache and I was glad I wasn’t planning to walk back to the lorry dressed like this.

Then he said whatever it was again, this time into my ear from point-blank range and I felt his breath. “Stay still and be very quiet Michelle. I think I can hear something or someone moving nearby! Just going to check it out” and got a rub. I just wish he’d taken the blindfold and gag off first!

I heard him move off and things got very tense. Perhaps he was trying to wind me up. To scare me while being bound and helpless, if so he was doing a fine job. I could hear Mike away to my left, going back to the path, but was a something else to my right? Quiet, seriously quiet and that meant… Then I sensed him returning…fast. Running, crashing through the woodland, making no attempt to be quiet unlike the ‘other’ noise.

He rushed up and I heard him cursing, and that’s something so unusual. Despite his somewhat stressful job Mike rarely uses expletives. I swear like a trooper and know I shouldn’t. But the fact he was now and it panicked me, screaming through the gag for Mike to free me. His hand clamped hard over my jaw, accidentally banging my head back into the tree stump and I was shocked.

“Shelley, stay quiet for God sake! We’re in deep trouble love” he whispered hoarsely into my ear as he undid the gag, yanking it out. I spluttered, already on the verge of tears, wondering why he wasn’t removing the blindfold yet.

Then a loud shout a second later, made us freeze, just as he’d touched me again.

“STOI…STOI” it yelled, and my heart seized solid at the fact we’d been discovered. How the bloody hell had anyone found us out here?

“Oh shit, they’re bloody soldiers Shelley, rifles and all” he said his voice, normally a Richard Burton syrup smooth with added caramel and honey, was ragged, breathing loud as the crashing in the bushes behind us got louder. I was already starting to sob. Not because of what they’d see, just the way they might misunderstand the situation. I’m guessing bondage games were not that well known out here. For them to find a blonde lady, wearing a very pretty red dress that most of them couldn’t afford with a year’s wages, blindfolded and tied to a tree with a strapping guy working her, was simply terrifying for both of us.

Now the footsteps, many of them were all around. I heard a thump and a cry… Mike’s voice being cut off in mid-shout as someone probably knocked him down. I tried not to scream as hands tugged at my wrists, fingers all over the knots…


A radio crackled and the loudest voice of the several heavy-breathing characters who were around me began gabbling. It paused and a stream of distorted instructions, came back, were listened to and acknowledged as I heard a vehicle now arriving too.

This was terrible, somehow we’d either parked right next to a military base, or near a training area and they were ‘out’ on exercise. I couldn’t blame Mike for this, I’d wanted it as much as him, but as to what Garry was going to say I didn’t know, or care right now. I just wanted to be free, see how Mike was and it made me cry.

A slap across the face made me scream, this stopping as a harsh Bulgarian version of ‘Shut the fuck up missy” was yelled at me. Then I shuddered as hands began moving over my body, touching where they had no right to go! On my breasts and I squealed as one gave the nipple a tweak. 

More of them, nearly a dozen I guess and they were everywhere. Two lifted my dress up and I heard a gasp, then laughter. Then worst of all a cruel sounding growl. I was horrified when a dog’s nose began sniffing at me. Where the heck had THAT come from? Then he barked loudly, giving a terrified lassie indication of his size, definitely a big doggie. His bloody whiskers were tickling my thighs as he nosed right up there! Another growl and his handler pulled him back and I heard it whine.

When two hands pulled my knickers back down to my knees I screamed. This really set Fido off and his barking made me shudder. I heard the cocking of a weapon then froze as hands gripped my jaw, yanking it down and the cold barrel was placed on my tongue. The stubby fingers pushing my mouth shut and I was gagged…by a rifle! Trying not to choke and I feared for what might happen…

Fido returned and I shuddered as his tongue went straight into me. Licking for all he was worth and it felt… oh bloody hell, he was getting me aroused! The soldiers all laughed as they twigged what was going on. The faint flashing light of presumably torches reached under the blindfold and they must have seen my red face sweating. Shouts of encouragement for doggie who was giving my clit a right old session, a real knee-jerking one and after a few minutes of this I shuddered violently as the euphoria swept through my body to fading cheers from the soldiers as I fainted. 

Coming too I wept, realising that everything was quiet. I still stood there. Bound to a tree, a mile from our truck. Blindfolded, the gag now forced back into my mouth and utterly helpless. Mike nowhere to be seen. It made me struggle and scream to try and attract help. Then I jumped as a round of applause broke out!

THEY WERE STILL THERE! And I wailed as best as I could.

Hands came all around, some onto the waist rope, more onto my wrists, two to the ankles and I sighed as my arms came loose. I tried to step forward but discovered the buggers had only taken the ankle rope off the tree, also forgetting my knees and I went crashing to the deck. But then to my utter shock they all dived in, grabbing a piece of cord and seconds later I was being bound right up. Screaming did no good. Doggie was still around and that bloody ‘WOOF’ into my left ear made me shake.

A loud voice, this one of a much deeper tone boomed through the hubbub. I heard a short shape retort and the groping hands all let go, hearing everyone presumably getting to their feet as the boss arrived.

I was desperately scared now, but also wondering what condition Mike was in. My heart leaping when I heard a faint cough and a ‘Shelley, you OK lo…’ but was cut off by a sickening thump and a loud cry of pain. Takes a lot to hurt Mike, he still plays a hard game of Rugby and this must have been bad. I heard more kicking and wept as I imagined them ‘filling him in’. Before that long Mr Boss called a halt and I heard something being dragged away. Oh God, Mike, I’m so sorry’ I wept silently as those steps, and the other noise faded.

The hands grabbed hold of my arms, two more on my shoulders and roughly pulled a very scared lassie to her feet. He spoke to me, I didn’t have a clue so shook my head. Big mistake as a hand walloped me across the face several times. Had I not been held I’d have gone down like a sack of spuds. Again I was ‘asked’ the question and this time, fearing the reprisals I nodded. His voice changed to one of pleasurable triumph and I wondered just what I’d done.

Instructions were issued, acknowledged and to my horror I was picked up then laid on what felt like a stretcher, rope bound me to it then I faded away in shock as it bore me off to…

My worst nightmare came true when I awoke, facing a cream painted wall. Still tightly bound. Thankfully dressed but in a boiler suit, no shoes or anything else. I could not feel my underwear so somehow that had been removed. My innards and private zone felt OK so nobody had ‘done me’. But the fact they had stripped me then redressed me in this got my overwrought brain wondering if they’d taken any photos. My frock and shoes were missing but we were still in the deepest possible shit I could think of. Once regaining my senses I rolled over looking around the room and the bed I lay on…seeing the sight of…


He was there, lying on the bed opposite and his face, battered to hell was staring at me. My husband grinned slightly and my heart leapt a million miles at the fact he was alive, and with his lady. I struggled to sit up, my arms two raging rods of fire and once sat on the edge I tried to get to my feet. Another mistake and I cried as my left leg gave way, Mike closing his eyes as I crashed down, just missing his bed.

Taking it slower next time and ten minutes later I was sitting on his bed, our fingers intertwined as I wept uncontrollably. “I’m OK Shelley love,” he said quietly, “Just a bit bashed about. Now lets get you loose.” His fingers gradually picked the knots on my wrists and I managed not to scream with joy as I shucked them off. The pain that surged through my limbs put paid to that. But within an hour Mike and myself were sat up on the bed, our faces touching as he promised that we’d never…ever get caught like this again. I nodded, knowing he’d keep his word. 

Looking round the room a bit closer I was pleased to see it had an en-suite loo and shower. I shot that way and serious bladder relief followed before returning for a kiss. This obviously was not a jail or something like that. I helped Mike in there and got him patched up, having found a first-aid kit in the cupboard. He wasn’t that badly hurt apart from one enormous bruise that covered his entire ribcage. But none were broken and remarkably they’d left his teeth in. Apart from damaged pride he was great. There was a hairbrush and comb set in there and Mike did his best to sort the wreckage of my hair. All we had to do now was work out what to do, and where the hell we were.

“God you look a lot better than I do,” I said looking in the mirror as I cleaned the crap off my face, making him wince as he’d tried to laugh. We had another hug and kiss then heard someone at the door.

I thought it’d be locked but no, the caller knocked so I went across and opened it. To see four uniformed officers, one of them layered in braid. I guessed this was the boss who’d been there last night. He entered and one of the juniors came with him, then the other two brought chairs and we all sat down. Mike and myself holding hands and he could feel how frightened I was by the trembling fingers.

The first youngster spoke, in Bulgarian to start, then good German, a faint smile as I replied in the same and I guess it relaxed him. Guess his English or whatever else he was going to try next probably wasn’t up to scratch.

We got a right old grilling, who we were, what had we been doing and it was a very flushed lassie who had to explain bondage to a complete novice. His boss looked amazed as it was translated to him, he even smiled as the kid went ‘Woof’ then made a licking movement with his tongue, pointing to my midriff, then shaking his whole body. The boss laughed at that, joined by the others. Mike staring at me as I glowed red, it appeared he’d missed that and I nodded. His eyes rolled but thankfully no quip came out or I’d have smacked him in the ribs myself.

The explanations finished and boss man spoke to his juniors. They all grinned and I shuddered, wondering what the hell he was saying. One even shook his hand, the crawling bastard! Out they went, the first one telling me to come with him. Mike was not sure about this and held me back, worried they were taking his girl to be raped.

‘Food, Drinks,’ he insinuated, pointing to his mouth and we understood and I relaxed. I left the room, now shod in sneakers that were handed over, as I’d come to the door. We went to their canteen and I saw a few eyes narrow as they stared at me. Looking out of the window I saw it was just about dawn, so breakfast it was for us. The chef seemed a bit puzzled but a load of gibberish between them and I was allowed to grab anything I wanted. They even had decent looking cooked stuff, plus cereals… the result? A better brekkie than I could ever make in the truck...and FREE too it seemed. So I was not going to complain.

Ten minutes later I was back in ‘our’ room with a veritable feast of goodies. We were starving by now and made short work of the meal and jug of coffee that junior carried for me. The door opened again just as we’d finished and two, what I assumed were guards or something arrived. They ushered us out, not at gunpoint but we obeyed the gestures quick enough and were taken past the canteen and to what soon we realised was the boss’ office.

We sat down in front of his desk and waited while he finished up some forms that a junior was laying out, then the man collected them and waited. Then the boss spoke, our German speaking kiddo translating for him. I was amazed…and relieved.

“It has been decided…to let you go, without problems for you or us. No Embassy, no Police, no…hass…hassle ” I smiled as he’d mangled the last word. Mike seeing my reaction did so too, though mine soon faded as he continued speaking. “However, you…woman…have to take runway test first. If you pass…then you leave. If not…” and left it at that as he asked was I prepared to take it. I didn’t have a clue what this was and looked aghast. “It’s simple, you walk the airbase runway, that’s all” so I sighed, not bothering to translate that to Mike. He had enough on his plate. I nodded and everyone smiled, the secretary hurrying off with the forms.

Then we were led to another room, where to my relief and Mike’s delight was all the stuff we’d had last night, even my dress and the shoes were here, neatly folded, right down to the undies and it looked like they’d been cleaned too. His wallet, truck keys, watch, my handbag and all the associate camera gear, all laid out for inspection. The door was closed and Mike pocketed all his stuff though we did notice our passports were not here. A check on the time and we realised that if the runway carry-on or whatever it was didn’t take more than three hours we’d actually get to Varna on time!

Garry would never find out unless he checked the sat-com and I saw Mike, never the religious sort mouthing a small prayer of thanks. “Mike, even these films are intact, all of them. I cannot believe it,” I said checking the machine. A look in my bag, yep, still had my phone and all the cosmetics. Guess Communism must be dead or they’d have nicked it all for their women. Quickly I got changed back into the blouse and trousers I’d worn for the tramp into the woods. The boiler suit was folded neatly up and left to one side along with the sneakers. My black ones were of a far better fit.

The door opened and the boss arrived, with his man and the youngster did his stuff. Saying that Mike was to go with them and recover his vehicle from the garage. Once it was moved to the base I’d perform my walk and if successful we’d be allowed to leave. It seemed too simple but I nodded and agreed. Shaking the boss’ hand and he left. Mike gave me a big old kiss and promised not to be too long. “Whatever you do love, make me proud honey, keep…and keep the British end up!” Being a real James Bond fan I loved that quote and kissed him again before Mike was led away.

So just a walk on the runway I thought, what a joke, it’s got to be only about a mile or maybe a bit more. And I grinned at junior. He did too then told me I had to do it in all that stuff! Pointing to the dress and shoes I’d worn last night. “What, all of it?” I said and he just smiled, pointing to his face, then lips, insinuating I should put some slap on. I was shocked, appalled and wished that I’d not agreed to this. Nearly two miles in high-heels and I shook badly.

But it was the only choice so I nodded, managing to cry as he left me to it. I rushed as best I could and within half an hour I looked, well not bad I guess and my just arrived guard nodded in approval. We went downstairs and I saw everyone staring. No doubt they’d never seen a sight like me, and despite my circumstance I found myself giving them a wiggle. You bloody tease Shell, Mike would have said as we exited the main building and out onto the ramp. Thankfully it was another sunny morning, the thought of doing this in the pissing rain…yuk.

A jeep arrived, the boss and several minions aboard and they all got out. Smiling at me as I stood there trembling. I passed inspection apparently and was told to get into the vehicle. Having done so I was amazed as we drove down the flightline, seeing a huge row of jet fighters, one of these I assumed had scared the shit out of us last night. How the hell had we found probably the biggest airbase this side of the Black Sea without knowing it? One of Mike’s buddies is a plane-spotter, one of those saddos who sit there doing the aerial version of writing down train numbers, he’d love this if we told him. But I guess this’ll be one secret I’ll definitely be keeping to myself.

Down we went and my heart leapt as I saw Mike’s Scania and our blue trailer arriving next to the last plane in the line-up. We passed him and I saw his eyes bug out as he realised what I was wearing now. The jeep with my man indicated for him to follow and he did so as we headed to the end of the runway. The convoy stopped and I was allowed to get out. Mike doing also and coming over, giving me a hug as I handed him my other clothes, handbag and the camera stuff.

“Looking gorgeous Angel,” he said then confirmed the vehicle was undisturbed. Also he had the kettle on for coffee! A cup of water was handed over and he slipped me two painkillers as he looked at my feet. “That distance in those, you’re gonna need them Shell” And I smiled, never did I love him more than right now. He must have guessed seeing me in the red dress that I was wearing the heels too. Normally I can last an hour at most while attending parties, walking miles, no chance. Who else would have thought and worried about that? But then a voice called me back and I sighed, had another kiss then left him there. 

Our jeep went scooting back up passed the line up of planes, though I did see at least half of them now being worked on. Crewmen were milling about, a pilot with his big hat, or helmet I think they are called, was doing his checks, clipboard in hand. Same as Mike does I guess, though slightly more complicated.

We arrived up the far end of the runway and looked down it, seeing a couple of trucks partway along with people getting out every hundred feet or so. All of them armed with rifles and I stared. I was going to have witnesses all the way to the end. Mike’s truck barely visible in the heat-haze. I was ordered to get out and they did too. The boss coming round to stand in front with the others.

He reached for my hands, then bloody kissed me. RIGHT ON THE LIPS!

I was shocked but dare not resist as he rubbed both hands over my ass, patted me on it then let go, gesturing I should start walking. Pointing to the centre white line, the path I should follow.

My eyes blurred with tears and I set off, though amazed a hundred feet later when another truck pulled up alongside and a soldier got out, handing me a set of ear-defenders then ran back to the vehicle. This left in a cloud of smoke, dust and general shit, but why the hell did I need these? The planes weren’t going yet…were they?

“OH SHIT” I cursed, seeing at least three of the jets had their lights on, the glass lid that covered the pilot on one was down already…THEN IT MOVED!

If you ever see a girl running in high heels, you know she’s in trouble. I got another hundred yards or so then stopped and was about to take them off when one of the guards alongside the runway came over. Telling me in gibberish to stop it. Indicating I should keeping running. I tried to plead but he shook his head, smacked me hard on the ass then pointed the gun at me. So off I ran, really struggling already as I passed the first marker with 1 on it. There were eight more! I saw stretching into the distance and I started to sob. This was torture but I knew it’d be our way of freedom without anyone finding out. My dress and stuff kept flapping around my legs, the feeling I normally loved but not today.

Looking back I was appalled as the first jet moved along the track, it’s engines ready to blast the machine past my head. No wonder they’d given me defenders, I could feel the vibration from here. Keeping going I passed the second board, nearly a third of the way and I was already so tired and the painkillers hadn’t kicked in yet. It was no good I had to get these shoes off NOW and stopped again.

I’d barely touched the strap on my ankle when the nearest guard grabbed me, again yelling and smacking my ass. I wept and pleaded, then sighed as he got on his radio while I took them off. This was not a great idea as the jeep soon arrived. Three men got out, looking at me, then my heart seized when I saw one of them carrying cord.

At gunpoint I was forced to strap my shoes back on, then the bastards bound my wrists behind my back in that x-shape! Another slap on the butt and they departed after a damn good laugh. Smiling grimly I toddled off as the jet turned onto the runway next to mine, as it seemed there were two. For a moment I kept looking, hearing the next guard yelling and wave me on…then it seemingly leapt forward.

Barely a second later the machine roared past, if it was a hundred feet away I’d have said no, it was closer. The noise, the vibration thundered through my aching limbs as it shot into the sky. Mike must be crapping himself, I thought, the truck seemingly no closer than before. On I went, nearly at number three now but I had to keep turning to see how far the next…


It tore past me, making me scream as I’d left it a little late to check. Now I was a bit further down the blast from the fiery back seemed worse. I guessed it would get even tougher as I got to six, as this seemed to be when it left the ground. Like parking by a main road, the faster a wagon goes past, the more you rock. A stare across at the main ramp and I shuddered. ALL the jets were now lit up, they were flying the whole fleet by the look of it, all except one, his pilot standing there glaring at the machine while the maintenance people beavered away. “Tough luck Borat!” I smiled to myself.

Look I know it’s the wrong country but half these guys had moustaches!

Another glance back and I was appalled. The next one was on MY side. No way could I survive the blast from THAT! As soon as it moved I planned to dodge to one side. The men were positioned on alternate edges, so in a hundred feet or so, if I went to the left, the guy behind me was too far away to butt in. The soldier on the other side of course wouldn’t dare run across to chivvy me up. Another look…GO Shell!

I dashed diagonally to the left then crouched as the jet screamed past. The heat was appalling and the blast, almost but not quite bowled me over. But as it lifted up I was already on my way. The next plane was on the other side so I kept going. The only trouble being if that many came on my one, then by dodging side to side, I’d end up running even further.

Boss Borat must have guessed this, the next two planes both used my side. The bugger, but I was now almost at five. OVER HALFWAY! I thought as by now I could see Mike, standing with two guards by the truck. Quite what he’d have done, knowing I was bound up I didn’t know. My feet were in agony as I passed the board. Too exhausted to even cheer. Suddenly the guard to my left started waving at me. He was actually gesturing for me to go his way, Why?

I turned, then screamed in shock as I threw myself bodily to the side.

The pilot must have shit himself, the plane swerving all over the place as I stared at what could have been my death site. It lifted off much later, steaming straight over our Scanny at very few feet, I swear Mike and the guys ducked. I was sobbing as the guard helped me to my feet, brushed me down, so he could have a good grope, then as expected a slap on the bum and ‘off you go’ in smiling gibberish sent me off.

By the time I got to 6 thousand feet I was down to a trot. I just couldn’t go any faster. But the next three planes went the other side and one was even up well before that. It meant I could relax a bit and see Mike, waving me onwards, knowing his girl was doing him proud… Then he gestured to one side and I didn’t bother looking back as another… WHOOOOSSSHHH!!!

Now Mike was my guide and I just kept looking at him. Anything on the other side, no signal, if one came on mine, either go left of right as he could see the locations of the guards to keep me away from them. At least he still didn’t seem to realise I was tied up. Passing the eight sign I was in tears, wondering that I could fail, with under a thousand feet to go. I could barely place one foot in front of the other. Looking down I saw both were glowing bright red and I guessed I’d need a day or so on the bunk to get anywhere close to recovering enough. Shame really as we were planning a lot of sightseeing during our long weekend in Varna before heading home.

At least the jets were above me now. One, on my side kept a bit low but missed by a hundred feet or more. I just didn’t care now, placing one foot, then another foot and now, joy of joys I could see Mike’s lips moving. “Keep going Shell, nearly there pet. You’re doing great. Just a few feet more love” he was ‘saying’ but with a hundred feet to go I had to stop. Right after the white markings, like a zebra-crossing you see on the road. The same as had been at the other end when I’d been dropped off. The guard prevented Mike from advancing as the jeep came racing out and my heart sank as I tried not to collapse; both hands flexing as the cord bit into my wrists. Had I done enough? I began sobbing pitifully as it drew alongside.

Boss Borat got out and I stared pleadingly at him, tears running down my face as he looked back down the runway. The last plane, the one I thought was broken was just lifting off from my side. Coming towards us at a rate of knots. I didn’t even duck as it thundered over. Even he’d twitched, scowling as junior German speaker scuttled off to one side. He smiled as my weeping grew louder, then nodded and waved his men to help me.


The cords were gently removed and naturally I took the shoes off first. Trying not to scream as my hamstrings were given a going over. Mike was allowed to come up and he gave me the biggest hug and kiss as I managed not to collapse, holding me clean off the ground. “Well done Shell, by God I’m so proud of you love”, cradling me as the trucks went down the runway and collected the guards. I remembered he still had dodgy ribs and told him to let go. “No love, you need this more than I do” and I cried again until realising I was making an exhibition of myself.

Borat came back and to our surprise was holding what appeared to be a crest or something like that and hubby gently set me down to receive it. Boss shook Mike’s hand then handed it over. We guessed it was the badge of the local Squadron and my big brave man indicated he’d look after it. Then I shook hands with him, thankfully no kissing this time but two bottles of wine were presented along with our passports.

A moment later I handed over those bright red shoes to him. Indicating they were for his wife…or…lover or whatever. I hoped I hadn’t offended him but the guy seemed so delighted, looking at them and beaming. He saluted us then indicated we could get back in the truck and go. Lastly he called his men away and pointed to Mike that he should follow them to the exit! My fella carried me all the way to the cab. Only fifty feet but I could see it was hurting him, and trying to get myself in almost defeated us but eventually we were away. First thing I did was to get that coffee machine going.

I sighed like no other sigh as the airbase gate was closed behind us as we turned left. Going up the road a moment later we went past the garage where the truck had been parked and onto the motorway. No wonder they’d found us. We’d been about five hundred feet from the base fence. No secret police car followed us towards Varna and we would be there on time.

Not that I knew that much until we arrived in the city. As we’d trundled down the motorway ten minutes after leaving the base Mike asked me, had I got turned on during that long run? Imagining me as a damsel, like the act we’d played the night before. It was hopeless to lie but I had, and had the patch below to prove it. He smiled and we turned off into the next service area for fuel. Reaching for me across the cab Mike grinned and as I’d thought I was about to get kissed and cuddled, had shut my eyes in anticipation.

Another BIG mistake Michelle pet.

A minute or so later I was being bound, gagged, blindfolded and giggling! Lying on the bunk bed behind his seat and for a strange reason didn’t resist. I hadn’t even had time to change! Only after two hours did I start pleading and making a fuss, mainly because I needed the loo and had to get changed into my normal togs first. After all I could hardly go into a strange company warehouse dressed like this.

“Oh I don’t know, they might… nah lets not go there” Mike said when I’d told him. But I did spend a wonderful time imagining being used by strangers. Thinking that if I ‘went’ with them for half an hour, Mike’s load and paperwork would get processed a lot quicker. Am I a naughty girl for thinking like that? Or is that another story yet to be written?

That lasted till we’d parked up for the weekend whereupon Mike and Michelle became normal tourists again as we toured the city. A decent hotel for Sunday night rather than the truck and my feet recovered far quicker than I thought.

“Good, any shoe shops here Mike, I’m a pair short” I asked looking around the city square and got ‘that’ look as a reply. But we found the right ones within an hour, $50 having haggled, no wonder Borat had been chuffed to get a pair free for his bird.


It was a happy pair who returned to Lincolnshire a week later. While Mike sorted Garry out with the papers I loaded our stuff into the car. He bullshitted the seriously impressive bruises by saying he’d tried breaking up a fight between two other drivers at the border post and got a slap or two for his trouble. “You should have set yon Shelley on them Mikey boy, she scares me!” he’d replied, looking up at my fella.

Getting home Mike again grabbed me and said how proud he was. But also we’d continue playing our games. “But check the wider area next time” I’d retorted as he went to develop the photos in his lab. No way could we send these off to Boots!

He emerged two hours later, smiling, but a bit curious as well, holding the sheaf in his hands, but not letting me look at them yet. Finally he laughed…

“Shelley love, should we get a dog sometime?”


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