The Winch in the Playroom

by Hawktied

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© Copyright 2015 - Hawktied - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; shower; bond; playroom; straitjacket; cuffs; spreader; winch; susp; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

Part One

Finally! After 3 long weekends, my project in the basement playroom was done! I’d just finished running some new power and installing a winch to the main iron header in our dungeon/playroom. I’m a small building contractor with a successful business so I knew what I was doing, and the small yet powerful winch was a parting gift from a customer who was upgrading his garage and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

I’ve been married to Gloria for a little over 10 years now and we both enjoy the bdsm lifestyle enough that I built a small playroom in the up-until-recently unfinished basement of our suburban home. With no kids, I’m sure the neighbors might be curious as to what goes on behind our closed doors but are respectful enough to never ask. My job is very physical so I’m in above average shape and my wife Gloria…well she still looks the way she did when we met. She was the co-worker of my brother’s wife and we were introduced at one of his parties. Gloria is a trim latina with a natural slightly tanned hue to her skin with dark almost black hair to match her brown eyes, whereas I’m a fit blonde haired blue-eyed “Gringo” as she likes to sometimes tease. Our relationship became intimate by our third date and ironically enough it was in the afterglow of our first foray did we reveal to each other about our mutual fascination with bondage. It was little more than a year from that moment that we were married. Our honeymoon nights (and sometimes mornings, and afternoons, and evenings) consisted of one of us being tied up while the other enjoyed themselves with the other.

We eventually bought a house, and I built our own designated playroom and stocked it with years worth of various restraints, outfits and toys. I’d always wanted to try suspension bondage and after my receipt of this winch I’d finally get my opportunity. I won’t bore anybody with the specifics, but I decided to keep this little project a secret from Gloria, so I limited my work to the hours when she wasn’t home. I’d encouraged her to do some shopping and spend time with her sister and friends so that I could have the house to myself.

The actual work itself didn’t take long, and I had to swing by our favorite leather store to pick up a few more necessary items. On the third weekend I finally tested it with various weights and finally my own dead weight before I was satisfied with my work…I decided tonight would be the night! I climbed back upstairs and relaxed with a beer and waited for my wife to get home.

After hours of shopping, Gloria finally arrived home and announced how tired she was and how sore her feet were. That was my cue, so after getting her to relax in her favorite spot in the living room I retrieved a glass of wine for her and upon removing her shoes I began to massage her feet. It didn’t take long for her to finally relax and I could see the wine was beginning to take effect judging by the way she began to melt into the seat and the soft moans she began to make. Foot massages have always been a way to get her in the mood for playtime and this was no different, as I could tell when her breaths began to get more and more deep. It was time for me to make my attentions known

“I’ve been working on something downstairs in the playroom that I’d like to try out.” I casually mentioned.

“Mmm…really? What is it?” she dreamily replied with her head back and eyes closed as she continued enjoying my massage as it steadily had moved from her feet to the backs of her calves.

“Oh, just a little surprise I think you’ll enjoy…” I trailed off.

Judging by the way she slowly opened her eyes and leaned forward I could tell she was intrigued. When it came to our playroom, our surprises never disappointed.

Gloria slowly rose from her chair after I assumed she flicked on some unknown internal switch. She quickly swallowed the last of her wine then fixed me with a sultry look in her eyes.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to shower first before we get down to dirty business” she said and then turned and slowly made her way to our bathroom.

I had worked up a sweat myself from all my work in the playroom, so I decided to join her in the shower.

After disrobing, we both entered the shower together and got the water to a nice, comfortable warmth. One of the most underrated things in a relationship is showering together, but that was something we both take time to enjoy. We lustfully kissed each other after the shampooing was done with the water cascading down on our naked wet bodies. I pinned her against the tile wall and our lips and tongues continued to intertwine as my hands began to explore the rest of her body. Needless to say, she began to run her hands down my body as well. We paused long enough to grab the soap and sponges and one at a time proceeded to lather and fondle each other (each paying close attention to the other sensitive naughty bits).

Her body looked beautiful as the water rinsed away the soapy foam to reveal her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy. I couldn’t resist her any longer, so once again I pushed her to the tile wall, got down on my knees and began to fondle her breasts and began to kiss and suck on her pert, brown nipples. With the water still raining down on our bodies I caressed her body, she released a gasp when I worked my free had down to her crotch and began to finger her.

The tone was set as I alternated my attention from one breast to the other while fucking her with my fingers, that I would be the one in control. I withdrew my fingers from her warmth and wetness and knelt even further down until I was in position to work my shoulders up and under her knees to position her bald pussy right in my face. She was pinned up against the wall with her upper thighs on my shoulders and my tongue firmly working its magic down below. It didn’t take long for her to cum as I hungrily licked and suck on her pussy while I alternated between fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples. When she did cum her juices intermingled with the warm water, which was still flowing down our tangled bodies as she let out a hoarse moan and momentarily tensed up before going limp in my arms and I was finally able to catch a breath (It’s actually kind of hard to breathe with water running down over your head while your face is still buried in her crotch.)

I carefully eased myself from underneath her and made sure she was able to stand on her own before I finally released her. She signaled her recovery by leaning forward and planted a kiss on my lips while her right hand slowly began to stroke my rock hard cock. I let her stroke me a bit, but I wasn’t planning on ending it here. I instantly spun her around, held her hands behind her and whispered into her ear: “I’m not done with you yet…remember my surprise?”

She paused and I slowly turned her to face me before I kissed her one more time and finally shut off the water.

We then playfully toweled ourselves off with the anticipation of what still lay ahead.

Part Two

While Gloria was busy blow-drying her hair, I went downstairs to get things ready. I went into our playroom and gathered up a few items and then prepared my surprise. I then closed the playroom door and laid out the items I’d gathered onto the bed in the guest bedroom. When I finished, I made my way back to the upstairs bathroom where my wife was finishing up with her hair. We were both still naked and after she finished with the blow dryer, I walked up behind her and in front of the bathroom mirror I reached around and cupped her breasts. I began to play with her nipples and then I maneuvered my cock between her ass cheeks and she replied by exhaling the deep breath she’d held and slowly began to grind her ass against my bare and hard cock. We then began to put on a show for the couple that lustily looked back at us from the mirror as I slowly bent her over still cupping her tits and began to tease her pussy with the head of my cock. While we were doing this we never once broke eye contact with the couple mimicking us in the mirror.

Once I felt she was ready and willing, I leaned over and whispered into her ear: “Are you ready?”

With her fuck me now look on her face she whispered: “Yes.”

A satisfied grin came across my face and I picked her up in my arms and carried her downstairs much like I did the night of our wedding.

When she saw what was laid out in the guest bedroom her eyes lit up and she grinned.

“I guess you’ll be the one in charge tonight.” She remarked…as if it wasn’t already apparent.

Gloria and I are both switches as in we both like to be both dominant and submissive and both open to trying new things in our sex life. Gloria is bisexual and actually had a girlfriend in her college days. Me? I’d like to consider myself open minded, but I really can’t say that I’ve ever been attracted to a man. She’s gone on to explain some of her college day’s exploits (sexploits?) and some of her kinky activities she and her roommate had in those days. Since meeting me she’s only had me and we’ve been happy since. However tonight, I was in charge.

I stepped forward and grabbed her in a hug and then I hungrily kissed her. Our lips and tongues mingled once again and I slowly began to explore her body with my hands. While trapping her arms against her sides, I cupped her ass and pulled her hips towards mine and slowly began to grind myself against her. Our slow rhythmic dry humping continued as I withdrew my lips from her and whispered into her ear about how much I loved her and how lucky I was to have her.

She replied with her own “I love you and trust you.”

“You remember what to do if you want me to stop, right?” I asked. (We each had our own safe words and I and in case we were gagged our signal was to hum the tune of “Happy Birthday”.)

Fixing me with her deep dark eyes, she silently nodded her consent and leaned forward to kiss me again.

As much as I wanted to keep feeling her up and having my way with her, I had to stop and get to work.

I started by grabbing the black Bolero straitjacket she’d bought for me for my birthday last year. I love the level of restraint it gives and I love the unrestricted access it gives me to her body. Once she was snugly secured I stepped back to admire how beautiful and vulnerable she looked. We engaged in more lip wrestling as I slowly cupped her breasts and played with her nipples, lest she get bored while I secured her in her jacket.

My hand slowly eased its way down to her vagina as I slid my finger slowly into her wetness. I diddled her this way until I could feel the first early signs of her impending orgasm. I slowed my teasing then withdrew my finger and then made a show of licking her juices off of my fingers. I reached over to our heavy-duty ankle cuffs and on my way down to putting them on I gave one of her lovely little nipples a little suck and kiss while I playfully pinched the other.

She squealed at my attentions and momentarily retreated from my quick little nips, but when she saw the sturdiness of these newly purchased restraints she instantly asked: “What are those? What are you planning?”

I replied by lightly tickling the inside of her thighs.

She once again squealed at my attentions and tried to get away but only succeeded in falling butt-first onto the bed behind her. Using this to my advantage I grabbed her first ankle and secured the first strap then did the same with the other. I then flipped her over as she playfully struggled against me as I then grabbed the ball gag and efficiently secured it into her mouth and then buckled it into place behind her head. I then followed that with our black leather blindfold, which then removed her sense of sight.

I helped her to her feet, and once she was steady I casually picked up and buckled her collar on. I kissed her on the ball gag and hooked a leash onto the D-ring on the front of her collar. My hands roamed her fully restrained and vulnerable body and began to once again get her body primed to arousal.

I could tell how aroused she was by the low soft moans she began to make, the token struggles in her restraints, the rigidity of her nipples and finally by her wetness I could feel when my fingers began to penetrate her labia. Once I was satisfied with her level of excitement I then led her by the collar to the door of our playroom.

Part 3

I carefully led Gloria past the doorframe making sure she wouldn’t trip and the fact that she couldn’t see where she was going. Our dungeon floor was covered in its entirety by wrestling mats, which I’d purchased online. Carpet was too hard to clean and these type of mats only needed a soap and water wipe down after festivities, not to mention the discomfort of our activities being held on a cold concrete floor. Leading her in, I then positioned her a little off to the side underneath the newly installed winch. I helped her to carefully first kneel down and then slowly eased her onto her back as her movements were hampered by the fact that her arms were wrapped and bound around her breasts and secured across her belly by the leather straitjacket sleeves which in turn secured her.

Once she was down I reached over and picked up another new accessory, which I’d custom built.

I’d cut a two foot long piece of double unistrut (Google it if you must) and then bolted on an eye-bolt on each end on one side, and then bolted on a heavier duty eye-bolt on the opposite side. I then painted the whole thing black and added rubber strut grommets to the ends to cover up any sharp edges and what I’d ended up with was an industrial looking but effective spreader bar that was sturdy enough to support someone’s weight while being suspended from the above winch.

I spread Gloria’s legs and placed the strut between her legs. I then grabbed 2 climbers carabiners and first attached them to the D-rings in the ankle restraints and then snapped them into the eye-bolts on opposite ends of the strut. She struggled for a bit once I was done as she realized how vulnerable she was. I enjoyed watching her strain her arms in the sleeves, which held her captive and the clink of the metal hardware as she tried to move her legs, and soft moans began to emerge from behind the black ball gag as she began to enjoy her helplessness. I’d already lowered the hook at the end of the winch cable to the floor in anticipation of our activities, so she was still oblivious to what lay ahead (or above), and I then quietly attached it to the final eye-bolt.

Stepping back I then activated the winch and closely watched the progress. The sound of some unknown electric machinery above her suddenly halted Gloria’s struggles as her soft gagged moans gave way to a confused sound. She began to struggle again, only with a little more fervor as she began to feel her ankles began to be pulled off of the floor. I could see her arms straining against the sleeves of the straitjacket, her legs desperately trying to escape their bonds as her bare ass left the matted floor.

There was a brief awkward moment when it was her shoulder and neck’s turn to leave the floor, but once she was finally completely off the floor did I finally release the breath of air I’d absently been holding. I finally shut off the winch when her long dark hair was barely touching the floor. The sight of her naked tanned skin accented by all the black leather hanging upside down while she slowly strained in her captivity and soft moaning seemed to make my erection even harder. She looked so beautifully vulnerable and she was all mine!

I slowly circled her, taking in the sight and sounds of her. I couldn’t resist running my hands over her body and her attempts at moving away from me and her short but muffled noises of protest only emboldened my attentions as I still couldn’t decide on where to begin.

“Are you okay?” I asked her as I took up a position behind her.

She nodded yes.

“Do you like my surprise?” was my next question.

“Mmm…eth…” she replied and I assumed meant yes, judging by the way she began to vigorously nod her head.

“All that blood rushing to your head must really intensify things, right?” I asked in a mocking tone.

“MmmMmm, eth…”she replied yet again.

I cupped my hands to her ass and slightly began to massage it and I could feel her begin to relax. As my hands explored her, I couldn’t help but to notice the heat that was now emanating from her pussy. I ran my fingers across her labia and sure enough, she was wet and clearly enjoying her position. I licked my fingers clean and decided that I had to have more. I kissed one butt cheek and quickly spanked the other and then stepped back.

She let out a yelp and instantly began her struggles. She began to sway while struggling and let out a series of unintelligible moans and grunts before calming down.

Stepping in front of her I reached down and began to playfully pinch and play with her nipples. She began to shake her head in protest and in doing so her face bumped into my rigid cock. She tried to rub her gagged mouth over my penis, totally unable to take it into her mouth. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along her fleshy slit, which then elicited a slow and desperate moan as she awkwardly tried to mash more of her crotch into my face. I took that as a hint and then plunged my tongue between her lips and began to alternately suck then lick the upper part of her pussy. My tongue delved as deeply as it could while her pussy lips appeared to try to grab hold of my chin.

Gloria was making some of the most beautiful noises as I rhythmically devoured her sopping wetness. She was moaning so loudly that despite the gag filling her mouth I was thankful that I’d decided not to skimp on the sound proofing material of our playroom. She desperately tried to mash her genitals into my face as her orgasm approached while simultaneously rubbing her gagged mouth over my now dripping with pre-cum shaft. When I reached down and began to once again cup her tits and play with her nipples she finally couldn’t resist any more and she finally exploded in my mouth with a shuddering orgasm. She arched her back and let out a gagged shriek and my mouth was instantly flooded with her juices.

I wasn’t ready to cum just yet, so I quickly stepped away from her suspended shuddering form and almost came from the sight in front of me. There was my pretty wife slowly swaying side to side and shuddering, upside-down and suspended by her ankles with her commingled pussy juices and my saliva trickling down from between her spread legs. A thick line of saliva was running down out from around her ball-gagged mouth, while her tits with their pert brown nipples were heaving with her chest as she struggled to regain her breath. It took her a few minutes to finally calm down and eventually she hung limp in her post-orgasmic haze, during which time I averted my own orgasm and resisted the temptation to masturbate myself to the show, which only now began to subside.

She slowly began to stir once again and I decided to let her down, but not before I got my satisfaction. I knelt down beside her and lovingly began to wipe away the saliva off of her face.

“How was that?” I asked as I began to unbuckle the ball gag in her mouth. I then removed her blindfold and she began to blink her eyes as her sight returned.

Upon removing the gag she could only reply “It was so intense…” she dreamily trailed off.

“Good. Before I let you down you should know what I want, right?” I asked.

A smile spread across her face she opened her eyes once again and smacked her lips in anticipation.

I lazily played with her boobs as I slowly got up from the floor. Once I was standing Gloria instantly knew what to do. With her limited position she stuck her tongue out and grabbed my cock with her lips. My shaft instantly disappeared between her lips and she immediately began to suck on it. I could feel her hunger as she took it all into her mouth and began to work her magic. With no leverage for her, she could only awkwardly run her mouth up and down my shaft, but with the side effect of the sound of a very wet and noisy blowjob.

With the effect of what she was doing to me and having her pussy right in my face, I decided to go in for seconds. I devoured her sopping wet pussy and somewhere in the back of my mind I realized that we were in a standing 69 position. To keep her inverted body close, I grabbed two handfuls of her ass while we both continued our oral attentions. Unable to use her hands, Gloria used her lips, tongue and teeth to finally get me to the edge. I intensified my attentions on her pussy and we finally came together in an explosion of lust.

She once again shuddered and I felt her pussy contract around my lips and tongue as I exploded into her mouth. I felt like I must of came for minutes on end and there’s no way I shot that much cum into her mouth as it seemed, while her body shook the whole time. I slowly slid down her body until I was ass down on the floor. Sure enough, there was a line of my ejaculation running out the sides of her mouth as she limply hung there and her face looked like her mind had drifted elsewhere. Both of our bodies were drenched in sweat and somewhere in my mind I quipped “I guess we’ll need another shower”.

I took a mental snapshot of the scene in front of me and then got up to finally lower her back down to the floor. She finally began to stir when she was once again firmly back on the floor.

I reached over and grabbed a clean rag we used for clean up purposed and I gently began to wipe my cum and her saliva from her face and mouth. I released her ankles and sat her up to undo the straps holding her arms and I eased her out of the straitjacket, which had held her. When she was free she weakly wrapped her arms around me and we held each other close. After some time I finally picked her up and carried her out to the guest bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She opened her eyes and grinned at me.

“Thank you…” she whispered before she finally fell asleep.

As I laid next to her feeling her warmth, my mind began to wander at the other possibilities this new addition to our playroom presented before I too fell asleep next to my very satisfied wife.

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