William & Mary 3

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; captured; bond; naked; drug; mc; device; computer; tease; torment; denial; spacestation; sci-fi; con/nc; X

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Part 3

“How did this happen?”

“I don’t know, Sir. All I can say for sure right now is that the locks weren’t opened with a key. From the interior scraping, I’d say they were picked.”

“But if the locks were picked, why pry one of the plates loose?”

“It wasn’t pried, Sir. From the minute deformations in the chain, ring, and lock, I’d say it was pulled loose. How, I have no idea. That would have taken a lot of strength.”

“Malorians have that kind of strength.”

“So you think a Malorian released them, Sir?”

“I’m considering possibilities. And asking questions. Such as, if it were possible to pick the lock, why exert the effort to pull the plate loose?”

“Perhaps someone wanted us to know the Malorians were involved.”

“Perhaps. Or it could be a trick. Check everything for any sign a mechanical device of some kind was used to do the pulling. In the meantime, start a quiet search for our two missing guests. Nothing official, go through the other channels.”

“Yes, Sir. We’ll find them. After all, how do you hide a naked woman if she’s not in a compartment?”


“Finally.” Breathing a sigh of relief, Mary Worth paused, glancing up into the maze of hull supports.

“Were you afraid we would be captured again?” Conrad Stodt shook his head. “I can assure you, we were not followed.”

“And how,” Mary shot back, “can you be sure? You’ve been staring at my ass the whole way here.”

“I have not. Besides, it is, you might say, quite openly displayed for viewing.”

“Only because I’m naked. Wait here.” With that, Mary jumped and grabbed one of the lower supports, pulling herself up into the maze. Squirming through the supports, she quickly made her way to where she’d hidden her suitcase. To her relief, it was still there. Opening it, she withdrew new clothing, then closed the case and made her way back to the floor.

“What,” Conrad asked as he watched her dress, “do you have in mind for our next move?”

“We need a place to lay low for now,” Mary replied.

“I thought it was your intention to speak with Henry Wills,” Conrad said. “He was, after all, the one who captured me, which proves his involvement in this affair.”

“True,” Mary admitted, “but we don’t know how far it goes. We need to know who else is involved.”

“So you suggest we hide?”

“Lay low,” Mary corrected, “and watch to see exactly who comes looking for us. Wills can’t go through official channels on this. He’ll have people searching, but it won’t be station business.”

“Which means anyone searching for us is also involved.” Conrad nodded. “Still, we will only be able to identify those individuals actually searching the area where we are. We will still have no idea who else is involved.”

Mary shrugged. “It’s a start.”

“May I ask you something?”

Mary glanced over her shoulder, then returned her attention to the corridor. The two huddled in a service conduit near where they’d been held. “Go ahead.”

“How long have you known William?”

Mary smiled. “My whole life,” she replied.

“So the two of you are close?”

Mary smiled. “Let’s just say we have no secrets from each other.”

Conrad nodded. “Does he know……..?”

“That you’re the one who put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life?” Mary turned her gaze toward her companion. “Honestly, he had no idea.”

“But if he were to find out…….”

“It won’t make a bit of difference. You were a soldier, doing a soldier’s job. He would never hold that against you.”

“You are sure?”

“Positive.” Mary moved back slightly. “Your turn,” she said, slipping to one side to let him pass. “I know it’s a tight fit, but try not to grab my tit this time.”

“I will so endeavor.”


“I did not touch where you said not to.”

“Just a lot lower. Next time, try not to touch anything, ok?”


Several hours later, Mary, once more on watch, stiffened.

“We need to get out of here,” she whispered. ‘Now.”

“What is wrong?”

“They have a DNA tracer.”

“How is that a problem?”

“Move now, explanations later.” Roughly, Mary shoved Conrad down the conduit. “Let’s go.”

The next several minutes were spent slipping out of the service conduits and into the ventilation system. After traversing the main vent ducts for several hundred feet, Mary stopped near one of the station’s large circulation fans.

“Ok,” she said, “we should be safe here for now.”

Winded, Conrad sank to the floor. “Why were you so worried? What can it hurt if they find out who we are?”

“That’s not the problem,” Mary informed him. “That device they had wasn’t for identification. It was a tracker.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You know what pheromones are?” At Conrad’s nod, Mary continued. “Secondary sexual trait, right? Pheromones are targeted at the sense of smell, which means they hang in the air for some time after the person who produced them is gone. Trackers can identify the DNA of residual pheromones.”

Conrad nodded. “And your abductors have a sample of your DNA.”

“Exactly. Which is why I came here. This fan should disperse any pheromones I produce, at least for a while. Still, I think we need to split up. Better if only one of us has to outrun the hounds. Why don’t you see if you can contact your friend in hydroponics. See if he can help you get a message to Earth, get some people up here we can trust. I’ll try to keep the hounds busy.”

“I dislike this,” Conrad said. “I prefer we remain together. Still, I cannot fault your logic. I will do as you ask.”

“Good. Now get going.” Mary watched as Conrad scrambled away, then settled down to wait. She intended to give him a head start, then lead the chase in the opposite direction. That should give him more than enough time. Not an easy wait, she thought, considering the smell.

Suddenly, Mary tensed, recognizing the musky odor growing stronger around her. Quickly, she began to move down the duct, but it was too late. Already, she could feel her body weakening, her head growing lighter. Quickly, her vision darkened until her world went black.


“Finally awake, are we? Good. We have things to discuss, you and I.”

Mary glanced around the compartment she found herself in. Several experimental tugs had assured her she was going nowhere. Metal bands encircled her arms and legs, securing her to the table on which she lay. Another metal band encircled her head, holding in place the wad of cloth filling her mouth. Finished with her examination of what was obviously a medical facility of some kind, she grunted into her gag.

“Oh, don’t bother,” Edward Stillman told her, smiling. “I’m quite sure that anything you might have to say at this point would not be worth hearing. In time, however, you will tell me many things.”

Casually, he began softly stroking one of Mary’s breasts. “You’ve led me a merry chase, my dear,” he said. “Unfortunately for you, my intellect is much more than you could hope to equal. It was I who deployed the DNA tracking devices, knowing you would take refuge near one of the fans. After that, it was a simple matter to introduce a harmless gas into the ducts to render you harmless. And so here we are. I trust what you have to tell me will be worth the effort.”

“It would definitely be worth more than your drivel.” At the sound of a woman’s voice, Stillman stiffened.

“Hello, Dear,” he said lamely. “I was just…..”

“Just bragging. Again.” Laura Stillman’s voice was scathing. “Your ego is going to get you into real trouble one of these days, Edward. It was because of your ego that she got away the first time. I swear, I should never have let you into a position of authority.”

“But, Dear, you know many of the men would never follow a woman’s orders.”

“Which is the only reason you appear to be in charge, as you well know. They obey you, and you obey me. Now go command the search for Stodt. I will handle this one myself.”

“Yes, Dear.”

A door closed. Someone moved to stand next to Mary’s head, but all she could see was tightly stretched cloth covering the bottom curves of a pair of large breasts. The woman leaned over, and Mary saw the attractive face of Laura Stillman. The woman was smiling as she unfastened the band and removed the cloth from Mary’s mouth.

“Now that it’s just us girls,” she said lightly, “let’s talk. I’m sure you have questions.”

“I do indeed,” Mary replied. “Why is it your men feel the need to strip me every time they capture me? This is the third time I’ve wound up naked since I got here.”

Laura Stillman laughed. “No doubt they hoped the embarrassment would slow you down, though I doubt very much it would bother you as much as they hoped. Besides, I’m sure they enjoyed the view. You are, after all, quite a beauty.

“Now,” she went on, turning serious, “my turn. There are things I need to know from you. Why are you here? Who besides your friend Conrad Stodt knows your mission? How are the Malorians involved, and how did they smuggle one of their own onto the station?”

“Malorians?” Mary looked puzzled. “There are no Malorians here that I know of.”

“Of course there are. Who else had the strength to free you from your last confinement? For that matter, who else had the strength to break your cuffs the first time my incompetent husband captured you? There are Malorians here. You will tell me how many, and where I can find them.”

“I will tell you nothing.”

“You,” Stillman replied, taking up a small device, “will tell me everything. Do you know what this is?”

“Looks Malorian,” Mary said. “For people who hate them, you sure do seem to love their technology.”

Stillman smiled. “Even bad things have good uses,” she replied, pressing the device against Mary’s forehead. “This little gem, for example, is a sensory stimulator. It can create any sensation I program it to, by directly influencing the sensory nodes in your brain. For example…..”

Stillman took up a data pad and began typing. Suddenly, Mary felt something touch her nipples. She knew there was nothing there, but her body insisted that someone was lightly pinching both sensitive buds, which quickly hardened. Stillman typed some more, causing Mary to stiffen as she felt something brushing against her pussy.

“Of course,” she heard, “there’s actually nothing there. The device on your head is fooling your nerves, telling them that they feel something that doesn’t exist. It’s amazing what the body will believe, simply because the mind says it is so.”

Suddenly, Mary’s body told her that she was being penetrated. She knew there was nothing down there, but the sensation of something pushing into her was undeniable. Soon, she felt completely filled, and a part of her had to wonder if her pussy looked as stretched as it felt. She moaned softly as she felt something brushing against her clit.

“You’re wasting your time,” she gasped, fighting against the arousal she felt building. “I love sex.”

“It’s not the sex you love,” replied her tormentor, “but the end result of that sex. Continued sexual stimulation without release can be nearly as hard to endure as pain. Harder, for someone like you, I would think. Shall we find out?”

More typing, and Mary could feel something thrusting within her. Desperately, she fought the sensations, but soon found her muscles clenching against the nonexistent intruder. She gasped as she felt something penetrate her from the rear. Under the double assault, her body began writhing within its bonds.

“What is it you want?” she moaned.

“Not yet,” came the reply. “Let’s let it build for a while, shall we? Soon, you’ll be so desperate to cum, you’ll tell me anything I want to know. All of your secrets will be mine for the asking.”

Desperately, Mary fought against her bonds, and against the sensations that threatened to overwhelm her. Slowly, the room around her receded from her awareness, leaving only the sensations within her. Sensations she knew to be false, yet was unable to deny. Her moans grew to fill the room, nearly drowning out the small thud that sounded, followed by the noise of something falling.

“Mary?” Opening eyes she hadn’t realized were closed, Mary saw Conrad hovering over her. “I need to get this thing off of you,” he said, reaching.

“No!” At this, Conrad paused. “Get her control pad. You have to shut it down before you can remove it safely,” she explained, gasping out the words.

Quickly, Conrad grabbed up the pad. Luckily, the program was still on the screen, allowing him to initiate shutdown. As soon as the pad showed program terminated, he ripped the device from Mary’s forehead.

“Let me get you out of here,” he said, only to see her shake her head. “Is something else wrong?”

“Conrad, I’m so horny, I can hardly see straight. And there’s no way I can function like this.”

“What can I do to help.”

“Fuck me. Fast and hard.” Through the fog of arousal, Mary was still able to smile at the look on Conrad’s face. “You know you want to,” she said. “This is your perfect chance. And it’s for the good of the mission. Now get those clothes off and get with it, man!”

Doubtfully, Conrad removed his clothing and climbed onto the table. When he entered her, Mary thrust strongly upward to meet him.

“And I promise,” she gasped, already in the throes of her first orgasm, “William won’t hold this against you, either. Faster!”

Never before had Conrad so thoroughly enjoyed doing his duty. And, he knew, he would never enjoy it quite so much again.

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