Wild Idea

by Prometheus

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© Copyright 2006 - Prometheus - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/m; D/s; bond; toys; mum; cons; X

I was browsing the net a few weeks ago and came across a website of particular interest to me, a site all about female domination that made videos for web consumers only. I checked out a few videos and quickly realized that this was the site for me, and then I noticed a model call for male subs and I clicked the link.

Long story short, I saw the pay scale, quickly filled out the form, attached a few nude photos of myself, and sent off the application. In the next week all of the details were worked out and I was all set for my first femdom video.

I drove to the studios on the day of the shoot, and headed into the reception area. The receptionist gave me some paperwork to fill out; a form for me to list my limits. I was excited and started checking off everything that was okay with me ignoring the things I had no experience/interest in i.e.: anal penetration, anilingus, wax play, etc.

A few minutes later the shoot manager appeared and took me to the studio. There he introduced me to the model I’d be shooting with, a strikingly beautiful woman named Kim.

“It’s nice to meet you; I hear this is your first shoot. If you have any questions or apprehensions, feel free to ask. I’ve done this a few times.” She giggled a bit at the last part of her comment.

“I think I’m doing pretty well, banana is the safeword, right?” She winked at me and gave me a sly smile in response.

The first scene we shot was a mild spanking and domination scene. Kim jumped right into her role, “Get those fucking clothes off and put your hands behind your back.”

I wasn’t even aware that the cameras had begun to roll, but I quickly complied. She slid behind me running her hands over my chest and telling me to relax. She tied my wrists together and then my elbows, bringing them within an inch or two of touching. I heard her mumble to herself about getting them to touch by the end of the shoot. After finishing with my arms, she next tied my ankles and knees together and added a blindfold for a finishing touch.

She then lowered me onto an ottoman like piece of furniture so my knees were on the floor and I was laid down on my stomach. She started off with a leather flogger and warmed my ass up pretty quickly, at which point she reached around and felt my dick, and found it, to her approval, quite hard. And I must admit, it was hard to not be aroused in Kim’s presence. She oozed sexuality, and had an aura of sexual supremacy about her.

At this point I heard the shoot manager tell Kim that he had to run to the office and would be right back. After he shut the door, I heard Kim turning a couple of locks.

“Oh, you silly, silly little boy. You should have read these forms over a little better. You checked off everything that is okay for me to do to you, but you forgot to check the boxes for the ones that aren’t okay. You shouldn’t have ignored them; you needed to check the box marked no. I guess I need to check these all as being approved.”

The ottoman jumped a few inches in the air after I digested what she said and started to argue with her. She expertly jammed a ballgag into my mouth to silence my protests.

“That was probably a mistake. The owner of this site was recently approached by a very well-funded fan about making a private video. She said she wanted a six-hour non-stop film. Said she wanted to see how many times some male pig could be made to come. She said she was getting sick of seeing these videos of these girls on our sister sites coming over and over again, but the guys would just come once and be done. She wants an epic, multi-orgasmic saga, featuring some young buck who can deliver. We haven’t been able to find a model, until now. I hope you had your Wheaties today.”

Needless to say, I was absolutely furious, but my dick was as hard as it’s ever been at the thought of being tormented by this gorgeous woman for the rest of the day.

I felt Kim slide a leather armbinder over my already roped arms. After tightening the straps, she had me stand up and she buckled the straps that circled my chest and went over my shoulders. She then took the gag out of my mouth and I launched into a tirade.

“You can’t fucking do this to me you goddamn…” and I was rewarded with her dirty panties being shoved into my mouth, followed by a cock gag, pulled to it’s tightest setting. A leather discipline helmet was then pulled over my head and laced up. She completed the bondage with a posture collar and three small padlocks.

“I’d like to hear you complain now. If you were a little bit more thorough, you’d be about halfway done with the shoot. Now, you’re fucked.”

And I was fucked, I couldn’t make anything close to an intelligible sound, couldn’t turn my head, and I sure as hell couldn’t see anything with the blindfold on and the helmet on top of it.

“This is gonna be the fun part, I’ve been thinking about the best way to make a male come as much as possible, and I think this will do it. If not, we’ll just have to leave you tied up and shoot this vid another day.”

With that tease, she slid some type of device onto my engorged member that felt like a fake pussy. She then locked it into place by connecting to steel hooks with a padlock behind my balls. This thing wasn’t coming off without a little bit of help. She pushed me back onto the ottoman and asked if I didn’t check the anal penetration part because I was a virgin back there or was afraid she’d be too rough. Not waiting for an answer, she slid a long, thin butt plug into my ass, up against my prostate. Not wanting the evil little anal invader to escape, she used another piece of rope to keep it in place.

She then helped me onto the floor, where she pulled my ankles up and tied them to the end of the armbinder. Not only was the strictness of the armbinder killing me, but lying on the fake pussy was uncomfortable too. After she had me fully secure, I could here her laughing at my struggles.

“All comfy? It’s gonna be a bit for you in this position.” She then turned the fake pussy on, and my cock started to get massaged. It was self-lubricating, and felt absolutely amazing. After a minute I completely forgot that she wasn’t going to turn this thing off and let myself explode. With a shudder, I collapsed and the fake pussy kept massaging.

Usually after I come when in bondage, I need to be released. Without the sexual energy, I don’t like being bound. But the damn thing kept massaging and I could hear Kim walking around me, checking my bindings.

“Wow, that sure was quick. I got something that will help you get to number two.” She turned the butt plug on, and it started to vibrate. Being wedged against my prostate, I was hard in a few minutes and felt myself coming to orgasm once again. With another shudder, I came even harder than the first time. And yet, both the plug and the pussy kept on. This was all in the scope of fifteen minutes and this crazy bitch wanted to keep my here for six hours? No way. Wasn’t gonna happen.

It was then she started to beat on my feet with a riding crop. Going back and forth, occasionally stopping to tickle them, something I absolutely hate. She then sat down in front of me and started to rub her wet pussy against the nose holes of my hood, and my cock grew hard again. It took a lot longer for another orgasm to come, maybe forty minutes or so, but it came. I came again, and now it was starting to get almost painful to orgasm. She surprised me by undoing my hogtie. She didn’t untie my legs, but she took the armbinder off and untied my arms. After the ordeal I’d been through my arms were completely useless, something she acknowledged by not restraining me again right away.

She placed my arms into leather sleeves, sleeves that went up to my shoulders and forced my hands into tight fists. After tightening the straps, she had me lean against a metal grate. Kim then locked my hands above my head, to opposite sides of the grate. Turning a winch on the floor, the grate rotated until I was parallel to the floor.

Climbing on top of me, she turned a dial on the fake pussy and if it was at 10 before it was at 50 now. Besides massaging and vibrating my cock, it felt like it was being sucked at the same time. She then sat on my face, covering up my breathing hole with her pussy. With her twisting and pinching my nipples, a personal favorite of mine, I quickly came again, twice in quick succession.

“Well, that’s five orgasms in the first two hours. I know I’m impressed.”

I couldn’t believe that I came that many times. I don’t know if that ever happened to me in a day, no less two hours.

“We’ve got plenty of time left, I think I’m gonna take you over to some of our sister sites photo sets. I know Chanta would love to torment those balls of yours. And Mika and I have been talking about doing a dueling strapon video for years now. Let’s get you ready to go.”

She extricated me from the metal grate, and untied my legs, replacing the rope with a set of leg irons that would allow me to walk. She then locked the leather arm sleeves together at the wrists and elbows behind my back. Leading me by a leash she had attached to the fake pussy, I felt a draft of air as she pulled me through a doorway.

Our first stop took us into Chanta’s lair. I heard her ask Kim if they shouldn’t give me a break from the fake pussy, and I was rewarded when I felt the lock behind my balls being unlocked. The pussy slid off easy enough, and after a wipe down with a wet towel, my cock was once again at attention.

One of them locked my wrists to a chain hanging from the ceiling, and then the other turned a winch until I was bent over with my arms going straight up. My leg irons were then locked to some hooks on the floor, severely limiting my mobility.

Chanta then took some bailing twine and used it to separate my balls. Grabbing my cock in one hand and my balls in the other, she began to vigorously jerk me off. She whispered in my ear “I know Kim got you to come five times in two hours and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna top it. You might not be able to walk by the end of it, but you’re gonna fucking come for me.”

She hit a nerve with the verbal abuse and the rough handjob; I exploded, and started to shake. Chanta rewarded me by slapping my balls with a riding crop, while Kim took the head of my dick into her mouth. I thought they were just gonna tease me for a bit, but Kim continued to suck my dick while Chanta beat my balls for half an hour. Chanta finally stopped the assault and slid in close behind me. Grabbing a nipple in each hand and tugging them downward. Kim finally took the plug out of my ass, only to start fucking me with it repeatedly. I couldn’t believe I was about to orgasm again, but it came out in spurts, Kim greedily swallowing the load. I shuddered once and passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out, but when I came too, I was still restrained, this time on all fours, with a different type of ottoman like torture device beneath me. I was secured by leather straps, but my cock was shoved inside the ottoman, inside another type of fake pussy.

“Good to see you’re back with us” I heard Kim’s commanding voice say, “You’ve only got an hour left with us, but I just had to introduce you to Mika. Mika just loves to fuck men in the ass.”

I was still stuck in the leather discipline helmet, and couldn’t utter any complaints other than a very soft grunt. Someone, who I assume was Mika, spanked my ass a few times, and then liberally dropped some lube onto my asshole and hopefully her strapon.

“I hope you like this one. It’s about 8 inches long, not too thick, and jet black. I call her the Liberator.” Mika was giggling the whole time she explained this to me. I felt my hood being unlaced, and finally the gag was taken out of my mouth. I spit the panties on the floor but before I could say anything another strapon invaded my mouth.

“I know you’ll like mine” I heard Chanta tease in her sexy little British accent. “It’s the same size as Mika’s, but I prefer the color pink. I call mine the Emasculator.”

Mika then slowly inserted her phallus into my ass, cautiously penetrating and removing it, adding a bit more lube, and finally ramming it in to the hilt.

“You see the genius of this bit of furniture is, every time I fuck you in the ass, your poor little cock fucks that fake cunt it’s trapped in. So while I take your virginity, you’re gonna be cumming and cumming.”

And she did fuck me in the ass, the first orgasm coming within a few minutes. Chanta fucked my mouth, making me use my tongue all over her dick, calling me her dirty little cocksucker. Finally Mika took her strapon out of my ass and Chanta stopped sodomizing me. I thought I was out of the woods, but then Mika told me to clean off her filthy cock. Chanta then rammed her pink phallus in and the whole ordeal started again.

I faded back into unconsciousness again, only to wake up still restrained. This time the conniving women had completely mummified me in pink bondage tape. Leaving only my cock and mouth uncovered.

Kim climbed onto my face and said “You’ve only got a few minutes left to finish this video, so we thought we’d try something nice out.” 

I started to lick her pussy and I felt someone climb on top of me and lower their pussy onto my cock. I found out later it was Chanta, and she slowly fucked the living hell out of me. I came once again inside of her and she climbed off. I was still licking Kim’s pussy, bringing her to orgasm more than once when Mika took my dick into her mouth and performed the most mind blowing blow job on me I’ve ever had.

She continued like that for what seemed like hours, and finally she brought me to my final orgasm. I was sweating and shaking and not sure where I was anymore. Kim finally climbed off of my face and Mika leaned in to kiss me. I tried to kiss her back but she just wanted to spit my cum into my mouth. Before I could spit it out, she had shoved a pair of her panties and a pair of Chanta’s into my mouth. Sealing it with duct tape, I had no choice but to taste my cum and their soaking wet panties.

A few minutes of me struggling passed and I finally heard Kim speak, “We were talking, and we’re pretty sure we can get a better performance out of you tomorrow, so sleep tight. We’ll see you in the morning.”