Wife on Display

by Techie & Techster

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From time to time I have these erotic/bdsm dreams or fantasies and every once and a while I want to act out one of them. Last month I told my husband, Techster, about a dream that I had where I was naked on a rotating pedestal before a group of artists. Techster will always help me make my dreams come true, especially if it has me being naked, teased sexually and begging for him to give me an orgasm. This dream came a reality when he spotted a four-foot long piece of the three foot diameter round thick walled tubing that was being used as a form for concrete columns during construction. He tossed the tube in the back of his trusty old diesel pick up truck and brought it home.

He came in the door and proudly announced, “Remember that dream you told me about being on a pedestal naked and on display? Well here is the answer to your dream!” He continued, ”I have that heavy duty electric powered rotator that was designed to hold a cutaway Lenco racing transmission for my engineering students. With some thick plywood capping the top and bottom to make a sturdy base, a cap and mount the turntable on it. We can make a headstock, wrist stocks and ankle stocks to secure you on it. What do you say?”

It is no secret that I actually enjoy being naked, bound and on display. This is one of the greatest ego boosts this 60 plus year old body can get. True, I have a little upper arm and tummy sag, but a pair of form fitting long opera gloves and a lace-up corset can cover that. First, Techster cut two circles of that thick plywood that is used to make subflooring in a house. Then with decking screws he anchored the circles in the top and bottom of the tube. Finally he installed an “X” shaped base that was five feet by five feet to make certain that the column would be steady even with me rotating on top of it. It sounded like Techster was about to wear out his jigsaw and the circle cutting attachment as he cut a four-foot diameter circle out of three-quarter inch plywood. This would be the platform that I will rotate on. Using his table saw he cut an eighteen inch wide by two feet tall plate out of the three quarter inch plywood .

“I’m glad this happened.” he said continuing, “It gave me an excuse to buy a new powertool. It is called a 'Rotozip' and is even better than my jigsaw for cutting radii.” He smiled as he switched on the Rotozip and cut an eight inch wide slot in it with a smooth radius at the bottom. This would be the main part of the head/neck stock that would hold my neck/head from moving.

It was now assembly time:

(1) The head/neck stock piece with the eight inch wide slot with a rounded bottom (to fit my neck) that ended 21-inches from its lower surface was cut on centerline.

(2) The radius and the inside of the slot were rounded with a router and sanded smooth

(3) The up-right and base plates were attached by a long piece of "piano hinge”. This enabled the headstock to fold flat on the base when the arm restraint and torso support were removed.

(4) After a quick shopping expedition at a local home improvement store he bought two pieces of 5/16-inch thick steel bar 18-inches long. He used his milling machine to cut notches on one end of the bar and drilled one-quarter inch hole in the other end of the bars to accommodate a #8 screw. These bars were intended to keep the head stock from folding or moving while the stocks were "occupied".

(5) Measuring 12-inches out from the hinge Techster attached the end of the metal bars with the hole to the lower plate. Then he used a framing square and set the headstock plate at a perfect 90 degrees and installed a long #8 decking screw to hold the end of the bars with the hole in place.

(6) Then he pivoted the bar onto the upright or stock plate and installed another screw for the notch in the steel bar to slide over. This held the headstock in place at a perfect 90 degrees.

(7) He had me help with the mounting of a 3 inch wide by ten-inch tall torso support that would go between my breasts. It looked like a rectangular wooden box. It was designed to make the captive (me) comfortable while I were on display. It supported my torso so my neck wasn’t holding me up.

Once again it was my turn to help.

I went to a carpet wholesaler and bought a one-yard square sample square of the softest deep pile shag carpet I could find. When I got home I attached a piece of the carpet to the torso support with heavy duty glue.

Then Techster gave me another detail: “Since this rig is designed for you please design a gag that when you are in the headstock will keep you quiet.”

I made the gag support out of two pieces of one-inch by one-inch oak with two hinges. One hinge was in the middle and the other was at the base so that the gag could be removed if he or I wanted. In the middle of the gag support was a simple hook type “flip” latch of the type that was used for screen doors kept the gag support from folding.

The base of the gag was nineteen inches tall and at the end was a 3 inch diameter foam rubber ball that was attached to the base with a screw that was embedded deep enough in the ball so it would not hit the inside of my mouth.

(8) I attached a gag assembly hinge to the base plate with four decking screws. Techster asked me to kneel down and test it. It fit very well I tried to scream

or shout, no significant noise.

(9) To insure the head/neck stock was inescapable Techster designed two cams. These cams were cut from a 12 inch circle of 3/4-inch plywood. Techster and I experimented until he found the best balance or pivot point for the cams. Then he marked the location then he drilled a hole in each cam. This hole was for the pivot bolt. The idea behind the design was that as the captive lowered their head into the stock the cams would swing on the bolts and trap the neck of the subject.

(10) Techster used a small felt tip marker in the pivot hole then placed the each of the cams against my neck. He rotated the cam and marked the pivot hole so that it was upward and moved to contact the upper or stock plate This provided the location where the pivot holes would be drilled.

(11) He drilled both pivot holes and tested the cams. They performed perfectly they swing shut just like a trap might and would not move when I tested it with my neck.

(12) Techster had me nail some small brad nails 1/2-inch apart on the inside edge or radius of each cam. Now the head stock was truly inescapable!

(13) The cams were attached using 5/16 bolts with large fender washers on each side and in between the cam and the stock plate. Techster used nylon self-locking nuts to insure that neither of the bolts that supported the cams would loosen regardless of the stress.

(14) I attached two pieces of 4 inch plastic pipe 12 inches long at 11-inches off of the centerline on both sides of the headstock plate. These were secured to the upright with a screw on each end. These were to be my arm restraints as I lowered my neck into the headstock I was to slide my arms down these tubes. Once my elbows were down in them and my neck locked into place by the cams my arms would be fully restrained.

(15) I covered the base that I was to kneel on with a scrap of deep pile carpet and stapled the edges and glued it in place.

(16) Four eyebolts were installed on the lower plate, two at the end where my ankles would be these were 2 inches back from the end and 28 -inches apart, The next pair of eyebolts were installed 6 inches from center where my knees were. The objective was to pull my knees inward and my ankles outward thereby exposing my tender parts for my tormentor's pleasure.

There I was a captive on the coffee table in our living room.

While I was 'testing' the top plate restraint assembly Techster advised me ”I’m going shopping for some vinyl to cover the tube. Let me know if it is inescapable and how comfortable it is.”

For about an hour I was a captive of the device while Techster left to go to a local fabric store and purchase a covering for the tube/pedestal. I heard him come in the door and slap my bare butt. “Still in it did you struggle?” He asked. “I bought a remnant of black vinyl upholstery fabric.” He said as he released.

It took about an hour as we stretched, stapled and glued the fabric to the outside of the cylinder, “After all if we are going to this much effort our project should look but be of a colour that won’t attract attention from you.” It was difficult requiring a joint effort to mount the rotator to the upper plate on the cylinder and then drill and bolt the plate that I or the prisoner or object on display would be “mounted” Techster used a variable speed controller to control the power to the rotator motor. I begged, “With all this effort, please let me test it!”

Techster smiled, “Agreed, strip and I’ll help you get mounted.”

Eagerly I stripped after all this MY fantasy! I knelt and put my neck in the headstock and at the same time slid my arms in the restraint tubes. When I was all the way in the headstock and the cams swung and locked me in place I discovered the gag did it’s job very well. Techster tightened the strap that pulled my knees inward then the two straps that pulled my ankles outward. I could feel my clit and private area being exposed.

“Now it’s time to test the rotator.” Techster announced as I began rotating. I noticed that with the head facing down posture that I was in I could not see what was happening around me so dizziness would not be a problem. “Now I am going to make your life interesting!” Techster announced as he slid a pair of pulsing vibrators into both my vagina and my butt. Next he clipped an electrosex connectors, first to the triangle piercing by my clit and the second clip to my labula. The vibrators and the electro sex stimulation were in perfect synchronization.

The effect was immediate and strong I would feel the moisture oozing from me. This only made the effect stronger as I rode through several orgasms. I was a captive of my own making, the gag did an excellent job I could not make an audible sound, the arm restraint tubes kept me from moving my arms, the headstock anchored me in place and lastly by pulling my knees together and ankles outward I could not even move my buttocks from side to side. Then I heard Techster say, “Let’s stress test for movement!”

I knew what that meant; it meant that I was about to be whipped or paddled. “Since this is your first ride, I’ll just keep it to 20 lashes. Now it will be your choice so you can pick the instrument of your torture by wiggling your toes for yes. You will have four choices.” “First choice, single tail whip.” I did not move. The single tail whip stings and leaves nasty welts.

“Second choice, nine tail cat.” Again I did not move.

“Third choice, thin rattan cane.” Again no movement. The cane is worse that the single tail whip. It stings and leaves raised stripes where it hits

“Fourth and last choice, riding crop. If you do not make a choice I will go with the single tail whip.” I knew what a terror the single tail whip was so I wiggled my toes.

It seemed like ten minutes before the first strike of the riding crop on my buttocks, I counted each strike and could no do anything but wait for the next strike. “I do believe that this rig has been thoroughly stress tested and approved.” Techster advised me. “Time for one last orgasm!” He turned the electrosex on rapid cycling and medium intensity. With the combination of the electrosex stimulation, the vibrators, and the whipping I drifted off into orgasmic subspace.

Orgasmic Subspace is always a warm comfortable experience that left me feeling like the sexiest woman in the world and I had enjoyed every minute of it. Techster is an expert at aftercare. I was released placed on the sofa and given an hour of intensive caressing and cuddling. I enjoyed my ride and am looking forward to being the sexiest senior lady in the world on display at the next Wiccan artists coven.

For a long happy, loving marriage it does help to have a husband who will play with you and enjoy your fantasies as much as you do.

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