Wide Awake

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; tease; bond; chairtie; rope; gag; collar; toys; insert; left; torment; oral; climax; cons; X

We were sitting on the couch and I stretched and said “I’m tired, I’m going to bed”. Lori responded “Not me I’m wide awake!” I smiled at her with a grin when she said that since it had kind of become a code for “I want to spend some time alone in bondage”. Ever since the first time she had been pestering me when I was tired and I had tied her to the couch and left her there all night. She had told me the next day how much fun she had struggling by herself knowing that even though I was in the next room I would not be coming to free her anytime soon. Now when she says it with that twinkle in her eye I know what she’s expecting and try to make sure she’s helplessly bound but not in any real danger while she was left alone.

About a month ago she had been teasing me by walking around in one of my favorite latex out fits and said the code so I forced her arms behind her and bound them quickly and very snug behind her back. I had tied her wrists then two ties near her elbows before forcing her into a kitchen chair and tying her wrists to the lower cross bar ensuring that the final knots were well out of her reach. I took our recent purchase a breathe through pump gag that I knew she hated and stuffed it into her mouth strapping it tight before pumping it until her cheeks were bulging. The nice thing about this gag besides that it filled her mouth completely muffling any noises she wanted to make I didn’t have to worry about her nose getting clogged while she was alone possibly suffocating her.

Now bound to the chair and silenced I securely tied her ankles to the chair’s back folding them neatly towards her ass and keeping her from being able to “scoot” the chair anywhere as she had done in the past. Lori was already moaning as I rubbed her latex encased breasts but when I started to stroke her pussy I could feel small vibrations coming from within and quickly found out she had hidden a small vibrator inside herself. I scolded her saying she might not find it so much fun climaxing so quickly without being able to stop the vibrations or free yourself. Her small muffled chuckles dissipated quickly when she realized I was correct and had plans of making her regret installing the vibrator.

I tied a wide band of rope around her waist and the back of the chair cinching it on both sides making it very tight loving the way it was sunk deeply into her latex covered skin. While she wiggled inside that new band of rope I made another across her lap cinching this one even tighter and effectively locking her to the chair. I watched her strawberry blonde hair flip from side to side as she struggled for a few minutes before taking more rope and wrapping her shoulders and upper torso to the chair. The bands of rope crossed over and under her breasts being tied and cinched in the back making her rubber covered skin pucker out from under the tight ropes. Even as I watched the pockets sweat under the transparent latex move around and grow bigger I knew she wanted to be alone so I made no plans to entertain myself, besides I had to get up tomorrow while she had the day off.

Now Lori was roped tightly to the chair, her arms forced together behind her and her ankles pulled up until they almost touched her ass. Lori was starting to wonder if she should have pushed so hard as she yanked and jerked her whole body and felt no give in the ropes and started to whine softly as she watched me walk off. Lori was actually happy to see me returning until she noticed I had two other items in my hand and started struggling and whining again. I first held her head straight and wrapped the tall posture collar around her thin neck closing the buckles snuggly forcing her head to remain perfectly straight. I slipped the top strap of the rubber blindfold over her immobilized head then pulled the second tight below her ears and buckled it.

I stroked and kissed her rubber covered body for several minutes before turning the vibrator on leaving it almost on its highest setting. I patted her on the head and said “Goodnight my dear” and went to the bedroom leaving her to struggle to free herself and fight the oncoming orgasms. Several times during the night I heard muffled moans and some loud squeals, I knew the batteries would last about four hours before dropping to a nerve grinding buzz before finally stopping all together. Unbeknownst to her I checked her twice before dropping off to a deep sleep. Waking in the early morning I checked on her again and found her asleep still helplessly bound to the chair. I was surprised she had not made better progress in freeing herself being that I wasn’t able to make the ropes as tight as usual and figured she could have wiggled out of them as she had done in the past.

I studied her bonds carefully and it became clear to me that it was the rubber of the catsuit that had kept her from freeing herself. Around and in between every loop of rope I could see the rubber bunched up and was sure it had stopped her from releasing herself. I felt her hands and feet and with both feeling quite warm I marveled at the puddles of sweat now moving around inside the suit. Since her ankles had been pulled up leaving her knees pointing down there was no place for her trapped fluids to drain out except through the zipper splitting her pussy. Most of her fluids had been trapped between the wide coils of rope around her stomach and across her lap leaving her with large pockets of liquid clearly seen under the transparent latex. I pushed and squeezed these pockets for several minutes before going to shower and get ready for work.

Returning to Lori I found her swinging her stiffened neck making her hair whirl around her head and moaning through the gag. I had no doubt she needed to relieve her bladder so I stepped up behind her and grabbed both breasts and squeezed them hard making her shriek loudly. I started talking to her as I prepared my breakfast about how well I slept, watching her continue to struggle and listening to her moans. I turned on the water faucet letting it run while I watched her pull and yank on the ropes. I told her I wouldn’t have time to release her before I left so if she needed to relieve herself to go ahead and stuffed a dish towel between her spread legs.

Lori moaned as she felt me stuff the towel and fought the ropes harder, about fifteen minutes later I was walking to the door and stopped to cut the ropes around her arms and wrists. I heard her sigh loudly and could see a new large pocket of liquid forming around her pussy and quickly spreading down her folded legs. I smiled at her urinating on herself and waited until I heard her take a deep breath then said “Feel better?” Lori moaned and shook her head slumping in the chair defeated. I quickly cut the ropes around her elbows and wrists laying the cutters next to the chair and ducked out the door chuckling to myself at her humiliating herself.

A few hours later Lori texted me to call her when I have a chance, I expected her to be mad so I waited until lunch to call her. When she answered she sounded very excited and friendly and we chatted about when I would be home and what I wanted for dinner. I told her I thought she would be mad and as jokingly as possible told her I wasn’t comfortable eating something she had made in the mood I thought she would be in. Lori squealed as she said “Mad! Why would I be mad?” I said “Because of last night and this morning?” Lori laughed and said “I had a wonderful time I enjoyed every minute of it, well almost every minute” laughing again. I was relieved to hear it and told her I would be home promptly at six.

Walking in the door I could smell the meal cooking and was greeted by a vision of beauty encased in latex. Lori took my hand and led me to the table letting me watch her firm ass wiggle under the transparent blue latex. Her long legs flexed with each step as they fought the tight hem around her ankles and the skyscraper heels she was wearing under it. During dinner Lori made multiple trips to and from the table keeping me…interested… knowing how much I like seeing her amazing body wrapped in tight latex. Each dish was fed to me while she sat on my lap asking me about my day and making it harder to want to continue eating the meal. It was a perfect fetish dinner and a fantastic way for her to say thank you but she wasn’t done yet. When I was finished and Lori had wiped my mouth she stood and asked me to turn to the side, once turned she carefully unfastened my pants working them down until my swollen cock was allowed to spring free.

Kissing me while she stroked my cock I fondled her rubber covered body wanting to rip the dress off and take her right there on the table. Lori straightened up and I thought “Ok here it comes she’s going to leave me rock hard and desperate” Instead Lori took a pair of hand cuffs from under a towel on the table and ratcheted them around one wrist then put her hands behind her back allowing me to close both tightly. As soon as I had the rigid cuffs closed she turned quickly to face me and fell to her knees. Looking up into my eyes she said “I tried to make this a perfect evening just as you had done for me, my way of saying thank you”. After that she took my cock into her mouth leaving me to stare down at her encased body and ass while her hands flailed uselessly behind her. It took very little time to get me to climax and Lori drained me entirely before cleaning me with her talented tongue and leaned back and stood up.

I sat breathless as she stood above me grinning and asked “Now do you believe that I wasn’t mad at you?” I could barely manage a nod and she stood giggling at my reaction then added “But I really do not want to spend the night like this?” looking down at herself and pulling at the cuffs. I made a hand motion like a key being turned since I didn’t think I could say anything without my voice cracking and she shuffled off to fetch the key. By the time she had returned I had pulled my pants up and told her as I took the key from her fingers “I will release you only if I get to peel you out of that dress and clean you myself”. Lori quickly agreed saying “I had hoped you’d feel that way”. We spent a wonderful weekend together, Lori constantly wearing something to keep me interested and me keeping her restrained in some way. We both collapsed Sunday night and slept deeply lying next to one another, Lori sheathed in another latex hobble dress and her arms laced tightly into her armsleeve. I lay naked beside her both arms wrapped tightly around my soul mate dreaming of the next time she said she was wide awake.

The End?

You tell me.

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