White Trash Dominatrix

by Lady Tressa

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© Copyright 2013 - Lady Tressa - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/f; F/ff; captive; bond; cuffs; gag; bdsm; shave; cane; force; cage; basement; denial; cons/nc; XX

For Brianna the passing of her elderly grandmother was a welcome blessing. The deceased had willed her house to Brianna, which meant she now had a permanent residence, with no need to room with undesirable male or female companions. Brianna, a thirty year old full figured brunette, could charitably be described as white trash. She had never held a full time job, and had shacked with various companions, mostly male, until her welcome wore off and she was evicted.

In exchange for rent, as well as drugs, she provided sex, both to her rooming companions as well as to drug sellers. She refused to work as a street prostitute, or sell drugs, and her appearance was such that she had been rejected by various escort agencies. Using drugs was not her only transgression. She collected SSI benefits for a fake injury under one name, and obtained welfare benefits under another. If unable to obtain drugs through sex, her routine was to manipulate others to loan her the money, which of course was never paid back.

Brianna had long harbored a desire to be a dominatrix but was never able to find submissive prospects, even for free. She had forcibly tied up different girl friends on a few occasions, usually causing the relationship to be terminated. She was eager to dominate males as well, but had yet to do so. Finally Brianna procured two paying female clients, and much to her delight one of the two would be staying for three days, at the request of her husband. Jim and Darlene, ages 27 and 26 respectively, were a low life couple of the type that gravitated to other low lifes, such as Brianna.

Darlene was carrying on an extramarital relationship with another male, which Jim had just recently become aware of. Since he would be out of town for three days, he knew that Darlene would spend much of that time in intimacy with her lover. Persuading Darlene to be sessioned by a dominatrix for three days would be a hard sell, but Jim was willing to use chicanery to achieve his objective. Darlene would be lured to Brianna’s house under the pretense that it was to purchase drugs, once there she would be restrained and subjected to Brianna’s behavior modification techniques, which did not involve drugs.

Jim would pay her five hundred dollars for these services, Brianna had initially insisted upon one thousand dollars, but in the end it was whittled down. The agreement called for moderate corporal punishment and various forms of humiliation. It also permitted the involvement of a third female.

Darlene was not acquainted with Brianna, which made the mission that much easier. Jim and Darlene arrived at Brianna’s at 2:00 on a Thursday afternoon in late May, with Darlene attired casually in jeans and a tight fitting white pullover sweater. Darlene a good looking brunette at 5’10 and 130 pounds, was habitually of sultry disposition, and could make life quite difficult for Jim or any other person.

Once inside Brianna’s house, Jim sprung the surprise on her. Without saying a word she attempted to leave, only to be grabbed by Jim, while Brianna put her in handcuffs. These were steel handcuffs, hardly comfortable, especially when rear cuffed.

Darlene vehemently protested, “You have no right to do this to me”, along with assorted invectives.

“I think I’ve heard enough of you”, intoned Brianna, who silenced her with a ball gag, attached to a face harness. This required help from Jim holding her in place, but the harness gag could not be slipped, with the ball being just the right size to silence Darlene and painfully stretch her jaw as well.

“You may leave now, the bitch is now my property”, stated Brianna in an intimidating tone. Jim found this disrespectful but he wasn’t about to became involved in open dispute with the dominatrix whose services he was paying for.

Immediately upon Jim’s departure, Brianna tightly fastened a leather dog collar around Darlene’s neck, and attached a six foot chain leash to it. Without saying a word Darlene was led to the living room, where Brianna abruptly yanked the chain, causing Darlene to fall to the floor. She proceeded to read her the riot act, namely that Darlene was her slave for three days, and would be punished for both her extra marital transgressions as well as Brianna’s pleasure.

Most of her time would be spent in a dog style cage in the basement. She was not to speak without permission and Brianna was to be addressed as Mistress. In addition she would be subjected to various forms of corporal punishment and humiliation, the specifics of which were not immediately revealed.

Darlene was clearly terrified. She felt even though restrained she could somehow talk her way out of this, but for the time being she would remain gagged.

Brianna prefers submissives in nudity. Darlene’s jeans were so snug that Brianna made no attempt to pull them down, she simply cut them off using heavy duty shredders. The same was done with her sweater and stockings, Darlene wore no panties or bra. Darlene’s hair was shoulder length and Brianna loved surprises. One such surprise would be cutting Darlene’s hair and replacing it with a wig. When informed of this intention Darlene picked herself up off the floor and made a pointless attempt to resist.

Brianna used the chain to yank her to the floor once again. This time she was hogtied, using two cable ties, preventing her from standing up or resisting Brianna’s hairstyling skills. Darlene’s pussy was already bare, or it too would have been shaved. The question of whether or not Jim would appreciate his wife being fitted with a wig never entered Brianna’s mind. Darlene’s scalp would be shaved bald, so it was unlikely Jim would choose to remove the wig. It would be glued in place and would require a special dissolvent to remove.

Darlene’s shaving took about fifteen minutes and was done from the hogtied position. Once the whorish looking blond wig was glued into place, Brianna used a mirror to proudly display it. Darlene was deeply humiliated, as she prided herself on her shoulder length brown hair, now she would have to make some excuse to her acquaintances, to account for the change.

It was now time for Darlene to become acquainted with the second sub, who was currently confined in the basement. Carla, a 24 year full figured made over blond, had paid three hundred dollars for a three hour session with Brianna, and was informed in advance to expect company from a second, less willing, submissive.

After untying her ankles, Brianna led Darlene on the leash to the basement. Carla, fully nude, was standing with her wrists leather cuffed to an overhead bar. She was neither gagged or blindfolded, and no attempt would be made to prevent one from identifying the other. Her padded leather cuffs were considerably more comfortable than the steel ones, which Darlene was required to wear.

Darlene feared that she would be forced to have sex with another female, a prospect she dreaded. This fear only increased when Brianna announced that the two would become better acquainted. However Brianna’s agreement with Jim was that Darlene would not be subjected to any forced sex, and reluctantly she would abide by that.

“I’m going to tie you two sluts together and let you rub your boobs and cunts together, but you will not be permitted to play with each other”, announced Brianna. Using rope Brianna elaborately bound the two so that they stood face to face, much like Siamese twins. Carla was also ball gagged and collared, with a short length of thin chain used to connect the two collars together

To further increase their discomfort each was painfully crotch tied, which elicited a muffled protest from Carla. The two could barely move. The ball of their gags came into contact with each other, but neither could access the others mouth. Darlene had the distinct feeling that Carla was most eager to have intimate contact, and was surprised that Brianna did not force them to do so.

“Both you sluts will now receive a painful caning but I will blindfold each of you so as to increase the anxiety”, announced Brianna, as she brandished a rattan cane in her hand. Carla was the first to be caned, receiving ten painful strokes in quick succession.

With both still blindfolded, Brianna began the caning of Darlene at a slow and unpredictable pace, in addition Darlene received twenty strokes, double that of Carla. For Darlene it was painful agony, Brianna would sometimes take as long as two minutes between strokes. With the caning complete, and Darlene on the verge of passing out, their blindfolds were removed. Brianna joyfully informed them they would be sore for several days, and that the welts on their buttocks would take even longer to heal.

At this point Darlene and Carla were separated from each other, with Carla permitted to dress and leave. Darlene remained tightly bound, with the pain of the caning compounded by the painful crotch tie. The only consideration shown to her by Brianna, was that her steel handcuffs were replaced with padded leather ones, but they remained uncomfortably cuffed behind her back.

Darlene was made to remain standing for nearly two hours, with the wrist cuffs attached overhead. Brianna would check on her intermittently, but offered no conversation. Before being taken down Brianna made a cell call to Jim, as part of the agreement. After briefly speaking with him, Brianna removed the ball from the harness gag permitting Darlene to speak. With Brianna holding the phone, she was ordered to express remorse to Jim for her infidelity.

Darlene proved to be anything but remorseful. “You fucking bastard this psycho lady has cut my hair off and whipped my ass, you’ll be sorry for this”, she screamed. Brianna promptly took the phone away from her, and replaced the ball gag.

Jim pretended to be angry, although he was hardly surprised by Darlene’s outburst. “Don’t worry her attitude will change by the time she is ready to go home”, announced Brianna. He was curious about the hair cutting aspect.

After ending the call Brianna informed Darlene that she had considered releasing her early, but that her contemptuous attitude had resulted in that possibility being rescinded. She could now expect to suffer even more painful punishment.

Darlene was then taken down and transferred to a sitting room only confinement cage. The only consolation was that her handcuffs were removed, but she remained collared, crotch tied and wearing the harness gag, which could not be removed even though her hands were free.

“Only seventy hours to go”, smiled Brianna, before leaving her captive unattended as she went upstairs to attend to some business.


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