Where is Mr. Williams?

by Anonymous in NYC

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© Copyright 2018 - Anonymous in NYC - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; infantism; crib; pacifier; cuffs; bond; captive; chastity; force; cons/reluct; X

“Has he left you for another woman?” her best friend asked.

“Not hardly.”

“Well, where in the hell is he? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him in three months.”

“He’s off scratching an itch!” his wife responded.

“That must be some itch to need scratching for three months?” BFF incredulously remarked.

“It was something he has been wanting to scratch ever since we first met and now he has the chance.”

“Enough already with the scratching. It’s making me itchy. Can you at least tell me what he’s doing right now?” As BFF looked at the 7:12 PM on her cell phone.

“Probably tucked into bed until 7AM.

“Did I hear you correctly? Tucked in from 7PM until 7AM?”

“Yes, you heard correctly.”

“Who sleeps 12 hours a night?” BFF queried.

“I didn’t say he was sleeping, only tucked in.”

“Doing what?” BFF continues the interrogation.


“Isn’t that boring?” BFF asks.


“Why doesn’t he leave?” BFF continues.

“He can’t.” His wife answered.

“Why not?” BFF continued.

“It’s really quite complicated. Perhaps if we paid him a surprise visit you would be able to get the big picture?”

"Right now?” BFF asked in an imploring tone.

“Just give me a second to grab his favorite coat from the front hall closet and we can head out. I know he will greatly appreciate our similar attire.”

Both women headed to the rendezvous point decked out in identical black leather trench coats cinched tightly at the waist, arriving at the four story town-house on 2324 Main Street slightly before 8PM.

Things continued to move rapidly as the two women were immediately greeted at the front desk. “Welcome Mrs. Williams. We have been expecting you.”

Best friend forever was all ears as the conversation continued.

“Can I assume that Mr. Williams is still awake?”

“That you can, although he has become quite cranky since his self-imposed ninety day time limit came and went two days ago.”

“Play acting?” Mrs. Williams asked the female staff member.

“No madam. I think he is really pissed at all of us and especially you.”

BFF head continued to spin as the conversation became murkier by the moment.

“Now isn’t that gratitude for you. We give him what he asked for and then he complains when we give him a little extra.” Mrs. Williams remarked as she led BFF to the reserved suite holding her husband.

Mrs. Williams entered the room first and switched on the overhead light allowing her BFF to get the first glimpse of her wannabee two year old husband securely cuffed hand and foot to the insides of the adult baby crib, with pacifier firmly strapped in place.

“Wow!” BFF gasped as she went to uncinch her coat.

His wife of ten years interrupted, “Please leave your coat on. We won’t be here that long.” Knowing full well that the sight of two women attired in black leather trench coats would further inflame the situation.

As predicted her wannabee two year old started to strain against his four cuffs while futilely attempting to shout through the extra-large pacifier crammed into his mouth.

Moving closer to the crib, “I’ll bet this has a simple explanation?” As BFF points to the small bon4 black tinted silicone penis cage.

“It’s really quite simple. He wanted authenticity and I felt that anyone who wants to be treated like a two year old should not be allowed adult pleasures.”

“So, if I may summarize from what I’ve been able to ascertain so far? Your husband of ten years, had an itch to be forced to live as a two year old for an initial term of ninety days.” BFF queried.


“And much to his dismay, you had the diabolic idea to install the chastity cage against his wishes.” BFF continued.

“Oh, hubby was quite ecstatic about the chastity cage at first, never dreaming it would be attached for the entire ninety day stay.”

BFF continued her summary, “And now at day ninety-two, and horny as hell, his baby fantasy has grown tiresome. And he wants it to come to an end.”

“Perfect so far.”

“So you intend to release him from his silly fantasy?” BFF queries.

“Probably not.” His wife responded.

“Now I am even more confused.” BFF countered.

“Well, we both agreed to the initial ninety days when I tucked him in for the first night. However in disbelief, just before I inserted his baby pacifier, he begged me to try it for more than three months, even suggesting something more permanent. I kissed him on the forehead and told him, ‘we’ll see.’”

“What are you going to do?” BFF asked, as hubby continued to futilely objecting through the pacifier while straining against his cuffed extremities.

“I don’t know.”

“May I make a suggestion?” BFF deviously offered a solution.


“Let him live his fantasy for another ninety days.” BFF suggested as she advanced her own hidden agenda.

“I would but tomorrow I have to go out of town for thirty days on business and feel that someone has to stay on top of this situation.”

“I’ll supervise things in your absence. Isn’t that what BFF's are for?”

“Would you like that honey?” as she turned to her husband now in a state of total exasperation, struggling to free himself.

“Of course he would,” BFF ingeniously answered for him, while looking down at the man whose unrequited love she has secretly carried since high school.

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