Whatever It Takes

by Max Roper

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© Copyright 2017 - Max Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; strip; naked; tease; loving; sex; oral; climax; cons; X

We’d been going out for several months when I found out about Hank.

I’d wondered why he liked to hold my hands over my head when we made love. And I noticed he liked backing up against a tree or a light pole, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me.

One afternoon we were on the floor in my kitchen, Hank on his back, me kneeling astride. I leaned forward to kiss him while grabbing his wrists and holding them over his head, like he did to me. He immediately became hard under me and his kisses became almost frantic.

I was somewhat frightened by his response so let go of his wrists and sat back.

He looked at me sheepishly, his face bright red.

“What?” I asked.

“I guess it’s time I told you,” he said. “I, well... I like bondage.”

“Bondage? You mean like chains and whips and stuff?”

“Well, no not that so much. I just like to be tied up. And I’d really like to tie you up, too.”

“At the same time?” I laughed, confused. Tie me up? Whatever for?

We talked about it a little. It was obvious he really wanted to talk more but he’s an empathetic sort and could tell I was somewhat flustered, so he let it drop.

I’ll tell you something: I almost dropped him right then and there. No way was I going to let myself get tied up and I likewise had no interest in tying him up. He is a good man. Thoughtful, smart, funny. And an excellent lover, able to send me to peaks I never knew existed. But bondage was something else.

As time went by, we talked about it a little. Not much. And he was really good about it, never pushing, never telling me to “try it, you might love it”. Because of his patience, I decided I would try it.

First I did some research. I looked online and was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff available, most of it icky and crude and not something I’d ever want to be involved with. Somehow I stumbled across a different website, one that was reasonable, not full of 23 year old skinny women in lingerie bound in awkward and uncomfortable-looking poses.

Instead, it was mostly written, with a few photos and drawings to better illustrate various things. I looked for a while, over an hour, then bookmarked it and went to bed.

The next time I saw Hank I told him of my research. He was so excited!

“Yes, that’s a perfect site! I’m so glad you didn’t let all that crude porn turn you off.”

I told him I’d been thinking about things and decided, if it was that important to him, I should give it a go.

“I’m thinking we could work out a few things, who goes first, safewords, like that. Then, maybe we could rent a cabin somewhere and spend a weekend playing. Would you like that?”


We agreed I would tie him up first.

I didn’t want him going into Male Pedantic Mode on me, so made him promise to avoid giving me lessons. I’ll learn it my own way.

From looking at the website I thought I had a good idea of what I wanted to do. I had him strip while I remained dressed. He stood in front of my chair while I tied his hands behind his back. His cock was at full extent, something I studiously avoided. I stood up and and had him sit on the bed while I knelt and tied his ankles. Then, for good measure (and because he was so obviously enjoying it) I tied his legs together above his knees.

After he wriggled onto his back on the bed I began stroking his legs and stomach but continued ignoring his twitching cock. Not an easy thing to do. I teased him for a while, only touching his cock when I couldn’t help myself.

I began to enjoy being in charge. It occurred to me it might be fun to have him perform cunnilingus on me while he was tied, but decided that could wait.

Instead, I decided to mount him and see what riding a bound man was like. I positioned myself over him and slowly impaled myself on him, sliding down ever so slowly, letting myself feel the fullness, then sliding up again.

At this point, he bucked, moaned, and came. Oops. He was so embarrassed.

I untied him and wiped him off and he held me in his arms for a long time, calling me his princess, telling me how fabulous it was and how sorry he was that he couldn’t hold on longer. I shushed him and we cuddled for a while.

The next day was my turn. He bound my wrists in front, had me sit in a kitchen chair and bound my ankles apart to the front chair legs. After some kissing and feeling-up he put his face between my thighs and began with his tongue. It did nothing for me. All I could think about was how long I’d have to put up with this before I could gracefully ask to be untied. Eventually I made some semi-orgasm-like noises and relaxed.

He took the cue and untied me. “Not so great, huh?” he asked.

“Gotta admit, I liked it better the other way.”

He brightened. “Other way?”

“Yeah. The way where you’re the one tied up. ”

“Well now”, he grinned.

I quickly understood how this could be a useful tool. He was still the wonderful man I loved and now I had the key to keep him in line. I could use this game for as long as I wanted, getting him to do whatever I wanted in exchange for some rope time. And I know he won’t stray. Sure, he looks at other women. I don’t blame him. But he’s wise enough to know how rare it is to find a gal willing to play his game. Also, he keeps himself in shape because I once made a comment about not wanting to tie up a fat slob.

As it turns out, I did try it and I did like it. That was more than twenty years ago and it still works.


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