What Have We Here?

by Cropsncuffs

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Storycodes: F/m; F+/mf; bond; scarves; gag; spreadeagle; caught; hotel; mast; anal; oral; sex; chain; trick; mpov; fpov; reluct; nc; XX

“Well well, what have we here ?”

The broad Afro-Caribbean accent brought me sharply awake and I sprang off the bed. Well, more accurately I tried to spring off the bed. Memory darted back out from under the rock where it had been sleeping and everything came back to me. I was visited by a fleeting memory of my girlfriend’s glorious arse and swaying bright red ponytail wriggling out of the door of our hotel room above her magnificent and very tanned legs revealed by her denim hotpants. Oh shit, I was in trouble now.

All the details come flooding back to me. Before leaving she had tied me in a tight spread-eagle on the huge hotel bed, my wrists and ankles swathed in tight silken scarves and my mouth plugged with a generous ball-gag.

Here is a little tip for all your bondage enthusiasts out there. Silk is both the finest and most evil form of bondage there is. It is so smooth and soft it is comfortable and leaves no marks. But it is also slippery and smooth. The more you pull at it, the more the knots pull tight and the harder they are to undo. Once you have had a good struggle your actions will have made the knots so small and tight that there is absolutely no way you will be getting yourself out of them without help. Pull hard enough and even the person who put you there, with both their hands free, will have trouble getting the knots undone. Without help, you have no hope of getting free. And I recalled I had put up a mighty struggle before she had left me to take a walk in the sunlight. Leaving me to my own devices after the wild sex we had had. And now I had been unexpectedly awoken.

I turned my head towards the door and saw what I presumed was the maid staring at me. A light blanket covered my bondaged body, but my erection at seeing her was very obvious. She put a hand to her mouth and giggled.

She was an interesting sight. A thin as a rake clad in skintight black trousers and top that displayed both ribs, a tight waist and surprisingly large breasts. As if someone unknown had squeezed her body and the delightful soft flesh possessed of all women had migrated to her chest.

Big dark eyes regarded me with something approaching amusement above the generously lipped mouth possessed of every black woman. Her hair was long and tied into a myriad of tiny dreadlocks As she tipped her head on one side to look at me I saw it swayed far enough down her back to brush the upper slopes of her tight little buttocks.

She walked over to the bed and whipped away the sheet revealing me in all my naked, horny glory. She smiled down at me, reaching out to run sharp fingernails along the curve of my flanks.

“Well, this makes a change” she murmured “Usually you white guys just want a piece of my tight little black ass” she licked her lips with a huge tongue that only added to my lust. “Yes” she said following the glaze of my eyes at her tongue “That brings in a few admirers as well. But I can see you already have a preference”

She turned and I watched both speechless and helpless as her tight body swayed back to the door and pulled in her cleaning cart before shutting out the corridor again.

“The question is” she purred “What shall I do with you ? I can make your day or ruin it entirely.”

I pulled pointlessly at my bonds knowing there was no chance of my escaping, but it had to be done. The sheer helplessness of my position demanded it, and finding myself utterly tied and silent made me even more horny than I had been before.

The black girl moved her cart next to the bed and I watched transfixed as she pulled on a pair of blue latex gloves.

“Thing is,” she said, “I actually enjoy all this stuff, and I hope you do too. If your girlfriend left you here, this is going to be fun for you. If it was your boyfriend, this is going to be hell for you.”

Again there was a huge smile as she dipped her gloved hand into a bucket of steaming soapy water, slowly lifting it up so I could see the warm water and soap suds rolling over her hand. Her eyes met mine and held them as the soapy hand vanished out of sight.

I very briefly felt the touch of the very tip of her index final at my anus, then screamed into my gag as the sudden thrust of the hot, soapy finger into my anus made me howl, my body listing off the bed as best it could in my tight bonds. Now she was laughing as she withdrew and this time slipped two warm, soapy lubricated fingers up inside me.

She could see my eyes bulging and hear my muffled squeals as she looked down at me and pumped her fingers in and out of my tight back passage while I bounced up and down on the bed. She was laughing at me but my mind was elsewhere as I watched the second hand being dipped in the warm soapy water and approaching my helpless form.

As she thrust her soapy fingers hard into my anus and I launched myself up from the bed that second warm hand closed about my treacherously erect manhood and gripped it firmly. As her fingers withdrew from my anus and I sank back onto the bed I slithered down through it’s warm and slippery embrace. The fingers pushed hard back into my anus and I sprang up, my manhood rising up through the slippery embrace of her soapy fingers. Her grip was just tight enough to drive me wild as her fingers down below did their work and I found myself giving myself a glorious handjob through the stationary hand about my manhood.

“My, we have made friends quickly” said a familiar voice as I came so long and hard I thought I might injure myself. As lights flashed in my vision I rolled my head to see my girlfriend standing in the doorway watching the black maid’s hands having their wicked way with me.

The maid turned to her as she peeled off her gloves and dropped them in the bin of her cart.

“Sorry lady, it was just too much to resist.” She nodded her head towards me, “If this is his thing, can I borrow him tomorrow?”

“Borrow him?” my girlfriend asked.

“Yes, we have a little event tomorrow night. There are always a few with his tastes on every week’s guest list and we like to get them together at a private little event. It is sort of a competition between the maids to get a few men together for the fun. Don’t worry, he will be thoroughly exercised and will be safely returned to you.”

I heard my girlfriend say okay, that it sounded as if it could be fun for me, completely ignoring the sounds of protest I was loudly making from over on the bed.

“I will have his outfit sent up tomorrow,” said the maid, shaking hands with my girlfriend in agreement. “Trust me, he will love it.”

When we returned to our room the following evening there was a box on the table with a card folded atop it. My girlfriend snatched it up before I could reach it and unfolded it with a playful look on her face. She read it out to me.

“The outfit is to be worn while naked, and the cuffs go around the back. Don’t worry, we have the keys.”

I opened the box and lifted out a set of restraints made of unexpectedly heavy chain. They were classic ‘harem’ chains. There was a collar at the top with an affixed length of chain that ran down to a set of ankle shackles at the bottom. Smaller wrist shackles sat about half way down the long central chain. There were holes for locks that, once installed upon their victim, would render them helpless until released. As I turned them over in my hands I saw my girlfriend pick a handful of padlocks out of the box. There was one for each cuff and the collar.

“Now hang on” I said “you cannot be serious about using the locks.” Her smile said she was.

“Come on,” she said, “off with your clothes, it will be time for her to come and collect you soon.”

Half unwilling, half deadly excited, I slipped out of my beach clothes and put my hands out towards her with my wrists together as if she was about to handcuff them. She reached straight past them and snapped the heavy metal collar about my neck. The sharp edges dug into my collarbones but they had been rounded just enough to be bearable. I reached up and fingered it’s cold and implacable embrace. Distracted for a vital moment I let out a surprised cry as I felt the cold embrace of the two manacles snapping closed about my ankles.

“Hey,” I snapped, “Stop that, don’t…” but it was too late. I heard the quieter sound of the padlocks being snapped into place and I really had been trapped into going along with the whole bizarre evening. And as part of me gloried in the cold embrace of the chains and the thought of what lay ahead for me my manhood dragged itself up into as mighty an erection as it could manage.

“Come on,” my girlfriend said, “you know what comes next.”

Half willing, half less so, I slowly moved my hands behind my back; my manhood sprang to it’s full attention as the cold wrist manacles snapped closed about my wrists and I heard the padlocks being applied. I was helpless.

My girlfriend swayed around in front of me and gave my manhood a loving caress that made me go weak at the knees, then snatched her hand away.

“Not tonight,” she murmured, “tonight those kinky little maids can have some fun with it.”

“Please,” I whimpered, “Don’t make me go. We can keep the chains, we can have our own fun.”

“But my dear,” she purred, “We don’t have the keys. You have to go and play to get them.”

At that moment there was a knock at the door. It was the skinny maid, still in her skin-tight black clothes but with the addition of high spiked heels, where previously there had been flat trainers. With the extra height she took on a new, highly sexy aspect and gained a wicked wriggling walk that made me both flush and wildly excited. She had a long coat slung across her shoulder.

My girlfriend smiled and took the coat from her, slipping it across my shoulders and buttoning it closed to hide my bondage. The maid swayed up to me and looked me in the eye as she reached out and snapped a chain leash to the ring on my collar.

“Best keep close,” she purred, “lest you want anyone to notice your leash.” With that we were out of the door and off down the corridor. The ankle manacles kept my paces short and I had to nearly run to keep up with her long, confidently swinging strides.

I nearly tripped and fell more than once as I desperately ran along behind her in silly little steps. My chains rattled what sounded so noisily and I was sure every person we walked past knew exactly what was happening and was laughing silently at my predicament.

I only breathed again when the doors of a lift closed behind us and we were away from curious eyes. The maid turned to face me and pressed her lean body up against me. I yelped as my bonds yanked at my wrists as my hands tried to reach out and take a firm grasp on her sexy body.

She wriggled and grinned as she watched my frustration, then her fingers slipped between the buttons of my coat cover and danced along my erect manhood. This time I whimpered and tried to wank myself on her fingers. She laughed and her fingers deftly retreated from me leaving me frustrated and flushed.

The doors of the lift swished open and we were off again. I knew we had been going downwards, and as I skipped along at the end of my leash I could feel it was colder down here. The walls were less well finished and there was concrete underfoot.

We stopped at a heavy steel door, and before I could stop her she had slipped my concealing coat off and it slithered to the floor. I started to protest, glanced down at my erect manhood that was making all my protestations of not enjoying it a very clear lie.

She was behind me, I felt the warmth of her tight body pressed against me for a hot moment and I was caught by surprise as a huge penis panel gag was forced between my lips and buckled tight about my head.

I shook my head as hard as I could, my whole body shaking as I tried to spit it out, my chains rattling about me as I fought for my freedom while knowing in my very heart of hearts that I was as trapped as I was ever going to be.

The maid stood there and watched me silently, her head on one side, her chin supported by two fingers. There was a twinkle in her eye and a half smile on her lips. She was enjoying this. Damn it all, we both were.

She picked up the end of my leash and flung open the door. As I was dragged inside a cheer went up.

The locals were all around the room whooping and cheering as I was dragged in. There was clapping and arms waving at the sight I presented. The room maid bowed to the crowd and dragged me onwards through the room. Hands reached out and smacked my arse as we walked past, and occasional braver hands slapped my manhood and made it bob wildly, while others took the opportunity to give it a quick squeeze and make me yelp.

We were on a very definite course across the room and soon we came to a halt in front of a haughty looking black woman sitting on a grand chair. Two short, fat black women in abbreviated flowery playsuits stood either side of her. The maid bowed to them all and offered up my leash. I gave a quick jerk back as the two short women sprang forward and took my leash from her open hand. While enjoying every moment or the charade part of me was screaming at the back of my brain that things were very rapidly getting out of hand.

The maid bowed to them one last time, blew me a kiss while running her fingers deftly along my manhood then faded away into the crowd.

The woman on the chair rose and swayed towards me. She was wearing a long satin dress that swept the floor, and had a handsome face framed by wild black curly hair. She bent down to my level and stared into my eyes with bewitching black eyes that made my soul sing and my manhood bob.

“Well now. What have we here?” she asked in a broad accent, “my maid told me she could bring you to me, and lookee here, here you are. In chains.” She threw back her head and let out a rolling laugh. “Tonight is not going to go well for you my friend, oh no.”

“My name is Lady Casandra, you may have heard of me. I live in that big house on the island out in the bay. If you like, I rule there like my daddy and his father before him. And we still likes our slaves, oh yes we do,” Her warm hand curled about my manhood and caressed it firmly. “Now just you look over my shoulder my friend.”

I forced my mind away from the wicked fingers dancing along my throbbing manhood and peered over her broad shoulder. The dark skinned crowd parted and a pale figure was shoved into view. Her glorious red hair was pulled forwards over her face and she was a naked as the day she had been born but I knew my lover immediately. And I recognised the same solid steel chains about her limbs as had made me their prisoner. They had got to her too.

She threw back her head to clear the hair from her eyes, eyes wet with tears. A huge ring gag was jammed behind her teeth forcing her mouth ever open and defenceless. As I watched her tongue flicked about the steel ring, desperately trying to push it out and allow her mouth to relax.

“In a land of black skin, black hair and dark eyes, can you imagine the kudos that comes with having a white-skinned, red-haired, tongue bitch ? ‘Cos that is what she is going to be, my tongue bitch.”

She dropped my leash into the hand of one of the fat black women and sauntered over to my lover. Grabbing her chain she pulled her towards her and slipped two fingers into her mouth. I could hear my lover doing her best to cry out, to tell her to stop as her lips moved uselessly around the ring gag. Her treacherous body made her tongue flicker out, caressing the fingers that invaded her mouth and Lady Casandra laughed while a cheer went up from the crowd at the submissive sight.

“While you,” she swung round and pointed at me, “will be going with these two lovelies.” I looked down at the two black midgets that now held my leash. Two big smiles looked up at me. “They run my harem, and I have promised them a fuck-bitch of their very own.” There was a pause. “And that is you. I suggest you do your utmost to please them, as I have given them complete permission to do whatever they see necessary to get the best from you. Or to break you, if needs be,” two even bigger smiles looked up at me, “and you really do not want to meet their rack and the horse strap-on. It really makes the eyes water.”

I do not know how long ago that terrible evening took place. When we were taken my hair reached my buttocks. Now it has grown long, thick and red until it touches the back of my knees and is still growing. Once I had got used to the demands of Lady Casandra I guess my life could be worse. One woman to another, I mean it is not that hard to figure out what turns us on so I had a head start.

Right now she has me spread-eagled on her huge bed, so I know what will be coming later. If I am lucky she will feel like some energetic sixty-nine fun, otherwise she will sit on my face and ride me until my increasingly skilled tongue gives her the pleasure she desires. Then she will curl up and sleep tight up against me. I had never thought of myself as a lesbian, but I admit the physical part of my slavery has been quite an eye-opener. Even being shared one or twice has not been too bad.

As for my lover, I do not really know how he feels as we have never been allowed to speak. The last time I saw him in person was on the night we were taken, and the last time I saw him was on the screen of a tablet. Lady Casandra showed me a live video feed of him staked out on a bed very much like the one that currently has me it’s prisoner.

Naked and oiled, one of the short fat women ran in from out of shot and leapt onto the bed; meaty thighs were swiftly spread as she settled herself hard onto the face of my lover. I watched his limbs thrashing in their restraints as she ground her womanhood against her face. Barely a moment had passed before the second figure came running into the picture, also springing onto the bed, landing across my lover, his raging manhood swallowed up by her womanhood.

Facing each other the oiled twins leaned forward and kissed each over lovingly on the mouth while their hips took their pleasure of my lover. As their lips parted they reached out and somehow slipped the bonds that held my lover their captive. His limbs suddenly free he started to thrash and fight for his freedom. The palms of his hands desperately pressed against the flanks of the woman on his face, fighting for grip on the oiled flesh. And as any submissive will tell you, once someone is settled on your face, no matter how tiny they might be, there is now way to throw them off until they want to get off. And they were not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. But they were clearly enjoying themselves as I could see them laughing as they watched my lover’s arms and legs thrashing impotently under their bodies. Part of me so wanted there to be sound on that video.

Before the scene ended Lady Casandra had turned off the tablet, tossed it aside and snuggled close up against me and slipped a finger into my womanhood. I recalled crying out as her tongue caressed my neck at the same moment. Oh yes, my life could have been worse, yes it could.


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