What A Girl Wants

by Andy

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© Copyright 2005 - Andy - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF; bond; reluct; X

What A Girl Wants by Andy

Joanne was becoming a difficult student. This was her final year of A-levels and her antics were beginning to get disruptive in class and a number of the other students were beginning to act up also. Mrs. Stevens, the Head Teacher put this misbehaving down to the fact that Joanne had had 3 different form tutors in this year alone, which itself is not conducive to a stable educational atmosphere.

Monday morning came, and it was the first day back to school after the Christmas break and Joanne was faced with yet another form tutor, Tina Blacklock this time. Tina was a very pretty, very trim, very youthful looking tutor, who was in fact in her forties, but looked at least ten years younger. Joanne gave out a huge sigh, loud enough for Tina to hear, as well as the rest of the class. Tina knew of the possible problems she faced with Joanne as Mrs. Stevens had already filled her in with Joanne’s behavioural patterns. 

First registration went by without a hitch, Joanne was quiet, almost sulking and the rest of the class allowed the time to pass without occurrence. Lunch registration arrived and by this time, Joanne was on top form as she had just finished a morning of her favourite subject, P.E. Joanne could be, if she put her mind to it, quite a promising athlete, but she didn’t. Tina began to read out the names; “Joanne Bell?” no reply came, she said again “Joanne Bell?” again, no reply came. Tina looked at Joanne and asked “You, what’s your name?” “Joanne” came back the reply. Tina then said “What’s your surname?” again a single word answer came back “Bell”. “Well, Miss Bell, why didn’t you acknowledge when I called out your name TWICE just now?”, “Didn’t want to” Joanne replied.

Tina walked over to Joanne’s desk, leaned over and spoke quietly to her; “I don’t want us to get off on the wrong foot, so please just answer when I call your name, OK?” and Tina carried on “Oh, and please address me as Miss Blacklock” “Yes Miss Blacklock” came back the reply, in it’s least sincere tone that Joanne could muster.

Tina ignored the tone and returned to her seat. She re-started the register; “Joanne Bell?” no reply was heard. Again, she tried, starting to get a little annoyed with Joanne, “JOANNE BELL?” once again, all was silent. “JOANNE? Detention today at 3.30, OK?” “OK?” Joanne nodded.

3.30pm came and all other students were on their way home and much to Tina’s amazement the door burst open and Joanne stood there. “Sit down please” Tina said calmly. “Now, I know of the disruption that has been caused to you since this year began just some four months ago and I don’t intend to punish you for your little game at lunch registration, but I think at your age, you should be able to deal with this is a more adult manner, don’t you think?”. Joanne nodded. “Joanne, if you want your tutors to treat you as an adult, you should behave like one. You are 19 years of age now, you are NOT a child any more and you have to realise that in today’s world you will NOT get anywhere by sulking” “Please tell me what you are thinking”.

Joanne proceeded to tell her tutor about her recently ex-boyfriend, who dumped her in favour of the school prefect and just how life in general was none too good at the moment. Tina sympathised with her and tried to put her mind at ease a little. By this time, tutor and pupil were sitting on opposite sides of Joanne’s desk, sitting close, almost face to face. As Tina was reassuring her, Joanne leaned further forward and kissed Tina right on the lips. This stopped Tina in her tracks and asked “Why did you do that?” “I wanted to” Joanne replied. “Why?” “I just wanted to” Joanne replied once more.

Joanne leaned forward once more and kissed Tina again, this time pulling her head forward, creating a very passionate encounter. This was new territory to Tina who had never kissed a woman before in such a manner, let alone one so young. A loud thwack rung out, as Tina brought down her ruler onto the desk, startling Joanne. “NO! This CANNOT happen Joanne” “Why Miss? Don’t you like it, don’t you like ME?” Tina opened her mouth to shout of course I don’t, but all that came out was “You had better go now”. 

Joanne remained sat down and stared into Tina’s eyes and she found herself staring back. What am I doing? – I don’t LIKE women! She thought to herself. “Miss Blacklock?” Joanne asked “Yes?” came the reply. “I am going to kiss you again, do you mind?” Again Tina opened her mouth ready to say Yes I do, but it came out as “No, not at all, and call me Tina”. What the HELL was Tina doing? Her brain had told her mouth to say yes and to get the hell out of there, but there she was, realising that agreeing for a pupil to kiss her for a third time on school grounds!

Joanne leaned forward again and repeating the second kiss, pulled Tina toward her and as their lips touched, Tina felt Joanne’s tongue enter her mouth. Their tongues began to entwine and explore each others mouths, when the door quietly opened and there stood Tina’s partner, Andy. Andy stood there in a cross between absolute horror and erotic excitement, he had never seen two women ‘at it’ before. Realising that a third person was now in the room, Joanne jerked herself away and looked stunned, staring at Andy. “Hi,” he said, “Don’t mind me, please, carry on!” 

Tina’s head spun around like something out of The Exorcist and was stunned silent at whom she saw there. “Please girls, carry on” Andy repeated. “I’ve never seen a pair of lezzy ho’s going for it before, it’s quite interesting!” “Lezzy ho’s? LEZZY HO’S?” Tina screamed at him, “How DARE you?” just about to get up and deck him, when Joanne put her hand on Tina’s shoulder and said “No, if he wants a show, let’s give him a show”. And with that, Joanne leaned across to Joanne and whispered something into her ear. 

“You can stay there if you like, but we’re going to the Gymnasium now – we like it there!” said Joanne. Andy didn’t know what to feel. On one hand he’s about to get a “lesbian’s unplugged” type of show for a one person audience, but on the other hand, has his partner been seeing this girl while seeing him too? Only Joanne and Tina knew the truth.

“Are you ready?” asks Joanne, “Yes” says Andy. Joanne continues “OK, but first you have to strip naked – it’s only fair if we are going to be naked too, don’t you think?” Andy thought about it – for one whole second then agreed and began to strip. As he was wobbling around trying to remove his trousers, Joanne walk casually round behind him and as he had one foot off the ground trying frantically to get his leg out of it Joanne pushed him forward and Andy went crashing to the Gymnasium floor. At that moment, Tina got up and sat on his back so Andy couldn’t get up, while Joanne rushed to the storeroom, and shortly returning with various items. Whilst Tina was sat on Andy’s back, Joanne bound his arms together, then removed his trousers and bound his feet. 

“WHAT THE F mmmpfh….” Andy started, but was cut short when Joanne filled his mouth with a pair or blue PE knickers and secured then with an old school tie. Andy was then dragged by his feet over to the wall-bars, with some man-handling, was raised to his feet and promptly secured upright to the wall-bars. “Are you comfortable, my love?” Tina asks “mmmpfh” came the answer from the bound Andy, “I’ll take that as a yes then babe, shall I?” she says.

When the girls were sure Andy was fixed firm, they took up from where they left off in the classroom and began their French kissing session, but this time in front of Tina’s partner. As the kissing began to get more passionate, Tina began to undo the buttons on Joanne’s blouse, the removed it and expertly undid Joanne’s bra strap with one hand in the true male-womaniser fashion. Joanne’s firm, pert and large breasts were now in full sight by both Tina and Andy. Andy’s penis became rock solid and Tina could see he so desperately wanted it played with. “Shall I kiss it?” Tina asks her partner “mmmmmmm” he mumbles into the gag and frantically nods too. “Well my love, “lezzers”, as you so eloquently called us, are not interested in men, so you are out of luck, but to ensure you don’t lose the feeling, which wouldn’t be fair, would it, I’m going to make sure your penis stays hard for you”. And with that, Tina grabs a piece of cord and ties it quite tight around the base of him penis, trapping the blood in the penis itself. 

By this time, Joanne had undone Tina’s zip on her skirt, which was itself now on the floor and Joanne’s finger had found it’s way inside Tina’s knickers and was gently caressing her vagina, who by this time had forgotten Andy was even in the room. The girls found themselves waltzing around the Gymnasium, in deep and passionate contact at all times until they bumped into the vaulting horse. Without a word being spoken and just a glance from Joanne, Tina was up on the horse. Joanne removed Tina’s knickers and moved herself between her legs and then in one move Joanne’s tongue tasted the warm wetness of Tina’s excitement. Joanne’s was lost in the eroticism of the moment, buried in the most pleasurable moment of her life to date.

Joanne removed her own underwear and jumped up onto the opposite end of the horse, crept her way forward and over Tina’s body. Joanne lowered herself onto Tina’s mouth, with her pleated skirt completely covering Tina’s head. Joanne felt the Tina’s tongue exploring inside her, exposing her greater experience in life, although never with another woman! Joanne lowered her own head between Tina’s legs and both girls began to bring each other to the peak of ecstasy.
All during this, Andy’s eyes were fixed on the show just in front of him and his erect penis was bright red by now, just begging to have its juice released, but he could not after Tina had so expertly bound it up. Andy was fixated on Joanne’s head bobbing up and down on his girlfriend and the rhythmic movement of Joanne’s hips over Tina’s mouth and so wanted to be an active part of the experience. 

The girls’ movement began to become more erratic, faster as each girl brought the other closer to climax. Tina crossed her legs behind Joanne’s neck, forcing Joanne’s face hard into her vagina and with this, Joanne sat down on Tina’s face, then suddenly and with almost choreographed accuracy both girls’ bodies spasmed as one as both reached orgasm. Tina couldn’t breathe with Joanne’s vagina pressed hard down on her face and with coming to orgasm was at the height of pleasure and pain at the same time. Both girls’ bodies relaxed as their orgasms completed, then without remembering where they were, Joanne rolled off Tina sideways and fell off the hose, bringing Tina with her. As the girls hit the crash mat below, both burst into fits of laughter as much as their exhausted bodies would allow. 

Andy then took centre stage as the girls remembered he was there. Tina picked herself up and walked over to him. “How are you my darling, shall I release you?” “mmmmpfh” was all Andy could muster in reply. “No, I don’t think so, not just yet anyway”. Tina took hold of his penis and gently began to caress it. Andy began to moan with the gentle feeling of Tina’s warm hands rubbing his penis. Joanne walked over and joined the couple. She lifted her hands and just touched, massaging the head of Andy’s penis with her finger. Tina moved her hands away from Andy’s penis, situated herself on her knees with her back against Andy’s legs, pulling Joanne in front of her and began to massage and lick Joanne’s already firm nipples. At this Joanne grabbed hold of Andy’s penis and guided it into her mouth and slowly pushed her head right forward so her lips were touching the cord Tina had tied around the base of it. Andy is ready to release his juices and the feeling of Joanne’s throat on the tip of his penis just heightened his desire to let go.

Tina’s tongue continued to flick across Joanne’s nipples as she massaged Joanne’s breasts. Tina’s fingers then began to explore Joanne’s vagina, playing with her clitoris, gently caressing and rubbing it. At this, Joanne’s head began to move with almost metronomic precision along to length of Andy’s penis, with her teeth hardly touching and rubbing along the top and underside of his manhood and her tongue licking the tip of his penis at the same time. Joanne came quickly to orgasm once again with Tina’s fingers inside her and Tina’s tongue so expertly playing with her nipples. At the moment of orgasm, every muscle in her whole body contracted and still holding Andy’s penis, Joanne held it hard, crushing it for those few seconds.

Tina and Joanne then swapped places, with Joanne placing herself directly between Tina’s legs and started licking her tutor’s vagina. Tina placed her mouth over Andy’s firm penis and began to lick and massage the tip. By this time Andy was in complete agony and so wanted to just release, but with Tina’s bindings in place, he couldn’t. Joanne’s tongue flicked over Tina’s clitoris, massaging and caressing it. It wasn’t long before Tina felt herself about to orgasm once again, which she did whilst sucking and licking Andy’s penis at the same time as locking Joanne’s head between her legs.

Both girls then dropped to the floor, completely exhausted. A few seconds later, Tina rose and removed Andy’s gag. “Fucking BITCHES! Let me down from here, NOW!” he screamed. The girls released his bonds, allowing him to fall from the wall bars onto the crash mat. “Let me go” he shouted once more. “Didn’t you like what you saw my love?” “Untie my penis” Andy said, as he couldn’t do it himself with his arms and legs still bound. “You don’t sound very happy my darling, I thought that’s what you wanted?” Tina replied, completely ignoring Andy’s orders. Joanne picked herself up and walked over to Andy, who was more than double her age and said “You don’t sound like someone who has had an enjoyable experience, maybe you didn’t enjoy it.” Joanne continued “And in any event, WE are NOT lesbians, WE are NOT bitches and YOU need to learn respect”. Such front from someone so young Tina thought.

Both girls, as if they had known each other for years then stood, each grabbed an arm and dragged Andy to the Pommel Horse. “What are you doing?” he asks “You need to learn respect. You need to learn that although you wear the trousers, you DON’T wear the trousers!” Joanne disappeared into the Gym storeroom and returned holding a piece of cloth. “What’s that?” Andy asks again. “Patience, my love, patience” Tina whispers into his ear.
Joanne unravels the cloth and Andy sees it is a Gym skirt. Tina hold Andy upright while Joanne wraps the skirt around Andy’s waist and secures it. “Very fetching!” Tina says as the girls giggle to themselves. “This isn’t funny, take this thing off me” Andy says, but as before the girls ignore him. The girls then lift Andy and dropped him onto the Pommel Hose like a pair of saddle bags, between the hand-holds on the top. Tina ties a few ropes from the storeroom between the hand-holds and across Andy’s back, immobilising him completely. 

Tina moved in front on Andy and said “Who wears the trousers?” “What are you talking about? Let me go” came the response. “Wrong answer” Tina replied and with that there was a crack and Andy’s ass stung like he’d never felt before. “What the fuck was that?” “Don’t you know, my darling?” “That was your belt”. “Now again, who wears the trousers?” “You’re crazy, mad, INSANE!” Andy said once again. “Wrong answer, once again” Tina replied. “Who are YOU to dictate to me?” Tina demanded, “I am a tutor here and look at you, in your little PE skirt, you do as I say, do you understand?” “Fucking mad bitches” Andy says to himself under his breath. With that, there was another louder, harder CRACK on his ass as Joanne brought down the belt once again. “OK my love, things are going to change between us. YOU are here to please me, to obey me, and obey any other woman who orders you to do something, do you understand” Andy sarcastically agreed “Yes dear”. “Good”.

With that the bonds that held Andy on the Pommel Horse were removed and his ankles were untied, but his hands remained attached behind him and the gag was replaced and re-secured. The girls embraced and kissed then got dressed. Tina picked up her bag and left the Gym to get her car. In Tina’s absence, Joanne changed. Her face became serious and she stormed up to Andy and whispered in his ear, asserting the in-class authority she exudes. “I HATE men. They are obnoxious, self-centred, arrogant and think that women are second class citizens. Who invented the word WIFE? You know what that stands for, don’t you?”! Andy shook his head. “Washing, Ironing, Fucking Etc” Joanne shouted and with that she pushed Andy forward and being unable to keep his balance, he fell face first onto the crash mat. “Well, here’s what I think of MEN” Joanne said. Joanne bend down and lifted the back of Andy’s dainty little PE skirt and brought down his own belt on his ass three or four times with a venom Andy had never seen before. “You WILL learn to respect women, you WILL obey women” He cried out loud into his gag and tears filled his eyes. “ONE WORD to Tina” said Joanne, “JUST ONE WORD and you will know the meaning of pain, believe me” Joanne finished. 

At this point, Tina returned to the Gym. Joanne said “He lost balance and fell over” in her most innocent of voices. “Are you alright my love?” Tina said Andy nodded. Tina and Joanne picked him up and Tina saw Andy’s tear-filled eyes, embraced and comforted him, Joanne stood behind Tina and glared at Andy reminding him of what may lay in store.

Tina removed all of Andy’s bonds, and by this time Andy’s penis had lost all its promise and he got dressed, being very careful as he put on his trousers. The three left the Gym, the girls either side of Andy with Joanne rubbing his ass as a reminder of what she had said. 
Tina drove them home, dropping Joanne off first. Joanne left the car, kissed Tina goodbye and pecked Andy on the cheeks and whispered “just remember” to him. Andy spent the rest of the journey home contemplating whether to say anything or not. He now knows the power of a woman!