by Sir Stephen

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Wendy Forever
Part Ten in a series by Sir Stephen.

Eric had the rest of the week off from his job at the high school, so Wendy decided not to release him completely from bondage for the rest of the week.  Eric slept that night with his ankles and knees tied together, with his wrists tied crossed in front near his navel and attached to a rope belt around his waist, and with a pair of Wendy’s smelliest, stickiest panties over his face.  He was not allowed to cum.

The next morning, after a breakfast of Wendy’s morning muff, Eric was fed, allowed to use the restroom, and then dressed in white thigh-highs, white nylon silky soft panties, and white high heels.  He was then tied to a chair in the bedroom with his hands behind his back and his feet, in white pumps, lifted back and off the floor. 

Wendy blindfolded her naked lover with an ace bandage wrapped around and around his head, put a pair of her dirty white cotton extremely smelly panties on his head over the blindfold, and then, lifting his cock out of the panties he was wearing below, gave him enough of a hand job to freshen up his hardon, but not nearly enough to cause him to ejaculate.  She left his cock pointing at the ceiling, held in place both by its tumescence and the elastic waistband of the white nylon panties.  Then, suddenly Wendy announced she was going to leave for “a few errands.”   Eric was not gagged, but he knew better than to complain.  Perhaps she would not really leave, but would open and shut the door and observe his reactions.  Well, he would be a good boy and stay put. 

Time passes strangely when you are blindfolded, deeply imbibing the aroma of pussy, and unable to get yourself off.   Was it an hour, or only fifteen minutes after Wendy left before Eric heard someone fumbling with the lock to the front door?  A sense of panic set in as Eric realized that two young women were conversing just outside.  “That would be Alexis and Emily,” Eric thought with a mixture of dread and excitement.  Well, there was nothing he could do but stay put and see what happened. 

“I just want to return some things I borrowed from Wendy,” said Alexis, as the door finally opened.  “She and Eric will be at work, so we can just let ourselves in.”  “Let’s not stay too long,” said Emily, as she timidly followed her friend into Wendy and Eric’s house. 

Alexis had short black hair with a buzz-cut on the sides and piercings through her left eyebrow, her nipples, and her tongue.  She was wearing a tight red PVC mini-skirt and a cotton halter-top in the same shade of red.  She had black lipstick on and wore leather-driving gloves on both hands.  She was carrying a bag containing, she said, “some dresses” of Wendy’s. 

Emily couldn’t be more of a contrast.  Although both girls had graduated from high school with Wendy four years ago, Emily still had sort of a 9th-grade look about her.  Freckled and blonde, with the sort of curly ringlets that went out decades ago, Emily was wearing a short white sundress with plastic bracelets and a necklace with a gold crucifix on it.  In contrast to Alexis’ black army boots, Emily was wearing open-toed sandals with rubber soles.  The contrast went deeper: Alexis was wearing no panties or bra, while Emily had the sort of white cotton panties that go a few inches down each thigh, like a pair of men’s boxer-briefs.   No one, absolutely no one, had worn such panties since the 1950’s, and where Emily got them was a mystery to the few girls who had seen her changing her clothes.  Finally, while Alexis was bi-sexual and actually had a wee bit of a problem having sexual encounters with only one person at a time, Emily was a virgin, still only vaguely aware of the facts of life. 

What were they doing together?  Well, back when they were ten years old, Alexis, Wendy, and Emily had been a sort of triumvirate of inseparable friends.  Then, when Wendy was moving, she had called them both in as helpers.  That was when Alexis had gotten a copy of the key to their new place.  Finally, when Alexis had called Emily to suggest a “visit” with Wendy, Emily had no idea that this visit would consist of an unannounced intrusion during a time when the place was likely to be empty.

Actually, Alexis and Emily would not even be friends if it weren’t for their mutual affection for Wendy.  Wendy was not too wild for Emily nor too conservative for Alexis, so she formed a sort of bridge between the two other girls. 

“Let’s look around while we’re here,” said Alexis in a way that indicated that she wasn’t asking anyone’s opinion or approval.  “I’m curious as to what sort of sex life these two lovebirds have.” 
“Isn’t that their business?” asked Emily. 
“Aw, come on, girlfriend!  Wendy used to go through men like Kleenex tissues.   I wanna know what this guy does for her that the rest of the guys in this town failed to do.”  And while she was still talking, Alexis spied a spiral notebook on the coffee table in the living room.  She dumped her bag on the floor, plopped on the couch, and opened it.  Emily sat next to her, crossed her legs demurely, and leaned forward.  Alexis had found the negotiation list Eric and Wendy had drawn up several weeks ago, rating sexual activities on a scale from “no way” to “must have.” 

“Check this out!” said Alexis.  “I think these two are into bondage!” 
“You mean they’re perverts?” asked Emily? 
“Get real,” said Alexis.  “Everyone I know lets their lover tie them up.  It’s a question of degree and frequency.” 
“Really?” managed Emily,  “I mean, what’s the point of getting all tied up just to have sex?” 
“Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, girlfriend! And anyway, pervert is more of an insult than a description.” replied her assertive acquaintance.  “Let’s go down the list… OK, looks like Wendy likes the usual – strict but comfortable bondage, forced oral servitude, delayed gratification, spankings, and mild-to-medium humiliation.  Open to some lesbianism, OK with multiple partners, but nothing in public, and no extreme pain.” 
“You call that usual?” gasped Emily.  “I do it every weekend and when I’m lucky, every night,” answered Alexis.  Emily, who had never even managed to quite make herself cum during her infrequent but desperate attempts at masturbation, literally could not imagine what Alexis was telling her. 

“Now let’s check out Eric!” said Alexis with a note of triumph.  In the next room, on his knees, Eric himself was managing to stay quiet through a supreme effort. He was afraid the girls would find him, but at the same time he was interested in being found.  “Now we’re talking,” said Alexis.  “Eric likes some things that Wendy doesn’t.  See this?” 
“I don’t understand,” said Emily.  “What’s forced analingus?” 
“That means he likes having a girl shove his ass in his face when he’s tied up,” was the answer. 
“Eeeew!” said Emily.  “Like, grotty to the max!” 
“Girlfriend,” said Alexis,  “a girl’s ass is one of the primary things that attracts a man physically.  You know that, right?” 
“I guess so,” Emily admitted, “but you don’t mean – I mean – well, he doesn’t really lick a girl’s HOLE, does he?” 
“Yes, Emily, Eric is totally down with that.  He says here that he is ready, willing, able, and even desperate to put his tongue up a girl’s bum and keep it there for a looong time.  All he wants is for her to tie him up and make it seem like he has no choice in the matter.  That way, it’s both more and less embarrassing for him.  It sort of sets him free to be an animal, ya know?” 

“I still say it’s grotty,” said Emily. 
“Just don’t let a guy eat your pussy after he eats your ass without brushing his tongue and palate, or you’ll get a yeast infection,” said Alexis.  “Apart from that, I mean, if you want to see sex as gross, there’s nothing gonna stop you.  For example, french kissing, now you like that, don’tcha?” 
“I guess so.”  said Emily. 
“Well, that’s an exchange of potentially harmful bacteria that, if you really think about this stuff critically, could gross out anyone.  The point is that either everything is gross or almost nothing is gross – it’s all in how you want to look at it.  The main thing is, no one gets hurt, and no children or animals are involved.  Everything else is just a matter of choice.”

“Well, OK.  But what else does he like?”  Emily was just barely getting into the spirit of things. 
“Well, foot worship, pussy worship, nipple, cock and ball torture… look here:  Eric’s more into humiliation than Wendy by a long shot.  He’s open to forced transvestism and a bunch of cool stuff.” 
“Forced…what did you say?”  said Emily. 
“That means Eric wants girls to make him dress like a girl, maybe just in lingerie, maybe more – makeup, wig, dress, the works.” 
“But…but…”  Emily was stammering.  “A guy’s supposed to be always in control, confident, successful.  It’s us girls that are supposed to get told what to do.”  Alexis rolled her eyes. 
“I’ll ignore the sexism in that for now.  But just think.  Imagine always having to be the strong one, always in control, always the man.  Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation from that sometimes?  You seem to enjoy being a girly girl.  You should understand the attraction.” 
“Well…” said Emily. 
“No, really,” insisted Alexis.  “In some ways the feminine role has a lot of perks.  And the fact that it’s not allowed for a guy makes it all the more fascinating.  Like silky underwear, for instance.  And if a guy can pretend he’s being forced to wear lingerie, then it becomes that much easier to make the transition.  What his lover gets out of it is a guy who’s helpless with a raging hardon she can do anything she wants with.” 

Emily was feeling brave enough for a personal confession.  “Well, I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I had one in front of me.”  “When the time comes, girlfriend,” said Alexis.  “You’ll think of something.  Come on, now.  Let’s check out their toys.  I bet they keep them in the bedroom.”

Eric was blushing already, but when the two young women entered the bedroom and saw him kneeling at the side of the bed, hands tied firmly behind his back, with a pair of soiled panties over his head, Eric experienced a body blush.  That is, his whole body turned red from stem to stern.  “Oh!  I’m sorry!” said Emily, and started to leave, but Alexis caught her by the arm and dragged her forward.  “Girlfriend, you said you didn’t know what to do with a man.  Let’s just try and see.” 

Addressing Eric, Alexis said, “Well, what have we here? A real girly girl, I think! Wearing panties both where they belong and on your head too, I see.  And I bet the one’s on your face are real smelly!”  Alexis gave them a whiff.  “Oooh BABY! Does Wendy smell like *that* all the time?  I bet you *love* smelling pussy, don’t you Erica?”  Eric nodded slowly.  “That’s “Yes, Goddess, to you, slavegirl!” Eric replied as ordered. 

Turning back to Emily, Alexis had more to say.   “Just kneel here in front of her,” Alexis ordered, “and hold her cock in both hands, gently.”  Alexis then began opening and closing dresser drawers until she found the first cache of toys. 

Eric moaned involuntarily at Emily’s soft touch.  For her part, Emily was fascinated by the naked, erect man in front of her. 
“I really am sorry,” she said. 
“Do you see him complaining?”  asked Alexis, as she tossed a dildo-gag, a pink armbinder, and a leg-spreader onto the bed.  “Look, girlfriend.  I know what to do here.  I just need you to agree to it in advance.  I won’t hurt you and I guarantee you’ll get off if you go with the flow.  Do I have your consent?” 
“What are you going to do?” 
“That’s just it.  I don’t want you to know.  All you need to know is that no one will get hurt.  Now just nod your head if you can’t say yes.”  Emily felt like someone else, a girl she had never met, as she felt her head nodding, almost of its own accord, to Alexis’ demand. 

“Now then, Emily, just kneel in front of “Erica” and touch her penis lightly with both hands.  Don’t be shy, girlfriend, but just let it graze the palms of both hands.  That’s it, lightly, lightly.  Now, stroke it that way, barely touching it, up and down and just look at how she reacts.”

Eric looked down at Emily in her white sundress, holding his manhood in her pretty hands with a look of amazement on her face.  He was of course embarrassed at being found in lingerie, even more than at being found in bondage and erect.    But Alexis was handling the situation beautifully, and soon Eric relaxed into the delicate handjob Emily was giving him, undoubtedly her first effort by the look on her face.  Emily was blushing as hard as Eric was.  Actually, she was amazed at how large and firm Eric’s member was.  Eric was just an ordinary well-endowed man, with seven or eight inches depending on how you measure, along the bottom or along the top.  But to Emily, who had only seen baby penises when she was a babysitter changing diapers, Eric was certainly an eye-opener!

“Alright, then,” said Alexis, interrupting things, “let’s get that dress off of you.”  Alexis grabbed Emily by her wrists, pulled her back away from Eric and onto the middle of the bed, and unzipped her sundress at the back.  In about two seconds Alexis had Emily’s bra unclasped and her arms inserted into the armbinder.  There were lots of buckles, but Alexis had seen this model of singleglove before.  Emily said lots of things like “What?…” and “Wait a second, Alex…” but it was no use. 

The armbinder was of soft pink leather, and it forced Emily’s arms together behind her back with her hands in a single pocket, palm to palm as if in prayer.  Buckles around the wrists and elbows ensured a pretty sight, forcing Emily’s suddenly exposed breasts forward and producing a gasp from her pretty, full mouth.  Alexis next inserted the penis-gag with protruding dildo, which Wendy had made Eric wear just last night.  Soon Emily’s eyes were wide open, trying to focus on the tip of the long smooth black latex penis which was sticking firmly out of her face, all the while she was trying to adjust to the smaller penile shape now forcing her tongue down inside her mouth.  The sandals came off, and the leg-spreader went on.  Alexis placed Emily on her back with her left foot near Eric, and then went around to our hapless horny hero. 

Alexis removed Eric’s blindfold and pulled the panties off his head.  “Get me wet for that dildo,” she ordered, and sat on the bed facing his slave mouth.  Eric obediently began licking Alexis’ pussy in long, slow vertical laps.  “Faster, slave!” she ordered, and he complied.  No sooner was she truly dripping wet, however, than she said, “now lick her feet and suck her toes” and pulled away from him.  Eric only had to move a little bit before he could reach one of Emily’s bare feet, somewhat sweaty and dirty from being worn with open sandals, but all the tastier for that.  Eric shut his eyes, the better to enjoy the smell of pure female, which her toes, plus the ball and heel and sole of each of her feet produced. 

As Emily’s feet got wet, she found herself enjoying the attention.  A man was licking between her toes, and then taking them one by one lovingly into her mouth and fellating them like little penises.  Meanwhile, Alexis was lowering her pussy down onto Emily’s dildo-gag.  Emily started to shake her head no – the curly ringlets bounced like slinkies – but Alexis said “girlfriend, just dig it, ya hear?”  Emily gulped and started to nod yes.  Alexis grabbed the latex dildo with her right hand and inserted it slowly into her wet pussy.  Emily’s eyes were staring at a girl’s pubic hair an inch away!  Her nose was pressed against Alexis’ pubic bone and she was drinking in the smell of an aroused Amazon, a girl she could never be, a girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it…. and meanwhile a sexy guy was running his tongue up and down the length of her feet, moving from one foot to the other.  Her own pussy, which no one had ever seen up close except her (male) gynecologist, was open to the world and starting to get moist.  Alexis grabbed Emily’s head with both hands and started bucking up and down on the bed, pulling Emily up and down with her and squeezing her face with her thighs.  It didn’t take long, this way, for Alexis to climax. 
Alexis shut her eyes and started a long low moan that was not quite human.  She sounded like an animal you might hear outside at night in the forest – some indeterminate mammal expressing the oldest and newest of feelings.  She shook her breasts and drooled in a long stream between them. 

 Finally, she was done.  She got off of Emily and stared around for what she wanted next.  She found it in an eye-ring screw lodged in a ceiling beam over the floor a few feet from the bed.  Soon Emily was standing with her arms over her head, firmly attached to the eye-ring overhead.  Alexis found a spreader bar and soon Emily’s feet were wide apart.  Still wearing the dildo-gag, Emily felt Alexis’s pussy juice dripping off of it and streaming between her breasts down her sternum.  Soon it would reach her navel.  But she was not to contemplate this liquid very long.  She positioned Eric behind Emily’s rear, kneeling on a thoughtfully-provided pillow, and said, “Erica, I know you would just love to worship Emily’s rear, so start with pretty chaste kisses on her cheeks.  I’ll let you know when you can lick her and go further, girlfriend.”  Gratefully, Eric-Erica started kissing Emily’s gluteus maximi with pretty, closed mouth kisses such as a grandmother might give to a baby. 

Emily turned red, first in her face, and then all over her body, as she realized that a cute boy, albeit one dressed in lingerie, was kissing her hind end.  She had never shown it to a boy, and was shy enough to wear one-piece swimsuits and clothing, which in general made it hard to determine what her figure looked like.  But she had nothing to hide.  From her freckles and her out-of-date curls down to her pretty toes, Emily was a hottie – she was just afraid of her sexuality, and, in particular, she thought of some parts of herself as “dirty.”  Well, here was a boy nosing around her bottom, possibly the “dirtiest” part, as if it were her prettiest part.  And now she was getting goosebumps all over her rear end!  Eric noticed that her bottom was as red as if it had been spanked, and he realized that he was embarrassing her with his attentions.  But he was under orders, after all…

Meanwhile, Alexis got a variety of toys ready, and put an array of them within reach on some pillows on the floor next to Emily.  She started putting clothespins on Emily’s pretty breasts, starting in a circle around the edges, and then, when those were complete, Alexis finished by putting one each on Emily’s startled nipples.  Emily actually forgot that her ass was being kissed as Alexis placed the final two clothespins on her breasts.  Her eyes grew wide and she moaned into her gag, but Alexis said, “There, there, girlfriend, you’ll get used to them soon.  You’ll see.  Just wait.” 

Then Alexis knelt down facing Emily’s pussy, making Emily’s pubic area a sort of sandwich between Eric and herself.  She put on a pair of latex gloves, and started playing with Emily’s pussy.  Now Emily’s moans got even louder.  “Ok to lick her cheeks, now, Erica,” said Alexis, “but no rimming just yet!”  Eric was glad to start giving long; slow vertical licks from the extreme bottom of her ass up to the small of her back.  Soon Emily’s bottom was wet as well as – still – goosebumped.  Next, Alexis strapped a butterfly vibrator over Emily’s pudenda and turned it on full.  More moans.  Finally, pushing the butterfly up just high enough to be out of her way, Alexis started licking Emily between her thighs and her blonde curly pubic hairs.  “Now, Erica, lick in a circle around her hole, but don’t put your tongue in yet,” ordered Alexis between slow vertical lappings of the magic strips on either side of Emily’s pussy. 

While all this was going on, Wendy was meeting the submissive lesbian who had met her in the library, with an eye to procuring a permanent slave for them both around the house.  Wendy had called her up and arranged a meeting with the so-far nameless girl who had offered herself so unconditionally.  They met at a coffee house, where the terms of her slavery were discussed.  Wendy decided to call the girl “LickMe,” and had had no trouble getting her to agree to serve whichever of Wendy or Eric was the top for the week. 
LickMe had no boundaries, and was interested in 24x7 total slut slavery.  She volunteered her services as toilet, total body-slave, housemaid, and slave-on-loan.  Wendy attached a red dogleash to the red collar LickMe was already wearing with her red mini-dress and red pumps. 

Back at the house, Emily didn’t know what she was asking for, precisely, as her moans increased in intensity and frequency.  As she looked down, she saw a large black latex penis coming out of her mouth, along the shaft of which she was the top of Alexis head, with its short hair and buzz-cut sides, moving up and down along her own privates, so close to her pussy that, as she moved from one side to the other, Alexis’ nose brushed Emily’s tight blonde pubic curls.  “But isn’t that nasty?” wondered Emily silently.  She had never heard the word cunnilingus, and “eating out” was just a vague reference she had heard, a reference to nasty things that she hadn’t wanted to contemplate in any detail.  But “down there” was a place to be hidden and avoided, even by herself!  Here she was all tied up – if someone was paying attention to her nasty parts, well, perhaps they weren’t so nasty after all!  Emily started to relax, just a little, from her icy position of withholding her body lest someone find it undesirable. 

Eric, still tied with his hands behind his back, fell into the same rhythm Alexis was using, so that Emily experienced a tongue to the left of her crotch just as another tongue ran the length of her left asscheek. 
Down and up, slowly, then down and up, slowly, the two licked her so maddeningly that Emily didn’t know whether she was coming or going – well, she was coming, but not yet.  The muscles in her thighs and buttocks started to clench, she had goosebumps on her goosebumps, she was breathing hard – but Alexis was not yet touching her clitoris, and the stimulation was just not enough for her to climax.  Moreover, Emily had never had an orgasm in her life.  She didn’t know the psychological or neural pathways and she would have to learn them for the first time.  Emily began to wish that Alexis’s nose would brush her clit harder as she moved from side to side, but Alexis was too smart for that.  She just let the tip of her nose touch Emily’s clit ever-so-lightly and then did the other side, just as before. 

Finally Emily started screaming through her gag.  Her own saliva was drooling down her chest, where Alexis’ pussy juice had paved the way.  Her nipples every now and then reminded her of their plight, but she could spare little attention for their pain.  If only – she found herself wishing – if only Alexis would just lick her once, right in the middle.  She grew hoarse, although her utterances were only mildly audible through the tight-fitting latex penis gag.  Alexis interrupted herself to give Eric the order he had been waiting for. “Erica, dear, please put your tongue way up her anus and clamp you mouth around it in a tight seal and suck.”  Eric did as he was told, and, just as Emily felt Eric’s tongue pushing into her nether region, Alexis started lapping right up the middle of her pussy, with a nice final flick on her clit at each vertical stroke. 

Emily just about pulled the eye-ring out of the ceiling.  Not that she wanted release from her bondage!  It was her impatience to be released from this edge-of-her-seat predicament that caused her whole body to buck like a wild mare.  Eric had to push his face against her beautiful bottom as hard as he could to avoid being inadvertently – for such was not her intent – thrust away from her anus.  In front, Alexis had the use of her hands, and she grasped Emily by the hipbones and held her mount firmly to her pubis.  Now Alexis started full-on clitoral stimulation.  “Keep it in there, Erica, but fuck her with it, too,” she gasped and then returned to circular, side-to-side, up-and-down, and major vacuum stimulation of Emily’s little knob.  This was just too much.  Emily came in a wave of release that expended her entire life of frustration.  How long had it been?  Emily was now twenty-one, and she had been denying her sexuality all her life.  All in all about ten years of frustration all came to a point on the tips of Alexis’ and Eric’s tongues, each of which was driving her to distraction.  So this was what sex was about, she thought wildly, as her climax gripped her.  “Yes, it’s nasty,” she thought, “but that’s what’s nice about it, too!” 

As Wendy approached her house, she first of all noticed her friend Alexis’ car outside.  She and LickMe therefore went around to the back door and stealthily made their entry.  In the bedroom, the found Emily still attached to the ceiling, just beginning to return to normal as Alexis and Eric continued their oral stimulation, albeit on a more gentle plane in respect of her post-orgasmic state.  Wendy gestured for LickMe to get down on her hands and knees; she was still on a leash.  In this manner, Wendy entered the bedroom undetected by Eric, whose face was still buried in Emily’s ass, by Alexis, who was likewise pressed against Emily’s pussy, and also by Emily, who had shut her eyes in bliss, and was beginning to feel the stirrings of a new arousal. 

“Well this looks fun,” said Wendy, in her best ‘happy-little-girl’ voice.  “Can we play too?”  Emily, Alexis, and Eric looked up with guilty cat-that-ate-the-canary looks.  Indeed, Eric and Alexis *had* eaten a canary. 

“Hi Wendy,” managed Eric, “who’s this?” 

“This is ‘LickMe,’ our new house-and-body-slave,” answered Wendy, as if announcing what was for dinner.  “LickMe,” she continued, “strip off your dress and take Eric’s place rimming Emily – I *know* you’ll do an excellent job at it!”  LickMe helped Eric to move aside and immediately had her tongue as far up Emily’s bum as it could reach.  Once there, she applied major suction to the area by creating a tight mouth-seal and inhaling.  Simultaneously, LickMe wriggled her tongue inside for all it was worth.  She was an experienced and enthusiastic rim-job slave if there ever was one, and although for her the humiliation of giving a rim-job was an old one, it was always worth a shudder to consider that others were watching her shove her face into someone else’s rear. Emily involuntarily contracted her rectum to displace LickMe’s intruding tongue, but to no avail.  LickMe felt Emily’s ass-cheeks squeezing her face and forcing her to pucker as she pushed her tongue still further up Emily’s rear portal.  As Emily had been getting rimmed for some time now, her ass was nice and juicy, and LickMe’s face was soon covered in a mixture of Emily’s secretions and her own saliva mixed with Eric’s.  She was practically getting glued to Emily’s gluteus maximi, and she was loving every second of it.  Meanwhile, Emily’s gagged moans continued, as endless as the sound of the sea along the beach, as wave after wave of her own saliva surged out of her gag and down her sternum between her erect breasts.  Even though no one was now licking her clitoris, Emily could feel the slow beginnings of another orgasm as LickMe did her thing. 

Meanwhile Wendy was opening dresser drawers and retrieving items.  She found a red leather singleglove and offered it to Alexis.  “I *know* you want to put this on, girlfriend,” said Wendy, and Alexis said “Yes, Mistress!” in a submissive whisper which belied her earlier dominance.  In moments, Alexis was wearing nothing more than a red armbinder which cruelly pulled her elbows together and thrust her breasts out.  Wendy added some nippleclamps joined on a chain, and thrust Alexis down on her knees.  Then Wendy positioned herself between Eric and Alexis so that Eric could rim her and Alexis could eat her.  She put a collar on both slaves and wound a rope through the o-ring in both collars.  When Wendy pulled the rope tight, Alexis’s mouth was pressed against Wendy’s pussy and Eric’s face was pressed against Wendy’s ass.   In that position Wendy remained for as long as she wanted to…mmmm…

Eric was already full of the taste of Emily’s butt, and he was glad to service Wendy in the same way.  Wendy had somewhat larger, rounder cheeks, so Eric had to press harder to get his tongue into the desired niche.  On Wendy’s other side, Alexis’ mouth was already wet from Emily’s pussy, and she was glad to discover that Wendy’s pussy had a tangier, darker flavor.  “Bittersweet,” thought Alexis, as she lapped Wendy like a cat lapping a dish of milk, enjoying every bit of it. 

Eric probed Wendy as if he were trying to reach Alexis tongue, which he actually felt when Alexis was temporarily tongue-fucking Wendy before she settled down on Wendy’s clit for a long time. For Wendy, it was like having a single lover with two heads go down on her.  She pulled Alexis by her short hair, and did not need or urge Eric to push deep, deep between her now-sweaty ass cheeks.  Alexis started to lick Wendy faster, and Wendy urged her on with pressure at the back of her head.  Pretty soon Wendy, who had despaired of ever coming with someone else in the room, was coming with four other people in the room. 

Emily’s moans were also growing, but she found she could not quite get herself off on LickMe’s ardent rimjob.  Oh, but she was so close!  Emily had never known sexual pleasure until this hour, and now she was hanging on the edge forever and EVER.  Luckily for Emily, as Wendy finished with Alexis’ tongue, she indicated with a slight push that Alexis should go back to Emily’s pussy to help finish her off.  It didn’t take long, and soon the first meeting of the Bound2Eat Club was in its first recess. 

Wendy untied everyone, and LickMe and Emily cooked a dinner while Eric and Alexis cleaned up.  Eric was not allowed to cum, and so he was walking around in his lingerie with a hardon the whole time the two girls prepared dinner and everyone ate.  Before dinner, everyone got their teeth and mouth brushed thoroughly to kill germs. 

Only Wendy ate at the table.  Everyone else ate, hands tied behind their backs, from dog bowls on the floor – they were lucky they were getting real food, Wendy said.  It was a curry-chicken stir-fry to further clean everyone’s palates from their licking activities.

After dinner, Wendy suggested that everybody get retied for the night so as to stay maximally frustrated. 
 Everyone agreed to this, but Eric sort of moaned, as he was still horny.  “First,” Wendy added, “we all tease Eric mercilessly!”  Alexis, Emily, and LickMe were delighted at the prospect.  Soon Eric was spread-eagled on his back with Wendy’s pussy over his face, Alexis licking his balls, Emily giving him her first-ever blowjob, and LickMe sucking on his toes one by one.  “Don’t let him cum, everybody,” warned Wendy as she pressed her wet pussy down onto Eric’s willing lips and tongue. 

Emily got positioned to lick Eric’s cock from the side, to make room for Alexis to give his scrotum a good tongue-bath.  Emily had never even seen a cock before today, and she was both afraid of it and excited to taste it.  Her open mouth hovered an inch away from its head and frenum, both wanting it, and yet afraid of it as if it were a snake.  What would it taste like?  The smell was pungent and yet stimulating.  Unmistakably male. 

Emily covered Eric’s cock completely with her mouth, and yet still didn’t touch it. Eric moaned and thrust upwards and suddenly Emily was all over him.  Her mouth felt warm and wet to his penis, which had felt as dry as if it had crossed the Anvil of the Sun with T. E. Lawrence.  Eric’s cock was as frustrated as if it had grown up in bondage, as the only cock in a girl’s school but without any attention.  Now it felt the ardent if amateur attentions of a suddenly sexual slurpette.  Emily had licked lollipops in grade school, and popsicles in high school, all the while observing and enjoying the effect her oral activity had on cute male observers.  But she had never understood what she was doing!

Emily had always thought of penises – if at all – as smelly, disgusting things.  She had fixated on the fact that men use them to urinate, and had used the same sort of logic to determine that her own genitals were at least mildly unsavory.  But this!  This erect, circumcised, penis with its own unmistakable aroma – if they could bottle it as a men’s cologne the women of the world would go berserk, she thought, as she moved her tongue from side to side across Eric’s frenum – the obviously sensitive underside of the head of his cock. 

Eric was getting ready to cum in Emily’s mouth when Wendy interrupted the blowjob to tie everyone down for the night.  Eric would lie on the guest bed, spread-eagled with two pillows under his rear end, with a latex gag with a long rubber hose coming out from it.  Wendy attached this hose to a bottle hanging from a hospital-type stand such as nurses use to hold up an enema bag.  The bottle was empty, but its stopper in turn had three hoses coming out of it. 

Emily, Alexis, and LickMe were each fitted with an anal plug and a harness to hold it in tight, plus a butterfly vibrator and harness.  The butterfly vibrators were located directly over their clits, but were specially designed to be frustrating.  They were programmed to turn on for only 40 seconds, then off for a full three minutes.  At this rate, Wendy knew, their batteries would last all night.  Wendy took LickMe for her own personal slave and assigned Emily and Alexis to tease Eric all night.  She freed Alexis and Emily from their red and pink armbinders, knowing that to wear one all night would cause serious damage to the circulation in their arms and hands.  She handcuffed their hands in front, but attached the cuffs to a tight leather strap around their waists, which locked in the rear with a small padlock.  This way, they would not be able to masturbate.  Wendy also locked tight belts around their upper thighs, their knees, and their ankles.  She put red dog-collars on them with short chain leashes attached to a chain around Eric’s waist.  Their faces would not be far from his pelvis until these came off.  Finally, they were blindfolded. 

“Your task, slaves, is to keep Eric hard all night without letting him cum.  If you do this, you will each be allowed a big cum of your own in the morning.  If you fail, your punishment will be a 2-quart enema to hold during an extremely hard spanking.  You will also be required to drink each other’s “afters,” and you will in general become toilet slaves for the entire day tomorrow.   I would suggest that Alexis handle his cock and you, Emily, his balls in order to minimize the risk of his climaxing.  That is because I suspect that Alexis has more experience in prolonged cockteasing.  However, you may alternate as you wish.  Whenever I check on you, I expect to find one of you kissing, licking, petting, or pinching his balls, and the other one paying similar attentions to his cock.  Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress,” the two girls said in unison, with the same tone as a polite fifth grade class answering their teacher. 

Next, Wendy brushed LickMe’s mouth, which had serviced Eric’s feet and worse during the proceedings.  After a brushing and a gargle rinse, Wendy pronounced her mouth good enough to be of service to her pussy.  “Oh, thank you, Mistress!” said LickMe, with the tone of a little girl getting a chocolate bar. 

Wendy positioned herself on the queen-sized main bed with lots of pillows, and set LickMe up similarly to the other two girls, with her hands cuffed in front and a leash connecting a collar to Wendy’s waist. 
“Now, LickMe,” Wendy said, “I would like lots of teasing before you dive into my pretty bush.  Lick between my pubes and my thighs for about an hour first.”  Without answering, LickMe complied, as the butterfly vibrator kicked in for 40 seconds.

During their mutual torment and ecstasy, Wendy, Eric, Alexis, Emily, and LickMe were all aware than in a few days, Eric would become the Master, and they would all service him.  They would leave the house only to retrieve their possessions and move in as permanent slaves to the top-of-the-week. Wendy was completing her journey from non-orgasmic vanilla single girl to a highly orgasmic fetish queen with a need to have her orgasms denied, for awhile, so that they would be larger than life when they arrived.  Wendy continued to work at the library, finding books on various erotic and non-erotic topics for patrons of all ages.  She even helped them with their Internet access, pointing out sites with links to erotic stories like the tales of Rhianna.

Eric had a little trouble concentrating on his work, both during his weeks as a top and his weeks as a bottom.  But he was never seriously tempted by the high school girls he counseled, even when they masturbated in the john and rubbed pussy juice on their hands and faces before coming in to his office.

Alexis, Emily, and LickMe always dressed in slutty outfits when they were allowed to go out to the grocery store or the disco.  Often, this meant wearing spiked red dog collars, red miniskirts, red thigh highs and garters, red pumps, and a red tube top.  They carried their leashes in their teeth – pretty teeth style, so that the leashes were neither wet nor dented with tooth marks.  Once they went to the grocery store to buy each one cucumber – the largest and knobbiest they could find. On this day, Emily was wearing a red t-shirt with the bottom torn off to expose her (now pierced) bellybutton.  Across her breasts in white letters was this message: “I Give Better Head Than Your Girlfriend.”  The teenage boy at the checkout was amazed to see three girls in a row, dressed like streetwalkers, paying cash for a single cucumber each.  As he offered to bag Alexis’ cucumber, she said, “No thanks, I’ll wear it,” and, lifting her skirt, she put it beyond sight. 
Lick Me put hers between her asscheeks and walked out with a waddle.   Emily also refused a bag, but put hers in her mouth.   The checker was too dumbfounded to make a crack, but he masturbated about the incident that night three times. 

 LickMe often cooled her drinks with ice cubes made from the top-of-the-week’s urine, and Emily became an addict of facial porn sites and groups.  Her greatest desire was to be so covered in cum that she was effectively invisible.  An impossible ambition, but she felt, a good one. 

Once in a blue moon Alexis was allowed to go out dressed as a top.  On such occasions, she always brought back a new female bottom to the house for at least an evening’s exploitation. 

Eric and Wendy looked forward to being a top toward the end of their weeks of servitude, but also looked forward to their week of submission near the end of each week as a top. 

And they all came happily ever after.

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