Weekend Kidnapping Adventure

by VaughanR

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© Copyright 2012 - VaughanR - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cuffs; naked; lingerie; photo; tease; mast; sex; climax; true; cons; X

I had a fantasy of being kidnapped by my ex-wife for a while. She had a slim sexy body and naughty cute nature sometimes. She would sometimes stay with me but sleep in the spare room. It happened she found my handcuffs  in my bed cuboard while I was at work. She sent me a text asking me about the cuffs.

I explained to her I like to sometimes cuff myself to the bed for fun, I want you cuff me some time. She replied 'yes I might do that, never knew you were into cuffs you should have told me'.

Then she found the photos I took of her friend Kelly cuffed naked to the window bars and on the bed naked.

A text came from her saying 'did you enjoy Kelly in the cuffs? I found photos of her cuffed naked, when did this happen was she better than me?'

I replied, 'it happened after you left me and she wanted to try the cuffs out'.

I sent a text telling her I thought she was sexy and of my kidnapping fantasy with her.

She replied she thought it was a good idea and she would do it to me. She said she should cuff me in the spare room for the weekend. I replied 'yes do that for me honey'.

Then a shocking text from her saying 'Kelly said I should leave you cuffed I just spoke to her she said she often used the cuffs on you in different places even outside. I would love to have done that to you now its my turn to get you back'.

When I got home I greeted her and she said, "Come with me you naughty boy!" Taking me to the spare room. "Strip naked!" she ordered me.

I stripped down naked.

"Get on the bed", she said.

I lay down she grabbed my left wrist pushing towards the window bars then locking my wrist in the cuffs attached to the window bars. She had securly handcuffed me to the bars naked.

"Now think of that bitch Kelly as you are locked up, by the way where the keys? I did not find them." she said.

"They should be there where the cuffs were". I replied. "Thank you for cuffing me honey" I said.

"It is a pleasure! You enjoy it, I've got the keys now you are my toy".

"I see you're nice and hard", she said as she walked in, "I bet you want me so badly! Sorry but think of Kelly when you come it seems she was better than me. So this is what you enjoy so much being tied up naked. I love it you should have told me I would have done it to you".

"I thought of your fantasy and I loved it, now I have kidnapped you as you wished and I have the keys to the cuffs".

She saw me stuggle against the cuffs smiling as she walked away.

"Please let me go I begged her".

"No way!" she replied, "I am not letting you go I like you like that. Anyway this your request to be cuffed here for the weekend".

She walked off as I thought of what I was doing and relised I was her captive and started to get really horny and hard. I heard her move round the house and I really wanted to get free trying to work my hand out the cuffs looking out for anything I could use to pick the cuffs off but there was nothing.

I heard her in the shower and thought of Kelly and me as I rubbed my hard cock. I suddenly came all over myself.

She walked in half naked, "I can't believe I am actually doing this to you but I am really enjoying seeing you like that, what would Kelly be doing to you if she was here? I should ask her".

I said, "No please she was a bitch and would leave me for hours in the cuffs and tease me! Please don't call her".

"Oh yes sounds like a good idea to me!" she laughed, "I should do the same".

She left and returned with her phone, "Time for some naughty photos!" she said as she took some photos of me there lying naked. "This is the teasing part", she said stripping down naked. I got really hard as she took photos of my naked body. "The best part is you can't stop me cuffed to the window bars", she laughed.

"I am sending some photos to Kelly, she said just to show her I can do what she did to you".

"No", I said, "this is a private thing between us".

"Try stop me!" she said as she worked with her phone. She walked out leaving me helpless.

A bit later she returned saying Kelly had replied and showing me the text she sent saying my x should leave me locked up and the photos were cute.

"Well", she said, "time for bed!" Leaving me, "I will enjoy your bed honey, nice and warm and think of Kelly as you come tonight". Kelly was a good friend of hers. As she left me she said, "see you in the morning".

I lay back naked and helpless. I really wanted to get free I started to wonder how long I would be locked up lay back and drifted off to sleep.

I dreamed I was laying there and Kelly was sitting next to me it seemed so real, suddenly I woke up I was in a deep sleep and remembered I was actually cuffed to the bed. I was hard and started to rub myself I throbed as I came all over myself. I pulled helplessly at the locked cuffs and lay back helplessly.

I lay there realising I was living my fantasy and really had no control and I was enjoying it. It was still dark and I thought of what Kelly had once done to me cuffing me to the bed the whole night and then 'lost' the keys for while, I was really horny now.

I drifted off to sleep wondering what would happen in the morning, I knew I asked her to cuff me for the weekend I just wondered for how long she would leave me there.

Morning came and I lay there, I heard her get up. She came to me with some coffee and asked how was my night in cuffs. I said, "Ok just wishing I was free honey".

She said. "I am only doing what you asked me to do to you, so we had a agreement I cuff you for the weekend at your request just doing my part honey. Remember I have text and verbal request consenting me to hold you captive for the weekend and I did agree to so don't complain to me now I chose to cuff you to the window as you requested".

I lay back in frustration pulling at the locked cuffs. "I know", I said, "but did not realise how tough it would be to be like this!" I protested.

"But Kelly did it to you before so you should be used to it", she replied. "Anyway you knew what you were getting yourself into anyway". She left me and took a shower. I thought of Kelly again as I lay back on the bed slowly dosing off.

I woke later seeing her naked in front of me, "I see nice and hard!" she said as she sat on my hard cock slowly entering, I felt she was wet and went in deep. I was so hard and horney I shot in her hard filling her wet pussy. She said, "That was great I really enjoyed that".

She opened the curtains, "That is better", she said walking out, "please close them I might be seen. That is the whole point honey I can do anything I want with you while you locked up".   

She came into the room wearing only a tee shirt and g string just to tease me and said, "Whose blue lace g string is this? Its not mine, is it Kellys? I found it hidden in the drawer".

"It probably is", I replied.

"Ok you put it on now".

But I said, "it is a ladies g string I can't wear it".

"If you don't do what I tell you to do I will leave keeping you locked up ok, so put it on".

I put the g string on using my free hand as she asked and that made me hard.

"That looks good, now for some naughty photos". She took her phone and took photos of me wearing the g string from different angles.

I was having fun and did not mind her taking the photos of me, I even posed for her. She saw I was enjoying being locked up. She said she was going to send some to Kelly. I said ok and she sent some nice photos to her.

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting and she teased me and played with me. I had to tell her all about what Kelly and I did together and she asked if she would also do those naughty handcuff games with me.

We had sex several times that evening. She refused to uncuff me till the weekend was over and at this stage I really wanted to get free. She said it was good I was cuffed there so she could have me at any time she wanted and she was having so much fun teasing me helplessly.

I begged her to please uncuff me but she refused to reminding me of our agreement. She left to go to bed saying, "Sweet dreams think of me tonight locked up".

I lay back helplessly naked and drifted off to sleep. My cock was bit sore from all the sex we had and I was really kidnapped by her beyond my control. I started to really regret doing this trying to wriggle free but the cuffs were on too tight.

For a while I wanted to experience a real kidnapping situation, now I was in one not knowing when she would release me. I was thinking of what she was going to do with me and if she was going to let me go. I imagined her keeping me locked up for her own amusement teasing me with her hot naked body.

I fell asleep thinking of her liking me locked up naked. I was her sex slave till I got free. I dreamed Kelly had tied me to the bed and my ex-wife walked in seeing me cuffed to the bed naked and Kelly wearing only a blue g string playing with me. I pulled against the cuffs helplessly as my ex watched me come as Kelly stroked my hard cock. Kelly then got up and left me, my ex then looked at me saying don't expect me to loosen you ask Kelly she has the keys, now I know what you two do behind my back. She then walked away leaving me cuffed to the bed.

I woke up finding I was actually cuffed thinking of the strange dream I had and I hoped Kelly did not keep the keys as she once did. Kelly used the keys last and wondered where they actually were. Kelly loved to tease me by taking the cuff keys so if I used the cuffs I could not unlock them till she got to me as it happened to me a few times before.

My ex woke up late, walked in half naked, "Morning honey", she said, "I really enjoyed last night". She began rubbing my hardening cock. "Nice!" she said and stripped naked and sat on my hard cock. I went deep in her coming in her. She checked the cuffs and said, "You are so sexy locked in the cuffs, I should have done this long time ago, you should have told me about this cuff bondage".

I was still hard in her then she said, "One minor issue, where are the cuff keys kept?"

I told her to look where she found the cuffs but they were not there. "You do have the keys I hope or else you're stuck here".

I said, "Please ask Kelly she used them last, I am not sure where they are at the moment".

"That is great you're cuffed to the bed and no keys!" she replied.

I said, "She used to sometimes take the keys to tease me so I could not remove them if I used them on my self."

"Wow", she replied, "so she had to come unlock them if you cuffed yourself, did it ever happen?' she asked.

"Yes", I replied, "a few times".

"That sound sexy! You stay there I will ask her I need to uncuff you honey". She sent a text to Kelly to ask her. Soon a reply text came. "You will never guess she has the keys, says she forgot to return them to you".

"Please ask to bring them, she probably knows I am locked up in them". She sent a text asking if Kelly would please bring the keys to me we needed them I was cuffed naked to the bed and can't remove the cuffs. Now I was really stuck and had no spare keys Kelly would bring the keys to us later saying she knew I would not be able to remove the cuffs and wanted me to be locked up..

My ex could not help me out the cuffs. Some time later I heard Kelly walk in and talk to my ex. It seemed forever and I heard them moving around the house. 'What is going on?' I thought when Kelly suddenly walked in naked. "Nice!" she said, "now its my turn with you".

"I liked the photos honey of you in the cuffs and I had the keys!" she said dangling them in front of me. She started to tease me hard and I thought of what my ex would think of her playing with me. "You can't stop me locked up honey so enjoy it!" she said as she made me hard. She rode me hard making me come and come.

My ex walked in saying, "I am on my way enjoy it!" and walked out.

"Don't forget the keys!" Kelly said to my x.

"I got them!" she replied and left.

"Ok where the cuff keys?" I asked Kelly shaking the locked cuffs.

"She took them with her I don't have them any more". Kelly replied.

"And how you going to loosen the cuffs?" I asked.

"That is your problem now!" she laughed as she walked away. She explained to me they both wanted me and it was a setup between themselves. "We both own you now just for our pleasure". Kelly returned still naked with keys, "don't worry got them I had you worried there".

"You've been cuffed a long time", she said as she unlocked my wrist and freed me. We had a lovely night together. We used the cuffs on each other in different places in the house coming in her several times. Finally sleeping cuffed together.