Weekend at Bettie's

by Kevin Quinn

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Previously: Bettie tied up boyfriend Kevin and then surprised him by bringing in her friend, his old bondage-loving girlfriend Page. Page then brought in her two 18-year-old daughters, Ashley and Renne, to learn how to pleasure a man. 

Part 2: Hand Jive

After watching Ashley perform a beautiful hand job, Renee was eager and ready for her turn to pump my cock.

“He needs to recover,” Page said. “Men need some time between ejaculations to recharge.”

As I calmed down from my climax with Ashley, Bettie toweled off some of the juice on my torso, while the others released me from the Velcro cuffs. Bettie took me to the bathroom – on legs still a bit wobbly - to wash up while the others went off to the guest bedroom and bathroom. Bettie took off her teddy to freshen up, and I was still catching my breath when she asked quietly, “Are you really alright with this? I know this caught you way off guard, but Page thought you’d like it, and she’s very persuasive…”

“Are you two... lovers?” I asked, not sure if I was hearing them correctly before. 

“Yes, we were. Occasionally. Then when you came along, and you and I got serious, that stopped. I don’t want anyone else, but I love you so much that I wanted to give this whole experience to you and to Page. As a gift.”

“I love you, too, sweetheart. This is wonderful and so much fun. You are the best lover and friend and... gift-giver... I’ve ever known.”

We hugged and kissed and I felt my dick rising again. I moved my pelvis against hers, wanting to fuck then and there. She pushed me back with a chuckle. 

“Time for that later, tiger. Seems like you’re ready for Round Two with the girls. We’ll tie you up again.” I started to protest. “That was the agreement so the girls can feel safe. No actual fucking, and they’re in control.” She slipped on a pair of sexy satin panties and held us up just before we went back into the bedroom. “Now don’t go falling in love with these girls,” Bettie said. “I don’t think I could stand that.”

“They’re just kids. You’re the woman who lights up my world.”

“And don’t fall in love with Page, either,” she said.

“Don’t worry, honey. She’s still Jewell deep inside, and still scares the crap out of me. A little.” 

Back in the bedroom, we re-assembled the group. The four women wore only sexy panties and short robes. Renee quickly took her place laying between my outstretched, bound legs, and with some watermelon-scented lube, started right in working on my cock. She played with the whole region, including the space under my balls and the outer rim of my anus. Okay, Renee was either a quick study, or was simply the bolder of the two. Ashley sat observing on my right, sometimes kissing me, making me suck a finger, nibbling my nipples. Bettie and Page were standing side by side on my left, holding each other tightly around their waists. 

Ashley said, “Kevin, it’s driving me crazy, but I’ve just got to tell you something. Bettie and my mom are lovers.”

“Already told him,” stage-whispered Bettie.

“Damn,” said the disappointed girl. “But did you know they’ve stopped doing it since you came along?”

I told her I did.

“Damn! But did you know Page hasn’t had sex in weeks? I think she’s dying for a lover’s touch. She won’t ask you, so I will. Is it ok with you if they make love?”

I paused. My pictured these two women locked in a 69, licking each other. Knowing Page, I figured some bondage got thrown in there as well. Part of me didn’t want to share Bettie, but part of me wanted to share the wealth I was experiencing. “Go ahead, ladies. Have fun. Sorry I can’t join you, but I’m a little tied up right now.” Groan.

The two women looked at each other and silently gave each other permission. They embraced, kissing and caressing each other’s breasts and asses. We all watched for a minute, and then Renee jumped up from between my legs with an idea and called Ashley over for a brief whispered conversation between all four women. They agreed on something, and Bettie took a set of thigh cuffs from a small suitcase our visitors had brought, while the older woman took off her robe. Page’s wrists were pinned down to her side, just below her hips. If this was Renee’s idea, the whole family was definitely kinky.

Bettie kissed her lover and backed her up against a wall at the foot of the bed, putting her hand deep into Page’s satin panties. The girls came back to bed, each lying next to me, our heads together, stroking my chest as they watched.

“We saw them doing this on a video that mom keeps and we found,” Ashley explained. “But the roles were reversed at the time. Mom’s a bit of a dom.” No kidding, I thought. “Some videos were obviously shot by themselves on a tripod, but a couple sessions were shot by a third party. She won’t say who that was.” 

We watched as Page was obviously turned on by the experience and started breathing heavily. After a minute, I said, “Uh, ladies,” and nodded toward my crotch. 

“Oh, yeah,” said Renee, and went back to her spot between my legs. Putting more lube on, she kissed the head of my cock while looking at me with a heavy-lidded “I’m going to drive you crazy” gaze. Ashley put a pillow under my head so I could see her sister and the floor show more easily. She also positioned herself beside me so that I could hold one of her buttocks in my outstretched hand. Considerate girl.

“There was one video of mom tying her up with a rope chest harness and her arms folded behind her back,” Ashley told me. “A box tie, I think it’s called.” She described how Page put straps on Bettie’s thighs and tied them close to her chest, pulling her legs up and apart. She put Bettie on her back, and to keep her from rolling away, tied the thigh cuffs off to the side rails of the bed. Then she proceeded to force orgasms on her with her mouth, fingers and eventually a vibrator. By the fifth orgasm, Bettie was begging to stop. 

“She was gagged, but the intent was clear. The video was edited down to the highlights, but was pretty intense. This might be payback.”

By this time, Page’s panties were off her hips (they tied at the side) and had been stuffed into her mouth. She was bucking against the wall, helpless before the onslaught of Bettie’s hand in her pussy and mouth on her nipples. Page’s orgasm did not take long, announced with a guttural cry from deep inside her naked body. The teenagers were distracted again, to watch in fascination as their mother sank to her knees, panting. Bettie pulled her friend up and laid her face-down on top of my chest, crossways, and after borrowing some lube from the girls, started rubbing Page’s clit again, from behind.

Soon, Renee was holding the base of my cock firmly in one hand and stroking the head and shaft with the other, as she’d been shown. My orgasm was building, and it was going to be another big one. My cock erupted in spurts just as Page had her second climax, on top of me. Some of it landed on Page. 

An evening of “good, clean, naughty fun” was turning way wilder than I could possibly have imagined. 

After that, the pace of the evening slowed down – for the moment. We two in bondage were soothed and kissed and caressed by the others before they untied us. Bettie and I cleaned up in our suite, Page and the girls did the same in the guest quarters. We all met - fully dressed - in the living room, where the atmosphere was polite and friendly, albeit a little restrained, as if we were all a bit staggered at how fast our inhibitions had been cast aside. We decided that Page would spend the night with Bettie and me, sleeping in the guestroom, while the twins would drive themselves home. When they protested, Page said, “Hush, girls. Mummy and the adults have things to discuss.” The 18-year-old “girls” rolled their eyes at her for calling them that (considering the very adult events of the evening), but complied. They probably had a lot to talk about in private as well. 

Later, over cocktails in the living room, we three adults decided on some ground rules going forward. First was complete secrecy; we would tell no one else about our "study group” (a nickname that kind of stuck) and no photos or videos. I was never to be alone with the girls, never fuck them, and had to be restrained in some way during all sessions, so they could feel perfectly safe and in control. (Both girls were strong and healthy and had taken judo, so I figured they could defend themselves, but this was for my legal and moral protection as well.) If the teens wanted to be intimate with Bettie, that was ok, though of course, Page was not going that route. Safe-words were established. 

Page and Bettie could resume having sex with each other, but only when I was present, no sneaking around. Page and I could have manual or oral sex with Bettie around, but never intercourse, as that was strictly reserved for Bettie and me. Bondage was obviously on the menu, but the wilder, more painful aspects of BDSM was not. At least not yet.

We discussed our sexual experiences and boundaries. Bettie and I had had fairly vanilla sex lives except for our encounters with Page. Our friend told us that for the previous couple of years, as her daughters were getting older and needed less of her time, she quietly resurrected her old alter-ego of Jewell (minus the drugs). She took to moonlighting as a part-time unpaid assistant at a local BDSM facility when they needed an extra hand. The owner was a dominatrix friend of hers from her wilder days. “Neither India nor I have sex with the clients in the dungeon other than handiwork or vibrators,” she explained. “I mostly help with suspension rigging, or mummification, or I play a supporting character like a guard or slave in the role-play sessions.”

When asked to elaborate, she described one of her first sessions:

Page picked up a client, an older man from out of town named Jonathan, at the airport who had crafted a secret agent fantasy. She played a chauffeur/assistant taking him to an important rendezvous, but when they got to the house, she pulled a fake pistol – it was a rubber prop – and held him at gunpoint while the Dom stripped and tied him standing up on a St. Andrew’s cross. The scenario had all been pre-arranged. India ‘interrogated’ him with whipping and electro stim devices in his ass and on his balls. Page watched from a corner of the room, studying how India applied the electrics, as she had little experience with them. As the session progressed, the pain was amped up, but the client was not “breaking” under interrogation.

Eventually, India was ready to move on from the torture, but he kept resisting, even though he was slumped and hanging in the frame, maybe play-acting exhaustion, maybe not. Realizing that they had not arranged a signal telling him to give up, she mouthed to Page that she did not want to really hurt him. Page was not expecting to contribute to the scene, but she knew roleplay and improvised by stepping up to the man, stroking his chest and whispering.

“Jonathan, I have been watching this evil woman doing unspeakable things to your body for the longest time. Between the painful truth serum injections and the electric shocks, I have never seen anyone endure such agony for this long. You have been very strong, but at this point there is no shame in giving us the simple information we need. None of your colleagues will be hurt if you tell us. I am extremely impressed by your bravery. And your manhood.” 

Page’s hand wandered down to his crotch. He moaned that if he talked, he would be of no further use to them, and would be killed. He was deeply into the dramatic secret agent character, and Page kept up her role. 

“I will try to convince them to spare you. But, if you are to be executed, I will have them do it tomorrow at dawn. I promise you I will spend the night with you in your cell and we will make incredible love. Anything you want. For hours. If you die in the morning, at least you will die a real man who has satisfied a woman who is hungry for your lips, your hands, and your cock.”

India gave a smile as Jonathan finally gave up his “information” and Page backed up to give them space. India then skillfully, slowly, and tantalizingly, brought the man to a huge and loud orgasmic explosion. 

Bettie and I must have looked a little wide-eyed at Page’s intimate reverie, as she gave a little laugh. “As I said, he was an older man, but he was handsome, classy, and well endowed. I drove him to his hotel after the session, and I stayed. We had dinner and then I banged his brains out. Off the clock, on my own. For a while, we even pretended we were in that death row cell. I had gone a long time without a cock at that point. I take no pay for any of this, it’s all for the fun and the learning. I’ll show you her dungeon someday.”

“Speaking of bondage,” Page continued, “those Velcro cuffs you’re using are ok, but I’ve got better. More comfortable, more secure. Lockable.” She pulled out some leather cuffs from her small suitcase and demonstrated them by having Bettie put them on my wrists. Page linked them together behind my back and the two women stood beside me, pressed in close, kissing right in front of me and fondling my torso and crotch. Soon, by unspoken agreement, they led me by my cock and balls up the stairs to the bedroom. Page brought the bondage bag along.

They put me in a wooden chair facing the foot of the bed, securing my wrists behind the seat back. They pulled off my shorts and used another set of cuffs to pull my ankles back and to the sides.

“Let’s see now,” Page wondered aloud, “who hasn’t had an orgasm tonight? Oh, yes, our lovely hostess.” With that, she stripped Bettie and put her in the same thigh cuffs Page had been in earlier. Bettie laid her head and torso onto the bottom part of the mattress. Page took pieces of rope and tied each ankle out to a bottom corner of the bed, spreading our mutual girlfriend’s legs far apart. She massaged Bettie’s wet pussy as I watched close at hand. 

“Let’s find something for Kevin to do while we play,” mused Page. Rummaging through her bag of tricks, she came out with a vibrating cock ring and slipped it around the base of my shaft. Setting it on low, she turned her attention to Bettie with a large wand vibrator. “Let’s see how she handles this bad boy.” 

The next few minutes were a mixture of heaven and hell, as Bettie and I were stimulated but were denied orgasm. Page took turns kissing and fondling us both, sucking our nipples, and eventually found a position where she could stroke my cock while pressing the vibrator on Bettie’s clit. Bettie was thrashing and moaning by the time we two captives both finally climaxed and slumped in our bondage. Page released her friend’s ankles from the bed and, her arms still tied, made her kneel and lick my penis clean before untying the two of us.

We cleaned up, had another drink. Eventually, it was time to retire for the night. We invited Page to join Bettie and I, but the queen bed would have been close quarters for three. So close, I doubt we would’ve gotten any sleep, so Page slept in the guest bedroom. Bettie slept beside me in a satin chemise, and I – well, the ladies demanded I could sleep either nude, or bound. I chose nude, wanting to hold Bettie that night, and there had been enough bondage for the evening. 

As we lay in bed, Bettie and I speculated on what was going to happen in the coming days. She said, “I think there’s a good chance the girls aren’t going to go any further with this, and Page will lose interest. It’ll just be the two of us.”

I chuckled and replied, “Uh, if Page is channeling the Jewell I remember, there’s a good chance you and I will eventually end up suspended from the rafters in a deserted barn someplace while she and the twins take turns fucking us and whipping us. And we’ll love it.” 

Bettie laughed and fell asleep quickly. It took me longer, because I knew Jewell, and I was only half-kidding. 


In the next chapter, music turns into another night of bondage and sex, plus memories of wild times in a bed perfectly designed for both. 

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