by James Honeybee

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© Copyright 2009 - James Honeybee - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; tv; bond; bdsm; cage; electro; cbt; reluct; X

Miss had been very busy for a week or so now, and I had the suspicion she was planning something. She spent hours every day in our basement, and ignored me when I casually asked what she was doing down there all the time. Today, I found out.

She woke me up early this morning, and pulled me into the bathroom. She had me shave my face, my legs and my pubic hair, and she helped me shave some of the more inaccessible parts of my body until the only hair left was on my head. She was obviously quite excited about something, and that made me quite nervous. Sometimes her secrets turn out to be pleasant surprises, other times very painful ones. I had a sense this could be one of the latter.

She wasted no time in applying make up liberally to my face, and complimented me on my ability to look like a cheap drag queen. She put a brown haired ladies wig onto my head and giggled at my nervousness.

"You're right to be afraid, sissypoo. You're going to have a very very long day."

She gave me a frilly pink dress to put on, followed by white stockings and pink high heel shoes with little straps that locked around my ankles. Strangely enough, she didn't give me any underwear, but that was probably for the best since my cock was rock hard and dripping precum onto the floor.

Having dressed me up like a teenage girl, she put a pink collar on me, and clipped on a leash. Finally, she blindfolded me, and I teetered from side to side on my high heels. She led me carefully downstairs, and opened the door leading down to the basement. I was absolutely tense as we walked very slowly down the stairs, my anticipation growing with each step. We walked into the middle of the large room, and she ordered me to get on my hands and knees. She guided me forward, and I crawled into the familar cold metal dog cage. The floor was grainy and irritating for my hands and knees. I figured out quite quickly she had poured a box of rice into the cage for extra discomfort.

Without asking, she gently grabbed my left wrist and strapped a heavy leather cuff around it, which she padlocked to the side of the cage. She took my right hand and did the same, and then both my ankles were also cuffed to the corners of the cage, so I had no choice but to be on my hands and knees.

"If it's not comfortable, then you better say so now, because I'm not letting you out until tonight."

The words sent a chill down my spine.

"It's comfortable, Miss" I said, wondering if I meant it or not.

She took off my blindfold, and I looked around, blinking. The room was remarkably empty, with black drapes all around giving it a monotone feel. Three spotlights shone down from above, all pointing at the cage, and somewhat alarmingly, there was a video camera pointed directly at my face. I looked at it, and I wondered if anyone was looking back at me.

Miss locked the front of the cage and walked around behind me to the back. She grabbed my balls and gave them a hard squeeze. I yelped in pain.

"Don't be a pussy. They'll be suffering a lot more than that today, sissyboy."

She slapped my hard cock, and giggled. I couldn't see what she had by her, but I felt a cool gel being applied around my cock and balls, and then some kind of cockring and combined ball stretcher being attached. It wasn't too tight, but it was cold and uncomfortable. She squirted some of the gel onto my asshole and started fingering me, making me moan and writhe against her hand.

"Do you like that, sissy? Does that make you a horny slut?" she asked me mockingly.

"Yes Miss. I love it.. don't stop... make me your whore." She slipped 2 fingers in and then three, and pushed them forcefully in and out.

"Why don't you tell all your new friends on the internet about it then?" she asked. I stopped writhing and tensed up. She pulled her fingers out and quickly and unforgivingly shoved a buttplug into my partly open ass.

"In.... internet, Miss?"

"I opened a new site, babydoll. And you're going to be a star. The video stream is free on the first day, sort of a publicity thing."

She closed the cage behind me and locked it shut. Then she picked up a laptop from a table in the corner of the room and carried it over to me.

"There are 3 cameras in here, one pointing at your face, one pointing from above, and one pointing at your cute little asshole and puny cock. And right now there are... let's see... 278 people online, watching you turn bright red while I explain your wretched situation to you."

I looked at the camera and quickly turned away. I could feel my cheeks burning up with shame, as I realised that I had just admitted to hundreds of people that I was a sissy whore.

"But you must be wondering, something, little slut. Who the hell wants to see you locked up in a cage all day? That would get boring pretty fast, don't you think?"

"Yes Miss", I mumbled, dreading what she was going to say next. She reached behind the cage and gave 2 cables a little tug, which I felt pulling against my cockring and buttplug. She put a box next to the cage, that read 'TENS unit: use with care'. Smiling, she slowly pushed the plugs leading to my rear into the box. She turned the laptop towards me so that I could see what was on the screen.

"You have a look at that, and see what you think. I'm a generous woman, so I'll give you 5 minutes to let it sink in." She plugged a cable from the tens unit into a usb port on the laptop and flipped a switch. The digital display lit up, as I stared at the laptop screen.

"Make all the noise you want baby, I soundproofed this room and everything. I'll be watching the show too, so make me proud today. See you later!" and with that, she walked off, climbed the stairs and closed and locked the door behind her.

Scared, alone and uncomfortable, I read the front page of the website.


Shock A! - the new and exciting interactive BDSM game in real time!

Welcome to Shock a sissy, we know you can't wait to take part in the fun so here are the rules and prices:

Sissy has her genitals and asshole wired up to a high tech electrical device, which you can control! However, sissy is a REAL subby, and will need a little bit of time to recover from each shock. You can buy shocks individually, but you get a discount if you pre-pay. You can shock her asshole or her cock, so you don't have to wait too long for her to recover!

5 volt shock: 20 cents - one second shock to keep sissy alert!
Recovery time 1 second
10 volt shock: One dollar - 3 seconds of lightening in her ass!
Recovery time 5 seconds
20 volt shock: Two dollars - 5 seconds that will have her begging you to stop!
Recovery time 10 seconds
50 volt shock: 5 dollars - 10 seconds of agony that will make her scream and cry!
Recovery time 1 minute

}Chatroom{ - 1 person is online

*Seska has entered the room
Seska: Sissy, are you reading this? Say hi to the camera.
Seska: Good girl.
Seska: I was just fucking with your head, telling you that you were online. The website doesn't go public until next week. But I needed to do a test run. Talk to the camera babe, I need to check the sound quality.
Seska: LOL!
Seska: that was cute. no, I'm not letting you out
Seska: yes, all day, you little slut
Seska: okay, so the cameras are working, i've got a great view of your ass
Seska: just one more part of the system that needs to be tested ****Seska has purchased 200 dollars worth of shocks
Seska: i know you're scared baby, that's part of the fun ****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
Seska: lol, annoying isn't it? those are only 20 cents each.
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
Seska: dance for me baby :)
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
Seska: don't look so pathetic. this is fun!
Seska: yes it is. you get a dollar shock for disagreeing with your Miss ****Seska gave a 10 volt!
Seska: awww
Seska: the look on your face is worth a million dollars
Seska: no! look, I'm coming downstairs

Miss stomped down the stairs, frowning. She had a roll of tape in one hand and a dirty kitchen cloth in the other. She unlocked the front of the cage angrily and forced my mouth open, stuffing the gross cloth in uncarefully. She pulled a piece of tape from the roll and proceeded to wrap 5 or 6 layers tightly around my mouth and over my head for good measure. My protests effectively muffled, she locked the cage again and went back upstairs, slamming the door behind her.


Seska: no more whining for you :)
****Seska gave a 10 volt!
****Seska gave a 10 volt!
Seska: beg me with your eyes
Seska: that's cute.
****Seska gave a 20 volt!
Seska: you like that?
Seska: lol, no? i like it
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
Seska: those are better aren't they?
Seska: the 5 volt shocks are like an electrical cookie for when you're good
Seska: look at the camera
Seska: beg for me
Seska: use those cute little whore eyes, maybe i'll only give you a 5 or a 10
Seska: you're so adorable when you're suffering ****Seska gave a 50 volt!
Seska: don't cry, you'll ruin the makeup! lol ****cannot give 50 volt, recovery time remaining: 24 seconds
Seska: damnit
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
****Seska gave a 5 volt!
Seska: ok, time for me to go shower. here's a leaving pressie!
****Seska gave a 50 volt!


I screamed into the gag and shook the cage helplessly. It felt like someone was inserting a hot poker into my ass and flogging my genital with guitar strings, and then suddenly it was over, and I was left panting, sweating and crying in the cage. I knew that my whole day would be filled by waiting for the next one, and the one after that. I whimpered a bit in the silence. It was going to be a long day.