We Always Get One

by Paultt

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We always get one you know. This one stood at the back of the room looking across at me and had that distant look on her face. I meant to say that she was different from the others on the tour. But they always had the same sort of look. The place was atmospheric I agree; but you have to wonder.

The tour started at the reception. The big steel door closed with a loud echoing bang. The heels of their shoes clicked and snicked as they walked on the tiled floor to the first cell block. I began my patter surveying the crowd. This one was middle-aged and very attractive, on her own, and standing at the back.

American by the way she was dressed and rich; but compared to most of my country’s standards a good square meal a day was a bonus.

There was a couple at the side of the group. She was young the man was older, say forty-five or more. They were very much in love -- the type of love that some don’t understand.

Oh it has been this way since the wall came down. Good for Germany and the west but bad for us in the old state security of the east.

Now instead of beating confessions out of traitors and spies I get to guide them around this old prison turned museum.

Oh how I miss the old days of the east/west divide. Oh the look in someone’s eyes when you showed them the ID card and placed them in handcuffs.

The woman looked across at me as I began the spiel we’d been briefed to give them about the badness of the old ways and how we’ve reformed and are now aware of our crimes and how we wished to make amends by showing the world the new hope for the future. Yea right!

They get to be locked in a cell and have their photos taken. She seemed reticent to have this done. And the couple loved it; both looked out of the bars with glum faces.

Oh god, Disney world in a jail. Bah! I’d lock them all up and throw the key down the drain if I didn’t need to eat.

The woman was away in a dream world. She looked at the electric chairs and the chains and things all still as we’d left them. All still usable too!

The tour continued into the basement where they used to leave the prisoners to talk among themselves while we’d listen on the hidden microphones.

And finally out to the courtyard where they either left through the back gate free or were shot in the back of the head and thrown into a truck to the landfill site.

Ah the good old days.

We used many bullets.

Still there was always the present. They then go to the café of tea and cakes. Ha, what a world! But this is the chance I’d been waiting for.

"How are you enjoying the visit here? I asked. She looked startled and jerked her head in my direction.

"Pardon?" She had a thick mid-western accent; her green eyes looked at me wide and unseeing. "Oh, sorry," she said, "I am err..."

I smiled at her and waved my hand. "It’s okay’ I understand." My thick German accent hid my brains.

She smiled a little coy smile. "I don’t think you do."

"I do, would you like a private viewing tonight?"

She looked at me aghast. "Whatever do you mean?" The coy smile gave way to shock.

I looked at her and just replied, "Be here at eight pm. I do the ghost walk then and would have more time to show you around."

I walked away leaving her to think. No point pushing it. The party were laughing and joking in a dark-humoured way that most of our guests do. It was almost a way of forgiving us for what we did. I was not proud but you do what you have to do to survive.

She looked at me as she went off with her party. The coach belched smoke as it drove off.

The ghost walk always sets off into the dark cell block at eight and it seems to attract a certain type of people: a lot of the gothic-type of kids with lank hair, loose jeans and spots; then the couples who dare each other; and then there are the thrill seekers.

And there was my lady from earlier. She’d changed her clothes: jeans tee-shirt and a ski jacket. Her red hair was tied tightly in a braid on the back of her head. The look was there though.

She hung back as we did the tour again but this time with less lights and a soft tape playing on the sound system. Little screams and whimpers echoed down the corridors of the lower levels and I have to admit it is always spooky.

The people left after the tour; all generous with their tips (even the kids) and I stuffed it into the bag and nodded to my new friend. She smiled at me and hung back asking questions until the rest had left.

We walked to the outer gates and she watched while I locked us inside. She shuddered a little and then smiled. "You must think I am weird." She smiled, unsure her shyness now gone from her demeanour.

I didn’t answer just turned and walked back to the reception area. She followed. And then she closed the door behind her.

"Lock it please."

She did so without a moment’s pause.

"So what would you like to see?" I dropped the accent down to the slight German accent we used to use when we went west...

"It’s not so much see, but experience!"

I sat on the desk and looked closely at her. A fine woman, medium height not fat or thin and it was her eyes that drew you to her, warm but sparkly.

The small creases in the corners gave her age to me as 35 plus. The way she smiled showed a person who liked herself and knew what she wanted.

The jacket and clothes must have cost more than I used to earn in a month. She was very pretty though. ‘This will be fun,’ I thought.

"What would you like to experience first... Frau?"

"It’s Helen. Helen Grey," she moved to stand in front of me. I moved behind the desk and sat on the chair.

"Well, Frau Grey, what can I do for you?"

"I want to be treated as a prisoner here. I want the whole nine yards." She looked straight at me as she said this. Then she looked away.

"I don’t think you want what we used to do to some of the prisoners here. Tell me what you need."

She looked at me and reached into her pocket. Pulling out her hand she handed me a box. I looked at it and then at her.

"You may do what you wish but you are to use those when we get to that stage. I am yours for the whole night so take your time."

She smiled a sweet smile and held out her hand. I shook it and she looked at me as I opened the desk drawer and passed her a form with tick boxes on it.

She looked at it and smiled again. "German efficiency!"

I nodded in agreement. See, I told you that we got many of these types here.

I held out a pen and she sat down on the desk and took it. "Finished" she said as she sat back.

I looked down at the form and smiled. ‘Yes, she will be fun,’ I thought.


She nodded her consent.

I took her by the arm and walked her down the corridor. She struggled to keep up. We entered one of the large side rooms.

"Stand in the corner; hands behind your head!" I ordered and saw her shudder.

Standing there she sighed. I held out the form and noted her requests.

I walked behind her and took hold of her hair and pulled it back. "Name!"

She held her head high.

Pulling her face around to look at me I smiled a cruel smile and asked, "Name!"

She shook her head.

Holding her hair I ordered her to strip. She shook her head.

"Strip!" I gently slapped her face.

She cried out and held her cheek. I looked at her again. "Strip!"

Standing to one side I watched her unzip her jacket and take it off. She laid it on the table top and I took out all the contents listing them.

She stopped. "Continue!" I said. She looked at me and then pulled her tee-shirt over her head. I had to admit to admiring her breasts in her bra. Her stomach was slightly bulging. But she had a nice figure. I held out my pen and pointed to her jeans.

She gulped and unbuttoned the button and pulled the zip, shucking them down. And then she stepped out of them.

Her panties where brief, to say the least. A touch of ginger hair was showing behind the sheerness of them.

I tapped my foot and watched as she reached back to unclasp her bra. And felt a throbbing begin in my pants.

She placed one arm across her bosom and held the other across her face in shame.

"You can change your mind at anytime."

She smiled at me and said, "Yes, I can, but not yet."

I pointed at her panties and she bent and slid them down. Her breasts lowered and pointed to the ground, her nipples hard from the chill; it wasn’t cold as we now ran the heating a lot more than the old days!

She handed them to me and waited.

I stood up and took her arm. Leading her into the examination room I pulled on a rubber glove and told her to stand with her fingers locked behind her head. I gently probed her vagina and then her anus. She stood and looked at the floor blushing and at the same time I found her slightly aroused.

I turned her and made her squat as if to pee: arms behind her head with fingers interlocked. Ordered to walk like that to the other room, she realised that it made her waddle like a duck. And she blushed again.

Both breasts swayed with the strange movement and I had to alter my stance so to speak. She stopped as she saw the strange chair like piece of furniture and as I ordered her to climb up on it, I will try to describe it for you:

She knelt on the arms of the "Chair" feet over the armrests and they were strapped down with leather straps (as were the bends in her knees). Where the backrest would be is a frame that has some stocks attached so her head and wrists were locked into it. It was virtually an on-all-fours position but the frame had her in midair with all bits available for access.

By stepping into the middle of her legs or to her front she was ready for ravishment.

She lifted her head and smiled at me.

"You okay?"

She nodded and answered, "Best fun I’ve had in years!"

Got in Himmel these American women are strange.

I stroked her side and ran my thumb up her groove making her groan and try to move back onto it, she was soaking.

Plop, my thumb entered her hot wet place and I moved it about quite a bit. Frau Grey moaned and gripped it using her internal structure. I gently moved it in and out slowly slicking moisture up to her anus.

When I had enough I pressed and my thumb fought her resistance and it slid in. There was a mirror in front of her so she could see her face and the way her breasts hung underneath her.

And she came. I’d inserted three fingers inside her pussy now and moved my hand frigging her in both places at once.

I understood her now and waited until she was about to come and then stopped.

She looked mutinous and I decided to gag her. She watched as I walked over to the shelves and picked up a few things. I placed two wooden dowels on end just in front of her nipples. Onto these I placed two large lead weights and attached the nipple clamps that they were individually linked to onto Frau Grey’s large nipples. She groaned as I spun the wheel that made them bite harder.

Then I clipped a metal bit on a bar that had two chains attached onto hooks either side of the stocks. This I held out and pushed into Frau Grey’s mouth. She knew what would happen if she dropped the bit. The chains would swing it like a pendulum and knock over the two dowels dropping the two lead weights.

Her wide eyes watched as I got a thin whippy cane out and swiped it in front of her face making whooshing sounds.

I watched her eyes as I walked to her rear and springing it back let go of the end and it flicked across her left ass cheek. She grunted but didn’t say or drop anything. And a thin red weal rose.

I continued to whip at her buttocks until she was sobbing but still she didn’t drop the bit. The lines on her cheeks were now covering the whole of her red and sore skin.

Gently rubbing her clit I reached underneath and jiggled her breasts feeling her soft skin and the weight of them as the nipple clamps pulled them down.

I looked at her and sighed. To think she was getting pleasure out of being tortured was a wonder to me. I decided it was now time for me to have some fun and walked in front of her and slowly and carefully undressed, folding my clothes to make the tension grow.

Now I know that most men are boastful about their size but I am hung like a horse and my wife never complains.

I watched her eyes widen as I stroked my cock right under her nose. She now had a dilemma. Did she say no and drop the bit and endure the weights as they pulled on the clamps or let me fuck her?

I tapped her forehead with it and it left a line of pre-cum on her forehead that, as I pulled my dick away from her skin, left a line that stretched and dropped across her nose and onto her top lip.

Smiling to myself I moved around between her spread legs and picked up the box she gave me and rolled on a knobbly condom. Now I was not sure that she had imagined that I’d be so big. But tough!

Slowly running it up and down her crack I kept teasing her by butting in almost into her and then pulling out and tapping her clit.

She groaned and tried to push back but the stocks reduced her ability to move. I smiled and eased the bulbous head just inside her and worked it in and out. She groaned again and mumbled something.

I pulled out and walked around and bending down... "Are you okay?" I asked. She just looked up at me and looked longingly at my dick bobbing below her face.

I stood and tapped it against her nose so she could smell her arousal. Moving around until I was behind her again and placing it at her dripping lips I heaved into her in one deep hard thrust. She groaned and moved about to accept its girth and depth.

She twitched and I began to stroke deep and hard into her. Soon, far too soon, I felt that feeling as the end approached.

Frau Grey was moaning and writhing as much as her bonds allowed as I flicked and rubbed at her clit so she was coming and coming. On her third orgasm I heard the dowels bounce on the floor as she screamed and came again.

Clasping her hips I thrust deep into her and exploded.

We both came to a stop and only the sound of our breathing and the clanking of the lead weights as they bounced together beneath my new loves stretched breasts could be heard.

I reached below as her breathing dropped back to normal and unclipped the weights.

It was about 2am and we’d both showered and dressed. I was standing at the gates with her waiting for the taxi I’d ordered for her to arrive.

Her face was still flushed from her exertions and a pixie-like crossed her cute face as she said, "Same time tomorrow? I am here for the week you know?"

I shook my head and thought, ‘It’s a weird world.'

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