The Way We Love

by Tryskell

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© Copyright 2013 - Tryskell - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; D/s; cuffs; leather; stuck; caught; gag; hum; collar; toys; inset; bdsm; crop; reluct/cons; X

It's my first attempt at writing and moreover in English. Even though the personages are based on people I know, this story is purely fictional. Thank you for your indulgence and I’d really appreciate your Feedback.

Chapter 1: It was the best Thing to do…

The phone ring startled him. A glance at the screen told him that his best friend’s daughter was at the other end of the line.

“Hi Kristin, how are you?”


“Of course, no problem… Give me 20 minutes and I’ll be there. Do I need to bring anything?”


“OK, I take my tools box just in case”


“I don’t know the code”


“Give me 2 seconds to get a pen and a paper”

He grabbed an old envelope and a pen and quickly wrote the code.

“Are you Ok? Sure?”


“OK, Leaving now. See you there.”

He put some clothes on, T and denim. On his way to his car, he picked up his tool box in the basement.

Rachel, Kristin’s mom, was his best friend since he moved in the area. Rachel was divorced and the troubles in his own marriage got them closer when, one night after too much drinks, he confided to her that he and his wife, while still living under the same roof, were in fact separated for a while now. As her close friend, he was regularly invited to attend Rachel’s family events. He was there should she and her kids needed help. Rachel and he regularly met for a drink or dinner. They both relied on each other for support and help when life was throwing a curve ball at them.

Not that he would not like to have a closer relationship with Rachel, but in a tacit understanding, both of them decided that being best friend was the good choice.

“It was the best thing to do…” Kristin though as she was switching her cell off.

She was kneeling beside the coffee table in the leaving room. Her cellphone was resting in front of her. She struggled to stand up. Her hands were locked behind her back and the 4” heels of her boots did not help.

She was now pacing in the dark leaving room. She was trying to convince herself that she had taken the right decision. He was the only person she could trust at this moment. He always answered when her mom called onto him. He was there when her mom needed help while she was off in college. With her own best friend not able to come to her rescue… “It was the best thing to do…” She realized that she had said that last sentence out loud, like to convince herself of it…

Her stilettos clicking on the wooden floor was the only sound in the room. She would have loved to remove them but at this time it was not possible. How could have she been so careless? After all, it’s not like it was the first time she was playing.

A soft noise originating from the top floor interrupted her considerations… She stopped and listened carefully… no sound… she relaxed.

She will have to come up with an explanation… He will be here soon and… She could say that she bought the handcuffs as a naughty gift for one of her friends who was getting married. She was just playing with them… Curiosity… Yes, good idea… Her curiosity made her try them and from there it went south… OK… That can explain the wrists locked behind her back but what about the rest… Her pacing had driven her in front of a full size mirror and despite the living room being in the dark, there was enough light coming from the stairway to see her reflection.

She loved what she was seeing and took an appreciative peek at her image.

Kristin was still looking at herself when she heard his car in the driveway.

He stopped his car and took a quick look at the house. It’s was a 3 stories building, including the basement. The basement/garage was hidden from the front side but the driveway ended right in front of the 2 car garage doors located one level below the first floor. The first floor was dark and he could see lights in the rooms located at the top floor. After picking his tool box out of the trunk, he walked toward the front door and rang the bell. Not receiving any answer, he walked his way toward the double garage doors. It was hard to figure out the numbers in the dark. He finally found them and one of the doors slowly went up. Sure the noise of the door opening would make Kristin aware that he’s arrived. The light in the basement went on automatically. Both Rachel and Kristin's cars were there. Stepping in, he was expecting Kristin to show up at the top of the stairs leading toward the first floor.


He pushed the button closing the garage door.

No answer. She told him that she could be busy and he started walking toward the staircase. Reaching the first floor, he opened the door.


Stepping into the vast kitchen, he reached for the lights switch when he heard her voice.

“I’m in the den…”

“Are you OK?”

“Yes, please come in”

The den was dark. He could see her silhouette.

“It’s dark here… Do you have a problem with the power? “

His hand touched the switch and flipped the lights on.

Fortunately, he had left his tool box in the kitchen. He would have dropped it and either crush one of his feet or seriously damage the wooden floor…


Her voice was soft and yet he could hear her embarrassment.

“Sorry, woaaa… you look ….”

She was standing face to him, not moving… She was embarrassed… trying to keep her composure but seriously embarrassed…

He did not know how to say it….

Kristin mind was running wild…. After all she had always been in control and here she was, standing in front of him with her hands in the metal grip of the handcuffs, not to mention her clothing. She had to regain control…

She started moving slowly her body side to side… “You like it?”

He was staring at her and could see, in her body language, that she was overcoming the awkwardness of the situation.

“No, I don’t like it…. I LOVE it…” He was amazed by what he was seeing.

He had known her for years now. He had seen her growing into a beautiful woman. And as she was growing to adulthood, he always had been appreciative of the way she dressed. She always was very sexy without being outrageous. He would be lying if he said that he never stared at her body before tonight. She was ravishing when she wore a very close-fitting short dress. She always put high heels when wearing these dresses, enhancing her camber, her legs. He thought about her breasts; perfect proportion for her upper body, round and firm.

He had seen her in bikinis; very, very small bikinis. Sometimes when watching her, he had felt guilty; after all she was his best friend’s daughter.

What was standing in front of him right now was something else….

He watched her as she walked toward him, her hands behind her back, her hips swaying side to side.

He looked at her legs; she was wearing mid-thigh laced high heel black leather boots… The heels were at least 4” high. She was now as tall as him. His eyes kept going up. She was wearing skintight leather shorts, also black. The shorts were laced on both sides and he could see her soft skin between the laces. Around her hourglass waist, a large belt, also in leather with shiny steel rings from which were hanging various accessories. He could see her belly bottom at the edge of the black leather corset which was embracing her upper body. The leather was barely covering her nipples. It was like her breasts, that he so often enjoyed watching, was trying to escape from it…. Her dark hair was intricately braided in a ponytail with a leather lace running through it. She had a light makeup enhancing her sharp fixtures. A light dark shadow for her eyes and bright red for her lips… She was astounding.

Her voice took him out of his contemplation.

“I need some help…” She stopped. She knew her voice was not as self-assured as she wanted it to be. She mustered, straightened her body in defiance, after all she’s used to be in control. She started again:

“I need your help, I was trying that…” She turned around and he saw that she was handcuffed… He also had a peek at her bottom… She was stunning… The leather was stopping just above the transition between her thighs and her butt cheeks. The leather was so tight and so soft that it was making a valley following the crack between the 2 mounds.

He looked at the handcuffs. Kristin arms were bent at the elbows with her forearms above each other.

“I was trying them, it’s a gift for a …..” She stopped.

Kristin was wearing a pair of Irish Handcuffs. They are reputed to be inescapable without a key. These handcuffs are made of 2 solid pieces of stainless steel. On one side a strong hinge allows opening and closing of the handcuffs. On the other side: the lock. The position of the lock makes it practically impossible for the wearer to insert the key by himself.

He had heard and read about it but it’s the first time he was seeing them in action. “Nice stuff….” he said while moving to face her.” I hope you have the key… If not we have a serious problem. How long before your mom is back?”

“Ho… No worries… we have all our time… Please remove them…” Her voice had regained some strength…

“You said you were trying them?”

“Ehud... Yes… It’s for a friend of mine… She’s getting married and I wanted to offer her a naughty gift…”

“It’s a gift and you were just trying them… Curiosity, I guess?”

“Yes, I was curious… To see how they look… By the way, the key is in my hand…”

He had so much enjoyed watching her rear that he did not even notice the key in her hand. She turned around and he saw it in her left hand. He waited, mesmerized at the sight of her leathered clad butt.

She did not move.

“You see it?”

“Yes…” His hand moved toward the key. It was warm at touch. He wondered how long time she delayed before calling him.

She was now fully turned and presenting her hands to him.

“What are you waiting for?”

She turned her head and looked at him.

“Please remove them”

He inserted the key and turned it. He was right; the handcuffs were closed but not fully locked… Now they were…

She felt him turning the key and she heard the click, her hands were now free… She tried to pull them but the handcuffs did not open.


She saw him stepping back. He sat down in the sofa while she was turning around to face him.

“Please, remove them…”

No answer. He was watching her. She knew that men loved to look at her and she always felt proud of it. She was playing them and that too she loved. This time it was different… He was looking at her without any hint of lust in his eyes… He was just looking at her like one admires a masterpiece in a museum. She felt proud… She felt admired…. She felt… hot down there….

“Ok, ok… take your time… I deserve it… “ . She did not know why she had said that. Was it because she was enjoying to be scrutinized like a piece of art or because he was playing her?

She started turning suggestively, flaunting her body.

His eyes did not move. Still engulfing her…..

“Let me ask you something before I remove the handcuffs?”

She instantly stopped and looked at him. “What? “

“Before I removed them, I’d like to have a little chat with you. You said that we don’t have to worry about your mom; that we have all our time to get you out of your predicament… nevertheless you are very eager to be released… Still you seem to enjoy the situation as much as I’m…? By the way, nice costume…” He was smiling.

She blushed. It was hard to fully overcome the embarrassment. She was proud of her body. It was not the first time that she exhibited it… used it for her benefit. The circumstances were usually very different though. She was sure that he did not know that she was into bondage games for a while now, and that she was Dominant. She knew how to use her body. She regaled at parading to tease those who relinquished their control to her. She was the gift that their bound hands could not reach. But tonight she was not in control. She was not teasing; she was the one on display. She was the one with her hands rendered useless by a piece of metal. Nevertheless, she was starting to enjoy the situation. She liked having him looking at her. She was surprised by her reaction… She had to regain control; she had to be in control.

“Release me and we can talk… I’ll answer your questions…” She put an ordering tone in her voice.

“Nice try…” He stood up and walked around her, looking at the large black leather belt resting on her hips; more precisely, checking the various things hanging there.

“I guess that your friend has a bondage wedding and that you’re wearing the bridesmaids outfit?”

He was now in front of her; looking into her eyes. His right hand playing with the riding crop which was dangling along her left thigh.

She had almost forgotten that she was dressed in her Mistress outfit; accessories included…

“Can’t wait to see the guests… “ He let go a little laugh “Or maybe it’s your graduation party costume… “

He was now behind her. Kristin could feel his eyes running on her butt. He was teasing her. He was playing with her. She was getting warmer down under. She felt his finger sliding on the ball gag resting on her right side; his hand weighting the small opened padlock she had placed into one of the grommets.

He could smell the leather and also her… The sweet and spicy smell was coming from her shorts. He wanted to Dominate her. He decided to take his chance…

“I’m impressed by the quality of your toys. Based on what I see, it’s not an uncharted territory for you?”

She did not answer. He was removing the ball gag from her belt.

“I asked you something… Answer.”

His voice was strong, commanding. She had never heard him speaking like that before. He was ordering her. No, she had to regain control.

He steps in front of her.


The same powerful voice.


“No; What?”

“No, it’s not new for me…”

“I guess that you’re the Dominant. How do they call you? Mistress? Madam?”

“Mistress Kristin”

“OK Mistress Kristin, let’s play a little game…” He was now removing the riding crop off her belt. He put it and the ball gag on the sofa in front of her.

“From now on, I’m in charge and you answer my questions… OK?”

She was stunned. He wanted to dominate her. She did not answer. He picked up the riding crop.

“So. I’m in charge and you answer my questions. Yes or No?”

She was in no position to discuss. She was going to play along with his little game until an opportunity presents itself. She had to be patient.


“Yes Who?”

“Yes, Sir…” she was surprised by her answer…

He did not expect her to give up so easily and was a bit taken by surprise… He went to the sofa and again sat in front of her. He put the riding crop beside him.

“Sir!!! … I’m impressed… Good Kristin… I ask and you answer.”

“Yes Sir…”

“When did you start playing?”

She took some time before answering

“At least 3 years, Sir…”

He quickly calculated that she started when she was around 17 years old.

“Always been the Dominant?”

“Yes Sir”

“Never been in the sub position before, even by accident?”

“Never, Sir”

He was looking at her. He detected a frisson.

“It looks like you can fit quite well as a sub… You have talent and you seem to really like it…”

She was not a sub… She decided not to answer. She immediately realized that he was not expecting any answer. He was asserting.

”Ever try a gag?”

“Yes. Sir” she answered too quickly and immediately regretted it.

He was looking at her; waiting.

“ Explain…”

She did not want to answer. She had tied herself up long before she realized that she enjoyed dominating. She always used gags. It would not be a good bondage session without a gag. When she realized that she loved dominating, she did not stop her sessions but never divulged it to anyone. It was her personal quality time…


“Younger, I used to tie myself up… when i was alone… I used a scarf for a gag…. Sir”.

He kept to himself that her answer was not really convincing.

“Did you enjoyed being tied up?”

His voice was soft. She did not want him to know that she really enjoyed her self-bondage sessions. She had taken pictures of herself and often looked at them. It always aroused her. But she was a Dom now…


“ Yes… Sir”

“Did you enjoyed being tied up” he repeated.

“Yes, Sir”

Why did she tell him…

“After all it’s a good way to learn your skill and to practice before playing with…” He paused for few seconds, “How do you call your partners in game?”

“slave, Sir… I call them slave.”

“Do you play with Male, Female, Both?”

“I control both, Sir”

She was happy of this change in the conversation. The fact she was still practicing self-bondage and loved it.; it was not something she wanted to reveal. In the opposite, she had no problem at all talking about being a Dominatrix.

A noise came from the top floor. Kristin stiffened and she turned her head toward the door. He heard the noise and saw her reaction. He kept looking at her.

“Are we alone in the house?”

She hesitated…

She felt the sting of the riding crop on her buttock before she heard the swishsss. She did not even see him standing up. She was too stunned to emit any sound… No one had ever done that to her before. She was in charge… She tried to protest. The second blow… This time, she did let go a little scream… More surprise than pain. She decided that she had enough. He stopped her before she had made her first step. Swiftly picking the set of handcuffs from her belt, he quickly locked them around her ankles. She could not walk.

He was now standing in front of her. She opened her mouth to protest… She wanted to tell him that it was enough… She wanted free and him gone… She did not want to play his little game anymore.

The ball gag landed behind her teeth so quickly that she could not stop him from locking it in place. She heard a click… “Oh No… No… He locked it in place with a padlock…” She started losing it… What did happen… How could… She heard a gargle coming out of her mouth….

He reappeared in front of her. She was struggling. With her ankles tied together, it would not be long before she falls. He eased her down onto the floor, resting on her belly. Before standing up, he removed her belt.

“I don’t think you’re going to need that from now on”; a scream into the ball gag.

He had already removed from the belt, and used on Kristin, the ball gag, a pair of handcuff and the riding crop. There were still a couple of items on it: a large black leather collar fitted with three shiny metal rings and a shiny metal plate where he could read, ”Mrs K’s slave”. The cat-o-nine tails had a handle shaped like a penis, nice size he had to admit. Two other items were still on it: one small leather strap and a set of keys. He put them aside on the coffee table. Lying on her belly, she was still struggling.

He went to sit into the sofa in front of her, the riding crop in his right hand. He kept watching her. He was going to give her some time to get use to her new situation. In fact, he was really enjoying seeing her struggling. She had said that she used to tie herself up when she was younger; suggesting that she was not doing it anymore. He did not buy it. Her lame lie about using scarfs for gags convinced him that she was still doing it. She was into self-bondage. He wondered if she was struggling like that during her sessions… After few minutes she stopped. He could hear her breathing.

“It’s Ok Kristin, relax… I guess that by now you realized that I also have some interests in your art. It’s the first time for me to submit a Mistress. They are usually much tougher than you. I’ll put that on the count of your age and short career. “

Kristin did not move. She looked at him. Her eyes were not showing any trace of anger. She was simply looking at him. When she was tying herself up she was still in control. She had never let someone else tying her up. The first few minutes when she realized what was going on, she panicked. She was in no position to get free. No release system, no back up. She was utterly under his control. She often speculated how she would feel in such situation. In fact, the thought had made her wet more than once. Now she knew. There was nothing she could do. She was on the floor tied up, gagged and displayed.

He was now playing with the key of her handcuffs, still watching her in silence. The same comforting, connoisseur look she had seen earlier. He put the key aside and grabbed the collar, his eyes still on her. She felt the heat coming back into her shorts. A body was betraying her. Her plan to wait for an opportunity to get out of this situation was not going as well as she expected.

“OK Kristin, we'll start again… Let keep going with our little game. I ask questions and you answer. Good answer, you are rewarded; bad answer… you’re punished. Understood?”


“It’s hard to talk, isn’t? Nevertheless I guess it was a “Yes” and I’m sure I did not hear “Sir”. With that he stood up, seized the crop and landed it on her buttock. She flinched.

“aee iir…”

“A simple “Yes Sir” or,” No Sir”, will be enough from now, to answer my questions. OK?”

“aee iir…..

“Good… I saw both your mom and your car in the garage”

Kristin became tense; she had forgotten that detail and he had noticed it… He kept speaking as if he did not notice her tension. “You told me that we do not have to worry about your mom. Did she go to a party with some friend?”

There was a pause then:

” oo iirr” . It was true …

“Are we alone in the house? “

Kristin turned her head to hide her face: ”eeaa iirr”

“Kristin, look at me… “

She slowly turned her head to face him again. He was smiling at her. This time the riding crop really stung when it came in contact with her flesh.

“ ooouhhhh”

“ Ok Kristin, try again. Are we alone in the house?”

She hesitated and saw the crop in his hand.

“ oooo iiir”

She did not want to taste the crop again. It was not that bad in fact; kind of an interesting feeling when the sharp pain raises and then recesses almost immediately…. She had never been on this side of a riding crop.

“ OK Kristin, I believe you. You deserved a reward” with that he walked toward her, bend and started unlacing her shorts…

“It’s too warm here, you’re overdressed…”

She struggled… No; she did not want him to remove her shorts… No. She tried to speak but one more time the gag played its role. She did not want him to see…. He was just removing her shorts, uncovering her gorgeous butt and discovering a nice surprise…

“Oh my… aren’t we a very naughty girl…” He could see the end of a butt plug between her round cheeks.

Kristin felt the tip of the crop running between her butt cheeks; lightly brushing the tip of the butt plug she had inserted. She loved to be plugged, it was her secret. As for her love for self-bondage, she had never let anyone knowing it and especially not her slaves. She was the one to do the plugging, not the one to be plugged…

He stood behind her. She could one more time feel his eyes on her butt… Her secret was out and she was getting warmer. She thrust her butt up, exposing the light brown circle imprisoning the plug in her anus. Why was she doing that?

He walked around and kneeled down in front of her. Holding her shorts into his hand, he showed it to her.

“It was time to remove these shorts… You were really sweating in it…” She could smell and she was sure that he could too. This was no sweat…

“ Thank you for being plugged. One thing less to do…” She blushed. He stood up.

“ I guess that’s another little thing you don’t share with others. Self-bondage and butt plug, no one needs to know, after all, you are a Mistress. You’re the one who locks the cuffs and puts in the plug, not the one to be trussed up and plugged”

She turned her head. She did not want him to see her eyes.

“Under the layer of Dominatrix, there’s a layer of sub in you. You like to be tied up, gagged and plugged. You practiced self-bondage when no-one’s around. You enjoy a good gag during your sessions. And you plugged yourself as soon as you can. You’re a switch… You don’t want to admit it yet, but you’re a switch… Afraid to surrender control but that will come…”

She had to admit that he was right. She really enjoyed to be tied up from time to time. She had great multiple orgasms when tied up with a temporary impossibility to get free. But Self-bondage allowed her to still be in control of the situation. She was not ready to surrender her control to someone. What was she saying; she did not have any control on her situation right now, he was. She had called him. She had gave him the opportunity and he had seized it. She relaxed. She was aroused.

“ So, we are not alone, your mom is not out with some friends. Nevertheless, you called me for help. Does your mom know about your career choice? Being a Mistress I mean…”

She turned her head and he saw her eyes. They were round and wide. Since he had heard the noise coming from the stairway leading to the first floor, he was wondering what she was hiding. He was not yet sure but its guts were telling him that he was not at the end of his surprises.

“ eaaa iiir”

“She knows and you did not ask her for help even though I’m guessing she’s in the house?”

Kirstin was not sure what to answer… This time the crop landed directly on her round flesh…

“ oooouuuch”

“eaaa iiiiir”

“ She’s here but she can’t help you…”

Kristin was now completely under his control. It was obvious that he suspected that her mom was also involved….

“She’s upstairs, is she not?”

“easss iiir” Kristin was crying. How could she have been so careless…

He kneeled down again in front of her. He gently wiped her tears and dropped a kiss on her forehead.

“ Shusss, it’s Ok. I’m going to release your legs and you will stand up”

He unlocked her ankles and aided her up. He went in the kitchen. She did not move.

He came back with a wet tissue and a towel. He delicately cleaned her face with the wet tissue. Between the drooling and her tears, her makeup was a mess. His hand was gentle and soft. He then very softly dried her face with the towel.

She did not move. She appreciated his attention and consideration.

“Kristin, I’m going to ask you something and I want you to think before you answer. It is obvious that you love being a Dom. It’s also obvious that you have submissive needs. I’d like you to be my sub. Note that I did not say “slave”. When together you’ll be under my control. The rest of the time, you’re Mistress Kristin and you keep going with your activities as you please.”

He made a pause. His eyes locked into hers.

“If your answer is:”No”; what happened here tonight will never leave this room and I’ll disappear from you and your family's life forever. I can’t tell you what will be the future if your answer is:”Yes”. Take some time to think about it.”

He took both the tissue and the towel and slowly went back into the kitchen.

Kristin's head was spinning. She was trying to comprehend what just happened. He had her at his mercy. She was sure that by now he had a clear idea of the reason why her mom could not help her. He could have just walked up the stairs. She would not protest. After that he would have been in position to mandate anything, to get everything. Instead, he asked her permission to take her under his control. He did not threaten, he asked. He did not mandate, he asked… She did not want him to leave.

He was coming back in the den. He walked to the table and after placing a coaster, put on it a glass of water. He was now standing in front of her. She bent her head looking at the floor.

“Please, look at me.”

She obeyed. Her eyes locked in his. She felt safe. She felt desired, she felt vulnerable, and she felt protected. She did not want him to leave….

His hands reached behind her head. She felt the padlock opening and he unbuckled the strap, still looking deep into her eyes.

He delicately removed the ball.

“Slowly. Slowly with your jaw. Do you want some water?”

She was thirsty, she nodded.

He grabbed the glass and gently placed it in front of her mouth. The water was cold.

She finished. He replaced the glass on the coaster

“Kristin, do you want to give me your answer?”

“ Yes Sir…”

“ What did you decide?”

“ Yes Sir… It’s yes Sir…”

She was looking right into his eyes.

“Open your legs” the order was accompanied with a soft touch of the riding crop.

She obeyed and for the first time he had a clear view of her shaved sex. He could see her swollen lips and a hint of her clit. The smell in her shorts did not lie and she was still aroused.

“OK Kristin, remember what I’m going to say. This is Position One. Each time I call Position One, you will stand like that, arms behind your back and legs opened. Understood?”

“Yes Sir”.

How could she forget? This was the same Position One she enforced onto her slaves.

“Good girl… You’ll learn few other things as we go along… You’ll have to discover by yourself some others…” He patted her buttocks… She realized that it was the first time, since he arrived, that he touched her and she liked it…. He said that she’ll learn more as they go along… She knew that she was now his “sub Kristin”… She was standing in the middle of her mom’s den, butt naked, and plugged, straddling on 4” high heel mid-thigh laced black leather boots, her body encased in a black leather corset which put her breasts on display for all to see, with her wrists locked in handcuffs behind her back. The only thing missing was….

As if he could hear her thinking, he slipped the black leather collar around her neck. She felt the contact of the soft leather increasing as he was buckling it… She heard the click… Yes, she had become his sub; sub Kristin. He attached the key of her handcuff to the front ring of her collar.

“Here we go. Just a little reminder of the consequences of a small mistake”

With that and a slight touch of the crop on her butt, he ordered her to walk. He was marveling at the gorgeous vision walking in front him. She was absolutely gorgeous… The boots and the corset were giving her such a great walk.

“Let’s go to see what kind of big rodent can make such a ruckus upstairs…”

She hesitated…. She felt the tip of the crop on her flesh… She walked… After all he was in charge….

To be continued…. If you want….


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