The Way Things Should Always Be

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; sbf; D/s; bond; piercing; chast; cage; transport; hum; oral; cons; X

Written with the help and advice of Margaret B

The Club was, as always was packed at the weekend and Mistress Kim surveyed her group of friends, and their slaves. Mistress had been there at the start when the club was opened, many years ago. She had seen most things to do with BDSM and quite a few that had nothing to do with it!

She was married to a drunk who used her as a punch bag, until he drove (drunk) into another car with four university coed’s inside. All five were killed in the accident. Leaving Kim with no job and a house to pay for! She had worked from that moment on, for everything she had. Nearly fifteen years later, at the ripe old age of 47 she had a good job a home and was recognized as a domme of some standing. Kim had moved on from the days she played the little housewife/punch bag to a top which felt comfortable with men but especially women.

Tonight she felt a bit restless and went glass in hand to the bar for a top up. She didn’t want to intrude on her friends as she was, for the first time in a long time Partner free. Her leather jodhpurs felt sticky as the club was quite hot and she had spent quite some time inside. She billowed her white blouse and tie to release some heat and as she got to the bar the woman in front of her spun round and caught her with a glass. Kim was covered in wine!

"Oh I’m so sorry!"

As Kim recoiled from the shock of not only being covered in wine but ice cold wine on her braless blouse! The girl grabbed a bar towel and offered it to Kim, who couldn’t help but smile. Kim gratefully tried to dry herself, but the whole of her front was covered in ice cold wine. Her large breasts beautifully outlined in her now sodden blouse. The girl couldn’t help but hold her hand over her mouth in a half hearted attempt to hide her amusement.

"I am soooo sorry!" The girl eventually said, "Can I get you anything?"

"A Scotch, no ice, please!" As they both got to the bar Kim looked at the girl, tall, thin, around early twenties, pretty firm breasts, long ash blond hair, really pretty young thing. The blond couldn’t take her eyes off of Kim’s breasts

"I’m Kim !"

"Shelly," the blond said " So, I’ve seen you here most weekends you’re a hard person to bump into!"

Kim looked at her front barely starting to dry out. "Obviously not that hard to bump into!"

The pair talked for quite some time, Kim liked Shelly, she made her laugh!

They were talking until Shelly’s girlfriends came to get her. She was dragged away, but Kim’s damp blouse had all but dried out.

As she lay awake that night, of all the things that happened to her that day she kept coming back to her meeting with Shelly, She was twenty years younger than Kim, but it didn’t stop Kim from sticking her hand down to her shaven folds and touching it until she came, dreaming of Shelly.

The following Monday Kim was in another world, her smart business suit in grey made her look the executive, she got down to organizing the staff of her section. One of the girls had left to get married and she was unsure if a temp was replacing her or if a permanent replacement had been found. After Kim have explained to everyone their workload she was surprised by a phone call which said a permanent replacement had been found and she was on the way up with a member of personnel. Kim was surprised to see Shelly walk through the door!

"Well hello again!" said Kim shaking her hand. "I’m glad to be here and very glad to find you here!" said Shelly getting more comfortable with the place by the second.

Kim managed to put Shelly in with Maggie who knew the ropes, Shelly mucked in and got on with the job in hand.

After a few days to ease herself in Kim asked Shelly out to lunch.

Kim was still thinking of Shelly last thing at night, and now she just had to know if she liked girls.

The restaurant they went to was very open and they decided to eat outside in the garden, because it was still early spring they were on their own. The spring sunshine warmed then as they ate their meal.

"So" said Kim, "Have you been going to the club long?"

"No , not really I suppose a couple of months I guess!"

"Do you go with anyone?" Kim said trying to hide the real reason for the questions.

"I have been on my own, the time I bumped into you I had gone with some friends the I went to college with!"

"So what are you into?" Kim hovered round the question she really wanted to ask.

"Well control I suppose."

"What control, or being controlled."

Now that would be telling wouldn’t it!"

"Well what sex would you like to control or be controlled by?"

"Oh someone like you Kim!"

Kim’s heart leapt through the roof on hearing that!

Shelly smiled at Kim as they ate their lunch.

Kim Paid the bill and they left for work, they worked until four when Kim looked over Shelly’s shoulder and just said, "Do you want to go for a drink when we knock off!"

"Oh I can’t Sorry! I’ve things to do and I can’t put them off any more."

"That’s OK another time perhaps!"

Nothing more was said and the time Shelly and the rest of the section left Kim was still working. Tallying figures with work output.

Somewhat deflated Kim drove home, happy that Shelly had made it obvious that she was available, and to her! Kim went to bed early and the thought of Shelly touched Kim’s soul and Kim touched her pussy. "Sweet dreams" Kim thought.

The work continued for the rest of the week, Kim made sure Shelly was made welcome, Shelly would bring Kim a coffee and sat it on her desk her smile brightened Kim’s day. Friday afternoon and Kim finally asked Shelly out for a drink after work. The pair of them walked into a bar in the work district and Kim ordered the drinks, but Shelly asked the questions.

"So what were you looking for?"


"From me!" Shelly hit the nail squarely on the head.

"I would love to talk, to walk, to share to ensnare, and teach and learn, and respect, and do the things that a domme does to you!"

Shelly’s ash blond hair looked silky in the sunlight, she thought for a second. "Yeah that’s exactly what I had in mind!"

Kim thought that Shelly’s comments sounded better and better, as they had almost finished their drinks, Kim decided to go for broke! "So, do you want to come back with me for a night cap?"

"Sure thing!"

Kim and Shelly walked to her car, once inside they were so close. They tenderly kissed each other and Kim drove them to her home. They walked into Kim’s home twenty five minutes later, Kim poured them a drink and handed it to Shelly. "Thank you." Shelly purred.

"Do you mind if I look around, Kim?"

"No be my guest!" Kim’s open plan living, belied the fact she had a well stocked dungeon in the basement.

Shelly found the door and wandered down to view Kim’s toys. Kim followed her down the stairs and was surprised when she found Shelly’s clothes left at the bottom of the stairs. Kim smiled to herself and walked into the dungeon. Shelly was looking at a St Andrews cross when Kim walked into the room.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Oh yes I guess you have been at this for a while!"

"Well I suppose I have, but time flies when you’re having fun!"

Shelly turn round and stood on the cross arms up to the straps. Kim looked at her, she laughed and got down, caressing Kim across her breasts.

"Come sit here!" Shelly said tapping the bondage chair.

Kim followed her and sat in the chair. "How do you want me?"

"As you would be if this was real!"

Kim put her arms behind her in the gaps in the back of the chair and lent back, effectively trapping her arms behind her. Shelly came round the front with a collar in her hands and buckled it on Kim. "Shouldn’t I be putting it on you?"

"Oh that wouldn’t be as much fun, now would it?" Shelly clipped a leash to the collar and pulled it tight into the chair suddenly Kim could not move as she had to lean forward to release her arms. Shelly pushed a steel rod through the D ring of the collar effectively preventing movement. Kim could not move her arms trapped and at the mercy of Shelly. As Kim struggled to release herself. Shelly sat on her lap stroking her, playing with her nipples caressing her chin.

"You haven’t got your nipples pierced have you?"

"No not really my thing!"

"Oh I think you really should!"

"I suppose I could!" said a hesitant Kim

"And what about your clit? Lets have a look? No, no not pierced there," Shelly fingering Kim’s clit like an expert. "We could go tomorrow, couldn’t we? And get the whole lot done!"

"Well we could, tomorrow!"

Shelly was still fingering Kim’s clit seconds away from orgasm she stopped and stuck her fingers into Kim’s mouth. "I guess you would like me to stay wouldn’t you?"


"I’ll take it that’s a yes!"


Shelly picked apair of mittens off the wall and slipped them over Kim’s hands. She released Kim by removing the steel rod holding the collar and padlocked her hands behind her. Shelly helped Kim walk up the stairs.

"What have you in mind?" Kim said walking up the stairs.

"I bet you would love to know wouldn’t you!"

Kim was guided to her bedroom and gently pushed onto the bed, Shelly slipped out of her knickers and folded them up in a ball, stuffing them into Kim’s mouth! "That should keep you quiet!"

As Shelly mounted Kim as if she was going to sixty nine her. Kim noted that Shelly had no piercings as she was covered by Shelly’s vulva. Kim could not see what Shelly was up to, she felt her nipples being tweaked and twisted. Kim could not suck on Shelly’s quim because of her knickers so she tried to push her nose into vulva. Shelly started sucking on Kim’s clit teasing the hood to lift, Kim had a prominent hood, looked like a little dick when she was aroused. Shelly slipped her hand down to Kim’s mouth and pulled out her knickers and sat fully on Kim. Twisting both nipples at the same time, Kim started sucking and licking Shelly, Kim had her arms locked behind her and could do nothing but suck.

Shelly kept moving around so Kim could breath, after a fashion and Shelly ground her clit into Kim’s mouth and came moments later. Shelly climbed off Kim’s mouth but maintained her grip upon her by turning round and sitting on Kim’s chest.

"So did you enjoy giving?

"Well yes!"

"Yes what" Shelly looked at Kim with a certain distain. Kim suddenly realized she wasn’t in control and had not been for most of the evening, "Well!" said Shelly

"Yes Ma’am" Kim spluttered out. She had been lusting after Shelly and had turned off to things she considered normal.

"I shall had to test you’re thresholds I think!" Shelly climbed off of Kim and disappeared for a couple of minutes.

She held a bag with some stuff in, she stopped and looked in the bag. She smiled at Kim and walked up to the bed. She climbed back on the bed next to Kim. She stroked Kim’s face, Kim moved closer and nuzzled her breast. Kim felt a finger touch her clit and she opened her legs so the fingers could dig deeper. She felt a clover clamp going on! She reveled in it’s power as the bite took hold and washed over her.

The second bit deep into her soul adding to the pleasure she felt. The third was attached to her right nipple with no preparation her nipple was soft and pliable, the pain was the same but different Kim opened her mouth to soften the ever growing assault on her senses and Shelly pushed a ball gag into her mouth and strapped it up all but silencing her. The left nipple got it’s clover clamp and just when Kim thought that Shelly had finished another clover clamp appeared and was hung on her inner lips. Kim was by now very close and Shelly strapped more cuffs on Kim’s ankles. A last chain was padlocked into place and threaded through the mittens so keeping Kim trapped on the bed.

"Close are we?" Smiled Shelly. Kim nodded in agreement. She had been out maneuvered on so many levels, an experienced Domme taken like a virgin and she loved every minute of it.

After about twenty minutes Shelly started taking the clamps off, caressing Kim’s body keeping her on the edge. Kim was sweating now she didn’t know just how long she would be expected to keep it up.

"Oh my pretty baby do you want to come?" Kim nodded furiously "Well I thought you might at least have thought about me! I would have thought that you would have wished to make me come first, I’m really disappointed in you, You can’t hold me in very high esteem because I would be you’re very first priority! Do you want me to go?"

Kim shook her head vigorously. "I bet the only reason you don’t want me to go is that you want to come, that’s it isn’t it!"

Kim went scarlet, Shelly had had read her mind and as she squirmed on the bed open like a book Kim looked up at Shelly. "Mmmmmmm!"

"No! I feel used, I think I’ll go home!"


"And You! Your as old enough to be my mother!" Kim burst into tears, there was little else she could do, "Oh babies crying now! Have I hurt your feelings?"


"Does baby want to be used?"


"Does baby want to be abused?"


"Well I’ll use your phone and call someone, they might just come over and fit you in tonight!"

Kim immediately thought of the talk of piercing earlier, she had talked with plenty of people who had both their Breasts and Pussy done and she had heard only good things said. She had never got round to it, and anyway it was meant to be a sub's thing…

For the first time she thought about what she was letting herself in for. After her husband had died she went from grieving wife to domme in one fell swoop. She had never really considered herself anything other than a domme, because she didn’t want to show her vulnerable side, and here fifteen years later this little girl slips a finger under her chin and takes her hook line and sinker!

Shelly walked back into the room. "Well my little pussy licker, the person is available tonight and she will be here in about quarter of an hour. We had better prepare you for her visit!"

The chain holding her ankles was unlocked and left for later, Kim was walked downstairs to her own Dungeon and gently puched backwards onto a dentists chair. Strapped in, her legs hung over maternity rests and strapped down. She was ready for whatever and whoever was coming.

Kim could hear talking and Shelly came down the stairs followed by a small Woman in a school girl outfit. The woman had a white blouse, tie, and the smallest pleated skirt possible! The only giveaway was the Cuban heeled stockings and five inch Mary Jane’s. The Schoolgirl threw her bag over a bench and started setting her stuff up. She pulled a pair of Latex gloves on and laid out the things she would need.

"I suppose I had better ungag you, Pussy Licker!"

Kim’s gag was unstrapped and laid to one side, "This is Harry, She will turn you into my pussy slave!"

"Hi!" said Harry and immediately started. She wiped Kim’s nipple with a sterilizing solution, picked up a needle embedded in a cork, pulling the two apart and pushed it straight through Kim’s left nipple! The sharp intake of breath had more to do with the shock than the act, after all she had been told. The pain was on a par with being tightly clamped and Kim eased back in the chair tentatively ready to enjoy the experience. Harry fitted her with her first Piercing at first it just looked like a barbell but a miniature u ring was fitted to the barbell and the whole thing sat across her nipple. She smiled proudly as the needle was put to one side and another was readied.

Harry Pushed the other needle straight through her right nipple in slow motion, it wasn’t hurried, just efficient. Kim was very happy with the piercing, she looked down at her new jewellery and let out a cautious smile. Harry glanced at Shelly who had been watching from behind Harry. She nodded and Harry moved on to the next job, Kim’s pussy. Kim now a veteran at being pierced let her head fall back until it rested on the headrest of the chair. Within a minute she came shuddering through every fibre of her being. The work took around another twenty minutes of piercing. Once in her clitoral hood the remainder in her outer labia.

She looked down after a while as Harry was fixing her new piercings in place. Shelly had put a reading light over Harry’s shoulder to allow her to see properly. Kim looked down and craning her neck could just see Harry making final adjustments to her. Harry fitted some miniature grub screws to the piercings and the job was finished, well nearly finished! Harry uncovered a small plate and fixed it across the length of Kim’s Pussy, the piercings were mountings for the plate and when the plate was in place three small padlocks were clicked shut keeping out any outside interference to her Pussy.

Shelly undid the straps holding Kim down, Kim felt the plate between her legs! She couldn’t quite believe it! She had effectively been locked out of her own pussy, but she could feel her new piercing in her clit tapping against the plate. "I think you want to thank Harry don’t you!" applying some pressure to her to bend and get on her knees. Kim submitted, she got on her hands and knees and looked up at Harry. Harry pulled down her latex knickers and stood there waiting for Kim to pleasure her. Kim got into her Pussy with her tongue, tickling her clit with the tip and running across the end of the hood trying to get it to enlarge.

Harry’s hand grasped the back of Kim’s head as her hood engorged with blood Kim found that working in a cross pattern seemed to work well, up and down then side to side. Harry spasmed and came all over Kim’s face, She had come hard spraying Kim in her come!

Kim now breathless fell back on the floor, Shelly walked out with Harry, the pair talking in hushed tones. A couple of minutes later Shelly came back downstairs and clipped a leash to her collar. Kim followed her upstairs to her bed, stopping at a full length mirror to look at what had been done to her. The plate had a slit in it so that Kin could pee, but it would still be messy if she didn’t line up properly. She could see the piercings finished in a ball which must have been super glued on, the only way of freedom was to cut the piercings off! There was not enough slack to and the plate covered the middle where her clit was. As she walked behind Shelly the new piercing through her clit tapped the plate sending shockwaves through her system, of course she couldn’t do anything to appease the building pleasure and was forced to live with it!

Shelly must have known what was happening to Kim as she was walked around the house, every step meant more arousal, every step meant the piercing tapped the plate and bounced against her clit soon driving her insane!

"Well aren’t you going to thank me?" said Shelly, snapping Kim out of her dream. Kim immediately dropped to the floor and arched her back to take Shelly’s Pussy in her mouth. "Oh very good!" As she maneuvered over Kim.

Kim tried the technique she had tried with Harry on Shelly and it seemed to be the right way to go. Kim had not done this to a woman before, she being on top would have been receiving pleasure not giving it! But the pleasure she got with Shelly was totally different, being forced to give pleasure whilst being denied, only added to her arousal. Shelly shuddered and came again spraying Kim in the face with come. Shelly released Kim’s hands from the mittens and left the collar on Kim.

"I’ve got to go Pussy slave!"

"I’ll see you tomorrow won’t I?" said a concerned Kim.

"Maybe Slave, maybe!"

Shelly walked into Kim’s walk in wardrobe and picked a leather suit a tight fitted blouse and a leather tie.

"Your more likely to see me, if you dressed like this tomorrow!"

"Some boots perhaps Mistress?"

Shelly smirked at Kim, realizing that it was the first time Kim had called her that.

"Yes ! Your Mistress would like that Pussy Slave!"

Kim lowered her head "As you wish Mistress."

With that Shelly grabbed her jacket and went.

Kim left on her own got up and sat on the bed, she reached over and picked up a mirror to get a closer look at her chastity. Her studs covered her Pussy pretty well! It was near impossible to get a finger in the gap to sooth her burn, She looked at the bottom of the plate over the vulva. She had been pierced right at the tip of the entrance near her rosebud so making normal sex impossible.

The slit in the plate was quite narrow and she knew full well the reason of such a small slit, Humiliation! Luckily Mistress had picked probably the only pair of pants that would not show her "Mistakes" the feeling of what could be washed over her and turned her on even more. She laid on her bed and reached for a box of Q tips and pulled one out of the box. It wasn’t even close to fingering herself but after a few minutes of dreaming about Shelly her new Mistress she came. Nothing to write home about but the feeling of relief was there!

The following morning Kim woke her dreams had translated into a stream of pre come pouring from her Chastity. She sat on the toilet trying to line up the chastity to pee. She managed to get most of it out but as she relaxed at the end she sprayed herself in piss! "Fuck!" She groaned as she had the job of trying to wipe the piss up off her thighs! She would have to work at this.

When she got to her office she glanced over to see Shelly working with Maggie. She smiled her little smile and went in her office. She started doing the days work schedules when Shelly walked into her office, "Morning Pussy slave! Sleep well!"

"Yes!" glancing back at the door "very well, Mistress!"

Shelly walked round the desk and grabbed Kim’s head, feeling for the collar.

"Where’s you collar Slut?"

"I’m sorry Mistress I didn’t know I shouldn’t remove it, I did not ask for specific instructions Mistress, please forgive you’re pussy licker Mistress."

"Well I would have removed it anyway as I have something more suitable for you! Kneel here Pussy licker!" Kim stood up and knelt down in front of Shelly with her head down. She felt something cold round her neck and Shelly fitted it with a grub screw dabbed in superglue, it was doubtful it would ever come off ever again.

"Thank you Mistress!"

"Stand Pussy licker, see what you’re mistress have given you!"

Kim stood up and went over to her makeshift mirror that she would touch up any makeup she had on. She looked at the collar about three quarters of an inch thick in stainless steel she had to make out the words "SHELLY’S FUCK PET"

"Thank you Mistress!" The collar had only one addition, a ring for her leash under the words!

"Later you can buy me lunch! And I’ll tell you what we’re doing tonight!"

"Thank you Mistress!"

Kim took Shelly to lunch, they went to the restaurant they had their lunch in before. They were eating before Shelly spoke of tonight. "Well Pussy Licker, I want you to wear that little leather pleated skirt I saw in your wardrobe, You better change your blouse for a fresh one but White blouse & leather tie, Would be good!"

"Any knickers Mistress?"

"Have you any on now?"

"No Mistress! Nor bra!"

"Very good! You must know how to please you’re Mistress!"

"Thank you Mistress, I try to be you’re slut!"

"I want you waiting by your front door, leave it ajar I want you to wear a helmet over your collar and put another collar over both of them You must be blindfolded and gagged but the gag must be able to be removable without removing the helmet! Oh and wear some Stockings! That’ll be nice for me!"

"What time Mistress?"

"Around seven Pussy licker! Oh and Pussy licker!"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Handcuffs behind your back!"

At five to seven Kim was kneeling by the door waiting for Shelly to come for her. Her blindfold in place and her gag in her mouth as per instruction. Kim sat for thirty five minutes handcuffed kneeling, waiting for her Mistress. Suddenly her front door opened and rough hands grabbed Kim. She was thrown into a cage. The cage started moving and Kim had to stay calm, she had no idea who had grabbed her, but they came prepared so it was a fair bet that Mistress was at the end of it! The cage was small she could only squat or lie in it, because the box had a wooden bottom she tried to sit on it, the moment she sat she regretted it as a car engine started and the vibration made her chastity vibrate! She couldn’t move as the car/van/ whatever, had started moving so she sat there trying to keep her chastity clear of the bottom of the box!

After about half an hour the journey ended. The cage was taken off and carried in somewhere Kim felt the change of temperature, she thought it might by a club, or a house. She strained to hear anything but could hear nothing. The cage was left and she could hear two people walking away, she pushed against what she thought was the door but it was locked. She had just about lost the will to live when she heard footsteps coming closer. A padlock was removed and a latch was undone. The cage was opened and hands hauled her out. Kim was dragged along by the unseen hands which stopped, a door was opened and she was dragged in and put on the floor.

Kim could hear people walking around her but they were saying nothing. There were enough feet walking so she was unsure just how many there were.

"Pussy Licker! How nice! Did you enjoy my taxi? They do the most amazing door to door service. Would you like me to take the gag out Pussy slut?"


"Oh you can try harder than that!"


"Oh I heard you that time!" The gag was taken out of her mouth, it felt like it had been there for a couple of hours, but part of the slave thing was to deny slave the right to the time.

"Now I want you to be a good pussy licker and lick and suck on any pussy that comes your way".

After that a never ending stream of Pussy was brought before her. Kim was getting a really sore tongue and her helmet was dripping with other peoples come! After about twenty Pussies had sat on her Shelly came back, Kim didn’t know where she was but she couldn’t hear her Mistress. "Well done Pussy slave! Let me put you gag back!" Kim grunted as the gag was pushed back whence it came.

"Now your probably wondering where you are, aren’t you? Well let me take that Blindfold off!"

As the blindfold came off Kim couldn’t see because of the bright lights, she blinked a few times and looked. To her horror the Ladies of her office were grinning at her!

"Now Pussy Licker we’ll try it again!"