The Way Things Work Out

by Tower015

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© Copyright 2005 - Tower015 - Used by permission

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The Way Things Work Out by Tower015
I worked landscaping for about 3 weeks in the summer when I was 20.   I was looking for a job, and the paper had it so I went with it. It was hard work, but it toned me pretty well and even went so far as to give me a little more patience than I was known to have.   By the time we hit Carol's house in the upper class district I figured I could just about handle anything.

This woman, as we saw her when we arrived was about 5'5 without the stiletto shoes, was wearing her brownish reddish hair up in a styled ponytail flip thing, and was wearing more form fitting complete coverage clothing than I thought anyone could withstand in 82 degree weather, namely a white long-sleeved shirt with a row of buttons just off the shoulder and a pair of blue jeans.  She was some version of a top level management for a string of bank trusts, coupled with her previous husband's alimony, she was doing pretty good for herself.  I don't know if she was completely natural, but as far as I can tell she was.  Dark brown hair with blonde highlights, 36c breasts, nice tight frame, actually muscular buttocks with a nice round to them, and a gorgeous face especially for a woman in her early 40s.

Where my patience ran out though was when she opened her mouth and let us know how much of a perfectionist she was.  I took pride in my work, and did a good job cleaning up, but through the course of the day she continually came out to bitch...which turned into continually bitching at talking down to verbally assaulting me.   Now what I was noticing during her whole tirade that two things kept happening, firstly, she would come out every 10 or fifteen minutes looking a little less kempt and energetic than the first time, and secondly she had switched from complaining about the lawn to just trying to think of things that were derogatory to me. 

I'll mention this now, that I am a big fan bondage and latex clothing.  I say this now because a couple of my previous girlfriends and I used to play games with each other that steered eerily close to how this woman was talking to me.  I switch from top to bottom, depending on my mood, but generally I am pretty much dominating the situations.  I'm not rich by any means, but I have a couple toys like latex gloves and a multitude of collars and cuffs. 

Now, it was around the 15th time this woman had started to approach me and I saw that there was no one in the backyard but myself and soon to be her.  As she came storming over to me, I watched her start to waver a little bit, and was almost unable to drop my blower and headphones in time to catch her as I saw her knees buckle from under her.  I caught her head and shoulders before she conked her head on the patio, and as my hand rested in the middle of her back I felt the shirt she was wearing slide around really freely, catching my bearings I noticed that where the shirt had pulled up from her pants there wasn't an undershirt or skin, but extremely well polished black latex.  I looked around for the rest of my crew and quickly tucked her shirt back into her pants with the intent to prevent anyone from seeing her choice of undergarment.

She jolted up as soon as I was pulling my fingertips out from under her belt line, and slapped me. 

Looking at her in a less than controlled manner I retorted with a pretty substantial "What the HELL is your problem woman?  I'm only trying to make sure you are ok, but now make sure your neighbors don't realize what they're living next to.”

She stood up, glared at me for a second with some sweat starting to sheen on her face and stomped into the house, came out with a rake and while I was in the middle of trying to put my blower back on, swung it straight into the window and patio door, then ran into the house. 

I was freaked out for a minute before I figured that she just had stress issues and I went about my business with the blower for the next couple of minutes until my boss came up, lifted the blower up and pushed me out of the straps.  I turned and looked to see him scowling at me.  He proceeded to inform me that in no uncertain terms was I not only fired, but my paycheck would be docked for the price of the windows. 
Needless to say I a little bit upset.

Now, I am not normally a vengeful or angry person but this woman had really crossed the line. 

How I wound up in her house was nothing short of stupid.  I had come up with this knee jerk plan to dump about 2 garbage bags full of leaves onto her front lawn and grind it in as best as I could at around 11:00 the same night.  What made things stupid was that while I was in the middle of doing it a cop car came to the corner and not only spotted me but placed me in handcuffs and brought me up to the door and knocked.  She opened the door wearing a bathrobe with the sides tied tight and holding the top shut by her neck.  She saw me, the mess on her lawn, and quickly listened to the cops tell her what they found me doing.  She simply asked that they let her speak to me in the house in private for a second they allowed it, and I was pushed forward into the doorway.  She shut to door slowly; smiling at me and quickly grabbed a chunk of my hair and threw my head against the wall. 

"You little shit."  She squeezed her hand, I tired as best I could to hide the pain in my scalp.  "I'll tell you what, you stay here and I won't press charges now....and we can talk about things."

She opened the door again and the officers stepped into the doorway, turned me around and took the cuffs off me, as she explained that we were acquainted through family and that this was just a family prank, and if they'd care to wait on the front porch because they were tracking mud on her floor, she'd be happy to give them each a couple bucks for their trouble.  They stepped back out, and she went to a small stand down the hall and pulled out a couple of things, the first being a pair of handcuffs and the second being a wallet.  She looked at me and explained as curtly as possible that I either let her put the cuffs on me or she screams and tells the cops that I threatened her. 

I was beat for the time being and turned around as she latched the cuffs on as tight as she could make them, then opened the door and tipped the officers said goodbye and thank you, and closed the door.  They drove off and as soon as the engine had left earshot she was again on my with her fingers clenching my hair pressing my face against the wall.  She must of had a pair of scissors because the next thing I felt was her slicing her way up my shorts leg and through my boxers on one leg, then the other.   Normally when you read about these kinds of things you get aroused, but in this case I was the exact opposite.  She took the scissors to my shirt too, and soon I was standing against the wall with the scissor points resting against the skin over my kidney. 

She turned me around by simply leading by my hair and seemed to be really shocked as she saw my chest.  I'm a pretty muscular guy, and as she looked she seemed to be really amused at the fact that my nipples are pierced.  She took her hand out of my hair and wrenched on my left nipple, dropping me to my knees. After a few seconds she relented, the pain in my nipple overpowering my other instincts to keep track of what she was doing.  Next thing I know her finger tips are moving around my nipples, and the next thing I hear is a couple of ratcheting sounds from one side and then she switched to the other.  I looked to see what she had done while she was working on my right nipple and I saw a padlock with a chain through the clasp leading over to her hand and as I followed the trail she pulled away with eh other locks being set.  It was a chain, looking like surgical steel and about 12 gauge like my nipple rings.  She stood up, put her toe on the chain and stepped forward, the pain was immediate, and I was drawn down to the ground by the chain.  She spit on me, and let her foot up, crouched and grabbed the chain and twisted it and led me to stand up. 

She walked me down the hall to the bathroom, took the chain and dropped the end around a towel bar and with a two more padlocks locked the middle part of the chain to my left nipple, then pulling the whole assembly tight she I had to lean against the towel bar with my ass a bit out, locked the other side.   I was trying to look around and see her as I felt her hand, specifically her thumb and forefinger, form a tight ring around my penis, right against the base so my scrotum and penis were pulled away from my body, and I felt cold wrapping extremely tight around that part, then heard a lock.  Then I felt more cold go around my semi erect shaft and then a lock being closed, then I felt my balls become encircled and a lock.  The way she had done it as I felt was that all three locks were dead center and in a line.  I normally tie a string around my package because I love the feeling of the constriction, and as this was going on, I was starting get into the mood she wanted me in because I quickly became hard and engorged, making everything throb and sensitive.  The effect of the chain making it so blood stays in my penis and can't get out.  I felt cold again.  Only this time I couldn't identify it as metal, but rather something she was smearing all over my genitals and much to my disapproval my legs, crack, chest and even my face.  Then she just left. 

I stood in the bathroom, my nipples chained to a dowel rod, feeling as if I hadn't really tried to deal with this at all, and hating myself for being a bit too spooked to do anything but comply.  I felt a little bit of a tingling feeling, as the stuff she smeared all over, was what I had already suspected to be some sort of nair cream.  She came back after a few minutes, and I as squirming as best I could after trying to pull the dowel rod off the wall, and deal with the burning.  Next I felt a towel running over my skin slowly, and then a strange feeling of cold air.  By the time she had finished I was completely bald everywhere but my arms and head.  She finally spoke to me.

"You live in an apartment on the east side don't you.  You also don't live with anyone and have been fired. You can stay here for a bit then."  I started to protest when I realized that she was holding a phone and held it up so I could see the number.  It was the city police again, and she could have called them but chose not to because she takes care of her own problems, but would be happy to make a major stink and get my face all over the city news, which my family reads fairly regularly.  It basically boiled down to whether I wanted to deal with some heavy embarrassment from my family and friends, or stay here for the weekend while I pay her back for being a "little shit". 

I agreed with an additional statement that she'd get whatever she gave ten fold. 

She grabbed my hair and pulled backwards hair, pulling my hair and yanking the chain on my nipples. 

She sat on the toilet and began to question me.  I answered; thinking that if it got me out of here before she did anything else to make my situation it'd be good.
By the end of the conversation she had a complete sexual history, a very in depth idea of what sort of things I liked, why I was where I was in life and a familiarity with any sort of bdsm stuff I may have done in the past. 

"Is there any way we can talk about anything that's going on?"  I asked.  She looked at me for a moment, so I continued.   "I'm sorry I dumped the leaves on your lawn, I'm normally not like that, but you got me fired for doing my job and you over reacting to me trying to help."

"Hmmm."  I noticed her mood change slightly from irate to more of what I saw when we first met her at the job. 

She sat and contemplated as I stood, my legs and back starting to hurt from having to stand bent over. 

"ARGH!!!  Hmmmm what!?"

Startled, she looked at me, furrowed her brow reached over and slapped my extremely hard penis, and went back to thinking.
After a few moments she spoke. "How about I pay you to come over here and we'll do this sort of thing." 

"What sort of thing…bondage stuff?" 


I stood for a minute thinking.  "How much money?"

She snapped at me.  "Don't you haggle with me about this, I could just continue to do this until I get tired of not making a story about it."

She paused, sighing, and looked at me while walking behind me.  "Look..."I felt her hands on the small of my back lightly rubbing the area. "...I work a lot, and I don't have a whole lot of time to date, let alone find someone who would become accustomed to my tastes.  You're already kinda close, young, healthy, and it's a better options, I'll pay you to come over and just interact with me.  I'll even let you do what you want on occasion."

"I'll pay you $100 a day each day you come over here.  If you can't come over, that's fine, if you can then be here at 6:00 sharp."

"Six in the morning?"


"How long would I have to stay?"

"Does it matter?"

"If I'm stuck in a situation like this for 10 hours I'd be kinda prone to say it hurt."

She smiled at that as her the feeling of her hands turned to light nails grazing the skin over my ass cheeks and down the backs of my legs.

She slowly started to run her nails up and down my legs getting closer to the inside of my thighs until she finally got to the base of my engorged penis.

"I could make it worth your while.... $100 a day...and."  Her nails started to do tiny circles on my testicles and slowly up and down the sides of my shaft.

It was a very intense feeling, and it struck me that she was actually really good at pushing my buttons.

I was losing my ability to reason, this was an incredible feeling, despite the assault my nipples took from her earlier.

Abruptly her hands stopped. 

"Well?  What do you say?"

I was swimming in hormones, achy and amazingly turned I quietly let out a "Yes."

She smiled, gave my penis a couple of soft and gentle tugs, turned off the light and left the bathroom.

I called after her as soon as I realized what had happened, and no sooner than I had opened my mouth she was back, she came up to me, and I knew the light from the hall illuminated me, but she was covered in shadow.  I felt her close to my side, and suddenly her fingertips were on my right nipple. 


She gave my nipple a test pinch, but I got the idea.  I opened and felt a semi soft bar press between my teeth, and a strap go around the back of my head.  Another strap came around the top of my head and around the bottom of my chin, forcing me to bite down on the bit.  She turned the light back on, drew a bath, and stripped, tossing the robe onto my back before gravity eventually let it fall to the ground.  She walked up to me, and I felt her nipples brush against my back, as her arms encircled my chest and crossed so that she was touching each of my nipples.  She let her hands slid down my body until she came back to my penis, specifically the length of chain and the lock around my scrotum.  I felt her playing with it before a sharp pulling sensation adding quite a severe aching pain from my balls.  I moved, realized that made it worse, and felt that she had placed a large weight on it. 

"That's 10 lbs.  This is your punishment for the lawn."

Next thing I felt was a hand encircle my penis and start pumping rhythmically as her other hand began to slap my ass, inside of my thighs, and my nipples. 

It hurt, and it was arduous, but I found myself getting closer to orgasm.  She went faster and faster, slap slap slap.  My body hurt, it was exhausting, and I was getting so close that I could taste it...and then her hand stopped moving on my shaft.  She kept spanking me, even proceeded to slap my penis a couple times, but no more pumping.  I bit down and screamed into the gag and she just laughed.

"That's a good boy." 

I stood there for another 2 hours as she bathed, and got herself off in the bathtub, alot.  She was extremely vocal, and among her assorted "I loved that...I loved doing that to you." was a few strings of other things she’d had in mind to do to me that sounded a little less than appealing.

* * * * *

That was 2 weeks ago, and so far I have been coming over here frequently.  She gave me a key, and some days she'll be out at the office and will leave a note, most times just to call her, other times with instructions and times to do them.

She has an amazing collection of things, and on two occasions we went to fetish shops and she just let me pick out a bunch of things to have.

As I entered the house today, I saw her sitting in the living room, and as I came up to her I realized that she was nude.  This was sort of odd, normally she would just bark orders at me as soon as I got in the door.  She looked up at me and smiled, not saying anything and I walked around the couch to sit with her, she dropped to her knees and folded her arms in front of her, pushing her breasts up and out towards me. 

"I did something for you."

I looked at her for a moment and then crouched in front of her.  She looked at me and smiled a little, I smiled back, and took each nipple gently between my fingertips. 

"Not those though.   Those are for me."

I was surprised, and I asked her what she did do.

She stood, and as she stood I saw that she had pierced her clit, which was really a turn on for me, and I'm not sure why. 

"Do you want to play?"  I asked her.

She shook her head yes and dropped back to her knees. 

I started to walk upstairs while patting my thigh, and she followed on her hands and knees.  When we got upstairs to her room, I had her stop on the floor, and crouched next to her.  I slowly traced my fingers from her nipples, down her sides, which was a fun game because she was ticklish, down to her now pierced clit.  It was sensitive, and she had been taking great care of herself, which normally meant a completely hairless body.  I pinched her clit lightly, and she began to waver a little on her knees, and slowly worked my fingers into her vagina, which was awaiting me.  I slowly moved them in circles, in and out, up and down, with my thumb gently rubbing her swollen clitoris, sometimes using my other hands to tug on her nipple rings, or run my fingertips from between her breasts up her neck and to her chin, which she would generally take cue and start sucking on my fingers like I'd cum from it.  After about 2 minutes, the inside of her thighs were wet and glistening, and small puddle collecting under her, as she panted and trembled.

I slapped her ass and she crawled forward and assumed her position.  We came up with a series of positions that dictated what kind of play we were going to do.  As I watched her, she slinked forward, stretched her arms out in front of her, tucked her knees under her and thrust her ass in the air, with her head down between her arms.

I went to her giant walk-in closet, and looked around.  This was all of her gear, and some of mine, which left me a lot of room to be creative.  First I took a small d ring with two long leather straps coming from each side and tossed it out in front of her.  Taking her cue she picked it up and quickly began to lace the leather straps into her hair, forming a tight ponytail with the ring at the end of it.

Secondly, I pulled out a latex posture collar that had anchor points all around it, and a heavy steel boning, this I tossed out to the room, and watches as she took it hastily, and placed it around her neck, and locked it shut.  This forced her head to be facing slightly up, so she was looking at just about my forehead if I stood right in front of her.

Four spreader bars, 4 sets of locking leather cuffs, and a coil of cotton rope about the width of thick shoelaces. 

I came out and set these items down on the bed, and she was kneeling in her spot in front of the bed.  I took the coil of rope, placed the mid point of it behind her neck and let each side drape down, which I took and wrapped under her arms and criss crossed behind her back.  I took the ends and formed an x between her breasts and then looped it around her breasts so that they would be drawn together and separated from her body.  As I did this she continued to pant slightly, her eyes closed tightly, sometime she'd nibble on her lip or lick them, and her whole body seemed to be aching for attention.  I wrapped the rope around both of her breasts, then between them, but not amazingly tight.  Just enough so that they were constricted, the way she liked it, and then I tied a large knot directly in the middle of her back between her shoulder blades.  There was still about 4 feet of rope dangling on each side, which I was going to let sit.

I took the leather cuffs, locked them onto her ankles and wrists snugly, and placed a pair in the middle of her upper arm and a pair a little bit above her knees and locked them on.   I then took the spreader bars, which were set at about 2 and a half feet, and locked on end to each side of her posture collar.  I took her ankles, and spread them apart, forcing her legs to go wider, and connected the two spreader bars to her ankles, which forced her into a kneel that pulled her whole body a she tried to move.  The last two spreader bars I placed at 1 and 3 feet, and locked to each end of the 1ft spreader to her ankle cuffs, and the last one to her knee cuffs which had a dramatic effect on her kneel, by forcing her to arch backwards, and just her hips out, making her whole body become taught. 

I took the ends of the rope I had left and crossed them around the spreader bars on opposite sides and ran the ends to the front of her, before looping the ends through her nipple rings, I pulled on the rope taking up slack, and finally making her whole chest harness become tighter, keeping the tension I tied a know on each end about an inch in front of her rings, and let the rope out slowly, which as it returned to its regular place, pulled her nipples to each side. I took the remaining slack, and cut it off, which left me a length of rope maybe 2 feet long.  I took this, and looped it through her clit ring, before looping each end through her nipple rings, and tying them off after removing as much slack and elasticity as I could.  The effect that was created was that anytime she moved the movement would pull her nipples to the sides and take her clit ring up harder, which right now, was pulled up and stretched a little bit making it hard and sensitive.

She was whimpering now, and she had collected quite a puddle underneath her knees.  Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing heavily, each time a little bit of that motion being transferred to her clit.  Sweat was starting to make her body glisten, and as I sat down in front of her and crossed my legs, I could see her try to look around. 

I leaned forward, and just barely grazed her clit with the tip of my tongue taking about 10 seconds to complete the whole pass.  She moaned with a ring of frustration, surprise, and pleasure. 

I did the same thing every minute for 10 minutes before she finally broke down and begged me to do something more.  I did.  I let my fingers roam around her inner thigh areas, finally settling in to to finger her vagina and anus and leaned forward to lick her clitoris slowly.   Everything I did was synchronized, lick swirl wiggle.  I could feel her shaking as her muscles obviously had to be sore by now, I continued lightly licking while I reached around and grabbed her dildo.  It was a butterfly dildo, which penetrated both back and front.  I took it and lubed it up, with both some gel and her own lube, before lining it up and slowly pushing it home.  I kept my hand pressed against the base and let it drop out a bit, then push it back in slowly, as for the first time I wrapped my whole mouth around her clitoris sucking and licking feverishly, she cried out as the assault took her by surprise and came almost instantly.  I didn't relent with my mouth, each time she would climax I would move the dildo faster and faster until I was moving it as faster I could.  By this time she was so sensitive that anytime I made a pass with my tongue she'd spasm, and instead of having consecutive orgasms, they just sort of molded into one ride that would peak frequently. 

After another few minutes I stopped, and undid all the locks and let the gear just fall to the floor.  She slumped back into my arms, and I lifted her up and put her on her bed and left the room and took a shower.  After about ten minutes, she came in quietly and proceeded to lather her hands up and start to wash me.  I had learned that at least, when she had a mindset to have something go a certain way it was best just to let it go.  I was tired, and by my accounts it was somewhere close to 10:00 in the morning, and as I stood leaning against the wall with my eyes and head in the spray I felt her mouth wrap around my flaccid penis.  She sucked hard, completely catching me by surprise and I almost slipped until her hands pressed against my hips hard and pressed me against the wall.  I looked down at her, and she looked up at me with the entirety of my penis in her mouth getting harder by the second and she just sort of winked at me.  I tilted my head back and she went to town, sucking, drawing out, licking, and pumping with her hands, cupping my balls and gently tugging on them.

"I'm gonna finish...let up."  She seemed to just nod no and kept going, suddenly with a surge of energy almost tripling her pace, rhythm and suction.  I came hard, and she just kept going, I finished over the course of a full minute, and she wouldn't let up.  I reached up and grabbed the shower spout to steady myself and she not once so much as looked phased by my overwhelmed state.  She continued on like that for another 5 or 6 minutes not stopping until I had finished at least 2 more times.  She finally sat back, smiled at me, began to wash my legs. 

After the shower I went and lay down on the couch downstairs, just wearing a towel and at some point I awoke to find her laying half on the couch on me.  I wrapped my arms around her and shifted a bit so she'd be on the couch completely and we just slept.

Part 2.

One of the harder things to imagine for me, it who in their right mind came up with the idea for tongue bondage.   I have been looking at the clamp running across Carol’s tongue for a good 2 or 3 minutes, as it was I was able to get a really great look.  Imagine a pair of 10 inch metal rods, kinda bendy, with a flattened part about 2 inches in the middle, that had a hinge on one side, and a clasp on the other.  Now imagine, a gorgeous 33 year old with a tight, muscular body, 36c breasts with pierced nipples, wearing nothing but latex stockings and opera length gloves, a latex hood (eye, nostril and mouth holes) bright red lipstick, and had her tongue extended as far out as she could with a clamp on it.   And a latex waist cincher.  And some rope. 

I had her tied with her arms folded behind her head, like, if you folded your arms, and while keeping them folded, just raised them behind your head.  Her wrists were covered to about mid-forearm with coils, and then tied to her elbows with about the same amount of coil to her elbows. 

Her legs were cross legged, and tied at the ankles, and cinched, with rope leading to her knees, which each had coils, and cinches, and finally ending with two tails coming from her knees, through two D-rings on the back side of her waist cincher, and up to her elbows, making her unable to curl forward.   I had a pair of clamps pulling on either side of her labia, pulling it apart, which were connected by a chain to her pierced nipples.   I had found a rather amusing toy that she also wore now.  On each of her nipples, she had a small barbell running through the nipple, and a metal stirrup that was on the barbell.  Behind her barbell, and connected to the barbell was an ½ inch deep cone, that covered her areola and pulled her nipple slightly away from her breast, essentially covering the rest of her nipple.  Because this stretched her nipple, it made them extremely sensitive, which she seemed to enjoy as I continued to kiss and lick them while admiring her tongue clamp.  I had changed her clit ring to a barbell with a stirrup as well, which allowed me to flip the stirrup quickly with my finger sending a vibration through her as my finger grazed over the top of it. 

She was panting heavily, which was part her normal reaction to sexual stimuli, and partially embellished because she was currently playing the roll of my pet.   I was in the third day of being in charge, which after we finished this scenario we would switch to my being her sub. 

I was really scared for that. 

Suffice to say that I was trying to drag this out and make it as intense and exhausting as I could, and I had managed to keep her on the edge for over 45 minutes, when she finally had too much, and came hard, moaning out and wriggling in her bonds as best she could. 

I was regretting letting her out.   I was regretting it a lot.

My head was resting on the floor, and I had my knees tucked under me, and my arms were between my legs.  My wrists were tied extremely tight to my ankles, which were tied together via a 1 foot spreader bar, and my collar, which was a nice leather and steel collar about 3 inches wide was locked around my neck, and was then tied to my knees, basically making me stick.  She had taken the liberty of tying a cord around the shaft of my penis…coiled it in fact, so there was about 1/2 and inch of cord coiled, and knotted it tightly in the front, wrapped another ½ inch coil around my balls, and a final 1 wide coil around the whole package right against my pelvis.  From that final coil, a knot was tied directly at the bottom, and the rest of the cord was tied quite tightly to the back of my collar. 

The whole setup forced me to stay down, with my ass in the air while it pulled my penis backwards enough that it was poking the floor behind me.  Granted, it was an extremely tight tie, but I was turned on sufficiently.   Her outfit helped that status even more so, wearing a pair of black lycra leggings that came down to just above her knees, and a black lycra halter-top that hugged her breasts so tightly that they bulged out the top.  She had a 3 inch black lycra choker on, and the whole outfit was completed with a pair of opera length lycra sleeves, and some black 7-inch platform high heels.     She had her hair pulled up and tied back, and had done her makeup around a gray and black theme: black nail polish, medium gray eye liner, black lipstick, and dark gray eye shadow.

Now, ideally, this whole setup wouldn’t be bad.  Yes, the bondage was tight, but it was fun, my captor was extremely hot and kinky, and the general name of the game was gratification.    What was bothering me was that she was on the phone, to at least 1 other person, giving them directions to her house. 

As a regular term of our contract I kept myself hairless except for my head hair, and any facial hair below my nose had to be shaven clean.   She hung up the phone and walked up to me, pulling something out of her cleavage.  She crouched, and proceeded to roll me onto my back, this turn yanking my tied penis hard backwards forcing it to point straight forward. 

She smiled at me while idly caressing my shaft, and worked her way up to my nipples.  She gently squeezed them a bit, licked her fingertips, and wet my nipples, before pulling out a pair of needle nose pliers.

I opened my mouth to speak, but she quickly put a finger to my lips and hushed me, assuring me there would be no pain right now.  She took the needle nose pliers, and gently opened the rings, replacing them with stainless steel padlocks.  The locks were maybe a pound apiece, and the idea was an extreme turn on for me.  She put them in, leaving them open, before putting each end of a chain through the clasp and then closing them.  She took a key ring from her cleavage, showing it to me, I saw that there were two tiny keys on it.  She took one off, and bent it to hell with the needle nose pliers. 

That was another thing that scared me and made the situation worse.   She kept smiling and walked into the other room with the last key. 

She came back beaming, and walked past me to the front door.   I tried to look to where she went, and she quickly opened the door and greeted two women wearing black long length coats.  They all came into the living room, one of the women, a brunette, looked down at me, and make a waving motion with her finger tips.  The other woman didn’t even stop to take off her jacket before dropping down to her knees next to me and placing a pair of fingers to my lips.  I looked at Carol, who looked really excited, and nodded to me, telling me things would be ok.  We had a kind of rarely spoken rule that you don’t talk until instructed to talk after being asked a question. 

I held to that as I kissed the woman’s fingertips and quickly drew them into my mouth to suck on them.  She looked over my body, especially my bound and engorged cock, and taking special note of my new locks.  She got really excited and after a few minutes stood back up, a faint sheen of sweat going over her forehead.   When she came back, she had shed her coat and I took a minute to appraise her.  She looked somewhat asian, with tanned skin, almond shaped eyes, dyed blond hair, but also with big pouty lips, a healthy set of C cup breasts, and looked athletic, but wasn’t as cut at the abs and buttocks as Carol was.  She wore a black skirt, about mid thigh, with a business jacket and blouse on. 

Her hair was down, and teased out a little, and came down to her shoulders and fell in a very beautiful way.  She looked to be maybe 2 or 3 years older than myself, and for the most part acted like it.  She was wearing high heels, which limited my ability to tell how tall she was, but my attention was drawn to the first woman to come in the door, as she finally entered my line of vision.   She was tall, at least 5’10, the 8 inch heels not counted.  She was clearly upper class, white, and acted extremely regal, and had a very bitchy demeanor just in how she moved.   Her hair, a rich red was pulled back tightly, with a bun in the back.  She wore a pair of black leather pants, extremely tight, which blended in well with her black socks and high heels.  Above the pants she had a black leather corset that was covering the first 2 inches of the pants, which had a series of buckles up the front and left.  Under the corset her breasts, obviously in the D cups, were straining against a white blouse, that was unbuttoned right down to the corset, allowing me enough of a shot to see she wasn’t wearing any sort of bra.  She had black nail polish on, as well as a number of black rings around her fingers.   What I could tell of her body build she was very into working out and very muscular. 

She took a step up and placed her foot directly on my penis.  As I watched her go I got a momentary feeling of panic for the heel, but she placed it so that my shaft wedged between the heel and the arch of the shoe.  It was cold and also sort of exhilarating. 

“Carol tells me your name is Eric.”  She leaned in a bit with a smile spreading across her lips.  “Eric…you seemed to have gotten yourself into a little bit of a bind.” 

I looked at her as she slightly pivoted her foot, slightly bending my penis.

“If you are interested, we would like to offer you the same job opportunity that Carol has given you…granted…the money would be a bit different, especially with myself, but I think you could get along very well for yourself.  What do you say?  We’ll negotiate specifics later but please…what do you say?”

I thought for a second, while the whole time she continued to pivot on her heel, creating more and more of a bend in my penis, and slowly beginning to hurt more and more.  Trying to keep a cool head against her heel, I remained calm and answered:


She smiled and let her foot off and walked next to me, crouched and ruffled my hair.  “That’s a good boy…” she turned towards the hallway. “Carol…. can we begin now?”


That’s how I came to know Vanessa and her boss Sandra.  Carol and Sandra worked for the same group of trustees, while Vanessa was personal assistant and secretary to Sandra. 

By this time, Vanessa has dyed her hair a somewhat darker blonde/brown mix, and a good month had passed since my introduction to the two women.  Apparently, I took over Vanessa’s old position, and she seemed to be altogether thrilled with the idea of something to play with rather than take the brunt of her boss’s wrath, none of the gratification I was able to give her. 

This whole time I maintained a steady relationship with Carol, maintaining that if I had to cut people out of the schedule she would be the last person to be removed.  What I was having issues with lately wasn’t so much time, as much as what was being done with my time. 

Sandra was a complete and total dominating bitch.  In the best possible sense of the word.
Vanessa was still working through an issue or two she had with her treatment at the hands of both Sandra and Carol, and Carol was very much having her vengeance for some of my more creative stunts. 

I think it’s Wednesday, anyhow, I’ve been under Sandra’s loving care for a good deal of time, since Carol had a trip to take and Vanessa was constantly underfoot. 

Now, when I say care I do mean care.  This woman was meticulous if anything, and she had a predisposition for hammer locking, as my arms were currently set in.  I saw a bit of my arm work when she last moved me, and honestly I was wearing sleeves.  I had rope coiled from the top of my upper arms, to my elbows, knotted, and tied to my wrists, which were connected via the coil around my forearms and hands, which was also cinched, and for good measure, triple knotted.

The rest of my setup was in a running color scheme of white, which featured me with a white bit gag, white blindfold, white 4 inch collar, a white cotton rope shibari harness around my chest and through my nipple rings, which then went on either side of my penis to go up my crack and knot quite snugly into my arm bondage.

My penis was smartly dressed with a white sash cord that encircled the entire package at the base twice, sectioned off my testicles with two turns, and coiled around my shaft up to the head.

Being that generally a man’s privates will go down after any length of time no matter what the activity, I was normally given food heavily laced with crushed up viagra pellets.  This didn’t amuse me because Sandra liked to control everything, and Vanessa was her puppet.  Now, during the entire time Vanessa played my part, she wasn’t allowed to cum because according to Sandra, it violated her employee inter-office fraternization policy.  Carol just didn’t know. 

Either way, Vanessa was bitter, and enjoyed being mean as hell about my inability to reach anything.  Only once had Sandra actually let me finish, and that was the first time I met her, which I might add was one of the best hand jobs I’d ever received. 

Anyway, my situation was somewhat more than I described for you so far, so I’ll continue.  I was standing under a wooden support beam, with two wooden supports on either side and an o-ring screwed into the wood every inch the whole way around.   Firstly my ankles were tied to each side of the wooden posts, which was maybe 4 ½ feet wide, with a rope between my ankles keeping them a set distance apart, while my head was pulled back via a rope tied to the ring on either side of the bit gag.  Not only did this hold my head back but prevented me from turning my head, while additional rope connected to my nipple rings.  Secondly, two ropes came from each of the corners on the top beam and tied to the torso harness at points on my shoulders.  Now, my ankle ropes were basically pulleys for the ropes on my torso and yanking my head back.  The whole setup made it so that if I moved at all, my chest harness would get tighter, my head would be pulled back more yanking on my nipples, while riding the rope farther up my ass crack. 

Currently, Vanessa was taking liberties with a riding crop, working from my inner thigh to my nipples in a 123-4! swatting pattern, myself trying hard to not flinch, and in general trying to just zone out as she had her fun.  After what I had counted to be maybe 5 minutes, I felt the pattern stop entirely, and listened as what I thought sounded like Sandra whispering to Vanessa. 

A few seconds later, the blindfold was off and I saw Sandra walk in front of me, and noticed she had changed into an all leather ensemble.   First, she was wearing a very regal looking neck wrap collar, which dipped down her back a couple inches, and had two buckles, both adorned with locks.  From the collar, just about the middle of her collar bone on each side, ran two pairs of leather straps which locked onto the corset she was wearing, and locked onto her gloves.  It laced up the front and back, which were then buckled over and locked, along with a halter top addition that was locked on, and in front of the nipples, 6 gauge rings were protruding from the material, to give the look of piercings.  The corset, had a pair of leather garters locked on, that ran to her boots, which were laced up to the thigh, and had buckles at the ankles and top at the thigh which locked shut, and at the top buckle, the garters locked them to the corset.  At the actual foot of the boot, it looked to be close to a ballet shoe.    Her gloves were just like the stockings.  They laced up, had locked buckles at the top and wrist, and via the garters were locked on.  As I was to find out later, she had picked this outfit as an exhibitionist punishment.   The key for all the locks keeping the outfit on was frozen in a block of ice almost 2 ft thick.     She stepped up to me, holding the crop Vanessa originally had, and slowly started running the tip of it up my legs, chest and across the tip of my penis. 

From behind, I felt Vanessa start to undo my arm ropes, and after 20 or so minutes I was completely loose, and called into the house.    Still wearing my head harness, my collar was removed, and I was handed a box and told to go to the bathroom and dress. 

Inside the box I found a great deal of latex items, all white, and most of it extremely thick.  First, I put on a pair of white latex gloves, a pair of white latex stockings, and a cock sheath, which was a molded piece of latex, like a condom, but fit over my balls as well, and was tightened at the base of my genitals, around my balls, and extremely tight around the base of my shaft.  I came out and Vanessa was holding a much larger version of Sandra’s waist cincher in white.  She brought it over to me and instructed me to lift my arms and I realized that it was a man’s cincher.  It was tight.  Extremely tight, and after she was finished lacing it, and closing the lace guards, and locking it, and adding black leather wrist cuffs, which were locked on extremely tight, and matching ankle cuffs and collar, and finally 10 inch lengths of chain from my wrists to the back of my collar, locks connecting both cuffs together and to the back of the cincher, a hobble chain about 12 inches long, a pair of latex “combat boots” and a rather odd little device that made me really question what was going on. 

Take a 6-foot length of chain, and on one end, fasten a latex dipped chain loop, and the other end, put a singular handcuff.  Then apply liberally and tightly around the base of my penis, with the chain hanging down from under and behind my balls.  Two very short chains were attached on either side of my gag, and locked to my collar, forcing my head down, and as I looked (in the only direction available to me) I saw Vanessa’s hand take hold of the leash, and begin walking me through the house.  I didn’t see Sandra anywhere, and assumed that I was being led to her…. which made me wonder what we were doing in the garage, and heading to an open car door.  I was ushered in, and belted to the seat, while Vanessa got in the driver’s seat, started the car, and waited. 

Eventually Sandra came to the car, and I heard her get in, speak to Vanessa, and they began to drive.    We drove for about 45 minutes, before stopping, and they both got out.   I sat in the back of the car for quite some time before fidgeting enough to see where we were.   Looking out I saw we were parked in an alley at the back of a large office building.  Sandra came to the door, and I saw that she was wearing a business suit, presumably over her latex outfit.   She opened the door, undid my belt and picked up the leash, helping me out of the car.   I felt completely unhappy about this, and began struggling and trying to talk around the gag to express that I really didn’t want to go out in public like this. 

Long story short they got me out of the car and she paraded me through her office, which was almost empty save for a few of Sandra’s weekend clerks, who took great care in yanking, tugging, and biting various parts of me as I blushed and took what I had to in the most embarrassing and somewhat arousing trip I’d been on.    The fact that these people were ok with what was going on and seemed in the loop was helpful, but it didn’t really do much for my level or humiliation I was already feeling.   We got to her office, and I was pressed against the wall before being able to see the place.  Sandra and Carol must either think alike or compare notes because I soon found myself padlocked by my nipples to small o-rings in the wall, and bent over severely.   I was left alone for a while, as I heard Sandra go about her work, and Vanessa bustle about for a while, before I noticed I didn’t hear Vanessa moving anymore.   Just Sandra on the phone or typing. 

I finagled around until I could see just barely that there was a pair of shoes poking out from under the desk, backwards, and surmised that contrary to what I thought, Vanessa was actually in the room still, and had been the entire time. 

We remained there for a good 4 hours, before it got dark, and finally, Sandra moved.  She got up, went into her closet, and pulled out a tube metal contraption that was covered in straps and buckles.   I was laid down, with the entirety of my back laid straight, and buckled down, then my leg were brought up and my knees were made to touch my stomach, and my arms and legs were buckled to a pole that ran straight up, while my penis was pulled between my legs and made to stand straight up, while the leash was drawn through my ass crack and handed to me into my hand.  I found soon that anytime I moved my hand the cuff around my cock would pull down, and while this being a strenuous position, it wasn’t entirely unappealing once I realized what I was being crafted into.  Sandra rolled the contraption with me on it, and put it in place of where her other office chair was, and proceeded to sit down, minus her suit pants, and I noted that indeed, she had just thrown her suit on over her leather outfit. 

Slowly she lowered herself onto my engorged shaft, and began typing again.  Vanessa came up from behind, and I noticed that she too had changed her outfit.  Now she was wearing a blue latex cat suit with feet, hands, and an eyeless, mouth less hood, with restraints similar to mine adorning her as she came up and knelt on either side of my head, which I found to be exactly level enough for her to kneel and my mouth to sit under her vagina.  The cat suit was of course open, and I watched as her waist was locked to my arms and legs, pressing her into a completely ramrod straight hug of the “chair”.  She took two lengths of chain and connected my nipples to her pierced nipple rings, which, it being an 8-inch chain pulled significantly.  Her arms were wrapped around the chair and locked in front of Sandra, crossing her chest and well within hands grasp of her enormous breasts and hard as rock nipples.    I was instructed to pull on the leash, and as I did I felt it distinctly in my lower regions, as Sandra would push back, slowly riding me.  On occasion I would tire and she would promptly slap my ass hard until I started again.   The entire time Vanessa was whimpering for me to help her with her erotic itch, and as I sat getting a bit drenched by her arousal, completely unable to explain to her that I still had a gag in.  I think she assumed that being a good secretary would have meant that Sandra would have accommodated for her.  What I didn’t know was that Sandra has made her drink a mix of chemical aphrodisiacs that made her about as horny as the viagra made me.  Heh. 

Lord help me I did that routine for another hour before being let up, and I couldn’t get enough stimulation to finish…I was livid.  Sandra came 8 or 9 times before closing shop, and I think Vanessa even got off once, but I was S.O.L.  I was taken back to the wall until it was time to leave, myself being frustrated and sore.  It was close to midnight when we finally got back into the car, and I was soon to find out that rather than go home, we went to a club called Hors D’oeurves.

What I also, was not amused with was having to get out of that to walk in the front door.   Cutting through the line of people waiting to get in…to a nonfetish club.   In the interest of drawing marginally less attention to myself, I got out as quickly as I could, but when we got in, Sandra shed all of her business suit attire, and had apparently adorned panties, and I was left to stand amidst a grand mass of people, some of who, being girls my age, came over to poke at me or otherwise make jokes or get a laugh at my expense.   I had well expended my energy trying to fight Sandra and Vanessa when we first went to her office, and this was the last straw…I think they realized that they had crossed a line that I wasn’t ready for, and were stalling in taking me back and letting me out.  Sandra left me with Vanessa, and after about 20 minutes of letting patrons ogle or scorn me, we went and sat down at a booth.  Vanessa was smiling as she cuddled up to me, sliding a leg over mine and putting her mouth close to my ear, her hands roaming down under the table. 

She bit my ear lobe a little, licked my neck and whispered, “I know that this is new for you, but I find it to be incredibly hot…. now that I can see someone else in it.  I know I hated Sandra when she did this to me…and I bet you are more that a little livid now…but you’re just gonna have to deal with it.”    I was trying as best I could to zone out and forget about being somewhat of an attraction in the packed club, but all I found myself doing was either wishing to just go, or recant and get a thrill of being somewhat of a toy, which honestly I was, or to keep replaying what I would say to Sandra and Vanessa when we got home. 

It was probably 2-2:30 in the morning when we finally pulled into the garage at Sandra’s home.  Vanessa took her little more than inebriated boss up to her room, leaving me to stew in the car.  When Vanessa came back, she was beaming, and holding a ring of keys.  She opened the door, and helped me out of the car, before locking my leash to a rail in the garage.  She removed everything I was wearing, except the genital adornments, and carried the outfit back into the house.  By that time it was a HUGE relief to have the cincher off, and my arms and legs felt pretty weird for a while after wearing both the cuffs and the latex for so long.  I tried to remove the cuff, but without squashing one or both of my balls, there was no way it was coming off without the key.   I tried working it off the rail but that too proved fruitless. 

Vanessa came back, quietly, and I noticed that she had taken off her shoes and stockings, and as she took the lock off the rail, she instructed me to be quiet.  We went through the house into the backyard, and she let me go outside first, and as I set barefoot onto the patio, I noticed that we were in a part of the backyard I hadn’t been in before.  She pushed me forward, and as I set my foot down I felt a little plastic and very fine wet dirt granules.   I stopped, as she began undressing in the light of the doorway.    The area we were in was surprisingly warm and I figured that it wasn’t entirely outside, and was being warmed by the house.  As she took hold of my leash again, I was to find this to be correct. 

She led me forward, and as I stepped farther onto the plastic, I felt it angle down and distinctly felt mud squeeze between my toes.  I also noticed she had a long length of chain in her other hand, and as she led me to the middle of the pool, the mud came up to about midcalf, and it was extremely warm, smooth and clammy.   Vanessa wearing nothing but a pair of white latex panties, took the length of chain she had, and wrapped one end of it snugly around her waist, placing a padlock around the end link and the starting point of the wrap around, making a tether for herself.   She then picked up two pairs of handcuffs, placed a set around my wrists, double locked them, and locked the end of my chain around a small ring at a post at the edge of the “pool”.  She took her chain and locked it to a post diagonally across from my post, and placed her wrists into her cuffs and shut them.   The chains gave us enough length to press against each other with maybe 1 foot extra, I figured as she came up to me a pressed herself hard against my front, letting my penis rub between her legs teasingly.

She knelt down after  giving each of my nipples a slow suck, and proceeded to take me into her mouth.  The latex on the sheath was thick, and I didn’t feel very much from her, but it was more than enough to be exhilarating.  She stopped, bent forward and let her chest and stomach absorb into the mud, before standing back up and rubbing what she had picked up over my chest with her breasts.   I felt her nipples run over my chest and occasionally out piercings would connect.  At one point in her “painting” of me, she leaned in a kissed me hard, her breathing getting ragged as she forced herself closer to me.  She eventually sat down, letting her hands prop her up as I knelt in front of her.  She scooted herself closer to me and I got the idea.  I slowly made my way to the ground, half way towards sitting just outright falling, causing my hair and most of my front sink under the mud.  Around the same time she was covering herself, so we both looked like we were wearing suits.  She scooted forward and as I propped myself up with my arms, she did the same, scooting her pelvis towards me.  She wound up facing me, leaned back with her pelvis grinding into mine, her legs going on either side of my body.  I was still painfully erect, and she made great use of that fact, slowly letting our sheathed parts rub together through the mud and latex.  She came and came and came until after what seemed like horribly frustrating hours, Sandra woke up to unlock us.  I was hosed off first and my hard freed as I instructed to hose off Vanessa. 

I did this with relish, and Vanessa like that will always be in my memories.  I’ve never seen a woman grind a stream of water, but I was helpful and kept it at the right height while she let the water hit her clit through the latex.   I washed her off and toweled her dry, as I think she was a bit exhausted, and helped her to the door, where she tottered off to bed.   Sandra, still being a little drunk, and apparently not suffering from a hang over, strolled up to me, pressed me against the wall and knelt in front of me, that being another visual I won’t soon forget.  Still wearing the waist cincher and the gloves and stockings, her DD breasts spilling over and rubbing against my thighs and genitals, she molested the sheath off, and took each of my balls into her mouth gently, her eyes closed as if to savor the sensation.  She kissed up and down my shaft, leaving little black lipstick marks all over me, before taking me entirely into her mouth and slowly sucking and drawing back.  She drew the whole process over about 45 minutes and when I finally finished she was extremely happy.   She stood up, taking my nipples into her hands and pressed against me, whispering into my ear: “That was for being a good sport….so come to bed with Mistress.” 

I was lead via the leash up to her room, where I was instructed to lie face down on her bed.  I did so, as she applied double locking cuffs to my wrists, ankles, thumbs, big toes, and elbows, before pulling everything back into a padlock hogtie.  She then rolled me onto my side and as my head was turned away from the pillowcase, she cuddled up to me resting her privates up to my face. 

I didn’t really need instruction, and apparently she matched my actions well into her falling asleep, where she still continued to “keep me awake”. 


Two things happened when Carol got back.  First, was that after I told her what had happened, a very long and drawn out argument in my defense against Sandra took place over about a week, in which I was coddled and babied by Carol, who I think still feels bad about getting me wrapped up with her.  Eventually they worked everything out, and Sandra promised me she would make things up to me.    The second thing was Vanessa got fired from the firm Carol and Sandra worked at.  This made things a bit different for Sandra and Vanessa, because Sandra couldn’t give her a free ride, and didn’t want to see her “friend” have to not be around anymore. 

That was when I was informed in passing that Sandra had taken Vanessa and offered her the same deal Carol gave me.   By this point I was formally living with Carol, and taking a 50% pay cut in order to have free room and board.    When Sandra came to visit a few days later, I was napping in my room, when Carol called me down.  Not using any of our predefined codes, I was supposed to come downstairs, as I was dressed, which was minimal at best.  A pair of locking leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, collar, 10-inch chain between my nipples and a cock harness.

I came downstairs to find Sandra and Vanessa both sitting on the couch, Sandra shedding her over coat, while Vanessa still sat wrapped in hers, smiling seductively.   I first noticed that Vanessa had changed her hair color again, to that of a very burgundy red, that, coupled with her red lipstick and eye shadow came off as extremely attractive.  Secondly, I saw that she was wearing a pair of full coverage high heel shoes that stretched past her ankles.  I couldn’t see above her ankle, due to the long coat.  She stood up, and walked towards me, stopped, and it took me a second to realize that she was going upstairs.  I sidestepped and she continued up the steps, as Sandra turned to address me. 

“She is here as a favor to you.  We decided that I would lend her to Carol, and times you, in reparations for the argument Carol and I had last week, and to pay you back for what happened at the club. “  Carol smiled and looked at me. 

“For the time being, I am going to go out with Sandra and we will be back either late tonight or tomorrow.   You can have the house to yourself.  You two behave yourselves.”

I nodded, and Carol and Sandra sat for a few more minutes.  I went upstairs, and went into my room, to find Vanessa not there.  I checked the bathroom, not there.  The closets, nothing.  Finally, I checked Carol’s room to find Vanessa sitting in the desk chair, smiling at me. 

She was wearing a short latex corset, which buckled up the back on top of the laces, a thick leather collar, the boots I saw before, which went a few inched above her ankle, which laced up the front and locked on, leg cuffs, which were locked on and in the lock held a 2 foot length of chain, followed up her leg with a pair of thigh high latex stockings that were held up by a pair of thigh cuffs held to the corset by garters.  Her wrists were connected with a 1-foot chain, connected to locked wrist cuffs, and upper arm cuffs, that held full-length fingerless gloves up. 

Dangling between her legs was a chain link leash, and in her hand maybe ten or so 1lb weights that could/would be connected to the 10inch chain connecting her nipple piercings. 

Having Vanessa stay was both fun, for a bit, and kinda bothersome.   She is insatiable.  Carol got a royal kick out of watching me be unable to sleep, and if I wasn’t in the mood to play with Vanessa, as Carol would call it, Vanessa would either take her own liberties with my person, plan in advance so I wake up unable to stop her, or nag Carol into punishing us both.