Water Torture

by RG Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - RG Bargy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; cons; X

There is something unnerving about water slowly creeping up and over you. There was nothing Sue could do about it, she could hardly move let alone reach the hose that was spewing the water. Cold water. Not that Sue was cold. The sun was shining brightly and there was no shade in the middle of the lawn. She was completely exposed to the searing heat although Peter had thoughtfully covered most of her skin in sun cream.. The mixture of cream and sweat made her very clammy. Her mouth was also dry, any moisture was soaked up by the cloth giving her that grimace as it pulled her cheeks wide.

As the water rose inexorably higher it entered her most private space despite her legs being locked together. She did not know how long it would take to cover her lower body completely. How long does it take to fill an 8 ft paddling pool? There was no chance of drowning. Her head was supported by a float behind her head, of more concern were the two floats, one on her chest tugging at her nipples and the other one nestling on her groin. As the water rose there would be some relief, at least for a while to her tits, but the now loose string between her legs would tighten and wiggle when the attached float rose. Her feet were tied to a very heavy weight so as the water rose she would slowly rise with it taking the pressure off her arms bound tightly behind her. Actually it was quite comfortable lying on the floor with the float as a pillow, but she was tied up and the pool was filling up with water.

Pete’s ropework was as secure as ever, not that she fought it much. Bondage was as much for her as for him, possibly more so. She got as horny as hell when tied up for any length of time making her willing to do almost anything to satisfy her husband and tormentor. Her pleasure came from the devious tortures that Pete came up with to titillate and frustrate her. She rarely reached orgasm until after Pete had had his wicked ways with her, but afterwards......... And the wait and expectation was what made it so delicious. This one was turning out to be the most amazing yet.

Pete had been very circumspect before hand. She had seen the pool and knew he was up to something but it was only now she knew what. The sight of the weight had made her nervous, but Pete had assured her that the float would keep her head above water. It had taken quite a lot of courage to lie down and let him tie her up.

Sue was not a water baby by any means. She could swim enough to have a bit of fun in the local swimming pool but she rarely went out of her depth. This pool may only be 4 ft deep but that she was not in a position to swim. She could not really call out either with the cleave gag in her mouth, but Pete was not far away. He was pottering about in the garden stripped to the waist. She could not see him due to the blue plastic walls that surrounded her but she knew he would never be too far away. For now she was in her own private world. The sun made her want to close her eyes but the level of water mesmerised her. She squirmed in her bonds. The water was tickling the soles of her feet.

Suddenly Sue felt her head rise unsteadily, the water raising the float under her neck. Her hair was now saturated having been draped in the rising tide. Her bottom was still firmly on the floor. It looked like she would end up almost totally submerged despite the depth of the pool. This was a little unnerving, but the float holding her head was safely secured to her under her arm pits. She would not drown but she was unsure what would happen if she struggled too much.

She could now wiggle her wrists, the water was taking some of her weight. Her navel was submerged but the angle of her body had increased the pressure on her tortured nipples. She had got used to nipple torture over the years but this was becoming really diabolical. The chain had loops on each end which tightened to the base of each nipple making it swell. The chain itself was not heavy but the float attached to it was pulling it down and the water still had not reached it. Lower down there was now pressure on her pussy. This float was not strong enough to lift her hips but it was pulling the crupper up and making it move as well.

Pete’s face appeared over the rim in front of her.

“How are we doing?”

Sue’s response was limited. To be truthful the gag was more for show than effect. If she wanted Sue could make quite a lot of noise and even form enough of words to be understood, but Pete liked the way it looked and Sue liked the feel of something in her mouth. As it was Sue was not sure what to say so the gag was quite useful.

“Don’t go away!”

“Faggh shnnnce!” She mumbled. The effort of speaking caused the water to move jangling her pussy and splashing her tits.

It took quite a while for the water to calm down, especially as the movement caused Sue to react, causing more movement. Considering the amount of rope she was wearing it was amazing how much movement she actually had. Her arms were locked in position by the ropes on her upper body, her legs were tightly bound together at the knee and around her thighs. She could bend or swivel at the hips which was what was causing all the turbulence.

At first the rising water eased the pull on her nipples, as she expected. Her pussy throbbed but the combination of submersion and no vibration was enough to prevent any real pleasure. Her body was now basically floating albeit in an almost seated position, it was damned weird. The water was still rising.

As her body straightened Sue found she had to concentrate not to try and sit down. She could pull the float under water wetting the gag and causing the water to overspill the edge at one point. The resulting wave made her splutter. She did not want to do that again., but there was a strong urge to straighten or bend her back.

Her tits were now being mercilessly tormented by the water’s movement. She had an ache in her groin which the pressure of the crupper was only increasing further. She was actually tiring. She would need to be released soon. The sun was going down, the water was certainly not warm and she had been submerged for some time now. She started making vocal complaints.


Pete appeared immediately. Sue was not sure how he would proceed.

To her surprise he jumped in. The resulting wave upset what little balance she had, but Pete was soon behind her pushing her vertical. She was now stood upright with Pete holding her to stop her falling over. His arms reached round her and fumbled to release her nipples. Her bound feet were under 4 feet of water, the crupper float was on the surface still bobbing about.

“Can you stand on you own?” He let go gingerly.

The water was now supporting her on all sides and although she could not move her feet due to the length of rope tethering her in place Sue was sure she could stand unaided, at least for a while. She nodded her head cautiously. Pete was much more careful in getting out.

“It will take too long to drain I will have to cut you free,” he informed her.

Sue started to shiver. The sun had gone below the trees.

“Rggghy ummmph” she gurgled.

Somehow Pete managed to cut the rope to the weight without freeing her ankles. He then lifted her bodily, still completely bound and staggered to the edge, lowering her back on her feet but now on the grass. Sue now shivered even more. This was actually getting unpleasant.

Pete was as wet as she was. He clambered out again and grabbed her before she could fall over. He lowered her gently to the ground and sawed at the ropes around her legs. Once freed she was ushered inside her upper body still bound. The house was warm. She shivered involuntarily as the heat hit her. Pete dripped in beside her and immediately peeled of his wet clothes making him as naked as she was.

There was no time to enjoy the sight, Pete immediately ushered her towards the shower. The water was possibly a little warm but her body temperature rose quickly. Pete joined her and rubbed her all over. Then much to her surprise he came round behind and entered her. They had never tried it standing up, she did not even realise it was possible. She bent her legs slightly to allow him easier access. The motion of his pumping reawakened her tormented pussy.

It was difficult to breathe because the now soaking cloth was still in her mouth although the steam seemed to open her sinuses allowing her to breathe easier through her nose. Pete climaxed grunting as he did so. It was impossible to tell what was water and what was leaking semen. His fingers replaced his cock dancing inside her.

She had climaxed standing up while in bondage before but this felt very different. She was almost bent over double as he worked away inside her. Then his other hand grabbed her left tit and squeezed. The resulting jolt sent her over. Her legs almost gave way as she climaxed several times.

“Gnuugh” she managed to splutter.

Pete turned off the shower and left her to drip as he towelled himself dry. Sue was exhausted. She fully expected to be freed and allowed to dry herself. Pete apparently had other ideas.

“Aren’t you going to untie me?” She queried, her mouth at long last empty of the cleave gag.

Pete did not answer, just started rubbing her down.

“Surely you’ve had enough,” she moaned. She stopped short of declaring that she had. The rubbing was feeling quite good and she had only had a couple of little ones......

“Come on let’s get your hair dry,”

“What about my hands and arms?”

“They’re dry enough,” he answered unhelpfully. “You’ve been lounging about in the pool all day, I want some attention.” He explained.

Sue bit her lip from the obvious retort. She had to admit that if he did untie her she would probably go to bed, but for now she had no choice but to follow him meekly.

“At least give me a change of position,” she tried hopefully, “ my hands have been behind my back all day.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Half an hour later her hair was dry and beautifully groomed. She was once again sporting a crotch rope. The nipple torture was also replaced with a added string around the back of her neck to give it tension. The ball gag was both symbolic and effective, she could make no decipherable noise. Her hands were not behind her back any more but it was cold comfort, they were still bound tightly together with more rope across her back holding her arms firmly to her sides. She could just about hold something, and that was what she did. She held his drink. She held a lamp for him to read by. She held a bowl of peanuts for him to eat from. She stood, she knelt. What ever was required of her she did without complaint. Complaint was impossible. She waited. She waited on Peter and she waited for release. All the while her nipples throbbed and her pussy was rubbed raw.

Her final task of the evening was to service him. For this task her arms were released, allowing her more freedom of movement. She could now massage him with her bound hands. He lay on his stomach and she massaged his back, down each leg and the nape of his neck. He had been working hard in the garden while she had been lying in the pool, so she worked to ease his muscles. When he was satisfied her hands were lifted over and behind her head and secured, so that he could play with her. He teased her to distraction. Still there was no complaint. Her gag was removed long enough or her to encourage him to full size upon which he ravished her. He fucked her hard and long until he spurted inside her again. Only then were her own needs attended to.

The long wait was well rewarded. Pete knew how to push her buttons, and all this waiting had made her very susceptible. She was still tied up, now lying on the bed her hands above her head and her legs spread wide. Pete took his time. This time her orgasms were very powerful and she had to beg him to stop.

At the end of the day she still had no complaints, except perhaps one: she had to go to work in the morning.



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