by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; MF+/f; bond; corset; leather; hobble; collar; cuffs; gag; tease; chastity; rom; cons; XX

June had started to work for the company a few months ago. Since she would be working primarily for my department, she was given the small office next to mine and from day one I knew there was something different about her. When we were introduced I noticed her bright eyes against her blazing red hair and the perfectly applied dark red lipstick she wore. She looked about five foot six but the high heels she wore made her almost as tall as I was and with her thin build shown clearly in the tight long skirt and snug top she looked even taller. As I sat in my office thinking about her I couldn’t help but wonder if the miniscule waist I had just seen was natural or not. I was also curious if the long tight dress that obviously held her thighs and knees close together was just something she had worn for today.

During the next few weeks I was pleased to see her arrive each afternoon enjoying her choices of clothing, that seemed to get less comfortable as she became more comfortable in her new surroundings. The skirts seemed to be getting tighter showing more of her thin figure and her shoes were definitely getting taller. Several times when I would visit her office to get or give her reports I could swear I could see support lines running vertically under her shirts. I hoped she was wearing corsets but had no idea on how to approach the topic so I continued to watch her carefully. Two days a week she always seemed to be in a hurry to leave and since we were almost always the last ones to leave, mainly because her job required her to make most of her calls in the evening and I had to lock up, I had started noticing the pattern.

Leaving later than normal one evening on one of her “Tuesday” nights that she normally would leave promptly she said her goodbyes and left the offices. I was leaving a few minutes later and was about to lock the rear door we exited by when she came hurrying out of the bathroom and rushed by me. As she walked quickly away waving her hand goodbye I noticed that she had changed clothes, her skirt was considerably tighter and went snugly to her ankles, forcing her to move her feet very quickly, in short steps. In her silhouette I could also tell her waist was much smaller than normal. I quickly locked the door and easily caught up to her as she reached her car that was parked next to mine and could hear her panting as she unlocked her door.

Walking up to my car as she slipped into the driver’s seat her interior light shone brightly on her wonderfully compressed breasts. Clearly they were being supported by something very stiff under that light jacket she was wearing, I watched her heaving breasts until the light turned off then stepped into my car and drove home. All I could think about was her, she had to be wearing a tight corset and I was convinced she had changed into a long hobble skirt. I had not had anyone to share my love of bondage with in a long time and was getting very excited that I might finally have someone who shared my interests with, maybe not as a lover but maybe as a friend.

The next few weeks had gotten very busy for us but each day I made sure to be where I could see her arrive and made sure I was leaving as she left just so I could see as much of her as I could. I had even started making up reasons to visit her office more than I really needed to just to get a closer look at her. I had also started making her run late more often so she had now gotten into the habit of changing her clothes on both nights she wanted to leave “on time.” One night when she had tried to change and leave before me I caught her walking out of the bathroom and could finally see her in full light.

I was stunned as I quietly followed her to the door staring at her firm ass squeezed into a long and very tight leather skirt. The tight black leather stopped just below her knees forcing them very close together effectively hobbling her stride. The seamed stockings had an odd sheen to them but I was paying more attention to the extreme high heels she was walking so briskly in to pay them much attention. The heels had to be seven inches tall but it was the wide straps around her ankles that caught my eye and just as I was looking up I thought I saw something dangling from the inside of one of the straps.

My eyes were now locked onto her tiny waist line and I definitely could see the corset stays under the tight shirt, the light jacket was too short to cover all the way down to her waist allowing me a peek. Her shoes clicked loudly on the concrete floor covering my presence until she opened the door and spotted me behind her in the reflection of the glass. June squealed loudly as she jumped and spun around dropping her large bag and letting the jacket slip from her shoulders as she turned towards me. “Jesus you scared me!” June gasped. I just smiled and apologized staring at her wonderful cleavage as she stood there gasping for air.

I started to pick up her bag when she said “I got it” and bent very carefully at the knee to reach it quickly scooping the contents back in. I knew for sure by the way she had to squat and lean to one side to pick it up she was wearing a corset, and a rigid one at that. I grabbed her jacket and heard her legs rub together confirming my suspicions that her stockings were indeed made of latex. I held out her jacket letting her step backwards into it and said “You look wonderful tonight, got a hot date?” trying to sound supportive but not threatening. June answered “Just meeting some friends.” We went to our cars, me watching her struggle to walk in the heels and skirt, and both drove off.

I quickly circled back and was able to catch her driving and followed her, I desperately wanted to know where she was going dressed as she was. After a few miles I began to recognize the area and knew there were a few clubs here that catered to fetish crowds a few nights a week and cursed myself why I hadn’t put it together before now. I had frequented several of these clubs but when I got promoted I figured I didn’t want anyone to see me there so I had stopped going. As predicted she pulled into one of the clubs and parked, I parked away from her and watched her as she turned on her interior lights and touched up her makeup. After a few minutes of fiddling around in her car I saw her slip a bright collar around her neck and then get out.

June had to walk almost past my car to get to the club, I was worried she might notice it but she was too busy concentrating on her limited stride and straightening her clothes. As she got closer I could see she had a wide steel collar around her throat but also had removed her shirt and now showed the incredible leather corset holding her firmly erect. I stared as she walked past me also noting the wide leather cuffs with small locks dangling from them on her wrists and almost yelled with excitement. I drove home thinking about how to approach her knowing that now that I knew I had no choice but to find a way to get her to talk with me about her interests.

During the next two weeks I continued making her late until one evening I spotted her keys lying on her desk as she went to change and slid them carefully behind her monitor. June slipped out the back door thinking she had beaten me out not even noticing my car was not parked in its normal spot. I locked the door as soon as she was out of it and exited from the opposite side door and drove off, loudly. I smiled as I drove down the street knowing she had limited choices, call me since I was closest, or call a friend, either way she was stuck standing outside in her club clothes. After about ten minutes I figured she had called someone else and headed towards my house wondering who she had called and why she hadn’t felt comfortable enough to call me.

Arriving home I slammed two shots of my favorite bourbon flopping down on the couch with the bottle in my hand and sat dreaming of her corseted body and tall high heels. I sat looking at the shot glass then decided to go to the club. What the hell, I thought, anyone there won’t say anything because it would expose them as well. I shimmied into my tight leather pants and found the matching shirt and headed to the club glad I had stopped on the second shot so I was comfortable to drive. As I got closer I realized I was sweating profusely from being so nervous, I had not been to any clubs or anywhere fetish inclined in over a year. I parked and tried to walk confidently into the club glad that the leather covered my flop sweats, no one recognized me or seemed to care as I paid and entered the darkened club.

I trolled around for a half hour looking for June, before being stopped by a girl I had known from the club before. She hugged me and yelled over the music that I still looked good and asked why I had stopped coming around. I smiled and briefly told her my concerns about being promoted. She called me silly as I stood there staring at the wonderful cleavage her own corset created desperately searing my memory for her name. She handed me her leash and pointed towards the bar, I playfully tugged at her collar pulling her in front of me so I could watch her firm ass wiggling under the very short and very tight skirt. At the bar we sat trying to chat while we had our drinks with me constantly looking around for June. Thankfully a friend of hers came up and yelled her name, Pam, calming my anxiety of not remembering it and reminding me of who she was and what she was like when I was here before.

After her friends left I took the leash I still had in my hand and tied it to the bar railing pulling her down until her chin was almost on the bar top. Pam smiled waving her free hands indicating she knew she could untie it whenever she wanted, not realizing I had already seen the small clip attached to her left cuff. I looked at the short woman standing bent over with her ass sticking out, admiring its firmness then pulled her hands behind her and closed the dangling clip around her right cuff’s d-ring, spinning the locking tab tight. Pam stopped smiling, her expression became more subdued as she closed her eyes and wiggled her nice ass. I ran my hands over her corseted body relishing the tightness of the smooth material and the feeling of her gasping under it. I continued stroking her, moving down her ass and upper thighs before giving her a thorough spanking while her hands flailed and she twisted against the leash.

Pam stood wiggling her ass moaning for several minutes before opening her eyes and smiling up at me. I ignored her while I finished my drink still looking around for June. I guess Pam decided she didn’t want to stay bent over in the tight corset any longer and started whining and twisting against it. Leaning over close to her ear I told her since she was behaving so badly she would stay where she was until I came back from the bathroom. I indicated to the bartender to watch my little slave while I was gone knowing he wouldn’t let anyone who didn’t know the rules untie her and walked away from the thrashing lady. I visited the bathroom then walked around the club again hoping to catch sight of June.

Halfway around the club I spotted her, she was standing behind a guy who had the chain from her bound wrists in his hand. I stood staring at the bound beauty in front of me, she had wrapped a stiff posture collar around her neck and her mouth was filled with a large red ball. I could see that the strap holding the ball in her mouth was very tight, since her cheeks bulged around it; I also noticed it was strapped over her hair, unlike most who would strap it carefully under the hair, so I guessed it had been put on quickly by him. As a trail of saliva ran down to her crushed breasts I could tell she wasn’t happy, she constantly struggled with her wrist restraints as he kept talking to the women standing in front of them.

I was heartbroken that she was with someone, though not sure why I thought she would be alone. Remembering I had a bound cutie still tied to the bar I rushed back, since it had been over thirty minutes since I had left her, to the bar to find her still tied and struggling where I had left her. I yanked the tail of the leash, releasing her from her stooped-over position, half expecting her to spit in my face. Pam straightened up, stretching her back before easing up against me and rubbing her body on mine and said, “Thank you, that was fun!” I smiled not even moving towards her bound hands and we sat at the bar, her sucking her drink through a straw smiling while I teased and tickled her from time to time. Another hour passed before she said she had to go to the bathroom, I shrugged my shoulders and said “Well go” she smiled and turned her back to me so I would unclip her hands. I ignored her for a few minutes then smiled at her wiggling body and unclipped her wrists and she darted off.

Looking around I spotted June standing by the door, she was still gagged but I could just make out what looked like dark tear stains as she looked around desperately. I moved towards her, looking for her ‘date’, not wanting to start something and bring unneeded attention to myself. Walking closer I could see she was definitely crying, which enraged me; I walked boldly up to her and asked if she was ok? June looked at me for a long second then leaned her head onto my chest and shook her head no. I pulled her towards the door, asking if she wanted to leave, she stood up straight and turned her hands to me. I checked her wrists and not only were her stainless steel cuffs locked on they were also locked together. I could see her hands were a dark red and looking up I noticed that her elbows had also been locked together by more of the steel cuffs explaining why her hands were red.

I reached behind her head; I could feel the locks dangling from the gag strap and the back of the collar and asked where the keys were? She started mumbling and making some body motions, that took me a minute to figure out she was trying to say her purse. “Where is it?” I asked. June shrugged her shoulders and whined motioning towards where I had seen her earlier. I started to pull her forward and she squealed so I stopped and noticed her almost hopping to catch up. I looked down and saw her ankles had been locked together as well. “Asshole! He just left you like this?” June nodded that he had. As I was walking off Pam came into view and she didn’t look happy. I quickly told her what had happened and asked her if she could watch June for me. Surprisingly, Pam understood, and said she would stay with June while I went to get her bag.

Returning to the girls, I found Pam had gotten June to stop weeping and had even cleaned up June’s tear streaked face. Both stood smiling when they saw me come back into view. Pam kissed me, said something about me being a good guy and walked off. I looked at June holding up the bag and said, “why don’t we do this outside?” June struggled a bit demonstrating how little she could move so I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to the passenger side of my car. Putting her back on her feet I opened the door and helped her to sit down. June sat uncomfortably, her pinioned arms and stiff corset making it difficult to find a comfortable position in the car’s seat. I climbed in and asked if she was okay; she grunted that she was, so I pointed to her bag, asking if it was ok to look in it. With a giggle she grunted that it was.

After digging through the bag and only finding a few more bondage items, two vibrators, and her wallet, I finally dumped it out in my lap. June leaned towards me, whining, as she didn’t see the keys either; we sat staring at one another for a few minutes before I asked “Did he take them?” June shook her head as far as the tight collar allowed. “Do you have spares?” her eyes went towards the floor as she shook her head again.

We sat in the car thinking, June kept wiggling in her seat so I suggested the only thing I could, “do you want to go to my house to figure this out, or should I take you home?” June thought about it and mumbled something around the large ball trapped behind her teeth, making me ask, “your house?” She shook her head. “Okay, that leaves my house.” I started the car and drove off.

Reaching my house I pulled into the garage and waited for the door to close before getting out and heaving her onto my shoulder. June grunted and giggled as I carried her inside and stood her back onto her tall high heels, saying something like, “Please sit if you like while I go change.” Hey, I was nervous, I had the woman of my dreams bound and gagged in my house, with no keys to free her.

I went and changed clothes, the leather I had been wearing was soggy and starting to suffocate me. While I was changing I heard her squeal, then heard her sit hard on the couch. I smiled at the thought of her free falling from her tall high heels to the sofa. Once I was dressed, I stood in the doorway and watched her struggling on the couch, she had rolled onto her side and now was trying to sit up. Her bonds and the tight corset were keeping her from rolling upright again, she was kicking her feet and grunting around the gag. Finally she stopped and lay panting. I watched her heaving breasts just being able to see her bound wrists sticking up from behind her narrow waist and felt my cock jump to attention.

I helped her to sit up and asked if she wanted the gag off? June quickly nodded she did until I showed her the scissors then she leaned back thinking if she wanted the gag ruined or not. I was impressed by her commitment to her gear and told her I could repair it later if she wanted. She slowly nodded ok and I carefully slipped the scissors under the tight strap and slowly cut the strap. The strap popped loose making her jump as the tension released and making me snicker slightly at her surprise. I turned away thinking she would spit the ball out but when I put the scissors down and turned back around she was sitting with the loose straps hanging from each side of her mouth grunting. I laughed at the sight and asked with a smile what was wrong and she shook her head slapping her face with the straps showing me the ball wouldn’t come out on its own.

I was slightly stunned, having not ever seen someone that used a ball that was so big it was wedged behind their teeth before. I reached out and took hold of the straps and June quickly leaned back popping the ball out from behind her teeth. June sat flexing her jaw moaning, so I reached out to her face and rubbed her jaw and cheeks like I knew she wanted to do. She moaned quietly with her eyes closed, letting me rub and stroke her beautiful face for several minutes. She opened her eyes and smiled then in a raspy voice thanked me. I stopped rubbing her face and lifted a glass of water to her perfect lips and let her drink her fill. I could hear each gulp as she swallowed finding out later it was from the overly tight posture collar he had strapped on.

We talked for a few minutes about what had happened, and that he had called her stupid for not bringing her keys, telling her “You got into this mess you can figure it out yourself” and had left with the other girls he had been talking to. June continued, explaining she had thought she left her keys to her cuffs and locks in her purse; that was the only reason she had let him cuff her arms together. After he had strapped the collar on too tight she had complained, so he stuffed the ball into her mouth to shut her up. June was furious he had taken the keys to her car, telling her she could come get her car when she got loose, and now she couldn’t even get into her apartment. I saw tears welling up in her eyes and sat next to her telling her it would be okay. Suddenly I was worried about this all being my fault, for hiding her keys and not noticing her car key wasn’t on the ring.

“We’ll get your keys and your car back don’t worry, do you know where he lives?” She didn’t know the address, but had gone there a few weeks ago with some friends for a party, that’s how she had met him. I looked at her ankle cuffs, finding they were part of a set she had purchased that matched the steel around her wrists and elbows, and that she had managed to interlace the straps for her shoes so I couldn’t remove the towering heels either. She smiled weakly at me as I sighed and said, “well I guess I’ll have to carry you again.” Standing her up I could feel the tightness and rigidity of the corset and felt that my cock may burst through my pants at the thought of her being trapped in it. Heaving on my shoulder again, I felt more than heard her giggle, then I snagged the ball gag as I stood up.

The ride to assholes place was interesting. I learned a lot about June and her passion for corsets and bondage, and sat listening to her talk like everything was perfectly normal, even though her words came out in gasps from the tight corset and she constantly wiggled in her seat from her bound arms behind her. Finding his apartment was easy, I spotted her car right away and parked next to it and checked to see if asshole had left her keys in it. Not finding any, I had her direct me to his apartment and when she began arguing about me going to it alone, I stuffed the ball deep into her mouth again and told her I would be right back.

I was so horny I had to concentrate on my anger so my cock would soften as I walked up to his door and knocked loudly. The little asshole yanked the door open yelling “What!” so I just cold cocked him in the face. I yanked him to his feet and slung him around the tiny room for a few minutes, just to get his attention, then asked where the keys were. He stumbled for words then pointed to the table, I grabbed the keys and as I was dropping them into my pocket I punched him again in the face sending him reeling backwards to the floor. I got on top of him and explained my disgust of how he had treated my friend, and told him if I ever saw him again, anywhere, I would finish what I had started. He nodded fearfully; I let him go and walked out feeling very proud of myself, more jacked up than I had been in a long time.

Since asshole didn’t know my car, I pulled June from the passenger seat and planted her in her car then grabbed my garage door remote and slid in her driver’s seat and drove off. June was mumbling, so I reached over and held the gag straps while she pulled and twisted until the ball was free and started asking me what had happened. I told her briefly what I had done, then asked her what we should do now. As we sped along she started going over in her head where she might have left the keys, deciding the first stop should be her apartment. She seemed to be in a much better mood as she directed me to her home even laughing and joking about how helpless she was, and that I could do anything I wanted with her. I couldn’t decide if she was testing me or teasing me so I played along and as we pulled up to her place we were both laughing very hard.

June was nervous about going into her building bound, but we had no choice, so I threw her over my shoulder again making her grunt as she laughed. I carried her to the second floor and was out of breath by the time we reached her door, I set her down and unlocked the door and walked in leaving her standing in the hallway looking at me. “You can make it inside,” I said, smiling, “I’m getting tired of picking you up every time.” She giggled as she shuffled inside and nudged the door closed, telling me where to look as she tiptoed around looking for the keys as best she could. We searched for an hour before she sat down and started thinking again. I was glad we had gone there first, it gave me an excellent opportunity to dig around her apartment. During my search I had found she was much more into bondage than I had originally thought, even having some pictures of herself bound in various positions.

I asked about the photos, not knowing at first they were of her. She told me she had dated a photographer for a while and he had taken them for her. “Do you like them?” she asked, coyly watching me studying them.

I turned and smiled answering her “Yes, I do, did you know that I’m a pretty good photographer myself?”

June laughed. “Yeah, I bet you are!”

I had found her bondage stash and was impressed by the sheer quantity of gear she had but when she had me check her closet I was amazed at the clothing and corsets she had and laughed out loud at the number of high heeled shoes she had. I asked about the very long corset hanging on her bedpost and June smiled and told me that was her sleeping corset, “I have gotten so used to wearing them I can’t sleep unless I’m laced up tight.” I was smiling at the thought of lacing her for bed, when suddenly she blurted out, “they have to be at work! I must have dropped them when I changed”

I sat down. “I have to rest a minute before I carry you down those stairs, if that’s ok?”

June giggled and slid next to me. “Right now I don’t care if we ever find them,” and snuggled in close to me.

Back in the car we headed to the office. I had already explained she would have to wait in the car, in case security showed up, but I would check her office and the floor in the bathroom on the way to it. I left her strapped in the car and entered the building, clearing the alarm before going to my office, getting the cock and ball chastity tube I had worn to work one day, having removed it when it got uncomfortable. I was going to use it tonight, to show her I was trustworthy and also to control my swollen cock, once she was freed. Retrieving it, and her keys, I went to the bathroom; after relieving myself and splashing a little cold water on my cock I was able to lock it on and headed back to the car.

Getting in, I held up her key ring getting a delightful squeal from her, “I can remove the collar now but the rest will have to wait until we get back to my place.”

June leaned back and said, “it can all wait,” her smile bigger than ever.

I started the car and drove as quickly as I could to my house, parking in the garage, but this time I unlocked her ankles, getting a pouty look from her. “I hoped you were going to carry me again, I really like it when you do that.”

I laughed and grabbed her, heaving her over my shoulder and carried her into the house. With her ankles free she wandered around looking at my place, seemingly deliberately trying to keep from being unlocked. I let her roam awhile before dropping the keys on the table and asking if she wanted something to drink. “Have any wine?” she asked. I chuckled and poured two large glasses, setting hers on the table, and sat down to wait for her to come back into the kitchen.

June sat looking at the glass then back at me watching me as I drank from my glass finishing it then saying “Well since you don’t seem to want this” and picking up her glass and started to drink from it.

June hissed at me. “You could at least share it with me.”

I smiled and lifted the glass to her lips, letting her take some into her mouth then continued, pouring it in her until the glass was empty and she was squealing. We talked for another hour, with her getting up and wandering around some more, before she went quiet and I went to go find her. I walked into my bedroom and found her lying in the bed, looking up at me with sleepy eyes, then heard her say “Join me?”

I sat next to her smiling as I ran my hand over her face and down her side enjoying the firmness of the long corset, when she asked, “can I sleep here tonight?” I nodded, and she continued, “would you happen to have another gag I could sleep in?” I smiled, nodding again. I went to my closet and got undressed, returning with a harness panel gag, helping her to sit up.

When she sat up, she noticed I was naked, except for the cock cage, and smiled when she asked, “Who holds the key to that?”

I held up the key and carefully stuffed it deep into her cleavage, making sure it went below the top of the corset. “You do, it seems,” I told her. She purred as I strapped the gag into her mouth, making sure the panel was pulled especially tight, showing the outlines of her wonderful lips under it. Laying her down, I pulled her feet onto the bed, stroking her legs and feet, before locking her ankles together again. I spent the night lying next to a beautiful woman, tightly encased in a long leather corset, wrists and ankles bound in cold steel, with my own cock trapped in steel, and the only key available tucked neatly in her rigid corset.

Waking to the alarm, I panicked slightly, realizing not only had we slept through the night, but my car was still at assholes apartment, and I would have to get it so no-one at work would see us together. I quickly woke June and removed the locks holding her numb arms together, laying the keys next to her, telling her we had to hurry.

I jumped in the shower, rubbing my steel encased cock, trying to ease the throbbing, now wishing I hadn’t hidden the key from myself. I walked out, still drying myself, finding June had gotten out of bed so I quickly got dressed. I found her sitting in the kitchen, still gagged, waiting on me. I begged her to hurry and she just giggled and shook her head. I didn’t have the time to argue, since I had to open the store, so I grabbed my keys and hers and said “Let’s go.” I raced to my car, thankful it was still there and looked untouched, and before stepping out asked her if she was ok to drive.

June nodded, she was sliding over to the driver’s seat, so I kissed her gagged mouth and shut the door, noticing how dark the window tint was. I figured she already knew that she could not be seen behind it and that’s why she decided to wear the gag.

I raced to work, getting there a few minutes early and opened up, finding that the ache in my balls was remaining constant and remembering that she was not due to come in for another five hours. Even then I wasn’t guaranteed she would give me my key. I knew I would get it back at some point, having taken the keys to the cuffs off her key ring, leaving her forced to wear them around her wrists, elbows and ankles. I smiled at the idea of how she would cover them up.

I kept myself busy until June was to arrive and placed myself where I could watch her enter the building. I spotted her walking in; I could tell right away she was still wearing the extreme heels and the same corset from last night, just by the way she was moving. I smiled as I watched her walk in waving at her friends, making sure the long sleeves of her shirt and jacket did not fall down to expose her cuffs. Under a short skirt, she had worn a pair of pants that had flared legs that dragged on the floor, making sure no one would be able to see the shoes or cuffs around her ankles.

I watched her walk to her office and went about my job duties, figuring since she was still wearing the corset, my key was still trapped under it, so there was no reason for me to pursue her right now. Two hours later I had to visit June in her office. Walking in I found her laughing with two of her co-workers that I also knew well. As they left both women smiled at me; one said, “Nice save” as they left the room.

I smiled at June. “Couldn’t keep your mouth shut could you?”

“No! it’s not often a woman really gets saved by a wonderful man so I had to tell them, besides they both know my preferences anyway, and have helped in the past.”

I was shocked I had known them both for years, even going out to happy hours and things in the past; I would have never guessed they would play bondage games.

We chatted for a while before she said something smart about me keeping her keys, and I told her I needed some leverage to make sure I got mine back also. She smiled and wiggled in her chair, making the corset twist on her chest. “Yeah it’s still there. You’ll have to come over tonight to see if you can free it.”

I smiled broadly and said “I’ll be there.”

We didn’t have time to talk the rest of the day, but I had seen her friends entering and leaving her office several times before they left for the day. Almost an hour after closing, way past our normal leaving time, June had still not come out of her office. I was leaving and stopped by, just checking everyone was gone, and saw why June’s friends had been going in and out all afternoon.

June was sitting in her desk chair. Her street clothes had been removed, leaving her in the tight corset and latex leggings. The girls had bound her wrists and ankles with wide packing tape, locking her to her chair. Her mouth had been covered by the tape as well, sealing it utterly, making it impossible for her to even utter a sound.

As I stood staring I could see that they had also wrapped around her narrow waist and the chairs back, but it was the gleaming steel I saw under the tape that caught my attention. I followed the steel down between her crushed-together thighs and could tell right away it was a chastity belt. I stood smiling at her, shaking my head, noticing her wide eyes pleading with me to release her. I laughed. “Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t do it so I can’t undo it.” June began struggling as I turned to walk out, flipping off the light. “Have a good night,” I said, as the door pulled itself closed. I could hear her whining, making me smile.

I arrived at her place seeing her friends’ cars in the drive and knocked on the door, getting several scared looks from them as they realized she was not with me. I teased them for half an hour, before telling them she was still bound and gagged in her office, and we all loaded up to go get her. We quietly opened the door, seeing her slouched in the chair just as she had been left. Flipping on the light, June squealed, thinking she had been found by a cleaning person or something, mumbling and thrashing when she saw all of us piling through the door.

For two hours we took turns teasing and tormenting her, with our casual chatting, each of us taking turns tickling her and pulling on her nipples, until June was gasping for air. We talked about leaving, making June think we would leave her alone again, finally leaning the chair backwards and dragging her out to the back of the SUV I was driving, sliding her into it on her back, all while she moaned and whined.

June spent another three hours bound to the chair, all of us enjoying ourselves greatly, as we tormented the bound girl. When I finally left, June had been ungagged, but more tape had been added to her arms and legs and she reminded me about my keys. I told her to keep them as I would keep hers because I liked the arrangement. June was whining as I left the house, tired from the long day, and needing to leave because my cock and balls were aching badly.

I was glad we both had the day off tomorrow, so I would be able to release my cock and hopefully have sex with her! Reaching my car I heard someone running up behind me. It was Lisa, smiling broadly as she handed me another key and said “This will guarantee you will get your key back.” I knew as I watched her bounce away from me it was the key to the steel chastity belt locked around June’s waist. Now I was sure I’d be seeing her again, and very soon, so I went home and waited until she called me, dreaming about the many things we would do together and how I would use her bound body to please myself.


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