A Walk in the Garden

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2009 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; bond; chain; beast; oral; reluct; X

“Please mistress, please, no, not today, I can’t face a walk, not today”

I was pleading, but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good. Mistress has made up her mind, and once made up, there is very little that will change it. Least of all the pleadings of her poor naked slave.

“Oh come come my dear” she purred “You know how you so love the fresh air, and Bruno will so be looking forwards to seeing you, won’t he ?”

Yes, well, that was another reason not to go for a walk in the garden. Playful Bruno, leader of the pack and giver of both insane amounts of pleasure and shame in equal amounts.

“Come her my dear” mistress said softly “We have to get you ready, don’t we” She detected the tiny hesitation in my movements, and her next words lashed like a whip “Here. Now”

I sprang off the tiny bed breasts bouncing and dropped to my knees before her. I tipped back my head and looked up the long line of gleaming thigh boots, tight leather shorts and a studded Basque to meet her deep brown eyes staring sternly down at me. Those generously rouged lips parted into a wicked smile as she softly said “Head back little one”

While every fibre of my being protested, I allowed my head to lean back still further while Mistress fastened a heavy leather collar about my neck. There were tears in my eyes as I felt the buckle being pulled gently but everso firmly about my throat. The soft rasp of the leather running through the steel buckle made goose-bumps rise all over me, and I knew I was hers for the duration of whatever she had in mind for the day.

I both loved and hated that thick black collar. It symbolised everything we were to each other, my submission, her domination, and the terrible things she did to me. Terrible things that excited me so much, and sometimes made me feel depraved beyond measure.


I obeyed the simple command without hesitation, snapping upright, my back ramrod straight. We had been here so often before, and the prospect of what was about to happen both excited and scared me.

I looked behind mistress to the mirror and saw the high black leather collar dark against my pale flesh. Square studs gleamed in the light, and matching cuffs already imprisoned both my wrists and ankles. I don’t recall her putting them on me this time, and I couldn’t recall a time when they had not been a regular feature of my life, and of mistress’s games.

My attention was dragged back to the here and now as I felt mistress’s hand on my breast, her thumb rubbing roughly across my nipple. My body betrayed me as I felt her caress and the nipple sprang to attention. Mistress chuckled to herself, and our eyes met. Hers made up, mine simple an unadorned. I felt so naked before her, as indeed I was, except for these five strips of buckled leather that screamed my status as her slave to anyone lucky enough to be watching. In them I somehow felt even more naked.

“Time for that walk little one” she said so softly I could barely hear her, and my limbs started to tremble. She scooped up a pile of chins from the table, and one by one snapped them to my wrist and ankle cuffs, then she let them dangle to I could feel their weight on my limbs, pulling at them in a terrible, implacable way from which there was no easy escape.

“Come now” she said “Lets go and see how the are boys, shall we ?” As if I had any choice in the matter.

The door swung open, and soon I was the absolute centre of attention. As we stepped though that door every movement in the room ceased, and four pairs of eyes were fixed on me and my chains. Four faces behind the bars of their cages watched me carefully.

Once they had been simple dogs, but Mistress had been busy over the years. Breeding in intelligence, obedience, and above all, sheer size. They were huge and broad, half as big again as any rottwieller, wider and heavier. Where some dogs had simple obedience in their eyes, up close the eyes of these beasts were full with a terrible, unsettling intelligence.

I stood and shivered as Mistress walked along the wall and threw open each cage door in turn. The beasts slipped silently out and quickly formed a line in front of her, each staring lovingly up at her as their pack leader.

Each of those black and tan beasts wore a collar just like mine, gleaming black leather adorned with shiny square studs and a couple of heavy-duty D-rings.

Mistress smiled at them all, stroked each adoring head , then rapped out a quick command. Moments later I was standing in the middle of a square of black animals, each sitting upright and alert, every eye fastened in Mistress.

Mistress swayed forwards and gathered up the chains that she had allowed to fall to the floor. One by one she snapped each chain to a collar until every one of my wrists and ankles was linked to one of her beasts. I could feel the tears welling up again as she flung open the door to the outside world and stood watching me. She smiled, blew me a kiss, then rapped out another command. As one the beasts came to their feet and walked towards the sunlight. Abruptly every chain was tight and I was dragged out into the sunshine.

I tried to pull back, really I did, but they were irresistible. If there had been only one I might have had some faint chance, but with all four moving in that perfectly trained square I was their utter prisoner. Where they went, I was to follow. And If I wanted not to have my poor arms and legs stretched, I had to keep in that square as if my life depended upon it.

Mistress lent back against a tree and smiled to herself at the perverse sight we presented. Those four mighty dogs moving round the garden in perfect formation, and me forced to keep right in the middle of that square if I wanted to remain upright. My pale flesh contrasting with the dense black fur of those beasts. I was crying after the second circuit. It was not like this had not been done to me a dozen times before, and the sheer kinkiness of the situation turned me on so much it just was not true, but the utter helplessness I felt made me cry, especially as I could guess what was coming next.

There was a rustling in the bushes and suddenly Bruno was there. Bruno. Bigger and wider than even the beasts that held me captive he stood bold and square before us. His tongue hanging out he was watching me with a naked lust that turned my heart to jelly in a way I just could not bring myself to admit. Somewhere behind me I could hear mistress laughing.

“He’s come to see you little one” she called “And how could you not love such a wonderful face as his ?”

“Mistress, please” I cried out “I’ll do anything you want, just don’t let this happen” I could hear her laughing again and Bruno took a pace towards me licking his lips. I shook my head silently as I knew what was coming next as surely as I knew Tuesday followed Monday.

I heard the command ring out, and the four dogs that held me captive moved swiftly away from each other. The chains snapped tight and moments later I hit the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of me. I struggled to get up, but before I could regain even my knees the mighty beasts kept going and my chains snapped tight, spread-eagling me helplessly on the ground as surely as if I had been pegged out.

Bruno prowled over to me, walking carefully up my tightly pinned form, his huge paws always placed either side of my helpless body. Then he was standing directly over, a vast, black-furred beast peering down at me as if I was his to do with as he pleased. There was intelligence in those big dark eyes, and I might have been imagining it, but just a little lust as well. He bent forwards and licked my cheek with his long, rough tongue. Like a kiss. Then he was backing away, and I knew what was coming next. Something I both loved and dreaded.

I let out a yowl as that long tongue touched my helplessly spread womanhood. Several times the size of any human tongue, rougher and stronger it flooded my body with feelings that made my eyes spin. And Bruno knew exactly how to use it. He pressed it hard against my tender lips and kept right on pressing hard as he ran it the whole length of me. Then he did it again, and again as my body betrayed me and responded willingly to his caresses.

The moment his tongue started to probe I started to moan softly , then louder as he continued to treat me as an object to be tormented and teased. For a moment the chains slackened and as I made a feeble attempt to move my hands towards pushing him away Mistress’s voice cracked out and those four beats redoubled their efforts. Every limb hit the ground hard as they did their bet to pull my arms and legs from their sockets, stretching me until the pain started to mingle with the fast mounting orgasm and my brain began to whirl.

I half-opened my eyes to see the final act of this terrible tableaux unfolding. Mistress was standing over me, one towering heel either side of my face. Somewhere in the hazy distance I saw her smile as she reached down and unpopped the crotch of her leather shorts. Then, in what looked like slow motion her beautifully rounded arse-cheeks descended until they filled my vision, then her pussy settled gently but firmly over my mouth while her fleshy bottom pinned my head to the ground, and the last vestige of movement was taken from me. I felt her thighs grip the sides of my head and sharp fingers started to tweak my treacherously erect nipples. My tongue snaked out and started to pleasure her, the taste of her arousal filling my mouth, and my whole world became one of sex.

I could small and taste mistress with every fibre of my senses, the smells of her intimacy mixed with the delightful scent of hot leather. My limbs helplessly spread and stretched while a terrible long, penetrative tongue forced waves of arousal over me almost too strong for any human body to deal with.

I felt the orgasm coming long before mistress would want me to come, but there was no hope for me. I just couldn’t resist Bruno’s wonderful tongue, and the taste of mistress filled me with a terrible wanton delight and I came long and hard and loud.

Usually that was a sign for mistress to take me away and punish me for my ‘naughtiness’, but today she clearly had other things in mind for me. As the post-orgasmic glow started to fade I realised that I was still stretched, and Bruno’s tongue was still at work, and both my nipples were still being tweaked relentlessly.

Mistress raised her arse just long enough for me to hear her say “Come on little one, I think three orgasms like that should keep your desires in check for a week, don’t you ?”

I opened my mouth to plead, but that arse was quickly dropped back into place and I was thrust back into my own little world of relentless sex. A world I which I was trapped until mistress chose to let me go, and it sounded as if she was planning a few changes in the rules for me. Part of me dreaded the possible results of her devious inventiveness, and part of me marvelled at the thought. That latter part of me waved a flag and sent my tongue plunging back into mistress. It looked liked some fun times ahead. Whoopee.