W and Little D

by The Technician

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W watches another act from Finn's Fetish Factory Funhouse

This is a 25,000 word book broken down into seven chapters. In this third chapter, W watches another act at Finn’s Fetish Factory Funhouse in London before learning that The Gasman is the one who actually sold the equipment to kidnap Little D.

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Finn’s Fetish Factory Funhouse

Finn stood in the spotlight looking at the crowd for a moment as a bevy of black clad stage hands rushed out and completely cleared the stage area. There was then some creaking and groaning as a large hexagonal ring slowly wheeled itself into the middle of the area.

The ring had thick padded sides which extended up about a foot over its floor creating a swimming pool like area that was filled about half way with a clear liquid that had the sheen of oil. Obviously the ring was intended for oil wrestling, but there were no contestants yet visible.

Finn waited for the huge mechanism to stop directly beneath the still rotating naked carousel before announcing loudly and dramatically, “Masters and Mistresses, Doms and submissives, for your pleasure we present the wrestling ring of pleasure and pain, triumph and humiliation.”

He paused for just a moment and then said loudly, “Let me present our delightful dozen.”

Twelve young women ran out to join him. There were evidently six teams of two based on the fact that there were six colors of bikinis and the girls stood in pairs in a long line. 

Finn laughed and said, “Since your bets will be placed by the names of the fighters, I think I need to make some quick introductions.”

He paused and looked out at the crowd as if listening before saying, “What’s that? You are worried that you won’t remember the right name and might make a wrong bet? Assuredly, some of you will make the wrong bets, but it will not be because you do not remember one of these delightful beauty’s names.”

He then walked down to the line saying, “This is blue blonde and blue brunette. Next is red ginger and red blonde. Green black and green brown will be partners. Followed by yellow blonde and yellow ginger. Next we have black black and black white. And finally orange brown and orange blonde.”

He turned to the crowd and said, “Do you think you can remember those names?” He paused and said with a big smile, “I thought so. And besides, they are printed on the betting slips the servers will distribute.”

Our naked server quickly appeared, curtsied before us and asked, “Do the Master and Mistress wish to place a bet?”

I shook my head slightly. Tat said, “No, thank you. We will just watch.”

The naked server bowed slightly and scampered off to another table.

“Quick learner,” I said to Tat.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“She saw you bristle at being called my lady,” I replied, “and this time called you Mistress.”

“I’ve been called a lot of things,” Tat said, taking a sip of her Manhattan. “I’ve learned to ignore most of them.”

Finn saved me from having to make more small talk by calling out loudly, “Fighters in the ring!”

All twelve girls jumped up on the side of the ring and somersaulted over the ropes into the oil. Some landed on their feet, but most fell to their backs or butts and began sloshing the oil all over their bodies. Both of the girls in black had managed to stay on their feet and stood face to face scooping up oil and slathering it over each other’s bodies.

“For those of you who have not been here before,” Finn said loudly, “I call your attention to the six heavily-padded posts. On each of those posts are six ribbons matching the color of the fighters from that corner. The fighter scores a victory by tying her opponent with that ribbon so that the loser cannot get back up out of the oil. When a fighter is tied down or reaches out and tags her partner, her partner gets into the ring. The fighter left standing at the end is the champion. The team with the most victories is the match winner. Your bet cards allow you to choose the champion or match winner as well as attempt to choose the number of victories for the winning team. In case of a tie, there will be a head to head grudge match between the two top winners.”

“So what do you think?” Tat asked, looking at me and smiling.

“I think Finn is going to make a lot of money on these matches,” I replied. “There are too many variables and too many ways of losing. At best the odds are six to one against you.”

“I meant about the girls?” Tat said, trying to sound upset, but still smiling.

“I think they will put on a good show,” I replied. “Most, if not all of them will lose their tops early on, and at least half of them will end up naked.”

Tat looked at me and arched an eyebrow. 

“I know Finn,” I said, “and he knows what will please the crowd. They could start out naked, but the crowd reacts even better if they get stripped naked during the fight.”

Tat just laughed. Meanwhile Finn was calling out, “Get those bets placed. The wrestling begins in one minute.”

The twelve girls went to their corners. One stood inside the ring in the oil while the other stepped over the ropes and stood on the narrow ledge outside the ring.

“Ten, nine, eight,” Finn counted loudly, “seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!”

On “One!” all six of the girls rushed to the center of the ring and began wildly grabbing at each other. It was terrible wrestling, but great showmanship. By the time they broke up into three groups of two, only one of the girls was still wearing her bikini top.

Blue blonde and orange brown were up against the ropes grappling with each other. Red ginger and green black were rolling around in the oil. Black black and yellow blonde were both on their knees in the oil trying to force the other all the way down.

The crowd gave a huge cheer as black black suddenly forced yellow blonde onto her back in the oil. She then grabbed one of yellow’s legs and rolled her over. After quickly jumping onto yellow’s back, black pulled out a ribbon that was tucked into the side of her bikini and began tying yellow blonde’s wrists together behind her back. Then with the rest of the ribbon, black forced one of yellow’s legs up and tied it in a partial hog tie. The last thing she did was to tear yellow blonde’s bikini bottom off of her and throw it outside the ring.

She stood shakily to her feet only to be knocked into the oil by yellow ginger who had jumped into the ring as soon as her partner was tied down. Soon it was black black’s bikini bottom that was sailing out of the ring.

A green bikini bottom suddenly went over the ropes and landed on the floor. While I was watching the others, red ginger had evidently overcome green black. Instead of standing up, red ginger rolled up onto her knees and lowered her butt down to her legs. She was thus ready for green brown when she rushed into the ring.

Red ginger was waiting for green brown’s onslaught and used green’s momentum to flip her into the oil. There was a large wave of oil that splashed over the sides of the ring as green brown landed face first in the oil. Red ginger was on her back in no time. She yelled to her partner and red blonde threw a balled up red ribbon out to her. Soon another pair of green bikini bottoms sailed over the ropes.

This time red ginger stood up and quickly went to her corner to retrieve another ribbon. She stood there warily watching as yellow ginger and black white thrashed about in the oil. Blue blonde and orange brown, meanwhile, were still standing upright against the ropes.

Suddenly a very large, muscular man in a black and white referee’s shirt jumped up on the edge of the ring and pushed blue and orange away from the ropes. Both immediately went down. Now there were two pairs of wrestlers thrashing in the oil. It was actually hard to tell who was getting the upper hand. A pair of black bikini bottoms flew over the ropes, but that was quickly followed by a yellow set. I couldn’t see the color of the ribbon now tying a naked girl face down in the oil, but the naked girl who stood up had red hair so it must have been yellow ginger. The redhead went quickly over to her corner and tied a yellow ribbon loosely around her waist.

Another bikini bottom flew over the ropes. This one was orange and blue blonde went over to her corner and reached across the ropes to slap the hand of her partner blue brunette. Blue brunette jumped into the ring and immediately went after the naked yellow ginger. That was a mistake. Yellow ginger slammed her into the oil and had her tied and naked in just a few seconds. 

Blue blonde came back into the ring and tried to get yellow ginger before she could stand back up. She didn’t do any better than her partner. Another pair of blue bottoms sailed out of the ring. The blues were out of the competition.

The referee now went to the red corner and pushed red ginger back into the center of the ring where orange blonde was waiting for her. They grabbed each other and together went down into the oil. Red ginger was on top, but she couldn’t get orange blonde turned over. Suddenly red leaned forward over orange’s body and looped her ribbon around one of the posts. She tied one of orange’s wrists to the ribbon and then pulled it tight before tying the other wrists. She wound the remaining ribbon around both wrists so orange could not untie herself. Then she stood up and reached down for orange’s bikini bottom. Orange blonde desperately kicked at red ginger in a futile attempt to keep her away, but red ginger was too quick for her and soon the orange bottoms were on the floor outside of the ring.

Red ginger again stood back to let green brown and yellow ginger battle it out, but green brown had other ideas. She was a very large woman and yellow ginger was only a little over half her size. She could ignore yellow and deal with red. So she turned suddenly and grabbed red ginger through the crotch and over the shoulder. Green then lifted her up, and slammed her into the oil. Again a wave of oil splashed over the edges of the ring. Red’s bottom quickly followed that.

Red blonde entered the ring, but green brown was waiting for her. She did no better than her partner and soon she was being slammed into the oil. Her red bottom quickly joined her partner’s on the floor outside the ring.

Green brown now turned her attention back to the rather diminutive, naked, yellow ginger. They circled each other warily for a couple of minutes. Then green lunged for yellow, but yellow was much too fast for her. They circled some more until it looked like yellow slipped slightly in the oil. Green immediately took advantage of that and lunged forward.

It was a trap. Yellow slid slightly sideways and used green’s momentum to propel her down into the oil. Yellow grabbed one of green’s arms as she lunged and pulled it across as she jumped onto green’s back. She then leaned forward and grabbed green’s other wrist.

Green was still sliding in the oil, as yellow pulled both wrists up behind her back and wrapped the yellow ribbon around them. Then yellow jumped up and danced triumphantly in the center of the ring.

“Yellow ginger is our champion!” Finn exclaimed. He waited a moment as someone ran up to him and handed him a small slip of paper. Then he added, “... and team yellow is high with four takedowns.”

The servers began to move through the tables delivering winnings. Meanwhile, the carousel music began once again. The lights on the carousel top flashed in various colors as the ring slowly rumbled back into the darkness.

“It will take a few minutes to clean things up for our next act,” Finn said cheerfully, “so in the meantime order more drinks and perhaps some light snacks. I will be back in about ten minutes to introduce the next performance.”

The spotlight went out and Finn walked directly over to our table. He sat down quickly and said, “What brings the great W to my humble establishment?”

Behind him the carousel top was rising back up into the darkness. A half-dozen or more platforms and two floor cleaners were rolling out into the stage area. The cleaners were like you would see in any store, except for the fact that a very muscular, bare-chested man was driving each of them. Each platform was about ten feet square and in the center was a smaller platform which raised up about six feet. On that platform was a naked girl dancing to the strong beat of the music which was now playing. What caught my attention, however, was a small nozzle which moved around her dance platform spraying into the air and coating the dancer’s body with a mixture of water and oil. LED lights along the track of the nozzle caused the mist– and the dancer’s body– to shimmer with reds, greens, yellows, and blues.

A flash of anger almost overwhelmed me as I recognized the basic machine as the same as what I had seen in the apartment below when Little D was kidnapped. My anger must have been evident on my face because Finn suddenly pushed back slightly from the table and said, “What’s wrong, W? You look like you want to kill me.”

I forced my anger back down inside me and said calmly– at least I hoped it sounded calm– “You modified one of those,” I pointed to the platforms. “... to cut through a concrete floor. I need to know who you built it for.”

“W,” Finn said, shaking his head, “you above all should know that I can’t divulge my clients’ names.”

“Your device was used to kidnap my niece, Finn,” I said through gritted teeth. “While she was in my care. If I don’t find her, I will make sure this factory– and you– are reduced to dust.”

“Holy shit, W,” he said excitedly, “I didn’t know. I was told it was for a rescue attempt for some rich Arab.” He leaned in and spoke softly. “Everything was done through an intermediary. I never met the client and have no idea who it was.”

“Who was the intermediary?” I asked firmly.

“The Gasman,” Finn answered, looking around to ensure that he wasn’t overheard. “He’s here in London. But I swear to you, W, I didn’t know it was for a snatch. I thought it was a rescue.”

“If you’re lying to me...” I said firmly.

“Swear on all that’s holy,” Finn quickly responded as he hurried away.

“It’s time for me to go,” I said to Tatiana and started to get up. She grabbed my arm and said, “No, wait!” and practically pulled me back into my seat. Finn was starting to introduce the next act and the house lights had once again dimmed.

“Let me see your card,” Tat said quickly, almost urgently. I pulled one of my cards out of my pocket and set it on the table. It was hard to read the embossed W in the dim light. Tat pointed to herself and then turned my card upside down so the W was now an M, more or less. Then she pointed both fingers toward her eyes and laid her hand over the card with her fingers spread.

I looked directly into her eyes and she nodded her head very slowly. “Sis, what in the hell have you gotten me mixed up with?” I muttered as I rose once again and walked to the elevator. In an “eyes only” fashion, Tatiana Malala had just told me that she was an MI5 undercover agent. I had a feeling I would be hearing from her again.

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