Visit to the Mistress

by Hubby

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© Copyright 2008 - Hubby - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; kidnap; trunk; bond; bdsm; susp; nc/rel; XX

This story is true, only the names have been changed. It happened in January 2005.

I am a 32 year old woman, married to my sweetie who is 34. I stand 5 feet, 8 inches tall, and have a 34-25-34 figure. We both work out at the gym 3 nights a week to keep in shape. We are what would be middle class by today’s standards. We have a nice home and are very happy with our life.

After 10 years of marriage our sex life was getting a bit stale, so we were looking for a way to spice it up. My husband came home with a couple of bondage movies which we watched, but it didn’t seem to do anything for me. It seemed to turn my husband on, so I thought I would give it a try to please him. He bought bondage magazines, more films, and as we got into this, it started to interest me more. He liked being tied for sex, and I was beginning to enjoy the power of being boss. I felt power over him when he was tied and helpless. I got to where I liked the helplessness of being out of control when he tied me.

On the day of my birthday, my husband called me at work to make sure I had called our favorite restaurant and made dinner reservations for the celebration. I told him I had, and he said he would see me at home after work. I was looking forward to the night out with my hubby and dinner and dancing.

I got off work at 5:00 pm, went by the store for a few groceries for the week end, and pulled into our garage about 5:45 pm, hitting the button and closing the garage door behind me. Being winter, it was almost dark. Grabbing my bags of groceries from the car, I headed through the door to the kitchen. As I opened the refrigerator door to put the milk away, I was suddenly grabbed around the neck be an intruder. He was big and strong, and pulling me backwards. I lost my high heels in the process. I started to scream. His one hand moved from my eyes to over my mouth. I tried desperately to bite him, but he kept it just far enough away, that I couldn’t. I was fighting for my life, swinging my arms and kicking my legs.

Next, I felt my arms being pulled behind me by someone else and being tied with a rope. Next, a leather type of hood was being pulled over my face. It seemed to be a form fitting one with a hole to breath out of, and two small holes to see out of. I tried to get a look at my attackers, but wasn’t able to turn my head.. The minute the hand left my mouth I started to scream again, but they were busy winding tape around my head. This did away with my speech and eyesight as everything went dark, and I couldn’t even open my mouth. Next, my feet were pulled together and tied.

By now, I was laying on my back on the kitchen floor. I was scared to death, as I had no idea who these intruders were, or what was going to happen to me. I felt a hand grab my new silk blouse, pulling it away from my body, and what felt like a knife cutting it away. My body was tossed about as they pulled and cut the sleeves from my arms. Next, I felt the coldness of the back of a knife blade as my bra straps were cut, and again as they cut my bra in the middle and threw it to one side.

Next, was a hand grabbing the waist band of my new skirt, a ripping sound, and my body was turned again as they cut and pulled it away from me. By now, I was laying on the floor on my stomach. My intruders were pulling my legs up and tying them to my wrists in what is called a hog tie. As I lay there, crying, in pain, scared to death, in only my panties and torn stockings , it seemed to get quiet.

My intruders had opened the door and went out into the garage. They were talking, but I wasn’t able to hear what they were saying. They returned in a couple of minutes, picked me up, and carried me to the garage. One of them had got my car keys, and opened the trunk. I was thrown into the trunk of the car, and the lid was closed. It was a hard steel floor I was laying on. I heard the garage door open, and they got in my car, backed it out, closing the door again we headed down the street. I tried my best to keep track of where we were going, but there were too many turns and stops, and I finally lost track.

After a while, it seemed we were on the freeway, as I could hear traffic beside us. Each time the car hit a bump, it banged my head on the floor. I’m not sure, but I think we went from the valley to Los Angeles somewhere. After a while, we were back on surface streets, and finally the car backed into what was probably a drive way. I heard two car doors slam, and my captors went and I could hear them knocking on a door. I heard the door open, and they must have gone inside.

In a few minutes they returned and opened the trunk. I felt myself being carried into the house, and was dumped on a rug. My ropes were removed, the tape and hood removed. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw my husband standing with another man who I didn’t know. He gave me a hug, and said happy birthday, you are going to have a session with Mistress Marlene, (not her real name) I started to cry, as I knew my husband wouldn’t let anything bad happen to me.

I was instructed to go to the bathroom, clean up, remove my torn hose, put on my high heels my husband handed me, and panties only. I was to turn left from the bath room and meet them in the dungeon. I did as instructed, and as I entered the dungeon, I was amazed at the size of it and all the equipment on the walls. In the middle of the room, a woman about my size who was naked and standing under a kind of cable hoist that hung from the ceiling. Her arms were above her body, fastened to a bar that spread them apart. Her legs were also spread with a bar between them. There was a black hood over her head, with a collar around her neck .

Before I could check the place out any more, four hands grabbed me pushing me against her back. My hands were placed with hers and tied together, my legs were spread and tied to hers. I was tied to her at the elbows, knees, my waist, and at the shoulders. I could not move a bit. A black hood once again took my sight as it was pulled and fastened over my head . Our heads were pushed together and taped with what sounded like duct tape coming off a roll. We were tied as one. The mistress gave someone a knife and I heard her say to lose the panties. I felt the tug and pull as they were pulled and cut.

It got very quiet, like they left the room. We just stood there, unable to do any thing else. Soon a door opened, and there were 6 hands moving all over my body, then they went to her. I could feel her movements as she got the same treatment. We were being felt and rubbed all over and had to just deal with it.

Next, came some kind of a whip. It was soft and playful at first, but got harder as time went on. All three of them were beating on me at the same time, so it was hard to think of where the next hit would be. There were hits it seemed from four or five places at once. You couldn’t know where next. They were on my butt, sides, breasts, stomach, and anywhere they wanted.

After about 15 minutes of this, I was in tears, but didn’t have the power to do anything but take it. We were left to rest a few moments and they returned with their whips, and at the same time attacked us both with powerful vibrators. This, in the combination of the beating, gave me the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had. They kept it up until I had had several and it left me totally drained. I seemed to hang there in total exhaustion.

They left the room once more and left us to stand there and wait for what ever would happen next. When they returned, they had a spray bottle with what seemed to be water. They sprayed us down until water was running from our bodies, telling us we needed to be cooled off a bit. In a couple of moments the straps came back and we were being whipped again. The wetness of our bodies made it sting a bit more.

I was trying to endure the beating when suddenly someone was sucking on my breasts. There was someone on each one at the same time. My breasts are very sensitive, and in no time, along with the beating I was heading for another major orgasm. We were beat and fondled and invaded with a large dildo all at the same time.

We were finally cut down.

And as we sat there for a bit, I was introduced to the other couple, but I was so exhausted, I didn’t remember their names. I was able to dress in my hubby’s t shirt and the mistress loaned me some pants so I could get home. We had to take the other guy back to our house for his car that he had parked down the street. I hit the shower, laid on the bed and went right to sleep.

My husband wants to do it again soon, but I was sore for a week.

I wouldn’t mind going, but this time we should beat the men. Think I’ll give the mistress a call.

Thanks Jamie