Visit to a Headmistress

by Uto

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© Copyright 2020 - Uto - Used by permission

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Visit to a Headmistress - Uto

The time was late afternoon on a wintry but otherwise ordinary school day.

The setting was St Barbara's School for Girls, a large, very expensive private school for young ladies in an upper class suburb. Because it was nearing afternoon departure time the school’s corridors were filling with girls about to go home. They were starting to spill out into the quadrangle in front of the building.

In line with strict dress regulations all were wearing the school’s belted dark green tartan uniform together with the required white socks and linen gloves, black shoes and neat cream straw hat. All were carrying school cases, leather briefcases or had the regulation St Barb’s day pack (compete with insignia, school name and motto) on their backs. And because of the likelihood of rain many were wearing the standard school raincoat. This last either buttoned, belted or just flapping loose. School dress requirements were not as strict for wearing rainwear.

In a few moments these departing young ladies would flood across the assembly square in front of the building and into the streets in the immediate vicinity of the school. They tended to be noisy, chattering and laugh and shriek frequently. Neighbourhood ladies often muttered how rowdy St Barbaras' girls were for all the money their fathers paid to send them there.

But not all of the young ladies were leaving. In a side street to one side of the school what appeared to be two typical St Barbaras' girls were standing, waiting. They had just got out of a parked car only a few minutes before. They were waiting as the assembly square and street began to fill with noisy schoolgirls.

These two were as carefully dressed as any of the departing students. Impeccably fitting uniforms, shoes, socks and neat hats. Buttoned school raincoats and two standard day packs. The only difference was their white gloves were of the rubber surgical type. But from a reasonably close distance they looked like a couple of typical St Barbara’s girls. Which was just how they wanted to look.

The reality was very different. They were a couple of young women on a very difficult mission.

One was Liz, about thirty but with a necessarily young look about her. Somewhat short, thin, narrow faced and with a pointed chin. The other was called Dolly. Slightly younger and shorter than her companion with a plump childish face (hence her name) and a solid figure that hinted at puppy fat. Both had been picked for their general youthful appearance and had been heavily made up for their intended schoolgirl role. They wore wigs which had been trimmed to give them an early adolescent look. For days they had been practicing a scatterbrained giggle and now had it to perfection.

As the street filled with home going students these two cautiously stepped out into the mainstream. Though going the opposite way they attracted no attention from the chattering girls. They went through the main gate, Unobtrusively crossed the main quadrangle and entered the main entrance of the school. Of the dozens they passed no one gave them a glance.

Passing along the main hallway they went up a broad stairway to the first level. There were fewer girls up here and most of the classrooms were empty. They went along another corridor then down a side passage and stopped outside a closed door. This was the office of the school secretary, assistant to the principal. The passageway was deserted. A quick look round and they entered.

This was the domain of Deirdre Dunn, second in command to the headmistress and second most important person in the school. Deirdre was a little over forty, solid but trim, healthy and used to giving the orders. Her face was square, her chin firm and her straight black hair drawn into a tight bun at the back of her neck.

Her office was square with a solid desk in the middle. Along the walls were filing cabinets and a large copying machine. Her office chair was massive, shining tubular steel construction with polished black leather seat, high back rest and comfortable armrests. And very expensive. Deirdre always claimed she needed a good seat because she spent so much time in it doing the day to day business of the school.

She was not seated at the moment. The secretary was standing at an opened filing cabinet. She did not know she had two visitors until the lock clicked. Liz had turned and locked the door into her office. She spun round, saw what looked like two schoolgirls and was completely taken in by their disguise.

“Who’re you?” she snapped, “You girls know you're not allowed in here. Get out at once.” She was already in an irritable mood.

The two rain coated intruders advanced to within a few feet of the irate secretary, pleased their cover was working. They gave her the benefit of one of their carefully practised giggles. Liz swung her daypack from her back and unzipped the top flap. “There’s a little surprise in here for you Dee Dee,” she said.

Deirdre was known throughout the school as Dee Dee. Most of the school staff had nicknames, some demeaning. She was even dimly aware of hers. But this was the first time it had been used to her face. Predictably, she was outraged.

“What!” she burst out. “What’s your name girl?” She hadn’t noticed her other visitor had moved to one side and was now behind her. Swiftly this second intruder reached up and clamped one rubber gloved hand over the fuming secretary's mouth and with her other arm pinioned her arms to her sides. For all her small size Dolly was very strong. Deirdre Dunn was helpless, and speechless.

Meanwhile Liz had taken a long black sash out of her daypack which she swiftly tied it over the outraged secretary’s eyes. The two invaders had long agreed that while their disguise worked they should blindfold their captives as quickly as possible. The longer their cover worked the better.

Liz then took a damp, wadded cloth gag out of her pack and nodded to Dolly who took her hand from Deirdre’s mouth. “You girls!” burst out the furious captive, “Just what do you think you’re....” At that moment the wad gag was thrust into her protesting mouth and secured there by a strip of tape. 

The next move was to push the struggling secretary down into her own ornate office chair. Forcibly seated in it, the two rain coated intruders began to tie her to it, using torn strips of tape from their daypacks.

First they bound her arms to the leather side armrests. Next her waist was lashed to the tubular steel back support and finally her ankles were tied to the circular ring the chair rollers were attached to. All the time Deirdre struggled and kicked her legs but as more and more bonds were put in place she realised the futility of this and finally stopped.

Liz and Dolly stood back to admire their handiwork. They gave another of their giggles and Liz said in her best adolescent accent, “Well Dee Dee, that’s a comfortable chair you’ve organised for yourself.” Deirdre struggled, writhed and mewed all to no avail. “Just one thing more remains to be done.” A set of earplugs were produced out of one of the daypacks and inserted into the fuming secretary’s ears. Deirdre Dunn had been deprived of sight, speech, hearing and liberty.

And then a voice spoke from behind them, slowly and clearly, “And just what is going on here, if you please?”

Both rain coated ladies turned. They looked toward a doorway which they already knew led to the headmistress’s office.

It was open. A woman stood in front of it. She was fairly tall, a solid, firmly built athletic figure that radiated strength. Her face square, firm with hair short, wavy, just tending to greyness. Her hands held in front of her, closed, almost like fists. She wore a well tailored suit, light blue in colour. There was a commanding mien. And they knew who she was.

This was Penelope Delamonde, Headmistress / Principal of St Barbaras. They knew they would ultimately meet her but neither thought it would be so soon. And they knew they would have to secure her too.

She spoke, clearly but quietly. “Who are you? You’re not schoolgirls, I can see that. What’ve you come here for?”

She appeared unafraid, competent and determined to get to the bottom of what must be a totally unexpected situation to her. In short, displaying the qualities that had made her a very efficient headmistress. Liz decided to abandon their cover, seeing she’d seen through it from the beginning.

"We’re here,” she began, “On a mission.”

“What mission? Alright, I don’t expect you to tell me but I can guess. And I see you’ve made a start, taking my secretary captive,” she nodded toward the bound and gagged Deirdre. “What’s your next move? Taking me prisoner as well?”

Liz was feeling this situation could easily move out of her hands. But she and Dolly had begun this enterprise and it was up to them to carry it through. Successfully she hoped.

“We know what we have to do,” she said, ”And I might point out we are armed.” With this she reached into her daypack and took out a small pistol, which she at once replaced, “But I trust it won’t come to that.” She walked right up to the principal, “Why don’t we go into your office?” She took hold for the woman’s arm to steer her there.

Penelope shook her hand off, looked at both the intruders for some seconds then turned and walked into her office. They followed her.

Her office was bigger than Deirdre’s. It had a solid, well made wooden desk with a comfortably padded wooden chair. This, being much older than the chrome steel throne Deirdre had, did not swivel. There was a long rectangular window on the street side that overlooked the assembly quadrangle below and there were two oil paintings on the wall behind the desk. In one corner was a combination cast metal safe.

This last was the reason for this whole operation. In it was a jewel encrusted gold chalice, the work of a medieval master craftsman whose work today sold for millions. Tonight it was to be displayed at a meeting of the school directors. Tomorrow it would be taken away by professional armed security back to the vault where it was usually kept. Penelope had not wanted it brought to the school at all, arguing that security was not adequate but she was overruled. She was told that it would only be there for two days and nobody knew a thing about it.

They reckoned without Liz and Dolly’s organisation. They were able to monitor its movements closely and, working at the behest of an art collector two continents away, who felt this relic should be in his possession, were preparing to remove it.

And this was why our two ladies were making this carefully prepared foray into the school.

Penelope suspected this was why these two had come here and ruefully reflected how she had tried to stop a valuable treasure like this being brought into the school at all.

“Well,” she said, stopping near her desk, “What now?”

“We’ve got to tie you up,” said Liz, putting her school daypack on the desk, unzipping it and taking out rolls of torn strips of sheet.

Penelope said nothing. She merely stood with her arms hanging by her sides. She knew the futility of fighting with a pair of armed professional criminals who were much younger than she was. The girls were appreciative of such cooperation. 

They crossed her wrists behind her back and bound them with several windings of thick sheet, securing them with two firm reef knots. Next they lashed her arms to her sides with several long lengths of the same material. The bindings being below and the above her adequate bust had the effect of pushing it into prominence. They cinched several of the lashings under her armpits for firmness. The ladies bound with care, making sure the strips were not twisted. Flat and smooth, they reasoned the bonds would be more comfortable that way and, after all, their captive was being helpfully, if silently, compliant.

Penelope still did not speak and the girls said nothing. The only sound was the rustling of the waterproof fabric of their raincoats.

Finally they were done. Penelope looked like a well wrapped mummy from waist up. “And now,” said Liz, "If you’d sit down in this comfortable chair of yours.” They steered her around the desk and seated her in her own wooden office chair. Dolly bent down and tied her ankles to the timber legs. “The next step will be the combination of this old safe of yours.”

“You don’t honestly expect me to tell you that, do you?”

Liz smiled, “Of course we don’t. But we have the means of getting it.” She reached inside the daypack on the desk and took out a flat plastic box from which she removed a prepared needle. “This is a state of the art truth drug. No ill effects and painless. And it’ll get us the information we need in less than half an hour.” She laughed, “Nothing so crude as intimidation or beatings.”

Again Penelope said nothing. She simply glared as the syringe was injected into her neck. Within five minutes her eyelids were drooping, within ten she was unconscious and by fifteen she was ready to murmur answers to anything she was asked.

Thirty minutes later the headmistress began to revive. By then the safe was open and Dolly was carefully wrapping the medieval chalice in a soft cloth prior to stowing it in her daypack. Liz was putting away the equipment they had used on Penelope.

“You won’t get away with this, you know,” remarked the bound principal, “It’ll be impossible to dispose of that cup in this country.”

Both ladies smiled. “Then we’ll have to take it to another country, won’t we,” commented Liz. Turning to Dolly she said, “You go and anaesthetise Deirdre. I’ll look after our friend here.” Her companion picked up her daypack and went into the secretary’s office.

“And just what do you think you’re going to do?”

Liz pulled Penelope’s chair around so that she faced away from her desk. Then she took a visitor’s chair from the front and placed it facing her. She sat on this with her school daypack on the floor between them.

“Well Penelope, there’s been a lot of work gone into this and we’ve learned quite a bit about you,” she began, “But before we go any further we’ll make a small adjustment to your bonds.”

She lifted the bound principal’s tailored light blue skirt up over her knees and folded it against her waist, exposing her thighs and underwear. Then taking two short lengths of strips from the daypack she bound the captive woman’s legs above the knees tightly to the wooden armrest supports. This had the effect of splaying the astonished headmistress’s upper legs wide apart and in full view. Predictably, Penelope was outraged.

“How dare you,” she snapped, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

“You’ll see,” smiled her captor. She looked at her fuming victim. “As mentioned, we know quite a lot about you Penelope.” She went on. "A somewhat deprived background but you clawed your way out of it by ability and sheer hard work. For which I, for one,” said Liz, her face serious now, "Respect you.”

She went on, “And from there into the very competitive world of private teaching where you made your way ahead, by fair means or foul. All the way up to your present position of Principal of St Barbara’s. Breeding ground for snobbery though it may be.” The bound Penelope glared at her.

“But there hasn’t been much companionship along the way has there? A few affairs here and there. And of course your friend Rodney of a few years ago. Pity it broke up. Though he was probably beneath you.” Penelope’s face was rigid. How had she found out all this? 

“It’s unfortunate when a big, healthy active woman like yourself is denied the comfort of a man for such long periods of time. Surely you enjoy a good vigorous bout of love-making as much as anyone?” Penelope simply looked at her. Sadly, much of this was true.

“We actually considered including a man in the team sent here. He could have serviced you in an appropriate moment.” She smiled, “It would’ve been the first time in months, wouldn’t it?” Penelope was livid, “But there was the problem of getting him unnoticed in and out of this all feminine school."

“But even so,” Liz was smiling again, “It was decided to give you a little pleasure. After which you might give a less detailed, descriptive official account of what happened here.” The captive woman gaped at her.

Liz reached inside her day pack again and produced a tube of lubricant and a small pair of dressmakers scissors. She held them up. Penelope looked at them darkly. Her captor pulled her chair up close and began to carefully cut away the captive headmistress’s underwear. All the way up to the waistband which she deftly sliced through. “Afraid your knickers are going to be a write off,” she remarked. Meanwhile Penelope at last found her voice.

“So,” she said in firm tones, "You’re going to make me have me an orgasm, are you?”

“Indeed I am. And I’m not boasting when I say I’m very good at this.” Penelope settled back. She reflected that she had lost control of the situation long ago when she had been first tied up. No amount of curses, threats, remonstrations would make any difference now. There was nothing she could do about it. Indeed, she might as well enjoy it.

Liz took this silence to mean her captive might be getting ready to scream. “And if you’re thinking of making a fuss,” she nodded toward the day pack, “There’s a good tight gag in there.”

“Oh, don’t bother.”

Liz expertly inserted a lubricated finger inside the bound woman’s orifice. To give her her due, she was quite as skilled as she said she was but was surprised at how long the operation took. This was because Penelope had become so completely and utterly relaxed. Her temptress expected her to fight, struggle, resist at every stage. She did none of these things. Eventually, in her own time she began to co-operate and then began to moan softly and then gradually more loudly. Finally she had a long, drawn out and thoroughly satisfactory ejaculation. When it was over she lay back quietly with her eyes closed.

Her collaborator looked at her critically, “You took long enough,” was her comment.

“Don’t worry about it dear,” Liz was surprised at the familiarity. Penelope opened her eyes, “Perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but... Thank you.”

Once again Liz wondered if she was losing control of the situation.

“And now,” said Penelope sitting up and looking around, “What’s the next stage of this mission of yours?”

Liz spoke, “My colleague is out there putting Ms Dunn to sleep with chloroform. Don’t worry. It’s the best quality. There’ll be no nasty after effects. And when she’s fully under she’ll be untied. She’ll be out for about an hour and when she wakes up she can come in here and release you. And between you, you can raise the alarm.”

“I’m to remain tied up in this chair? Gagged too?”

“I’m afraid so. It’ll only be for an hour or less,” Liz smiled, “I’m afraid your school directors’ meeting tonight won’t go quite as planned.”

Penelope shrugged. She had given up wondering how these people (whoever they were) happened to know so much. She concluded they had a very good research and investigation section. She spoke. “You know, I wasn’t in favour of that cup coming into the school premises in the first place.”

At this moment Dolly came back into the room and said Deirdre was completely anaesthetised in her own very comfortable chair. And she had been unbound.

“And I suppose the only thing left for you to do is to tie me completely to mine. And gag me.” They cheerfully admitted this and proceeded to do it. Penelope settled herself, thankful that the folded wad gag that had been inserted into her mouth was small, soft and relatively comfortable.

Twenty minutes later Liz and Dolly, hats at the regulation angle, raincoats buttoned and with carefully zipped up daypacks in place were leaving the school building. Two late classes had been released downstairs and they melded in with them. No one even noticed them.

Outside a light rain was falling.

As they walked through the main gate Liz said, “You know my Mum and Dad almost sent me to school there. But it was thought to be too costly. So I went to a state school instead.”

“Well at least now you can say you've had a personal interview with the headmistress in her own office, can’t you.”

They both laughed.


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