The Visit

by Sinnswap

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© Copyright 2012 - Sinnswap - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; chast; bond; cuffs; nipple; bfold; corset; armbinder; toys; oral; climax; denial; rom; cons; X

The planned visit to her lovers house results in heavy bondage, sensory-deprivation, total immobilisation, serious sexual torment with orgasmic nirvana as climax.

Heterosexual male. Primarily dominant but love to switch on occasion. Story was originally written for lover starting at Chapter 2. Revised, lengthened and added Part 1. Ladies, feel free to contact me if you like what you read.  sinnswap AT gmail DOT com

Part One

Chapter 1a – Wound up and getting ready

It had been the longest week of your life. In your wildest dreams you never thought you’d end up wearing a real chastity belt, let alone letting someone else have the keys to it and your freedom.

Your keep going back to the feeling of the belts rear bar forcing its way between your butt cheeks and the subsequent pressing of the shield against your entrance, completely and comprehensively pushing on it and covering it. Then there was the pulling and pushing to get the ends to meet and the ‘click’ as the lock closed at your waist. A passionate lengthy kiss was all that was on offer as I left you in a whirlwind as I rushed to the airport with the key to your freedom in my pocket.

It was tight. Not unbearable, but tight it was. You tried and you tried every time you had a chance but you could not get even your smallest finger under the shield. There was no way to touch yourself or get any sort of relief and relief is what you became desperately in need of. You found you were in a constant state of arousal. Everything you did was winding you up as the belt pulled and pushed you in different ways. Your mind was firmly and constantly focused on the feelings between your legs. You were constantly wet. You did not get much work done. Sleep was near impossible.

The week had passed and Wednesday had finally arrived. The day was long. You were finding yourself getting wetter than ever with thoughts and anticipation of what might come tonight. You hurried home to get changed and ready after work.

You stood naked in front of the mirror except that you weren't exactly naked were you... The belt made sure of that.

You knew what you had to wear - "not much" were the instructions I left - with a smirk and a smile. You decided to start up top and work your way down..

First was the wide Choker on your neck. Soft velvet next to your skin, stiff leather with beautiful little, quite fashionable, adornments on the outside. You had to pull it tight to get it on and then came the familiar 'click' as you pushed the hasp into its 'closed' position. Closed in a way you knew would be permanent until I unlocked it and took it off. The 'attached' ring at the lock was a constant and ever present reminder of being attached to something or led somewhere. Previously when wearing it in public, you would manoeuvre it to the rear to be hidden at the back of your neck under your hair. "No need tonight. No one will be seeing me" you said to yourself

Next was the extremely brief satin lacy bustier. It left nothing to the imagination as it highlighted and pushed up your cleavage that said "attention please". You knew the effect it would have on me the moment I would see you in it. Your nipples were just covered but clearly pushed the fabric out whilst they were erect.... and erect is what they were now.

Then the pleated A-line mini skirt came out. It should probably be classified as a belt. In reality, it 'just' covered your privates if you stood still. Any movement or a breeze would result in immediate exposure. The chastity belt was blatantly obvious as it protruded above the skirt in front and back - then of course there was the belt's metal waist band imprisoning your torso and its lock. The shiny steel 'belt' of the belt was now standing out even more. There it was in all its glory. If a strangers eyes weren't drawn to your protruding breasts in the bustier or your micro mini skirt, they sure as hell would be drawn to the shiny steel belt, lock and the "bits" going under your skirt..

You finished off your outfit with stay up fishnet stockings and your favourite 4" heels.

You looked at yourself again in the mirror and could clearly see bare skin above your stockings, below the hem-line of the skirt. Lots of it. Your stomach churned. There was sometimes a very fine line between being stylishly dressed and looking like a complete whore. This was neither. This was all for show, for me, and getting me as wound up as you possibly could. In private.

"God I look hot. Good enough to eat" you thought to yourself. "He's going to have a VERY hard time controlling himself tonight. I wonder what he's planning?"

It was a warm night but you had to hide yourself in your travels. If 'caught' you would be humiliated and embarrassed beyond your wildest nightmares. You would never be able to explain yourself - to anyone. "I might look like I could be a prostitute but I sure as hell aren't am I - locked in a chastity belt" you thought to yourself.. How am I going to hide THIS, get out the front door, travel and get to his house?


You went through your wardrobe and finally found an old full-length dress. "Gawd.." you thought to yourself. "SO wrong and ugly but I'm so going to put it on, on top.

Before too long you were on your way. Upon arrival you took off the 'outer' dress in the car [with difficulty]. It was dark and for the moment, very quiet, so you took a deep breath and immediately made the dash across the road, through the gate into the property. Your heart was pounding as you wondered if anyone saw you..

Chapter 1b - Arrival

As planned and very briefly discussed, you went to the porch and the envelope was in the shoe box in the electricity meter box. It had the words "Read first" clearly stated on it.. You opened it slowly with anticipation. You knew you were going to follow the instructions – ‘to the letter’. You glanced at the little bag that the letter was on in the shoe box with curiosity then read the letter. You then knew what was in the bag. Your heart immediately started racing in anticipation of what you were about to do – to yourself!

First was a pair of strap on cuffs with a short connecting chain that you attached to each ankle. You could take them off, but knew that was only now - while you could get to them.

The modified clover nipple clamps were next. Even though you were close to the street, you were safe from prying / passing eyes. As was instructed and with extreme trepidation you moved your bustier down a little and to the side to fully expose each breast and carefully attached a clamp to each of your already hard nipples - behind the steel barbell piercing in each of your buds. The balls on the end of each bar in each nipple went through a slot in each side of each clamp. They were NOT coming off without help. They could only be pulled tighter. Yes, there was that moment of discomfort: You briefly winced as you let go of each clamp as they took hold.. Then there was the flip side; you felt an immediate increase in dampness between your legs.

The next step was attaching the connecting chain between the clamps to the eyelet bolt, mounted in the wall at eye level next to the meter box with one of the small padlocks. Your heat rate went up a further notch after you closed the padlock. Although you could now remove the clamps from your nipples, you knew from what you read, that your hands would soon be useless, trapped behind your back.

In preparation for that you lifted your already short skirt up at the back [fully revealing your behind and further revealing the chastity belt] and threaded the special twist shackle through the belts rear bar, as it appeared at the top of the crack of your ass, before it met the waist section. You then attached the handcuffs to it and closed it, in all its permanency with the special lock that was with it. Even if you were to back out now, you had a pair of handcuffs attached to your rear end with no way of removing them. Imagine the questions someone would ask if they saw you…

Next came the blindfold and the moment of truth. You hesitated for what seemed like many minutes thinking about what you must look like and the semi-permanent ‘bondage’ you were about to inflict upon yourself. NONE OF IT was coming off without help.

Your heart raced, your mind wandered and your juices started to literally ‘flow’. So much danger. So much trepidation. So much excitement.

 “Click” and “Click” again. You closed the cuffs around your wrists before you had another stray thought.

“Oh God” you thought to yourself as the gravity of your predicament sank in.

There you were, ‘just’ hidden from the street. High heels, sexy, beautiful stockings, bare thighs below a very short skirt, a bare ass being partially covered by your cuffed hands. Bare midriff with a chastity belt in full view. In front were your fully exposed breasts with attached clamps, in turn, attached to the wall in front of you.

Chapter 1c – Waiting

You moved to test your bonds and were brought back to reality by the tug on your nipples.

You took stock of your situation and with the partial sensory deprivation, found yourself listening intently to what was happening around you. You wondered how long you would have to wait for me to come and ‘rescue’ you and do all the wonderful things you hoped I would do to you. Wetness was again felt between your legs.

Minutes passed and you started to wonder how long you’d been there. There was no arranged time. Your instructions were simply ‘as soon as you can after work’.

Was it minutes or was it a lot longer. You heard voices approaching on the street and your heart stopped in fear of discovery. You moved again in some strange attempt to deal with it. The tug on your nipples brought you back to reality and you resigned yourself to what may happen if seen.

Luckily the voices became distant again as they passed.

You wondered to yourself “how long must I wait?” when the unthinkable occurred to you.

Your heart absolutely stopped when you wondered if today, Wednesday, was in fact the right day. One week. I’d left on Wednesday. I was totally out of reach and un-contactable on these trips. Was I back now or later tonight? God! Was it in fact last Wednesday or was it Thursday and therefore Thursday night we were meant to catch up? You have been SO distracted by the belt that you’ve lost track of time and days. Confusion racked your brain as you tried to work out if you were in serious trouble. WITH NO ‘SAFETY’.  You knew what I‘d always said about having a safety / emergency / get out message / words / key – whatever. It was SO important and a ‘must have’ in every scene, no matter how mild.

“Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God!  Oh God!” is all you could think. – with no safety. “What have I done?”

“How could I be so distracted to put myself into this predicament and not think to consider a ‘safety’.”

More people approached. Your heart pounded as they stopped out the front. You pulled at the chain, which in turn pulled and squeezed your nipples and made the connecting chain make a jingling sound. You froze as the conversation in the street stoped. “Oh God, they’ve heard me” you thought to yourself and pulled hard on the chain to somehow get away and hide. You couldn’t. Pulling on the chain only put greater pressure on the clamps and squeezed your nipples harder and harder. Then there was the piercings. The clamps WERE NOT coming off. Only further pressure and pain was an option if you pulled really hard.

You were really starting to panic. Luckily you heard a car door open and a car start. You sighed with relief but it was short lived when your predicament brought you back to reality. You wondered if you should be calling for help. What will you do if I don’t come? What if you do if you do have the wrong day? How long have I been here?. God. Shit. What to do? You pull on the chain again… Hard.


Really Hard. You squeal as the pain approaches. You have to stop.

You hear what sounds like leaves rustling.

You freeze and stop breathing – fearing someone will hear you / see you.

“Fuck!” Someone’s here. They heard me squeal. The heard the chain. “I’m in SO much trouble. What am I going to do?”

You VERY quietly call out my name with great distress. There is no answer. You hear sounds again. Foot steps? You speak my name again. No answer. You wonder if there is a stranger, standing there, just watching you – Thinking about what they’ll do. Trembling and shaking, you awkwardly say ‘hello?’ No answer.

Me, a stranger, or your imagination?

If there’s someone there, you pray it’s me… Wouldn’t a stranger have done something by now? Said something. Anything.

Minutes pass again. You are stuck. Your nipples ache. You momentarily pray it’s me and dream about what might be about to hopefully happen and it makes you wet with excitement.

You then feel what must be an insect climbing up your inner leg between your knee and the belt imprisoning you. You shake your leg to get it off. That of course fails as you are quickly reminded of the chain at your ankle. "Shit"..  It went. "Thank God for that"

A few minutes pass then you feel it again. You try to shake your leg again. It stops / is gone but in an instant is back moving around. Moving higher.

You begin to worry. Is it in fact an insect?

You shake your leg again and it doesn’t stop. You move quickly to your left pulling your nipples hard in the process and almost tripping because of the ankle cuffs and the feeling goes. “Hello. Who’s there?” You speak my name. No answer.

Many minutes pass again and you try and put the thought of a stranger being there watching and tormenting you away. You start to get wet again with anticipation and the thought of the vision you must present… To me or a stranger.

You totally jump out of your skin when you feel the end of a finger touch you briefly on your leg just under your left buttock.

“Please…” you quietly plead. Was it me or a stranger? No answer. No movement. No touch.

You panic and pull really hard at the chain and the subsequent extreme squeezing of your nipples stops you in your track. You are scared. You are also excited.

“Holly shit, what am I going to do if this is a stranger?” You stand frozen.

Minutes pass. There is nothing you can do without inflicting more serious pain on your nipples. You can’t get away. You can’t kick. All you could do is scream.

The finger returns lower down your leg then turns to fingers and they start tapping on your leg like they would on a table. You can’t do anything. You are silent. You start hyperventilating. You pray it’s me.

The fingers continue tapping and start to move up your leg. Up.. Up.. Up.. You are really panting as ‘he’ [Oh God – what if it’s a girl?] approaches your crotch.

You forget that even if he or she wanted to sexually abuse you, they couldn’t. The belt covered you.

They stop. Fingers still. Right next to your crotch. Right between your legs. Time stood still. Then, in an instant, the hand forces its way horizontal between your legs, cups your belt / shield / right at your entrance and lifts you into the air.

You went to scream at the assault and what might happen to your nipples if you were to topple when a hand clasped your face over your mouth to gag and silence you.

You knew in microseconds it was me as you fell backwards onto my chest. The smell of my skin next to your nose, the texture and size of my hand, the subsequent feel of my lips on your ears and my comforting voice as I spoke and started kissing your ear and neck.

Chapter 2a – Inside

I put you down and without notice I quickly remove the clamps from both your nipples. You squeal with the discomfort as the blood rushes back into them. I put the warm palm of my hands over each to help. “Tell me when” I say. I wait for your body to calm. A few moments pass before you nod and whisper “OK”.

I move slightly away from you, fixing and neatening the bustier ensuring not to cover your exposed breasts then give you a firm smack on your right, bare and exposed ass. My hand remains stationary then briefly massages your bottom. You gently moan. You can’t see my smile or my hardening dick.

I place my hands on your shoulders and turn you around. I let go of your shoulders and grab the ring on the Choker and pull you forward by the neck, walking backwards I guide you inside – Slowly, given the restraints on your ankles and the subsequent small steps you can take. I close the door behind you. We stop. I let go. I stand very close to you but don't touch you. You can feel my breath. Seconds pass or are they minutes again. I don’t touch you intentionally to create that anxiety you love so much. Your heart races a little as you wonder what my first move will be.

With no notice or a word said I firmly grab your head with both hands, pull your body to mine and kiss you passionately. You respond with vigour. You feel my arousal through my clothing. A minute or two, possibly longer passes. I pull away and our lips sadly part. It was a beautiful, long passionate kiss. My left hand moves to the back of your neck holding the Choker. At the same time I put three of my fingers from my other hand deeply into your mouth. You begin to suck in earnest. After a moment or two I stop you from sucking by spreading my fingers motioning you to open your mouth and keep it open.

“Your mouth must remain wide open at all times tonight. It will be filled with fingers, like now, my tongue , my dick or a gag.”

I pause for a moment then finish “Are you OK with this? One grunt = yes. Two grunts = No”

There is a moment of silence as you think. You don’t think, you just respond.

You grunt.

Out of nowhere comes a gag. It is very filling and a little overwhelming but you are eager to take it and everything it represents. I buckle it firmly behind your head. My hands then move immediately to your nipples. I grab one in each hand to lead you..... They are very sensitive from their ordeal outside so I am careful and gentle with my movements.

Around a corner we slowly go. I guide you to turn right around. We move no further but I continue to gently but comprehensively play with your nipples until I hear you moan and writhe with pleasure. I stop. I let go. Again you moan – you want more.

Nothing happens next and there is no sound of movement coming from me. You wonder what I’m up to and about to do. Time passes. You know I am standing right in front of you looking directly at you - watching you - watching you move - or trying to move a little... Another minute, two minutes. You start to fidget and moan. You push your breasts up seeking attention for them. I of course ignore this and continue watching you.

Then, out of nowhere, like a bolt of thunder, a shock goes through your body as I very harshly - almost forcefully - grab both your breasts and squeeze and manipulate them. You moan from the sensations and the shock. Your nipples no longer hurt but are very sensitive. You love the feeling and want me to continue… I slow down, stop and finally start to unlace your top. It hangs loosely.... I move to your nipples and again carefully pinch and play with them through the fabric - waiting for the moan of delight before moving my hands around your back to further loosen it. I lift the bustier in one move over your head. It can't fall to the floor (yet) as your hands are still captured.

I move behind you and begin to unlock your wrists, leaving the handcuffs behind. For a brief moment, your arms are free. You know you can't 'go' anywhere (not that you'd want to) as your ankles are bound in the cuffs. The bustier falls to the floor. I come back to being in front of you and immediately re-secure your wrists in front with leather wrist cuffs.. Within seconds I attach your wrists to some sort of secondary rope or clip. I let go of your hands. Your questions are answered as your wrists are pulled. Up, up, up they go towards the ceiling. I pull harder and harder until your arms are very taught and you 'almost' have to go up on to your tip toes to counter the pull at your wrists. Your breasts jut out in all their glory seeking serious attention....

I give your nipples what they so dearly deserve – I torment them. It doesn’t take long before you start to moan through the gag again. I continue relentlessly. Your moans escalate. I remain focused and continue. Time stands still again. I slow down a little as I sense your climb and I don't want you to cum. Then I stop but remain firmly holding your nipples. I start again. You moan again. I continue relentlessly then stop suddenly. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Focus. Focus. Moans. Drool. Shortness of breath. Loving every moment of your torment. You must not cum. You must be kept close.

Many, many minutes pass and I eventually stop and let go. Surprise. You draw a deep breath. I move immediately to undo your skirt.

While your head spins from the attention I was giving to your nipples, you are immediately distracted by the removal of your skirt followed ever so slowly by the chastity belt. You feel air pass over your entrance for the first time in a week and it feels good. With no notice, I wipe a damp cloth back and forth between your legs ‘cleaning you’ for the activities to come. I next remove the ankle cuffs and your heals. I stand up in front of you. You can feel my breath but I do not touch you in any way. Again I watch you. A long “Mmmm” is the only words I mutter. You become very fidgety very quickly knowing I am looking you up and down. You are completely naked. You are bound, blindfolded and gagged. With your arms high in the air you feel extremely vulnerable. You start to squirm, wriggle and moan wanting and needing me to do something. Anything. You crave to be touched, tormented and thoroughly fucked.

Little do you know it now, but “thoroughly fucked” is the state you will be in when this is over.

Chapter 2b – Leather

I walk around behind you. There are strange sounds then without warning you feel a cool but sturdy material touch you from the base of your breasts down to your tummy. Very slowly you feel the material being wrapped around your body. Before long it embraces your torso. I am fiddling with it and it becomes tight. You realise it is a corset. Tighter. Tighter. I am pulling hard at its bindings and the minutes start to pass as I continue. I work at it and work at it. You hear me grunt from time to time as I pull the laces tighter and tighter. You find it more and more difficult to take a full breath. You have never experienced anything as restricting. Finally I stop. “That must have taken him 20mins” you think to yourself… Your breathing is hampered. Continuously.

You feel me walk around you. I stand in front of you and again you feel my breath. Briefly I touch your cheek with my cheek. This comforts you. I whisper in your ear: “I know it’s tight and you’re finding it hard to breath. Let yourself go. I have you. You will be OK.”

You know the ‘Out’ but I repeat then anyway. “1 = Yes [continue]. 2 = No [stop]. 3 = Pain / serious discomfort [stop]. 4 = Get me out of here.”

“How many grunts?” I ask

There is a moment of silence as you think. You don’t think, you just respond. Again

You grunt.

I move away from you. "Open your legs. Spread them wide" I command.

You comply. You strain further into your bonds. Your wrists take more of your weight as you spread your legs. You pant to get air. Excitement engulfs you. My hand moves to touch you. My palm cups your entrance. The feeling of my touch 'there' shocks you. You moan into the gag and thrust your hips forward wanting more.. I feel your moisture. I feel your heat. You are wet. You are soaking. You moan. I like it when you moan. I know what you want but you will have to wait for it a very long time…

I take my hand away. I walk around behind you again. I play with the corset one last time. There is a zipping sound followed by an ominous 'click' sound. “I wonder what that was?” you say to yourself.

I come around and tease your nipples again for a while. "Keep your legs spread" I instruct. I hear your moans of delight. You are going up again to where you want to be.

I stop again just in time. You are not happy.

Next you feel me grab your left breast in its entirety and lift it forward and up, just away and above the material of the corset that would otherwise be supporting it (if your arms weren't pulled up above you). You feel the unmistakable touch of rope being wound around its base. Twice I tightly encircle your breast with a doubled up piece of rope and tie it off at the side. There are 4 loops of rope around your breast thoroughly 'root clinching' it.
You feel the weight and the touch of the remainder of the rope dangling by your side. I repeat the process on your right breast.

Your breasts and nipples are now further thrust out for my touching and enjoyment. They very quickly become a little engorged and inflated by the pressure of the rope at their base. You moan at the feeling. Your head spins with excitement. “What is coming next?” you wonder..

"Stand up straight. Legs together" I command. You do with minimal relief to your wrists and arms.

I crouch down and tie your big toes together. Next I release you from your bind to the ceiling. Your arms come slowly down with much relief. Your shoulders, arms and wrists are stiff and sore from the tension. You feel both the touch of the corset and the ropes on your arms as they hang relaxed. You move to touch 'me' with your hands. I stop you and immediately move behind you.

"Lift your chin. Face up."

You feel and then smell more leather at your throat. It touches you at your chin and your chest; On top of your Choker. Like the corset before it, it slowly engulfs your entire neck. I grab and 'play' with the ring at the front of the Choker and slide it through a little slit 'made for it' in the front then I fasten it firmly at the back. You go to move your head and realise you can't. Period. Up, down or side to side. "It's a posture collar" I say. I give the ring at the front a good pull and your whole body moves forward. It's as if the posture collar was made with the Choker in mind. It was surprisingly comfortable given that it was on top of it...

You listen intently to what sounds like me taking off my clothes. I move around in front of you and you again move to touch 'me'. This time you have success. You grab and hold my shaft like your life depended on it. With both hands (still attached to each other) you start to move me. Back and forth, away from you, towards you. You masturbate me wonderfully and I need to fight to pull away to ‘get on with things’..

You want me in your mouth and throat, but alas, you can't kneel down as your toes are tied. Your head spins at the additional thought of the corset, neck brace and finally the gag in your mouth. I give you little time before I pull your hands off. I lift them up and undo the buckles. "Excellent" you think to yourself. "Hopefully I will be able to touch him more in a moment." You are let down instantly as I move behind you taking each wrist with me.

I hold your thumbs together as a temporary bind. You hear me picking up yet another 'thing' from the floor. I fiddle with it with my free hand. You feel the unmistakable sensation of leather again. It engulfs your arms. Straps are brought over each of your shoulders, next to the neck brace, then across your chest above your bound breasts to meet again at the back. Left to right and right to left. I start to work on your arms. I bind them firmly together behind your back. Just like the corset, many, many minutes pass… Adjusting. Pulling. Pushing. Tighter. Firmer.

You feel the ropes around your breasts become tighter as your arms are slowly and continuously pulled back stringently behind you. Your elbows almost touch each other as I finish. You moan with the discomfort. You moan with the pleasure. You are so wet. You want attention elsewhere and you want it NOW!

My view of ‘things’, on the other hand, is really quite something..... My cock, although you don’t know it, is SO aching for attention. I take a deep breath myself and focus on the job at hand.…”1st things 1st” I say to myself.

With your arms pulled behind your back along with the roping of your breasts, they stand out begging for attention like they never have before… Nipples proud, pierced and engorged…

You don't know it yet but you are soon about to get the attention you so dearly desire....

I untie your toes and lead you away by pulling on the Choker ring exposed through the neck brace. You walk with distress. The feelings you are experiencing are overwhelming. You can't breathe properly. You can't move your head. Your breasts are engorged and nipples hard, both begging for attention again. You are very wet with anticipation. You start to ever so slightly drip again. I stop, grab your shoulders and turn you sideways a little. I then motion you to move back. You feel the bed touch the back of your legs.....
Chapter 2c – Fellatio

“It’s going to be a long night” I say to myself… “Time for a little pleasure for me before I take her on her new adventure..”

“Kneel down. Keep your legs spread.” I quietly instruct..

You start to move. I hold the sides of the neck brace firmly and assist you with your decent and sit.

“Lean forward and up a little. Lift your ass off your legs – just a little bit”

You comply.

“A little more. That’s it. Stop”

With one hand, I grab and hold the ring on your Choker. With the other, I place and hold the dildo on the floor ‘just’ under your entrance. Although you are wet, I pre-lubricated the dildo to ensure it would enter you fully without friction…

“Sit back down on your feet”.

You start to move and immediately shudder and groan at the surprise of the dildo as it enters you. Needless to say, I am ensuring your decent and I firmly control it via your neck.

“Lean back on the bed” – which of course pushes the dildo in that fraction more and helps keep you steady.

What a sight I have in front of me. Yum.

“I’m going to remove your gag. Remember my instructions?”. You nod and moan a little as the dildo is having a serious effect.

I unbuckle the gag and slowly remove and take it away from your mouth and face. You remain as instructed, with your mouth open. Some saliva dribbles from the side of your mouth, down your chin and falls to your chest. You know what’s coming. You are right on the money. You feel the end of my cock on your lips then tongue. I pause for a moment and you close your mouth around my shaft. You can’t move. You immediately want to engulf me. Everything. Right down your throat. You can’t. Too much bondage and restriction around and on your head. Your mind goes to the dildo. You moan. I love it when you moan.

You’ve always been such a fantastic cock-sucker. You loved deep-throat. You never gagged. I started moving again and slowly pushed my cock all the way in until your nose was being gently squashed against my pelvis. I held it there for a moment…

Dildo again. You tried to squirm a little to get movement of some sort between your legs. You were in heaven. Your two favourite holes full as a goog. You were on the receiving end of this. There was nothing you could do to react or change your current predicament. That was my job so I did..

I started to move out, then in. slowly. Out & In. In & Out. ‘Slowly’ changed to ‘faster’ with occasional stops, out of your throat, in your mouth, to let you have a good suck and work on my cock with your tongue. I took my dick completely out of your mouth for a moment and you almost went to close your mouth to swallow before you remembered the instructions. More drool.

“Well done. Noted” I announce before re-inserting my cock.

I started slowly again. Mouth, throat, in and out. I started to groan. I started to go faster and faster. I felt the inevitable happening and pushed my way fully into your throat, stopped and exploded. I was shuddering. You were so excited. You knew this was part of the path to God-knows-what-he’s-going-to-do-to-me-tonight…

Slowly I start to withdraw. Out of your throat and in your mouth. You suck in serious but gentle earnest as you know how sensitive my cock is right now. I give you a moment and enjoy your gift before pulling out.

Your mouth remained wide open.

What a sight. So provocative. So sexual.



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