Virtual meets Real Life

by DanaLiz

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© Copyright 2007 - DanaLiz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; sbf; mast; vr; toys; cons; X

Oh, what complex webs we weave.  It’s not enough for Real Life (RL) to be challenging and often satisfying, we’ve now created another world where our inhibitions can go unchecked and where, because of the technological advances of the past few years, our fantasies have taken on a life of their own.

Virtual Life (VL) was created as a natural evolution of the multiplicity of “chat” services available on the web, which itself was an evolution of the bulleting boards and ICQ’s of the time.  Whether simply to bring people closer to one another or as a networking medium for like-minded individuals, the web’s instant communications capability has in fact brought people much closer together.  People of all ages (the young being particularly adept at this sort of thing) quickly adapt to innovation and in so doing stimulate or encourage further development that make the experience even more satisfying.

Of course there are some downsides to the use of these facilities, through the creation of pseudonyms and virtual characters.  Less virtuous individuals can use the relative anonymity of the mediums participants to prey on the innocent and where behaviours, though condemned as grossly immoral and unacceptable by society as a whole, often go unchecked.  The following was therefore written as a piece of fiction with consenting adults in mind.  Simply put: free thinking adults, read on, to those who prey on the very young and the innocent, fuck off.


My boyfriend (Dave) and I had been going together for four years.  Because of a major work project, Dave had to travel to Europe and was expected to be there for about six weeks.  In the end, six weeks turned into three months, but that’s not the real point of this story; it only meant that we’d be apart for a long time.  Thankfully, Dave would be able to take a week off the project mid-way through.

While Dave was slaving away, so to speak, on the project, I stayed at home (he does have a good job, so I don't really need to work).  When he left, we had committed to speaking daily but, quite frankly, I found that the cost of international calls was prohibitive (for at least an hour each day) – so shoot me, if I’m cost conscious.  By week two, we started using instant messaging (IM).  Of course it was at no cost, but it lost a lot in the intimacy of a live conversation.  In the third week, we started Skyping, which solved both the cost and the intimacy issues.

Not all of the intimacy issues were being addressed, of course, but we did manage to have frequent phone sex which, while somewhat satisfying, left me a little frustrated, even though I used the various implements at my disposal to simulate his presence.

Dave and I began our relationship vanilla enough, but had quickly graduated to more intense, BDSM scenes.  Dave is a naturally domineering type and I was easily seduced by his firm but gentle manner and just as easily fell into the submissive role.  Sex had been frequent and, I believe, mutually satisfying.  Dave would often tie me up and tease me for hours, his warm tongue exploring and probing every part of my body or his hot cock penetrating me, well, anywhere he wanted.

In his absence, I longed to feel his tongue on my nipples, my pussy lips or on my clit, his expert hands fondling my sensitive breasts or his hard cock deep inside me.

A month into his project, Dave told me about a virtual reality web site that would allow us to “meet” whenever we wanted and promised to allow us to interact in a world created by our own imagination.  Virtual Life (VL) would allow hundreds of thousands of people to interact in various environments: from the very tame to the absolute raunchiest.

While this new adventure would ostensibly allow us to communicate more closely, it also had the additional side benefit of giving me something else to do while he was not available.

We each created sexy avatars to interact with.  Of course, his avatar was somewhat of a projection of his own fantasies: broader shoulders, smaller waist and a proportionally much larger cock than in reality.  My avatar was also a bit of a projection: smaller waist and bigger breasts.  Each also assembled a wide variety of clothing and implements (bondage was still high on our respective lists of things to do).

We would meet in both public and private places, talk, make passionate virtual love or interact with other “players” in realistic looking dungeons, where I’d be fucked silly, forced to suck innumerable cocks or pussies, or whipped so long and so hard it would have left me unconscious in Real Life (RL).

I was so turned on by the events that I would often bind myself in some fashion or use a dildo, while interacting with the VL characters.

A few days few days before arriving for his mid-project break, Dave had told me that he was planning a special surprise for me and that I should expect some parcels to be delivered; the pieces would have to be stored (unopened) in his home-office.  I received a number of parcels, some small, some large and very heavy. The parcel-delivery times were always a little thrilling, as often I had to let them in to leave the pieces in Dave’s office.  Unbeknownst to the delivery guy (it was always the same courier company), I often had to tare myself away from an on-line VL session to answer the door, had some form of bondage attire (as simple as a tight corset or as stimulating as a pair of tight rubber panties with dildo and butt plug probing my insides) under my housecoat.

When Dave finally came home for his one week holiday, it was both exhilarating (the best one-on-one sex we’d had in months), but also a bit of a letdown, compared to the possibilities offered by our characters in VL.

Of course we didn’t only have sex while he was on a break, because he had some tinkering to do in our makeshift basement dungeon with the stuff he’d received in his absence.

Four days into his holidays, he surprised me by telling to dress like my VL avatar often did: a very tight latex corset with attached latex stockings, high posture collar, leg and wrist cuffs and five-inch locking heels.  Once dressed as told, I was to meet him in the “dungeon”.

I took the time to shower and shave all of the hair below my neck.  I usually kept the hair on my pussy trimmed short, but decided that a close shave would be more suited to my avatar’s character.  Once I’d completed those tasks, I pulled out of the clothing and implements I would need.  I started with the stocking and shoes, as I knew they’d be a bitch to put on once the corset was around my waist.  I generously powered my legs and pulled up each stocking, smoothing out any wrinkles as I rolled them up to the top of my thighs.  Next, the shoes with the attached wide strap around my ankles would ensure that once locked, the shoes would not be coming off.

Though it might appear redundant, the ankle cuffs were then locked on (these were much sturdier than the ankle straps for the shoes), followed by the wrist cuffs and finally the posture collar.  I was ready.

I unsteadily walked towards the basement door, my high-heels clicking against the marble floor, my nude and smooth pussy brushed by the house’s cool air.

The twelve steps down to the basement-dungeon were always difficult to take in the teetering heels.  When I finally reached the bottom, my eyes had to adjust to the very subdued lighting that Dave had setup.

Dave was waiting for me.  Wearing tight leather pants, black boots and bare-chested, he appeared, in a way, a close resemblance to his own VL avatar.

“Mmmh,” I moaned, “this is almost like one of the dungeon’s we played in last week, while we were still thousands of kilometres apart.”

“I was inspired”, Dave smiled, “and I thought I’d create an environment for you to play in while I was away.”

“That’s one of the reasons I’m with you: your imagination,” I added, while he blushed.

“I have, you might say, brought our virtual world into the real world and created a place for us to interact in a much more intimate fashion; I didn’t find that our on-line play was, well, very satisfying for you.”

“On the contrary,” I said, “I found plenty of ways to make the experience more pleasurable.”

“I know, the bondage, the dildos and such,” he said, “but not quite the same as when I am in control, now is it?”

“You’re right, of course, but it came pretty close,” I answered, with a little hint of humiliation in my voice.

Dave took me by the hand and walked me to one side of the dungeon.  “I’ve devised a way for us to play our virtual game and to make it feel like the real games we play”, he said, while I took-in the numerous new ‘toys’ that were now scattered about.

The first item that struck me was a large metal frame that appeared to be solidly fastened to a heavy metal base.

“This,” he said, “is the centrepiece of our new bondage furniture.  As you can see it is very solid”, he took hold of one side of the frame and attempted to shake it, “and won’t move not even one millimetre.  The base frame itself is bolted to the floor and the smoothly finished metal part all fit together seamlessly.”

“The thickness of the metal vertical and horizontal frames is to conceal some very interesting features that I’ll explain later”, he added.

My eyes then turned to two poles jutting out from a metal box at the base and centre of the frame.

“Ah,” he exclaimed, “I see that you’re curious about these things,” he said, pointing to the two poles, “these are part of an electrically powered vertical fucking machine I found, with an adapter at the end of each pole capable of receiving dildos of various sizes.”

I still couldn’t put all of the pieces together, but my pussy was getting wet just imaging the possibilities.

“I can see by the flushness on your cheeks that this is turning you on, am I right?”

“Uh, yes, but how does any of this fit with VL?”

“I’m getting to that in a moment,” he answered like a lecturer getting a question before he’s had time to cover the material.

“Over here,” he said, pointing to a table, “is a high-performance computer connected to a high-speed internet line.  Specifically, though I know you don't really care about these kinds of details, it has redundant power supplies, lots of memory, extreme graphics and a massive amount of disk storage capability.”

I looked on, almost bored by the details, but inspired by what I could only describe as pride in Dave’s eyes.

“One of the reasons that the computer has to be so powerful,” he continued, “is to operate some very special software that a buddy of mine has developed.  I think you may recall Ben, he and I went to college together, after that he went on to do some graduate work at MIT and then spent several year at CERN in Switzerland.”

My face must have looked like a question mark, because he added, “you know, where the internet was born.”  I could only nod.

“Anyway”, Dave continued, “Ben had been playing with the possibility of creating an interface between a virtual, computer based environment and with real life.  The result is a very sophisticated program that, well, you have to see to believe.”

“All of these devices,” he said, pointing to the frame and to a multitude of devices and cables on the table, “are all designed to interface with the computer and in turn with the VL’s on-line site we use.  Let me show you,” as he reached over and picked-up an odd set of goggles from the table.

“Here, try these on,” he said, bringing the goggles closer to my face.  “You wear these like glasses and you plug the two ear-buds hanging at the back into your ears.”

I took hold of the surprisingly light goggles, adjusted them to my face and plugged an ear-bud into each ear.  It was an odd sensation, because once I had the goggles on, I couldn’t see nor hear anything.

I felt his hand reach over to the right ear-bud and pull it out, “wait,” he said, “give me a few seconds”, and he then pushed the ear-bud back.  I waited.

Slowly, an image came into focus.  It looked like a forest with a narrow path going into the distance.  A little further down the path, I could see a grey, stone structure.  As I turned my head, the image shifted as if I was in fact in the forest, because I could see trees both to the left and to the right of the path that I appeared to be on.  I could look down, but not very much because of the posture collar, and I could see a crystal clear blue sky if I raised my head.

I’d seen this before, it was the path that led to the Gorean dungeon that Dave and I had used in VL on a few occasions, but somehow everything seemed clearer, more detailed.

“Come along,” I heard a voice, a familiar voice, say as if from deep inside my head. 

“Dave, is that you?” I said.

“Yes,” the voice continued, “we are going towards the dungeon.  Can you see the building get closer?”

“This is so weird, Dave,” I said, “I feel as if I’m actually in VL, moving forward, but I’m not moving at all.”

“Oh but you are”, said Dave’s voice through the ear-buds.  “I’m actually controlling your movements with the keyboard and the mouse, as you would normally do in VL.  Pretty amazing, isn’t it?”

“Dave,” I answered, “this is very unsettling, because I really do have the impression that I’m moving forward and everything around looks so real.”

“That’s the idea,” Dave responded in my ears, “after a while your mind will give in and you’ll start actually feeling as if you are part of the scenery.  The one difference from your previous experiences, is that you are in mouselook mode, which means that your vision is limited to what’s directly in front of your eyes and you can’t pan or zoom the camera as you would normally do in VL.”

When we got close to the building I had seen from a distance, my direction changed and we went right, past the building’s doors and onto another path that seemed to be at a slight incline.

“We’re going to walk a bit,” Dave’s voice said, “so that you can get a more complete experience of the system’s capabilities.”

As I ‘moved’ forward, the path was getting increasingly steeper.  I could see the building if I turned my head to the left and more forest on the right.  The stone path appeared so vivid in front of me.  Steeper and steeper.

After a while I said, “Dave, are we going to walk for much longer, I feel as if I’m getting tired.”

“Not much longer,” Dave’s voice said, “but I see that your mind is already adapting.”

“Adapting?” I said.

“Sure, your mind actually thinks that you are walking up a stone path and I would bet that if we continued this walk, much longer you'd start running out of breath.”

I tried to make sense of this.  I was standing still, the world, as virtual as it may be, was moving as if I was moving and I was getting tired.

“The mind is a wonderful thing isn’t it?” he said.  “I know that you’re trying to rationalise this, you're trying to convince yourself that these are only images in a piece of software, but your mind takes over, and there you are back in a world as you see it and living it as if your are there.”

I again took in what Dave had said and blinked a few times to try to put the images I was seeing back in the right perspective.  I couldn’t.

“Let’s walk for another five minutes, then we’ll stop”, he said.  I just nodded in affirmation.

The path had levelled off for what seemed like a minute, then I started climbing the path as it began another incline.

After what seemed like an eternity, I was now on level ground again, facing a gazebo decorated with summer flowers.  I was out of breath and I could feel my heart pounding.

“Ok, we’ll stop here,” Dave’s voice said, “I’ll let you relax a bit before I start projecting a video that will start bringing you out of your virtual world.”

I was breathing hard and was contemplating the beautiful surroundings: the gazebo, the flowers, to the left a garden and to the right the virtual nothingness that one sometimes sees in VL.

After a few more minutes, my heart rate dropped and I could breathe more easily.  I felt Dave’s hands grab my shoulders and guide me to the leather chair I had seen earlier next to the table.  His reassuring hands then pushing me back so that I could sit.

“Now I’m going to project a video on your goggle’s screen.  It’s standard BDSM stuff, but shot in high-definition, so it will be clearer than you’re used to.”

Within a few seconds, I saw the image of what I could only describe as a bent over form being fucked from behind by a large cock.  The close-up was of the bottom part of a scene that allowed you to see the bent-over woman, her tits hanging and the lower part of a man, ass, cock and legs, pounding the woman from behind.

The sound was just as good as the video.  I could hear the woman’s moans, through what must have been a gag, as I couldn’t see her face and I could hear the unmistakable sound that the thrusting of the man’s cock was making.

My right hand edged towards my pussy, I was totally turned on by the scene.  “Let yourself go,” said Dave’s voice from what appeared to be deep inside my head.

Without further prompting, my index slipped between my pussy’s lips and found my clit.  I pushed my hand further using my index and middle fingers to slightly spread and massage my lips, returning to my clit, gently rubbing it.  I let out a quiet moan.

My fingers were now massaging my lips and my clit more vigorously, while the images on the screen continued to show the large, glistening cock going in and out of the woman.  The camera slowly panned to the left, towards the pillory and the woman’s head.  My hands were now following the beat of the cock thrusting inside the woman, sometimes fast, then slowing, then hard thrusts as the cock was buried deep inside her, the man’s skin slapping against her ass cheeks.

As the camera moved further left, I could see the back of the woman’s head, shaking.  I soon understood why it was doing that, as another cock, a black one this time, which contrasted well with the woman’s white skin and red lipstick, was being pushed in and pulled out of the woman’s mouth.

For several seconds, maybe a minute, the black slick cock was fucking the open mouth, then I heard a man’s voice say something unintelligible (I’m sure it was either Dutch or German) then another voice say “ya”.  The camera zoomed out just enough to capture the full scene of the bent over women, her hands and head locked into the pillory, while her legs, spread wide, seemed to be held in horizontal stocks at the rear.  My hands were moving faster, rubbing my lips and clits.

Now both men were thrusting fast and deep, each pounding her at the same time, then both pushing hard and stopping, culminating in grunts from the two men.  Meanwhile, I could see the woman’s throat move as she obviously tried to prevent herself from chocking and swallowing the black cock’s cum at the same time.

That last part pushed me over the edge and I began to moan as I approached an orgasm.  My left hand joining my right one to spread my lips, leaving my right one to bring me to a shattering climax, my moans getting louder, my head buzzing, my whole body trembling.

“ooooh, mmmm”, I screamed, as I came for several seconds, finally slumping down onto the chair. 

The screen went blank.  No images, no sound coming from the ear-buds, I just crumbled against the soft leather of the chair.

“That was just a taste of what we can do with this software”, Dave said, reaching over and removing the goggles.  “I think that our long-distance relationship has just taken on a new twist, wouldn’t you agree?”

Still trembling, my eyes adjusting to the still subdued lighting, “I guess so”, I finally said, my voice shaking.

To be continued in Part 2