Van Memories

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2016 - Jeza - Used by permission

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I drove into the pub car park at 9pm,  more than a little apprehensive, what I was going to do tonight was certainly stupid, but just one of those things you need to do.

I parked my car in the darkest corner of the carpark, away from any others and sent a text stating that I had arrived, now I had to wait.

I was dressed in a grey skirt, white blouse, tie, a school girl look, underneath I had black seamed stockings, 6” high heels and a tight corset, wire cock cage and black lacy knickers. I had put on lots of make-up, false eyelashes, painted my nails a bright red and was wearing a short blonde wig. A 1” wide leather collar completed my look.

After a few minutes a white van pulled up  in the carpark about 100 feet away.  I got out trembling slightly, despite it being May and quite warm. Remembering what had been discussed, I locked the car, dropped the keys into the carrier bag, selected the handcuffs and large ball gag from the bag. I quickly gagged myself, pulling the strap tight so the ball forced my mouth open, then clicked one of the handcuffs closed around my left wrist which was holding the carrier bag, put my hands behind me back and clicked the other cuff around my right wrist, the key was in my right hand, and at this point I could have removed the cuffs fairly quickly.

 Aware that I might be visible to other people in the carpark, I walked across to the carpark to the van, my heels clicking on the tarmac. I reached the back of the van and the doors opened, 2 men got out. One opened the rear van doors, the other took the handcuff key from my right hand and the carrier back from the other. Then without a word both men grabbed my elbows and hustled me into the bag of the van half lifting me so I ended up face down on the fortunately carpeted floor. Now there was no way back, I had no control over what was to come, I was trembling with fear and excitement.

I heard the doors of the van close and realised that one of the men was in the back with me just behind me. There was some light for the ceiling, but my face was down in the carpet. I heard him removing items from the carrier bag, then felt my thighs lifted as he passed rope underneath he wrapped it around a couple of times, pushed the rope between my upper legs and back out the other side, clinching the ropes, tightening it and tying it tight. My ankles were next  , lifted and very quickly and expertly bound. The van had already started and I could feel it driving slowly out of the carpark. Rope was wrapped around my elbows pulled tight and knotted off. I felt the handcuffs being removed, but lay still, as I had been told to in the email. Then my wrists were bound palm to palm, clinched and tied off. I thought that might have been it, but my abductor had other plans.

I felt rope being attached to my wrist ropes then my arms were pulled up towards the roof of the van to some tying point to such an extent that my chest was being lifted off the floor. I grunted my discomfort into the now too effective gag, but I was ignored. My ankles were next, another rope was attached then my knees were bent up towards the roof, pulled up so my thighs were off the floor, only my stomach was touching the floor now, great strain on my shoulders, my thighs protesting about the strenuous position.

“There all nice and comfy” I heard a voice behind me say, with that he gave me a hard slap on the bottom. The van drove on, my stomach bouncing on the floor if we went over any bumps, jarring my shoulders and digging the rope into my wrists and ankles. I could smell smoke and realised he had lit a cigarette, not something I was keen on, although dying from second hand smoke inhalation was the least of my worries at the moment.

It seemed like hours that we drove, but might have been less than 30 minutes, the discomfort of the bondage made every second seem like a minute, I felt like something must give in my body soon.

Finally we stopped, and the engine was switched off. The rear doors opened and a heard a second voice. “You've got the little slut well tied I see, I know how you like to make them suffer, lets get her into position as people are here already!” This was the moment I had been dreading, not one but several men were going to use me, and there was nothing I could now do about it.

The rope from the ceiling to my ankles was released, a blessing for my tortured thighs, but it put further strain on my shoulders, then I was half dragged/lifted into a kneeling position, which gave relief to my arms until I felt the rope again being pulled upwards, bending me forwards, unable to stand because of the rope around my legs, I was now in a kneeling strappedo position.

The rope around my thighs and ankles was quickly removed, I felt my legs being pulled 18” or so apart and then something attached to one ankle and then another, I knew this to be a leg spreader.

“Ok, the slut is now ready for her public” one of them said laughing. I could hear some voices behind me, the talking was indistinct but it sounded like several men! I couldn't turn my head to see. I felt someone behind me and my skirt was lifted, fingers were pushed into the elastic and the knickers were pulled to one side. Someone's fingers touched my hole, stroking it none too gently with one hand whilst the other gripped one buttock tightly. I felt the person move up against me and then something pressuring my hole. Without lubricate this was going to be painful. More pressure and pain then my muscle gave way and he forced himself inside.

He started to pump himself up and down his hands now on my back pushing me down and increasing the pressure on my arms, he continued harder and harder until with a “oh god” came deep inside me. After a few seconds I felt him climb off me and someone else replace him. My hole was now stretched and lubricated with the first one's spunk, or he was smaller than the previous one.

He slid in easily, pumped for only a few seconds, no doubt the excitement of watching the first take me caused him to come quickly. He climbed off me and a third man moved into position. This one put his arms around my chest, pushing the top of the basque away so he could get at my nipples. He squeezed and pulled on them hard making me grunt into the gag, and at the same time forced himself into my well used hole. He pumped away, leaning with his weight on my back as he twisted and pulled on my nipples. It took several minutes for him to come, spurting deep inside of me. He got off, slapped my arse and said “good girl”

A further man moved in behind me, despite the abused my cock was straining in its cage, here I was tied helpless being fucked silly by all comers and I was very turned on! The next man pushed his way inside me, he must have been bigger as there was some pain before he got deep into me. He seemed to last ages before he came. He was quickly followed by 2 or 3 others, at this point I wasn't sure, breathing hard through the nose, slobber dribbling down my chin, one quickly followed the other.

When they all seem to finish I heard talking and laughter behind me, and the flashes from a camera  or 2, then I heard the van doors close.

I heard the engine start and the van drove away with my still tied in position in the rear. We drove for probably 20 minutes before stopping again. The rear doors were opened, the voices of several men were heard and without ceremony someone climbed in the back to use me. This time there were only 3 of them using me. After they were all satisfied, photos taken, the van doors were closed and the van moved off again.

It seemed to take ages to get to the next location, my knees were hurting, I tried to lift my legs but found the leg spreader must be attached to the floor somehow, so I could not relieve the pressure in on my knees or on my shoulders. Eventually the van stopped and the doors were opened. I heard more voices behind me, including that of several women, laughing and talking excitedly.

Someone moved into position behind me, then one of the 2 van drivers moved round in front of me.

“Whilst everyone fucks your arse, I'm going to fuck your mouth, you'd better do a good job” he said with some menace in his voice. The gag strap was undone and the ball was pulled out with a load of  slobber dribbling down my chin. The corners of my mouth were hurting were the gag strap had cut into them, and my jaw ached from the ball jamming it open. A rock hard cock appeared before my eyes, it touched my lips which I opened, all the time my rear was being assaulted by another man. I licked the end of the cock, the taste of pre-cum on my tongue, then it was pushed quickly inside deep into my mouth. I gagged as it touched the back of my throat, but was unable to move my head away. He moved the cock in and out matching the rhythm of the man behind. The man fucking my hole came, moved off me as was quickly replaced by another.

My mouth was wrapped around the cock, trying to breath when he withdrew a little, my arse was now very painful from the constant pounding and I was trying not to choke as my throat was well used. The guy behind me stopped, presumably he had come, I felt someone else take his place, but my hole must have been stretched by this point because I could not really feel him entering me, just the pounding and the slap of his balls on my arse. The cock in my mouth continued to be moved slowly in and out until finally it speeded up and he came with a grunt, I had no choice but to swallow his load to avoid choking. The ball gag was presented to my face and pushed roughly inside, the strap tighten even more than before.

Several more men took me from the rear, not sure how many, maybe 5 or 6, then more photos, laughing and the van doors closing.

The van drove off, the journey seemed to take ages, my entire body was aching from the position and the massive fucking I had just received, I just wanted it to end. After what seemed like ages the van stopped. Both men got into the back and closed the doors, and to my relief started to untie me. With my elbows, ankles and wrists untied I just flopped on the floor of the van, exhausted from the events of the last few hours. Hands half dragged me out of the back of the van and my legs touched the ground, I was held upright. Looking around I could see I was back in the pub carpark where it had all started, the carrier bag I had brought with me was dumped on the ground, and without a word the two men got back in the van.

I staggered across to my car, gratefully finding the keys in the bottom of the bag, climbing wearily inside I gently sat on my tortured bottom, uncomfortable but not too painful. I realised I hadn't removed the gag, my fingers struggled with the tight buckle, only then did I become aware of the middle aged couple getting into a car only 20 feet away, they must have wondered what was going on!

I drove home, had a bath and soaked my tortured limbs, there seemed to be no permanent damage. I then downloaded the photos from my camera, the men had taken over a hundred of me being used and abused. They do so photos are memories


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