Up Yours

by Margaret B

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© Copyright 2008 - Margaret B - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; fem; pantyhose; anal; toys; cons; X

Robert walked naked from the shower and sat on the edge of their king size bed.  Barbara, his wife, lustfully admired his body, not because she had not seen it a hundred times before, but more to get in the mood or role.  She pulled the package from a bag and tossed it on to his lap lightly brushing the flesh of his soft penis.  He stared at it for a moment, then tore it open and removed the satiny shiny black garment.

“Go on!  Put them on.  This is what you asked for, Robert, and this is what you are going to get!”

Robert stretched the pantyhose out in a firm yet gentle manner half afraid he would damage them before starting.  After gathering the left leg to just above the toe, he raised his foot to his right knee and began to put on the nylon stocking of the pantyhose.  The fabric felt smooth and sexy against his toes and foot.  He could feel his cock begin to react both to the silkiness of the nylon and submission he felt from his wife watching his every move.

“Wait!  You need to pull the toe away for comfort and wear.”

Barbara reached over and gave a gentle tug on the toe of the stocking relieving the stress to reduce the probability of ripping.  Robert felt like a little boy being told how to dress by his mother.  He looked into his wife’s face as she stood towering over him wearing very concealing sweats. As he pulled up the stocking and shifted position to pull on the other foot, he slowly began the change of his role.  Standing up he gently pulled the garment up his legs and over his ass.  He reached down smoothing the silky nylon over his calves, pulling it up his thighs, and caressing it around his butt.  For a few seconds, he was molesting himself as though in private.  He had done this many times before, but never as Barbara or anyone else grinned and watched.

Opening up the bag again Barbara handed him a long line bra, also in black nylon.  He stared at it then at her finally taking it and slipping it on.  He began to hook it in back, but Barbara turned him around and did it for him.  Robert was totally humiliated.  He felt like every sexual fantasy of dressing and acting like a girl had been exposed to the world for its amusement.

“Sit over here at the makeup table.  We’re going to make you look pretty.  I wish we had shoes and a dress or even a negligee.  I’m going to put my cheap clip on earrings on you and an old wig.  But first, we need to give you a pretty face.”

Barbara began with a light foundation that she never used any more, then the eyebrows and lashes, all waterproof of course.  Finally, she used her own makeup brush and powder followed by lipstick.  With the wig in place, Robert almost looked like a woman at least from a distance in dim light to a stranger.  The earrings were more of a discomfort than of any appearance value.  Robert stood up, walked over to the full-length mirror and tried as best he could to conceal his enjoyment of what he saw.

He stood in front of the mirror admiring his new face, the shine of the nylon hose, and the slight control the long line bra gave his torso.  He flexed up on the balls of his feet looking at the way the nylon glistened and feeling the gentle caress from his toes to his ass. He thought, “shoes.  I need shoes.  A pair of heels that are not to high so I can walk without looking like a fool.  Shoes would accent my legs and really pull this off. I need shoes.”

Barbara gently placed the collar around his neck like a fine piece of jewelry buckling it in back.  He was startled both from being caught looking at himself and the cold reality that she was in absolute control.  He turned around and looked her in the eyes for nearly a minute before lowering his gaze to her now bare breasts.  She had won and they both knew it!

Hooking in a leash and walking off, she commanded, “Heel!”

He walked behind her out of the bedroom and into the hall toward the stairs.  He looked at her ass covered only with a heavy latex panty, her legs covered in thigh high red fish nets, and slim white high heels carrying her feet.

“Where are we going?”

He knew it was a mistake to speak even before she stopped dead in her tracks and turned around toward him with a look of anger at being spoken to by such an underling.  With the middle finger of her left hand she snapped the very tip of his nose.  Her look asked the question, “any thing else to say asshole?”

“We’re going to the kitchen.  All good sex starts in the kitchen.”

He lowered his eyes toward the floor giving out a slight gasp on seeing the strap-on.  It was white, about an inch in diameter, and at least a foot long held tight to a belt around her waist. It was not for show!  Half of him wanted to run into the hall bathroom and lock himself safely away where he could wash off the goop on his face, and strip out of these embarrassing female garments.  He could stay as long as it took to get back his manhood.  The other half wanted to embrace the act of perversion waiting in the kitchen.  With a deep breathe, and a feeling of being led to the slaughter, he followed the slack leash down the stairs.

The kitchen table was clear of the usual clutter with a single tube of Anal-ese lube resting at one end.  Robert knew what was going to happen because he had planned the whole thing. Men are often good at laying plans, but going all the way through to the final result is something else indeed.

“Kneel, slut and lick my cock.  I hope you got that shitty hole of yours clean as a whistle.  I expect you to clean up after yourself.”

Robert, no longer having enough self respect to even look her in the eye, did as he was told.  He licked the slightly flexible plastic cock on his knees with his hands behind his back.  He became familiar with the penis shaped helmet and the imitation veins.  With his eyes closed, he imagined being forced to give a queer a blowjob.  Barbara realized he was enjoying his role as much as she was enjoying hers and allowed the sucking and licking to continue for a couple of minutes.  Then she took the tube of lube from the table and slapping him across the face pulled him to his feet.

“Stretch out on the table sweet heart.  This is not a rape by some sodomizing queer.  This is a loving sensual act by your spouse.  I’ll just tear a small hole in the rear of your pantyhose.  Now, a drop of this lube on the tip of my cock. A little goes a long way.  I honestly hope you will enjoy this as much as I do.”

Barbara used her fingers to enlarge a hole in the panty of the pantyhose before taking both her thumbs to gently spread Robert’s tense and trembling rectum.  The nooks and crannies seem to beg for reprieve, but she had no mercy.  The tip of the cock pressed up against the tight opening battling its way inside until the muscles lost the battle and gave way.  Robert released a low moan followed by a quiet high-pitched shriek as his lover pressed the full weight of her body into her work driving the instrument deep inside.  Barbara could feel the juices from her very wet pussy flow slowly down the insides of her thighs. The only real pain was the forced straitening of the colon. 

Robert’s own live cock was fighting the tight nylon panty to become fully erect.  As each stroke of his wife’s penis pulled away and then brutally drove back inside, his real erecting cock fought against the nylon captivity.  Finally, he broke into tears and sobbing uncontrollably the ejaculation shot a stream through the nylon and on to the floor.  It ran down his crotch parting toward each leg and continued to meander to the knees.  Barbara continued the sexual attack until she reached her own wild orgasm even though Robert cried out for relief.

Robert trying in vain to hide his tears of pleasure and passion slumped to the floor as the dildo was jerked from his ass.  He sat there overwhelmed in the sticky gooey mess panting and moaning.  After Barbara got her breath, she lifted her husband’s face and presented him with his next task. His three enemas had kept the mess to a minimum, but there were still streaks of feces and a strong odor.  Robert opened his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue, said “ah!”


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