The Unexpected Encounter

by Dilapsus

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© Copyright 2009 - Dilapsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; tape; gag; oral; sex; cons; X

I suppose that this can be counted as a follow-up to my previous story, Origins. In a way it’s another of those formative moments that cemented my likes. 

My first real Job in IT (my chosen career for my sins) was as a computer operator for a huge distribution company. You know the kind of thing, a couple of offices tacked onto a huge warehouse. Once a month, one of us would have to go in on a Sunday to do a backup of the systems. It was a long day of sitting around doing not a lot and feeding tapes into a machine. I explored the warehouse fully during those days. Being the only person in the building does lend a certain amount of freedom. 

And then the internet came along, it was a new and magical place (not the all-pervasive thing it is now) and my friends wanted to see it, so some Sundays I would have company for these trips while my mates explored the web. 

One Sunday, faced with what I thought would be an alone trip, proved to be different. I had the biggest apartment of all my friends so a lot of times if we went out on Saturday night I would find bodies sleeping everywhere on Sunday morning. It was not unusual for me to go out and come back later to find the place empty and tidy so it was never a problem. I was getting ready to go into work when one of the girls I had been casually flirting with, for the sake of this story let’s call her Vicky, came up to me and asked if she could get a lift over to her friends place, just round the corner from my office. 

Now, I would do anything for anybody so I was never going to say no, but when presented with a cute redhead in a short (very) black dress how could I resist? I told her that it wasn’t a problem and that I would be going in about 5 minutes. She said fine and that she only had to pick up her stuff and then she was ready. 

Thinking I was going to be waiting 30 minutes I was surprised when I saw her bend over, stuff her bra into her handbag, pick up her shoes and go stand by the door. Those of you who have read my stories in the past know I have a thing for barefoot girls, it was all I could do not to trip over my tongue. 

We went down to the car and again I was shocked when she opened the boot (trunk to you Americans) and throw her shoes and bag into it before slipping into the passenger seat, all I could see out of the corner of my eyes was a long expanse of pale legs, uncovered from just below her buttocks all the way to her toes. To say it was a distracting drive would be an understatement. How I kept the car on the road still remains a mystery. 

On the way she phoned her friend and the gist of the conversation was that her friend had forgotten Vicky was supposed to be visiting and had made plans for the day but she could come over in the evening. 

So I did the only thing a gentleman could and offered that I would keep her company for the day and drop her off when I was ready to leave work. Arriving at work I asked if she wanted to get her shoes, her simple response of “Why?” elicited a shrug from me. Unlocking the front door I asked her to wait while I went and got the alarm turned off. Returning a moment later I found her shivering on the door step hugging herself. Have I mentioned that this took place in winter on a cold morning? 

I let her in and locked the door behind us before leading us through the building turning lights on and off as we went. After leading her through the maze she said now that I have a scantily clad woman as my prisoner where no one knew where she was what was I going to do with her? I simply smiled as this was just the kind of flirting we had done the night before. 

I led us into my office and pointed her to a seat. She sat quietly while I turned on the computers and got the backups started. I came back in from the computer room to find her doodling on one of the white boards. With a smirk I told her to behave herself or there would be trouble. 

Once I had stopped running around getting things started I settled down at my desk. Vicky asked what it was we did here so I told her that we store and ship stock to various shops. She asked if she could see so I took her off to the warehouse. 

By this time it was daylight outside so the skylights above the main aisle were letting in enough light to see the scale of the place. I didn’t bother turning all the lights on as I thought we would only be here for a minute. 

She skipped of down deeper into the warehouse, occasionally stopping to look at what was on the shelves beside her. At one point she dropped to her knees to look at something on the bottom shelf, giving me a wonderful view of her (now very dirty) bare feet. I watched as she picked things up to look at them before putting them back in a different place. Each time I caught up with her she scampered off somewhere else. At another shelf she bent at the knees, her short dress riding up exposing her ass. 

There was only one response to this, I told her that if she was going to flash her ass at me then the least she could do was take off her big knickers so I could see it properly. Looking back over her shoulder with a grin she slipped them down her legs before running off down one of the dark aisles. 

I reached where she had dropped her underwear and picked it up (I dread to think what the warehouse staff would think if they found a pair of knickers lying around) and called out to her that if she didn’t start behaving that I would have to tie her up, the echoing response that came back was “you’ll have to catch me first” 

Have you ever been given a challenge that you just can’t resist? I grabbed a tape gun and headed off where I had seen her disappear to. Knowing how dark it was deep in the warehouse I didn’t think she would have gone far and in fact she was taunting me, just disappearing out of sight as I came around a corner. I figured that she was stalking me as much as me her so I went deeper into the dark to wait to see if she made a mistake. 

After a minute I saw a head poke around a corner looking the wrong way before being followed by the rest of her body creeping down the aisle away from me. I crept up behind her and grabbed her, one arm around her waist, one hand across her mouth. 

She struggled slightly but it didn’t seem like she was really fighting me so I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back, palm to palm, before wrapping them tight with tape. I worked up to her elbows and tied them too, securing her arms behind her back. It was at this point she started screaming, listening to someone scream who is grinning like a loon is a surreal experience and one that I ended with her own knickers before sealing them in with some more tape. Her eyes got big at this point over the top of the brown parcel tape. I knelt down and quickly taped her ankles and knees together. 

At this point the alarm on my watch went off to tell me that it was time to swap tapes. I looked around for somewhere to stash her while real life got in the way. The only thing I saw was a roof pillar at the end of the aisle. I backed her up to it and started to wrap tape around the pillar to hold her to it. As I was about to stick the tape to her dress she Mpphheed at me and shook her head no. I asked her if she didn’t want me to stick tape to her dress and she nodded yes. I reached up and pulled the halter neck strap over her head, allowing it to fall to her waist before I wrapped tape around her to secure her to the post. It was at this point that I realised her breasts were right in front of me and I stated to stroke them, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs, feeling them instantly spring hard and elicit a moan from her gagged mouth. 

I walked away then, leaving her in the darkness as I went to do some work. I was gone for probably about 15 minutes before returning to my captive. 

As I got to her I saw the her dress was pooled around her ankles. She looked at me coyly as I admired her naked body, seeing her neatly trimmed bush and her perfect figure in all its glory. Taking a knife I had grabbed on my way back I slit the tape holding her to the post. Bending I picked her up over my shoulder, my hand resting on her ass as her head hung down over my back. AS I carried her back towards my office my fingers slipped between her buttocks, lightly resting in the wetness between her legs, the little moan from her brought a smile to my lips. 

I reached the bottom of the stairs and realised that with the corner and strongly sprung door at the top that I would at best end up giving Vicky a nasty crack around her head if I tried to take her that way. We had a small dumb waiter type lift for bringing up boxes of printer paper up from the warehouse to the print room so as I took her in that direction I called over if she was claustrophobic. She tensed but she didn’t try to fight. 

I slid the lift door open and then pushed Vicky inside, her arms pressed up against the back, her knees up against her chin as I slid the door shut again. The lift was one of those where you have to keep the run button held in for it to work so as I stood there waiting for it to reach the top I remembered her dress. Knowing she couldn’t go anywhere I ran off to get it, also picking up the discarded tape and dropping it in a bin on the way back. 

I ran up the stairs to continue the lifts assent and then slid the door open. She looked relieved but also a little mischievous. I lifted her ankles out, giving me a great view of her engorged pussy lips between her thighs before I slid her forward and placed her feet on the floor. I walked away from her only to hear a plaintive whine from behind me. I looked back and she whined again. I told her that she had legs, use them. I then watched as she bunny hopped her way down the corridor, her breasts bouncing with each jump. It wasn’t far to the office from the lift so I guided her in as she reached me. She stopped in the middle and I came up behind her. Slipping one arm around her waist I helped her to her knees. Having a really good look at her. 

I sat down in a chair in front of her and she looked up at me. I told her that before we go any further that she had brought this upon herself and that anything that has happened or will happen she has consented to. She nodded yes that she agreed. I then told her that if at any time she wanted out that she should hum baa baa black sheep and I would stop everything. Again she nodded that she agreed. I then said that unless I heard baa baa black sheep anything that I wanted to do I would until it was time to leave and that included her remaining bound for the rest of the day. After a moment’s pause she again nodded her agreement. 

So, like any red blooded male, with a gorgeous, compliant, naked and bound girl on her knees before me I stood, unzipped my pants and allowed my cock to hover in front of her face. I looked down at her and told her that she knew what to do before ripping off the tape over her lips. She sharply breathed in before pushing her knickers out of her mouth with her tongue. After a second or so stretching her jaw she leant forward and drew my dick into her mouth. She sucked on it well but it was obvious that she had never done this without her hands before. She was tentative and gently and didn’t want me to go deep, something she could prevent if her hand was wrapped around my shaft. 

Slowly I pushed deeper, letting her get used to having a cock filling her mouth, she gagged each time it got too deep but after a while it was obvious that I was making progress. Unfortunately it was a race between breaching her virgin throat and coming in her mouth. Cumming won and I felt her tongue lick me clean as her mouth tightened around me with each swallow. 

I sat down staring at her, watching as she licked her lips. I asked her if she wanted anything and she said the toilet and a cigarette. Pointing towards the window I said bad news on the cigarette, the only place to smoke is outside. She looked up to see that it had started to snow while we had been inside. Looking back at me she shrugged, I want a cigarette. 

Taking the knife I slit the tape between her knees and ankles and helped her to her feet, telling her to follow me. I lead her back through the warehouse to one of the fire escape doors where I knew there was an ash tray outside. I opened it and gestured her outside, she looked out at the layer of snow on the ground before stepping out. I followed her letting the door close gently behind me so we didn’t get locked out. 

Instantly her body was covered in goose bumps and her nipples had puckered hard. She shivered softly. As I lit her a cigarette I joking said that what was best for warming someone up when really cold was human piss. I held the cigarette for her while she smoked it, finishing mine before she could finish hers. 

I let us back inside and took her off to the toilet. She crossed to the middle of the room and knelt over the drain in the floor. Looking up at me she said “Well, I can only piss on my legs, can you do the rest of me?” 

I unzipped my fly and stood over her, listening as she started to wee. I followed suit, hitting her breasts before moving the stream up to her face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, taking some of my piss inside her and swallowing it. It got harder to pee as my erection got harder. 

We both finished and she looked hungrily at my cock. I helped her stand and led her soiled body over to the sink cabinet before bending her over it. From behind I pressed my dick into her hot wet pussy. Pounding into her she orgasmed almost instantly. Grunting with each stroke as she built to a second and third. 

As I felt myself about to cum I pulled out from her and quickly stood in front of her face, covering her in my cum. 

AS she stood up and my cum dripped across her lips she licked it up, swallowing what she could get at. 

“Now that you have defiled me thoroughly Sir, what will you do next?” 

I could now go on, but at this point we had been in the office for only three hours and we had at least another 12 to go. Needless to say I came many times that day, using every orifice and in many places in the office ( the blow job she gave me while I was sat in the CEO’s chair was particularly memorable) and I believe that I was the first to take her ass although she wouldn’t say directly. She was warmed up after cigarettes several times, she was hogtied in the boot of my car when I went off to get MacDonald’s drive thru and she spent the entire day naked, bound and generally filthy. 

At the end of the day, I reluctantly slit the tape from her wrists and elbows. She spent five minutes quietly knelt on the floor stretching her arms to get feeling back in them before finally asking for her dress. As I passed it to her I also offered her her knickers, she told me to keep them as a souvenir. 

We left the office in silence. I drove her to her friend’s house. I pulled up outside the gate and she leant over and kissed me, thanking me for a wonderful day before getting out of the car, reaching her bag and shoes from the boot and then walking up the garden path. The tantalising glimpse of the soles of her filthy feet reminding me just how filthy she was everywhere and that I hopped she would have a shower before doing anything else. 

When I got home I had a message on my answering machine telling me to let her know when I was next going into work so she could cum too…