The Underground Dungeon Maker

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2011 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

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My husband, Techster, had been depressed since the engineering testing firm that he worked for the last 15 years folded. This was due to the lack of business thanks to the current economy. The fact that only income he had was commission and residual income from a book that he had written several years ago. For the last 20 years Techster has used his engineering knowledge to create some of the most devious adult toys and dungeonware for our personal use and experimentation; I suggested that he start designing and making some dungeonware for sale. It only took him one visit to our favorite adult store to come up with his first client. After Techster told our friend, Mitch, who is the lead clerk at the store what he wanted to do and that he would reward him for any business that came our way from his store it only took one hour before his first call.

"Hello, sir, Mitch at the store on River Road suggested I call you. You see my husband and I have both lost our jobs. Since I have always been a domina type my husband and submissive suggested that I go into the business. I trolled for business and passed cards at a strip club and got 5 calls the next day. Now I need some equipment fast!"

"Well I might have just what you need. I must start off with two questions: (1) Are you affiliated with any law enforcement agencies? (2) If no is the answer to #1 Where and when can we meet?"

She swore that she was not associated with any law enforcement agency and gave Techster her home address. Techster told me and invited me to come along. I was to handle the pricing payment matters. Of course I brought an assortment of the pix of both Techster and I on our various pieces of dungeonware. I punched the address into our GPS and away we went. Her home was only 20 miles away on the edge of one of the older neighborhoods. It was at the end of the entry road next to an abandoned auto service shop.

The domina whose "working name" was Domina Bonita met us at the door and invited in. It was obvious that she was of Hispanic origin. Her outfit was skin tight fitting leather slacks, with a bustier and tall patent leather boots. She had a short quirt hanging from her belt. "Do come in and let’s discuss what I’m proposing."

We stepped inside to find a great room that was done in modern furniture. Her subbie hubbie appeared in his outfit. He was wearing only a chromed CB6000 with a pa ring and a lock on that too. His outfit was highlighted by a Dreamstrike collar with a chromed leash attached to it. He carried the leather handle of the leash in his mouth and bore a tray of mini bottles of liquor, some mixers and pastries.

Bonita said, "Sit and let’s get going. As you can see we live a DS lifestyle. Juan and I both enjoy it that way. To get to the point, Mitch at the adult toy store told me about your service when I asked him about things to make my dungeon attractive to my clients. Although Juan is an electrical engineer. He specialized in lighting for commercial properties. Last month the company he worked for 12 years is in bankruptcy. Before he graduated from college he was an auto mechanic. We used his severance pay to buy the garage next door. What do you think so far?"

Techster said," Let Juan and I confer while you ladies discuss what you want and need to make your dungeon help support you."

Bonita asked Juan, "What do you think, Juan? "

Juan answered," The garage has a neat basement and sub-basement that were originally intended as a bomb shelter. The last owner intended to use the basements for gambling and private parties, that never happened. I thought we could use those as a dungeon. With the egg crate foam on that is on the walls and ceiling no one in the garage ground floor could hear anything."

- Techster’s part

Juan slipped into a pair of grey coveralls and a pair of sandals and we hurried across to the garage. It took Juan a few seconds to unlock the doors, shut down the security system and turn on the electricity. The floor of the top level was set up as a neat garage should be with a clean waiting area, two lifts, a small office, and an oil change pit. There was a large closet in the rear of the shop. Along side the closet were 4 hydraulic lift tables on rollers, several 2 by 6 about 8 feet long and 3 or 4 sheets of ¾ inch plywood Juan pointed to the closet and said, "This is my pet project originally there was a circular staircase here. I replaced it with this elevator which is disguised as a closet. I made the lift assembly out of the mast of the large forklift that came with the place." He pointed to a small metal cutting band saw and a red Lincoln 225 arc welder, also known as a buzz box, and said with pride, "I designed the elevator system, cut the steel and welded the car together. Then I put the panels in the door has to be opened and closed by hand like an old fashioned elevator. Since it has a total travel of only 24 feet I designed it so it stops on every floor . You have to push the button to go to the next floor. A hydraulic pump raises it and a solenoid valve with restricting washer lets it go down. That way if there is a failure of anything it will descend slowly to the sub basement. What do you think?"

I asked, "Is there a back up staircase?"

Juan bragged. "There are both stairs and an elevator to the basements. The previous owner told me the garage was built on the top of a bomb shelter that was built during the nuke scare of the late 40’s and early 50’s. Nobody except he, my wife and I know it’s there. To answer your question, there is a circular staircase. It is in the lube pit. When you get to the bottom of the pit you slide the panel with the lube oil specs to one side and down you go. Do you want to see her future dungeons"

I agreed and we rode the elevator down two levels. We stopped at the lowest floor, what I called the sub basement. It was a perfect dungeon with carpet on the walls and a ring of eyebolts protruding out of the wall covering every three feet or so. There were also several rings cast into the floor and egg crate sound absorbing foam on the walls and ceiling.

"I don’t have any idea what to use those floor mounted rings are for." Juan remarked.

"I have a good idea." I explained . "Imagine your captive with their hands cuffed in front of them. Then their neck is locked down to the ring with a chain. The chain then encircles their knees forcing them into a head down butt up position. This leaves them helpless and in a perfect position for your torment. Let’s check out the basement on the way up."

The basement level was really great. Once again its ceiling and walls were covered with a cheap shag carpet. I could envision the ultimate dungeon as it had 4 I-beams cast into the ceiling with 3 rolling trolleys on each beam.

"WOW!" I exclaimed, " You just hit the mother lode of all dungeons!! WE can set up several stocks, and a St Andrews cross or two with hooks on the top so the captive can be moved, rotated, and displayed while they are in the stocks. We’ll set up the wooden pony, racks and thing that will really get noisy on the lower level. In short this place is perfect for a dungeon you could handle about six clients at the same time. That’s three on each level." Techster told him. "How do you intend to do business."

"I intend to run a repair and oil change business on the ground level. Bonita will handle her clients on the lower levels and I will bill everything through the garage. That way we can service a client and their credit card will show the name of the garage and automotive ECM, or engine control module adjustment and repair." Juan explained proudly then he added, "I hope you don’t think I’m a wimp for going the submissive route, but Bonita and I enjoy it."

"Not at all!" I stated, "Permit me to show you my secret, Techie holds my keys see." With that I opened my slacks to display the CB6000 that I wear and opened my shirt to show him my collar. "See, a Ring of Steel stainless steel locking collar with a long chrome chain trailing down my chest and I have a PA piercing and the secondary lock like you no. No escape for us!!. Your wife isn’t the only one who likes to think they control her man."

"Well lets get back to the ladies." Juan said as he opened the elevator door.

Back at their home Juan quickly shed the coveralls and inquired, "Can I get you ladies anything?"

Bonita responded," Orange tea and pastries too." Juan bowed and headed for the kitchen.

Techie looked at Techster, "I have the notes here. They need a bit of everything. I gave her your list and she wants two St Andrews cross she wants them really strong, and very technical with both a pussy hook and CBT gear for the men. Also a spanking horse and a wooden pony that’s just to get them started. We’ll add more of your dungeon designs after the dungeon is up and running. I gave her a price of $5500 installed, primed and padded."

Designing and building the dungeon

Bonita smiled at Techie, "Done, I’ll give Techie 50 percent of the check up front for materials. Next question: How fast can you produce the dungeon ware and have it ready for my first visitor?"

I smiled and said "One week. One week if I can get Juan to help me. I have a question what do you want to do about the concrete floor?" I asked.

"What do you recommend?" Bonita asked.

"I’d seal the floor with epoxy sealant, that way it will feel cold like a proper dungeon should and any spilled fluids won’t be absorbed into the concrete and can be cleaned up. That will cost and additional $1450 ." I replied.

"Do it!!, add $1500 to the price for treating the floor." Bonita and Techie both smiled.

Techie spoke up and said, "Bonita and I have discussed a time table and testing the apparati. Here’s the deal: In one week and Bonita and I will be test subjects for the dungeonware installation. By you and Juan. I will test the wooden pony because I have never experienced one and Bonita will test the St Andrews cross and pussy hook." Then Techie gave Bonita one of her "evil looks" and said," Ok you guys have a deadline. One week or you get to test everything up close and hard, Understand ?"

Both Juan and I nodded in agreement. I said quietly to Juan, "We better get drawing or get our asses cut."

It only took about half-an-hour to get the plans sketched, then I used my cell phone to place the order with a local steel warehouse. I looked up at Bonita and Techie, and announced, "Our epoxy and primer for the floor is in stock at the Homeowner’s warehouse and our steel order will be ready this afternoon. I’ll take Juan with me and use our truck and trailer to pick the steel and oak for the wooden pony and foot stocks that go with it."

Bonita passed Techie a one-hundred dollar bill, "This is for their fuel." She paused and looked at her watch, "How long will it take you to get to the steel warehouse and lumber yard and return.?"

"About 3 hours counting loading." I responded.

"You men had better get going." Bonita warned us.

I led the way out to my Diesel pickup truck I unlocked the doors and hopped in , Juan joined me in the passenger’s seat. The little diesel engine jumped to life and we were off. A few minutes later and we were at my home coupling to the 20 foot trailer. I passed Juan my notes. "After we’ve primed and prepared the floor we’ll start by cutting the steel pieces to size that way all the pieces will fit into the elevator. Since we’ll be welding down in the dungeon we’ll have to have a way to keep the air circulating. Do you have a fan or blower?"

Juan smiled, "Better than that. Remember I said it was originally designed as a bomb shelter there is an air shaft or duct along the front wall with 2 fans and a heavy filtration system with a pair of by-pass filters that will allow us to extract the welding fumes and bring in fresh air."

"Great let’s get this steel unloaded and get cutting." I said as I backed up to the garage. Juan pulled his keys out pressed the remote and opened one of the doors."Let’s get rolling".

While we were putting on our gloves Techie and Bonita appeared pulling a heavy duty steel wagon that had a roll of brown shipping paper, rolls of blue masking tape and a cloth bag on it. They stopped and watched as Juan and I pulled the last of the steel and from the truck.

Slaves to the job

When we were finished unloading the steel the ladies started covering the windows with brown shipping paper and duct tape. When they had completed their task Techie passed me a set of work gloves, welding tunic, leather apron and work boots, Bonita passed Juan his work clothes, pointed to us and said, "OK guys, strip. We’re going to take your clothes to make sure you don’t get distracted. We want this dungeon finished as soon as possible so you are here for the duration."

Juan and I stripped then Bonita locked a pair of metal cuffs with heavy chain between Juan’s ankles and a pair of lined cuffs on his wrists. Techie locked a pair of lined steel cuffs with a short chain between my ankles and of course a pair of lined steel dungeon cuffs around my wrists, "These are for later a reminder what will happen if you don’t finish yours tasks in a reasonable amount of time." .

The women paused examined their handiwork, "Now you won’t stray and you can’t put on slacks."

Bonita added "and we can watch their cute butts as they work. By the way, dinner will be a 8PM and we’ll bring in a pair of air mattresses , alarm clock, blankets for you. Breakfast will be at 9 AM. Hurry up and get the job done."

"What about the other stuff we’ll need?" I pleaded.

Bonita answered, "There is a laptop computer in the office. It is set to communicate with the wireless system in my home. Just use it to write a list and Techie and I will provide you with everything you need." Bonita paused and whispered to Techie then handed Juan his cell phone. "In case of extreme emergency call me or Techie."

"Techie will you please get my router, sander, drill and saw cases, both the circular saw and the reciprocating saw, the blue box of wood screws and a quart of varnish. The varnish is very important. That way I can cut the wood, sand it, coat it and assemble the pony." I explained, adding, " After all you don’t want any splinters down there!"

"I know exactly what he needs, the cases, brushes and epoxy are in his workshop." she motioned for Bonita to come with her.

I peeked out of the door and shouted, "Techie please bring my welding gear, the chaps, jacket, shoe covers and gloves." Techie nodded and I knew she got the message.

Juan and I just stood there sort of stunned. Juan looked at me and said, "Well here we are naked, chained slaves. Let’s get to it." I agreed and told him to set up the table by the metal cutting saw.

"I’ll write on this pad what we need. We’ll start with the parts for the St. Andrews crosses. The bases with be four feet long by four feet wide. Cut the 3 inch angle steel at a 45 degree angle each piece should be 4 feet long. The more you can stack up and cut at the same time the sooner we’ll get through. When you finish those we’ll cut the long pieces for the uprights of the crosses".

It took about 2 hours for us to complete the bases and cut the uprights. The upright of the crosses were 8 foot-long pieces of 6 inch steel channel with a short piece of 3 inch channel in the center of the bottom of each cross. Juan looked at the short piece of channel and asked, "what’s that for?"

"That is where we’ll attach the genital clamps for the male prisoners, or the butt hook or for the females the pussy hook. We’ll use straps made from old seatbelts for the ankle, wrists, and knee restraints. Now let’s get this down to the bottom level, we’ll weld it together then work on the wooden pony, spanking horses, table and stocks for the first level."

Juan asked, "Why put the Crosses on the lower level?"

"Noise." I responded. "When the clients are secured on the crosses there’s going to be some screaming as the whips, cats, and paddles take them to a ride on the subspace express."

Piece by piece we slid the pieces into the elevator and took them to the lowest level, then we went back and brought down the welder, welding clamps and grinder. It was then I realized there were no outlets that could power the welder on the lower level. Quickly I scrambled to the elevator and rode up to the ground level and dialed Techie’s number. "Techie there are no outlets for the welder on either level, would you please hook up to the little trailer with my welder on it and bring it back here?."

Juan laughed, " I gather help is on the way?"

"Yes, my gas powered welder. Now we’ll be able to finish all the welding and get the racks and St Andrew’s crosses set up. In the mean time lets go topsides and get working on the wooden tables and the pony."

By the time Techie and Bonita arrived Juan and I had used the metal cutting bandsaw to precut all the individual pieces for the spanking bench, torture table and the wooden pony. The area around the saw was deep in saw dust.

"I can see you’ve been busy. Here are all your tools and the trailer." Techie said as she and Bonita pulled a folding table, folding chairs, a basket and a cooler out of the bed of my truck. She walked over and gave me a kiss, "Have a good evening. Here are your sleeping accommodations." She said as she pulled a pair of air mattresses and blankets out of the truck. Then she and Bonita hopped into the truck and left as quickly as they had come.

Juan and I set up the table, then unfolded the chairs, opened the basket and were blown away. Our wives had not spared any expense for our dinner. The dinner was from the finest steakhouse in town along with a cooler full of assorted beers, wines, bourbons, assorted mixers, and glasses. "Looks like this may be a good evening. I move we eat drink and get to sleep early." I suggested.

"Second that motion." Juan returned as she set places on the table, "What’s your poison." He asked as he pointed to the wine, beer and liquor.

"Jigger of jack on the rocks." I answered as I took a fork and pulled a steak onto my plate.

Juan poured himself a tall glass of tequila and got down to enjoying our captive meal. "I don’t think most slaves are fed this well!" he remarked as the salads, and steaks vanished.

When finished Juan stuffed all the paper plates into a trash can and said."Let’s get going early. I want to get this finished."

"Agreed." I answered."Do you have an alarm clock? "

"Clock radio. OK if I set for 5 AM"

"Great let’s pump up the air mattresses and get some sleep."

AT 5 AM Juan awoke and switched on the coffee maker in the office and I was soon awakened by the aroma. We sat down and drew out a plan for the day.

"I think we can have the floor cleaning and priming completed by evening. We’ll paint it tonight. Let’s start with the wooden pony, finish sanding it and coat with epoxy to prevent any fluids from getting into the wood.

By 9 AM the floors of both levels had been cleaned with acid and primed. Juan found several ancient electric heaters and brought the temperature on both levels to a toasty 80 degrees so the primer would dry quickly. Techie and Bonita appeared as promised with a steak and eggs breakfast dropped the meal, picked up the dishes and flatware from last night’s meal and once again vanished as quickly as they had come. About 10AM Juan and I went down to the lower levels and found the floors to be dry.

I looked at Juan, rubbed my hand along the floor, "Ready for the final coat. That means in less than 12 hours we’ll be assembling the crosses, racks, tables, stock and of course the wooden pony. Ready?"

Juan smiled, "I’ve finished the sanding and epoxy coating of the wooden pony plank. I can’t wait to see the ladies test it!"

Using a bent piece of threaded rod and my electric drill I mixed the floor coating. Each time I finished mixing a bucket Juan poured it out and with a squeegee spread it in a thin layer on the floor. We did the lower level first, then the second level, hit the exhaust fans and "escaped" to the ground level. Techie and Bonita brought Sandwiches and sodas for lunch. The fans kept us somewhat cool in spite of the 100 plug degree temperatures. We all sat around the folding table and discussed how the project was going, then we told them of our progress sealing the floors. It was then that Juan suggested we show the ladies the floors so we all stepped into the elevator and rode down 2 floors.

When arrived the floors were glistening I reached down and the floors were dry, hard and slick. "You know what this means ?" I asked .

Juan smiled and laughed, "Time to set everything up. Then we get to watch our ladies test the gear and the dungeon."

Bonita smiled and asked , "Are you ready?"

Techie looked at the shining floors and answered, "Let’s see how long it takes for the guys to get it set up."

We rode back up in the elevator and the ladies left. Juan and I started loading all the steel crosses and the parts for the pony into the elevator. When we got everything set up the floor still looked empty. I called over to Juan , "Hey do you remember those lift tables on the ground floor?"

Juan replied," I don’t know what the heck to do with them. I was going to sell ‘emon ebay."

I answered, " I sure do. They’re going to be the bases for the most demonic dungeon devices ever. Have you ever seen a tension rack or self locking stocks? .. With those you can raise or lower your captive to suit what you want to do with ‘em!"

It took Juan and I all of 3 hours to cut the plywood, cover the wood with carpeting and mount the devices on the carts. We rolled them down onto the 1st floor.

"Now that looks better." I remarked. "let me call Techie and get the few bits I need to finish these." I went up to the ground floor and called Techie on the computer, "We’re almost finished here. I need 2 cam cleats, 2 small pulley blocks, and 30 feet of ¼ inch Dacron line from the boat store. Please bring them by along with my sawzall case, our collection of riding crops, whips, and leather restraint wrist and ankle cuffs and we’ll be ready for our first demonstration."

Techie’s voice echoed back , "I can’t wait. I’ll call Juanita, get the your parts order to me and we will be right over to see and experience your efforts."

In about 2 hours we heard my diesel truck roll up to the front of the garage. Techie and Bonita came through the door with a cart load of supplies. Bonita was holding a magnum of champagne up in the air and four proper champagne classes "Are we ready to celebrate ?" the ladies asked as I (techster) looked through the supplies that Techie had picked up.

"Give me 10 minutes and we’ll be ready for our first guests. I pointed to techie and ordered, You and Bonita strip, Juan cuff and collar the ladies while I do the finishing touches on your dungeon."

It took only 5 minutes to mount the cleats and pulleys on the tension racks and set the overhead pulley on the wooden pony. "Ladies are you ready." I asked as I opened the elevator door. Juan pointed to Bonita and techie, they were neatly cuffed, gagged and blindfolded. "They’re ready for their explore."

"Ladies here’s the way it will go, each of you will test a piece of equipment, Bonita expressed interest in the wooden pony so you get the honor of the first ride, now so there are no hard feeling between mates Juan will help techie test the tension rack while I help Bonita ride the wooden pony. Do you understand ?" Both Techie and Bonita shook their heads," Yes".

As Juan led Techie into the elevator, "Who gets to try which piece of equipment first?"

"Bonita expressed an interest in the wooden pony so we’ll let her try that and you can have your way with techie on the tension rack." I answered as Juan opened the elevator door.

Once on the cold concrete floor the ladies became somewhat hesitant, but with a few tugs on the leash I pulled Bonita over to the wooden pony. I walked her forward and put the cuffs on her ankles spreading them apart. "Your ankles are restrained, when I put your wrists on the overhead spreader bar you must stand upon you toes so I can adjust the plank of the pony correctly."

Bonita stood on her toes. I clipped her wrists to the overhead spreader bar, her ankles to the lower spreader bar and raised the plank so it was about an inch from her clit and sex. "OK cowgirl your pony is set and under you. You have to struggle to keep your pussy from landing full force on it. Have a nice ride."

It only took about 3 minutes for her legs to start shaking then she pulled up with her wrists finally her arms tired and she hit the plank. The rounded and sanded edge of the plank still pressed hard on her sex, she whimpered and pulled up. In a few minutes she had and up and down movement going. I looked over at Juan, "Now she’s in for a sentence of sheer torture! How are things going with Techie?"

Juan looked over at me with a confused look, "I’ve got her mounted on the tension rack – now what?"

"Oh, Shit I forgot to mention the sawzall! Get the case from over by the elevator and open it. Inside the case you’ll find a medium sized dildo and a tube of sex lube, attach the dildo to the saw, lube it up and give Techie a ride I think about 4 orgasms will do!! Use the switch in the case to get her attention!!" Jaun followed our instructions and in a few minutes he had techie bucking ,whimpering and begging for relief.

"Now cool her down with about 10 hard switches on her butt." I whispered to him.

Juan stopped the sawzall and gave techie 10 really hard switches across her pretty little ass. She stopped bucking . "Now back with the sawzall, give her 5 minutes worth and we’ll give them both a break. "

In 5 minutes I made a cut sign to Juan. I said loud enough so the ladies could hear me. "Time to put our captives on the crosses downstairs, they both need a subspace trip."

Juan released Techie and cuffed her hands behind her, she struggled so I ordered, "Clip the leash to her triangle piercing on her clit she won’t dare struggle then."

As predicted Techie became docile and allowed herself to be led along when she felt the leash tug on her sex. I walked over and whispered to Juan, "Does Bonita have a triangle piercing- I really didn’t look?"

"No, but she has 2 rings on her labia, connect the leash there and she won’t give you any problems." I released Bonita’s ankles and then her wrists, which I quickly cuffed behind her back. Then I clipped the leash to her lab rings she whimpered and I could see why. The pony had her sex bright red and tender as hell.

Juan and I led our blindfolded and gagged captives into the elevator. When Juan opened the door we led the captives out onto the floor. I showed how to cuff his prisoner, (techie) to the trolley which was in the overhead track in the ceiling. The trolleys had a load equalizer attached to them. It was like a heavy duty spreader bar that was raised and lowered with a fabric ratchet strap. Then I cuffed Bonita to the over head track.

"Now let’s let them see what they are in for, remove the blindfolds." I told Jaun.

When Techie and Bonita saw the metal St Andrews crosses they both struggled briefly I told them, "You lucky prisoners will be the first to test these instruments of torture. In honor of that fact you will be each given a free ride into subspace." Bonita struggled briefly as I led her up to the cross. The spreader bar that retained her wrists to the overhead trolley fit into the upper arms of the cross, I strapped her wrists against the upper arms of the cross, her thighs, then her ankles. Before she could move I inserted the hook into her sex and tightened it. I removed her gag and asked her, "Have you ever been to subspace before?"

"No," she answered, "I’ve been told it hurts. I am not a masochist, but if I am going to work as a pro domme I should know what it feels like, so ignore any screams, go ahead."

"Let me explain how it works. I have been there –Techie has taken me several times. First I’ll warm your back with a light flogger, then I’ll switch to a wet leather cat to take you all the way up. Feel free to scream, wail, beg I’ll ignore it until you reach subspace. There will be a time when you will feel like you are floating and warm. When I’ve finished. Juan will then take over and give you some serious cuddling."

Bonita smiled at me and said, "Go with it!!"

Juan looked over at me and asked, "What do I do?"

"Watch me and duplicate my moves, techie has been to subspace before she won’t take being flogged personally".

With that exchange I took a medium elkhide flogger and started on Bonita’s back, butt and thighs. When her skin got reddened I broke out the cat and gave her a hard whipping. Both Bonita and Techie started to cry out and whimper. I looked over at Juan and said calmly, "Don’t stop now!! They’re almost there."

Suddenly the women got quiet and a cool smile broke out on both of their faces.

"Now is the time we trade captives." I explained, "Let Bonita down from the cross and let her curl up in your arms. She’s now yours to comfort and bring down from subspace to the real world."

We sat on the floor at the base of each cross and sat there for about half an hour comforting our wives. Bonita was the first to speak," Wow! Thank you techster and Juan I have never had such and experience before and although my ass, legs and back are tender I feel more alive and in love with Juan than ever!! How about you Techie?"

Techie was curled up in my lap she opened her eyes, kissed me and said, "It is almost an out of body experience like I was warm and floating. When coupled with the aftercare experiencing subspace is probably the most erotic experience one can have. We gave our souls up to pain and then gave our bodies to our husbands and lovers so they could coach us back into the real world.".

After about an hour of cuddling and talking we agreed that phase 1 of the dungeon’s construction was complete and that it had more equipment and torture devices than any Bonita had ever dreamt of.

"Your using those old metal tables for those tension racks you created are really great for milking." Bonita said. "Or pegging " Techie added.

Bonita smiled and winked at techie, "Now it’s time we see how well the tension racks work. What’s fair for spouse is fair for subbie hubby." Techie nodded.

Rather than subject Juan to a fate that I had experienced many times I volunteered. "I’ll agree to be the test subject for Bonita’s benefit. Techie will you do the honors." I grabbed the recipro saw’s case and we took the elevator up to the upper floor when we got there I raised the hydraulic table of the tension rack and knelt on its surface. "You will note how my toes go through the cutouts in the rear of the frame. Techie will now tie my ankles into the slots. Next she will hook my wrist cuffs to the hook with the pulley. Lastly she will pull the line hard."

Techie set the hook through my cuffs and pulled the line through the cam cleat. I continued my commentary, "As you can see my wrists are pulled between my legs. This forces my head down and my butt up in the air. When she pulls tight enough my body is in a bind with itself. I am absolutely helpless and I cannot move."

Techie walked over, took the Elkhide flogger from the hook by one of the crosses, walked over to , "Ready?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"No!" she answered with that she laid 5 blows across my butt. I felt the sting, but in the tension rack my body was a part of my bondage. I continued my commentary, "I’m proud to say the tension rack is my invention. As you noticed when the flogger hit me I could not move. I am as helpless and exposed as one man could be." Techie chuckled quietly and explained as she pointed to my exposed back, balls , butt, and anus. "Now he is all set for milking, or pegging. There is a small dildo in the recipro saw case just for that purpose."

She removed the large dildo from the sawzall and hooked up the small dildo to it. Next she lubed it and wiggled it up my butt hole. "Now, In order to milk him I must not go too deep. My objective is to gently stroke the wall of the prostate gland. " She began slowly running the reciprocating saw motor, "Now take a seat and get comfortable. Speaking from past experiences this should take about 5 minutes." Techie droned in a technical voice then she announced, "Look at the tip of his chastity device. He is starting to dribble. In short he is being milked, relieved of the contents of his prostate while at the same time he is being denied any sexual pleasure."

Bonita innocently asked, "I have no experience with this. No sexual pleasure for him, what is the real objective? Torture, denial, or punishment?"

Techie smiled as she slightly increased the speed of the dildo, "Yes and no while it can be for torment, denial, or punishment the real purpose is for his health. If a man does not have a prostate release at least every 14 days toxins will accumulate in the prostate that can cause cancer, inflammation or infection. This is a very important part of having your man in long term chastity."

Bonita pointed to Juan and then to the other tension rack. "Juan, Would you please kneel here? We’ll try to learn what Techie has shown me and at the same time we’ll maintain your prostate health."

Techie left me in the tension rack and walked over to assist Bonita. Juan knelt on the tension rack, inserted his feet in the slots as Bonita tightened the belts that restrained his ankles. Bonita put the hook through the loops in his cuffs and pulled his wrists in between his knees forcing him into a butt up bent over posture. Then she took the Elkhide flogger and laid a couple of blows across his butt. Then she stood back and took a look, "Missing something." She said.

She pointed to the back edge of the tension rack, "I want to make a modification to this. Do you have another small piece of wood and one of those cleats that we can mount right here?"

Techie walked over to the elevator and picked up one of the pieces that was left from cutting the foot slots in the rack and the last cam cleat. Next she picked up my power screwdriver and a box of decking screws. "Now what do you want done?" she asked.Bonita.

Bonita took the wood and held it at a 45 degree angle to the deck of the tension rack. "Mount it right here with the cleat so that when I tie a noose around my captive’s balls the line can add stress to him. I’ll need about 3 feet of line."

Techie quickly mounted the wood and the cleat, pulled the surplus line from the wrist tension pulley line around . "There’s enough line here."

"Tie a noose in the end of the line." Bonita ordered.

Techie tied a perfect hangman’s noose in the end of the line and passed it to her. "This makes the restraint more threatening." She said as she slipped the noose over Juan’s balls and pulled the line through the cleat. To my surprise she pulled really hard on his balls and his scrotum stretched about 2 inches. Then she laid 5 heavy switches on him with the flogger. "See now no matter how hard I hit he absolutely won’t dare move."

"Now to put on my worst Domme face and see if we can get him to scream." Bonita exclaimed as she slapped his exposed balls with flogger. Juan’s screams were stifled by the egg crate foam on the ceiling and walls and died as quickly as they came all the noise was absorbed by the carpet covered walls and ceiling.

I looked at Bonita and asked two questions; "One- may I and Juan be released. Question number two are we done here?"

Bonita waved, "I’ll release Juan. Techie please free your captive. Now to answer the second question, This phase of the installation is complete and I will pay the amount agreed plus a $500 bonus. Now as my clientele grows I will want more equipment. I will pay you at least $500 per month plus expenses to come through and touch up, repair and remodel equipment as I see fit. Will you agree to that?"

Techie nodded and I said, "Yes on all counts, would you like a shopping list of equipment that I have already designed ?"

Bonita smiled and nodded her head as Juan got up slowly from the rack rubbing his butt and balls. Juan smiled, shook my hand and said, "Man that rack is the most demonic instrument of torture ever devised. I could not move a muscle. I was completely at her mercy."

I grinned and replied "I’ve been there too! No movement, no escape."

We took the elevator to the top floor, Techie and Bonita got dressed and unlocked our wrist and leg shackles. The ladies put on their clothes. When they were through Juan and I stood there watching them dress.

"Ok , Juan and techster I have something you want", and Techie passed us our clothes, in my case it was underwear, slacks, shirt and sandals, in Juan’s case it was just the jump suit and a pair of sandals. Bonita tore the paper off of the windows, raised the center garage door and together with Techie rolled a stainless steel grill off the trailer.. "I hope everyone’s hungry I brought a load of steaks, salads, the best bourbon I could buy and my brother and his limousine. My brother, Tim, will do courtesy car duty for the garage when he does not have a contract."

Juan fired the large grill alongside the garage while Techie, Bonita and I hung up the "Open for business" sign that read, "SM auto service electronic analysis is our specialty."

Bonita called our favorite adult store and spoke to Mitch, "I’d like to tell that there is now a local Domme and dungeon open for business. Save this number on your cell phone. Like Techster I will reward you for referrals. By the way Techster tells me he has finished the job and your Christmas Club bonus will be delivered as soon as he gets by there."

Bonita took a slip of paper out of her pocket and made a few phone calls. About the time the grill got warmed up and the steaks were sizzling the first of her prospective clients arrived. Bonita handled everything with a professional air and gave everyone of them, 4 men and 1 woman, two pieces of paper to sign. The first paper was a statement wherein they swore that they were not, and had never been employed a law-enforcement agency or were in communication with a law enforcement agency. The second piece of paper was a "holds harmless" and "Mutual consent" agreement. "Just covering my bases" she took digital photo of each client.

"Lady and gentlemen who would like to see what a proper dungeon looks like?" Bonita announced as she called the prospective clients into a circle. "Your experience here will depend on what you want. We do take both cash and credit cards. If you opt for credit cards your experience will be billed as automotive repairs and service through SM Automotive Service. You may tell people you really trust about the automotive service."

Over the last few months since completion of this well concealed dungeon I have been performing my monthly service calls and reaping the benefits. On my last visit I took the staircase to the first level and there was Bonita with 2 clients at the same time. 1, a male was in the tension rack struggling as Bonita’s cat "warmed up" his buttocks and back, another, a very pretty and shapely young lady was riding the wooden pony. Bonita smiled and pointed to the pair, "A husband and wife team they each picked out the other’s torment as penalty for forgetting things. She forgot his birthday and he forgot their 15th anniversary. She had been a client for subspace rides as an alternative to pain medication when her fibromyalgia is acting up. This is his first visit."

According to Juan their clientele has grown to about 100 "regulars" and a constant stream of customers needing automotive repairs, maintenance. This part of our business is making more than the underground and of course everything is billed through the shop and our CPA deals with our expenses and taxes. I learned a lesson from the owners of this dungeon and I started a company specializing in erotic design, dungeon construction that is disguised as a mobile RV repair shop. This keeps me legal and yes- I do pay taxes and social security on every dollar I earn. That keeps me out of trouble with the IRS.