Ultimate Party Experience

by Steff

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© Copyright 2017 - Steff - Used by permission

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I would like to tell you about the best party I have ever gone to… or at least the most fun. First I will tell you a little about me. I am 5’5” with long blond hair and blue eyes. I have been best friends with Georgia since we were like 5 years old. When we entered high school we start to experiment with sex with each other and guys. We also explored fetish activities as well. That is when I discovered how much I like getting tied during sex. I loved the loss of control, the helpless feeling that went along with good bondage. Throughout high school Georgia would satisfy my bondage cravings because I didn’t trust the boys in school not to think of me as a freak. Georgia and I had many great bondage sessions but those stories are for another day.

It was right after our graduation that Georgia came running up, “Becky we've just invited to a college frat party Friday night.”

“Cool,” I replied.

Since it was Thursday I knew I would be spending tomorrow shopping with her. Since we always had fun I was looking forward to that plus a frat party filled with cutie college guys… This weekend was shaping up to be fun and it hadn’t even started yet.

Just like I thought she showed up early and we went shopping. We spent the day looking for the sexiest outfits we could find. Once we got the clothes we got our hair and nails done to match the clothes. We made it back to her house (since her parents were not there) and got dressed for the party. I wore a black latex over bust corset, matching mini shirt that barely covered my ass and thigh high 5 inch heeled boots. Under the skirt I wore latex thong panties. Georgia wore a bright red latex catsuit and knee high boots. After her nagging me I let her tighten my corset and when she was done I had lost 5 inches from my waist. When I looked in the mirror I had to admit that the difficulty breathing it was causing me was worth it because the corset did make me look awesome.

We arrived at the party to find it already in full swing. The frat house was a large 3 story building that looked like a mansion. The 2 large front double doors were opened and I could hear the music from the street. I walked into the main room and saw at least 40 people, about an even mix of men and women, dancing, talking and playing party games. I spent a few minutes walking around before I noticed a girl with her arms tied behind her back with a leather strap. I didn’t think too much about it until Georgia walked up to me with a drop dead gorgeous guy next to her.

“Tom,” she said. “This is my best friend Becky. Becky this is Tom, the guy that invited us.”

I shook his hand and said, “Nice to meet you and thanks. This party is awesome.”

“I’m glad you could make it, however there is a rule at this party.” He replied. “Everyone under the drinking age has to have their hands restrained so they cannot drink illegally.” Georgia turned her back to me, gave a really stupid grin and waved the hands that were secured behind her back by leather cuffs. “Let’s get you hooked up.”

He put his arm around me and we chatted as he led me into a side room that looked like an office. On the table were several different types of restraints. There was rope, leather straps, leather cuffs and steel ones also. There were also more intense items like straight jacket and other real bondage devices.

“Just pick something and then we can go back to the party,” Tom said. “Or I will pick something out for you. I promise nothing will happen to you that you don’t ask for.”

I look to Georgia who winked and nodded so I said, “Ok mister you can pick it out but know that I hate when I can get loose.”

He gave me a mischievous look and said “Let’s make this interesting. If you can get loose before midnight then you can keep what I put you in but if you cannot then you become entertainment for the rest of the party.” He just replied, “Nothing will happen to you that you don’t want” when I asked him what he meant by entertainment.

I shrugged then said, “I think I will regret this but I agree.”

Tom walked over to the table and picked up something that I didn’t notice then told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back palm to palm. When I did I felt some latex being slid up my arms. My hand slid into a pocket then straps were wrapped over my shoulder, between my breasts then around my sides. Once the straps were tightened to his liking Tom started pulling on the latex that wrapped around my arms. With each pull the latex tightened forcing my arms closer together. I was glad that I am flexible because the tightening continued until my elbows and forearms were squeezed together.

He walked around in front of me and after a few adjustment to the straps he said, “There you go. See what you think.” I struggled for a couple minutes before I realize that my breasts had popped out of the top of my corset. I gave him a look then he put my breasts back into their cups. “As you just found out with your arms forced together like that your breasts stick out more. More than likely this will be the last time someone helps you with that problem for free.” He then put his arm around Georgia and walked out.

I stood there for a minutes struggling slightly but I didn’t even loosen the latex around my arms. I gave up and walked back into the party. At first I was left alone to just wandered but after about 30 minutes a very attractive guy asked me to dance. I said yes and he took my out to the dance floor. It didn’t take long for me to realize that dancing with my arm bound like they were was tough. After the first dance I asked him to release me so I could not make a fool of myself on the dance floor.

“Good try,” he replied. “Tom told me about the bet and besides you look WAY too hot wearing the armbinder to let you out.” I rolled my eyes and danced a second dance with him. He got me a drink with a straw and then we just talked. When I was done he left and I again spent a few minutes walking around.

A nice looking woman wearing a leather catsuit, high heeled boots, tightly laced corset and a whip on her belt came over to me. “Hello, my name is Nancy.”

“Hello,” I replied. “I am Becky.”

“Funny it looks to me like your name is Trouble or at least you look like it.” She circled me a couple times before she stopped in front of me. She reached around, grabbed my ass with both her hands, and pulled me into her lips and began to kiss me. I was too shocked to pull away and I actually returned the kiss. “When you get done playing here come to the sorority house across the street or you can just follow me over there now. I think you will fit in nicely with us.”

Once I recovered I said, “Thanks for the offer. I will keep it in mind but I am here with a friend.”

“I have seen her but I like you more. I hope to see you later. Bye Trouble.” She then walked away also without helping me out of my bondage.

I spent the next few hours enjoying that party. I had several people talk to me and dance with me. They even got drinks with straws for me but nobody would release me… not even Georgia.

When midnight rolled around Tom came over to me. “Looks like you are still stuck. That means it is time for the entertainment to start,” he said as he guided me to the room that had the restraints in it. “Right now, all the under aged are leaving and the party will start getting into a more sexual oriented theme. You are free to stay however you will be restrained the whole time and mostly naked. Or I will take you to the living room wearing only your corset and boots. You will be tied spread eagled and screwed by anyone who wants to.”

Since I was already horny I said, “I will let you tie me to the table but how long are we talking about?”

Grinning he replied, “How does 12 noon sound. Just under 12 hours. I will even take you out for brunch after you are finished.”

“Lunch it is,” I replied. “So let’s get started.”

He pulled me to him and grabbed my ass. “Since the people are still leaving we have some time,” Tom said. He then started to kiss me.

He was a good kisser so I returned the kiss. After a minute or two he pulls down my skirt and thong panties. I don’t know when he opened his pants but he picked me up without breaking his kissing and lowered me onto his hard cock. I moaned in surprise but that was all I could do. I was shoved against a wall and then he started to fuck like that. It wasn’t long before I felt a massive orgasm growing. He fucked me for several minutes before he came inside me. His cock shooting its load into me caused me to be pushed over the edge. My orgasm started small and just increased in intensity until I was moaning, wiggling and writhing in ecstasy.

He continued to pump his cock into me a few more time before he lifted me off of him and set me on the floor. He put a metal collar around my neck and then locked it in place. Next he removed my armbinder, attached a chain leash to my collar and led me into the main room.

The main room had been rearranged to allow more space between furniture. There are also a few new pieces. There was a large wooden X frame with cuffs for ankles and wrists. There were a couple of padded benches that had women already strapped to them, Georgia was one of them. Lastly was a padded table that had cutouts in various place and medical stirrups on one end. That is where I was led by Tom.

“Can I have everyone’s attention,” Tom said in a forceful voice. “Becky here has agreed to keep her word and be the public entertainment.”

He helped me onto the table, which I realized was covered in latex, and then had me put my leg into the stirrups. When I did he buckles latex straps around my ankles, knees and thighs. He slid my arms into the hole in the table and then they too were secured by latex straps. A wide strap was wrapped around my corseted waist and tight buckled making sure I could not move even slightly off the table. Lastly my head was lowered until I felt a pad to support it so I was looking at the world upside down and a strap was secured around my forehead so I could not raise up my head.

“She will remain on the table until noon tomorrow,” he said. After the cheering stopped he continued. “What most of you don’t know is that Nancy from across the street has an interest in our little friend here. So as not to spoil Becky’s chances we are not going fill her with cum.” He raised his hands as people started to “boo.” When they quieted down he said. “Come on people you know me better than that. Think about what I said. We will not FILL her with cum. We will COVER her in cum. Just make sure you pull out before you shoot your load.” There was again a lot of cheering as Tom knelt down next to me and said “Have a good night. I am sure they all will.” He got up and walked away.

It took less than a minute before I was descended on. A guy I recognized from school opened his pants and shoved his cock into my mouth. With my head angled the way it was his cock slid in easy and deep. He gave me a minute before he started to fuck my face. Him starting to actively pump his cock into my mouth must have been the sign because a cock was shoved into my wet pussy. My breasts were also squeezed and my nipples were played with. I was getting ready to cum but both guys pulled out. My face was hit by several spurts of cum and I could feel the other guy spray his load on my stomach.

Since I felt cum running down my face I just kept my eyes closed and waited. The wait was not long before my pussy and mouth were again filled with cocks. The guy in my mouth came really quickly and I could hear other people teasing him about it. The guy in my pussy was another story. He fucked me long and hard. His cock wasn’t the largest I have had but he knew how to use it. I came twice in rapid succession. The second one had me twitching and wiggling in my restraints. I was worn out when he pulled out and shot his load all over my crotch.

I was given some water to drink before I was again used by two guys simultaneously. I came before they finished. This time the guy fucking my bound face shot a large load all over my breasts. I was just recovering when I felt someone between my legs licking the cum off my pussy. Someone told me that it was Georgia. He said he didn’t want to fuck me when I was that messy. This was not the first time she had sucked my pussy and she didn’t hold back. She quickly worked me up to a large orgasm and continued to suck me throughout. I finally stopped cumming only to have a large cocked shoved into me. That started me cumming all over again.

I spent the rest of the night and early morning with at least one guy fucking my pussy or face. I barely remember being released because I was so worn out. I woke up sometime later laying on the floor covered in dry cum. When I moved I realized my arms were behind my back trapped in the latex armbinder I wore last night. I also felt a dildo inside my pussy and something attached to my clit.

Tom said, “Good morning or I should say afternoon.” He helped me sit up and that caused the dildo to shift and slid a little deeper. I also could feel I was wearing very tight latex panties so I know the dildo wasn’t going anywhere any time soon. “Let’s go feed you like I promised. Since you cannot open your eyes because of the dried cum I will lead you.” I was led through a few different rooms and into the kitchen. On the way, several people said they had a great time and thanked me for being a good sport.

I was sat down and smelled some good food. He told me to open up and gently put a bit of pancake into my mouth. As I was chewing the dildo in my pussy started to vibrate and wiggle around. I yelped and wiggled a little.

Laughing Tom said, “The panties and armbinder you are wearing are from Nancy. She has the keys to the locks that are keeping you in the latex. She also has your clothes. After lunch, all you have to do is walk across the street. She will then talk to you ‘about your future.’ Those were her words not mine.”

He continued to feed me but the vibrator in my pussy kept me too distracted to enjoy the taste. By the time brunch was over I was a sweaty mess because the vibrator kept me on the edge but I was not able to cum. I heard Tom talking to someone as he was cleaning the dishes I think. I was shocked when I felt someone start playing with my nipples.

“Tom, you were right,” I heard Nancy say. “She is a mess and her eyes are so covered she will not be able to open them. I like your ideas for a blind fold.” They laughed for a minute as she continued to play with my nipples. “Becky, I have a deal for you. We are having an ‘After Party’ across the street at the sorority house. It will be all girl and lots of sex and bondage. Since you obviously like to get tied up you will be tied up the whole time. You will also be given a chance to take the next logical step in this life style. Nod if you agree. If not then I will leave you with Tom. He will release you, clean you up and you can go. If you agree you will not be released until Sunday afternoon.”

I thought about, which was hard since my pussy was still getting vibrated and Nancy kept playing with my nipples. Finally I nodded / moaned, “yes.”


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