The Ultimate Male Rope Bondage

by Techie

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© Copyright 2001 - Techie - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; bond; rope; challenge; cbt; gag; spank; denial; cons; X

This past week, my husband of the past 30 plus years, Techster, and I were talking about rope bondage. Over the past few years he has always been able to escape from any rope bondage I placed him in. We had just finished watching a movie where a detective couple had escaped rope bondage just a few seconds before a bomb leveled the house they were in. 

I said, "I could have tied them up better than that."

Techster then said something that would get him in trouble, "If you can tie me up in a simple manner that uses no props, no furniture, no spreader bars and no hoists. Your bondage will be limited to just 25 feet of any kind of rope you wish to use. If you can restrain me for 4 hours I will agree to be your slave for a weekend. I will do all of the shopping, all of the cleaning, all of the laundry and all of the housework."

I shouted, "Deal! But you must escape using no tools or props of any kind and you must be completely naked. Just give me a few days to work on it."

"If I escape and you lose, you must be my house slave for two weekends!"

"Deal I agreed knowing only one of two things could happen (1) I would win and have Techster for a slave for a weekend. I could tease, torture and torment him and he would have to bear it; his size 35 male ego wouldn't permit anything else. Or (2) he might by some mere stretch of luck and imagination win and I would be his slave. Being Techster's slave means I'll be worked, teased almost to the point of orgasm (many times) and possibly displayed.

First I searched the Internet. The Internet search was useless; all of the male bondage was either too complex, used props, chain or too much rope. I knew I would have to "wing it" by being creative and improvise. I wanted a rope that was soft yet made a good note and would not creep loose or slip. I also wanted the rope not to abrade or chafe too badly. I finally settled on a 5/16 inch yacht line with synthetic fibers in a woven shell. I cut the line into 5 X 5 foot lengths.

Next I tied a hangman's noose in the ends of all of the lines. I was sitting on the bed in our bedroom when my husband walked by after taking a shower and walked past me. That was when I noticed how low his balls hung and I decided there was where my tie would start.

That evening I had designed the most inescapable vicious male rope tie ever devised. This tie would totally restrain his arms and limit his ability to walk. The next Friday evening I stood in the hall flipping the lines around when Techster came home from work.

"Let me guess, tonight is the time for the bondage test?" he laughed, " Shall I go lay out your slave costume?"

"No," I said, "You undress, right here, right now. You might as get used to that outfit it's what you'll be wearing for the next two days." He was as eager for the test as I and quickly stripped.

I placed all five lines on his sex. The first line was between his balls/ cock and body, while the rest were around his balls. I tightened one of the nooses around his balls and left it facing to his rear. The first two lines faced forward between his legs, the last two closest to his balls, I tightened so they faced towards his back. I had him drop his wrists by his side and slightly to the rear and tied a quick knot called a "clove hitch" around each wrist. Then I had him spread his legs as wide as he could. 

I took the forward-facing lines, threaded them around the lines around his wrists and pulled tightly. This drew his balls back between his legs. I pulled the lines as tight as I dared before tying them securely. 

"Now walk!" I ordered and he tried to walk. The most he could manage a slow waddle to avoid pulling the lines tighter and pinching his balls. I had him tilt his head back. The last line was placed in his mouth and it was marked with a black laundry marker. A series of large knots were tied in it and the loop of a "trucker's knot" was tied in the line coming up from his balls, the end of the gag line was threaded through the loop, pulled tightly and tied. Now he could only waddle and his head was forced to face the ceiling. 

"Now to inspire you here is the loser's prize." I held a small rubber slapper/paddle up in his vision. The handle was threaded over his slightly erect penis. "That's so you can track of it for me. Your prize will be 50 slaps or a nice red butt, which ever comes first." I marched him down the hall and had him enter an empty walk-in closet. "If you wish to give up all you have to do is rap twice on the closet door. You have two hours." I switched out the light closed and locked the door.

For the next hour I sat by the closet door and listened to the sound of his struggles. To my amazement it was far too quiet.

At exactly one hour and fifteen minutes I opened the door and switched on the light. There was my captive leaning against the wall. "Are you ready to give up?" I removed the gag rope/ head restraint.

He looked down at me and exclaimed, "After this last hour being your slave for a weekend will be a pleasure."

He waddled out into the hall.

"How is the bondage?" I asked, eager for feedback.

"It only hurts when I struggle. It is not comfortable, nor uncomfortable. It is probably the best restraint I have ever experienced."

"Well, walk over and lean against the wall."

He waddled over and braced himself against the wall.

I removed the heavy rubber slapper from his cock and proceeded to thoroughly redden his butt. He shivered and whined and begged for me to stop. I stopped at 35 slaps.

"Kneel on the floor right here and kiss and lick me.” I dropped my slacks and panties. Techster worked hard and earned the privilege of release. As I untied his wrists he commented," Wow, I wish we had a video of that restraint."

I laughed and pointed to the camcorder that was sitting between two books on a shelf at the far end of the room.

"I know our kinky friends will enjoy that one for some time to come!"

It was a perfect weekend our youngest son went to visit his brother and sister-in-law who live about 100 miles away so I knew we wouldn't be interrupted until Sunday night. After I used my slave for morning sex I placed a Chastilock on his cock, as I placed a thin gold chain with the key around my neck I told him," There, now you and your sex are mine! The lock will sway. It will tease you and remind you just how much of a slave you really are!"

Techster dressed and went shopping, as he put the week's groceries he bought me a rose he'd bought at the florist and an assortment of body rubs. He complained about the Chastilock, "This thing really works. Not only does it prevent an erection or any sex, it forced me to use a stall in the men's room. I cannot just open my fly, I have to drop my slacks in order to pee." 

For the next 2 days I had a loving slave. In order to maximize the tease factor I remained nude and requested frequent body and personal massages.

He has promised a rematch, he is still thinking how he can get out of the ball bondage.

We have a lot of fun with our bondage games, while other husbands are out at sports bars or strip clubs, my Techster is at home playing with me or dreaming and planning for our next bondage experience. 

Did you ever think about the amount of love, faith and trust a man has to have to place himself in bondage or self-bondage for your use.




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